Crashing a Birthday Party

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The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on taking you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, the Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale and so on.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what's called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he's such a sex crazed stud muffin, you'll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

I was in an area packed with small towns doing leadership training for a small manufacturing company and it was going well but I've been here for a week with no sexual relief.

My body had been transformed earlier this year by a mysterious guy named Thax at a gay resort in the Caribbean called Isla Paradiso. The transformation left me with this smoking hot body, a metabolism that lets me eat whatever I want and a need for hot mansex that at times was almost overwhelming, like tonight.

I went on the internet and found a bar centered to four little towns in the area saying it was 'gay friendly' whatever that meant, but I was desperate. Earlier I worked out pumping my body up and put on a pair of cargo shorts, sneaks and tank top which was one of the cheap 3 to a package ribbed kind that I bought in a smaller size, so its thin, almost transparent material stretched over my torso leaving nothing to the imagination with its bottom hem barely kissing the top of my shorts and stretching taut across my chest not bothering to hide my nipples.

Through the thin material you could see the dark large areolas of my nipples and my fat puffy nubs. My nipples had been abused for almost twenty years first by my partner and lately through a succession of men resulting in thick meaty bullet shaped nubs that begged to be licked, sucked and chewed. Since they are super sensitive to even being touched making me hotter, dick harder and my ass craving for attention only spurs people on to greater heights.

I pulled up to a building in the middle of nowhere with half a dozen cars parked in the dirt lot and as I was reaching for the door when it flew open with a blonde twink flying out with a big black guy following. I stopped to watch to make sure nothing serious was going to happen getting a front row seat to some melodrama with the twink yelling and saying no way and the big dude pleading more than anything else looking more like a lover's quarrel or something so I headed into the bar

Dark, cheap furniture and long bar on one side, the place looked no different from a million small bars.

I walked up to the counter noticing a pool table toward the back and no one but me in the bar except for the guy behind the counter which was weird since I did see a bunch of cars in the parking lot.

The bartender was big, bearded and bald and I ordered a beer and a shot hearing some noise in the back behind a wall where I figured must be another room and the missing car owners thinking maybe somebody's got a card game going on. I shrugged and downed my shot as the bartender stood around giving me the 'haven't seen you here before' line as I gave a short spiel about the job I was on in a neighboring town.

We chatted amiably when big dude came back in looking a bit pissed.

“Hank I thought we had this place for a private party tonight?” talking to the bartender sounding irritated.

I was willing to apologize and split; when Hank the bartender gestured he'd handle it.

“Well Joe, this guy Rob here is over doing some training in Winston this week and he didn't say but I suspect he drove over here for some cold beer and hot action.”

It was a bit corny, but essentially accurate, although I was thinking 'a lot' of hot action would have been closer to the truth while the guy named Joe checked me out from head to toe.

Since I'm six foot, two hundred with body fat in the low single digits and he seemed to like what he saw.

Joe smiled and signaled Hank for a couple of shots.

“Sorry dude didn't mean to be an asshole. It's my buddy's fortieth birthday party and I was responsible for the entertainment.”

I gestured toward the door, “I take it that was your entertainment flying out the door?”

Joe let out a huge laugh and shrugged.

Three shots arrived with Hank joining us as we downed them.

Joe looked at me for a long second making a decision, “Would you care to join our party?”

Hank smiled and then looked a little worried.

“How about I join you for a beer and we take it from there?”

I could see Hank relaxing a bit and Joe smiled a face busting grin. “That's cool.”

The bartender handed me a fresh Corona with Joe leading me to the back.

We rounded the wall where there was a big open area and a bunch of tables thrown together. Balloons and wrapping paper was strewn around the room and seated around the table were five more black guys, one with a dime store tiara on his head.

All of the guys were burly somewhere between twenties to early forties and now all silent as we walked up.

“Hey guys this is Rob, who's in the area training some people over at Franklin's Mill. Word is he's thirsty and horny,” getting cheers and raised bottles for the comment.

I walked around and shook hands with Ben the birthday boy and Ken, Ty and I can't remember who else and they all seemed like fairly genial studs enjoying themselves tonight.

Making my rounds around the table, I'd feel a hand slipping up my thigh or patting my ass as well as hearing a muttered 'damn' as I shook hands with a group of fairly well put together dudes.

Now done with the introductions, someone slipped a chair next to Ben the birthday boy so I parked it just as Hank rounded the corner with a tray full of shots. Shit, this could be dangerous.

“So what do you think of my presents?”

Stacked on the table was an assortment of dildos, beads, a huge container of lube and a massive butt plug.

“It looks like your buddies want to make sure you're going to stay happy until you turn forty-one,” which earned a good laugh from the group.

After a couple of beers and a lot of storytelling mostly at birthday boys expense, I was wondering if or when any real fun would begin, when the guys started trash talking about who had the hottest body parts.

Joe rolled up his sleeve to flex his bi's which were pretty big and through shouts and pushes I ended up standing next to the man flashing my big arms.

I've got a good build but nothing like Joe's big body, however I do have massive arms, so to a lot of laughter, yelling and flexing Joe and I pumped our arms to the crowd as two voted for Joe and two who felt while mine may be slightly smaller they looked hotter on my body with Ben, the birthday boy possessing the final vote and he staggered up, felt then licked Joe's pumped bicep.

Ben then leaned over and gave my flexed arm a lick and turning to the table, Ben avowed 'Rob tastes better' and raised my arm in a victory pump to laughter, protests and comments about how Ben always did like the taste of white meat.

After another shot we moved to shoulders where a guy named Darryl won with steeply sloping traps on a lean body that looked pretty sexy.

When they called out 'now chest!' I stayed in my chair since I was a leaner than at least half these guys to see big Joe get up and strip his shirt off showing off a big muscled chest. Then Ty stood up and opening his shirt then dropping it on a chair displaying some nice beefy pecs as well.

I was watching the two studs show off their sexy bodies when Ben grabbed one of my nipples that had been pushing out and twisting it, told me in a low voice it was time to 'air these bad boys'.

I was drunk, having a good time, and figured what the hell so I stood up drawing everyone's attention slowly pulling off my tight tank top to cheers and yells the more the shirt came off with me ending up standing between Joe and Ty.

“Wait a minute here!” Ben shouting to be heard and everybody quieted down.

“I asked that Rob enter because he does have a great chest, but look at those damn headlights!”

More cheers and laughter.

“But I think we need to have them displayed for us the appropriate way. Joe, Ty will you do the honors?”

The two studs grinned then lowered their faces to my chest with Joe first licking and then started sucking my nipple, where Ty immediately started nibbling then chewing my rapidly hardening nub.

With my hands on the back of their heads, I threw my head back and couldn't help but groan at the sensation feeling the vibration of Ty chuckling a little when Joe started clamping down with his teeth.

“Fuuuuck”, I barely realized that came from me.

One of their hands slid down my lower back to the top of my shorts working its way in. With no belt and being a little loose they not only gained access but the invasion caused my shorts to push down my body as a middle finger took the path down my crack until it stopped to rub my aching hole.

“Alright boys, behave,” Ben again.

Joe and Ty laughed as they pulled away from my hard, horned up body.

I was a bit dazed, my nipples were now sticking out demanding more action and my shorts were now down to just above my pulsating dick which was holding them up by tenting the khakis out. My Adonis belt was on display which had Ty running a finger over the deep line causing me to shudder even from that simple gesture.

I sat down grabbing my beer and taking a big sip trying to calm my raging hormones. Ty and Joe's action on my tits had me in a horned up fog and Ben looked over smiling like he knew what was going on in my head.

“How about comparing our dicks now?”

That was shouted by one of the guys which caused everyone to start laughing and shouting at the same time since in a nutshell, the stud who asked the question, Marcus apparently was hung like a horse and he knew it and so did everyone else.

“You know 'M' we can't compete. You just want to show it off,” getting more laughter.

“How about the white boy over there? He might be packing.”

Which brought on a lot of comments on the sad state of white men endowments along with the superiority of black men, although Ty and Joe who both felt me up when they were chewing on my chest gamely defended my assets.

“Well let's see then,” Marcus of course.

Everyone was looking over at me while I took a long pull of my Corona.

“I'll make you a deal stud, we'll display, but the price is I get your ass tonight.”

They lost it. The guys were howling and carrying on.

After they settled down, Marcus looking straight at me looking a little irritated, “The deal is normally the bigger man gets the ass.” Dead silence as they all turned to hear my reply.

“Maybe, but your buddies make it sound more like you're more concerned about just showing off your big dick to everybody, so the deal stands, we'll both show what we got, but you pay for the exhibition.”

There were a few snickers, but all eyes turned to Marcus.

It was almost like a tennis match with heads swiveling back and forth.

Marcus stared at me for a second and then grinned. “Deal.”

The room went wild.

Both of us got up when one of the guys started humming the OK Corral song, like two gunslingers coming to face each other and standing side by side, Marcus struggled to get his jeans and underwear off.

I had a button, the zipper then I let them drop to cheers and acclaim, my dick bobbing up with Marcus having everything shoved to his ankles when straightening up he showed off his monster.

Damn! I've seen and had some gigantic dicks in my day and Marcus would be in any top ten category, I mean the dude was both thick and long. He was so big, his shaft hung down a bit from the weight.

Kicking my shorts off, one guy yelled, “Taste test!” and they took up the chant and the birthday boy happily jumped up from the chair walking over.

After cries demanding they needed to witness everything so there wouldn't be any cheating, Marcus and I climbed up on 3 chairs, the middle one holding both our legs so we were still close but our legs were spread a bit.

Ben had taken his shirt off after exclaiming he was planning on working up a sweat showing off a hard tight body with a little chest hair running down to his pants as he grabbed both Marcus and my tools giving them a few strokes, then dived on my meat.

I jerked back at the sensation feeling Marcus' hand on my lower back helping me remain steady on the chair and looking over to thank him for the save, the hot looking stud smiled leaning in to give me a heavy kiss.

I felt the mouth leave my rod and Marcus let out a loud grunt while we were still kissing me thinking Ben had obviously landed.

I had to scope out the action and looking down watched Ben's lips crawl up the long length of Marcus' club almost making it to the end before he gave up pulling back off.

Stroking both of us, Ben yelled out, “The winner is of course bull stud Marcus, but I do think we need to make our boy Rob here an honorary black man!” to a lot of laughter, clapping and cheering.

I was laughing too and Marcus and I started to get down from the chairs when Ben stopped me with a “Not yet.”

Pushing me around with his hands, Ben had me turn around with my back to the guys, my legs spread across several chairs.

Getting a slap on my butt I was commanded “Bend over boy,” so I leaned over grabbing the backs of the chairs, when Marcus came behind so his face and mine were now inches apart and then closing in the last few, the stud came in for another deep kiss.

With my legs spread and me bent over I knew what they were seeing which was a hard muscle butt and in this position my pink hungry rosebud was on view for everyone to be able to see and I got a couple of licks on my craving hole from Ben that had me moaning.

“It's time to end this contest and I think we should all agree that even after all the beautiful body parts we've seen tonight this is clearly the most glorious!” Ben had been rubbing his finger around my hole, tapping it while he was talking. Marcus ran around insisting on seeing it yelling out a “YEAH!” before coming back to kiss me some more.

“You get my ass tonight, but you know I'm going to get a piece of that.” I groaned as he dropped back to kiss me and I was thinking of his giant meat in my hole.

“New rules.”

Even through my fog, I could hear moans and protests.

“One is I get his ass first.” Cries of unfair, birthday boy taking advantage, even a yell about how 'Ben was such a dick whore himself so what would he do with such a fine ass' came out, but eventually they agreed to a lot of laughter.

“The second is that no one gets to tap this glory unless you eat him out first. And I don't mind telling you its sweet.”

There was more laughter and protests with Marcus dashing around to dive on my chute to additional laughter at how quickly he accepted the new rule as Ben came near lifting my head up looking a little concerned.

“You okay with all this stud?” Marcus was really going to town on my rosebud so it was difficult to concentrate, but I was able to gasp out, “more than okay.”

Ben barked out a laugh giving me a light slap on my face, then a kiss searching out then pinching my nipples causing me to let out a loud groan while still kissing to his amusement. “Yep I'm pretty sure you're going to do okay.”

Other tongues attacked my ass making me delirious and after a while I was pulled off the chairs which was good since my legs were weakening from the expert rimjobs.

The studs didn't stop however, but moved me over to a table shoving me on my back and lifting my legs as someone dove down driving his tongue inside my chute.

I realized it was a small table when someone grabbed my head bending it down forcing me to take someone's fat juicy dick although at that point no one was forcing me to do anything.

I could hear a lot of talk of reserving their cum for my ass, so my mouth would get fucked for a while and then someone else would step up.

Fortunately a couple of the big studs were leaking pretty heavily and I took as much juicy cream as I could get.

I heard “Main Event!” yelled out and a dick was at my entrance slowly being pushed in and because of who I am I can pretty much take anything, but I'm still tight which you could tell by Ben yelling out, “Damn boy, you a virgin?” to much laughter.

I couldn't answer since I was still filled with a big slab of meat in my mouth.

Ben had a nice size dick which made my hungry hole happy and ready to party.

The stud in front shuddered and I finally got my first load of sweet jizz in my mouth. After pulling out, Ben pulled me for a kiss and said, “Just so you know, all six of us rimmed your hot butt.”

I clenched down on his cock with my sphincter letting him know what I thought of that, “Geezus!” feeling spurts heating my manhole.

Ben started laughing. Slapping my ass he gasped out, “I was worried about you, but I'm beginning to think I need to worry about the six of us,” and we both laughed as Joe moved up entering my ass, shoving me down on my back to take Ty's big cock down my throat.

Big bodybuilder Joe took it easy on my chute with long undemanding strokes. I was pretty wired at that point but I shouldn't have worried, because immediately after feeling a gallon of spooge coat my insides, his fat cock exited and another about the same size entered in one big hard shove and without pausing my ass started getting jack hammered by some stud's fat dick. I couldn't see who it was since Ty dropped his load then leaned over to make out retrieving some of his cum out of my mouth.

I signaled I needed to stand up and stretch my legs; finding out it had been Darryl of the amazing traps who had been drilling my ass so hard.

I got a quick shot, a swallow of beer and Darryl pushed me against a wall shoving his pole back up my ass once again giving it no quarter by fucking me mercilessly and damn it felt fucking great.

Out of the corner of my eye I did see birthday boy Ben on another table getting screwed by someone but I was brought back to what was going on when all of a sudden Darryl rammed into me to the hilt holding his big dick deep as he sent his spunk deep inside me.

You couldn't count the seconds between the time Darryl pulled out and when I was filled back up with a new fat shaft.

Off to my side I heard a “I want these again” and big Joe squeezed between me and the wall to continue chewing on my aching nubs, muttering underneath, “Fuck these taste so good.” The avid stud worked on them for a while getting satisfying moans from me when he turned around backing up on my cock.

“Oh, Geezus”, his hard bodybuilder butt encased my pole in his tight hot hole and I started shoving it in as the cock behind me got in sync for the mutual fucking and at some point Joe must have cum since his chute clamped down on my shaft, which sent me over the edge.

The guy invading me forced out a “Holy shit,” as he felt his dick being gripped in a vise before he spewed his juices down my ass.

Soon after, as agreed I got Marcus' ass and he did get mine.

Everybody wanted to watch that one, so Marcus lay out on a table where I stepped up and sat on his telephone pole of a cock to much cheering. Once it was clear I could take his baseball bat, I was pushed back to a crab position on my hands and feet where Marcus drove his dick upward to go deep up my butt while two guys leaned in to chew on my tits again.

One of the guys left tapped my mouth and opening up I got some refreshing cold beer poured down my throat which gave Ty who was on my left an idea and he poured his beer on my nipple taking a lick exclaiming, “Beer battered white meat! Hank you need to put it on the menu.” Everybody laughed except me since I was still getting pistoned by Marcus' massive rod and since he was speeding up I knew he didn't have too much longer.

The stud with the monster cock clutched my hips pulling me down so his ass was on the table and mine was on his lap fully impaled on his monster meat as he started screaming, “sonofabitch, sonofabitch, searing my cavern with what seemed like a gallon of his thick cream.

We took a break with some pizzas Hank made along with some more beers to keep the group lubricated.

The pizzas weren't that great; however I desperately needed to refuel so I shoveled quite a bit in much to everyone's amusement and we were all standing around naked with guys coming over and grabbing my dick, squeezing my ass or tweaking one of my now swollen, sensitive nipples.

I even got birthday boys' butt which was fairly loose coming to the realization the massive toys he got as gifts weren't joke gifts but going to be put to good use.

It was still good especially when Joe slid back inside my ass while I was fucking Ben.

Joe came and pulled out and I decided to give Ben a break which didn't quite happen.

I was standing back drinking another cold one and I heard an “it's time” where Marcus laid on the edge of the table and Ben climbed up and sank on his huge member noticing Ben handled it without much difficulty when Ken walked up between Marcus' legs and closed in sinking his shaft inside Ben next to Marcus' giant rod.

Ben did jerk a bit, but took it like the cock whore he obviously was.

I heard a soft chuckle behind me, when handsome Ty moved in sinking his big dick back up my ass. Both of us were standing straight as the stud reached around to idly flick my swollen nubs and next to my ear, “Did you know that Ken is Ben's younger brother?”

I noticed the resemblance but wasn't sure so I shook my head no enjoying the sensation of his big thick dick rubbing my prostate.

Still murmuring inches away from my ear, “Yeah, Ken was the closeted gay bad boy and older brother Ben was the good son with a high maintenance wife, that is until Ken moved in for a while and before you knew it, the wife found a new man and Ben is the county's biggest dick whore.”

Ty squeezed one of my nipples at the same time and my laugh turned into a gasp which made sexy Ty chuckle softly and looking over you saw Ken plowing his brothers packed ass giving him no quarter with the birthday boy looking like he was in heaven.

The stud inside me punched his cock in and out a few times to get my attention. “Joe and I were wondering if you'd like to get some of that action too.” I looked back not sure what he meant. “Stud, your ass, our hungry cocks.”

I've been double fucked once before and I know I was going to be stretched with Joe and Ty's big fucksticks and swallowing I nodded.

“Fuuuuck, I knew we could count on you, sexy man!”

Ty slowly pulled out leading me to the same table as the trio and getting some signal Joe came over laying on his back while I got up on my knees sinking on his thick cock and leaning forward I was inches from Bens face and we both kissed while Ty positioned himself and then tried to gain entrance.

Remembering how it worked the previous time, I started to grab a nipple but Joe knocked my hand away.

I heard a “Ready?” from Joe and he pulled my nipples like he was going to rip them off my body making my brain blank for a second and remembering to breathe I felt Ty's head and then cock sink into my extremely stretched hole.

I should have felt pain, but Joe's cock was now pushing hard against my prostate jamming my pleasure sensations and I realized I was letting out a low growl of ecstasy.

Finally able to focus I looked at Ben who smiled and said, “Welcome to the slut club boy.”

I laughed and told Ben, “Maybe but at least I don't have the club up my ass” gesturing down toward Marcus.

Ben laughed then turned behind him yelling “You boys on vacation or something?” which spurred Ken and Marcus to ramp up pounding his hole.

Ty leaning forward chuckled next to my ear and told Joe, “We don't want the old men to make us look bad” and started fucking me harder as Joe lifted my ass a little so he could start sliding his long hard dick in and out as well although he did look up concerned then grinned when I moaned out “Hell yeah studs.”

We heard a “oh shit, oh shit” from Marcus which set a chain reaction from all of us, yelling, groaning, spewing jizz in holes or like me on Joe's washboard stomach. Both Ty and Joe gave me long deep kisses as we took a few moments to catch our breath, their fat cocks still stuffing my butt until a short time later, we started to disentangle and looking over saw Darryl pumping his cum inside Hank's ass.

We were all pretty much done for the night.

They all got a kick out of my offer to chip in for the beer and pizza getting pats on my sore ass telling me as far as they were concerned I was owed change for my contribution to the party.

So we called it a night, found all our clothes and helped Ben put all his monster toys in his car and I was fairly wasted, so Ty and Joe offered to drive my car and follow to my motel with Ty driving and we talked the short ride back to my lodging.

I did mention these guys did the stereotype proud for black guys since all were a pretty good size, letting me know that it wasn't coincidence and how there were a few others in the area who played, but 'we didn't invite them since…' holding up a wiggling his pinkie showing they were less blessed.

We laughed and Ty grabbing my crotch told me how I'll be invited to all their parties which had us laughing harder.

The stud did mention he was turning thirty-five in a couple of months and I'd get an invitation.

Shaking my head and chuckling, we arrived at my motel where Ty transferred over to Joe's truck and since we were in public it was arm slugs and fist bumps good-bye.

I took a long hot shower realizing I had about three hours before I had to get up for class tomorrow but I couldn't help smiling.

Hell yeah, I'd do it again.

Next morning in the classroom, my new group of people walked in for their two day workshop. Grinning I saw Joe and Marcus walk through the door with as big of grins as I was wearing. Since I was working I had adrenalin pumping through me all day, while Joe and Marcus occasionally drifted off to my amusement and I would act with innocent concern recommending caffeine or for them to stand up if they felt tired, getting dirty looks from either one.

On a break, Joe sidled up.

“Just so you know it's not because of Rob the teacher today, but Rob the slut of last night, why I am having trouble staying awake.”

“Oh?” trying to sound like I didn't know what he was talking about as Joe laughed and punched my shoulder saying “Asshole.”

They perked up that afternoon but when nobody was nearby, both admitted they missed some stuff and would I mind doing some late night training, like maybe tonight.

I keeled over from laughing so hard.

Later we went out to a local barbeque place then back to my room where we fucked through the night.

All of our asses got used and Joe after a couple of slugs from a whiskey bottle took both Marcus and I at the same time.

The two studs compared notes to understand just how sensitive my puffy, swollen nubs were, so pretty much the entire night no matter what else we were doing some hand, lips or teeth were attached to my tits squeezing, pinching, sucking and chewing.

The next day in class my shirt felt like it was made of sandpaper and each time it moved or rubbed my chest I would got a jolt from my extremely sore nips with the two studs Joe and Marcus noticing and grinning each time they saw me react.

And oh yeah, I did get a request to do another leadership training in a town nearby around the time of Ty's birthday celebration wondering if that was where he worked?

They wanted to pay less, so we worked a deal where they paid the same, but didn't pay any motel expenses.

I think I can find a bed to stay in, if I work on it.