Power Couple: Evening Adventure

The further exploits of the giant muscle men whose story began here.

Eliot “One Ell, One Tee” Harris could barely hear himself think.

Columbus’ biggest gay dance bar was packed to the rafters for the Arnold Sports Festival weekend. The dance floor and surroundings were full of drop dead gorgeous guys in skin tight clothes, gym muscles bulging in every direction.

All except for Eliot, or so he thought.

At 5’11 and 150 lbs., Eliot was lean and hard but his efforts to “grow big muscles” had always come to naught, thanks to his slightly elevated 25-year-old’s metabolism…and the fact that he just didn’t like to each that much.

“Babe, you gotta eat if you’re gonna grow,” his best friend and occasional gym buddy Marco was always telling him. “And if you want one of those guys…”

Yeah, yeah, Eliot thought, the big guys only like other big guys.

Eliot rued the world and his place in it.

But that didn’t stop Eliot from staring at the giant man between him and the dance floor.

The man was huge, seriously, seriously, you gotta be kidding huge!

If he had gotten closer, Eliot would have seen that his head would just barely reach past the giant’s shoulders.

And those shoulders!

The man had on a white tee shirt that could have been used as a tent for a Bedouin family of five! Seriously, they had to be five feet across!

The man’s neck was clearly bigger than Eliot’s 40-inch chest, as were the giant triceps resting easily on the man’s hugely thick lats. Front to back the guy had to be at least three feet thick!

Amazing at any age and this guy was clearly middle-aged. Totally bald on top, the thick fringe around his shiny pale crown was pure white, as was the Brillo coarse densely thick hair on his arms and poking out of the top of his tee.

The man was a fucking polar bear crossed with a Grizzly!

Not that he’d ever look at ME, Eliot thought.

He sighed.

The giant man turned just as Eliot decided it was time to scoot. Startled, Eliot stood stock still, not sure where to head.

Seeing Eliot’s indecision, the big man sauntered over, the long neck Dos Equis practically swallowed by the man’s giant paw.

“Son,” the man said, settling his free paw on Eliot’s hard but narrow shoulder. “I’ve heard that expression ‘froze like a deer in the headlights’ but I never saw it on someone before now!”

Even though it was Barry White deep, the man’s soft, slightly Southern voice clearly penetrated the dance floor decibels.

“Sorry sir,” Eliot said. “I had about decided there was nothing here for me just before you turned around.”

The giant chuckled.

“Bruce Carter’s the name,” he said, giving Eliot’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

Eliot was pretty sure the man could crush coal into a diamond but if so he wasn’t flaunting it.

“Mr. Carter, nice to meet you,” he replied. “I’m Eliot Harris. One Ell, One Tee.”

Carter looked at the young man and arched an eye-brow.

“Oh, in ‘Eliot,’ you mean? I bet you get asked that a lot, huh?”

Eliot gulped, then nodded.

Here the biggest man he’d ever seen was having a polite conversation with him and he was yammering on about the peculiar spelling of his name!

“But why were you thinking about leaving?” Carter asked. “Plenty of hot men here, especially for a handsome young lad like you!”

Eliot’s eyes widened.

Handsome? Me?

“Oh, c’mon,” Carter continued. “Thick, sandy blond hair, big green eyes, lashes to die for, pouty lips. Yer a knockout!”

Eliot blushed furiously.

“Well, sir, you know how it is,” Eliot replied. “Most of these big guys are only interested in other big guys. And, let’s face it, I’m skimpy.”

Bruce Carter grinned.


“Son, you’ve heard that saying ‘opposites attract,’ right?”

Eliot nodded his head.

“A lot of these big guys are only into big guys because they’re insecure about the fact that they used to be small,” Carter continued.

“They see a naturally handsome lad like you, one who’s on the skimpy side, and they remember what it was like before they had all those muscles. And, let’s face it, not all these big guys are all that much to look at from the neck up. Before they had muscles, they’d have been dying for a look from a guy like you.”

Somehow during this conversation Mr. Carter had wrapped his fucking gigantic arm around Eliot’s slender shoulders and effortlessly pulled him in against his hip. Listening to Carter’s words, seeing what he was seeing, Eliot was really quite unaware that he had slipped his arm around the huge man’s surprisingly narrow – albeit rock hard – midsection.

“So what are you looking for?” Carter asked.

Eliot’s head was spinning. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

“But, y’know, I mean, I don’t know,” he stammered.

Carter’s cell rang.

Saved by the bell, Eliot thought.

“Yeah, Bub,” Carter answered. “Is that right? I was headed there next but I think I’ve found something else to, uh, keep me entertained. See you in the morning? Yep, bye, love ya!”

Carter put his massive paw of Eliot’s tight, perky ass and gave it a squeeze.

“That was the hubby,” he explained. “Turns out he has another engagement this evening so I’m at loose ends. How about some dinner?”

Eliot didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The huge man had a husband!

“You’ll probably see him around at some point,” Carter continued. “He’s even bigger than I am.”

Eliot’s eyes bulged.


Carter chuckled.

“You may have heard of him, Roger Fenton,” he continued. “You know, ‘The World’s Biggest Man?’”

Eliot spluttered.

“You’re THAT Bruce Carter? Of course, how did I miss it? My God, it’s such an honor, I mean, really, I….”

Carter put his hands under Eliot’s arms, effortlessly lifting him into the air, and gave him a deep, sweet kiss.

“Young man, I asked you a question. How about dinner? Or does the prospect of dining with someone old enough to be your father not appeal?”

He gently returned Eliot to the floor.

“Mr. Carter, if I may be so bold,” Eliot answered. “You’re the fucking sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on and the idea of sitting across the table from a man who outweighs me by 400 lbs. has my dick so hard I think it’s probably going to explode before we get to the door.”

Carter laughed out loud.

“Gorgeous AND a sense of humor,” he crowed.

With that, Carter slung Eliot over his shoulder and headed across the length of the bar to the door, where he turned and addressed the onlookers who had gathered to see the giant man making off with the cute little twinky boy.

“So long, suckers,” he shouted. “I’ve got the prize!”