Made for Each Other 7

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Thanksgiving weekend…

“Don’t you think it’s odd…” Chad began.

Blake snorted.

“Do I think it’s odd? Yes, it’s odd. Of course, it’s odd. How could it be anything other than odd?” he replied.

Chad rolled his eyes.

“You didn’t let me finish…”

Blake shrugged his mountainous shoulders – Chad was always half expecting that an earthquake would ensue!

“Yes,” Blake said. “It’s odd that I’ve gained a hundred pounds in the past month. Yes, it’s odd that I weigh 2 ½ times as much as I did when I started lifting – less than six months ago!”

Chad nodded. Considering he’d added 60 lbs. of muscle since Halloween – 120 lbs. since they’d started lifting – he was down on the concept that theirs was unnatural progress!

“I’m also quite aware,” Blake continued, “that I can bench close to 2000 lbs., nearly five times my own weight. Which makes me the strongest man on Earth.”

At that, Chad pretended to pout.

“Yes, yes,” Blake added. “And you’re the second strongest, at least pound for pound.”

Chad’s bench chest personal best was 980 lbs., about a 100 lbs. shy of the official world’s record, but also 3 ½ times his own 280-lb. body-weight.

“Then there are the dicks!” Blake exclaimed, his eyes bulging. “Jesus! They’ve both doubled in size! I’m beginning to think I’m going to need to tie mine to my leg just to go out in public. As for yours…”

Chad laughed.

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted to be a public spectacle,” he pointed out. “And you gotta admit, 400 lbs. of muscle and a 14 inch dick are pretty damned spectacular!”

And hot as hell, he thought, as his own 16-inch monster began to stir.

“So what else?” Blake asked.

Chad thought about how to put it.

“Aren’t we both a little bit old to be getting taller?”

Blake blinked.

“Oh, that!” he said. “I looked at my human development textbooks. It’s not completely out of the ordinary for guys to have a late growth spurt in their early 20s.”

Chad arched an eyebrow.

“Well, yes, I guess it’s not completely unheard of for a 22-year-old male to suddenly grow 2-3 inches taller over the space a few months,” he agreed. “But two guys at the same time? Isn’t that a statistical improbability?”

Blake whooshed.

“It’s all improbable, isn’t it?”

When they had started working out together they’d both been a bit under 6 feet tall -- shorter than Tucker Shaw, in other words.

Now Chad was 6’1 and Blake was 6’2 and Tucker was looking up at both of them (well, in more ways than one but that went without saying.)

“Maybe we have to grow taller to support all this muscle?” Blake asked.

Chad gave Blake the raspberry.

“If that were the case, all those Mr. Olympia competitors would be NBA stars, wouldn’t they? Except for Arnold I don’t think any of them has ever topped 6 feet!”

Blake pursed his lips.

“Tis a puzzlement,” he concluded.


The next day they sat down to turkey dinner with Chad’s parents…and Tucker Shaw and Suzie Thomas.

“What’s going on with those two?” Chad’s mother asked when she and Chad were alone in the kitchen.

Chad shook his head.

“Beats the hell out of me,” he replied. “They broke up just a couple of weeks before Halloween…but then he got plastered and fell into her punch bowl and he’s been living with her ever since.”

Chad’s mom appeared to take that at face value.

“Oh, well, that’s all right then!” she said cheerily.

Chad gave his mother a glance.

“You don’t think it’s odd…?”

Mrs. Bennett shook her head.

“Oh, couples go through the strangest things, you know! I’m sure it was just a speed bump.”

Whee, Chad thought.

What he hadn’t pointed out to his mother was that even though Tucker was living with Suzie, who had more or less adopted him the way one would a stray kitten, he’d been worshiping at the altar of Blake and Chad since that fateful night.

It was at least a weekly ritual, sometimes more often than that. Chad and Blake would go to Suzie’s house…and suck, fuck, lick, nibble, nuzzle, gnaw, and generally man-handle Tucker for a few hours at a time!

With Suzie watching, Chad thought, giving his head an imperceptible shake.

His mom, being totally "out there" liberal librarian, thought she was totally modern about sex, having more than once mentioned (much to Chad’s chagrin) her lesbian dalliances as an undergrad.

But I don’t know what she’d think about Suzie’s voyeurism – or my exhibitionism!

The plus side was that that first booty call with Tucker had proved to be a wake up call as well. He plunged back into his training regimen, quickly regained the 10 lbs. of muscle he’d lost (thank you, Muscle Memory!), and by dint of incredibly hard work added another 10 lbs. in the meantime. At 6 feet and 235 lbs. Tucker was in the best shape of his life, and that was saying a lot!

Of course, that’s completely within the bounds of plausible, Chad thought. It’s not like what we’ve been through!

The down side was that Tucker was routinely asking (actually, begging and pleading with) the two massive muscle men to let him move in with them. The first answer was an unqualified NO; the succeeding answers, still NO, were more qualified but the ultimate answer was “Sorry, we’re the team, you’re the friend.”

Brutal, perhaps, but despite the repeated rejections Tucker seemed to be thriving.

All these thoughts crossed Chad’s mind in the two minutes it took him to walk from the kitchen counter to the dining room table carrying the awesome golden brown bird on his mom’s favorite vintage embossed aluminum serving platter.

Once grace was said and dishes were passed all around, Tucker cleared his throat and tapped his wine glass with his knife.

“Ding, ding, ding!” he said. “I have an announcement.”

Blake and Chad glanced at each other. The glance said, Uh oh, what’s he up to now?!

Suzie, however, was looking thoroughly pleased with herself.

“Suzie and I wanted to let you, our best friends, know that come January the two of us are moving to Los Angeles!”

Mrs. Bennett beamed – it had always been her ambition to get out of the snow-belt – while Mr. Bennett looked puzzled. He had always considered Southern California – unlike the Catskills – a cultural wasteland!

Chad and Blake gaped.


Suzie giggled.

“Yes,” she replied. “But first we’re getting married, the day after Christmas, and we’re hoping that all of you will be able to join us.”

Mrs. Bennett jumped from her seat to hug Suzie and Tucker.

“Isn’t that just grand?!”

Uh, yeah, SURE it is, Chad thought.

Blake was wild-eyed.

What the heck are they thinking?

Mr. Bennett, ever the practical one, asked what they would be doing in Southern California.

“More personal training, I take it? Surely there’s a huge market for it there,” he added, sagely.

Tucker blushed while Suzie grinned.

“We’re going into the porn business!” she said. “We have the looks, we have the skills and talent, and I’ve always wanted to be a movie producer.”

Blake and Chad both choked on their chardonnay.

“Outstanding,” Mr. Bennett said, pounding his son-in-law on the back. Mrs. Bennett was dabbing at Chad who had managed to upset the gravy boat while attempting to catch his breath.

“Isn’t this exciting?” Mrs. Bennett exclaimed. “To think we’ll know someone in the porn industry!”

For the next hour Suzie and Tucker regaled Chad’s parents with their plans for the wedding, the move, and their new career, giving long perorations regarding the competing merits of straight and gay porn and various production houses.

Chad wasn’t sure whether he was more appalled by their descriptions or the fact that his parents seemed to be quite knowledgeable regarding the workings of the porn industry.

Blake sat there dumbstruck the entire time, barely touching his food (astounding in its own right considering the big man’s usual daily food consumption was generally equivalent to that of a small Ethiopian village.)

At last dessert (Blake’s killer kombucha pumpkin pie and Chad’s equally delicious mincemeat pie were the stars) and coffee were finished and Tucker and Suzie made their goodbyes, which included Tucker tonguing both Blake and Chad in full view of Suzie and Chad’s parents.

Blake and Chad helped Chad’s parents clear the table, then his mother shooed them away.

“You two look exhausted,” she said, putting the emphasis on exhausted in just such a way that she clearly meant horny!

Blake nodded.

“Really, we ARE exhausted, Mrs. B,” he said. “Killer workout this morning and now we’re totally stuffed. Thank you soooo much!”

More like emotionally exhausted, Chad that. And he didn’t touch his food!


Exhausted or not, physically or emotionally or not, Blake and Chad fucked like bunnies when they got home. Even though by that point Blake outweighed him by 120 lbs., Chad picked his lover up from behind and fucked him in the air, first time he’d managed to do that.

Blake returned the favor and then spent 10 minutes curling Chad’s 280 lbs. one-handed.

“Babe, it’s not foreplay when we’ve both already cum,” Chad said at last.

Blake, looking hurt, put him down.

“You don’t like?”

Chad pointed at his dick. It was full mast again and leaking copious pre.

“I love it, of course! But I can’t stop thinking!”

Blake sat on the bed.

“I know what you mean,” he agreed. “My mind has been racing the entire time. What in the hell are they thinking?”

Chad put his thick paws on Blake’s insanely thick delts.

“I mean, don’t you think it’s odd…” Blake continued.

Chad chuckled as he climbed onto Blake’s lap, their 30 inches worth of cock doing the cha-cha while they talked.

“That’s my line,” Chad pointed out. “Don’t wear it out.”

Blake kissed Chad’s mouth, then his neck.

“And you know what the really weird thing is?”

Chad drew back and looked his lover in the eyes.

“You mean the fact that no one – absolutely no one – has noticed what has happened to us?”

It was true.

Not their parents, not their colleagues, not Suzie, not the people at the gym, or at the grocery store.

“Well, Tucker noticed,” Blake corrected.

Chad nodded.

“Yes, but doesn’t make it even weirder? That the only person in the world who has noticed that we’ve turned into two rampaging hulks is our former straight as an arrow lust object personal trainer who is now essentially our sex slave but who is going to marry his former girlfriend…?”

Blake coughed.

“And current dominatrix, perhaps?”

Chad shook his head and then impaled himself on Blake’s 14 x 12 massiveness.

“I just don’t know what they’re thinking,” he said, riding up and down Blake’s improbable tool.

Blake’s squinted his eyes.

“It’s giving me a headache,” he agreed.

Chad stopped mid-stroke.

“Don’t stop!” Blake urged. “Right now this is the ONLY thing I understand!”

Amen to that, Chad thought!

They rode each other the rest of the night. The dawn found them snoring, Blake’s massive bubble butt impaled on Chad’s giant tool, Chad’s hand on Blake’s still rock hard and quivering cock, all cares erased from their improbably handsome faces.

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