At the Resort

This story is taken from a chapter of a Amazon Kindle book called Getting Lucky.

It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud, eventually becoming what's called a Super Thane.

And while it sounds cool, there's …complications.

But what happens in this story isn't complicated at all since its about a couple of dudes visiting Key West for the first time and finding it isn't what they expected until�..

"Hmm, looked who showed up."
Ross opened his eyes following Todd's gaze to look over the other side of the pool and see a big, hard muscled dude setting his stuff down on a lounge chair.
Or more accurately THE big, hard muscled dude.

Ross and Todd came down to Key West from Kansas City a few days ago staying at this highly recommended gay guesthouse and the place was pretty decent although being out of season only about half full.
The two were buddies since college, both finding jobs in KC and becoming first roommates, then trying to be boyfriends for awhile which had been doomed to failure from day one but remaining best friends after the break up, always ready to go out for an ass crawl on the weekend.
The two were athletes, with hot trim bodies along with big slabs of meat and both definitely die hard top men. Each bottoms, and there's no doubt the two studs enjoy the hunt as well as the final reward of a hot piece of manass at the end of the night.
Todd favored the size queen twink slut willing to ride his big dick all night long and he didn't want to be bothered remembering their name in the morning.
Ross liked his men the meatier the better, though he also didn't mind a little cuddle as well as conversation at some point in the evening. Although pretty much after offering a breakfast, Ross would be pretty much done with his latest trick as well.

Good jobs, good friends, hot sex and a decent salary meant the boys like to play and play hard and at some point Ross might decide to settle down, but it sure as hell wasn't going to be soon.
There were jokes about them being twins which wasn't quite true, but the two were good looking, knew how to dress and had pretty similar partying attitudes deciding to give Key West a try.

The stud across the way was getting organized around his chair and dropping his shorts, Ross saw the dude was wearing only a thong.
Sun baked down heating the pool along with the men lying around and he heard a few gasps from several of the other men when the big man stripped down and Ross wasn't too sure he wasn't one of them.

"Ro, stop panting, your tongue's going to get burned."
Ross looked over to see Todd grinning and he couldn't help smiling back at his friend before shrugging his shoulders.
"Dude, you seem even more obsessive than usual," and he couldn't help but bark out a laugh at his buddies comment, lifting up his hand to do a fist bump.
No big surprise since his buddy well knew Ross' thing for muscle boys.
Todd was shaking his head laughing at his buddy's newest obsession.

It started last evening when the two friends were heading out to dinner and they passed by a guy checking into the guesthouse wearing a tight T-shirt with cargo shorts caressing his hot butt, but there was no missing how much was filling the tee.
Later they saw the stud at one of the few gay bars here on the island with Ross checking out the sexy gray eyes over the clearly hard hunky body as he passed by on the way to the bathroom. Coming out, unfortunately the hot man had been corralled by two daddies and after another beer, the three left for parts unknown.

Walking around Ross spotted the guy earlier today when he was working out in the small exercise room supplied by the guesthouse. Wearing nothing more than a pair of nylon shorts and trainers, the stud was clearly comfortable with what he was doing and his big physique showed he knew how to use the equipment. It was somewhat awe-inspiring watching the man heavily exercising and focused on the machines, sweat pouring off his body increasing his weights moving from machine to machine. The dude was paying attention to his arms and biceps which were extra large, making Ross' mouth water at the view.

He did his best not to stare in the exercise room and now a couple hours later after lunch the man was stripped down in next to nothing at the pool.
He's seen good-looking guys and some not so good looking in thongs, thinking few could pull off wearing a tiny scrap of material, however he had no objections to the sight in front of him.
The dude was without a doubt shaven down under since the skimpy material was barely covering the meat packing his suit with what's undoubtedly a good sized tool. The material was almost sheer except for the fact it had a print on it hiding the man's thick stalk with two small strings arching up and around his waist diving into the crack of his hard muscled glutes making half the guys around the pool audibly moan as they watched him bend over to straighten his towel on the chair.
Throwing his big body down, he grabbed his bottled water taking a sip along with popping a bicep before lying back in the chair and relaxing to soak up the sun.

Watching the stud get comfortable Ross couldn't turn his eyes away. Overall he'd say the stud is the size of the quarterback, a big, beefy, sexy quarterback.
Sporting medium length dark shaggy hair looking like it could use a cut, along with a couple day growth of beard helped make him look sexy as hell. But Ross continued to be focused on what was from the neck down.
Sloping traps pointed to those huge arms, along with a big beefy chest and trenched washboard abs. The man's thick legs had a little hair as well as his arms but there was no hair covering his cut torso or even that hard muscled butt he saw when the stud was bending over affixing his towel to the chair.
Not only were the hot arms a big noticeable feature but the dude also had some of the juiciest nipples he's ever seen before. They were a good size, but in the middle were big thick erasers that looked like they should have some heavy-duty tit rings hanging off making him look incredibly hot.

Ross realized he'd gone from sitting up on his lounge chair to standing at the edge of the pool, trying to be cool about it as his eyes kept zeroing back towards the sexy man on the other side.
Ross heard "I think you need to cool off" just as his buddy strong-armed him to go flying in the pool, with Todd cannonballing his friend when he came up for air.

Finished wrestling around with his buddy in the pool, he climbed up the far side which not so coincidently happened to be right next to the stud's lounge chair and straightening up he saw the big guy moved on to his stomach.
Beefy legs were slightly spread so a bit of the big package was on display smashed against the lounge cushion with the thin string disappearing inside his crack separating two flawless rock hard boulders along with the spread of the man's brawny back and his concentration was broken when he heard snickering from the other side where Todd was sitting at the edge of the pool watching him frozen and hovering over the stud.
Once again he shot a grin and a shrug of his shoulders to his buddy along with a quick finger when he turned.

Later chilling out around the pool with a couple of beers, the sexy athlete was once again drawn to his obsession pulling up camp watching the big guy grab his towel, shorts and other stuff before heading to the stairs at the side of the building and his gaze tracked the hot man transfixed by the sight.
"You know he's in the room next to us don't you?" Todd said grinning.
"You fucking asshole. How do you know that?" Ross looked over not sure whether he was pissed or amused at his friend holding out the critical information.
Todd shrugged his shoulders trying to look innocent but couldn't hide the big grin on his face, "I saw him going into his room from his workout earlier."
Todd's grin grew wider, "and I have to admit looking at that hot ass, I'd do him," Ross started laughing and couldn't stop since it was a major compliment by Todd's standards if he was willing to break away from his slut twink preference.
The two of them have teamed up some nights although they didn't find too many people willing to take both of the perpetually horny dudes on, since the two liked their sex hard and heavy, so their victim needed to be fairly sturdy and horny as well.

"So you'd be willing to team up on the stud?"
Another shrug, "considering what we've seen so far..." And Ross nodded.
This was their first time in Key West and he had to admit they were a little disappointed. Expecting a gay mecca, they found what was essentially a nice little town mostly packed with straights out to party and get drunk.
The town did have a lot of gay guesthouses, but the bar and cruising scene seemed pretty mild in comparison with the both of them thinking even Kansas City was livelier for a horny gay man on the weekend.
Ross came to realize this might be a great place for low keyed gay couples to come down whether on honeymoon or vacation, but if you're red-blooded, horny gay single guy looking for a hot piece of ass, the pickings seemed fairly slim especially being off season.
But of course that was before he saw the dude who he now knows is their neighbor. And this was definitely a dude who was absolutely prime fucking meat.

"Uh, I think I'll go to the room and start getting ready for dinner," which cracked Todd up since he knew damn well why Ross was heading to the room.
The back of the guest house had a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor housing a large deck for tanning which nobody seems to use preferring the pool area along with only two rooms next to each other with a hallway bisecting the pair of rooms. It seemed like an odd use of space, but it also felt like the big deck was their own personal outdoor space for the two rooms.
Heading across the big patio, Ross stumbled a bit when he saw his muscle man he's been fixated on relaxing on a built in bench close to their rooms.

He was now wearing a short wrap around his waist barely covering his crotch and was so transparent it wasn't hiding much and other than a cold bottle of beer in his hand, that was all the hot man had on.
Recovering from his stumble Ross continued walking although at a slower pace and looking over they both nodded, acknowledging the other's presence as Ross continued to walk by.
Not wanting to lose this golden opportunity, Ross turned around "Hi I'm Ross; I guess we live next to each other."
Amiably lifting up his hand to shake, the grey eyed stud looked at Ross with a smile and nodding at his comment said "guess so. I'm Gil; Care to join me for a beer?"

"Sure. Unfortunately I don't have any in my room."
"No problem. I have plenty with me." With that, the man got up and walked towards the room while Ross watched the muscle butt walk away and the hot man returned seconds later with a couple of fresh beers handing one over.

Gil seemed an easy guy to talk to with a ready smile and laugh as they traded stories about jobs, where they lived, all the �introducing yourself' stuff, finding out the man worked construction in Savannah, Georgia and was down for a little relaxation time. The dude was clearly relaxed now and having pulled up a leg as they exchanged stories, the wrap barely covered his bulge which Ross couldn't help but notice.
"So what's up with your friend?"
"Todd?" Seeing the stud nod his head.
"He and I are good buddies, old college roommates and we hit the bars and travel together."
"And what do you think of Key West?"
"I like it in some ways. The restaurants are nice, Duvall Street is fun to walk down and the sunset activity was kind of tripping, but honestly we expected it to be more gay," cracking Gil up.

"Yeah that's the problem, we queers tidy a place up and the straights take over," with Ross laughing at the all too true comment.
"So I take it you and your buddy were looking for more action while you were here;" Grinning as Ross shrugged in confirmation.
"Yeah we've done okay, but I have to admit we haven't had a lot of options; Although Todd doesn't seem to be having too many problems."
"He favors the bottom boy twinks and has been pretty successful almost every night so far."
"So what meets your standards?"
"I like �em with more meat on their bones;" watching Gil's eyebrow lift up.
"Ah, what about you?"

Gil looked over smiling, "to be honest I'm kind of an anything, anytime kind of guy," shrugging his beefy shoulders as if he was embarrassed by the admission.
"I'd guess with those impossibly high standards, you don't have too many problems getting laid," with Ross grinning and Gil threw his head back letting out a loud laugh.
"True. But I do have several complications;" with Ross now lifting one of his eyebrows thinking, �oh crap here it comes.'
The sexy man's grin went wider, "the first being I'm not big on the cum and run routine, preferring a couple hours of hot man sex if I can get it," and with Gil holding his gaze, Ross was feeling his mouth go dry.

"So uh what are you hoping to happen during the night then?"
Gil scooted over the bench a few inches closing in with the leaner stud. Gil's hand lightly touched Ross' forearm speaking in a low voice, "oh trust me, I'm talking about a night of hot demanding sex, but with the right guy it can be pretty awesome don't you think?"
"Yeah, with the right kind;" barely choking it out
Ross' free hand went down to rest on Gil's thick inner thigh just inches away from the dude's cock feeling heat coming off the leg.
Leaning in a little closer, the back of Gil's hand started lightly rubbing Ross' taut torso, "and the good news is in case it doesn't work out, you wouldn't have that far to head home."
Ross' voice was a little rough, "uh, I don't think that's going to be a problem."
"I don't think so either."
The stud moved closer for a light kiss on the lips as Ross let out a light groan when they released.

They were sitting in the shade but Ross was definitely feeling heated up as his hand moved up lightly touching Gil's big chest and circling in on a very aroused distended nipple hearing the hot man grunt as his fingernail caught on the thick eraser tip.
A hand grabbed the back of Ross' head to close in for a kiss, both of them groaning in each other's mouths as the temperature went from hot to freaking scalding between the two. His hand went back to Gil's inner thigh and pushing up, his fingers rubbed against big hairless balls and a dick getting bigger and thicker as they continued to make out and there was a part of him registering the fact Gil was not a small boy.

Finally releasing from the sensual making out, Gil suggested they take it inside his room and the only thing he could do was nod in agreement as the two headed over to the room with the big man needing to remind Ross not to forget his stuff.
Focused on the hunk in front of him, he forgot his gear on the bench and he really could have cared less about any of it, amazed at how quickly they went from strangers to sex partners.
Damn being gay rocks!
Making their short way to the room, Ross couldn't help grinning since the small wrap the stud was wearing was being pushed away by his big slab of meat making his mouth water even more. He may not be big on being screwed, but having a nice big boner to suck on was definitely going to make it a pleasant afternoon.

With the doors slamming shut behind the two pulled into each other with Ross dropping his gear on the floor forgotten as they made out.
Now freed to do what he wanted his hand slid down the back pushing the wrap to one side squeezing the man's rock hard muscle cheeks as Gil's hands roamed his back with one sliding down the top of his blue bikini and a finger rubbing on the crack of his ass.
"Uh, Gil."
"Don't worry stud. But I still reserve the right to admire that hot ass of yours;" With him letting out a bark of laughter at the comment.

Gil pushed the slighter guy back against the door first running the back of his hand down over his nice, tight belly with the big man's mouth and tongue following shortly behind with one hand loosely held against Ross' throat making sure he couldn't move.
Now on his knees, Ross or the muscle stud growled as hands grabbed the side of his bikini pulling it down exposing his aching huge tool.
He trims his pubes and the man was taking his time pulling down the nylon suit first licking the base of his thick hard stalk until finally with only the head caught in the waistband Ross growled and hearing the noise, the kneeling man chuckled yanking the swimsuit further down as his huge slab of meat came flying out to be engulfed by the man's furnace of a mouth earning another moan from above.

"Fuuuuuuuuck, hold it stud."
Having been eyeing this guy for the last twenty-four hours, Ross was way overcharged and will be spewing if he let's the stud continue working his shaft. Besides, he definitely wanted to play with Gil as well.
"My turn," hearing a chuckle from the big guy.
The sexy man stood up as they closed in once again to passionately make out admitting low growls as they kissed.

They separated and inches away Ross stood there looking confused.
"You okay?"
He let out a low chuckle, "honestly I'm just trying to figure out where to begin," making Gil laugh.
Gil leaned in and with his mouth next to his ear he heard a low purring from the muscle stud, "Remember hot man you have all fucking night to do whatever you want," making Ross groan.
Diving in he ran his tongue over one of the huge biceps then pushing the arm up, dived into the studs armpit tonguing some of the man sweat sitting there making both groan at the action.

Now spurred to act, his tongue traveled across the stud's shoulders then down his huge chest diving in the deep cleft between his pecs to land at the stud's juicy right nipple sucking in the nub and feeling the big stud buckle.
The bloated, fat stubs clearly weren't natural and the man's moans only spurred Ross on even more until he couldn't help it and started giggling.
Coming up within inches of Gil's face, both his fingers were roughly squeezing the man's visibly sensitive man tits, "so I take it these have been worked on for awhile?"
It was obvious the muscle stud was trying to hold back on his moans only spurring him on to pinch and tighten on the nipples even more.
Finally conceding Ross' advantage at the moment, Gil's gray somewhat unfocused eyes looked at the stud abusing his nips and nodded.
"I had a lover who enjoyed how sensitive they were and liked to abuse them sometimes too much."
He look at Gil grinning, still roughly massaging his brown bullets, "why do I have the idea you didn't complain?" Earning a bark of laughter from the hot man.
Gil gasped out a "too true" before pulling him in for another toe curling, scorching kiss which had Ross moaning as badly as Gil.

Pulling away, he grinned and reluctantly removing his hands from the guys swollen bullets to bend down and couldn't resist first licking then nipping one of the hardened nubs as the man's body jerked moving down over the washboard stomach tonguing his navel feeling another slight jerk while his hands moved to untie the wrap and let it drop off the man's magnificent body.
Thick, very long, especially looking huge with no hair, Ross couldn't help being a bit smug since he still had a good inch on this big dude as his tongue lapped up the cream leaking from the man's piss slit.
Fuuuuuuuck, even the stud's cream tasted damn good.
"Turn around." And the big man obediently rotated his body so his big beefy butt was now in his face and bending over with his legs slightly spread, there was a perfectly round, pink rosebud fully exposed like it was begging for his man dick inside him.

His tongue lapped from the man's perineum past his beautiful hole up the crack of his ass hearing once again the big beefy guy uncontrollably moan and he couldn't help smiling since clearly this dude was supersensitive in all the areas that mattered so he was thinking he's going to have a hell of a lot of fun tonight torturing this man.
Diving in, his tongue curled like a spear as he worked the hole with growls and groans emanating out of the muscled body spurring Ross on while he worked over the stud's sphincter with his own dick throbbing with a need to get involved.

Wetting down the hole had the two of them aching for more and not being able to hold out any longer he stood up placing the head of his pulsating tool at the doorway hearing an "oh yeah" indicating Gil was as ready as he was.
Pushing in, the rosebud began spreading to welcome the invasion and hearing a louder groan as his ass gripped the head of his pole, the man made it clear he was ready so he continued to push his huge shaft deep inside.

It was a long trip due to the fact Ross ius a big man as well as attempting to go slow, both to go easy on the stud along with the fact he was so charged up he knew he'd be spewing without much effort as hot walls caressed his needy shaft.
Finally buried to the hilt he pulled Gil up turning his head for a long kiss while the two attempted to cool down some from the way too hot feeling of the monster tool buried inside.
Separating, Ross gasped out "damn this is sweet."
Chuckling Gil agreed "I'm certainly enjoying it from my end stud. Here let me prove it," and all of a sudden his ass started massaging his too ready to blow dick.

"Geezus stud! I'm not ready�.."
"Wanna bet?" And his ass continued doing a number on his tool and he knew he wasn't going to last so he pushed Gil forward pulling his dick out and slamming it back in once, then a second time, Ross buried his now exploding rod to the hilt with his first shot going deep inside the big man with scalding loads of cream quickly following.

Gil straightened up and his body pressed against the man's wide back as the explosions continued and feeling his legs weakening, Ross brought his arms up around to hang off Gil's shoulders as he kept his huge tool deeply embedded.
Finally the explosions ended, so he pulled out his still mostly hard boner from the man's heated cavern to stagger over to the couch and falling on the cushions with the big man following shortly after and standing overhead, he came in for another hot kiss.

Still a bit out of it from the powerful orgasm, knees came down on either side of his legs as Gil sat in the stud's lap and the spent topman stared at the mass in front of him.
At a hundred-eighty pounds, he wasn't a small boy, but he was damn sure Gil easily had thirty or forty pounds on him so he was staring at a big thick chest with those incredibly sexy meaty nipples just begging for more action and his hands came up without thinking to tweak the man's puffy tits.
Gil leaned his big body down so the two could resume kissing.
Ross always enjoyed a hot kiss after and Gil definitely knew what the hell he was doing in that department amping him up again even after that mind blowing orgasm. Shoving Gil to the side the big guy fell back on the sofa and turning he sucked down the big stud's cock hearing a now familiar growl while his fingers moved down towards Gil's hole with the man eagerly spreading his legs.

Jizz was leaking out in copious amounts and he almost would swear the man was already cumming but he could tell by the moans he was still working up to climax as Ross used two fingers then three to slide deep inside his tight chute.
Fingers wiggling inside and Ross' mouth swallowing as much of the huge tube he could, Gil was bucking around on the couch with his groans getting louder until the fingers felt like they were caught in a vise as the big tool swelled up and forewarned, he got the first shot of cream deep down his throat and lifting back up the shaft, it quickly filled with a huge load of thick tasty cream.

He was swallowing as much as he could but there was so much spooge Ross knew he was coating the stud's dick as well as some of it was leaking out of his mouth and finally the spigot emptied out as the cocksucker crawled up the big body and dribbled down a huge load of spunk into the man's open and willing mouth as Ross followed down for a hot kiss while he laid across Gil's big frame.

Big arms and legs surrounded his body as the kiss grew more passionate with the two of them heating up ready for another round. Reaching in between their bodies he felt Gil's hand wrapping around his huge needy tool hearing a "hell yeah" as legs moved higher and his hard shaft was moved down to rub against the stud's apparently ready and willing hole. Who was he to complain as he lifted up on his arms and slid his rigid manmeat once again inside the welcoming butt.
Sliding down the long channel Ross looked down the few inches to the handsome stud seeing him smile as he slowly began fucking his incredible ass.
He was still going easy when a beefy arm grabbed him by the hair and first pulling him for a quick kiss. After some hot kissing, eyes met and the hot man made it clear his ass was all his to use so he picked up speed driving his big shaft down the man's chute and before long he was jackhammering this hot stud.

Ross was in fucking heaven since this is exactly what he was looking for.
He had a big hot muscle man taking the pounding he was giving with Gil let out a �fuck yeah' or �give it to me stud' in a low voice between his groans of bliss.
His pounding was taking its toll and Ross reached in between grabbing the rock hard slab of meat rubbing a thumb over the piss slit feeling Gil's body grow rigid and once again the ass clamped down on his pumping shaft and burying it deep down the stud's chute, they both started firing away over Gil's hard torso and inside his dark channel.

Collapsing on the big frame, the two were sweaty with arms wrapped around while they made out.
Gil didn't seem to object to his body on top of him and they continued kissing until loud banging on the door brought them back to reality hearing a 'hey, hold it down in there,' making the two studs snicker.
"Todd, go away."
"So no dinner? You know buddy you're probably going to need to fortify yourself if you plan on ravaging the stud all night long," making both Ross and Gil bark out in laughter.
"Damn I better go talk to him otherwise the bastard won't leave us alone."

He struggled to get up being both exhausted as well as the fact he was sticking to Gil's big frame and they both groaned when his huge slab of meat left Gil's warm tight hole.
Hearing the loud groans, coming through the door was a "you doing something in there you boys shouldn't be?" Making the two studs laugh even louder.
Throwing the door open, his buddy Todd made no pretense about scanning the room.
"Niiiiiice. And just so you know I'm talking about the room and not the sex God covered in cum on the sofa, which I barely even notice," with his unabashed staring at Gil's hot body belying his words earning a snort from his friend.

Each room in the guest house was unique and this room had a small bedroom, big bathroom and this outer living area along with the built-in sofa which Ross and Gil had just done the dirty deed on.
Standing up, the big muscle dude took a few steps towards the doorway to shake hands as he introduced his buddy to his sex partner.
"So are you up for dinner or not?"
Ross looked over at Gil with a questioning look on his face.
Gil shrugged his big shoulders, "well I don't know about you, but I've certainly worked up an appetite," cracking the two friends up.
"Uh, I guess you could say I have to."
All three studs looked like they were unsure of where to go from here.

"Todd, how about if I send Ross over to the room in just a minute?"
Todd nodded with a smirk on his face, "don't take too long otherwise it'll be time for breakfast," getting snickers from everyone.
Having left the room, Gil closed the door behind Todd enveloping him in his huge arms for another hot kiss.
"So how did I do?" And he looked at him not understanding.
With a low chuckle, "well wouldn't you say this was the interview for later on tonight?"
HIs hand moved up rubbing the sexy stud's abs now sticky with their drying sweat and cum and grinning, "If it was, you sure as hell passed with flying colors," seeing Gil smile.

Emitting a low purr from his big frame Gil laid another light kiss on Ross' lips before pulling back, "well, like I said, I have no problem going to dinner to fortify ourselves," making the two of them chuckle.
"Is it okay if we go with Todd?" Seeing Gil shrug clearly not caring one way or the other.
"However," Gil had a goofy grin on his face as he rubbed Ross' sticky torso, "I'd suggest we use our own showers, otherwise he might be right about us not getting out of here until morning," making him laugh and nodding his head agreeing with the stud especially since one hand was straying lower and behind, grabbing the man's sexy ass already packed with his spooge, he thought proudly.

Giving another quick kiss Gil moved and opened the door placing a hand in his lower back moving him out of the room.
"Hey I need my clothes!"
Both laughed as Gil bent down to grab the stuff he dropped to the floor earlier and Ross couldn't help groaning as Gil's cum dripping rosebud came into view as he bent down. He was flashed a smile by the muscle stud being handed all his stuff.
"Maybe dinner isn't so important," hearing laughter from the big stud as he closed the door on his face.

Crossing the narrow hallway, Ross entered his room seeing his buddy sitting on the bed ready to get all the dirt and he shut the door behind shaking his head at his friends' eager anticipation.
Still shaking his head he looked at his friend, "what do you think?"
Todd rubbed his chin with his hand looking deep in thought, "well let's see� There's the incredible body that's had you drooling for the last two days, and seeing him naked he clearly has all the right equipment to play with, and guessing by the drenched chest, the two of you did something more than exchange recipes for the last hour," which had him laughing.
"No shit Sherlock."
"So that tells me you've done the dirty deed with the hot guy, but I'm still not clear on the quality part, that is unless I look at the expression on your face, which is a happy, well fucked look."
"So I guess that's not only a yeah, but a hell yeah," cracking the two up.

He went over and dropped his gear next to his suitcase, "let me put it this way, that incredible hot fucking body?" Seeing his buddy nod, "perfectly matches how hot the stud is when it comes to sex," seeing Todd's eyebrows rise up.
Ross ran a hand through his short blonde hair chuckling, "actually that's probably an understatement."
Todd jumped up from bed grinning ear to ear holding up a hand for Ross to high five as the two laughed.
"So I guess this means you've got plans after dinner?" As the two laughed as Ross headed into the shower.

Hot water was soon cascading down his trim nicely muscled body, and he couldn't help getting hard at the thought of the sexy man in the room next door.
Gil looked about thirty or so, a couple years older than him and Todd, and it would be easy to stereotype the big, good-looking dude as some type of dimwitted musclehead, but in talking to the man out on the patio he was definitely an intelligent, funny guy.
And of course, that fucking body.

Big, brawny, without an ounce of fat or even little muscled love handles on his side; this stud was pure sexy man meat.
If he created a body built solely for sex, there was a good chance he would've designed him exactly like what was just a few feet away from him.
Grabbing his own huge tool, he couldn't help playing with himself although no intention of getting off since he had a damn good idea of what lay ahead for the rest of the night.
The dude's ass was two hard mounds of muscle with a killer tight hole which welcomed and sucked in his big tool. Ross' had guys who complained about his size but other than an initial grunt on entry, Gil definitely liked the ride and he could tell the hot stud was more than willing to take a hell of a lot more.

Grinning as he continued his shower, he was wondering if he was going to need some backup handling the stud, knowing damn well although Todd favored more twink-ish men, he'll have no problem joining his friend to work over the man.
Ross snorted, thinking right now he wasn't willing to share even with his best friend, wanting to keep him for himself.

Turning the shower off and drying, he checked his body out in the mirror.
Six-foot, one-eighty, he was lean with good muscle tone on his frame.
Blonde hair, blue eyes with the only other hair being a little light treasure trail leading down to his huge tool which Ross gamely knew was his biggest asset.
He's bottomed before, but never gets over the initial pain and enjoy being fucked and besides, he really liked driving his big tool inside, especially when the ass is attached to a big strapping muscle boy.
And oh yeah the guy next door was pushing every damned button for Ross.

A pair of stylish capri's and a dark body hugging T-shirt along with some sandals and Ross was ready to go and they looked out to see next door open, so Todd leaned in yelling 'we're ready stud to chow down' and grabbing a few things Gil came to the door.
Gil was wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts molded to his body. Low waist, it tightly held his big dick loosely wrapping around his thick legs along with wearing a button-down which had to have been custom since it fit his upper frame perfectly.
Arms fit snugly and high on his massive biceps and the rest wrapped tight around his big chest dropping to just the top of the low waistband of his shorts.
Gil grabbed his sex partner for a light kiss, and pulling back Ross said "hold on stud" as he undid two more of his top buttons exposing the massive cleft between his big pecs.
"Much better," with Todd giving two thumbs up of approval, as the man laughed shaking his head.

Heading out to dinner he couldn't help thinking how really sexy Gil's attitude was. Both Ross and Todd were good-looking man and he knew they took advantage of the fact.
Gil on the other hand had a nice face but with his killer body, the entire package was freaking awesome, yet the guy while aware of what he had wasn't arrogant about it at all.
Yeah sexy, very sexy.
They discussed where to go for dinner, quickly settling on an Italian restaurant Gil recommended slightly off Duvall Street and they walked their way to find the place able to take them especially since it was a weeknight.

Dinner was a nice affair with Todd going above and beyond entertaining the stud. One of the interesting things was the man ate like a horse with the two friends teasing him relentlessly about his massive food consumption.
"Hey I worked construction," and Gil's grin grew wide, "besides I've been doing a lot of exercise the last couple hours, so I have the right to be hungry," cracking the table up.

After dinner the three studs headed down Duvall Street to one of the gay bars climbing the stairs to the second floor where about half the floor contained a big U-shaped bar finding a few seats to get comfortable and order a round of beers.
Todd was clearly on the hunt and before even getting his beer scanned the room to see if there was anyone catching his interest and it was apparent by his sudden grin and focus there was some potential trick for his buddy.
First Ross, then Gil followed Todd's gaze to see a youngish cute guy having a drink with his friends.
"You think he's free?" Seeing Todd grin as he shrugged his shoulders.
"We'll just have to see."

Taking his time as well as a few sips of beer, Ross and Gil amusedly watched Todd on the prowl. Closing together, he pressed against the muscle stud's back bringing his hand up to unbuttoned a few more buttons of the guy's shirt.
"Hey!" Gil's mock indignation was cut off with a low growl as his fingernail intersected with one of his puffy bullets. Now distracted, Gil turned so his back was against the bar with Ross now at his side pushing against his left arm while his hand continued to fondle the stud's big chest.
Grinning, Gil slung his arm back and putting his hand on the back of his head, he drew him in for a hot kiss.
"Mmmmmmm, sweet;" looking at the hot stud, Ross moved around so that they were now facing while he unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on the stud's shirt letting it fall open exposing his ripped six pak.
Ross' hands roamed the cut frame and he started chuckling.
"I'm not sure that's a good sign."
He looked up into the sexy grey eyes, "No I was thinking maybe you're sexier like this with the shirt emphasizing your body instead of out at the pool in the thong."
He laughed since he could tell Gil wasn't really insulted, "Would it help if I thought the sexiest however was you naked dripping with jizz all over your body?"
"Even your cum out of my hole?"
"Oh yeah. Definitely like that." His hands were up scraping the distended nubs and Gil's voice got rougher.

"Are we going to do it here stud?" Was softly murmured in his ear earning a chuckle from the blonde stud.
"The way I'm feeling, I could be talked into it," hearing a low deep growl from the big man in front as the arms swept around and pulled him against the stud's now exposed chest.
"Hey, get a room!" And they looked over to see Todd grinning at the two men.
"That's not a bad idea," and the two chugged their beers grinning at their similar response and he belted out a 'later' to his buddy as they headed towards the stairs.

Right before exiting the bar the big man slammed him up against the wall closing in for a long hot passionate kiss making his huge tool hard and throbbing when they finally disconnected. Seeing the stud grinning just inches from his face Ross chuckled, "we may not make it to the room," hearing the hot guy snort his own amusement.
They headed out and instead of walking down Duvall Street, they turned towards one of the side streets and Gil holding his hand turned them into an alley.
"Something like that," as the hot man once again shoved him against a wall next to a dempsey dumpster closing in for another scorching kiss with the two of them moaning in the almost complete dark. Pulling back he could see a little wiggling of Gil's eyebrows before he lowered to the ground feeling his pants opening up and the zipper making its way down and immediately after being released, feeling the hot mouth swallowing his thick tool.
"Fuuuuuuuck stud."
"Oh we'll get to that at some point," jumping back on his tool as he gasped from the hot mouth working him over.

Gil knew how to handle his meat, but it was also the fact they were doing the dirty deed in a dark alley surrounded by houses really getting Ross sexed up.
The sexy stud was able to take his entire dick down his throat although choking when he had it buried to the hilt and slowly pulling off Gil raised up with his tongue tracing a path over his tight stomach chest, neck, chin, before landing in his mouth and the two pushed against each other's bodies groaning down each other's throats.
Eventually coming up for air, "do we want to consider this a warm-up or would you like me to get you off?"
"You bastard; two can play at this game," and he swung him around and pushed the man's back against the wall to give him a quick kiss before bending over to lick one of those hot, sexy swollen tits feeling the stud's body stiffen up in response.
Hand up against Gil's thick neck, he moved over to the other tit first licking, then sucking, lastly lightly chewing on the fat nub earning more groans from his victim encouraging Ross to chow down even harder as the beefy dude's body thrashed under his ministrations.
His other hand had been busy undoing the big guy's khaki shorts and he followed them down to swallow the hot man's rigid pole choking on it halfway down. The blonde stud worked the stiff shaft for a few minutes before pulling off and grabbing the hot man's waist turned him around so his ass was now directly in front of his drooling mouth.

With the legs slightly spread, his hole was exposed for his pleasure so he closed in once again pushing out his tongue and licking the sexy gateway hearing the big stud groan out in anguish.
Next to the Dempsey dumpster there was a slight odor of decay only making the whole scene hotter as he continued to ravage the opening with his tongue, but after awhile, not able to wait any longer Ross stood up placing his dick which was as hard as a lead pipe up against the rosebud. Standing there, Gil wasted no time pushing back impaling the first couple inches of his shaft and now encouraged, he slammed forward shoving the rest of his piece down the tight chute with both of them groaning so loud a dog started barking nearby with the two of them chuckling as they accustomed themselves to the buried shaft.

In to the hilt, he pulled the big stud up next to him with his hands roaming the front of his muscled frame squeezing those bloated nips hard and listening to the almost helpless man whimper some more.
"Fuck me," was barely heard as the man leaned forward placing his hands against the brick building in front of him and he needing no more urging to grab the big guy's waist and start sliding out, then back in the tight tunnel.
Building up speed Ross was getting lost in the fuck and there could have been cop cars pulling up and he wouldn't have known it, as he roughly pounded Gil's hot tight chute hearing low groans emanating from the man whose ass he was working over.

It was coming together, the warm night in this dark alley where he was fucking one of the hottest men he's ever been with and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer, so he reached under feeling up the stud's cock and yanking the hard shaft, he felt it swell up and once again his driving tool was clamped down on and they both started firing about the same time, Ross deep in the stud's ass, and Gil spewing jizz all over the wall in front of him.
Falling forward on the broad back, he was gasping for breath as his last scalding shots fired in the incredibly tight cave.

The big stud purred then chuckled, "I would have been happy with giving you a quick blow job, but I sure as hell ain't going to complain about what just happened," earning a bark of laughter from Ross.
Regaining his senses he pulled back removing his still fairly hard tool and the whole ass came back not willing to give his dick up quite yet; with the two chuckling at Gil's reflexive action and finally separated, they bent down to pull-up their shorts and continue their journey.

Before making it out of the alley Gil stopped him and closing in for kiss then pulled his T-shirt off his body exposing his broad chest.
"Much better."
"Then fair is fair," yanking Gil shirt off his shoulders and handing it back as he shoved it in his back pocket. Ross quickly bent down to suck in a bloated nipple and chewed on it as he roughly pinched the other one gaining another moan from the big stud.
Looking up and grinning, "now I'm ready to continue;" As Gil shook his head in a somewhat sexual daze.
Gil grinned at the hot blonde stud, "I like walking around with your cum inside me stud," heating Ross up at the thought.

Entering the street they were only a couple of blocks away from the guest house and walked hand-in-hand with Ross amping up realizing it was going to be a long hot incredible night and they no sooner made it through the gate of the locked guest house when they closed in for another scorching make out session, hands roaming each other's hot bodies and ready to get it on even though he just came inside the hot man's ass not a few minutes ago.

Separating, they headed up the stairs out to the massive deck behind their rooms.

"You know it's kind of private here."
Grinning, "so what are you suggesting?"
"Just this," and Gil's hands reached down opening Ross' capris and letting them fall to the deck.
"Our little tryst in the alley was a huge turn on for me, so I was thinking as long as it's just the two of us up here, why don't we take advantage of our somewhat private deck?"
Willing to play along, he undid Gil's shorts letting them dropped as well exposing the big man even further and they ditched all the clothes. Coming back up the muscle stud closed in for quick kiss then pulled back and looking at him, Gil said, "damn you are a sexy man," earning a snort from the blonde stud.

Ross knew how he looked and has always been big on style and knows how to dress right, so he wasn't surprised with the compliment; however it was coming from this incredible stud in front of him.
Making a decision he grabbed Gil's hand bringing him over to one of the cushioned built-in benches around the edge of the patio pushing the stud down on the bench.
Leaning over he gave the man a hot kiss as his hands roamed the front of the body he wanted to play with some more and kneeling in between his legs, he once again worked over his big thick chest and especially those juicy nipples he's becoming addicted to, as Gil threw his head back savoring the sensations of the hot stud working them over.
The nipples were swelling up from the attention and he'd grip a bloated nub between his teeth and pulling out sounds of pleasure emanated from the hot man and he kept it up for awhile as the guy's dick twitched leaking out cream.

Bending down further he licked through the ab trenches chuckling at the idea considering what the stud had just eaten and by rights this washboard shouldn't exist, but he wasn't going to complain as he made his way down further to the big leaking pole that was once again like a water tap sucking in the juicy spunk tasting out of this world.
Hands caressed the man's low hanging balls as a finger scraped the perineum making its way back to its target where it slipped in his cum filled hole and the stud's legs spread wider giving him more unfettered access.

Sucking on the hot man's pipe, Ross was swallowing the heated spooge adding another finger down his tunnel hearing more groaning from his victim.
He thought he'd tease the man further so he released Gil's pole to stand up and leaning forward so their bodies were close, face just inches away, Ross' rock hard shaft tapped at the entrance of the now familiar doorway of the stud's ass.
"So are you enjoying this?"
"It could be better," with Ross indignant at the snarky remark until seeing the stud grinning and all of a sudden strong legs wrapped around his ass and along with his arms on his lower back, Gil pulled him closer driving his well aimed tool down the man's tight chute making both of them gasp for breath.

Buried to the hilt, Gil chuckled, "now that's much better," and he snorted at the stud's smug tone.
They stayed in the same position until Gil commented "we've been in this position before, do you remember what you're supposed to do?"
He laughed as he maneuvered himself into a better position and began fucking the hot stud's butt quickly building up speed.
Like the sex in the alley, being outside really turned Ross on and he was roughly thrusting his monster shaft making loud slapping noises as body hit body along with the man's nonstop low growls turning him on further.
Grabbing the thick calves of the muscle stud he straightened up to continue the onslaught of pounding his huge meat down the man's starving channel.

He's been cumming all afternoon and evening so he was able to now batter the man's hole relentlessly until needing to take a break he drove to the hilt coming down for another hot kiss.
"Ready for a little break?"
The problem with the bench was that it was low so Ross had to bend his knees and his legs were feeling the stress from the assault on the hot man, so he nodded.
"Don't worry, you'll be able to fuck me as much as you want tonight, but what would you think of a little sixty-nine?" With sweat dripping off his face down on the stud below him, he nodded and pulling out they grabbed a few cushions throwing them down on the patio and lying down each sucked in the other's juicy tool.

Gil left off his pipe and began licking his way until finding his tight little hole and began jabbing it with his tongue.
Being a consummate top man, Ross was still thinking the thick meat in his mouth right now might make it to his ass sometime tonight as the sounds of the two men slurped on each other's bodies through the night.

He knew he wasn't going to last much longer when Gil pulled back and leaning up they both sat up giving each other a hot kiss.
Wiggling eyebrow, "you ready for another position? I think you'll like this one."
Standing up he held out a hand to effortlessly pull Ross up off the deck and his hands jumped to the distending nubs for a hard squeeze earning a grunt as they kissed.
Maneuvered back over to the bench he was pushed down to a sitting position and once seated the big man came over maneuvering his legs on the bench to impale his hot chute once more on Ross' erect pole.

Grabbing the back of his head the big stud commented "I know you like these, so have fun," maneuvering Ross' mouth on a sexy juicy tit and happy the blonde stud chowed down hearing more noise from above.
Moving back and forth he lightly licked, heavily sucked and then roughly chewed on the swollen bullets as the whimpers became heavier as he worked over his body still spiked on his throbbing rod.
Taking a break after another hot steamy kiss, the two sat looking at each other while his hands unconsciously moved up flicking and squeezing his recent targets.
"How big are you?"
Grinning, "are you asking me my dick size?"
Ross laugh, "No how much do you weigh?"
The big guy shrugged, "not sure, probably around two-twenty right now. Why?"
It was his turn to shrug, "just wondering. That means you have about forty pounds on me and I admit I really liked those extra pounds," hearing the big stud laugh at his comment.

With that he continued his assault getting an intake of breath while he chewed a swollen nipple.
Ross had been curious because he loved muscles and in particular this stud's body. Not quite the striated look of the bodybuilder about to go on stage, but each muscle was tight and well defined and he couldn't keep his hands off roaming over the arms, shoulders and the rest of his broad frame as he continued torturing the man's chest.

"I think it's time to get another one of your loads in my ass."
Leaning back to look at the hot man's face, he was grinning, "so how are you going to do that?"
Offering his own grin, Gil leaned down for another kiss as he felt the man's ass tightening around his huge throbbing tool.
It wasn't just the sphincter closing in, but it was like a warm velvet glove lightly squeezing his entire tool in the man's tunnel and there was no way in hell he was going to be able to ignore it, feeling his seed starting its way up as his huge tool. Letting out a low long moan, the semen worked its way up his cock firing an almost painful shot deep inside the stud's ass as his moan turn to grunts as jets of spunk hammered away inside the hole still massaging his cannon.

His hand pushed between the two of them and grabbing the man's own big tool he jerked it a couple times hearing a growl around his tongue while still kissing and Ross felt scalding jizz hitting the bottom of his chin, then ropes of cum began falling all over his chest and stomach as he continued filling Gil's hole.
Emptying themselves out the big muscled body enveloped the two men in a warm embrace as they rested after their incredible orgasms.

"Up for a beer?"
He nodded with the hot man getting up and padding off to his room scooping up his clothes as he headed in.
There was enough ambient light around to appreciatively admire the view of the broad back and hard glutes as the stud walked away.
He let out a snort thinking how he may be young, hung and full of cum, but Gil was working him hard tonight. On one hand the big stud was pushing every button making him want more, however while he's also been having some of the hottest sex he's had a long time, it's also been some of the most exhausting.

Hearing a door close in the distance he looked up to see the stud walking out with a couple of beers in hand, body shiny from the sex sweat as well as gallons of cum that's been sprayed over his big frame boning him up at the idea the evening has only begun.
He was sitting in a corner of the bench and spreading his legs, Gil folded his big back pressed against Ross' own good sized chest.
"Is this okay?"
One hand holding his beer, the other hand moved around to roam Gil's big chest pinching a nipple, "no complaints by me," hearing a soft growl from the hot man making him snicker, since even the noises the man makes seemed sexual in nature turning him on big time.

They talked in low voices for a while as he talked about his job in Kansas City which was okay with Gil talking about the historic house he was working on in Savannah as the blonde stud's hand couldn't stop wandering the big body often getting caught on an erect tit which he would scrape with a fingernail or squeeze between two fingers breaking the man's concentration as he spoke.
Finishing his beer, Gil got up on his hands and knees facing the man who's been screwing him for the last few hours and leaned forward for kiss.
"So am I going to get your ass sometime tonight?" And Gil grinned when he saw the hesitation.

"No problem stud, I have no objections to taking your big dick all night long. Although dude, that does mean you're going to have to put out some more." Seeing the big guy's grin he couldn't help but shake his head and laugh thinking how this dude was absolutely fucking insatiable. Reading his mind, Gil smiled as he wiggled his butt in humorous anticipation of what was supposed to continue to happen as he closed in for another kiss.

"Fuck you are so hot," in Gil's mouth.
Gil began licking the sweat and dried come off his frame as he licked one of Ross' much smaller tits, at least compared to the big studs own abused nubs.
Initially exhausted he could feel his big prong waking back up and hardening as the hot man worked his way down his cum soaked torso before sucking in the head of his now sensitive shaft.
Looking at the big man working his tool over, they locked eyes Ross couldn't help snorting at the look of glee on Gil's face as he swallowed his huge member down his throat until coming up for another kiss, the two were distracted by sounds coming from the hallway where their bedrooms were at.

A door open and closed and the two of them could see a light going on in Ross' room.
"Kind of early night for your buddy isn't it?"
Ross chuckled, "Unlike you, Todd has no problem with the cum and run," hearing Gil chuckle at his comment.
They noticed a curtain moving, then a window opened when "you sluts ready for a beer?" Was heard coming from the window as they laughed.
"You okay with this?" Seeing Gil shrug with a grin on his face and he called out to his buddy to come on out, unwilling to admit part of it was to get a break from the hot sex with this guy.
Hearing Todd rustle around the room, he gave Gil a last-minute warning, "there's a chance Todd might want to join us," now little nervous, "for more than just beers."

Gil had moved back into sitting against his frame, both now sporting hardons ready to play again and the big guy shrugged in front of his body, "it's your call stud, I'm yours tonight to use and abuse any way you want ..remember?"
Gil's preferences �anything, anytime.

Todd walked out naked sporting his own huge tool.
Old friends, frequent bed mates or at least when they found a third guy willing to take the two of them on, Ross well knew what Todd had going for him. Both were exceedingly well endowed with Ross being a little thicker and Todd a little bit longer and his buddy was also a true cocksmith thinking the best sex was pounding some hot horny hole into submission.
Both worked out together with Ross being a little taller in his frame coming off as a nicely muscled runner while Todd was shorter and slightly stockier although nowhere near the big cut man sitting in front of him.

Todd handed over the beers and instead of sitting down next to Ross, he kneeled on the patio facing the two so he could get a good eyeful of the muscle man Ross' has been screwing for the last few hours and he shook his head chuckling at his buddy's maneuvers.
"So have I missed anything good?" With a shit eating grin on his face.
Gil shrugged his big shoulders, "we've been talking politics for the most part," cracking the trio up at the obvious lie since even in the open air, the two reeked of sex.
Todd leaned in and his hand reached up to roughly squeeze one of Gil's swollen nipples eliciting a grunt from the sexy man, "considering these look more abused then earlier, it couldn't have all been politics."
The stud's voice was rough since Todd was continuing to harshly massage the bloated bullet, "no we talked religion too;" although the last few words came out strangled as Todd worked the stud over.

In an aroused voice Todd asked hopefully, "mind if I join the conversation then?" And not hearing any objections his friend moved up to plant his face on Gil's big chest and began chewing on the already sore stubs as he turned Gil's head to come in for a deep kiss with the man moaning at the rough action as the two started working him over.

Todd clearly was ready for action as he moved away from the hurting erasers and sucked down the muscle studs big meat while a curious hand pressed between the legs sliding a couple fingers in the well fucked hole.
"Damn. The stud's wet enough down there, but he's clamping down on my fingers almost like the son of a bitch was a virgin."
All three disengaged and Ross went over to the cushions still on the patio deck and lay down as the muscle stud hovered over on his hands and knees swallowing his huge tool while his own big dick waved in front of his face and he sucked in the head of Gil's nice shaft and it was barely seconds before looking up he saw Todd's huge rod sink into the muscle stud's ass hearing a groan vibrate around his own dick as the big man accepted the invasion.

Even after all this time, Gil's slit was copiously leaking thick juicy cream as his friend not surprisingly quickly ramped up to slamming his big meat inside the willing tunnel with Ross getting a hot close-up of the assault.
He was still sucking in a heavy amount of tasty cream coming out feeling more and more rejuvenated as their sex play continued, when he heard a grunt from his buddy who shoved his huge tool deep inside Gil and familiar with his friends actions, he knew his buddy was dumping a heavy load to join his own seed down the man's chute. Todd however didn't consider that any kind of ending by far and after a few moments of holding his huge cock inside the cave he once again began ramming in and out with white cream leaking out and dribbling down on his face as Todd built up speed.

Gil's been sucking on his dick pretty hard and he knew he wouldn't last long, however the big stud spit out his tool and he heard him murmuring something to Todd. He wasn't sure what they were talking about but his buddy not only stopped but pulled out of the hot man ass as first Todd, then Gil stood up.
"I have an idea you might enjoy."
The big stud held out a hand to help Ross stand and they closed in for kiss before moving over to give his buddy a hot kiss as well using his hands to grab both their slabs of meat.
Turning his back he walked towards the rooms but stopped next to the hammock that was right outside our rooms.

The big guy grabbed me pushing me on the hammock sideways with my legs dangling off the end and grinning he mounted up with his knees next to my waist sinking down my totally rigid shaft making both of us groan.
"Damn I love this," coming out in a low voice and barely heard growl with Gil leaning forward giving me a quick kiss.
Mouth next to my ear, "now spread your legs stud," and my eyes shot open figuring out the plan and spreading my legs I felt Todd closing in, now realizing the hammock was the perfect height for what was going to happen as my friend's tool started rubbing against mine struggling to widen muscle man's doorway.

Gil's big body grew more tense as Todd battled his way inside and I could feel his huge meat slowly inching forward until a loud groan came from Gil as the second rod attempted to make its way inside.
Unwilling to just sit there he looked up at the feast in front of him which was the big chest of muscle with those two savory brown erasers only inches from his face and pulling the stud down Ross began working one of the hot man's tits chowing down until he heard a loud groan as he felt Todd's big boner sliding down next to his own deeply buried shaft as all three moaned in unison.
Sounding a little helpless Gil begged them to give him a minute to adjust to the massive invasion and both buried to the hilt could feel his ass pulsating around their two slabs of meat.

After a few seconds, there was a soft and husky 'go for it', Ross heard Todd chuckle with his buddy's hands wrapping over Gil's big traps as his friend built up speed to royally fuck Gil's ass while he remained deeply buried to the hilt still focusing on working over Gil's swollen erasers and he could tell the stud was lost.
Gil's butt had been amazingly tight throughout the entire evening but it was like a frigging vise around the two huge rods and he could hear Todd's breathing get heavier as he continued to roughly slam in and out of the man's channel. Gil grabbed his head and pulling them together for a kiss with the two of them moaning around their darting tongues and impossible to believe, Ross felt the man's entire chute tightening around their two fat boners which sent all three over the edge as he began pumping another load of his spooge deep down Gil's hole as he felt cream splattering his chest with Todd's ramming taking long strides as he felt his buddy giving up his own load around his imbedded pole.

Gil's head was resting on Ross' shoulder and he was panting as Todd dismounted from his ass hearing a grunt next to his ear when he exited and the big man remained in the same position with Ross hearing a low growl or it might've even have been a purr from the big boy making him grin in satisfaction.
By the time the two of then untangled from the hammock, his friend was already back in their room happy with his late-night fuck and the two remaining stud's headed to Gil's room grabbing a shower with a little kissing and fondling, otherwise exhausted the two spent men collapsed in Gil's bed.

Ross was woken up with a mouth on his shaft while it was still dark outside.
Looking up, "I'm leaving early this morning, but was thinking I don't need to leave immediately," and his eyebrows wiggled as he barked out an exhausted laugh.
He wasn't even sure he'd be able to get hard again after the sexfest of last night however before long it was ready and willing as the big guy swung his body over and once again impaled himself on his tool coming down for a morning kiss.
At some point Ross began fucking up into Gil's ass until cumming, his body sinking back on the mattress as he vaguely heard Gil getting up and take a shower.

Ross was shaken awake by a fully dressed and apparently fully awake incredibly hot man.
"You can stay here if you want since official checkout time isn't until eleven am."
He staggered awake and the two studs closed in for a big hot kiss and pulling back he started chuckling since unlike him, Gil's tool was clearly hard as the thick shaft was pushing out from a leg down his shorts.
"Damn stud�" he actually didn't know what else to say while he laughed.
"Well I guess you just horn me up sexy man," and while Ross was willing to take the compliment, it was clear the man in front of him was a consummate manwhore, thinking he was lucky for making it out alive.

Deciding since he was up he'd go to his room, Ross collapsed in the other bed with his buddy not even stirring and he was out before hitting the pillow.
The two friends had another couple of days left for vacation and both Todd and he got laid again before they left, but nothing even came close to that out-of-control night and they talked about the hot muscle stud they had done.
Gil and Ross exchanged numbers before the big man left but they never hooked up again.
Todd and he rationalized it wouldn't likely be as hot as it was the first time, but Ross wasn't sure whether young, hung and horny he may be, he'd survive another night with the sex crazy stud.
And he had to admit restful Key West was looking a lot better the rest of the week.