Built for Man Sex

This is a story taken from my book The Fraternity #11 – Navigating a New Life which can be found in Kindle format at Amazon.com. You can also do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to robbassbooks.blogspot.com.

The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on Amazon.com that takes you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, then Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what’s called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he’s such a sex crazed stud muffin, you’ll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.

Rob Bass

The plane was a smaller one connecting the two islands, so on arrival it didn’t rate a big gate with an enclosed walkway and popping my head out at the doorway above the stairs I swear I could turn and point my finger in the direction of my final destination, sensing the direction of the island where it all began.

But now I was waiting for the boat to take me over to the island and coming out of the bar I heard a startled woman cry out, as a chair screeched across the cement floor and a man whined “Wen-dee!” All at the same time and I along with the rest of the bar was drawn to what had just happened to see it was nothing more than an attractive lady stumbling against the bar’s furniture set outside.

Seeing her gaze, it was clear I had been the one responsible for the woman tripping since she was still attempting to get an eyeful though now embarrassed with her the boyfriend looking irritated so I gave a neutral acknowledgment as they passed on.

I had just stepped out of the bar to take in the warm tropical sun lifting the cold beer up for a drink when the commotion began.
I hadn't given much thought to unbuttoning my shirt in the warm climate, in part due to the fact the shirt was now too small and tight on my upper body and it felt good to let it lay open, but reaching up to take a sip of my beer undoubtedly one of my biceps arms popped as well as the shirt flared open grabbing the ladies attention.
Oh well.

She was an attractive gal probably in her low thirties, but it would have been her boyfriend who I would've been interested in since not only am I a one hundred percent gay man, but I’ve never even tried to make it with a woman having no desire to do so.

When I was younger and confused, I thought it was because I respected women too much, then when I joined the Navy to see the world, what I did see was hundreds of fit studs, often naked or just a towel wrapped around their trim waists in the berthing areas and I figured out exactly why I hadn’t been going after the babes.
So I’m a slow learner.

And while I usually don't think much about it, I could understand what had attracted the stumbler in the first place especially since the last few months have built me up even more.
At six-one, two hundred and twenty-five pounds, I am a good sized man, especially since every single one of those pounds is pure solid man muscle and with my shirt open she had gotten a view of a big chest with a deep cleft between my two solid pecs along with a deeply cut six pac below.
And even with this muscular body, my arms draw attention since they’re out of proportion to the rest of my frame being bigger, still solid muscle earning me the nickname of Popeye by some of my workout buddies; And lifting up my arm to drink my beer often pops the hell out of the bicep often drawing attention like it did a few moments ago.

I straightened out the area the lady had stumbled around and sat down, stretching my body and reveling in the fact I wasn't in a cramped coach seat on the multiple planes that got me here since I fly down to Miami yesterday afternoon for a doctors visit as well as an evening of ‘playing doctor’.
Not sure about the ethics of the situation, but since my doc is a gay man’s wet dream, I don’t particularly care.

Dr. Jared Weiss looks late thirties, little taller then me and much leaner with a spectacular toned body due to his running as well as the fact he’s a transformed man just like me. That also means the stamina to go all night long and the two of us certainly had last night.
While I’m an anything, anytime kind of guy, tall, dark and handsome with a bit of fur on his chest Dr. Jared is more one on one preferring me to make slow love to his hot muscled butt during the night except for when we first strip down and he goes all alpha male shoving his big dick inside me and hammer away.
He’s always a little embarrassed afterwards which is silly since where I’m at, it was hot man sex with a very attractive man.
We do nap through the night between bouts sometimes spooning with my big tool inside him and he normally comments about how he has to go to work while I’m heading to a resort island and can sleep on the plane. I don’t take it too seriously though since the man does wake me up a little earlier than necessary so we have enough time to shower together with the inevitable consequences.
Transformed, I’m a perpetually horny man, but put me next to a man I really like and there’s only going to be one thing happening.

So I spent the morning flying from Miami to Aruba, then hopping an even smaller puddle jumper here to Bonaire and I looked across the small street in front of me checking out the wharf on the other side with crystal clear water beyond, thinking I could most definitely point in the direction of Isla Paradiso.

Bonaire is a diver's paradise and even a couple days before Christmas the weather was outstanding, but only a ninety minute boat ride away was one of the most exclusive gay resorts in the world and I was looking forward to spending my holidays there for a couple of reasons. One was that I had good friends who live and work on the island with the other being the incredible amount of man sex that goes on there.
A vagrant thought had me thinking I should run up to the lady and point in the direction of the island and tell her if you liked my body you need to thank Paradiso for the view since it all started there almost twenty years ago.

In fact, I had been in the very same bar, although inside waiting to catch the boat for my very first trip to the island. Back then, I was a bulky, yet chubbed up forty-four year old tired man not sure why the hell I was spending money I didn’t have to go to a homo hotel on an island in the Caribbean.
But today the woman had been ogling a muscled dude looking no older than thirty and Paradiso gets all the credit for the difference, since the mysterious dude who owns the island and looks human for the most part, transforms a few selected gay men into sex crazed studs, which was certainly true on my part.
But the hard body itself is only the starting point when it comes to the sex crazed part.

It’s hard for me to be too smug or arrogant about what I look like since most of build had little to do with any hard work on my part, mostly the transformation which took place several decades ago as well as a second one only a few months past which changed me even more.
From the neck up I think I'm fairly ordinary with the two eyes, two ears and a nose thing going on, although my friends are likely to tell you I'm good-looking. My hair is shaggy, thick and dark, needing to be cut and I probably look like a big jock just out of college because of the hair right now however if cut properly I can look ma be businesslike and in my mid thirties.
I hadn't shaved the last couple of days so I had the whiskers on my chin which once again people say looks good on me however it's basically I'm not a morning person and kind of lazy.
The notable feature perhaps are my eyes which are a solid sometimes a piercing gray.

The neck down I have very little hair on my body, with a little on my arms and legs and then very little in my pits and only a slight what looks like a trimmed bush over my groin, which I often shave depending on what I'm wearing around the pool, since especially at places like Paradiso less is definitely more on the island.
The resort has a clothing optional rule, but I'm not big on being naked since I have a tendency of getting hard fairly easily and I'm not big on pointing at people as I walk around, so even with a thong bulging out showing my equipment, I at least feel I'm somewhat restrained.

I have big legs indicating I'm not a runner, but they're not the massive bodybuilder size either although cut so you can see the definition. Which is probably what attracts people to check me out since not only am I a good size, but each muscle is clearly defined.
Leaning back in the chair with my legs sprawled out I was rubbing my stomach as some of the other guys who were going to the island came jostling down the stairs next to the bar.

Paradiso has an office here on Bonaire where you do your check-in procedure and they even take some blood to checked for STDs, since they make no bones that if you want to get laid you’re likely to have no problems on the island, so they do the blood test to make sure everyone is clean. They also do more mundane things like getting your credit card and other forms filled out and the dude Will who had been next to me on the plane and hyped over his vacation chatting the whole flight, popped out of the door and spotting me marched over with his two traveling companions before stumbling to a halt when he noticed the open shirt.

It's one of those Tommy Bahamas style shirts although custom-fitted for my body, though since my second transformation tacked on some additional pounds, the expensive tailored shirt is a little too tight around the shoulders and my arms.
Closed up when I traveled here you could see the arms were digging into my large biceps as well as tight across my shoulders which is where I gained the extra weight the last couple months. Tight on my chest, Will couldn't help but notice my nipples were larger than normal and then the shirt hung down over my stomach barely meeting my low-cut cargo shorts. But now open they were looking at the definition as well as my deep trenched stomach and being red-blooded gay men they obviously liked the view.

“Mind if we join you?”
“The town is actually a nice little town and I think you still have an hour left before the boat shows up.”
The three cute dudes conversed for a minute opting for the alcohol and relaxation instead of a quick tour around town and I called the bartender over offering to buy the first round.

More of the group soon came down from upstairs all deciding to join us and being healthy queers lubricating ourselves with alcohol and excited to be on the last leg of getting to Paradiso, we grew louder as we all introduced ourselves to the group.
One of the huskier dudes complimented me on my shirt and I mentioned how it's part of the Paradiso line.

Part of the island has a small community outside the resort, but many work at a ‘Paradiso resort wear’ business, the resort sells and distributes worldwide.
Designed mostly for fit gay men, their swimsuits and other clothes go from really hot looking to pretty damn revealing with some of the clothes definitely only for use around a gay gathering.
The stuff was pretty high quality and if you bought it in places like here in the island it could be custom fitted which all meant a hefty price tag and the shirt I was wearing cost about three hundred bucks.
Two months ago it fit me like a glove, but after my second transformation I’ve grown bigger without me going near any equipment.
The extra pounds may look good on me, but it’s a bitch on the clothes.

But none of that mattered here in the bar on Bonaire as the dudes not so innocently stepped up to check out the material on the nice shirt with the back of their hands scraping against my muscled frame.
One stud's hand was feeling the shirt a little higher up and he brushed against one of my meaty nipples and he grinned when he heard a soft grunt coming from me.
“What's this?” Pulling the shirt back a ways and exposing my hard man tits.

My chest houses nips which are a little bigger than quarters curving around the lower cliffs of my chest and at a slightly downward angle are thick swollen erasers that attract men in droves. They’re intensely sensitive and first a lover, then countless men have spent an enormous amount of time using and abusing the stubs so now they’re thick and meaty looking like a couple of heavy-duty tit rings would look natural dangling off my tits.

I actually had my nipples pierced once to try it out and it did look hot, however the weight as well as the constant snagging on any shirt over the course of a day had me aroused and leaking so badly, after a few days I gave up.
Besides the fact without rings, it gives tongues and teeth unfettered access for men to do their worst and man I love when they work me over.
I’m not big on heavy duty pain, but that leaves an awful lot they can do with these babies.

The little hand action of the dudes on my body only added to the fact I was already becoming amped up since I could already feel the island heating my blood up, even though it was out of sight and miles away and I knew my big, thick shaft was already pushing against my shorts since I don't wear underwear.

Most guys would wear skivvies for hygiene reasons, but it's another benefit of being what I am, since we self clean and have sparkling clean holes ready for action anytime day or night. Not quite true since I might have manjizz leaking out my hole after having been working over by one or a dozen men.

And not only am I clean and ready, but my ass can take pretty much anything and remain tight through the night. It doesn’t matter how many men I have, I’ll grip each pole tight no matter the size, and my latest enhancement meant if I concentrated, not only will my sphincter clamp down, but my entire chute can gently squeeze and dudes have been telling me its like a warm velvet glove grabbing their entire shaft with none of them lasting long when I start working their shafts.

In order to maintain our rock hard muscular systems, we need mansperm.
So cum in my ass and I’ll absorb much of it as the night goes on making our butts highly desirable to ride through the night.

But we’re not all bottom boys, though I’ve been finding myself ending up more and more in that position, since the only thing more sensitive than my tits is my rosebud and getting screwed is a super hot experience for me starting with a man’s tongue licking my hungry hole.

Before I was changed I already had been a healthy size in the cock department probably a little bigger than average with the thickness to go with it, but with my first transformation years ago along with the one recently I’ve gained and while not quite the size which would even have size queen sluts worried, I’m fairly close to that and the dudes here at the bar were seeing a thick pipe hanging down one of the legs of my shorts.
Fortunately I’m not leaking …yet.
Another feature of my change.
It’s kind of like being on one of those Erectile Dysfunction drugs. While you may not always be hard, it takes the simplest thing to start running my motor up and I’ve even had a breeze across my chest and sensitive tits and you’ll see me growing.
People like me not only get hard easily, but we stay hard the whole time, with thick ropes of jizz leaking out and it doesn’t matter how many times I cum.
Rock hard, thick creamy loads every time and lately my spooge has not only been tasty, but gives my sex partner a new burst of energy ready to go another round.

But while our sexual stamina is awesome, we still need to sleep as well as give our bodies a rest after awhile.
Besides needing cum to maintain our incredible frames and appetites, we all have a metabolism that burns the fat nonstop, and we also need to refuel, so I typically eat the same as two healthy men.
All which throws people off, since the beer and munchies I was downing meant the abs shouldn’t be that cut and the dudes here at the bar were burying their fingers in my deep trenches.
But I am what I am.

Before long and after a few shots my shirt, was off being tried on by the husky dude and it looked pretty good on him with of course nobody objecting to him stripping off his tight form fitting t-shirt either and eventually getting it back, I just shoved the shirt in my back pocket enjoying the afternoon sun baking my body.

New Balance sneakers and cargo shorts, which I liked for the extra pockets, but these were Paradiso cargo’s which meant they rode low on my waist exposing the tight surface with the top part of my Adonis belt heading down into my shorts which was a little loose around the legs emphasizing the bulge in front as well as my muscled glutes on the backside.
I admit I love my butt. Certainly for all the benefits it provides, but also because before I had been transformed I was the typical guy with a flat butt with saggy pants always sliding down, but these guys were now checking out a hot muscled man butt perfectly displayed and holding up my shorts.
The boat showed up with my bro Jaimey and the two of us spent the ride catching up on each other and once again the hour and a half to the island flew by, however I could feel us getting closer and by the time we docked my dick was almost pulsing in need.

Paradiso has always had a low level of sexual tension throughout the resort.
Nobody knows why but whatever the reason even regular guys were getting a little amped when they hit shore, but it had already been building in me the closer I got and once my feet were on the ground I was almost ready to cum just from the sensations coursing through my body as my blood heated up.

The resort manager asked to walk with me from the boat landing to the resort proper and fortunately he didn't need much since I was trying to cope with the sensations and once in the main building which houses the restaurant as well as resort offices a big handsome stud flew into my arms and here was my second bro Rick.
If you wanted to define stud, this was the man. He had been a much sought-after quarterback in college with amazing stats, but he also looked the part.
Dark shaggy hair like mine although better taken care of, Rick had crystal blue eyes and was a good looking guy exuding pure handsome jock stud, and he also had one of the most amazing V-shaped bodies I've ever seen on a man with wide footballer shoulders and one of the tiniest waists around which not only emphasizes his frame but also his hot muscled butt and the big package he was carrying in front as well.

As part of the secret society which is based here on Paradiso, I’m a frequent guest so I know a lot of staff here. All transformed by Thax, so while tall, short, wiry or big bodybuilder frames, they’re all rock solid with zero fat with the sex drive and equipment to match.
So hell yeah, I’m a frequent guest.

My arrival in the late afternoon is always spent the same way with my bellying up to the outdoor bar next to the main pool, where the drinking gets serious and guys show up to greet me with hands stroking my frame making it clear some point in my stay, they’d like to get together.
The first night is typically reserved for my bro Rick though.

Another anything, anytime guy, we also happen to be amazingly in sync and about the time he’s thinking he’d like his ass worked over, I’m thinking it’s time to pound my bro’s hole.
He works here, but we’ve also met in towns around the world, did tourist stuff during the day with another bro Trent, with the three of us walking into a heavy action bar and not willing to take on everyone in there, with the good chance it will still be us maybe drenched in manjizz, but still standing by the time the sun comes up.

The meal was good, but the throbbing of the island had been getting to me since even Bonaire and now on the island I could feel it pulsating in my system.
Rick leaned over, "I was thinking of a little something more dramatic to start with tonight. What do you think bro?" And mouth dry, all he could do was nod watching Rick get up from the table.
Normally it's the two of them the first night, but once again his bro, incredibly in sync with him sexually caught it as well.

Dinner was over and he could see a bunch of people eating desserts or heading to the bar either inside or out when Rick gestured him over near the pool.
Sitting down for dinner Gil had thrown his shirt back on still leaving it open and his bro put his hands on his shoulders and began slipping the shirt back off with Gil wincing since even the simple touch of Rick’s hands on his bare flesh made him want to moan.
"Now me."
The stud was wearing a staff polo shirt molded to his exceptional body which was snug over his wide thick shoulders and sharply tapered before it fit into his tiny waist and he pulled it up electrified when his bare hands touched Rick’s body.
“Fuuuuuck bro.”
As it often does the man's frame had him speechless even after all these years.
Thick neck led to sharply sloping traps, Rick also had his own large arms at his sides. But it was the torso that was truly mesmerizing with his wide thick chest housing two large succulent nipples heavily overhanging a deeply washboarded eight pak including those two lines which look like parentheses making the abdominals look like a shield.

Grinning, Rick grabbed Gil’s face with two hands pulling the man for a deep kiss which had each of them moaning around the other's tongue as they made out.
The two have always been competitive about sexually tweaking the other and since Gil happened to be more sensitive, Rick was usually more successful but not by much and you could see his eyes were just as unfocused when they separated.
"You have any valuables in your shorts?"
Gil grinned, "Welllll” making Rick snicker.
"I wasn't talking about your dick idiot, any wallet or keys?" Seeing Gil shake his head no curious where this was going and he figured it out at the exact moment Rick tossed his ass in the pool jumping in right behind with the two of them laughing as they wrestled in the water before climbing out completely drenched.
"So what the hell was that all about?"

"Trust your bro," and once again the sexy man closed in for a hot make out session and out of the corner of his eye he could see a fairly captivated group of people watching the scene unfold.
"Tsk tsk. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to stand around in wet clothes?" And his friend started yanking at his buttons and within seconds both had their wet shorts puddled around their feet and with the kissing and rubbing which had been going on, two big slabs of meat were smashed against each other as they continued to make out.

Taking his hand now completely naked, they walked over to the bar past a few people to get a few beers from Tom.
"Thanks Bud. I think I’ll take Gil over to the grotto and give him a workout," seeing a huge smirk on Tom's face along with a serious nod.

Oh fuck.
The grotto is in the back of the resort with an unassuming arbored opening leading you into a not very complicated maze which empties you into open areas that might house a sling or a simple pedestal the perfect height for a man on his back or maybe his hands and knees.
Eventually you can make it to the back where the small pool surrounded by the rocky grotto like structure is housed, but the entire place is designed for mansex with little dispensers of lube tucked in the walls of foliage.

Rick and I made it to the grotto quickly turning into one of the first open areas and pushed on my back his big dick effortlessly slid in my tight ass and the two of us groaned in need. He didn’t hesitate to begin slamming the large tool inside which caused a little pain initially, but I was almost instantly begging for him to pound my craving hole.

Rick leaned in as he continued to fuck my ass and I opened my mouth with the stud let his spit dribble down following down to make out and it didn't take long for people to show up and grinning, Rick turned my face to one side and a big thick meaty stalk was pushed down my throat and shortly thereafter I felt my bro’s big slab of meat leave my aching chute and shortly after some new stud slammed right in.
I heard murmurs about how the slut really needed his tits worked over and first hands then mouths came down to work over the bloated stubs on my chest amping me up even further as my rock hard dick leaked fluids all over my trenched abdominals and a nipple chewer would then move down and suck in some of my spooge before returning to abuse my aching stubs.

This isn't about getting it on with men, its strictly about sex pure and simple. Man cock slamming into your ass and down your windpipe or you finding some ass to fuck until you get off.
I wasn’t pay attention lost in it all, but I’d hear a grunt with the anonymous stud slamming to the hilt inside me, then he’d pull out as another heavy hard tool took his place. My throat would fill up with warm thick cream and sometimes the stranger would come down for a hot kiss before moving to the side and another demanding prong slid down my windpipe.
Some studs couldn’t wait and I felt ropes of hot jizz landing on my torso until hands pulled me up and Rick returned closing in for a hot kiss our big cum soaked bodies pressed hard against each other with both hands reaching down and back and slipping fingers in jizz saturated holes. Oh yeah, my stud bro has been busy too.

“Come on stud I want to play with you for a while.”
Another of the staff studs had taken my place and was already working on man cock when we walked out of this area seeing hot naked men walking around and groping our sweaty sex filthy bodies and we entered another part of the grotto with a lower platform and my bro went down on his back and getting on my hands and knees over the stud in a sixty-nine position so I could suck his big tool inside as he leaned up taking mine and seeing his legs spread wide, a huge tool slammed inside his welcoming hole and I grunted around his shaft as someone took me the same way.

There was something about sucking ricks cock while I could see Man cock after Man cock taking his whole which was such a flocking turn on and we both drank each other's creamy juices.

It was dark and shadowy in the grotto, but inches away I could watch cock after cock take my bro’s hole, feeling the same happening to me and the two of us dumped loads down each others throats sensing more and more people entering the three ring sex circus.
I got up after awhile leaving my bro to a group of men who liked working over his big muscled jock body and not sure what to do next with my dick still rock hard thanks to the frenzy of the orgy pulsating through my system. Suddenly arms wrapped around my chest and looking down I could see the big arms were as black as midnight and I heard a deep voice welcoming me back to Paradiso.

The dude was big and wide from Nigeria I think and I could feel his truly massive cock pressed against my crack.
Size queens may hesitate when they see me?
With Jamal, they likely faint. If not a foot long, the man’s damn close.
“Let me show you something new in the grotto” and he pulled me around to a tall, narrow pedestal which looked a little worn on top and grinning the big African hoisted me up and now I understood since the top of the pedestal perfectly fit somebody's ass and pulling my legs up and out the dude slid his humongous telephone pole inside me.

It was the right height for me to sit up and with my legs spread wide and his huge tree trunk inside me the big man closed in wrapping me in his arms for a deep kiss as his hips swayed giving me an easy fuck.
Here we were in the middle the grotto with dozens of men taking each other and for a few moments the two of us were in our own little world as his monstrous shaft continued sliding in though was no way this huge man would spend the whole time slow and easy. Especially since Jamal well knew I was one of the people who could take him however he wanted so his club started taking deeper strokes as we both groaned at the sensations and building up speed my hole was soon being pounded with his huge shaft.
Sitting up like this meant I felt the thick big shaft as he fucked me hard and we closed together for deep hungry kissing as my own rod rubbed against his tight stomach.
Jamal loves to kiss and with my arms wrapped around the two of us, we made out as he continued ramming inside me until I pulled away and grinning, I concentrated for a few seconds making my entire chute embrace the entire length of his huge pipe and I could see his eyes widen as he felt the sensations
“What are you doing?”
“Don't you like it?”
I didn’t need to ask since his breaths were coming out as he struggled with what was going on down below and hearing a low growl his massive tool completely left me before slamming in again all way to the hilt and after a second time it stayed there and I felt scalding liquid hitting my walls inside as the big African whimpered in my arms as we resumed making out.

Later in another area cream splattered in my windpipe and I greedily swallowed as much as I could loving the taste and he no sooner left my mouth when another slab of meat passed my lips and hearing a grunt my insides were splashed with my ass being seeded once again and just like before the dick exited with another man ramming a new rigid tool inside and noticing that the area I was in was getting rather crowded I knew I was in for a long night.

Much later I realized I had made my way back towards the grotto pool and standing around and looking at the crowd of men, I could see they were in pretty much every sexual position possible and Will, the dude who I flew in with neared showing his lean young body already coated with some spunk and without speaking dropped to his knees and sucked in my rigid pole working his tight mouth around my thick tool and I gave him a load which had him choking and unable to swallow it all, so I bent down kissing and licking the excess up around his mouth.

Another Paradiso orgy.
The grotto was like a maze of tropical foliage where you'd see another path that led you to an open area with more hot men standing, kneeling, bent over or lying around in every position taking other men and Gil moved around sometimes sinking to his knees to swallow some juicy man cock. More than once he’d be on his knees working some guys tool and another stud would come down behind him slamming his shaft inside his willing hole sometimes just grabbing his hips and pounding the hell out of him before he got off while others took advantage of the incredible muscular body roaming their hands over his frame until finding those thick hardened nubs to roughly pinched the stubs making Gil moan around the cock he was sucking.

This is what he’s made for.
Man sex.
In his single, younger days before he was transformed, he’d had to a bathhouse or video store and if he got off two or three times, he’d consider it a good night.
Now, that was barely his warm up.

His ass might be dripping out jizz, but he was still tight around any stud’s tool and his own shaft was rock hard, leaking cream ready to fuck another hole.
And with Rick, Jamal and other staff, all transformed studs like him all here in the grotto, the sexual temperature was so heated up, so even the regular guys were almost in a frenzy.
He was standing around not even bothering to count how many men he’s fucked or cum inside him but his tool was still hard and ready for something though the almost insane sexual compulsion which had been building inside him all afternoon had dissipated leaving him still horny and willing to play, but not as manic as before and he was watching a hot couple making out as other men fucked their asses when he felt a big cock slide inside with muscular arms pulling him against a thick chest.

“You good here?”
“Yeah I'm done.”
His bro slammed his big tool inside a couple times to remind him how much he liked being there before pulling out and the two walked out of the grotto, then the pool area where there was a lot of men in the pool, at the edge of the pool, on the chaise lounges or on the ground screwing and sucking away as they crossed over and headed away from the area reaching a dim path until reaching a glass door frosted and etched with a Koala Bear of all things and the walked in to the bungalow coming in for kiss with both getting of on the other absolutely reeking of sex.

They were in Gil's rented villa which was a one room space with the bed tucked around the corner and the backside all glass looking out into the darkened night, however he knew after the patio was sand and you could hear the waves of the shore crashing on the beach not too far away. Breaking away the sexy stud walked through the dimly lit room and out the back to the deep patio and following his bro Gil watched him spread out on the double wide chaise lounge laying on his stomach with his arms and legs spread wide.

He had to stand there for a second to admire the scene since this is where the stud’s tremendous V-shaped body looked amazing with his lats spread wide sharply narrowing to his rounded muscled butt and with his thick legs spread wide the little light displayed his bro’s round and pink rosebud looking rather used right now with some cream oozing out it though clearly ready for more and getting on his knees he leaned in to drag his sandpapery tongue over the sensitive opening hearing Rick moan in need.

Tasting some of the cream leaking out he started darting his tongue inside hearing the whimpers grow louder and in between the groans the jock stud begged for Gil to please fuck him and straightening up he leaned in and slammed his throbbing pole in the still tight tunnel to the hilt and wasn't sure which of them moaned the loudest.
The two of them have been active all night so there was no need to mess around and he quickly started slamming his horse cock down his hole as his bro begged for it hard and fast and hands down next to the stud’s shoulder blades he built up speed fucking the hot man as hard as he wanted.

“I want to make out.”
Gil pulled out and the sexy man turned around on his back lifting his legs with him pushing back in and coming in on his elbows the two thick sweating chests pressed against each other to make out while he worked the man’s tight ass.

Knowing his weakness, Rick’s hands slid between their chests and his fingers began rubbing his already swollen tits before tightly pinching and moaning he picked up speed to bang away when started swelling up and began firing his first load of cum inside the man's chute to continue flooding his hole.

It didn’t end there and in the morning when Gil woke up he rolled over on his back as the distant sound of the waves crashed on the shoreline.
He loved this place, but the sex was unreal.

Twenty years ago, his first night here, a huge man came to this very same villa looking like a giant Tom of Finland model come to life with the unreal sized dick as well hanging between his legs.
The dude shouldn’t have been able to even fit all that inside his ass, but he did and that started his transformation into the sex crazed stud muffin he is today.

If he’s lucky and super busy, he might last a week, before the compulsion kicks in, but its easier to just hit a video store or bar during the week and get laid, with the weekends needed to hit a bathhouse and spend six or eight hours working over the men there.
But he doesn’t need to worry about that on Paradiso, where there’s plenty of men ready to get it on throughout the day and Gil was thinking it’s time for a workout.
Oh yeah.
Skimpy shorts, sweating up from the workout which releases those pheromones which attracts anyone nearby and by the time he’s ready to hit the showers or sauna, there will be a man or two willing to play some more.
Hot damn and welcome to where it all began!