The Myostatin Kid 2

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There I was 13 years old, 6 feet tall, 400 lbs. of solid muscle. I was bigger than the biggest pro bodybuilder, I was stronger than the strongest powerlifter, and I had a porn star dick.

I was a freak.

Naturally I hung out with the math nerds and played chess and dungeons and dragons. What else was I going to do? I was too big to play sports with anyone (other than maybe the NFL and they had a rule against middle school walk on players...)

That summer I grew another 2 inches taller -- and gained another 100 lbs. of muscle.

I started 8th grade at 6'2 and 500 lbs. People began to realize that they were going to have to come up with a new definition of freaky and I was beginning to realize the same thing.

I wasn't slowing down in the strength department either. Every day I was stronger than the day I was before. Coach estimated I was adding 5 lbs. to my bench -- every day! Do the math -- that comes to an extra 1825 lbs. per year!

During the school year my growth rate seemed to slow a bit. By Christmas I had added yet another two inches in height but I'd only gained 75 lbs. Only?! At 6'4, I was 575 lbs. of herculean muscle -- and I was benching more than 3000 lbs.

(And, yes, I say "benching" sort of loosely. We finally figured out a way to rig up a platform system that more or less approximated a bench while providing a stable surface to hold the weights.)

Part of that phenomenal increase in strength was genetic, part of it was pure horniness. The taller I got, the bigger my dick got; the stronger I got, the hornier I got. There were probably some weirdos out there willing to play with my giant cock but, well, ya know, I was 13! I didn't want to have sex with someone old. And I was pretty much afraid I'd kill any of my friends who might have been willing to try it, especially after Mr. Clark demonstrated to me what a crowbar could do to a watermelon.

By the time the school year ended and my 14th birthday rolled around, I was beginning to wonder if I were really fully human. At 6'6" tall I definitely wasn't beyond human dimensions but...

I was 650 lbs. of totally ripped muscle, which made me twice the size of any comparable bodybuilder.

I could bench 4000 lbs., more than three times what any other man had even attempted.

My 18-inch dick would have made Dirk Diggler green with envy.

"How much more, do you suppose?" I asked Mr. Clark.

"Does it really matter?" he asked in return.

And, no, really it didn't. It occurred to me that hugeness was my destiny and that destiny made me a freak by comparison to the rest of humanity.

I looked at my 50 inch biceps and remembered what it was like to be under the platform with Mini Cooper on top (curb weight 2568 lbs.), repping out the way the football jocks would do with a bar and a couple of 45 lb. plates on each end.

"I think I'll manage," I told him.

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