Around the Pool

First of all if you're not legal, don't read this.

Below is a story taken from my book Final Sexploits of Rob Harris which can be found in Kindle format at You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well.

You see there's a guy named Rob Harris who's body has been transformed into basically a sex crazed stuff muffin and that story can be found in Isla Paradiso, the first book of The Fraternity Series that deals with body transformation, gay secret societies and a dude trying to cope with it all. The Sexploits Series is an addition to provide more of the hot, wild sex that Rob is having but can't fit into the regular books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

The sun was brutal and I was loving it.
Earlier, I had a good workout at the small motel's exercise room which got better when a short muscle dude came in to do his own thing. My interest meter normally isn't that good, however I noticed him passing by earlier with groceries where he stopped to come in and get a drink of water from the water fountain doing his best not to be obvious he's checking me out and ten minutes later he was back wearing the same thing I had on which is sneaks, socks and nylon shorts.

Mine are cut differently since I'm wearing an expensive pair I'd gotten at a resort. Thin nylon almost translucent, my shorts are known as a 'slutty' cut consisting of high on the legs with the thin waist band so low you need to be totally shaved to wear the shorts and the inside is a thong with a pouch in front along with a strip tucked in my crack in back.
That helps with the sweat like I always do and the only thing keeping me from getting arrested is the added material of the pouch ensuring I'm not completely exposed to the world with my muscle butt and front filling the shorts out nicely over nice big hairy legs, the only hair I have on my body below the neck.

Above the shorts is a deeply trenched six pak under a nice broad chest displaying large nipples visibly abused over years, noticeable by the fat puffy nubs.
I have such a killer metabolism if I don't eat heavily my already low fat torso stretches tighter like now, so those deep trenches as well as valley between my pecs being displayed today is admittedly due more to my irregular eating of late.
My monster arms were coated in sweat like the rest all turning me on, so when muscle boy walked back in my dick was already straining against the fabric.
We did the nod, then went back to work and with it being a small room with a single multi-use unit as well as a bench with free weights, the man isn't going far.
The stud worked out but could tell he isn't being serious. Probably since I'd seen him in here this morning pounding harder than he is now, giving me a pretty good idea why he's here.

I was about three quarters done and figured screw it, getting up for a drink of water and walking over to the sauna.
Normally I wouldn't go near the heated box since its Southern Florida in the summertime, but I figured I'll see if stud muffin shows up and stripping down in front of the sauna in plain sight, I stepped in to the steam.
Fortunately it wasn't max'ed in temperature but still damn warm and barely making it to the tiled bench, the door opened up letting the dude in who must have scrambled to get in here that fast, showing he's probably about five - seven to my six foot, stocky with a tight stomach if not ripped and okay sized meat.
Taking the two steps into the small sauna, he grabbed my shaft which was about three quarters there saying "I knew it was going to be a big one;" and falling to his knees to lick me to full size.
Damn this boy knows what he wants.
Even then he didn't waste any time and standing back up, the stud turned around to sink his cute already lubed bubble butt down my pole and after a couple of strokes up and down, he pulled off, "how do you want to fuck me?"
I was pretty happy with the action so far, but indicated for him to get on his back as I lifted his muscled legs to my shoulders, driving my meat down his tunnel and earning a groan from the dude.
I worked up to a pretty good speed getting cries of 'yes' and 'more' as a pounded his butt and after a couple of minutes working his hole over, the hot man reached down to yank his own boner and I knew he's ready when I felt his ring clamp down on my rod.
Soon jets streamed out of his cock while I pumped loads of jizz in his hole and no sooner had I finished coating his insides and pulling out to sit down, the dude got up with a 'thanks' and walked out.
Son of a bitch.
I was a little insulted at first; feeling rather 'used' and then started laughing as I got out of the now too warm sauna.
Yeah, yeah, people in glass houses and all that.

Now I was sitting around the pool in the hot sun without even the lightest of breezes to cool me down and naked which is unusual for me. Not that I'm that modest, but normally the slightest thing gets me hard and I'm not big on having my dick pointing at the sun when I'm lying on a lounge but I figured my fast screw with stud boy should keep me er….relaxed.
I was still a bit plumped which didn't bother me, and besides there were only two other guys out here.
I'd done some training in Jacksonville the past week detouring down to Ft. Lauderdale for some play since the beginning of the year I've had some things happen giving me this rock hard body, a killer metabolism and an almost insatiable horniness, so any chance I can get for man to man action I try and take advantage of it.

I turned on my stomach to baste my back, spreading my legs a little with my feet dangling off the sides and I started to reminisce about last night's trip to the baths where I sucked and fucked the night away.
I lifted my hips up to reposition my now hardening dick while I dwelled on the hot sex, then started giggling over my one track mind trying to calm down, however my hot sweat's now streaming down the line of my crack and dripping over my exposed hole making my rosebud twitch.
Damn I'm a slut.

Even with all that, I was starting to fade in the warm sun when I felt a light hand on my back and a voice near my ear.
"It really is unfair you know to spread your legs like that. We can see your rosebud exposed and had to come closer to look and it is quite beautiful."
At that, a finger slid up my wet perineum to begin circling my hole and without thinking I lifted my hips slightly trying to get the finger inside and letting out a moan.
My eyes were still closed as I felt a hand caressing my cheek with a thumb crossing my lips then entering as I opened my mouth to wrap my tongue around the hard digit.
"We saw you fucking that hot man last night at the baths, but bet you are just as willing to have that marvelous ass fucked as well."
The finger lubricated by all my sweat easily pushed passed my sphincter and the stranger was driving a second one in as I continued to push back and rotate my butt to take in everything I can. Opening my eyes the dude came down for a long kiss as I realized I can account for all his hands in my eyesight, indicating his buddy must be the one working on my butt.
"Turn over sexy man."

I obeyed, turning on my back where I spread my legs with the hand immediately sliding his two fingers back in as I stifled a moan, receiving another deep kiss. The hot looking man I was thinking of as stud above, moved a hand down to one of my swollen nipples first circling, then rubbing my oversized hardened nub and squeezing between his thumb and forefinger. I couldn't hold a groan back this time, earning a smile from the man.
"Sensitive are you?" with me nodding helplessly.
Putting the hand back on my cheek with his thumb back in my mouth, he leaned down to first lick, then applying a little suction until finally nibbling on my tit earning more moans.
The lounge was all the way down so they grabbed my legs to push them higher and I just rolled back until my ass was high in the air when the stud below moved astride the lounge and sat down to attack my rosebud with his tongue, as 'stud above' continued to chew on one then the other nipple.
I got flashes of the guys who were from the other side of the pool and guessing they're German by their accents; both blonde, blue eyed, hot lean bodies if not rock hard or heavily muscled like mine.

What I noticed before, even from the other side of the pool was the two dudes are hanging pretty heavy and close up, both are proving to have plenty of meat having me whimper around that damn thumb still in my mouth, thinking about the possibilities.
Upper dude came up from savaging my tits, giving me another kiss.
"We saw you at the baths long before midnight, and then getting back here after three in the morning. Were you playing there the whole time?"
I nodded.
Grinning, "Which means two things."

I was trying to listen, but lower stud appeared to have a tongue almost as long as his dick since he's touching deep in my insides, making me crazy and difficult to concentrate.
"One is you have to be exhausted from last night's play. Or two you have amazing stamina and are willing to play more today."
"What do you think Geoff?" The tongue went away before I heard some muttering in German, with upper dude chuckling.
Running his fingers outlining my ab trenches, upper dude continued with, "We already know we have in our hands quite a gorgeous piece of meat and Geoff commented on the fact your dick is hard and leaking, so he seems to think that you are the second type of person, an insatiable American slut. What do you say to that?"
I let out another moan since the tongue is back assaulting my hole and upper dude squeezing my nips again.

"Fuck me."
Both chuckled.
"Do whatever you want. Use me any way you want;" hearing more amused laughter.
"Ah, Geoff was right then."
My body was rolled down until my ass was almost back on the lounge but not quite. Looking between my legs I saw the guy named Geoff give me a look then standing a little to drive his cock in my hole.

It hurt for a flash of a second, then all I felt was a long thick rod sliding down my channel until his hips were pressed against my glutes. He leaned forward between my spread legs to grab the back of my head and rolling me up for a kiss, until moving back a few inches from my face, giving me a sexy smile and letting me fall back.
More German was spoken as upper dude moved around over my head to grab my legs pulling them back so Geoff could reposition us, soon kneeling on the sturdy lounge with his fat cock still embedded in my ass.
Upper stud's long thick dick was now positioned directly over my mouth and giving the head a lick of my tongue, he bent slightly to get more meat down my throat at the same time Geoff was now perfectly positioned to start hammering my hungry hole, growing more forceful as the sound of the slapping of our sweaty bodies grew louder. Upper stud was kind enough to only be fucking my face with about half his long rod, since in this position it would have been tough to take all he has to offer and I heard a grunt and felt splashes of hot liquid coating my insides as my German fucker gave a few final hard thrusts indicating he's dropping his load.

The pool area was in the parking lot surrounded by trees and plants, so fairly private except for the wide entrance on the other side. At this point there could have been twenty guys watching for all I cared, since the hot fuck I'd just gotten made me even hornier for mansex.

He pulled out of my craving chute with upper dude giving my tits a rough tweak and, "On your knees boy and clean Geoff's cock."
Without a second thought I moved around, seeing Geoff now sitting on the edge of the lounge with his dick still fairly coated with cum thinking 'hell yeah!'
Leaning down I sucked him in, reveling in the taste and letting out a grunt when upper dude shoved his meat in my still hungry hole.
Damn this is good, as my hole was getting long dicked with hard rough strokes, when Geoff pulled me up to share a long wet kiss as the hot sun continued beating on my sweaty back.
I heard Geoff used the word 'Peter' to get his friend's or lover or whatever they are, attention then spoke more German with Peter laughing and grabbing my shoulders, pulling me up then speaking some more German.

Giving short jabs in my ass with his mouth near my ear, "Geoff admires your chest and those stunning brustwarzen."
I figured the translation out when Geoff reached in to pull hard on my nipples and sliding forward as Peter pulled me further erect so Geoff could start to chow down, eventually starting to clamp with his teeth, pulling them out to my loud growls and Peter's chuckling.
Leaning back with his arms on the lounge, Peter was thrusting up, continuing his ability to ram my butt with his fat pole as I submitted to the sustained tit abuse by his partner.
With a last hard ram up my chute, I heard a 'Schweiss' feeling shots of jizz joining Geoff's cream.

We separated and asked if I wanted some water and soaking in sweat I agreed, following the two studs over to the other side near their lounges, where Peter pulled out a bottle out of a small cooler and I reached out to grab it when Peter pulled the offering back, "wait a moment," with Geoff pulling up behind, sinking his once again hard shaft in deep.
Peter handed the bottle to Geoff who held it over my head and looking up he poured some down my throat as his dick stayed entrenched in my chute.
So I'm standing there, big prong deep inside making some slight movements as water poured in my mouth from above and feeling something I looked down getting water splashed on my face when Geoff didn't react fast enough, now seeing Peter on his knees engulfing my stiff pole.
Damn it all feels good, so throwing my head back on my fucker's shoulder I got a tap on my cheek to open up, receiving more cold water from Geoff, who's taking his time slowly sliding his giant tool, using short bursts in and out.

Groaning, I wasn't able to swallow which spilled out splashing my chest shocking me since the water's ice cold and the rest of my body heating up in the summer sun and hot sex.
Geoff drank some as well, then handed the bottle to Peter who took some water in his mouth then enveloped my low hanging nuts, giving me another jolt causing me to jerk on the big pole of the stud behind me. Wanting to get more action, I was pushed forward for better access with the stud picking up speed as he reached around to tweak my nubs and I was losing it as Peter slid back down my pole letting out a 'fuuuuuuuck' as I started to gush inside the stud's mouth, giving him a gallon of thick sweet cream as his partner kept pounding me, not caring that I'm cumming.

The sexy German below stood up giving my fucker some of my spooge then smiled and gave me a kiss and hearing a 'gut' from Geoff, he withdrew from my ass giving my butt a friendly slap.
These boys clearly aren't close to being done so I was maneuvered over to a chair with Geoff sitting down and with me leaning over him Peter took his turn down my chute as Geoff perfectly positioned underneath is now able to attack my nubs all over again.
This boy's really enamored with my tits as he roughly licked and chewed occasionally pulling me down for a kiss as he continued his assault while his partner behind was pulling his big shaft completely out before ramming it back in, then traded positions with Geoff after awhile.

It didn't take a genius to understand the two studs are pacing themselves, happy they have a total slut under their control. They're fully intending on getting maximum fuck time out of their own pieces of meat by working up to orgasm then pulling out while they tagged the other stud in to ram my hole, giving the other cooled down a bit.
A bear of a guy who must have just checked in was at the entrance to the pool area, wheeling his luggage to his room and stopping his journey transfixed by the sight of a muscle dude getting his ass pounded by the pool when Peter gestured him over, offering him my ass. The new arrival hurriedly unzipped his shorts right there and taking over once Peter pulled out to make way.
By then I was on my back on a lounge as the new dude slipped in, so the two German studs each took a tit to torture while my hole was being worked over.
One of them, I don't know which slid his hand down the side to my hole working two fingers inside next to the bear's already good sized cock, setting the guy off as he grunted and moaned, filling me up with his creamy seed.
"Damn, thanks dudes. Now THAT'S the way to fucking check in to a place;" slapping my ass.
As the hunky stud zipped up, he took one last look and walked away, shaking his head as Geoff reclaimed the territory.
A couple loads later, we took a break hydrating some more in the hot weather and rinsing off at their little pool shower before jumping in the pool, which was a huge relief. The sun was starting to go down by now which I realized meant we've been fucking for hours. But even with the sun disappearing it's still south Florida summer weather of hot and muggy.

The three of us splashed around and it was good to stretch my limbs since hours of screwing while fantastic, can stiffen you up and my cock hardened thinking of the great workout my ass has been getting so far.
Not that I minded, but the break in the pool was a blessing.
After doing a few laps to stretch some muscles I ended up at the shallow end of the pool, arms stretched on the rim when Geoff swam over, feeling me up as well as my hard dick, laughing and showing surprise.
Grabbing my legs, he pulled my body up partially out of the water as he sucked my rigid pole in.
It was a nice slow suck where he was more enjoying my meat instead of trying to get me off and while the outside air was hot and humid, I was relaxed feeling the pool cooling me down after the hot sweaty sexercise I've been engaged in up to now.

Peter pulled one of those foam floats into the pool gesturing for me to get on as I sank down still half in the water keeping me cool with a curl at the top to keep my head out, noticing the float was barely wide enough for my shoulders with my hands hanging into the pool.
Giving a nod the guys positioned themselves on either side and since we were still in the shallow end, hovered over my float.
Peter and I kissed but it was comical at the beginning since the first thing I tried to do was lean into the kiss, bringing my hand over to grab the back of his head, all of which resulted in me sliding off the damn float. So any time I tried to respond, invariably meant I'd be falling off so after a few tip overs to our laughter, I just let my hands dangle down grabbing their huge meats as Peter returned to kissing and Geoff ran his hands up and down my big muscled body.

"Geoff." As Geoff closed in, Peter moved down first planting light kisses then zeroing in on their favorite target, licking then chewing my puffy bullets.
I could feel myself start to buck my body as Geoff continued giving me a deep kiss while the other stud chewed away while sliding a hand between my legs to tap at my heavily fucked hole, but with a finger sliding deep my sphincter pulled it in, making it clear I'm nowhere near done for the evening. Geoff slid down to my other tit sticking fingers in my mouth as well as using his other hand to join Peter's searching digits in my chute.

I was moaning around Geoff's fingers, bucking straight up and down at the sensations while one occasionally paused over the mauling of my nipple and move down to swallow my pole for a few strokes before returning to his assigned nub.
"Are you enjoying yourself?"
I've been practically delirious for the last half hour as these two studs worked my body over and all I could say was, "You have got to be fucking kidding me."
Getting a chuckle from both although I felt Geoff's amusement since he was laughing around my shaft and 'enjoying myself' didn't begin to describe how things are going here.

Geoff started speaking in German and they had a short conversation, not feeling left out since four hands are still sliding fingers around my hole, caressing my nuts and fondling my chest.
"My brother and I were wondering how much more you are interested in continuing."

I pulled my hands up grabbing the back of both their heads first drawing Peter for a deep kiss than Geoff for his turn.
"As much as you want, as long as you want, whatever you want."
Pleased and a little surprised, they were finally realizing how big of a slut they really have in their hands.
After a little more German, Geoff separated, rapped a towel around his waist to walk out of the pool area.
"He is getting some aids as well as reinforcements."
In a moment of mischief he pulled me off the raft dunking me and playing a little, I ended up lying on my back at the rim of the pool legs pulled up getting Peter's tongue diving in my hole. These boys likely don't know good rim jobs make my hole crave man dick, however great rim jobs like they've been doing makes me insatiable.
The German studs are going to have their work cut out for them.

I made the 'anything goes' statement earlier due to my need to get major league fucked tonight.
I had a date with a doctor friend tomorrow and we have this bizarre deal that I'm required to have ridiculous monkey sex the night before so the sex between doc and I would still be ripping hot, only lower key.
Dr. Jared keeps telling me I'm too much to deal with when I'm in a sexual frenzy, hence his demand to take the edge off the night before and while unsure of whether he's right or not, but who am I to complain?
Doctor's orders to go out and get laid?
Hell yeah!

After a couple minutes of rimming my craving rosebud, my butt is once again ready to take on any cummers, seeing Geoff walk back into the area with some beer and other items in his hands so I got a slap on my ass as we relaxed a few minutes drinking down a cold, wet one.
Soon after, two good looking guys came round the plants, both brawny and hairy to join us.
"We met Carl and Tom a couple of days ago and played together, thinking we can invite them to our little party."
They walked up, shucking their shorts to display nice thick cocks and I held out a hand to shake when one of them grabbed my face.
"So muscle boy here is the greedy whore you were talking about?" getting a nod from Geoff.
"Damn this is going to be good;" getting a hard slap on the ass.
"Boy, we've seen you showing off that body the last few days and now it's time to show us what you can do with it."
I went to kneel down but was stopped and pushed over to a lounge chair.
"On your hands and knees."
Shoved down so I'm across the width of the chair, my knees and hands both on the edge as I heard the cap of a bottle of lube come off and looking back to see one of the new dude's dick getting slickened up as the other stud retrieved a little bottle from Geoff then twisting off a cap to put it to his nose and inhale…. oh crap, poppers.
Poppers had a small effect on me before and I haven't tried any since my transformation, having been forewarned by my doc friend to avoid all party drugs since it drives sex fiends like me even crazier so I wasn't sure what effect the poppers will have.
The bottle came down to my nose and I took a tentative sniff, getting a slap on my cheek.

"Boy take a good pull, I intend on working your ass," so I took a deep intake without thinking feeling the aroma travel up my nose then hit my head as it has in the past except this time it banged around then quickly traveled down to my chest giving my nips a buzz, before heading straight to my dick, tickling my low hanging nuts then hit my rosebud. Barely two seconds later my now tingling hole was split wide open by the bear's big dick and when I opened my mouth to moan another stiff cock jammed inside me.
Hell yeah I'm a slut but the poppers are now doubling the erotic intensity of the two penetrations, so I did my best to suck the two in as deep as they can go and the amyl should have been wearing off after a minute but instead it was continuing to heat up my erogenous zones, wanting my body used and abused by any man near me.

No …. fuck me.

The daddy behind let out a grunt as he felt my butt clenching on his dick from the popper effect, ramming my hole harder with his hands grabbing my hips so he can gain leverage to pound my chute. The dude in front kept trying to grab my hair but I keep it short so my head was gripped in his two hands as his thick cock roughly fucked my mouth, leaving fluid dribbling down my throat as his juicy tool leaked inside.
The horny dudes were determined to drop loads in their poolside slut, both hammering away to get their first load out as a hand slipped under, first lightly slapping my low hanging balls and hard dick then roaming up to brutally pinch one of my tits, making me emit a load groan around the thick tube shoved in my throat.

"Geezus" and "Gawddamn" was heard as I clenched down my ass in reaction to the nipple assault, feeling heated shots being fired first down my chute then warm liquid coating my tonsils as both studs continued to fuck their way through their orgasms.
They pulled out allowing me to look over and see my two German studs standing nearby with their massive rods hard as two by fours, with all of them laughing as they watched the hungry slut licking his lips at the sight of the two big cocks ready for more action.

I wiggled my butt inviting my original playmates over, getting a head shake no.
Peter went over to a nearby chaise and lay down with his big rod reaching toward the sky. As I was standing up Geoff went over to the same chaise also lying down and with a little movement they were both on their backs legs crossing with the bottom of both hard shafts touching his brothers.
Son of a bitch.
One of the bears handed me the poppers again and I took two deep whiffs throwing a leg over the lounger and just as the poppers kicked in, lowered myself on the two fat German sausages.

My prostrate was pressed against a slab of manmeat sending sensual lightning bolts through my body as I raised then lowered my entire frame against the combined width of these two hung studs.
I continued pumping my filled hole, speeding up as I was able to accept the width my sphincter had been forced to accept with these two invading my horny channel hearing words of encouragement and delight from the two below as I raised and lowered my body to meet their shafts while the two bears stood nearby, letting me hold them for leverage as I rode those two massive cocks.
It couldn't last for any of us and I heard a 'Mein Gott' as my ass started to get cream from one then the other flooding my cavern and I ended up collapsing on Geoff as he kissed me with his dick remaining inside as Peter slipped out.
Another beer later, Tom walked up behind, sinking his hard shaft in.
"Son of a fucking bitch!" which had everyone staring at the dude behind me.

"Muscle slut that he is, he should still have about as much liquid as that damned pool and probably as wide open as the pool too."
"Oh there's cum there, but you'd think the slut was absorbing it or something and fuck I'd swear he's tight enough it was his first fuck in a long time."
They all looked over as I took a pull of my beer, his rod still encased in my butt.
"You going to complain or are you going to fuck?"
Which produced laughter from the other three and a growl from Tom as he bent me over to pound my hole.
I sure as hell wasn't going to tell them in addition to the muscled body and stamina, my transformation gave me a hole able to take anything yet still stay tight the whole night and he was right, I absorb cum.
Freaky, but the sex is hotter, so I sure as hell ain't complaining.

The four studs continued to tag team fucking both my holes around the pool as the steamy, warm night progressed. Carl, one of the bears even bigger than me turned out to be a willing bottom whose ass I got to enjoy and a few times where we would sixty-nine as others slammed into our holes and we stayed around the pool, even getting the guy who checked in earlier back for another round, walking away shaking his head after dumping another load in my willing chute.

We did order a bunch of Subway sandwiches to replenish at one point, with them getting a kick out of me eating two foot longs and we called it a night about twelve hours after I started my exercises that early afternoon getting my little stud muffin butt in the sauna.
My doctor friend sure as hell can't bitch at me I didn't get my required sex workout. Although with a good night sleep, I have every intention of ensuring he gets his own workout tomorrow night.