This story is taken from a chapter of an Amazon Kindle book called Reuniting in Santuario.

It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud, eventually becoming what’s called a Super Thane.

And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.

But what happens in this story isn’t complicated at all.

Leandro looked over seeing the stud roll over on his back.
Crap, he's going to have to go to the bathroom again and stroke another one out if the man keeps it up.

It’s the afternoon with the sun sweltering down so the beach emptied for cooler climes as well as probably preparing for dinner.
Leandro was about to call it a day himself when he showed up.

Shorts and shirt were quickly discarded displaying a huge body, packed with muscle and wearing a bikini barely covering anything.
It was even a Greek cut so only covering a portion of his rock hard globes with barely an inch around the waist and plunging down in front trying to hold a clearly massive package.

Now almost nude, the man played with his large black dog throwing a ball for the pooch to catch, with the animal giving up long before the stud was done and he could hear the man laughing while he vigorously petted his dog, hearing " you do need more exercise you fat pig."
An American.

They settled down and that was the first time Leandro walked over to stroke his aching dick while holding the final image of the new arrival stretched out on his back, huge bulge like a small mountain on his big body.

Not too long after he returned he looked up to see the man gone, however the dog and gear was still there and frantically looking around he saw a head bobbing in the bay, then swimming closer before standing and coming ashore.

Dark wavy hair looking a little too long as well as unshaven masculine face, but below that…
Leandro was practically groaning.
Big, just big. His lack of body hair emphasized the thick frame but there were big arms and legs, that big chest holding big nipples even.
Cut stomach and of course the wet suit now adhering to his big…
Leandro was running to the bathroom again before the man even got comfortable on his chaise lounge.

Returning, the muscle God was on his stomach with his hands under his head popping his biceps and since his eyes were closed Leandro couldn't resist circling the chaise a few times burning the vision in his memory.

Later the stud was once again on his back and he swears the bulge was bigger as he watched a hand go down and tug at his junk with the voyeur quickly turning away to groan at the sight.
A lover of muscle as well as hungry bottom, this is pure fantasy come true and no way in hell he’s going back to his room while he’s still here.

“Hey chubby, how about guarding our stuff?” glancing over to see the stud talking to his dog; “I need to take a leak and then we'll get cleaned up for dinner."
Another pat on the dog's head and standing up, the God went over to the washrooms and Leandro watched the broad back depart and jumped up before the man even made it to the restroom.

Hastily walking after he was thinking of the accommodations.
Built into the nightclub’s building, the beach side bathrooms clearly are designed to take a beating with cement floors and brick walls with heavy-duty furnishings although there's a couple of decorative mosaics in the big room.
There’s a wall of small changing rooms any idiot can see is big enough for several men to have a quick assignation, a group shower to rinse down and open to the room so you’d have to be really bold to do anything there, toilet stalls in one section a long trough for your pisser along with a big mosaic counter in the center to set your gear or change in public if you wish.

Coming in, the man was already standing in front of the urinal with his skimpy bikini pulled down and he could see a few inches of the line leading down to his hole and Leandro needed to swallow from all his drooling at the beautiful sight.
The high ceiling had openings at the top for airflow as well as providing natural light, although definitely darker than the bright outdoors and glancing around he noticed they were the only two in the room.
Oh God.

Finally able to move forward, Leandro maneuvered next to the stud, however not too close and looking down to tug his cock out, he shifted left to see… FUCK!
Damn. Damn. Damn.
He really didn't have to go but not wanting to lose the opportunity Leandro stepped up and whipped it out, however seeing the huge snake sprouting between the man's thick legs he was soon hard as a rock even after already stroking two loads out this afternoon.

"Want it?"
It came out low and deep, yet he swore the words bounced off the walls.
"Uh…” not sounding very sophisticated, however Leandro was also frantically nodding as the man turned towards him, dick dangling free.
Looking down it was growing and his eyes widened since he would have been happy if the slab of meat had merely gotten hard; but the damn thing was continuing to grow as it lifted away from the body getting larger each second.

Leandro looked up and up. He’s a typical height for a Spaniard with the tight manscaped body he works hard to maintain. Yet in front of him was a taller man easily having forty kilos on him with every gram pure stud muscle and glancing down he was wondering how much the still growing fuckstick weighs.

Cut abs with deep trenches, big chest overhanging his washboards and the man's large nipples look like they wanted to be chewed on and not thinking the Spaniard leaned in to swipe his tongue over a swollen nub with the two men groaning.
The stud’s body had a sheen of sweat on his hairless frame and Leandro slid his tongue across to the other nipple lapping it all up and swallowing, with even the sweat tasting amazing. Reaching his destination he sucked hard with the big body buckling.

He couldn't stop lapping up the sweat working his way down, with a fleeting thought around the impossibly defined abdominals and there it was fully hard, the massive slab bent downwards and he clutched at the big nuts below leaning in to lick the head with a slightly musty taste of sweat and being confined in the heat. Hungry for the taste, his tongue worked its way down the side of the shaft reaching his body than working his way back up loving the taste.
Back to the beginning he swallowed a few inches and opening his eyes to see he had a looong way to go.
Leandro’s proud of his cocksucking abilities and relaxing his throat he went deeper hearing a ‘fuck yeah’ whispered from above.

The man had been leaking when he swallowed him down and sucking the huge pole more jizz was emptying in his throat and he couldn't get enough, making him hungry for more but his ass wanted…
Looking up with the huge pole still in his mouth the stud was smiling.
“You want to be fucked,” and he nodded with the monster hindering his head movement.

Pulling away he licked his lips wanting more, but his ass was begging to get in the game.
Muscle stud moved away pulling his tiny bikini off and setting it on the counter while sitting on the bench built into one of the shorter sides and leaning back the man lifted the huge spike straight up in obvious invitation.
"I figured you might want to control it, at least in the beginning."

He had been concerned.
Still smiling, transfixed at the gorgeous sight of the naked man sitting there, he saw an eyebrow raise and still holding the giant at its base, it wiggled to encourage Leandro to get moving.

They should be going into one of the changing rooms but he wasn't going to bring it up so in a flash his square cut trunks were dropped and he turned his back to the stud.
Gawd he only started to bend his knees before the broad tip touched his rosebud.
He can't do it. He can't do it. Not with something that huge.

The big body shifted and he felt a light kiss between the shoulder blades and startled, Leandro relaxed and the thick meat began spreading his hole wide.
Whimpering he continued down, filling his chute and about to give up, hands pull him back to lean against the big frame and he was lost in the warm hug until feeling himself bottom out.

To the side and being braced by a huge arm, the big man pulled his head in and they made out while his ass throbbed from trying to assimilate the freaking monster inside him.
Lost in the kiss, a hand was sliding along his front making Leandro relax even more.

Hesitantly raising and lowering his hips he also could feel the man spilling out more spooge, lubing his horny butt, with the bottom slut desperately wanting more.
Images of the stud over his body and pounding his hole filled his head.
Oh yeah.
Pulling over the other big arm he licked the sweat off to hear a low voice near his ear…
"I'm going to fuck your ass hard once you get used to me stud."
Geezus, it's like he's reading my mind!
"But first," grabbing Leandro's hips and spiking his ass down he felt scalding liquid filling him up knowing the man was cumming a huge load and glancing down he noticed his own tool hard and pulsing.
Normally he goes limp when he's getting fucked, but not today it seems.

The hands were pulling him up and off with Leandro feeling the channel now heavily lubed with the stud’s jizz. Looking down the damn thing was as rock hard as before.
Standing, the smiling stud patted the counter with Leandro noticing it's the perfect height for…
On his back and ready, the stud jammed the baseball bat in too quick, however he stood there waiting for the bottom slut to get used to the renewed invasion.

Nodding, his God grabbed his calves and started out slow, building speed.
No, fuuuuuck me!
And once again reading his mind the man built up more power and speed until at one point he jammed and filling him up again then grabbing his shoulders his muscle God lifted Leandro off the counter, dick still buried deep inside as they both were set to the floor.
What the hell?

However now looming over his prone form, the man showed Leandro what a true fucking machine he is and the Spanish stud soon got lost in the bliss of getting his ass pounded like never before.
The man would abruptly shift angle’s with the big dick sliding across his prostate making him moan even more or coming down for a killer kiss before straightening up to renew the assault on his chute.
At some point Leandro saw cum splattering the stud’s chest realizing it was his, as the man continued jackhammering his hole and he slipped away once again until sometime later he felt his nuts pulling up again and shooting all over the two of them. Considering this was his fourth load in only a couple of hours he was shocked how it was even splattering his face and hearing a grunt the giant prick slammed in one last time with warmth spreading through his body.

The big man slid out and spent, Leandro laid flat on the floor.
Lifting his head his dick was still hard and throbbing.

The stud was putting on his tiny bikini and he watched him wrestling the still swollen massive cock behind the little material in front.
"You okay?"
"Si; er yes, more than okay,” hearing the deep chuckle.
A hand came down to pull Leandro up and he paused first to admire the big body.
What would it be like to look like that? With his eyes darting lower.
A man God.
No, a sex God.

Finally taking the offered hand he was effortlessly pulled up hearing a "thanks stud," and getting a quick kiss as he moved towards the exit. Leandro rushed to put his suit on as he scrambled out the door to see the man and his dog already walking to the steps leading up to the Santuario's lodging.

Later Leandro headed back to the Santuario complex eating dinner at the restaurant, admittedly hoping to get another sighting of his sex God however he had no luck so he walked up the cobblestone ramp to look in the clothing stores, realizing he’s looking at clothes he thought would look good on the big man.
Shaking his head at his obsession over the stud, he headed to the street and the front door to hear the beat pumping out of the club and after getting his ID checked, he walked in.

It was a good crowd and walking around the bar Leandro saw a broad back under a mop of dark hair.
Oh God, he’s here.
Taking a deep breath, he moved closer sidling up to the counter next to the big man.
"Buy you a drink?" and the stud turned in his direction to smile in greeting.
"After this afternoon it's the least I can do," trying to be clever however the smile slipped as the stud looked at Leandro for a moment like he’s reading his mind.
"No, but thank you for the offer."
"Oh… too good for me now."

The guy smiled, "no, not at all. You see I have a lover and while what happened this afternoon is within our boundaries, anything further wouldn't be."
"Oh… you'd be cheating if we do it again," coming out angry.
"No and we could, however I get the feeling you’d be misunderstanding what a return engagement would mean."
Leandro was shaking his head no, but…
Well okay maybe he was wondering…
It could happen if…

Looking at the big guy, the man smiled a sweet smile.
The son of a bitch.
Unable to say anything he got a pat on the shoulder, "take care stud, this afternoon was pretty hot," and moved off before he could come up with a retort.

"Would you like a drink?"
"Sangria. All I wanted to do was buy him a drink." The bartender had seen the exchange and even Leandro knew he was sounding whiny.
The sangria was set in front, "perhaps but unneeded.”
"What everyone is already buying him drinks?" Now sounding like a jealous bitch.
"Uh no. No need because he and his partner are the owners."
"Of the nightclub?"
"Of the entire Santuario complex."

Leandro started at the bartender to see if he’s telling him the truth and the guy leaned in.
"Okay it's your turn to spill. Rumor has it both he and his partner are well endowed."
Leandro smiled thinking the hunky bartender is pretty cute.
"I can't exchange a confidence like that to a stranger," and grinning a hand came over the bar to shake.
"Nice to meet you Leandro… now out with it;" making him laugh at the really good looking man.
"Well I don't know about his partner…"
"Leandrooo!" In frustration at being toyed with.
"To say your boss is well endowed would be insulting him, since in truth he's beyond….