Doctor's Orders

Below is a story taken from my book On My Own, which can be found in Kindle format at can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to

The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, the Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale as well as The Bank.

The fifth book On My Own is where Gil Walker decides to do some home rehab in the South.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what's called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he's such a sex crazed stud muffin, you'll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

Dr. Jared Weiss was my doctor, as well as being an incredibly hot man.

Miami was where I was flying out of on my way to the Caribbean, so I had called him up to see if he was free for some hot sex when he reminded me how long it's been since I had any checkup.

I was okay with being poked and prodded as long as it was Dr. Jared, since he's exactly the kind of doctor any self respecting gay man would want checking over your body.

At his office he's Dr. Professional despite my best efforts to distract him, but we do end up at his house later where he's not my doctor any more, just one hell of a hot stud.
There is a condition to my visits however, which is that I have to get seriously laid the night before the two of us hook up.

My doc is relatively low key when we do the dirty deed and knowing my crazy sex drive he insists I need to be 'a little worn down' by the time I get to his house and while I'm not sure how necessary all that is, so far I've obeyed his restriction, having wild monkey sex on the eve of our assignations which leads to exceptional nights with this very hot man.

And if my doc says I need to be a slut the night before, who am I to disregard doctors orders?
Riding my Harley to Ft. Lauderdale by early afternoon I ended up in a place called the Ft. Lauderdale Club Bar.

The Club Bars were a global chain of gay bath houses with a regular bar attached to them and the bar itself could be quite elegant or pretty sleazy, with the bath house being what bath houses always are.

What made Club Bar's popular was they always had some type of mingling area between the bar and the baths, maybe nothing more than a common wall with glory holes the bar patrons could stick their boners through as the bath house patrons waited on their knees, while other places had a restricted room where the two groups could more fully mingle.

The Fraternity had a stake in the global chain so we all had a card with benefits including deep discounts as well as being allowed to rent in twenty-four increments.

It made sense since members of our super secret Fraternity universally have hot hard bodies and killer sex drives, so we're popular customers when we show up and on arrival I took a double room, more for all the crap I was carrying since I had all my clothes for my Caribbean trip with me and with riding a motorcycle its not like I could leave it in the trunk.

I love my Harley, but it can be a pain sometimes.

Stripping down I put on a noticeably undersized thong swimsuit.

I totally shaved in preparation which is good since the few inches of material hid nothing, basically holding me in place and plumped up like now, the base of my rod was exposed. as the thong would be pulled away from my body in my somewhat hardened state.

I wasn't worried since I was in a bath house after all and the only reason I wore it was because it's a safe bet I'll soon be hard and I wasn't big on my tool pointing at anybody as I worked on my tan.

At six foot and two hundred pounds, my body fat is in the single digits.

Part of it is the fact my days are long and hard working in home rehab, but it's primarily thanks to the transformation I was giving on the island I was heading to after my doctor's visit, Isla Paradiso.

A couple years ago, I met a mysterious dude named Thax who had some mind blowing sex with me a few times and transformed my body from a middle aged, bulky gay man to rock hard, ab-ilicious sex crazed stud muffin who looks in his late twenties.
Transformed I have this big killer body, but part of the package is a crazy sex libido and stamina to play all through the night, craving men almost non stop, my good sized dick getting even bigger and thicker, and I now have an ass that can take anything, but will be tight through the night.

Shaggy dark hair and gray eyes, I look like a great shape just out of college jock.

Besides the shaggy hair, I normally have a couple day growth of beard which men tell me is hot, but honestly it's cause other than cleanliness, I'm relatively low maintenance especially since I'm not a morning person, so I'm essentially too lazy to shave every day.

Hey, I rehab houses, so its not a big deal.

Below the neck is a little hair on the forearms and legs, otherwise I'm shaved down under.

Hairless and well muscled, I have two things that draw men to me.

The first is my arms. I work heavily on those bad boys, so even when not pumped they're big thick limbs that draw people's attention. After a workout? Well one of my nicknames is Popeye for a reason.

The other is my nipples. Larger than average, the center of my juicy tits has been used and abused first by a lover, then a succession of men over the years and they look like they should have big, heavy tit rings dangling off the tips. But they're sensitive and having some stud chowing down on my meaty erasers heats me up big time.

At the outdoor swimming pool, I dropped my towel on a chaise diving in to do a few laps.

Even riding only a couple hours on a motorcycle, it's nice to get in a pool and limber up and the sun warmed water felt great on my body so taking my time in the water I took the opportunity to check out the guys around the pool.

It was still early yet and there were only a few guys including a hot couple not too far from my lounge chair which was why I picked the location in the first place.

Thirties, toned, nice bulges in tight bikinis was a sweet view as I got out of the pool to stretch out on the lounge chair letting the sun dry me off.

Working in Las Vegas our standard uniform of the day were shorts and work boots so I had a decent dark tan with me trying to strip down to even it up, but you could still see some lines of demarcation on my body with my ankles and feet a little lighter thanks to the work boots as well as around my hips with my shorts, so I laid back and enjoyed the remaining afternoon sun thinking all sorts of sleazy thoughts feeling my nipples harden as well as my groin pushing my suit out even more.

I was half asleep when I felt a shadow cross over me and opening my eyes to see one of the hot guys I had noticed earlier sitting down in the chair next to me.

"Sorry did I waken you?"

I shrugged, "Just nodding off enjoying the sun."

He nodded, "Ned," offering a hand when I gave him my name as I met Will on the other side of me.

We did the chit chat until I made it clear I was here to get laid getting a bark of laughter from the guys. I mean we were in a bathhouse after all.

Both leaned in closer, then unable to resist Ned reached over to flick an already prominently displayed puffy nipple and although I had seen the hand coming over, the nail scraping across my hard, sensitive nub still emitted a surprised groan from me.

"Sensitive huh?" from a grinning Will.

"Big time. When they get worked over good I'm a slave to hot man action."

"Well in that case," Will dived down first licking my sweaty chest circling in to my large areolas, sucking down on my needy fat swollen nubs getting appreciative chuckles when my body stiffened in response as he was immediately joined by his partner so the two went to town chewing, licking and sucking my tits as I increasingly bucked my body in response to their ministrations.
Hands roamed my sweating muscled body as they continued to chew on my tits for quite some time, eventually feeling their hands heading south to first squeeze my thong, force my legs apart and pushing the small string of my thong embedded in the crack of my ass aside to circle my hungry rosebud and sweated up, my hole was moist and ready allowing their fingers to effortlessly slide in my dark cavern making me groan even louder then what I've already been doing with their persistent attack on my chest.

With two fingers each wiggling in my overheated chute, Will finally abandoned his assault on my tortured bullet coming up for a kiss.

"Ned and I were talking earlier that we thought a great way to spend the afternoon around the pool would be to fuck the hell out of a sexy muscle stud.”

Being worked over by this pair of studs, all I could do is moan in reply.

"Naturally, we had that conversation after you showed up, so we were hoping you'd say that."
“Now it's your turn."

My lounge had been flat with the studs indicating I should roll over as my thong was pulled off and I noticed Ned's suit was already off displaying a nice sized piece of hard meat as he sat down above my head letting me raise up on my elbows to sink my face down on his juicy shaft as I felt a tongue licking the moisture off my butt, circling in for his target as he speared my sphincter with his probing tongue making my whimpers vibrate on Ned's shaft.

Before long I felt the head of the stud's tool pushing in and having been so worked over by these two studs with their fingers and tongues, I eagerly opened up welcoming his thick rod as he traveled down my tunnel feeling him bottom out with a growl from above.

"Damn, I'd think you were a fucking virgin. Geezus Ned he's tight!" which didn't stop him from quickly building speed as he fucked my ass.

"Damn Will, I can't hold....." as the stud fucking my face's cock swelled in my mouth a second before a load of warm thick jizz fired down my throat followed by repeated loads as Ned grabbed my head to ram it down his pole.

All that action set his lover off as I received several long hard thrusts inside me with a final drive to the hilt as searing liquid coated my insides as Will grunted as each shot pumped into me and with little ceremony, they pulled off, with a hope we might hook up later for a repeat performance.

No awkwardness, no let's be friends, just nasty bath house sex.

I hadn't cum yet which was okay with me and with a load down my throat as well as coating my hole, I rolled over on my back naked and hard determined to get some of the last sun of the day feeling pretty damn good at that point.
Later back at the room, I dropped off my thong, grabbed a jock which was an off brand with a thinner waistband then the standard.

It was also well used, with a few holes and not having been washed in awhile where I headed over to the weight room doing a light routine to pump my body and burn off a little energy.

I was working out for about half an hour before a sexy young muscle stud wiggled his shorts covered ass in front of me one too many times and I nailed him in an alcove in the back of the room.

There was a low counter so I threw him on his back fucking an already lubed ass hard as I gave him a long deep kiss while he whimpered throughout his screwing and I must have done well since when I pulled out after cumming up his hot butt his abs were coated with his jizz.

Tossing the sweat covered jock back in my room, deciding I was hungry I headed over to the orgy room, kneeling down under a dim spot light so anyone could see a mouth ready and willing and if they thought it being attached to a muscle stud helped them make the decision to step up, more power to them.

And step up they did, as hard dicked men came over to fuck my mouth dumping creamy heaps of their seed down my throat and some guys overheated watching me on my knees stepped up spraying my body with their cream.

Feeling better, but needing a break, I decided to take it easy in the steam room until a hot Latino who had followed behind me worked my pole to stiffness standing up to turn around and sit on my lap embedding my good size shaft in his whore butt with me hearing a swift intake of breath as my rod filled his cavern up, but the stud wanted it bad and he bucked up and down until first he came then his sphincter tightening around my tool forcing me to shoot more ropes of thick milk up his chute.

Geezus, the evening was wearing on, and the sex was coming fast and furious just like I needed tonight.

But after this hot almost non stop fucking I've been doing, I headed back in my room and scarfed down some sandwiches I had brought in with me since my needy metabolism had to being taken care of, then I took a nap waking up around midnight needing to take a piss.

I hadn't showered since I've been here and wasn't seeing the need quite yet as I moved around naked after my trip to the bathroom knowing I needed something more tonight as I walked down a dark hallway past a lean tatted hard muscled dude who ordered me to stop, shoving me against a wall to grab my nipples savagely twisting them.

"Only major whores have big bullets like these."

I couldn't tell him he was wrong in part because they were still sore from the abuse around the pool earlier and I had my mouth clamped shut trying not to let out the groans building up inside me as he continued to roughly work my tender nubs.

"What do you need whore?"

I didn't even think about it.

"Fucked, I need to be fucked big time."

Getting a nod along with a final savage twist on my tits, we went to my room where the dude with minimum lube proceeded to pound my ass until climax a gallon of cream inside my hole.

"You need more don't you?"
Laughing when he saw me helplessly nod, he lightly slapped my face, spitting in my mouth to looking around the room when he directed me to put on my black Carhartt biker boots as well as my sleazy jock.

We then walked over to his room to pick up some items and after that out a door which led to a big dimly lit room filled with a range of people from fully clothed, even suits to others naked which I figured must be the mingle area between the bar and bath.

Tatted dude directed me over to a leather covered stand about the height of an ottoman where I was instructed to get on my hands and knees and once down, the nasty stud looped a long chain through a hook at the edge of the stand clipping nipple clamps on my already raw nubs getting a low growl from me, which made the guy happy.

Once fastened with little slack, the guy directed people who had been watching me being suitably situated to first spit in my face before shoving their dicks down my chute or throat as people lined up with their hard tools ready and willing to fuck one of the chained sluts openings as the fastened clamps bit into my engorged nipples.

Any movement I made pulled on my tits causing me to force out louder and louder groans usually around a fat piece of meat filling my lips which only encouraged the men on who were fucking me and the onslaught continued with me arbitrarily get a slap somewhere on my body making me jerk in surprise which pulled me ever closer to my threshold of pleasure/pain as more cock continued to invade my body.

On my hands and knees and being relentlessly pounded by guys greedy to get off somebody stuck some poppers in my nose and without thinking I took deep inhalations.

The poppers acted like a heavy narcotic making me crave man sex even more, as I did my best to suck more juices out of the anonymous studs battering my face with their poles as well as the men pummeling my ass moaning as cum fell on my body from strangers not able to hold out for their turn.

After I don't know how long but it could have been hours since I long lost count of how many men have had me, the clamps were pulled off freeing me although the blood rushing to my aching tits had me whimpering, as I was tossed on my back receiving more loads down my throat and in my butt, often getting a hand or finger rubbing over my now handily available hugely distended nipples sending jolts of electricity through my body creating an endless cycle of my craving even more from these guys, but eventually as the crowd thinned I staggered off the leather stand and after downing a quick shot of whiskey, I wobbled my way to my room.
Walking down the hallway I didn't know what amused me more, the fact my jock was absolutely soaked with a couple loads of my own jizz from my orgasms through the night or how in my younger pre-transformed days I'd think I had been a wild man if I had a couple loads up my butt where tonight I knew I had way over a dozen studs filling my ass with their cream.

I barely managed to pull my boots and sopping wet jock off before crashing.

By late morning I was raiding the food machines in their little snack room finding a bitter cold diet coke making my morning somewhat livable as I managed to get in more pool time where I napped as well as another work out along with a final piece of ass, before I suited up for my doctors appointment, first hitting a Mexican stand for half a dozen tacos.

The doc sure as hell can't say I didn't follow orders.