Bachelor Party Favor

There was a wild party going on in a private room downstairs as well as guys spilling out in the casino as the NFL player was celebrating his last night of freedom.
The story was the guys had been forewarned by their girlfriends, fiancés and wives that if there were strippers or women involved in the party there’d be hell to pay, so they crossed their hearts and hoped to die as they called up the Club Vegas Consort Services and hired a man to be their party favor for the night.

Not all the guys were in on it, which was good since I sure as hell couldn’t handle a whole football team no matter what my jackoff fantasies might be, but I could expect half a dozen guys, one at a time to come up to the room tonight.
The Consort Services has a reputation for absolute discretion, but nonetheless I had a blindfold on with the idea that the studs were all hetero, but wanting to get off, so my ass was theirs, then they’d head back to their party.

The first dude came in the room after I heard the keycard in the slot and I was in position which was naked, eye mask on and sprawled on the bed on my stomach with my ass exposed and ready, lube an easy arm reach away.
“Holy shit man.”
Was said in a low voice as the bed jostled and a hand touched my hard glutes.
I’m six foot, two hundred pounds of solid muscle and the guy was seeing thick hairy legs, rock hard muscled ass, with not a single hair including around my hole with a hard back, pumped arms which were even bigger in proportion then the rest of my muscled body and a thick head of hair over the mask.
With my legs spread, my rosebud is on display, pink, round and waiting for man cock as he rubbed the opening circling my sphincter with his thumb as I gyrated my hips to the sensation hearing a chuckle.
“Yeah you like that don’t you?” letting out a moan in response.
I wasn’t faking it since it did feel damn good and my opening is super sensitive.
“And you’re not allowed to say anything even to the other players following me are you?”
“No sir, I’d get into big trouble if I did.”

With that I got a light slap on my ass, then the bed started shifting again as my legs were pushed farther apart as he got down between them as I felt a tongue lick my hole.
My head shot up from the shock hearing a chuckle.
“Sorry, I’m really sensitive down there.”
He must have liked hearing that since the guys tongue began vigorously assaulting my hole with his tongue licking and spearing my opening making me writhe around the bed as the stud chowed down and I was reduced to helpless whimpering as the mystery man continued to slobber my chute making it relax and open a bit as his spectacular tongue went deeper to rim my insides. This was making me even more crazy since I was supposed to just lie there and take whatever they did to me but I hadn’t expected a hot rimjob that was for fucking sure.

He finally pulled off with his hands rubbing my cheeks as he spit on my ass a few times sinking a finger inside me.
“Gawddamn you’re tight. I’d think you were a fucking virgin or something.”
I heard a belt being released with some pants undone and pulled down when a big body fell on top of mine with a big dick riding my crack.
“I would have spent more time, but that ass is too hot for me to wait any longer,” as he lifted his back end to park the head of his rod at my door pushing in as I spread open.
“Fuck man, fuck!”
His rod was inside and sliding down my chute until he bottomed out lying on top of me breathing heavy next to my ear.
“I don’t believe it. Let me lie here a minute, otherwise I’ll cum too fast.”
After about a minute, the guy got up on his hands and knees rocking his big shaft through my tunnel as he built up speed occasionally ramming it in and holding it inside me as he whimpered realizing he was desperately trying to hold off his orgasm as the stud gasped out breaths to calm down.

Once again the big man started fucking my ass taking longer strokes once or twice pulling completely out and slamming back in when he let out a loud groan followed by repeated whimpers as he shoved his tool back inside me to feel liquid filling my hole as it kept pouring in with the guy continuing to whimper above me.
His body jerked from the final tremors and he took a few moments to collect himself.
Finally the dude pulled out and I heard his pants being pulled back up getting a confused ‘uh, thanks,’ before the outer door opened then shut.
I started to chuckle thinking the poor guy must have been wondering what the male whore etiquette was.

Jumping up, I took my blindfold off to start laughing since there were two one hundred dollar bills on the table next to the bed.
I was already paid for, but I guess I just got a tip.
I went into the bathroom taking a quick shower cleaning around my hole, quickly drying off and putting my mask back on as I laid back down on the bed to hear the door click open a few minutes later hearing a ‘Sweet!” getting another slap on my ass, this time fairly hard.
“On your knees slut.”
So I rose up and with more instruction ended up on the edge of the bed to hear the lube bottle snap open then a pole rammed up my ass.
I was thinking I was happy he hadn’t been the first one as the guy jackhammered my butt from the very beginning fucking my hole as he came and continued plowing my tunnel with his hard meat slapping my ass making it clear I was nothing more than a cumdump to this football player when he slammed into me a couple of times before burying himself to the hilt growling as his second load of jizz coated my walls and with another slap on my ass and the sounds of his departure were heard as the door closed behind number two.

Up, shower, resume the position, when the door opened up and two guys entered which was odd since my understanding it would all be one at a time, getting another slap on the ass with a ‘this is going to be fun tonight.’
I couldn’t tell but one sounded like he was African-American with the other a good ole’ southern boy as I heard what sounded like both players totally stripping down.

Hands and commands had me coming off the bed and standing up still not able to see anything with four big meaty hands started to roam my body getting exclamations when they discovered my tits.
I have big nipples, at least the size of a quarter, but the surround giant, swollen, fleshy nubs caused by years of torture and abuse.
There’s no mistaking them and men are drawn to them to continue the rough treatment especially since they are way sensitive and I moan and groan almost as much as when my ass is rimmed.
Thumbs were running over my nips and responding to my poorly stifled groans they get pinched by the big meaty fingers of these two big players as one stud was pressed against my back with a thick tool pressing against my crack with the stud in front pinching me harder as he closed in to kiss the man stud behind me.
Ah, that explained the matchup as they took advantage of their first kiss groaning next to my ear.
At six foot I’m not a small boy, but these two hulks were clearly towering over me having no problem reaching the other as the continued to squeeze my nubs eliciting a loud enough moan to distract them from their making love to the other with their tongues.

Hearing a chuckle, I was manhandled down to the padded bench at the foot of the bed which had been pulled out so on my back the two could kneel on either side of me each taking a nipple and working them in earnest, first licking, then creating little vacuums over my sensitive stubs.
The boys then moved into chewing the increasingly sensitive bullets first munching gently, then biting harder as they realized how much I was enjoying it by the noises I was making, taking breaks by reaching up over my chest to lock lips with their teammate on the other side and their kissing was so passionate, saliva was actually pouring out, falling to my chest which would get a long lick with a sandpapery tongue before resuming some more tit abuse.
The two guys hands weren’t idle and would roam my body getting fingers in my mouth for me to suck on or rubbing my perineum then working its way to my hole to circle then slide a thick finger inside occasionally finding and tapping on my prostate inside me getting renewed moans as well as my body jerking.
“Damn Warren, he’s still tight. I’d swear we’re the first except I can feel jizz inside him,” hearing a chuckle from the guy I guess was Warren, “Well time to add some more.”
Repositioned again, I was still on the padded bench this time on my hands and knees as a big meaty cock slid down my throat as the other head pushed past my rosebud making me groan to the delight of the man in front.
Both men were big and felt fantastic as they began fucking each side and I could feel the two big studs leaning in to resume their kissing, until they’d break off to exchange places as they jammed back inside me.

Whoever was doing what to my holes, they resumed kissing almost immediately talking softly to each other as they proved the athletes they were as they maintained a steady pace when at some point their switchoffs became shorter and shorter until the stud fucking my ass couldn’t hold off any longer and grunting around his lovers mouth, he unleashed a flood of thick cream inside me.
The stud fucking my mouth pulled out before cumming and I was lifted up to be manhandled over to the bed on my back to get the second rock hard dick inside me and the stud was roughly pounding my hole to get off hearing renewed kissing above me until a short slam later my insides received a new coating of spunk.

I laid back not saying anything hearing them dress and murmur to themselves when a hand grabbed me to pull me up.
“We want to thank you stud,” as they both roughly chewed my nipples some more coming back up for what was obviously another long kiss between the two of them before exiting the room.
Pulling the mask off, there was another five hundred on the table.

I dashed in and cleaned up with number five arriving shortly after I hit the bed to hear pants coming off as he bounced on the bed knees on the outside as he slammed his dick inside me.
“Bitch says no sex three months before our wedding day.”
He was pounding my hole with long deep strokes not giving a damn who or what was below him right now.
“Then she talks about how I better not have any women at my bachelor party.”
More slams as he was jamming his thick rod inside me.
“This will show her,” getting a final push as more cum filled me up, then pulling out he moved me on my back to slide his big pole back in and renewed his pounding of my ass until he came down and I felt his lips against mine and without thinking I returned the hot kiss as we both locked lips.
The studs hand was behind my head to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere as he continued fucking my hole while we were still locking lips until I heard his breaths coming shorter with his dick swelling inside me where lifting off my face he forced his tool deep down to unload another of gallon of spooge inside me.

Realizing what he had done, he jumped off my body, “Look I uh, didn’t kiss you okay?”
Sitting up, I grinned, “Nobody has been here, nobody has done anything,” belying the cum packed hole of mine.
Feeling his body come closer, a finger started flicking my swollen nips which were definitely larger due to the abuse of the two guys earlier.
“That’s the way it goes stud.”
“In that case….”
He swooped in for a hard kiss with the both of us holding each others heads with the stud’s hands still pinching my nubs hard until pulling off my mouth, I felt his lips wrap around the head of my dick, which hadn’t cum yet tonight.
“Geezus stud, I won’t last long.”
Getting a few strokes while he spoke, “Give it to me then,” engulfing my thick shaft taking my large tool making it clear this wasn’t his first time, then when three fingers jammed in my hole, I was done, as my body started to jerk as I fired into his hungry mouth following up with spurt after spurt of thick cream with the stud doing his best to swallow it all down.

I sat there gulping in air as the man below me leaned in to kiss my stomach moving up to my mouth giving me back some of my own jizz.

“Mind if I take a shower?”
“Stud, after that, you can do whatever the hell you want!” hearing a soft chuckle and getting a quick kiss I heard movement towards the bathroom, then the shower coming on.

I fell on to my back.
I had done this job as a last minute favor to Enrique, the manager of the Consort Services and was wondering if I had made the right decision after the first few guys, but damn after this stud!
It didn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to know the stud was the groom, and it was no secret Bradley Wright, the teams kicker was in town to get married tomorrow. I didn’t know what his orientation was, but damn again, that was hot.

Still lying there thinking I could use a piss, I heard the shower turning off then the stud pulling back the shower curtain.
Bradley Wright played on the same team as Skyler Johnson, probably the hottest quarterback in the league. Hot as in yeah he was good, but looks and body, the stud was a wet dream who regularly did fitness magazine layouts showing off his ripped bod.

I got a touch on my leg with a “Thanks again stud. Oh and a do me a favor? For the last guy, don’t bother cleaning up,” hearing the door slam.
I jumped up since while I may not shower, I really had to take a mean piss shoving the mask up on my forehead chuckling to see more money on the table and it was kind of funny since as I slid it in the drawer below, but they were all leaving it in the exact same place near the door.

Checking myself out in the mirror I was thinking I probably should shower since I reeked of sex as well as I could see some jizz had escaped so I was a bit sticky on my chest and abs hearing the door being messed with….oh shit!
I jerked to a halt in the middle of the room yanking the mask down as the door opened hearing foot steps inside then the back of a couple fingers sliding down my body pausing at the sticky parts.
“Nice. But then I was the one that requested you in particular.”
“So did the last guy suck you off?”
“You’re the first guy tonight.”
I heard a soft chuckle as his hand went back over the sticky jizz covered portions of my torso making a lie of my statement.
“Yeah right.”
“And did Rob and Warren do it together? I saw Rob getting the keycard, and I noticed Warren vanishing from the party after. They’re normally more subtle.”
“Do you want me to keep mumbling the same phrase over and over?”
Getting a hearty laugh from the dude.

“Fair enough.”
He lifted my mask off revealing the incredibly handsome Skyler Johnson.
“I’ve used Consort Services before so I knew what to expect, but I thought I’d give it a try.”
I grinned, “Sorry to disappoint you stud.”
Skyler gave me a big smile running a finger up the middle of my body then flicking my bloated nub pausing to look in my eyes, “Oh I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointing me tonight.”

Skyler Johnson was known as a nice guy if still a player never having any long term girlfriends, but I was soon to learn the dude liked men….big time.

He reached in for a kiss, then closed in to rub against my body when I held him off with the big guy jerking back confused.
“Stud, anything you want, but I suggest you don’t rub those nice, clean clothes on my body right now if you’re going back to the party later,” getting a hearty laugh when he understood where I was coming from.

He was wearing a button down dress shirt and pants, both clearly good quality and custom since they should his bulky quarterback body off extremely well so he stripped down making no bones about the fact he was in a hurry to get this little party started.
Shirt off revealed a big broad chest covered in dark trimmed hair, all short so you could see the hard chest and six pak below the turf and his pants then boxer briefs flew off to show a muscled man ass that was hairless swinging around to display a bat, a very big, very thick baseball bat surrounded by a huge heavy cock ring that took nothing away from his club and low hanging nuts, all shaved or trimmed.
He saw where I was looking.

Wiggling his hips, his hard pole waved along with.
“So you like?”
“Honestly, I was thinking how you explained away all the manscaping to your teammates,” getting another hearty laugh from the man stud.
“I model and I date and I do get shit from my buddies, but it’s all in good fun.”
No surprise. What I read about the guy, he was one of those guys with an easy manner that would be hard for anybody not to like.
I gestured with my fingers for him to come over and finish what he started, getting another million watt smile as he closed in for a kiss mashing his big body against mine as his arms came around for a hard, sexy kiss making us both moan.

He let me know he hasn’t had a man in awhile and was supercharged up as the two of us rubbed our hands on each others hard bodies.
I may not be as big as Johnson, but I was still all muscle and the way his hands were roaming he wasn’t complaining about his partner as I was pushed down on the bed.
“Man I’m sorry but I really need this now.”
“Do it stud, give it to me,” feeling his telephone pole spreading me wide as he worked his way inside me traveling a long distance before the stud bottomed out with both of us throwing out a ‘fuuuck’ at the same time making us chuckle, which triggered another sexy Skyler smile while he came down for a kiss which had both of us whimpering as his huge rod started to slide in and out of me.

He pumped me a good amount of time while licking my body, my pits anyplace his tongue could reach and it was palpable the stud was craving man contact since not only his tongue and lips were all over me but his hands were moving like they were trying to store the memory of what was going on right now, but his huge tool had been hitting my prostate too many times on the way back in as I started a low growl clamping down on his fat prong hearing a gasp and rapid breathing as I started shooting over the two of our chests.
Skyler moaned as he began flooding my insides maintaining his pounding until the last shot was fired in my hole hearing another ‘fuuuuuck’ next to my face as his head collapsed on my shoulder along with his body on top of me getting some light butterfly kisses on my arm.

I grabbed his hair to bring his mouth around as we both exchanged a long, deep kiss and both of us were emitting soft moans as our bodies were still dealing with the afterquakes of our orgasms. The quarterback was a couple inches taller than me which made it a perfect height for his giant tool in my hole and still be able to easily reach my lips for making out.
Realizing I had all his weight, “are you okay?” as I laughed wrapping my arms and legs tighter around his thick body.
“What do you think?” getting a bark of laughter as he came in for another kiss.
With lip locks like that I wouldn’t even bet he was bi, ‘cause damn he’s good.

Finally getting up and pulling out leaving a big void from inside me, the stud stood up to display his big, incredibly hot man body.
Looking down, “Geezus do you know how sexy you are?” making me crack up and giving him a raised eyebrow making it clear what I had been thinking,
Another smile and leaning down for another kiss, “Yeah, but I see it every day in the mirror. Yours on the other hand….” His hand went down my torso which had a lake of cream on it, as he slid through the pool of cum making me shudder slowly lifting his fingers to lick each of them off one by one.
Damn, I could have cum just watching the stud do that.
Skyler started laughing when he looked down to see me hardening back up.

He quickly dressed as I took a leak and I did warn him that he smelled of sex and he just grinned.
“Do me a favor stud, don’t do anything for ten minutes after I leave.”
I shrugged okay, although since he had been stud number six I was done for the night.

The door slammed behind him and I laughed. Not expecting any tips, I still hadn’t gotten any from Skyler and was a bit miffed until I started laughing again thinking I should have charged the stud by the inch.

Moments after Skyler left my cell rang and I had to locate it in the closet with my clothes.
“Yeah Enrique; Geez dude you have spies? I just finished with the last one.”
Hearing a low chuckle, “Something like that. I just got off the phone with your final client.”
Okay, that was a surprise.
“He was wondering of your availability the rest of the evening.”
“Seriously?” Oh man, more Skyler Johnson, damn I should pay him.
“Yes. I’ll be up there with a key to a suite where he can meet you later and he said if you agree he’ll meet you there in about an hour and not to clean up.”
I laughed.
Sexy, horn dog and a pig.

“So what until morning?”
“The morning after.”
“Damn. But isn’t he the best man at the wedding tomorrow?”
“He said he’ll work it out with you later.”

I accepted naturally.
I would have had no problem just meeting the stud for wild monkey sex without the whole consort crap.
I didn’t care he was Skyler Johnson, I cared that besides being incredibly sexy, the man threw me a fuck like I haven’t had in a long time.
Enrique brought me a new keycard, so I headed up to one of the hotels bigger suites with a big hot tub in the bedroom up against a floor to ceiling bay window.
I sat around for awhile until the stud showed up getting another long ‘fuuuuuck’ when I walked out of the bedroom without anything on, earning a long hot kiss.
He let me know he had seven hours before he had to show up again and we ended up using every minute of it fucking and sucking with the big quarterback willing to play defense as much as offense begging me to slam my own healthy slab of meat inside his hot tight hole throughout the early morning hours.
We did take short breaks even using the hot tub although the big stud spent the time sitting on my lap impaled on my rod as we kissed while we soaked.

As best man he was committed through the day with the plan being the afternoon wedding would end not too late so we would hole up in the suite the rest of the night.
I sure as hell wasn’t going to sit around the room though, so I headed downstairs to the gym when the big stud came charging in pulling me into a private massage room to yank down my shorts and slam his pole inside me until dropping another load and giving me a quick deep kiss and another killer smile along with wiggled eyebrows and a ‘later stud’.

Later turned out to be at the pool where you could see the wedding reception going on the other side in a glassed in ballroom when a waiter walked up with a cordless house phone for me.
“Behind you.”
I looked at the cabana in back of my chaise to see a shadowy figure in back of a light curtain waving in the breeze.
“I need your cum inside me now.”
I hung up shocked.
The quarterback was deeply in the closet, and damn he was starting to get stupid.
I went back and started to tell him that as he was pulling his tuxedo pants down.
“What the hell do you expect stud?”
I looked at him not getting it, hearing another bark of laughter.
“I took a break from dancing and looked out over the pool to see you in this tiny swimsuit, sweat covering your body, which is all pumped up from your gym workout. Damn stud, I almost pulled my cock out right there to start stroking it at the sight I was seeing.”
I started giggling at the idea of him pulling his massive pole out at the wedding reception, with him starting to laugh as well.
“Okay not that bad, but damn I still need it now,” turning around to show his beefy all muscle ass for me to see.
I kneeled down giving it a few licks, but the hot man wasn’t there for a rimjob, so I stood up and wasted no time in slamming his ass good until I gave him my load.
Pants zipped up, I got another smokin’ hot kiss and the sex maniac was gone, with me shaking my head.

I got a text later, saying ‘8 and we’ll eat’ chuckling since I honestly wasn’t sure if he was talking about dinner or each other and I told him that when he showed up.
But food followed him in and once again the dude showed why he was an all star with the stamina he showed that night.
The second night together we did nap a couple of hours but not that many.
And if the stud can score as many touchdowns as he had orgasms that night, Skyler Johnsons’ team will be going to the Super Bowl this year, that’s for damn sure.


Above was a story taken from my book Sexploits of Gil Walker – Tales of Turning Tricks which can be found in Kindle format at You can also do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to

The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, the Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale as well as The Bank.

The fourth book Ranch Hermanos is where Gil Walker decides to work at the Motel in Las Vegas.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what’s called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he’s such a sex crazed stud muffin, you’ll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.

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