The Leaky Sink

First of all if you're not legal, don't read this.

Below is a story taken from my book Sexploits 6 - Tales from the Motel which can be found in Kindle format at You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to

The book is part of a series of low cost books titled The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first name Rob Harris, then Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale as well as The Bank.

The fourth book Ranch Hermanos is where Gil Walker decides to work at the Motel in Las Vegas.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what's called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he's such a sex crazed stud muffin, you'll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

My name is Gil Walker and I'm working in the only exclusively gay motel in Las Vegas.

It's an old small motel off the strip near Fremont Street, the series of hotels and casinos where it all started.

The place I'm working at is an old two story square motel with a giant hollow center where the swimming pool and outdoor area fills the middle up.

The place has a good sized nightclub that's fairly popular, but for the most part the motel is a bit of a dump and that's why I'm here.

The owners have already finished refurbishing the public rooms, restaurant, registration, a nice fitness center and a large area we call the Cave where you can find happiness or at least a hard dick and hot ass, especially when the nightclub heats up late at night.

Me and my crew of two other guys, PJ and Carlos are working room by room to renovate the motel and our deal is we do the renovation in the morning then in the afternoon either work on the outside or some other maintenance task that needs done, and there's a lot of work that needs to be done around here especially as the old rooms are falling apart before we can get to them.

We're not paid very well although we do get our own rooms for free and we're often forced to halt our rehab work due to lack of funds, and while it irritates the hell out of me, I put up with it for one major reason.

I, as well as PJ and Carlos are major sex whores.

So working in a hundred room motel with a continually renewed stream of manmeat is heaven for us and we take full advantage of it.

I'm six foot tall, two hundred pounds with single digits of body fat which means I'm muscular as all get out.

From the neck up I guess I'm okay looking with gray eyes, almost black shaggy hair and normally a couple days growth of beard. People say it's a sexy look on me but honestly it's mostly 'cause I'm too lazy to shave every day.

Thick neck, slightly sloping traps point to one of my more noticeable traits, my arms. At two hundred pounds I'm a good size but my bi's and triceps are blown out of proportion, with people frequently and not too imaginatively calling me Popeye.

Big chest with a shelf leading down to a nice six pak. I have such a high metabolism that if I don't pack a lot of food in, I'll wake up the next morning and my cuts show off as profound trenches as well as a deep canyon showing between my pecs. It usually takes a few days of hard eating before they revert back to the easy six pak I usually sport.

Adonis belt points down to a tight waist, big dick and beefy muscle butt.

I'm built for sex, so that means no hair except maybe a little smattering above my rod if I don't decide to shave it completely and I have thick, hairy beefy legs supporting my big frame.

The other noticeable trait is my headlights. Curving around my chest my areolas are a little bigger than quarter sized housing fat, juicy nubs pointing down about a forty-five degree angle. They look abused because they have been, as well as continue to be abused by stud after stud.

I once had a lover who realizing how sensitive my nips were played hard with them graduating to clamps, suction cups and weights over the years often bringing me to orgasm only with nipple play. The result is now thick round bullets attracting queers like flies to honey.

Lastly I have a killer sex drive that oftentimes drives me crazy.

My guy Carlos, with his hot hulking body and handsome, almost boyish face is a submissive bottom who wants to be abused, and PJ is my height, but shoulders way, way wider displaying his big bodybuilder frame, who is also into rough sex preferring to be bottom to as many men as possible and in my case?

Anything, anywhere, anytime, as long as there is plenty of it, which is why I like living and working at this wall to wall joint of vacationing and partying horny homos.
There's a good chance another reason I have no problem getting laid has something to do with what we wear around the motel which is very little.

A real good reason for wearing little is because we're working in very hot Las Vegas and not just working, but doing construction and the second is because I don't want to be bothered with doing a ton of freaking laundry all the time with the third reason being the most important which naturally is our wish to attract horny men.

We had a designer dude in here a couple months ago who played with PJ, and in gratitude for a very hot mind blowing weekend, made some custom shorts for each of us.
At first glance they look like painters pants made into shorts with the loop and slim pocket on one side and on the other side is an extra pocket for screws or whatever.

Closer inspection would show they're about halfway to the knee revealing a lot of leg, with slightly loose legs so if my dick is hard or even plump its visibly pushing out, as well as a really low waist practically resting on top of my stalk.

For the first week or two when we got the new shorts, the rough cotton and sexy cut made me hard all the time since we all go commando, but I don't even think about it that much any more unless someone hot walks by.

Work boots and thick socks make up what my crew normally wears, with a cheap, body hugging tank top if the weather is too cool or if I need to leave the motel and if it gets even cooler, I throw over a sleeveless hoodie usually unzipped.

The tops will barely make it to the top of my shorts, so any time I lift my brawny arm, I'm still flashing my six pak wherever I go.

During the day I'm working my ass off, so I really don't give a damn how I look, and if I do get lucky and draw some interest from some guy at the hardware store, it's all good.

I have other clothes for when I go out, but I'm wearing these clothes the vast majority of the time and the guests around the pool or motel seem to enjoy the scenery, so why the hell not?

We've completed about a third of the rooms in the motel so far, where we go down to the studs refurbishing everything, but the rest of the rooms are rapidly dying and we're doing what we can to keep them in shape so the owners can rent them out, make some money and pay for more rooms to get rehabbed, so its in our interests to ensure the old rooms are at least habitable.

I was heading back to room two-fourteen which had a leaky sink.

The cold water hose underneath had a big break in it so the water had been pouring out when I arrived, so after a quick valve turn off and throwing every towel in the room down to soak up the water, I went back to our supply room to get a new hose and tools needed to change it out.

No big deal as long as the pipes didn't crumble when I loosened things up which has happened a few times already, but I've patched things up as cheaply as possible until we can make it over and completely rehab the room.

Flat on my back on a soggy carpet I was chuckling at what had been going on when I first got the call.

PJ had disappeared for awhile earlier while Carlos and I were planting some new bushes when the big slut came back with a mile wide grin and smelling of sex.

I may be their boss, but both guys give me a hundred percent and work long hours so a quick dick break doesn't bother me especially since I'm prone to it myself on occasion.

“Ah boss I need you for a second.”

I left Carlos to finish up and we walked over to the pool area.

There's a bunch of tables around the pool as well as lounge chairs and the standard comment of 'step into my office' typically means us making it over to one of the tables out here.

Wrapping one of his massive arms over my shoulder, Peej steered me over to two bears lounging in their suits as he whispered in my ear, “Remember those two guys I did last night, they're more your type, so I wanted to introduce you.”

I shook my head; PJ is open about everything, especially his sex life, often regaling us with his previous evening activities and while I'm as big of a slut as he is, I'm just not big on talking about it, which was something that cracked my guys up.

“Adam, the bigger bear is pretty much bottom which is a shame since his dick is huge and Ed goes both ways but it's a safe bet his legs will spread when he gets a view of your meat.”

PJ knows I'm thinking TMI right now, and relishes making me squirm.

I may be PJ and Carlos' boss, but a three man crew means we work closely besides each other and I'm not big on the boss thing much anyway, even if that's what they insist on calling me most of the time.

We made it over to the bears with PJ's arm still around my shoulders probably making sure I don't bolt although unlikely since both Adam and Ed were hot looking guys and I had nothing going on tonight. Trim beards, hairy and burly, stomachs more rounded, but not too much so.

“Hey guys this is my boss who I was talking about last night. Gil, meet Adam and Ed. Adam and Ed, Gil.”

I was let go by PJ to shake hands but the arm came back over my shoulder after I straightened up, almost reaching further over with his hand on my chest absentmindedly flicking his thumbnail over my distended nipple.

They've been abused over the years, so they're fairly prominent even soft and really sensitive and a couple of flicks had my nips hard, drawing attention to them while forcing me to concentrate on stifling any moans.

PJ and I have played before and the big stud knew exactly what he was doing.

“Gil, I understand these guys are from around Chicago and you guys said you live there right?”

“Oak Park.”

Was Adam's reply as I mentioned the North side of Chicago.

We talked a bit about Chicago as PJ's sweat and sex smell was stimulating me, as well as getting electric bolts from my jostled nipples shooting down to my rod and rosebud.

I refused to look down, but it was a safe bet I was hardening up in my thin shorts.

“I told these studs about George's and what a great restaurant it is, and how it's not too far from here. But honestly I think you should go with a local to get the best treatment. George's is like that. Right boss?”

My buddy was casually chatting away as he persisted in making me crazy as the fucker set me up on a date.

“There you are, bothering our guests as usual. We have a serious water leak in Room two-fourteen;” Brian, the evening manager, marching up and beginning with one of his favorite whines. He didn't like us 'construction muscleheads' and while we tolerated his bitchiness the feeling was fairly mutual.

We've been doing the additional maintenance more as a favor to the owners, but Brian treated it as another example of our slothful ways if anything went down in this rapidly decaying building.

“Plumbing's yours boss, but why don't I get the details from Countess Brian here,” leaving the three of us and wrapping his big arm around Brian's trim shoulders leading him away.

I couldn't help but chuckle, since Brian hated easy going body builder PJ the worst and right now he had a massive, sweaty, stinky arm plastered against his impeccable starched, ironed shirt.

Gotta love my buddy Peej.
“PJ is subtle isn't he?” bringing me back to Adam and Ed since it was Ed who made the comment which cracked me up.

“Honestly guys, for PJ, this introduction was subtle. I've had nights where Peej has hauled someone over telling us he thought we should go to a room and fuck each others lights out explaining the compatibility of each persons physical assets in great detail, so yeah this was subtle for the big dude;” Making all three of us laugh.

His introduction worked of course, and I would be meeting Adam and Ed at seven in the lobby to take them over to George's for dinner.

A few minutes later, I was bending down in the supply room reaching for a new hose that I'd be exchanging when I felt a hard body pressed against my ass.


Looking up to seeing a shit eating grin on my buddy's face.

“Yeah, it's a leak. I need to replace the hose and we should be good for awhile;” knowing damn well that wasn't what he was asking.

“Funny boss. I have no problem going back to the pool and getting all the details from Adam and Ed. Of course I'll probably have to sit down and mention your big fat dick, although I think they have a pretty good idea since you were showing your assets in front of them earlier, but I'm sure they should know how sensitive those hot nips of yours are and what an all night slut you can be if they abuse those bad boys right;” giving a light twist of my nubs.

I shook my head grinning, you can't win with the guy.

“Yeah, we're doing dinner.”

“Doing them later you mean.”

“Asshole.” As I headed out the door.

“That's pimp asshole to you boss;” cracking us both up.

I was finished taping up the second set of threads happy the old pipes hadn't fallen apart when I started unscrewing everything and I was on my back underneath the sink still thinking about the potential play tonight with the two bears when I heard an 'Oh My God!'

Looking over to see a nice pair of legs and the bottom of a pair of board trunks.

Shimmying out a ways to see who it was, I nodded at a good looking slim twenty something with board shorts riding low over a taut stomach. He was beginning to sport wood and it was looking like the dude was possessing a monster.

“Sorry to startle you, I'm maintenance taking care of your sink.”

Giving me a cute smile, “I gathered that, I've even seen you around, but seeing you here in my room looking like that is like a porn story or something.”

His trunks were pushing out and the dude was definitely packing.

Smiling I looked at him.

“Not even close. See if this was a porn story, I'd be screwing in the last of the hose in, reaching to grab my wrench finding it too far away and the hot guest with just a towel wrapped around him would want to be helpful and retrieve the wrench for me and standing over my body hand it back to me or something like that, don't ya think?”

Still grinning, I took my wrench and tossed it a couple feet away, giving him a long look to make sure he got the point then heading back underneath to finish my job and I could hear shorts being flung off, then a 'Damn!'

Shimmying back out the dude was naked at full mast showing a humongous baseball bat.

Damn the dude was extra, extra large.

“Uh, there's no dry towels;” and I tried to hide my grin since I knew that already.

“Dang it, well I still need my wrench;” cute stud dived for it walking over and handing it to me without thinking.

I had leaned back under so he had to kneel down and when I went to grab the wrench instead getting a big handful of meat.

Shimmying back out so my face was about three inches from his one eyed monster I looked up smiling, “Uh sorry about that.”

Jerking his huge boner a bit, “I'm so embarrassed at my mistake. Would there possibly be some way I can make it up to you?” wiggling my eyebrows which cut the sexy guy up.

Okay it was a porn story with bad dialogue.

Regaining his composure, “Well,” still trying to not giggle, “I think it's rude that you have more clothes on then I do.”

I smiled, “Let me tighten the hose up and how about you decide how we can even the score.”
I went under feeling a boot being untied then pulled off along with my sock, then the other one and I had everything tightened up and was turning the water back on when my shorts were unbuttoned, unzipped and lifting my ass to make it easy for him, stripped of my final piece of clothing as the stud worked my shorts down my legs.

Done here, I shimmied out to see him frozen except for the eyes taking in my body while I stood up, turned my back to him turning the tap on, then bending way over to make sure there were no leaks under the sink.

I could have crouched, but I knew this would be a better view for the stud and even finding everything dry I stayed in this position for a few more moments.
My ass is pure muscle so in this position, the massively dicked stud was getting a view of slightly spread cheeks with a fully exposed pink, round rosebud winking an invitation to his heavy tool.

“Oh fuck,” as the dude dived in, tongue lapping first my crack then assaulting my hole.

I'm clean, I always am except for any sweat that's been trickling down all day and maybe someone else's jizz inside me, but today it was only a lot of man sweat which considering the way the stud was chowing down, he apparently had no problem with all that moisture around my hole.

PJ saying how I turn into a major slut when someone plays with my nips is all true, but its nothing compared to a good rimjob.

My sphincter loves a tongue working it over and with a good one I'll be begging for big mancock all night long and I pulled forward removing our contact to turn and pull the lightly muscled sexy guy up giving him a big kiss.

“Dude I'd really like the baseball bat of yours inside me.”

“Wow, seriously?”

Pulling on his big meat a little more.

“More than one load would even be nice too.”

“Then you better quit touching me then.”

I laughed smiling at the cute hunk. Picking him up and tossing him over my shoulder I got a squawk as I tossed him on the bed noticing there was lube on the table nearby and I drowned his monster climbing over him to set his enormous head at my opening.

“Hold on stud. In case you haven't noticed you're rather large to take even for someone like me.”

Starting to push down, “Let me get your beast in my way, then you'll be able to fuck me any way you want.”

Which got the stud so excited he starting moaning, instinctively shoving up just as my sphincter opened up making him bury about half of his thick telephone pole down my chute.



Which sounded so pathetic we both were laughing making me relax so I finished traveling the long distance down his rod filling me up to the hilt hearing a whimper.
“I'm not gonna be able to,…”

Leaning down about an inch from his face, “Fire away stud.”

I continued leaning further for a deep passionate kiss as he heaved a huge intake of breath, letting out a colossal groan as his dick swelled even more as hot shots of liquid started pumping in my tunnel coating my insides as he persistently whimpered around our kiss.

I was moving my butt around a little bit still adjusting to the invasion of his colossus as well as the massive load of cream filling me up and the young stud proved his mettle by only slightly softening before firming back up as he responded to my movements by shifting his own hips in counterpoint to mine getting a little more travel distance for his lengthy tool.

“Feels good. How do you like to do it?”

Still moving, “Uh honestly, I don't usually have much choice since there's not too many guys willing to take me.”

Chuckling and moving up a bit more to get even more traveling of his super shaft in and out of me.

“It should be obvious by now stud; I'm one of them that can, so I'm ready for any position you want, as hard as you want.”

“Oh God.”

I was grinning, he seems to be praying to the man upstairs an awful lot and I squeezed my ass making him groan to make it clear his prayers have been answered.
At his direction I ended up on my back with my ass hanging over the side of the bed as his monster manmeat made the long trip back inside me and gathering speed his hands were placed next to my chest with my legs around his hips as the dude began power stroking his long pipe in my hole making both of us groan in pleasure.

Shifting his hands he lost his balance, accidently brushing a nail roughly against one of my bloated nips eliciting a loud whimper from me which attracted his interest while continuing to fuck my stretched out ass and noticing my large bullets for the first time he toyed with them as I did my best to control my moaning lost in the nipple play and his thick dick pounding my prostate as well as going deep into my cavern.

Losing to the pleasure I growled out a 'fuuuuck me' without thinking, the stud finally got the message that he had the upper hand so he flipped me over to seriously jackhammer my hole with long deep strokes as I gave up any idea of control, begging for his huge meat to pound me harder and faster feeling a second load flooding my ass lubricating his monster which made me want even more.

The big stud barely paused to roll me back over again with me in the middle of his bed legs held wide spread as the hot guy now on his knees relentlessly assaulted my ass with his fat engorged pole.

The dude may not get to do it often but he was making up for lost time as he'd alternated between tight quick strokes to long rams down my tunnel.

Looking up I saw an evil look in his eye and placing a hand on my shoulder to hold me in place he came down to return chowing down on my puffed up nubs making my back arch in pleasure/pain. That's all it took when his other hand reached down to grab my rock hard meat jerking it once forcing me to let out a low growl which got louder as I could feel my jizz making its way out of my balls, through my shaft firing out first on my upper chest relentlessly raining down on my cut abs as I heard a “Gawddamn” knowing my sphincter was clinching his enormous manhood as I felt another hot stream flooding in my guts as I continued to shoot ropes of thick spooge over the two of us.

After our explosions subsided, the stud pulled out and flopped over on his back breathing heavy where I got up, putting my shorts and boots along with grabbing my tools and all his wet towels I came back over, giving him a kiss as he remained flat on his back arms spread out still breathing heavy.

Grinning, “Thanks stud, I'll find my way out” to run into PJ who taking an audible sniff looked at me with a wide smile on his face.

“Anything I should know?”

Tossing the towels in a maid's closet I grabbed a big stack of clean towels tossing them in PJ's arms as he looked at me curious.

“Maybe not your type normally, but size does matter stud,” making him whoop and grin wiggling his big muscle butt as he headed to room 214.

I had a great dinner with Adam and Ed making it back to their room to fuck the two studs' silly. Taking a break at one point the two had me flat on my back as they took their turn chewing on my already slightly sore giant nips until they were even more swollen, hard and dripping with their saliva as I groaned and writhed underneath them for who knows how long.

The lovers also went to town on my leaking cock and hole showing me these guys knew their way around a man's body as I later rewarded them with hanging their asses off the bed as I pounded each of their holes over and over that night.
I made it back to my room about midnight still hungry for something when I decided to wrap a towel around my naked body and walked around the building ending up in front of a certain door and knocking.

Moment's later cute stud opened up in boxers and sleepy eyes.

Pulling my towel off I held it out as if to hand it to him.

“I told you I'd come back with dry towels.”

Looking a little helpless, “your ah co-worker delivered them earlier.”

You could see by his expression PJ had scored.

“So? Can't a man always use more towels?”

“Oh God, stud,” running a tentative hand up my chest touching one of my nips that was bloated and sensitive thanks to Adam and Ed' abuse making my cock jerk.

“I just don't know if I can…”
Grinning, “I'll make you a deal. If I can get it up, I get to play with it,'” startled at the proposition he barked out a disbelieving laugh.

“Fuuuuck, come in then;” Being at least willing to give it a try.

He was young, so the monster did rise from the dead more than once that night and I got to play with it as promised, although he did toss me out about three hours later begging for me and everyone else to leave him alone.
Laughing I agreed. I just didn't say how long I would.

Earlier, I had checked on two-fourteen and cute stud with the monster cock to find out he was going to be here for the rest of the week. Between Peej and I, we'll probably cripple the stud.