Made for Each Other 5

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Three weeks later Blake and Chad were getting ready for Suzie Thomas’ Labor Day pool party.

“Dammit all,” Chad swore.

Blake took one look Chad’s speedo and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Chad demanded.

Blake wiped his eyes.

“Watching you try to stuff yourself into last year’s speedo, that’s what. What were you thinking?”

Chad ripped the much too small suit off and threw it on the floor.

“I was thinking I have a much smaller waist than I did last year, that’s what!”

Blake decided it was time to smooth ruffled feathers.

“Well, hon, you DO have a much smaller waist, at least based on the evidence before me. But you’re forgetting that even though your waist has shrunk – and turned into carved titanium, I might add – other parts of you have grown. A lot!”


At 195 lbs. of ridiculously ripped, proportionate muscle, Chad was 35 lbs. heavier than he had been when they started training, and in addition to his chest, arms, shoulders, and neck, a goodly portion of that muscle had also gone to his legs and his ass.

And somewhere else.

“Don’t you think it’s strange that our dicks are growing as well as our muscles?”

Blake snorted.

“You may not have noticed but they’re getting at LEAST as much exercise as our muscles are,” Blake countered.

Chad punched his lover’s bulging deltoids, then shook his hand, wincing.

“Damn, I keep forgetting about that!”

Blake shrugged his ridiculous shoulders, which always made Chad think of a human tsunami.

“Besides, as you – Mr. RN! – know damn well, it’s an organ, not a muscle, and not amenable to exercise!”

It was true, of course, and Blake, who really did know quite a bit about anatomy and physiology, was at a loss to explain why each of them had experienced a notable increase in length and girth in their nether regions.

What had been nice-sized dicks (8 x 5 for Chad, 7 x 6 for Blake) were turning into porn star tools (11 x 7 and 10 x 8 respectively!)

Talking about dicks was causing Blake’s to plump up, or that may have been because he was standing in front of the full-length mirror in their bedroom.

“Go on,” Chad said. “Don’t be embarrassed. I know you want to do it!”

Less than a week after moving in, Chad – quite by accident – had approached their bedroom door only to find Blake going through a set of bodybuilding poses: double biceps, side chest, quads, calves, front lats, most muscular. He watched surreptitiously until the last pose and then walked in.

Blake was mortified, of course, turning about 12 different shades of purple.

And he was still hesitating, even now.

“I guess I forgot to mention: I like to watch!”

Grinning, Blake took a breath and stood stock still.

What he saw was completely amazing:

235 lbs. of solid muscle, not as ripped as Chad’s but dense, thick, and defined, with classic separations, a deep crevice between his pecs, and a rock hard six pack.

Blake went through the mandatories and as he did so Chad’s monster cock got harder and harder.

“Time to measure,” Chad said, when Blake had finished. “Now that you’re nice and pumped!”

He called off the numbers:

“Neck, 20 inches…

“Chest, 52 inches…

“Left arm, 20 ½ inches…

“Right arm, 20 ¾ inches…

“Waist, 32 inches…

“Quads, 29 inches…

“Calves, 20 inches…

With every number, Blake’s dick inflated that much further.

“Ya know,” Blake said. “These days it seems like I’m always pumped!”

Chad chuckled.

“I know, I’ve noticed,” he agreed. “And I’m always hard, mostly from looking at you!”


Suzie’s cook out was the next day. Chad and Blake showed up in track pants and light-weight hoodies, with tank tops and swim suits underneath.

“Oh, look,” Tucker Shaw hooted. “It’s the ‘muscle boys’! I didn’t know you knew these fellas, Suze.”

Suzie rolled her eyes.

“Tucker, I know you’ll find this hard to fathom, but you’re not the only person I know at Muscles in Motion,” she deadpanned. “In fact, I know just about everyone there, especially the two hot gay guys with the droll humor and the incredible fashion sense.”

Tucker did a double take.

“Nerd-wear is fashionable now?”

He immediately turned back to Suzie to stare (he never stopped) at her cleavage. Suzie gave her “boyfriend” (she’d only recently started adding the silent quotation marks) a look that would have melted lead under ordinary circumstances but Tucker Shaw was made of sterner stuff.

“Quite fashionable, yes,” Suzie said, putting a finger under Tucker’s square cut jaw and elevating it so that he was looking at her eyes. “Not to mention the best built!”

Tucker’s jaw dropped.

“The best built?! Are you crazy? Those two…”

Suzie turned him around. While Tucker had been yammering, Blake and Chad had shucked the hoodies and track pants, an action that caused every other pair of eyes at the pool to swivel their way and half a dozen people (men and women) to subconsciously step closer to the pair.

Chad’s bright aqua suit provided a nice horizontal break in the vertical line of the dark curls that covered his legs and sculpted torso, highlighting every cut, crevice, nook, and cranny of his Adonis-worthy build.

Tucker still had 30 lbs. on Chad, who was exactly his height, but at 4-5% Chad’s bodyfat ratio was less than half of Tucker’s. It wasn’t just ripped, he was fucking shredded.

And had he always looked like a super-built, super-sexier version of Ian Somerhalder?

And where did that come from, Tucker wondered. Who the fuck is Ian Somerhalder?

As for Blake…

“Like what you see, Tucker?”

While Tucker had been mesmerized by Chad’s conditioning, Blake had stepped up beside Tucker. He put a thick, rippling paw on Tucker’s shoulder and gave it a painful squeeze. Annoyed, Tucker turned directly to face the younger man.


The man in the bright orange square cut briefs wasn’t as shredded as Chad but he was close to competition ready and he was BIG. He had at least 10 lbs. of muscle on Tucker, all of it in the right places, and a smaller waist.

For that matter, how did he stuff that anaconda in there?!

“Jeezus,” Tucker said. “What are you guys on?”

Blake and Chad looked at each other and chortled.

“’On?’ You think we’re ‘on’ something?” Blake said.

Tucker spluttered.

“Look, you’re half again as big as you were when I signed you up!”

Chad and Blake gave each other a devilish look.

“Good thing we haven’t been over-training!” Chad said.

“We might hurt ourselves!” Blake agreed.

Suzie had had enough.

“You didn’t seem to have a problem repping out 545 on the incline bench the other day,” she pointed out, squeezing Blake’s 20-inch cold arm. “And who had 20 plates on the leg press machine last night? Was it 5 sets…or six?”

She poked one exquisitely manicured fingernail in the deep gully between the twin rows of Chad's eight-pack.

Chad looked Tucker square in the eye.

“Seven sets, Suzie, but I didn’t know you were keeping track!”

Tucker Shaw looked from one to the other.

He was out-muscled, out-shredded, and from the look of those speedos...

That orange really did look nice given Chad's peaches-and-cream complexion. And where the fuck did that come from?!


It was going to be a l-o-n-g cook out.

“I need a beer!”


Ten days later…

They stood together, side by side, in front of the full length mirror, Blake’s massive arm draped across Chad’s burgeoning shoulders.

It was a day they knew they’d both long remember:

That morning Blake had weighed in at a rock solid 250 lbs., two days after Chad broke the 200 lb. barrier.

In a little less than 10 weeks their bodies had been completely transformed.

Exploded is more like it, Chad thought.

Together they’d put on an incredible 130 lbs. of solid muscle. Considering the two of them had each weighed 160 lbs. starting it was almost like they had grown another person’s worth of muscle!

And there were no signs that the muscle growth was stopping, or even slowing down. In fact, the rate of growth was quite possibly accelerating.

Then there were the dicks. Another half inch and Chad would have an Honest-to-God “foot long” and Blake wasn’t far behind.

Feeling Blake’s arm – now 22 inches cold – unconsciously flex against his neck, Chad made his abs dance, one row up, one row down. He brushed his hand against the paper-thin skin causing a network of tiny veins to rush to the surface, joining the pencil-thick numbers that never seemed to go away no matter how relaxed he was.

“There’s something I want to try,” Blake murmured.

Chad’s porn star dick shot to full mast. It did so whenever Blake “had an idea!”

Blake put his meaty paws on Chad’s delicious, rock hard bubble butt and effortlessly lifted Chad’s 200 lbs. into the air.

“Woo hoo!” Chad exclaimed, locking his sculpted quads around Blake’s massive chest, the rest of his body completely supported by Blake’s powerful arms, arms capable of effortlessly curling 225 lbs. for reps.

Blake tongued Chad’s hole and Chad saw stars.

Time disappeared but then Blake said:

“Are you ready for the next part?”

Chad just grunted.

Blake shifted position and Chad found himself hanging down head first. He swallowed Blake’s massive rod to the hilt and felt Blake take his own monster cock in his hot mouth. They were 69’ing and Chad’s feet weren’t touching the floor! For all practical purposes he was flying!

After a while, Chad pulled off Blake’s tool and babbled incoherently.

Blake deposited Chad on the bed.

Looking up from the bed, all Chad could see was a wall of muscle!

“Blake, my God, Blake,” he panted.

Blake held his ridiculously thick shaft with one hand and then flexed his other arm. The bicep peak rose higher and higher.

“You want this…” Blake said, shaking his cock.

“Or this?” he added, licking his bicep peak.

Chad answered by standing up from the bed and literally climbing onto Blake’s dick. He wrapped his legs around Blake’s narrow hips.

“Let’s rock, Big Man,” he said.

And so they did.

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