The Average Man

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The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on taking you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, the Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale and so on.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what’s called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he’s such a sex crazed stud muffin, you’ll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.
Rob Bass

Amos stood behind the man while waiting to check in, thinking this is the reason why you go to a bathhouse.
The guy was a couple inches taller and definitely broader in the shoulders with the T-shirt sharply cutting in down his wide back and turning he saw a massive bicep.
The guy was obviously big although not bodybuilder big, but the arm was huge and Amos was tempted to lean forward and lick the exposed part of the bicep right then and there.

The stud moved forward to the window and Amos stayed where he was so he could get a better view of the body and wasn't disappointed.
He was wearing a pair of cargo shorts which hadn’t been purchased from any place he knew since the seat of the shorts caressed two rock hard boulders acting as his ass. The shorts were also just a little shorter showing off his thick muscled legs and Amos was having a hard time remembering to breathe.

The man turned to go to the door and he saw a good-looking maybe thirty year old with thick dark hair and no surprise, the stud had a sexy couple day growth on his chin emphasizing the fact he was pure man.
“Step up to the window please.”
Amos was upset he didn't get more opportunity to view the front of the stud before he went through the door.
Yeah, he had been dreaming wasn't he? Coming up to the window Amos chuckled embarrassed at being caught out. But then, what do you expect at a bathhouse?

This was the city’s biggest bath and with a maze of corridors and several floors it was unlikely he’ll run into the impressive man again and besides there’s usually enough eye candy walking around although he wouldn't mind getting another look at the stud.
Amos knew he and the stud wouldn’t hook up since he wasn't even close to the same league. Hell he wasn't even in the league next to the studs.
You couldn't say anything bad about Amos, but there was nothing particularly distinguished about him either. He was average height with an average build, not tight or muscled, but not skinny or fat either, just… average.
It also could be said his face was average as well, he wasn’t bad looking or ugly, but nothing that particularly drew the eye either.
His apparent personality reflected all that as well. He did possess an agile mind along with a wry sense of humor, but people would see a quiet, unassuming guy, nice, but not noticeably so.
Amos seemed to be everyman, your normal average guy.

The only really interesting thing about Amos is that he happened to be a rather kick ass car salesman.
Go figure.
He knew a lot had to do with the fact he was an unthreatening looking man which drew the right people to him on the floor.
He also refused to do the hard sell or the up sell, not trying to convince them they should buy a car with more style or panache, in other words more expensive. And because of that he had people coming to the showroom asking for Amos by name after being recommended by previous clients.
The sales manager would have loved to get rid of Amos a long time ago since he didn't fit the hard charging macho image he wanted to have for his sales force, as well as the issue Amos ignored any of the encouragements to push certain products; but it didn’t change the fact he was always the top salesman of the month so it kept them off his back.

Amos came out of his room wearing a towel and roamed the bathhouse checking out the meat nodding at other queers who like him run to the bathhouse on Friday night to get their needs taken care of, heading to the big tiled washroom possessing the requisite saunas along with a communal shower.
Oh My God, there he was again and he dropped his towel taking a shower head at an angle from the manstud.

There was no way in hell he was going to keep his dick from getting hard as he looked over since while the studs clothes had caressed his body, it still didn't do justice to the man underneath the water only a few feet away.
Clothes off, he looked even bigger.
Slightly sloping traps over a big thick chest with a deep cleft between the man's pecs housing good sized nipples both round in size as well as well as the nubs looking like they should have heavy gauged tit rings hanging off them.
And of course why should he be surprised to see a deeply trenched six pak that you normally see only in the muscle fitness magazines.

There was only a light patch of hair over his junk emphasizing how endowed the man was.
His nuts hung down like a big loaded sack with his penis dangling down that might by a little plumped but wasn't particularly hard by any means. It was already big and thick with Amos having no doubt the dude was not only a show-er, but a grow-er as well, with the whole package making his mouth water.
Amos looked up and the guy was staring at him with piercing grey eyes and nervous he was caught, but the dude only gave a friendly smile and nod as he turned around facing the wall exposing the incredible broad back as well as one of the hardest asses he's ever seen.

He turned to the wall himself letting out an involuntary moan afraid to touch his throbbing rod knowing it’d probably spew at the slightest touch.
He cleaned himself before coming so there was no reason for him to be in the shower and if he was smart he would leave now but he was actually afraid his shaking legs wouldn’t carry him very far.

“Excuse me, would you do me a favor and wash my back?”
A heated body lightly pressed against him and he felt a big pipe wedging against his crack and he moaned out again.
“I'll take that as a yes” and the presence against his back disappeared with the stud stepping over to his side and his back to him.
He had been frozen and the one word moved him into action as he pumped some of the liquid soap from the wall dispenser into his hand and hesitating inches away from the huge back before finally placing his hands on the muscled flesh.
The body was warm and he started tentatively circling his hands thinking of that damn karate kid movie about ‘wax on, wax off,’ but the silly thought at least cleared his head a little as he worked the studs back.

The voice had been soft, deep and friendly but he was still focused on the body which didn't even have those little muscled love handles on the sides and he moved his way down to his lower back.
He hesitated since the dude was now clean on his back and he’d have to go down further and touch those incredible mouthwatering glutes, and feeling his hesitation the stud turn around.
“How about getting some more soap and doing my chest?”
He moved without thinking toward the dispenser to load up his hand not questioning the absurdity of this man willing to share Amos’ shower.

Once again he hesitated and the guy leaned in so his hands touched and on contact Amos blurted out a whimper as his hands of their own volition started moving again understanding while his head was frozen, other body parts definitely wanted the opportunity to play with this magnificent specimen and when a thumbnail flicked against a distended nipple the guy jerked.
“Oh, sorry,” hearing a deep chuckle.
“Not your fault, they’re pretty sensitive. As you probably noticed they're not normal and I've had men who’ve liked to use and abuse them over the years getting off on the fact it makes me crazy.”
In a moment of madness Amos looked into the face of the muscled God, “would you like me to make you crazy?” and his eyes grew larger at his own impulsive behavior.

“Would you like to?”
He couldn't talk anymore, only nod.
The big stud grinned, “well you first have to pass a test,” and both hands came up grabbing his face and he pulled Amos in for a kiss that grew in heat and before he knew it his dick was exploding and shooting his spooge all over the man in front of him. Gasping for breath, the only thing holding him up was the two beefy hands still clutching his face.

Finally pulling away Amos started apologizing.
“I'm sorry, I'm so sorry” starting to get worked up when the guy grabbed his head again with his two hands.
“Why would you be sorry for what happened?”
“I came all over you,” with the stud chuckling.
“Do you want to take a guess how many men have cum all over me?” With Amos shaking his head no and the guy chuckling some more.
“Honestly neither do I; But trust me when I tell you you’re not the first.”
“But I shouldn't have…”
The gray eyes bore into his, “did you cum because I turn on?”
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” with his eyes popping open again at his temerity but all he heard was another soft chuckle.
“So why would you think I’d be insulted for what happened?”

“Are we done showering?”
Amos knew they had been under the shower for a while seeing they had drawn a crowd or rather this incredible stud standing in front of him had, but Amos nodded answering the man’s latest question.
“What do you say we go back to your room?”
His brain froze up again until he managed to get out another nod and they walked out of the shower with Amos realizing he'd forgotten to turn the water off seeing a big muscular arm reach back and punched the knob off.
They dried off and walked to his room.

He kept wanting to turn and ask what was wrong with him since this was making no sense whatsoever.
Amos doesn’t have trouble getting laid, but its usually action in the maze with the glory holes or in the dark orgy room where his bland appearance doesn't show up, but he normally doesn't get picked up by good looking guys.
And he sure as hell doesn’t have people like the man next to him asking Amos to come to his room.

He opened the door with the stud quietly closing it behind them before dropping his towel and he could see the man's shaft climbing up.
Admittedly the only thing non-average was Amos’ tool which was maybe a bit bigger than average, but of course the muscle stud before him had a slab of meat truly incredible.
But once again he lost all thought as the hot man closed in for a long tongue filled kiss and he realized he wasn’t the only man moaning.

Remembering the conversation in the showers, he moved down to first lightly lick than began sucking on the man's beautiful plump nipple hearing the stud whimper in sexual bliss. Becoming more assertive he pushed him against the wall going back to first sucking and then lightly nipping with his teeth hearing a louder moan and he gained confidence on how to pleasure this stud.

The main reason Amos was such a successful car salesman was instead of trying to push something, he listened closely to what people were saying and more importantly the interaction with others hearing what they considered important as well as the things maybe not said but picked up with a glance or gesture making it clear they liked what they were looking at or not, and Amos learned to focus on all the clues for they wanted.

Just as he was focusing on the noises coming out as well as the stud’s reaction as he worked over the armor plated chest.
He switched back and forth between the two bullets bringing up a hand to flick his fingernail as the moans grew more frantic.
His hand went down wrapping around the thick baseball bat finding the stud was leaking thick cream out of his piss slit, and hungry for the juice coming out, Amos dropped down enveloping the head of the thick tool in his mouth.

Jizz comes in different tastes and he's always been able to tell whether the guy’s a smoker or not as well as other things, but of course the super stud’s semen tasted like man cum should and he was sucking harder to get more spooge down his throat feeling a big hand set on the back of his head not forcing him but Amos was working the big tool down his throat as quickly as he could anyway.
Fairly quickly even with his thickness he was able to take about half of the man's meat and he slurped back and forth taking a little more each time as the stud continued to groan and refusing to let his hands remain idle they roamed the man’s thick muscled thighs as well as lightly pulling on his nuts and scraping the fingernail over his perineum, the legs parted giving him access to further behind and his finger finding the rosebud, massaged the rim as the clearly overly sensitive stud responded even more.

Hearing a burst of laughter, the stud’s hand clenched his hair pulling him off the profusely leaking shaft with the muscled dude sliding down the wall so they were face to face.
“You figured out how sensitive my nipples are and you found the other part of my body that's even worse than those.”
“I'm about to lose it stud so how about if we change it up a bit?”
Amos had no clue what ‘changing it up a bit’ would mean, but he sure as hell didn't care. So far his sex has been fairly vanilla, but he was thinking this man could pretty much do whatever he wanted with him.

Grabbing his sides the man pushed him up and back with Amos ending up sitting on the bed and the stud crawled over on the floor between his legs grabbing his pulsating tool.
Gray eyes were once again staring and the man grinned, “by the way my name is Gil.”
Before he could get his name out, the stud swooped down on his shaft taking the whole thing on his first swallow and it was like an incredible warm vacuum.
Still sitting up bracing his hands behind him, Amos sat there whimpering as the man slurped his way up and down his throbbing tool and he knew he wouldn't last much longer until the man popped off the end while it bounced with the almost painful need to climax.

His eyes looked playful as he pushed Amos back further against the wall of the built-in bed and climbing up the man's legs, he landed on either side of his waist and reaching back….
Oh my God this can't be happening!
The huge man had noticed the lube next to the bed apparently coating his ass while sucking his dick because he could feel the moisture at the opening.
“You never did tell me your name.”
Is the man fucking crazy?
But he could feel the rosebud spreading as he lowered down.
“Amos, it's fucking Amos! AMOOOOOOOOS……”
His shaft was being encased in a tight velvet glove and he could feel his cock swelling up with his seed exploding out as he frantically shoved up burying the remaining couple inches deep inside the man's furnace not caring whether he hurt him or not. He heard a deep grunt as he continued firing jets of scalding liquid up this incredibly tight channel and gasping for breath as well as letting out embarrassing sobs while the man bent over to draw him in for another deep sensual kiss.

He most have blacked out since somehow the two of them were now stretched out on their sides facing each other planting light kisses with their hands having minds of their own exploring each other's bodies.
Normally if he came twice he was done for the night, not even factoring in the mind numbing power of his orgasms but once again he was thinking there's no way in hell he's going to walk away from this opportunity and regaining self-control his hands started moving with a new purpose returning to the man's big tits and giving the nipples a twist earning a grunt and Amos giggled at the man's sound effects.

“What's so funny?”
“You give yourself away by the noises you make.”
“And why would I want to hide my enjoyment?”
Amos pulled his head back so he could look in Gil's eyes.
Amos had to think about it since why indeed would you want to hold back or hide the fact you're enjoying the sexual experience?
He knew at some point he would have to think about it more since he knew in the past he's always been somewhat guarded as well as focused about whether he's doing the right thing or not, but he sure as hell wasn't going to waste a lot of time tonight dwelling on those kind of deep thoughts.
“Well indeed,” returning Gil’s smile and with a hand on his chest he felt as well is heard the man's chuckle.
“So what next?”
“Anything, absolutely anything you want.”
His mind blanked at the thought.
But then, getting an evil grin on his face he pushed the man on his back and dived down to work over the big sexy chest.

“I'm going to cum soon with what you’ve been doing,” came out above him sounding somewhat desperate and Amos keeping a hand up on the broad pecs to roughly squeeze one of the nubs dived down on the throbbing slab of meat and barely made it halfway down when a shot of scalding thick liquid hit the back of his throat. It was quickly followed by an almost continuous stream of juicy spunk with him frantically swallowing trying to take it all down, but there was too much and he felt the cream dribbling over the huge cannon still firing down his windpipe. Once again he felt his hair being pulled and yanking him up and inches above his mouth, Amos opened up letting a great deal of the man's juice be returned to its owner hearing the man murmuring in pleasure following the returned jizz down for another hot demanding kiss.

He felt his body almost heating up feeling energized and giggled thinking it must be from the cum he swallowed. Of course it was, since doesn't he have a sex God in bed with him? he thought giggling.
“I want you to fuck me sometime tonight, but right now…”
Amos was used to letting others call the shots, but tonight following his instincts he was getting more aggressive moving around to kneel in between the stud’s thick legs forcing them apart. Grabbing the thick limbs and lifting them up, he looked down seeing the hot man grin and nod as Amos’ throbbing tool punched its way through the muscled hole as they both groaned.
Unlike most muscle studs, at least the ones he sees in porn movies who don't have much dexterity, he was able to push the legs far apart as he began hammering the man's chute.
“Oh yeah stud that feels good” moaned out, which had Amos increasing his strokes and pounding harder knowing this man can take anything he gave and having already climaxed several times already he knew he’d give the stud a long ride. Changing from a hard pounding to long deep strokes, Amos would try a different angle and he knew when he hit the man's prostate when he started hearing a deep growl emanating from the muscular body.

Taking a hand off a leg he slid it over the washboard abs landing once again on the chest squeezing the swollen nubs between his thumb and forefinger hearing the growls get louder as he jackhammer the amazing ass. Gil grabbed the hand off his chest and bringing it up to his face, he stuck two fingers in his mouth and began sucking staring those deep grays in Amos’ direction.
Amos lost in the sensuality of the act, flew over the edge and buried his thickening shaft to the hilt cum poured deep inside his chute as he collapsed on the hard body beneath.

“Are you ready for a break?”
“No I want this” grabbing the huge tool that was hot in his hands.
“But please take it easy on me. In case you didn't know,” Amos giving the stud a wry grin, “you happen to be rather well endowed.”
Gil looked up giving him a peck on the nose, “well let's see if it fits then,” with the two of them chuckling.
Amos felt you could always tell a lot by the post-climax actions.
Do the studs get up to leave? Do they lie there trying to catch their breath forgetting your even there?
This stud wrapped his arms and legs around Amos’ frame and purred.
Freaking purred as he regained his breath …and senses from another mind wrenching orgasm.
His hands lightly roamed Amos’ frame clearly wanting physically contact.
Damn it was sweet.

He opted to maintain control of getting the baseball bat inside him so Gil sat up with his back against the wall as Amos lubed the huge shaft up and sitting down he felt the head of the big dick pressed against his rosebud and pushing down he began spreading open.
“Oh god oh god oh God.”
“Take your time, there’s no hurry stud,” and Amos eyes popped open at hearing this incredible man call him stud and distracted the head popped in as he groaned as the sexy stud pulled him in closer to kiss some more and it was so incredibly hot he barely noticed he was sliding down the thick pipe.

“You’re incredibly tight so I don't know if I'm going to be able last longer,” with Amos smiling “so you're saying I turn you on?”
“Oh yeah big-time stud,” and he couldn't believe the words hearing a grunt as well as only halfway inside, he felt being opened wider by the thickening fuckstick until a shot of spunk hit the wall of his ass followed by more heated jizz splashing inside as he continued sliding down the big spike.
Lubed with the added cream, he was now sitting in the man’s lap while they kissed and Amos was learning to get comfortable with what was buried in his chute.

He swore he was absorbing the cream soaking up his insides feeling a light warmth spreading through his body energizing Amos and all he wanted was more.
Opening his eyes he looked into those deep grays just inches away.
“You ready?”
“For anything.”
“Let's start out a little slow stud,” and grabbing Amos's back he flipped them around so the smaller dude was on his back with the big man overhead and the shaft slowly began its journey in and out of his hole which was craving this man's cock.

The handsome face was staring down paying attention to Amos’ reaction and he couldn't help think unlike so many times in the past where it was anonymous sex of men just wanting to get off, this man was having sex with him and the epiphany was blowing him away.

Remembering something Amos’ hands went down and finding their target began clenching the studs distended nipples and hearing a low growl Amos started giggling with the renewed noises seeing the man with his own wry grin although looking a little helpless as he pinched harder.
“Oh, it's going to be like that?”
And he felt the huge rod pick up speed.
“Sexy man, your ass is so tight” as he came down for another passionate kiss while Amos continued to manipulate the bloated stubs amping the two up. All of a sudden the man pulled completely out before ramming back in driving to the hilt and remaining there, his chute once more felt a warm fluid dumping inside as he began firing all over the muscled man's torso.

They took a break heading to the mingle area of the club bathhouse.
This was part of a chain of bathhouses called Club Bar which always had a bar attached to with some kind of mingle area where the bar patrons and bathhouse patrons could coexist. It usually required membership cards to go from the bar to the mingle area since pretty much anything could happen there.
Other Club Bars might have a dark hallway with glory holes where the bar patrons could stick their tools inside with somebody in the bathhouse swallowing the joints down, but this one had a small darker back bar where you could also get snacks and it was funny because you'd see guys in suits sitting at one table with the next one having hot studs clad only with towels wrapped around their waists.

Amos was going to put his clothes back on when but he only let him put on his boxer briefs which had him somewhat embarrassed since he knew his body wasn't much to look at. He giggled especially after stopping at Gil’s room since the man only threw on a much used jockstrap and the car salesman realized he didn't need to worry how he looked since nobody would even be glancing in his direction.
The other thing Gil insisted on was they don't shower, with the muscle man telling Amos he liked the way he smelled.

“Come here for a second.”
They reached the doorway taking them into the mingle area but Gil effortlessly pulled him to the side backing him against the wall and the big body engulfed the car salesman bending down for a deep passionate kiss with Amos hearing more of his purring.
Coming off he looked at the stud’s face and he could see the man was pleased, even grinning like he enjoyed the kiss. Okay, even Amos knew he could be a good kisser but this was a sex God getting into normal, average him and it was really throwing Amos, Gil wanted to spend even more time with him.

The man grinned like he understood Amos’ thoughts.
It wasn’t that he had a negative view of himself, only a realistic one and it was even more apparent with the man standing in front of him.
Amos knew for the most part he was nondescript as well as the fact he didn't possess a hard body gays obsess over and to say Gil had that body, was an amazing understatement since the man while he certainly wouldn't call him beautiful in the face was definitely good looking and physically the body would make any queer dehydrate from drooling so much.
He knew he was feeling parched.
And of course having sex with the man only confirmed this was pure prime stud material and his interest in Amos didn't make a lot of sense and looking over he could see a grin on the sexy stud’s face.

They headed into the mingle area and being a Friday night it was hopping and hearing music blaring from the main bar it sounded pretty active out there as well.
There were a couple of suits which meant some not quite straight guys were hoping to get a little action before going home to the wife and kids and there was a little area behind the bar that was a totally dark retreat to get a quick suck or fuck.
The bar had to buzz you back into the bathhouse and bar patrons weren’t allowed in even if accompanied by a bathhouse dude, just as semi naked bathhouse dudes weren’t allowed into the regular bar area.

Gil ordered a couple beers along with a hellacious amount of food with the man apologizing and telling Amos he hasn't eaten in a while as he was glanced at the deeply cut abdominals shaking his head.
He's done some gym work in the past never really having the interest to do much about it since while intellectually he knew he needed a better body to attract more men, it didn't seem worth the effort.
They found an available roundtable they would stand against with Gil asking him about his job and whether he enjoyed what he did and answering, Amos was still able to watch the room’s reaction to the almost naked stud hearing a groan from the table next to them when the stud’s already big arm flexed taking a sip of beer and the dude didn't even notice.

People were now circling behind eyeing the rock hard jockstrapped ass and Amos was grinning, thinking if they’re seeing any jizz leaking out, it was all his and he had a silly moment of pride at the thought.

“It’s your eyes you know,” snapping Amos back to attention as one of the stud’s fingers slid up his forearm.
“Well at least you're not telling me I have a great personality,” and he first saw a smile show up in those bright gray eyes before the man threw back his head and let out a loud laugh drawing even more attention from the room.
“And for that,” and before Amos realized what was going to happen, the man closed in for a deep tongue invading kiss that had both of them whimpering before they released.

Three heaping plates of food arrived and while he nibbled, Gil started grabbing and chowing down and he was taking a sip of his beer when he looked up to see a mischievous look on stud’s face.
“You do seem to have a nice personality.”
He was caught in mid-swallow ending up spewing some beer out even spraying some on the stud’s chest and choking with Gil slamming his hand on his back as well as laughing for catching Amos to the quick.

Calming down they focused on eating as Gil moved closer with one hand possessively on his back using the other to shovel in more food or drink his beer and their conversation became more personal as he continued asking more questions about Amos revealing he worked construction in Savannah.
The room was already fairly dark and with the muscle man pressing tighter it become more intimate like it was only them with shadowy figures milling around.
With what he’s done so far Amos should be done for the night, but his penis was positively pulsing in his shorts wanting to get back inside this hot man.

But he had to ask, “Do you even see them?”
The stud gave him a look urging Amos to give him a little more detail and he edged a little apart gesturing with his hand around the rest of the bar.
“Have you even noticed they’re walking around trying to get better views of this hot body of yours?”
The big guy shrugged cleaning off one of the plates.
Amos was irritated for some reason he didn't understand.
It really had been ridiculous. He could see them looking over especially when his laughter drew their attention, but it was when he moved, sometimes straightening up providing a clearer view of his chest. Then there was the time he absently rubbed one of his own distended nipples and Amos heard another moan from behind him.
And the circling, especially when leaning in with his elbows on the table pushing that incredible ass back out. If Gil showed any interest, half the guys would drop to bury their faces in his cum soaked hole.

Grinning, “I'll answer you but you have to come back over.”
It was obvious this guy loved body contact, so after a moment’s hesitation he slid back as a big meaty hand slid into his underwear grabbing a hold of one of his cheeks giving it a squeeze.
He came close to within inches of his face.
“Let's say I am not unaware, however it doesn't mean anything.”
“Because you're used to it?”
“Because I'm with somebody already.”

And emphasizing the point, soon after a jerk came over to hit on the stud right in front of Amos with the muscle man politely and firmly shutting the man down, dismissing the cute attitude queen without a moment’s thought.
His hand remained at his backside sliding his index finger occasionally over his rosebud and he was thinking how nice it would be to get fucked by this man again, but he was thinking how the dude also let Amos take what he wanted.
Since he was wearing a jock there would be no subtlety so feeling aggressive again, his hand roamed down to the rock hard glute and sliding down his crack to the opening Gil shifted closer making it clear he liked what Amos was doing.

Amos’ strength was observing and knowing how to act at the right time and everything was telling him he could do whatever he wanted with this man and grinning he left the one hand down below with his fingers lightly teasing the man’s moist rosebud as his other hand first drew across the deep lines of his abdominals and moving up and inspired he caught a thumbnail over one of the his nipples and he heard a low grunt.

He forgot the differences.
How he was okay and this dude was indescribably more than ‘okay.’
Earlier he talked about not hiding his enjoyment of sex, and through the evening he’s been clearly signaling he enjoyed Amos’ company as well, which acted like an aphrodisiac to this average guy.
But with his meat pulsing away below, he was liking the idea of taking total possession of the hunk and seeing something Gil’s eyes widened, then gave him a challenging grin, kind of like a ‘bring it on’ look.
Oh yeah.

Taking one of the nubs between his thumb and forefinger he rubbed the two together earning a light gasp as the other hand quite dawdling and punching two fingers in the man’s chute as the hot stud swooped Amos in his arms as they made out while his hands continued to work the stud over. At that point if Gil said let's do it right here at the table, Amos would do anything the man wanted him to.

They broke off and he could see the sexy grays a bit unfocused and he grinned.
Reaching up and grabbing a handful of the thick shaggy hair he pulled the man down and with his mouth to the guy’s ear, “I really want to get serious about working your body over stud,” earning an almost helpless groan from the man.
“We done here?” And he nodded and it was Gil insisting on holding his hand as they headed out of the room getting buzzed back in to the bathhouse.

Once in the darkened corridor Amos pushed the big guy against the wall.
“I don't understand this, but I'm tired of trying to figure it out,” seeing the stud nod.
“You said anything I want,” seeing another grinning nod.
“Very well then.”
Amos pushed against the hard body giving him a smoldering toe curling kiss which had the hot man whimpering, and he had to chuckle inside since he does give himself away by his noises and holding a hand up against the thick neck he leaned down and started working over those swollen tits hearing an intake of breath as he grew rougher chewing and pulling on the knobs letting them snap back in place as he grew rougher in his play.

If he had any doubts from the sounds and body language, his hand rubbing the jockstrap told him everything he needed to know which was a fully hard tool stretching the material as well as the whole thing was getting wet from the stud’s pre-cum.
“How much can you last through the night?”
“How much do you think?” Though it came out a little strangled from all the work Amos’ been doing on the man.
“I’m thinking you could probably go back in and do the entire room and be the last man standing,” and Gil huskily chuckled moved his head side to side, “maybe an exaggeration.”
Amos shook his head because the man used the word ‘maybe’ and he didn't think he was boasting.

“I wanted to know because of this.”
And he dived down yanking the jock to one side with ropes of white spooge flying out and hitting his cheek as he swallowed the man's tool hearing another helpless groan. He worked back and forth taking more of the huge shaft down his windpipe as a hand went between the legs with another working its way up his chest and at the same time two fingers rammed inside his hole as he pinched on a swollen nipple. The body jerked with the cock in his mouth swelling before warm jizz hit the back of his throat with Amos swallowing as much as possible since it was some of the best tasting liquid he's ever had.

They made it back to Amos’ room and unbelievably spending the rest of the night working each other over.
The man screwed his ass again which energized him for a few more hours but he loved working over the hard body with his tongue savoring how helpless the big stud would be finding new erogenous zones and taking ruthless advantage of each new discovery.
One side of his neck could be licked which would make him shudder and a tongue driving in his belly button earned some noise and this incredible masculine man absolutely loved getting fucked.

As the night went on Gil would talk about something he sensed in me making me special and I figured it was some bullshit line although he sure as hell didn't need to waste his time trying to flatter me, but he persisted making oblique references to how things could be different if I wanted, as well as other opportunities sounding like some kind of off-the-wall recruiter.

Eventually we were done, which meant I was beyond exhausted and he seemed happy with the evening’s athletics. We parted exchanging numbers and he asked if I'd be interested in going to a gay resort with him sometime and discuss the opportunities even more, which had me scratching my head.
Sure enough, a month later I got a call inviting me to go on vacation, with the stud picking up the entire tab mentioning a place in Indonesia called Isla Tropicale where I’d need a passport and not much else.

I googled the guy the very first day after I met him and he was in fact in construction in Savannah, Georgia although he was much more since he apparently owned a rather large company, so in the end I took the invitation for what it was with everyone at work somewhat surprised when I announced I was going on vacation.

We did go, where I found out how he became this incredible muscled sex crazed stud, discovering I could become one as well if I wanted to.

As a car salesman, we’re used to the fine print, but it was nothing like you’d think since now besides being a sex obsessed stud, my body won’t age so I’ll have to move around since not aging can make people rather curious after all.

And it was noticeable when I returned back to work with around thirty more pounds of rock hard muscle practically overnight looking pretty hunky.
So within days this no longer average man was packing up my gear and moving to Savannah since a certain recruiter had some houses he needed to sell, so I'm learning how to become a realtor.

I'm certainly not the dude's lover or even boyfriend finding out there's about half a dozen of us in this town alone with supposedly thousands around the world, but every now and then Gil and I get together again and it's even hotter than the first night. I’m almost able to keep up with the man these days, well maybe if there’s a few of us working him over.
The dude who recruited me is the super duper model which means while I still may not be able to keep up with him, it’s a helluva ride!