Your Shampoo, Sir

Synopsis: A hair stylist hypnotizes his influential clients for favors.

"Same cut as usual, Mr. Donovich?" The young stylist questioned. "Just a bit off the edges, Tom. You know how I like it."

The man sat back in the stylist's chair, rather oblivious to his surroundings. He knew it was time for his weekly haircut, though he really didn't need one. For some reason, he just had to make an appointment today. He was also very surprised that an opening cleared for him, conveniently near the end of the workday. He was usually pretty lucky that way, though he didn't know why. The stylist spoke as he began to spray Daniel's hair with a watery substance. "You know, Daniel, this haircut would go much more smoothly if I wash your hair first. Since you are my last customer and since my shampoo person went home 20 minutes ago, let me close the shop and then I can wash your hair myself. You are my last client for the evening, anyway." Tom placed the spray bottle neatly on the side shelf and then walked to the door, shutting and locking it while turning the "CLOSED" sign over. He returned to Daniel and said, "C'mon, guy. Let's get your hair washed and then we can get started. I just got in a shipment of your favorite shampoo. Don't let me forget to give you a bottle before you leave." He motioned to the back room of the salon, where the washeteria was located. Daniel was out of the chair and following the muscular young man in a flash. "I really like this place," Daniel thought to himself as he walked to the wash sink and sad down, laid back comfortably. Tom always paid such good attention to him. Were the other salon patrons so lucky? Daniel wasn't sure, but he was happy to accept the great service.

As Tom adjusted the water and corrected the temperature to a comfortable warmth, he began to speak as Daniel relaxed. "Daniel, how are things going today? You look a bit tired. You must have been working very hard, since your eyes seem so heavy and tired." He began to apply shampoo and gently work it into a lather, slowly massaging Daniel's scalp and temples as he spoke. Daniel mumbled, "I guess I have been working pretty hard. I got three new clients this week, and I've been trying to help them through the preliminary financial planning stages. It can get pretty tiring." Daniel's speech was noticeably slower and more labored, and it drifted off into silence. Daniel blinked several times before his eyes drew rapidly to a close and his breathing became more deep. He didn't notice his shoulders falling limp and his body begin to tingle as Tom continued to massage his scalp in a circular motion, adding conditioner. Tom continued. "Just relax and let's get this hair all clean. I'm going to lather you up one more time." Tom's gloved hands applied another generous amount of the light, sweet-smelling elixir. Daniel felt his body instinctively respond to the sound of Tom's voice. "I don't know why," Daniel Spoke, "but I always feel so good when I hear the sound of your voice." "That's because you feel so relaxed when you come to get your hair cut each week without question. It feels so good to allow me to massage you with shampoo and listen to my voice as you slip off to sleep NOW doesn't it? You find your body drifting to sleep now and falling deeper to sleep now don't you?" Daniel's head barely nodded as he felt himself slip deeper into full relaxation, so sleepy, so tired, going deeper now, falling deeper now, drifting off into sleep go deep now...slipping now...falling now...deep into the tunnel

Tom lifted Daniel's hand and let it drop, limp as a wet rag doll removed from a rainy sidewalk. He softly spoke into Daniel's ear as he rinsed the final remains of the shampoo from Daniel's sleeping form. Tom removed and discarded his gloves and dried his hands as he spoke. "Daniel, your mind is now slowing, like a machine that has just lost its electrical current. There is an electrical cord operating your will and your inner being, and I am pulling the cord from the wall socket now. As I pull the cord from the outlet, your mind stops completely. Only your ears and bodily senses continue to operate. You will be a total robot, only able to follow instructions as commanded. You will follow my instructions without question, do you understand?" An affirmative nod was all Daniel could muster. "Sit up now as I dry your hair, the sleeping obedience drug in your favorite shampoo will seep deeply into your mind and bloodstream, filling you with the most compelling desire to obey...serve and obey without question." Daniel wavered to an upright position as Tom's fluffy towel caressed him much more deeply into a subservient slumber. "Breathe deeply and relax. Go deeper and deeper asleep with each passing second. Your soul has now become to serve to serve now." Daniel whispered "I am yours" as he sand forward in his chair, waiting for instructions. Time stood still, and Daniel was now an inanimate creature of servitude.

Tom sat down at a small desk and flicked on his computer. He didn't know much about computers. He was a professional at hair and manipulation, but not computers. But after all, why should he worry himself about the boundaries of technology when he had the greatest strategic minds and financial wizards at his disposal and at his fingertips? This was Manhattan, New York City's financial district. With so many servants to choose from, anything could happen! "I am going to get rich," Tom thought to himself, "and you, Mr. Wall Street Investor, are going to make it happen." With the computer on at full power and the modem connected, he commanded Daniel to stand and obey. "You are now the most influential investor on Wall Street, and you know the mechanics of making money with inside trading like you know the back of your hand. You will sit down at this computer and begin to invest your clients' monies. You will also move 15% of all their fluid, undetectable assets into an untraceable Swiss bank account. Do what you have to, but make these transactions completely unnoticeable. When you have completed these tasks, you will write the bank account number on the tablet in front of you, along with any access codes necessary to retrieve and transfer funds from the account." Daniel sat at the keyboard, his eyes staring blankly at the screen as his fingers moved in rapid-fire succession, covering the keyboard expertly. Ten minutes later, Daniel wrote something on the paper tablet, and then his hands fell to his sides and his body fell forward, limp. With his body limp, his mouth formed the words "I am yours" as he slipped into a dark slumber.

Tom walked to where Daniel slept. "Good work, Mr. Donovich," he said as he tore the top sheet from the tablet and slipped it, folded neatly, deep into his pocket. He also removed and discarded the second sheet, thereby erasing any possible imprints and telltale evidence of Daniel's handiwork. Tom thought, "God, I love my work! I get to be rich AND to have beautiful slaves around me!" He looked at Daniel's calmly breathing body, the tailored Versace suit becoming a bit wrinkled as Daniel's body slowly sank backwards and downwards into sleep. Daniel had a swimmer's body, well earned during his younger college years (not so long ago) at UCLA. His smooth, tanned body slept, taut and well muscled, almost to rival Tom's lithe 25-year-old frame. Tom stepped behind Daniel and began to press on the chiseled shoulders slumped over the keyboard. "With each pressure, your body becomes more hot and excited. Each touch makes your body tingle with anticipation and desire." Daniel began to squirm, his breathing increasing and his chest heaving with lust. Tom continued. "On the count of three, you will easily stand and remove your clothing. When your last garment is removed, your body will begin to dance. You will instantly become the world's most sexy and eligible exotic dancer. One, two, three." Daniel stood and the clothing flew. His hips began to rock and gyrate wildly, not two seconds after his suit hit the floor. Tom's erection became more evident as it pressed to the front of his jeans. As he didn't wear underwear, his bulge was unmistakable. "Daniel, you must seduce me. Your life depends on it. You will die if you do not service me." The rhythm of Daniel's body increased in intensity and he began to fondle Tom's manhood as he danced. Faster and faster he moved, yet deeply in trance at the same time. He would excite, he would ejaculate, he would forget, as he had done weekly for months. Tom thought, "I must thank that German scientist for the formula he provided for my special shampoo. If only he could remember creating it for me, I'm sure he'd appreciate knowing how helpful he was. Ah, but that's not possible. He sleeps the sleep of forgetfulness, like everyone else." It was amazing how the sheer power and control he exuded was much more of a turn-on than the exquisitely muscled figure dancing before him. With a single vocal command, Daniel dropped to his knees and began to devour the living lunch ejecting from Tom's zipper and springing to life before him. He ate till his Master instructed he had reached his fill, not complete until he had licked the last drop of bodily fluids from Tom's heaving chest. With a final sigh of contentment, Daniel fell to the floor and slept peacefully, dreaming only of the next time he would be instructed to service his Master again.

Tom cleaned the area of any incriminating remains, then instructed Daniel to carefully return to his clothed state, not to remember his nakedness or his subservience. Nothing at all, save for the memory of receiving a wonderful and "much needed" haircut. When Daniel was dressed completely, Tom (also returned to his gorgeous-yet-fully-clothed splendor) lead him to the front area of the salon and sat him down accordingly. After a few whisks of the scissors and a touch or two to the scalp, Daniel began to awaken, the well-timed effects of the shampoo wearing off. As he was programmed to do, Daniel awoke with a start as he felt the soft brush lightly remove the clipped hair from the nape of his neck.

"There you go, Mr. Dovovich. Good as new," Tom said cheerily. Daniel looked at his reflection in the mirror, noting only a seductively dapper man returning his glance. He always looked much better after a haircut, he mused. As he paid his stylist for the exceptional "cut and blow", he breathed contentedly. He loved looking good, and this was his favorite place to be. Tom handed him a large bottle of special shampoo. "Be sure to use this every day with the conditioner I gave you last week. The combination of the two will be like a rare chemistry...out of this world!" Daniel smiled as he walked away from the shop and down the street, whistling softly to himself.

"If he only knew just HOW FAR out of this WORLD...," Tom smirked knowingly. "Talk about your Evil Grin..." Tom headed for home, anxious for another day to begin.