Struck 3

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“People are looking at us…” John said as he walked quickly to keep up with Dan. Thunderstrike slowed his pace down as much as he can, but since he had such long legs John still had to make some effort.

“You’re just imagining things.” Dan reassured his nervous friend. It was John’s first day back in school since his trip to the hospital. Like the big jock had promised, he had picked John up and drove him to school. However, from the way John was acting it told Dan that his little guy didn’t think their friendship would go beyond a ride to school, especially from the way John reacted when Dan insisted they walked to class with each other. John had complained that doing so would bring Dan’s rep down, but the big guy just laughed it off.

Still, John was very skittish while they made their ways down the hall. Every time someone made eye contact with them he would jump and avert his gaze. Dan did his best to comfort his newfound friend, but it wasn’t easy. Not only that, but there actually were some people who talked behind their backs, but Thunderstrike decided not to feed John’s paranoia with the fact.

As soon as the school bell rang to finish the last period, Dan dragged John into the school gym to introduce the little guy to his very first workout. John had protested, saying he was simply too small and weak to build muscle but Dan insisted. So clad in a workout outfit that was two sizes too big for him, John reluctantly had entered the sweat soaked room where men were made.

As expected, some of the jocks in there started to give John lip, but one glare from Dan immediately silenced them all.

“We’ll go easy since this is your first time.” Dan said as he guided him to one of the machines. “Let’s start off with this one.” He stopped in front of the seated pushups machine. He showed John how to adjust the seat to the correct height and then sat down on it. He inserted the pin into a very heavy number and then began to crank out a few reps effortlessly. After the first few reps he frowned. “That’s odd. This is my usual weight but it’s too light.” He moved the pin down a couple of plates and tried again. “There, that’s better.”

John was having difficult time breathing as he watched Dan push rep after rep. He could see how Dan’s chest bulged, how his triceps flexed as they extended and contracted. Just standing there watching made him so hard that he was grateful that he wore briefs today instead of boxers.

“Strange.” Dan muttered. “This thing all feels lighter all of a sudden. Oh well.” He shrugged and got up. “Now it’s your turn little buddy.”

John went up to the machine hesitantly. He had some trouble with the lever to adjust the seat to his short height, and received a few snickers from the jocks that were watching. He sat down in the seat, noticing it still felt warm from being used by Dan. He placed the pin in the lightest weight possible and gingerly he took hold of the handles. Then, he took a deep breath and pushed.

The first rep was passable. The second and third were shaky. The fourth he struggled to complete. The fifth he couldn’t even complete half of a rep. Feeling totally defeated, he let go of the handles and threw his head back. “It’s useless.” He said. “I can’t even complete a set using the lowest weight. What kind of eighteen year old can’t even push 25 lbs.? I’m such a wimp. There’s no way I can ever be strong.”

“Hey, don’t say that.” Dan reassured him. “Everyone starts off small. Hell, I can still remember when I was a skinny kid.”

“You’ve always been a big person.” John corrected him. “Ever since elementary school, you’ve always been the tallest, strongest and biggest in the class.”

“But in fourth grade we were roughly the same size.” Dan pointed out.

“Which proves that you got the genetics to grow and I don’t.” John sighed heavily. “I am just a worthless piece of scrap meat.”

“Hey, don’t go back down that road again.” Dan said immediately. “You’re not worthless. You just need to apply yourself a little more, that’s all. Here, I’ll spot you.”

With Dan’s urgings and help, John went through a full body workout, his little muscles straining with every exercise. The only thing that motivated John enough to go through with this was the fact that Dan would always do a demonstration of the exercise first, and John would watch those huge muscles work hungrily. What really got him off was the fact that Dan kept on mentioning that the weight was lighter then he remembered. That meant that even now Dan was still growing so much stronger.

The high point of the day was the shower following the workout. The poor little guy was torn up inside. A part of him was so embarrassed that he would have to expose his pitiful body to the public. However, another part this was excited for the chance to see Dan nude body fully exposed. He began to falter when it was time to strip down, however.

“Maybe I can shower at home?” He asked hopefully.

“Nah-uh.” Dan grinned as he shook his head. Gym rules state that anyone who makes a single drop of sweat has to rinse off in that run down shower room with bad water pressure. Now, take off your clothes and get in there before I undress you myself.”

Immediately his eyes went wide, and within seconds he was in his birthday suit and dashed into the shower room before he could get even more embarrassed. The steam from the conjugated shower heads fogged the area, and John wished he could suddenly become invisible because all the steam.

Withholding a chuckle, Dan began to peel off his own shirt. Halfway through taking it off, though, he suddenly stopped. He had never been so hesitant about exposing his body before, but now all of a sudden he was a bit nervous. Thunderstrike knew John lusted after his body, and what if he thought the massive jock was just trying to make fun of his sexuality? Never before had Dan hesitated before doing something he wanted, he just didn’t want the skinny little friend to be hurt anymore than he already has been.

Taking a deep breath, Dan noticed the awkward moment was now passed however and he finished undressing himself.

Facing the only corner of the shower area, John knew when Dan entered the shower, even with his back turned to the entrance. There was just some aura of presence that immediately filled the room whenever the moment the high school star came in. He just soaped his skinny body as fast as he could, trying to get clean before the worst happened.

“You okay there buddy?” Dan’s masculine voice forced John to snap out of his own thoughts; Parsons just nodded and stiffed his head under the shower head, pretending he was rinsing his hair, just to avoid looking at the naked temptation of Dan’s uncanny muscular physique.

John closed his shower, wrapped himself in the towel as fast as he could and headed outside, trying to escape before he was betrayed by lust, but right when he thought he was free from that uncomfortable situation a high whistle caught his attention, John slowly turned around and saw Dan Thunderstrike in all his magnificently muscular dripping wet glorious nakedness.

“Hey John, could you reach me the shampoo into the side pocket of my gym bag, please? I forgot my flip flops and this floor tiles are very slippery…” Dan explained himself, although John would never decline a request from the teenager wonder.

Parsons reached his glasses, grabbed the shampoo bottle, closed the gym bag and finally handled it to a smiling Dan, who waited in the typical powerful stance his body engraved.

“Thanks!” Dan blinked his right eye in a playful manner, and John could feel his cheeks getting warmer because of the immediate blushing provoked by that simple action. The skinny lad looked immediately down, forcing his mind to think about unpleasant things to drive away from the wonderful sight.

However, when John looked back up, all he could see was the enormously wide surface of Thunderstrike’s back and the mysterious tattoo inked all over his immensely V-shaped back. John lusted in the solitude of his mind, watching as the mysterious artwork got away along with the muscular masterpiece in which it was carved, the sensual waddling was actually only one of Dan’s trademarks, he moved almost like he didn’t care for his enormous body, but for a trained eye like John’s it was noticeable that each and every movement belonged to a very graceful dance, which exhibited his muscles in such powerful manner that it not only intimidated opponents, it also conquered the lust of many guys and girls, and John had been conquered a long time ago.

The whole school gossiped about the reasons that would take Dan to get such a big tattoo all of a sudden. People were always talking about the meaning of that singular imagery Dan had picked to frame in his own skin, although the massive trunk being struck by a thunderbolt was graphically impacting, what really intrigued guys the most was peculiar the detail of flowery petals all over the drawing. It simply didn’t match the powerful alpha-male stereotype the star player always inspired. Though, John didn’t see Dan any less masculine from the flowery display, the petals did intrigue him somewhat. He had always wanted to ask him, but decided he hadn’t earned enough of Dan’s trust to raise the question.

After the two finished showering, they went to their lockers and got dressed into their street clothes again. However, as Dan donned his shirt, the sleeves suddenly gave way to his bulging biceps with a loud, audible rip. John, who was standing right there, was immediately grateful that he had pulled on his jeans quickly because he was now sporting a very hard erection.

Dan merely looked at what remained of his favorite shirt with a resigned sigh. “Shit, and this was the biggest thing I had left in my closet.” He remarked. “Well, I guess it’s finally about time I upgraded myself to the double X-L’s.” That fact lifted his spirits up a bit. After all, anyone who was into building muscles would always feel a sense of pride when they are forced to move up a size because of their increased mass.

The fact that Dan was moving on to a new clothing size because of his much bigger muscles made John’s dick even harder. Embarrassed with himself, John looked away to hide his shame from Dan.

The big jock, however, didn’t notice what John was doing as he was taking out his necklace. He made a quick glance towards Parson, saw that the guy wasn’t looking, and quickly tied the leather string around his neck. When he was all done, he turned and faced John. “So, ready to hit the mall?”

Right away John’s head rose up. “H-huh? What?”

A smile emerged on Dan’s face. “What, did you expect me to go clothes shopping by myself?”

Before John knew it, he was riding in the passenger side seat of Dan’s truck once more as they headed towards the local mall. All the while during the drive there, John was trying to take in what was going on.

Was this really happening? Were they…were they really going to hang out at the mall like he had seen in those TV shows? The idea excited him, but at the same time it scared him. What if…what if he did something to embarrass Dan in public? And the big popular jock wanted his opinion on clothing? John had never picked out and bought a single shirt in his life. His parents still handpicked and bought his clothing, which were usually pretty dull, plain and rather bland.

For years, John had imagined what would it be like hanging out with the massive, powerful and incredibly popular Dan Thunderstrike. And yet here they were, about to enter the mall like it was just an ordinary everyday thing. He looked out of the window anxiously as Dan moved his truck through the parking lot in search for a good spot. When he found one that wasn’t too far from the mall entrance, Dan parked his car and quickly moved to the passenger’s door to help John get out of the big vehicle. After he helped John climb out, he watched Parsons reach for his big, heavy backpack.

“You can leave your bag in there; I’ve got some badass safety system on this babe…” Dan said rubbing his brand new car like the proud owner he was, but John instinctively flinched. He always carried his bag wherever he went; it was like it was attached to his shoulders, a part of who he was. Even though all he ever carried in there were books and paper, they were important to him because they helped him become useful to Dan with the big jock made him do his homework. To suddenly separate from his only physical link to Dan…the mere thought of leaving his big, worn out old dark bag behind literally frightened him.

“Oh… erm… it’s okay… I got it…” John replied, looking very uncomfortable. “And I’d rather much prefer to have it with me…if…it that’s alright with you.”

Thunderstrike rolled his eyes “Oh… okay… if you wanna drag this piece of junk along, let me give you a hand at least…” the massive friend easily picked the bag from John’s shoulder, who could only watch in awe as those impervious bulging biceps flexed and soared on the most powerful arms he had ever seen in stunned silence. Dan just proceeded towards the mall, leaving the blond skinny boy with a dumb shocked expression on his face

“John, are you coming or what?” The huge lad asked as he reached the automatic doors that opened for his enormously wide muscular frame; John snapped from his silent adulation stance and ran over Dan to get inside the mall.

A few minutes later, poor John was literally buried in a pile of clothes. Who would have thought Dan Thunderstrike was a professional shopper? He just knew every single store in that mall, and he knew the salespersons by their names. John watched as Dan flirted, haggled and bargained his way to great deals and discounts from the clerks and cashiers. Of course, most of them were more than pleased to help such beautiful muscle hunk to get the best clothes to make his hot physique look even more marvelous (and not all of them were women, John noted), but what John never would have guessed happen was that Dan suddenly decided that he would get a fashion make over!

Dan picked up several items he considered that would “look great” on John’s rather skinny frame. At first, Parsons tried to protest saying he didn’t bring money, but Dan calmed him and explained that he would put everything on his card and John could pay him later. Eventually, however, John realized Dan had just only found a way to give him a belated birthday, which suddenly made him blush even more while the muscular wrestler just handed him new pieces to make his new wardrobe more cheerful and updated.

“Well I think it’s enough for now. You can change into these as I look for something else…” Dan casually pointed to the dressing rooms at the back of the store while he proceeded to the sportswear section.

John sighed as he looked through the clothes Dan had picked up for him, all of them were a lot tighter than John was used to dress, not to mention they came in all brilliant, vibrant colors, modern designs; the complete opposite of John’s current style – though no one could actually call it properly a style, it was just a bunch oversized dorky baggy dark clothes he tossed over his body in the vain hope that no one would notice him.

At last, Parsons decided to experiment the dark wash jeans and the forest green T-shirt, which seemed to be the most demure of the items Dan had chosen for him. When John took off his clothes, although he was alone in the dressing room, he felt really sad about his image reflected in the mirror. Quickly he pulled on the new clothes to hide his body. He just wanted to cover his disgusting skinny figure as fast as he could.

Finally, John came out of the dressing room, dressed in those new clothes. His look was really unsure, but the moment as the saleswoman saw his figure, her pretty smile blossomed in her lips.

“Those look great on you…” She said very nicely, and although John knew she probably said that thinking ahead of her commission, it actually felt really good to be complimented on his look for a change.

“Thanks…erm… did you see my friend?” John asked timidly and the girl just pointed to the sportswear section of the store, and no one would be able to miss the humongous muscular figure literally going though every single XXL piece that store offered.

“Heh… not a chance…” Dan grumped discarding another piece which would never fit on his augmenting figure. It was hard to find something both large enough that wasn’t design for an overweight fat man while still have a cool enough design. And so he kept on his search for suitable shirts and sizes, but suddenly when he just lifted his gaze, he saw John coming closer dressed in some of the clothes he had picked up.

“Hey… those look great, buddy!” Dan complimented his skinny friend while he continued looking for the bigger sizes.

John blushed even deeper “Thanks, those are a bit tighter than I use to buy, but I guess I'm getting used to this…”

Dan waved his head “Dude, you are a thin guy, so if you wear oversized clothes they’ll just make you look even thinner! You gotta dress what really fits you! You should thank God for being able to find your size on stores!” Dan exclaimed as he reached for the last item on the rack without any luck.

John felt really bad for his friend, he had the hottest body ever, and although he would love to see him in the glory of his naked form, John knew Dan really needed clothes to walk among people; he really wanted Dan to have clothes that fit him perfectly, because he would look even more spectacular than he already was.

The skinny guy just nodded along. “Maybe you didn’t look everything…” John said while going through the sportswear section again, and suddenly, he just found something very interesting.

“Why don’t you try this on?” Parsons said, a little embarrassed for telling Dan what he should do, but at any cost he handed Thunderstrike a very nice styled red tank top. The jock looked at it with a look of excitement. “I don’t think it’s my…. Well, look at this…” Dan said showing the skinny guy the XXL mark.

Dan looked impressed “Where did you get it?” He asked suddenly very excited, and John casually pointed to the rack on which he had found fabulous piece. In a second, Dan located the rack and he went through the pieces with renewed enthusiasm.

“Dude, you are a genius! I never noticed those pieces. Look, these clothes are really great! I’ve seen most of those pieces before, but… I never noticed they had bigger sizes of them. This is just cool!!!” Thunderstrike started piling the newfound clothes on his strong arm.

“Come on, you can try the rest of your clothes and I’ll see if these things are really ready to take on a man like me!” Dan laughed as he just lowered a huge hand on John’s thin shoulder, which only intensified the red tone on Parson’s cheeks.

They entered in conjoint cabins; John could hear the Dan’s heavy breathing when he got out of his skin tight clothes to experiment those new ones. The blond skinny guy closed his eyes and just paid attention to the sound of the fabric rubbing against Dan’s flimsy skin, the sound of his biceps sliding inside the new T-shirt, the melody of those twin pectoral shelves filling and pressing the fabric fibers with the thick nipples, the pleasing noises Dan produced while checking his impressive image on the mirror.

All of a sudden, John felt really dirty for being in that place. His friend was just innocently trying on his new clothes and there he was panting and lusting after the guy, like a disgusting little weasel. Parsons just left the dresser, putting all the pieces Dan picked up for him over the countertop. He just wanted to get away from Dan to let the guy try on his clothes without getting upset with another embarrassment provoked by his uncontrollable horniness. The skinny lad was about to exit the store, but he noticed he was still wearing the unpaid items, so he still needed to change back into his old clothes, but when he turned around he spotted some people he wouldn’t expect.

“Hey guys… check it out!” a deep voice in exclaimed in a mocking tone. It was no other than Craig Stevens, one of the wrestling team members, which meant he was just another one member on Dan’s entourage. The 5’10” 177 pounds muscular jock had brown buzz cut hair and brown eyes. He was soon joined by two fellow wrestlers, Kyle Donahue and Fred Simpson. Donahue, the 6’1” 200 pounds blond haired, was second in command of the team, an icy blue eyed sentinel, as he was often described. And finally, at 6’3”220 pounds of strong muscles, Fred used to be the captain of the team until Dan entered, in fact, his personal records only seconded for Dan’s amazing marks.

John wanted to run away, but Dan would be disappointed at such reaction; so he tried to remain calm, even flashing a very nervous smile at the approaching jocks.

“What are you doing here, dweeb? Is it time for the loser’s convention” Craig asked with a mocking tone.

“I am just…” Although John tried to come up with an explanation, the jocks clearly didn’t come there to hear it.

“Listen, moron, we wanna know what you’ve done to Dan!” Kyle asked crossing his thick arms at his chest.

Parsons was taken by surprise with such question, it could mean so many different things, and judging by the look on their faces, they were really mad at John for whatever he had done to their friend Dan.

“I don’t understand what you are saying; I… didn’t do anything to Dan…” John tried to explain, but the sharp pain of Fred’s index finger poking his bony sunken chest suddenly reminded him that those guys were not his friends.

“Cut the crap, faggot! We know you’ve been blackmailing Dan for some reason. Craig was there when the principal called Dan out of the room, and then he was suspended for the rest of the day…” The huge Simpson accused the much frailer skinny guy, who looked each time more scared.

“What? No? I didn’t do anything… I am not blackmailing Dan… you gotta believe me!” John said in a low, almost crying tone.

“Yeah, and all of a sudden he just asked you to ride on his car, he offered to carry your books for no reason at all, and he even brought you to the school gym and acted like he was your fucking personal trainer!” Donahue continued with the accusations, listing the wonderful things Dan had done to him like they were despicable acts of heresy.

“No… he did all those things because he wanted to, I didn’t force him, Dan says he wants to be friends with me…” John found the courage inside his heart to stand up for himself at least once in his life, but his newfound confidence vanished once the jocks started laughing.

“Yeah, like you could hang out with someone like Dan! Look at you, you fucking faggot, you are nothing, just a damn loser!” Craig said in such malicious sarcasm that it only made John more convinced of such statement.

Fred just grabbed John by the collar of his brand new T-shirt and easily lifted the geeky boy from the ground.

“Listen, here runt, we ain’t stupid okay? You think Dan would just become your friend if you weren’t doing something sneaky? Now, if you don’t stop whatever it is you are doing, we are gonna make you stop!”

“I swear to you, I didn’t do anything to Dan…I…I would never…never…do anything.” John felt his glasses slip down to the rim of his nose once again, but this time he didn’t bother trying to push it back into place. He felt the tears rolled down his cheeks from his eyes instead. He wanted to shrink to the point those boys couldn’t see him anymore, exactly how he should be treated; invisible. He clearly didn’t belong with Dan. The dream had been a wonder so far, but it was just a dream after all. At some point in time it would have to end and John would return to his plain sad old life.

“So, for a worthless scumbag like you, how about we have a deal?” Fred sneered. “You promise to keep quiet about whatever dirt you got on Dan, and we’ll promise not to pound on you…at least, not as hard. Got that?”

Knowing that any answer he gave would result in a beating, took the least painful choice. “Y-yes.”

“Yes, what?” Fred asked in an all-too-familiar tone.

Flinching back, John gulped and hung his head low. “Y-yes, sir.”

“What the fuck!”

All of their heads turned in time to see Dan moving towards them, his eyes flashing and his muscles bulging dangerously. He was wearing the bright red tank top that John had picked out for him, but the bright color came only second to the livid hue on his face.

“What the fuck are you doing to John!?” Dan demanded as he grabbed his little buddy out from Fred’s grip and shoved the big jock. The big Thunderstrike was so angry and so forceful that the 220 lbs. Simpson was actually knocked off his feet and landed three feet away. Immediately the two other cronies moved to pick him up.

“Dude, what’s your problem!?” Craig shot Dan a look.

“That’s my question, moron!” Dan shot back. His arms were wrapped protectively around John as he stared down the three other wrestlers. “What the fuck were you doing messing around with John? He didn’t do anything!”

“The hell he did!” Kyle yelled. “We know the little faggot’s blackmailing you, so we just came to fix things for ya!”

Dan’s eyebrows furrowed together. “What? What the hell are you talking about? He’s not blackmailing me!”

“You don’t have to pretend anymore.” Fred said as he pushed himself up and brushed the dust from the seat of his jeans. “We already told the little bastard what would happen if he squeals.”

“You told him…” Dan’s voice trailed off as he stared at them.

“So what are you waiting for?” Craig asked. “Let’s ditch the shrimp and we’ll go hang out until we forget this ever happened.”

John felt his insides freeze up. This…this was the perfect moment for Dan to wash his hands of him. There was no real reason for Dan to stay and defend him. If Dan played along with their accusations of blackmail, then he could wipe his hands clean here and now. When it came down to it, if Dan would have to pick between John and his wrestling teammates, John would always lose. After all, those three had more in common with the magnificent Thunderstrike, more popular, and much more acceptable. No one in their right mind would pick a nobody like him. The dream was about to come to an end.

Dan stared at the trio, his expression undecipherable. John felt Dan’s chest breath in once, twice, three times. Then, those strong, protecting arms dropped and pushed John slowly to the side as Dan walked towards his real friend. John, unable to do anything, just watched in silent tears as he felt his heart break. Thunderstrike calmly walked up to Fred, and then he smiled.

Right before he sucker punched him.

The blow was something just short of a true art form. Dan’s muscles had been completely relaxed, and his face had given no warning whatsoever. Then, all of a sudden Thunderstrike’s fist flew out with a speed and power that matched his name and struck Fred in the stomach with so much force that John, who was standing at least eight feet away, could feel the force within that swing. Fred, who had been completely off guard, keeled over and he threw up onto the store’s carpet. The two other wrestlers, not expecting this outcome at all, stepped back when Dan turned to look at them with ferocity in his eyes.

“Let me tell this to you once, and once only.” Dan growled with his voice and tone close to an animalistic rage. “John would never, ever do something as low as blackmail. You may call him worthless, but the truth is he’s ten times the better man then any of you bastards. Now, if any of you ever so lay a finger on his body, I will come at you with everything I got and break every bone in your body before I twist you up into something that’ll make the Gordian knot look like a bowtie. You got that!?”

Craig and Kyle flinched back, nodding vigorously. Though they had advantage in numbers, they were unable to comprehend this turn of events and had no clue how to proceed. Fred, who had been making a mess on the store’s good clean floor, struggled to stand and would have fallen over if his two cronies didn’t grab him for support.

“What are you still doing here? Beat it!” Dan barked.

Craig and Kyle jumped, and in no time they left as quickly as they could while carrying Fred between them. With a disgust look on his face, Dan just shook his head and turned to John.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” He asked, his voice gentle and full of concern.

John, however, just stared at him. “You…you…why…?”

“Why what?” Dan cocked his head.

“Why did you pick me?” John said, his eyes were widened into large saucers. “I...we have nothing in common. Those three, they’re better suited for you. At least with them, you won’t have to endure the looks and whispers of scandal and hurtful gossip.”

Dan snorted. “What, you think I’m going to let something as meaningless as a few words talked behind my back stand in the way with what I wanna do? And besides, I was serious when I said you were ten times more of a man then those jerks.”

“I…I can’t see how that’s possible.” John looked away.

“Hey, don’t put yourself down so much.” Dan reached out and pushed John’s glasses back into place. The powerful muscle hunk kneeled and grabbed the several bags of clothes he had just purchased, then he handled the skinny guy a few of them.

“Here, you take that and don’t worry, I already paid for the one’s you’re already wearing. You shouldn’t have to change back into those baggy dark clothes when you look so much better in these” Dan complimented John’s new look once again.

“Thanks, but I really don’t look that great, you’re just being polite,” Parsons chuckled as he looked at his muscular hero with big puppy eyes.

“Chill out dude! You’re a lot better then you think. Now, how about I take you to the food court and buy ourselves some ice cream to forget this ever happened?”

John scuffed a shoe in the carpeting. “A banana split with chocolate syrup and nut topping?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure, you can even have a whole sundae to yourself.” Dan ruffled John’s hair.

“I…I’d like that.” John smiled brightly.

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