What I Did Last Summer

Synopsis: What a great way to start a vacation! A young man discovers that being hypnotized on the sand can be very exciting, whether he remembers it or not.

Such a long day at the beach. This secluded island paradise, yet unspoiled by the problems that arrive with tourism and excessive overcrowding, is relatively empty and peaceful. After working so hard this year, I am due a vacation...and this is really it! Only a few people speckled here and there, with you and me in the midst of the openness.

Oh, pardon me! How rude I'm being. I'm Stewart. Allow me to tell you of my vacation excursions so far...both into the wilds of the tropics and into the wild interiors of some of the most creative minds I ever (excuse the forward approach...) fucked! Now, I'm not usually so bold, but I feel as though I've known you for a long time. You remind me of someone I used to spend my days and evenings with, relaxing in my California villa and basking in the sun.

Just like now...see how the sun is so warm and relaxing, bringing heat to the soul and causing you to relax, unwind, feel the tensions fading down and out of your body, your body breathing deeply and the muscles falling backwards and downwards into that big, plush beach chair you feel yourself sinking into. Yes, that's it, my friend always used to love his time at the beach, and he would always feel so comfortable, relaxed, and sleepy as we sat together. The warm sun would allow waves of sleep now covering the sand to gently, rhythmically sway his body back and forth, downwards and inwards, until his eyes would close, so heavy and wanting to rest after the long, slow, tired week, eyes would drift shut and body falling, falling deeper and drifting in the warmth of the tropic sun, he would always just drift away into sleep now and again, falling into a wonderful state of nothingness. You see how much this warm relaxing sensation wafting over your body lets you drift, your body cascading down a gentle waterway, careless and carefree, only listening to my voice and feeling the nothingness of deep sleep now covering you, spinning and falling back into a wonderful, relaxed state...just the way a vacation should be, relaxing...RELAX...peaceful and calm. I see that you are already relaxing, just like my friend would, when we sat together and relaxed. For him, the sensations of watching parades of sailboats cut through the water and drift in front of us was very relaxing to him. Since you are in the Navy, you know how relaxing it is when the ship gently rocks your body from side to side, down, down, drifting down as it rocks you to sleep now, and even watching boats at sea brings this deep sleep into your mind and body, resting and letting go as you see them, going deeper now. Even with your eyes closed tightly and your mind spinning ever more deeply into complete relaxation and forgetfulness now, imagine a string of sailboats coasting past and gently drifting further and further away. Notice that the ten boats that are there are beginning to get smaller and to disappear, taking with them all thoughts and all existence, leaving only peace and contentment now. Almost as though with each boat that passes the beach and heads out of the harbor and away, the feeling of deep relaxation becomes stronger and even more inviting. Watch the boats in your mind, moving down and out and disappearing into deep nothingness. Only nine boats now, and now eight. Each time a boat passes and disappears, you know that one more person, just like you, is gently swaying on the ocean and drifting away. Seven boats, 6... 5... 4..., so envious of the sleep now taking over this peaceful beach and permeating your being. 3 boats, down, moving out and down, down to 2, and as the last boat sails out and becomes smaller and smaller, you feel that all thoughts and feelings have floated away, drifting and spiraling out and down and away, leaving nothing but the sound of my voice, the strong and ever-present desire to hear my voice moving through your willing psyche and taking you deeper now, the warm air surrounding your smooth, tan and brown skin, and this wonderful feeling of deeper sleep now.

I see that your arms and legs have fallen down, down, completely at ease and weightless, slipping into your chair and falling down and away from the rest of your body, almost as though nothing is connected and all is released and everything continues to relax and drift away. Your breathing is so deep now, sleep now, breathe deeper now, feeling the warm, moist air moving into your lungs and mind, the scent of tropical foliage and sensuous flowers mixing with the sun and water to create a strong potion of relaxation, just the right mix of warmth, deep and full and intoxicating. Notice how you are now hearing my voice, making you drift deeply and feel willing to let go and release. Follow my command to let go and be lead by my voice into this wonderful place, moving your body and mind into my voice and slipping into deeper sleep now...sleep now deeply, so much deeper with each breath.

I must say that I admire all the work you military recruits do. All the work you have done on your body, so relaxed now. I know that those muscles take lots of hard work to achieve, and you must be proud of them...well chiseled features, the sun baking your skin into a bronzed god, so relaxed now. You can see in your mind's eye how the workouts and rigorous training have paid off, knowing that other people notice you, watch you, their looks and advancing glances caressing you in the knowledge that they appreciate your efforts and love to look at your body. When they look at your body, you feel so proud that you are such a fine specimen of manhood, both for you and for your country, and you know that to serve is your command, to serve your country and to provide for the common good, to follow commands and to give 110% in everything, makes you feel important and special. You can feel their eyes watching you, lusting after your strength and power, and you want to give them of yourself. You must give...serve... and nothing will stop you from following your orders to serve and sleep now.

I see that everyone else has gone away from the beach, we being the few stragglers left basking in the warm sun, so warm and relaxing...notice how your body shines with the tropical coconut oil that you have been applying. My friend would use the same type of tanning oil, and he always had a difficult time reaching this spot, too, just like you did. As I place some of the oil on my hand, notice how good it feels to have my hands working the tanning oils into your skin, covering this vulnerable and submissive spot of skin and touching and massaging your muscles into complete relaxation. That feels good, doesn't it? By the smile on your face and the growing bulge in your Speedo's, I can see that this feels so good to you, each touch reaching into your body and causing you to melt away into air and relaxation. As my hands move across your chest, notice how the feeling of the oil seeping into your body makes your body become excited as your mind goes even deeper into sleep now. Every touch causes your body to become more alive and excited while taking your mind into a darker, deeper sleep now. I move my hands, sliding down, lingering on your well-oiled six-pack of abs and pausing briefly at the top of your shorts. Feel the oil beads trickling downwards, moistening the band of your swim trunks and soaking the skin beneath. Let me get that extra drop of oil, yes, that's it. I can see it feels so good to have my fingers massaging your strong waist. You don't mind the oil touching your swimsuit, although the mixture of oil and water and warmth has suddenly made the skin beneath your clothing very hot, almost uncomfortably hot, and it continues to get hotter with each breath. You now feel that relief from this unbearable heat will only come when your suit is removed and your body, rich with oil, can tan evenly. Because you don't like to have tan lines, the golden even coloring that free tanning will bring you is an added benefit, one that you must enjoy now. My friend never wants tan lines...none of my friends have tan lines, and I know that you are my friend now too. See how your swimsuit has become uncomfortable now? Go ahead and take it off, just you and me, safe and secure, and you will feel so relieved when the suit is gone. That's it, your fingers slide under the waistband, now coated with tropical oils and body lust. I love to see your shorts easily sliding over your cock and down your muscled legs. Here, let me help to pull the Speedo's past your ankles and onto the sand. Ah, that feels so good now...so right and peaceful, just the way you have always wanted to feel. Your body is so excited, yet your mind goes deeper and deeper into sleep now. Each breath, deeper sleep. Nothing can awaken you and everything will take you deeper and deeper into sleep now.

As I put more oil on my hands, notice how warm and wonderful if feels for me to massage your thighs, gently slipping my fingers between your thighs, the inner skin so sensitive to touch. Ah, you squirm with each touch, so sensitive and exciting. You body writhes and your cock lengthens, hungry for more. I don't want the sun to burn you, I would hate for my friend to get burned, so I won't miss a spot as I cover you with protection and desire and oil and warmth and sexual need now. My friend always used to love when I caressed his skin like this, feels so good doesn't it? I work my way down those taut, strong legs and calves, so well earned after the arduous workouts. No spot goes untouched, all covered with a feeling of oil and satin, gliding across your skin like a surfer glides easily across the crest of the water. Your breathing, so deep and relaxed now, easily takes you deeper to sleep now, feeling each touch with increasing sensitivity and intensity now. At the count of three, you'll notice how your skin has become 10 times more sensitive to touch, electricity and desire pulsating through your body with each touch. One...more sensitive, two...very sensitive now, three! Let me touch your chest. Oh! See how you jumped and caught your breath? You are feeling every touch so strongly now. Not only is your breathing becoming harder, harder and faster now... your cock is getting much harder as well. Even without my touching your cock, the oils that "accidentally" covered it cause it to glisten and shine, wriggling like a snake and stretching out, like the rod of Moses, getting harder and stronger, reaching up and out. Each movement of my hands causes blood to rush into the veins of your cock and harden it with pressure. Even when I pass my fingers past your nipples, gently playing with each engorged nub and circling the sensitive exterior of each mouth-watering man-morsel, the pangs of electrical vibrations shoot through your body with an increased intensity and your cock jumps and dances.

As you listen to only my voice and the waves softly lapping in the distance, it will always be easy to speak and move when I ask you to do so, but nothing can interrupt this peaceful, totally sensual feeling going through you. Each movement your body makes can only take you deeper into sleep now. Each word that I say sounds like lullaby music, gently spiraling your mind and body into deeper states of relaxation and release now. And every breath is bringing into your lungs the sensation of a sleep-inducing substance, an elixir of tranquility and submission, allowing your body to surrender to the total pleasure that is reality now. As the sun is doing the task of bringing your young, smooth skin to a golden brown color, you need to have oil placed on your back, as well. At the count of three, you will stand and yet fall deeper into sleep now at the same time. On, two, three. That's it, stand straight and tall as I steady your sleeping body. You can feel my hand as it grasps your chest muscles. Notice how your body is melting forward, bending slightly as it falls gently forward into my strong arms. Yes, that's it, you fall further and further toward me, until I am holding your lifeless yet erotically aware body in my arms. I feel your cock pressed against my skin. When your cock touches my skin, you know you must press your cock into me. Your dick slides against my skin and flows freely, so sensitive and excited. When I count to three, you will stand straight and your body will become stiff and strong. You may only drift deeper to sleep, even as you move. One, two, three. Notice that as I begin to rub oil on your strong back muscles, your body hardens...a statue unable to resist and unable to move. I used to love doing this to my friend, my hands massaging oil down his back. You enjoy the warm feeling of my hands pressing down your massive back to your waist and well-muscled butt, smooth and silky. With each touch, you feel strong sensations, feeling like every part of your body is being sucked and licked, devoured simultaneously. Oh! I see you like it when I drizzle oil down the crack in your ass and massage it in. You feel my fingers press into your ass, into the forbidden zone and then down through your legs, touching the sensitive areas of your inner thighs and moving downward. I pause to massage oil into your balls, still reaching through your legs from behind. Though you can't move, the feelings of excitement cause your body to tremble. See how you shake now? So excited and hungry for my touch you are! After I have oiled your balls completely, my other hand grasps your cock. At the count of three, your body will release and you will fall, limp, to the beach mat in front of you. As that happens, when you feel your muscles touch the ground, you will breathe deeply and disappear, once again, into deeper sleep. One, two, three!

This relaxation is so intoxicating, covering you like a blanket of sand and lust. I am going to spread the oil more evenly now, touching your back from your neck down to your feet. And it is impossible to awaken, though the excitement causes your body to move uncontrollably. That's it! Your body has become a molten pool of desire. You want nothing more than to feel touch on your entire body. I can see that this touch has made you very excited. With each touch you feel, your skin will become more sensitive. Each touch is as though a powerful force is moving through you, inside you, plunging you deeper into ecstasy. Sensations double, triple with each passing minute. The more excited you become, the deeper asleep you fall. In direct correlation, excitement in your body takes your mind ever deeper into sleep, deeper into my voice and hands, deeper under my control. You want to follow each word without question, obey each order without hesitation, because anything that feels so completely exciting as this submission to my voice is the right thing to do. You know that you must follow each command without question, to feel this erotic feeling over and again, deeper, down in your being.

Roll over on your back now and go even further into a deep trance...a sleep from which you do not want to be awakened until I tell you it is time to do so. I'm going to count to three, and on the count of three, you will feel my touch on your cock. As I touch you and as I kiss you, here on this tropical island oasis, the world is here and now and the world is my voice...nothing else. One, two, three. There, see how fully aroused you have become. Interesting, isn't it? That you can be so completely excited and alive and yet deeply entranced, following each word as it plays music to your subconscious and unconscious minds. When I kiss you as I stroke your cock, the feeling of intense desire, the need to be relieved of the ever-mounting tension building in the large sacs of your balls and bubbling upward, is quickly surging warmth and sexuality into your cock and aiming toward explosion. I love to press my tongue deep into the recesses of your mouth, that gentle, beautiful sleeping mouth. Your tongue instinctively plays with mine, unconscious to the fact that a total stranger is taking you to the highest heights and murkiest depths of inner sensuality, longing to be fulfilled...longing to obey. You never knew that this surrender to the complete orgasm could be so strong, so wonderful. You must obey, as you will want to do many times, again and again.

On the count of three, you will be able to stand the pressure and intensity no longer. When I count to three, you will cum in the strongest burst of manly juices you've ever felt, and this strong volcano, like Dante's Peak, will empty you completely and will leave your mind blank, rapidly drifting again backwards and downwards, spiraling, spinning, plummeting into the deepest of sleep now. One, two, three! That's it. My, but you're making a mess! And now going deeper into my voice, falling further under my spell, knowing that this vacation will be the best you've known and like nothing you've known, yet being everything you've ever fantasized about. Relax your body, spent and limp, going deeper and deeper into black slumber.

Now, at the count of three, you will remain deeply entranced and will stand up, put on your Speedo's and walk slowly into the water. When the water touches your belly button, you will slowly awaken, feeling very invigorated and refreshed. You will know that you have been swimming and having a wonderful time at the beach, and you'll be very glad that this is only the first day of a two-week "R and R" break from Navy service at home. When you turn to go back to your chair on the beach, you'll notice a slender, good-looking man sitting nearby. You will remember only slightly speaking with him before your swim, and you know you must speak with him again. He's just like someone you used to know...someone you could never forget. Each time you hear him speak the words "Last Summer", you will go instantly to this sleepy place in which you are now, eyes closing instantly, body falling instantly limp, and deeper asleep than you have ever been. This will happen instantly and without question, knowledge, or reasoning, and the instantaneous deepening of your sleep will only intensify with each time this man utters the words "Last Summer". Do you understand? Good. One, two, three!

As the gorgeously muscled man walks from the water and toward me, a dazed yet pleasant and curious look on his face, I know that this is going to be one helluva vacation. A cooler of beer and a pitcher of margaritas at my side, warm white sands and rustling palm trees, and a dreamy young stud primed and ready for action. I might even get a "SIR, YES SIR!" out of him! He shyly speaks to me. "So, have we met before? It feels as though I've known you before, but that can't be, can it? I just arrived today." And I respond, "Well, it's possible. Of course, I'm here on my annual vacation. Good to see you again. My name is Stewart. I haven't been here since LAST SUMMER." And as I shake his hand and utter the magic phrase, he falls onto me and into my arms.

Yes, I'm really going to enjoy this!