Body Search

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The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, the Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale and so on.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what’s called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he’s such a sex crazed stud muffin, you’ll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.

Rob Bass

The man came around the corner with a medium-sized suitcase and Clay felt like he had been punched in the gut and he didn't understand why, although he certainly liked what he saw.

Around thirty maybe a little younger, the dude was good-looking as well as built, as near as he could tell - very well built although not as big as Clay, but it look like what he did have was absolutely rock solid in a form hugging button down shirt which not only showed his torso off, but also showed positively huge biceps making his mouth water, but there was something about him that was making him hard looking at the dude.

Working San Francisco airport at the international terminal, Clay was supposed to randomly pick travelers to do an extra check and of course since he was male he would only spot check other men and he was always able to rationalize the young cocky muscle studs since of course they were the ones likely to try to pull a fast one.

Sounds good anyway.

Drummed out of the SF Police Department since he wasn’t ‘sensitive’ enough to the scum on the street, Clay was working this job until he could find something ‘real’ again, but it seemed like the word was out. He hadn’t done anything serious, but the powers that be seemed to think he was too willing to get physical instead of ‘talking it out.’

Fuck ‘em, that’s what he was there for.

The regular customs officers who might’ve checked his bag let the stud pass by and coming closer he spotted some intense gray eyes.

“Excuse me sir would you come with me?”

The man looked over quizzically, which was cool since a lot of people are irritated to downright hostile at the idea of being stopped.

Instead the guy looked at him for a second, then smiled.

“Lead on McDuff,” and Clay held out his hand to indicate one of the interrogation rooms.

The room itself was maybe eight feet square with a small metal table where he could set the suitcase and begin checking his luggage.

The airline tag in the bag indicated he arrived first-class from Hong Kong and the customs inspector took everything out of the bag and glancing up he froze at the image.

The stud was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed popping those big guns of his.

Clay was an amateur bodybuilder somewhat shorter than this dude and definitely bigger, however the man’s arms were bigger than even Clay's with his sleeves riding high over the tight muscle.

But with the shoulders against the wall and his hips jutted out, it emphasized a thick tube down one leg and it was clear the stud went commando as well as being plumped up.

Reluctantly focusing his concentration back on the luggage, he looked through what was clearly expensive clothing grinning to himself since there definitely was no underwear in the bag.

Flipping through the toiletry kit, there was a minimum of crap inside, not even deodorant and he asked him about it.

“You're concerned I don't have deodorant?” Somewhat curious.

“One of the things we check sir are bottles that might contain contraband.”

It was kind of lame since the man didn't in fact have any bottles.

“I'm not big on putting scents on my body.”


This stud was pushing every one of Clay's buttons.

He was finished with the bag and the man emptied his pockets on the table.

Lying in a small pile was a passport for Gil Walker who was twenty-eight years old, a thin wallet with a few credit cards and an executive card for the Club Bar/Bathhouse Chain, the place where men go to play with other men…..sweet; his drivers license and a money clip and a little change as well as some Hong Kong coins.

“So is it time for the body check now?”

“That's why we have the private rooms sir.”

“Are we being monitored by cameras or sound?”

He shook his head, “privacy concerns, but I could call in an associate if you’re concerned,” seeing the guy shake his head no, then smile.

“Let's make this easy for you officer;” and he began unbuttoning the top button of his shirt.

Normally at this point he’d only do a patdown but he was transfixed by the body being revealed although it was no surprise since the Tommy Bahamas style shirt had to be custom since it molded perfectly to the dude’s rock hard frame including being snug on those huge arms.

The top few buttons undone displayed the deep cleft between the guy’s hairless hard pecs but what he wanted to see was the man's tits since fully clothed they still pushed out showing they weren’t natural mantits.

The lower buttons now released showed heavily trenched abdominals which had Clay impressed since cuts like that took a hell of a lot of work and normally seen right before going up on stage or preparing for a photo shoot.

Clay’s body was always hard and cut, but not as trenched as the stud in front of him right now.

The shirt was spread wide open and thick meaty areolas appeared shaping around the bottom of the man's two slabs of hard pectorals. They were about the size of quarters or maybe a bit bigger, but the mouthwatering thing was the stubs were clearly used and abused over the years, so they were bloated and begging for a man to treat them roughly and the stud stepped forward pulling off the shirt for him to inspect.

There was nothing to the shirt and he set it down while the man kicked off first one sneaker than the next, “you need the socks off too?” And he shook his head no as the stud bent down and handed him his shoes.

He inspected them and wasn’t surprised to not find anything since the guy was being cooperative making it clear he wouldn’t find anything. Logic dictate he stop it here and now since he wasn’t going to find anything, but the stud’s hands were heading to his shorts.

At first glance they were standard khaki cargo shorts, but once again they had to be tailored since while they were loose but not too loose over the dude’s thick legs, they also were a little shorter then standard.

The waist rode lower as well caressing both the front and back showing off his meaty package and some well muscled glutes with the seam even riding in a bit emphasizing the fact this was a true man's ass.

Zipper down and flaps spread he saw a light smattering of trimmed pubes over the groin and he had to swallow all the saliva building up in his mouth.

The client had medium length dark shaggy hair along with a couple day growth on his chin along with some on his calves and forearms, but other than a little patch over his stalk, he was bare and the shorts fell down as he pulled one leg out before then kicking it up handing them over.

Totally hairless low hanging nut sack below a growing good size tool and Clay without really paying attention patted the shorts down before throwing them on top of the bag with the rest of his items.

The stud moved another step closer, “so I take it it's time for the cavity search now?”

Grinning he grabbed Clay's left hand sticking two fingers in his mouth and Clay couldn't help letting out a low moan as his other hand without thinking made its way up to one of the stud’s swollen erasers and pinching it between his thumb and forefinger the man groaned around his digits.

He continued to rub the nub on the hard chest feeling the dude tense up and he grinned understanding he had a man who was supersensitive and pulling his fingers out Clay brought them down to the other tit rubbing the second stub between his thumb and forefinger squeezing tighter as the victim did his best to stifle any noise coming out of his mouth.

“You might want to step back,” and he looked up confused to see the stud glancing down and he followed the gaze.

The dude’s lengthy tool was positively pulsating as well as a thick white rope of cream was dangling down from his piss slit and he realized he was inches away from having cum stains all over the front of his dark trousers.

Keeping one hand squeezing the hard chest, the other went down pulling at the rope to bring it up to his mouth. Sucking in some of the best tasting spooge he's ever had and seeing the guy was leaking like a faucet Clay went to his knees and sucked the head in earning a spurt of pre-come which was almost intoxicating.

The man’s legs were shaking a little and he shifted around so he could put his hands against the table and Clay found it interesting he didn't prop his ass against it as well and taking advantage of the fact he first grabbed and pulled on the low hanging nuts hearing another broken off moan, and scraping his thumbnail behind his nuts to find a tight rosebud, he punched his middle finger deep inside and a loud whimper escaped quickly cut off.

Wasting no time in sliding a second finger in the stud’s ass, he moved his other hand back up roughly twisting a mantit. It was only a few seconds when the already thick dick swelled up and his mouth was struggling to swallow endless jets of tasty cream hitting his throat.

He was still swallowing the last shots when hands pulled him up and within a heartbeat the cut muscled stud was now on his knees with Clay’s dick hanging out of his pants as the dude swallowed him whole.

“Geezus fucking Khrist!”

The mouth was an oven around his throbbing tool and he was having trouble breathing.

Clay was a well hung fuck meister and he was in a room with a stud who was bigger than him in the tool department taking him like a pro and there was no way in hell he was going to hold out and shoving his forearm in his mouth to hold down the gasps, the inspector started firing his load down the hot man’s windpipe.

The bodybuilder was glad he was propped against the table since his legs were fairly weak as the stud stood up and grinning came in so Clay’s tongue could come out to lap up some of his jizz which had leaked out the sides of the slut’s mouth.

“I take it if we’re here too long it might be a little suspicious;” and Clay unable to speak just nodded.

“Well you still owe me a cavity search at the other end,” and the bodybuilders eyes widened.

“What time do you get off stud?”

“It wouldn’t be until evening” which for some reason satisfied the stud and they agreed to meet at a bar not too far from his place off of Castro Street which while not quite leather did favor a rougher crowd.

The stud bent over to put his shorts on and legs slightly parted his rosebud came in view looking perfectly round and pink, begging for a hard fuck and he wanted to get back on his knees and work that hole until the man was begging for his tool.

They were soon dressed with Clay's still plumped rod back inside his pants and the roller bag on the floor near the door when the stud grabbed Clay’s arm pushing them back against the wall and closing in for a hot scalding kiss which left the customs man forgetting to breathe.

Coming off, the dude put his mouth next to his ear, “you'll get this ass as much as you want tonight, but I have every intention of getting yours as well.”

Setting his hands against the big chest he pushed the taller guy back, “Ain't going to happen,” and the dude grinned amused and they opened the door and went out.

After his shift Clay rushed home and opening his door looked at what a mess his place was and didn't care rushing to the bedroom peeling off his uniform.

He decided not to shower letting the day smells stay on his body although he cleaned himself out refusing to think the stud would be fucking him later tonight although considering a good bit rim job would be sweet from the pig.

The bar they were meeting wasn't leather although he was considering wearing some so the man would understand his place in the pecking order, opting for a dark pullover almost transparent shirt that molded over every curve of his muscled torso and it was tough squeezing into it.

He then put on a pair of black jeans and a leather vest along with a wristband on his left wrist to indicate he was pure top with a couple of shit kicker boots and he was ready to head out.

Hitting the bar he looked over against a wall and there the stud was sipping a beer with his shirt wide open drawing the attention of the crowd since his definition truly was amazing.

A few gestures were made concerning whether he wanted another beer and Clay took the two bottles over.

He was trying to be cool but the mere sight of the man had Clay already hardening up and they clinked bottles before taking a pull from the cold brews.

Taking control Clay grabbed the back of the stud’s head bringing him in for a hot deep kiss which had the two of them making out until finally breaking away and pressed hard against him, the man smelled of sex.

He slid his hand down the back of his shorts and with a finger tapping the man's rosebud finding it moist.

“Did you expect me to sit at Starbucks for the last couple hours?” and Clay couldn't help bursting out in laughter.


“There's a bathhouse around the corner;” and he couldn't help being impressed.

“How many men have had you so far today?”

The dude grinned, “Counting you?”

He gave him a stare since he was stalling which didn't bother the stud whatsoever.

“I don't count,” which was broken up by a grunt since with the man's hole wet he was able to slip two digits in without any problem, although his ass was clamping down like he hadn't even been touched.

Clay pushed the shirt open with his bottleneck exposing one of the things fascinating him and he could see the big nipples already hard so he laid the ice cold bottle against a tit hearing the guy gasp.

Definitely man-made and obviously sensitive and grinning he leaned down capturing a stub in his teeth and he tightened pulling away from the chest when a low growl came out and Clay knew how he was going to control this hot stud.

Normally he’d have a few beers and mess with the guys mind asserting his dominance, but chewing on the other mantit as well as sliding a third finger in the hot tunnel, he wanted to get this stud home. Irritated at his lack of control he worked the nubs harder and the stud took the abuse like the pig he was and by the time he was done they were hard, swollen and wet while forcing his mouth open and spitting inside.

“My place is only a few blocks away.”

“I have a rental car out front so it won’t take too long,” and I nodded

There were no sooner in Clay's place when he slammed the stud against the wall closing in for another hot kiss before pulling back and spitting in his mouth again to make it clear who was the top man here.

He was breathing heavy amped up and wanting the stud like he's never wanted a man before so I took a few steps back ordering the dude to strip and he gave a somewhat cocky smirk before sliding off the shirt that had never been closed and Clay had to blink a few times staring at those big nipples with the swollen erasers screaming at him to abuse them more.

The shorts dropped and before long he was standing naked in front with his horse dick pointing straight at Clay. He was a well hung himself but he knew the guy had him easily by at least an inch, as well as being taller it irritated the hell out of the rough musclestud.

“On your knees.”

Seeing him kneel down and looking up, the bodybuilder was thinking that was much better and unbuttoning his black jeans, he pulled out his leaking tool stepping up so it was a bare inch from the man's hot mouth and not moving like he knew his place, although you could tell the fucker thought it was all a game and growling he grabbed his hair and the mouth opened just in time for Clay to slam his tool inside.

He fucked the mouth hard but was so horned up, he knew he wasn’t going to last long if he continued, so pulling out he ordered the stud down on his hands and knees. He could see the muscled glutes slightly spread exposing the hole to his view and it was glistening with the men he's had so far this afternoon both infuriating and turning him on even more. Clay quickly finished undressing and bending his knees he slammed into the whore’s ass hearing a grunt in response.

Buried deep with his hands gripping the man's waist for leverage he felt the entire tunnel gripping along his entire shaft making Clay groan. But this was a whore to be used so he pulled his tool completely out and slammed it back in building up steam and the noise of their two bodies splapping together filled the room along with both of their grunts. The topman’s cock swelled until exploding his jizz into the man's cavern draining him dry and he crumbled over rolling on his back next to the big slut.

He came to with the stud up on just his knees looking at him somewhat bemused and was about to get angry at his presumption when he looked down and seeing the dude’s huge tool leaking out a rope of jizz and remembering how good it tasted Clay moved over, first tentatively licking the tasty cream then swallowing the dick wanting more and he worked the man's tool gulping down the copious outflow until heavy shots began hitting the back of his windpipe and hearing the man grunt he knew he was getting his fill of the man.

Normally Clay had men worshiping his muscled up frame and he reveled in their touch but tonight he couldn’t resist spending his time playing with the incredibly ripped body in his apartment.

Feeling re-energized Clay moved the stud over to the bed once again slamming his tool inside the willing ass spreading the legs wide looking down to see the hairless frame now shimmering with a light coating of sweat making him pound the ass harder with the hot man taking it all and putting his hands behind his head while he was being fucked those massive guns popped making Clay insane with lust and he bent over running his tongue over the hairless armpits once again hearing the sexy man growl reminding him, he had to take back control. And moving further he began licking and chewing on the man's already used tits while furiously fucking down his chute and unloading an almost painful load of spooge, he was grabbed and brought down for a deep kiss he willingly acquiesced to while desperately trying to regain his breath.

“Ready yet?”

“For what?”

A hand answered by sliding over Clay’s muscled ass with a finger taping at his rosebud.


The bigger man grinned, “I’ll take it as a ‘not yet.’

Angry at his comment he shoved off the stud’s body, “I need to take a leak.”

In the bathroom, he pissed, then leaned against the sink.


When the man first asked, he had hesitated.

Hesitated about taking that big dick up his ass, wondering if he’d be pounded or made love to.

Dammit! Running a hand through his hair.

The only saving grace was the dude didn’t live in the area. In fact, he was going to be flying out tomorrow morning so any temptation would be gone.

By the same token, if he was fucked in his apartment and with him gone, no one would ever know topstud Clay had put out.

Finally coming out of the bathroom, he stopped cold when he saw the view on the bed.

The stud was on his stomach with his arms as and legs spread wide and his ass was slightly off the mattress announcing its ready and willing to be fucked again and Clay could see his rosebud in plain sight with cum leaking out of the tiny hole, dribbling down the channel coating his low hanging nuts and he was thinking it's probably one of the most erotic sights he's ever seen.

Climbing up to bed on his knees he wasted no time in pushing his horny head towards its target slamming his fuckstick in hearing nothing more than a deep grunt from the stud below.

Gripping the shoulders he pulled out slamming back in and repeating the process as he built up speed hammering away at the chute of the slut clearly willing to take anything he wanted to give.

Even after the all the fucking they've done so far the dude was tight as hell gripping his cock ramping him up even further as he power fucked the horny ass beneath him until finally slamming in the final time dropping another load inside.

He rolled of the brawny frame landing on his back and the mattress moved as the stud loomed over with his hands and knees at his side coming down for a soft kiss which he accepted since he was too tired to really do anything about it. Hearing a chuckle the dude started working his way down his thick body placing kisses, licking and sucking different parts feeling pretty damn good right now.

The dude eventually made his way to his cock and first licking it like a popsicle before taking the semi hard rod in his mouth then working on his nuts and spreading his legs he worked in his underside and pushing them up a little bit as his tongue found Clay’s hole.

“Whoa whoa that isn't available.”

The hot man looked up his body and grinned, “even for a rim job?” and Clay let his head drop to the mattress as his legs were pushed up as the tongue scraped across his opening and then working and teasing his rosebud and before too long his moans pierced the quiet of the room.

Clay always felt real men didn't get screwed, so it was always important to dominate those he had sex with. There have been times somebody did get his ass and he had to admit it was pretty damn good when it happened, but that's not the way it's supposed to happen.

Damn that felt good though and tongue leaving his hole, the stud slowly came back up working over his nuts and rock hard shaft, but the shoulders were pushing the legs up and Clay now could feel a thick head parked at his entrance.

“Go ahead and say no stud.”

Clay was looking in those deep gray eyes and couldn't seem to get any words out feeling pressure building with his hole beginning to spread open to accommodate the thick invader and he felt the man leaking inside which for some reason made him more willing to accept the big slab of man meat and continuing, the head popped in making the two studs whimper.

The stud remained in place letting him get used to the invasion before slowly pushing more inside and he groaned some more as it rubbed against his prostate.

He knew the dude had a heavy duty prong and it seemed to take forever to slowly travel down filling up his tunnel until finally the man stopped and looking up he came down for kiss.

“That's all of it stud.”

He was full inside, more full then he’s ever been and as the pain eased up, damn it felt good.

His thick bodybuilder legs wrapped around the man's waist like he wanted to make sure he wasn't going to go anywhere as he slowly pulled out a little coming back in going a bit further taking his time as he made love to Clay’s ass. It wasn’t long when a low growl was slowly building up and he felt a hard thrust inside then his chute started filling up with hot cream which felt so sweet as the stud came down for another gentle kiss. And Clay Graham, hard muscled man stud took the man’s head in both his hands making the kiss harder and more passionate feeling his own prick swell up between their tight abs to begin shooting and coating their stomachs with his jizz.

He climbed off Clay lying at his side and the only thing he could do was roll over in his stomach and beg the man to fuck him and fuck him hard.

After a long day at work and all the times he’s cum so far, he should be done.

But he swore the jizz in his ass was making him hornier needing to have the stud inside him again.

Hearing a chuckle, Gil moved closer and rammed three fingers in Clay's ass making him grunt.

“Are you sure stud that's what you want stud?”


“Say it louder.”


Hearing the soft amused chuckle again, the body shifted and his legs were kicked apart with the huge shaft slid inside driving all the way to the hilt as the he lay across Clay’s broad back.

“It's all yours then.”

It started with him covering his body pushing his tool in and out but soon he got up on his knees pounding his craving hole into submission alternating between pulling completely out and slamming it inside to jackhammering his chute as Clay begged for more.

The stud dropped several load and he swore each time it was rejuvenating him for the ongoing fuck even though rubbing against the mattress he came a few times himself and he was truly getting the fuck of his life as the man occasionally came down and twisting his head to the side and meet for a hot kiss as he continued to work his huge cock inside him.

Clay was wrung out by the time the man finally left his ass after pounding it for he didn't know how long and flipping Clay over on his back he sat over his waist trying to get his attention.

“Stud do you really think you're any less of a man for taking what I gave you?”

Clay looked up unwilling to answer the question and he grinned.

“Well think on this,” and he reached back grabbing Clay’s shockingly hard shaft which didn't make sense at this point and the dude backed up impaling himself on his magically rigid pole.

His face came down near Clays.

“Well guess what stud, I don't think this makes me any less of a man to take a hot stud’s cock in mine;” and he started riding his tool as the bodybuilder thrust up meeting the stud’s hole as it descended and looking up it turned him on to see the big muscled up body over him reaching up to run his hands over the beautifully trenched abs before landing both hands on those succulent swollen nipples he’s been abusing all night. Pinching them hard I grinned as his ass clamped down and he fired an almost empty load once more into the sexed up man.

A little while later he heard his shower turning off with the man came out drying his hair not looking like a slut who’d just spent the last twelve hours having sex.

“You are likely to hear from someone in the near future to offer you a job and it will be up to you to decide whether you want to pursue it or not.”

And with that the dude got dressed and left.

Too fucked out to pay attention, Clay called in sick that morning needing to get some sleep as well as give his aching body a rest.

A month later he got a call from a company called Stone Security which was a private bodyguard service down in LA saying they got his name from Gil Walker.

They also mentioned Walker told them Clay had major attitude which needed to be corrected and even knowing that they would still fly him down to LA to see if he had what it took.

As soon as he got home, Clay went online to discover Stone Security was a small but highly respected as well as expensive personal security firm mostly made up of some major experienced dudes and he was wondering what it would be like to work with a group like that.

He even contacted a buddy he knew in the LA force who confirmed everything, even reporting it was rumored these guys did some shit for the government no one ever talked about and intrigued he called them back to do the interview.

It's been a couple years now and Clay is a full-blown employee of Stone Security although not before his attitude got knocked out five ways to Sunday.

Clay quickly learned he wasn't nearly as much of a bad ass as he thought he was and interestingly enough most of the dudes were gay themselves and they were definitely all men no matter what they did in bed. At one point the owner of the company Matt Stone took him down to an island in the Caribbean to meet a huge dude named Thax who possessed an inhuman sized dick who brought him into an even more elite secret organization called the Fraternity with Matt Stone making it clear that’s what Gil Walker had seen for Clay from that fateful day long ago.

He's seen Walker since, finding out the man who recruited him is an important dude within the organization.

He can laugh about it now because he found out part of the whole Fraternity gig in joining the secret organization is that you're transformed into a sex crazed stud so at least he discovered how the man was able to work him over for as long as he did that night.

Though gossip has it his recruiter is even impressive by Fraternity member standards; and Clay remembering that night could only think ‘no shit’.