Making Up a Foursome

This story is taken from a short story of an Amazon Kindle book called Sexploits –Satisfying the Craving.

It’s part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud.

And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.

But what happens in this story isn’t complicated at all.

I pulled into the motel and made a gamble.

If they have my room, I’ll check in and stay the night and if they don’t I’ll head on home.

I’m the president of a Foundation and did a talk yesterday in LA for a bunch of people with way too much money on how they can set up a charitable foundation as well as how to make sure you got the biggest bang for the buck.

My extremely wealthy partner set up his own charity I’m heading (long story) and we’re small, but increasingly recognized for how effective we are, so have done a few talks like the one yesterday and after dinner and drinks, I spent the night at one of the biggest bathhouses in the LA area, screwing my way through a lot of hot men through the night.

Man I don’t know what it was, but last night it seemed like the place was packed with twenty-somethings all with tight bodies and hot butts needing a big dick to part their cheeks.

Even taking breaks in the steam room or Jacuzzi, some stud would come up and coax my shaft to attention, which admittedly doesn’t take much to turn around and impale himself on my stiff pole.

We all fantasize about having a super power and a couple of years ago I was transformed like one of those guys, but it’s a hell of a lot different than the comic books.

To start with, instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider or something, I was screwed by a mountain of a man with almost two feet of schlong swinging between his legs.

It’s another long story but at the end, besides being fucked like I’ve never been fucked before, I was transformed from a middle aged bulky chubb to a rock hard, no body fat muscled stud who now looks in my late twenties and with stay looking like this for decades…lots of decades.

But my super power if anything, revolves around sex.

I already had a fairly high libido, being an anytime, anywhere, anything kind of guy but my transformation kicked it into the stratosphere where I need and want sex essentially 24/7.

There’s times when I’m not thinking about sex, but it’s rare.

And I have the system to support it. Besides the body and sex drive, I have a big, thick dick that stays up and hard, dropping thick loads of cum all night long and I proved it last night as hot stud after hot stud rode my shaft until filling their holes.

If I decide to bottom, I can pretty much take anything and be tight throughout the night, making the man riding me very happy. Lastly, I’m self cleaning, which is a gross thing to talk about but really emphasizes how much my body is built for mansex since it only underscores how I’m able to play anytime, anywhere, willing to do anything.

So last night I banged the night away and did get my ass taken a couple of times, but for whatever reason I topped mostly through the night along with this morning until calling it quits by lunchtime. Heading out I heard how Highway 5 is a mess most of the way down to San Diego, so rethinking my efforts to get home and besides I’m really, really tired.

Super stamina maybe, but this red blooded queer still needs to sleep.

Chris, my partner won’t be back home until Sunday anyway so there’s no reason for me to rush home.

We have an open relationship and need to since Chris is Fraternity as well, that gay secret group full of sex crazed stud muffins with a sex drive while not as insane as mine is still up there and when we’re together, the two of us fuck our brains out and if we have sex only once a day means the two of us are really busy or something.

But we each travel a lot for our different careers; along with the fact have different tastes in sex which because of our transformation absolutely must be fulfilled.

Together our sex was mind blowing, but Chris is also an uber-master in the BDSM world which isn’t my thing.

I can play both master or slave but never with my big, sexy lover in this arena since he takes it very seriously with his own dungeons as well as personal man ‘toys’ he enjoys working over.

For me, it’s hot, wild group sex that bathhouses, backrooms or a host of other sleazy places helps to get me off when I feel the need.

We have some rules but since we’re both sex sluts, they’re pretty broad and discretion is probably the main one, so Chris is now in Ft. Lauderdale on business, undoubtedly doing his thing for another night and I still have a night left before he comes home, although I really can use some sleep.

So with a jammed highway I pulled into motel off of Long Beach’s Ocean Blvd. to see if the coolest room in the area is available and it was.


It’s an old time motel, long and narrow with two rows of rooms leading to the beach.

Parking is on the street side and you walked down long hallways passed non-descript doors toward the beach where at the end, on one side is the motel pool filled with kids, but on the other side, on the second floor is a ‘suite’ directly overlooking the beachfront and ocean.

Private, fairly clean and basic with tile floors and nondescript motel furniture, it has a ten foot wide balcony with a priceless view of the beach/ocean along with a kitchenette and bedroom in the front. Perfect I’m thinking, as I threw the sliding door open to let the ocean breeze and sounds of noisy seagulls waft through the place.

Even being the biggest room they have, it’s still ridiculously cheap especially considering where I stayed a few nights ago in Beverly Hills, and while I really didn’t need all the room and the fridge is good, but the ocean view’s priceless as I breathed in the sea air.

Leaving the slider open, I headed down to the beach with a big beach towel I purchased at the front desk with a picture of the Queen Mary ship nearby and LONG BEACH on it. Not pretty but cheap and will do the trick while wearing only my suit and a cut up t-shirt.

The suit I’m wearing is a squarecut, maybe six inches from the waistband to the leg and almost sheer dark blue with darker designs strategically placed so the cops don’t arrest me, along with a v-neck t-shirt I’ve cut up for the gym so sleeveless and gaping open on the sides, not even making it to the waistband of my trunks which are so low I need to shave what little pubes I have.

I hadn’t planned on going out in public with the suit, but it is what it is and planning on napping on the beach for awhile enjoying the sun, sand …all that crap.

I headed halfway down the wide beach, past a couple of hot guys tossing a volleyball around before laying my towel out and stripping off my shirt, then stretching out on my back and asleep in minutes.

I’m heading to the bathhouse shower when I passed a room with an open door and glanced in to see an incredibly hot bubble butt on a thin waisted stud. Bit of a vee with his broad shoulders and a little smattering of hair on his ass is all charmingly displayed as he lay on his stomach.

Turning his head to look out the door, he smiled when he saw me, wiggling his ass and spreading his legs at the same time, not being subtle in his invitation and I walked up to the doorway and leaning against the frame, folded my arms across my thick chest.

“Oh yeah!”

The hot little stud was looking down at my shaft now at full mast with my heavy low hanging balls swinging below.

I’ve cum at least half a dozen times already which doesn’t mean much anymore except for the fact, the hot man in front of me will get a long ride as I walked inside.

“Door open or closed?”

“Leave it open. I want them to see who’s taking me.”

Don’t get it, but don’t care either as reaching down to feel a moist, open hole so I wasted no time in sinking in his hot, dark cavern earning a ‘fuck yeah’ as I buried myself to the hilt.

I pounded him long and hard and shifting the stud on to his back while he also showed he’s a good kisser while I took long, deep strokes. At some point he became interested in my nipples which are big around, but also have nubs looking like they should have heavy metal rings on them.

They’ve been abused over the years and since they’re sensitive, I leave them bare for the boys and men to toy with and this stud was tugging and pulling them enough to make me let out a low growl and diving down for a kiss I picked up steam as the stud started to spray across our bellies and with one last deep thrust, I poured out …..


I woke up with the afternoon sun beating down on my sweaty body and glancing down noticed I’m pushing out my skimpy trunks.

My nuts were in the pouch with my dick stretched across to the right side and no mistaking I’m hard as well as a wet spot where the head of my shaft is. The pouch is also where the darker colors hide the family jewels so my dick’s pretty obvious as the light material forms around my hard pole.


So I rolled on my stomach hoping nobody noticed although looking up, it seemed the guys tossing the ball over the net are glancing over in my direction.

I took a sip of water from a bottle I brought before maneuvering my uncooperative prong around so not too uncomfortable, laughing to myself.

I’m tired and should be sexually exhausted from all the play last night, but staying hard as I looked over at the three dudes playing.

Board shorts or cutoffs, all are young with hot bodies from lightly muscled to one dude packing on some good weight and my guess is military, probably Navy since it’s Long Beach. Marines have a tendency for the high and tight haircuts and these guys had it short, but different styles.

I was sleepily focusing on next week’s workload, trying to get my dick down and starting to drift off again when I felt a slam on my back, startling me back awake.


“Sorry man, sorry!” as one of the sexy dudes came running up to retrieve his ball.

“Uh, no problem. I guess I shouldn’t have parked this close to the net.”

I was being a bit of a wiseass since I’m not really that close to the net and the cute stud retrieving the ball looked like he isn’t in that big of a hurry to head back to his buddies.

“I’m Brady,” holding out a hand forcing me to sit up on my knees to shake hands.

Short dark brown hair with a tight muscled torso lightly covered with brown fur, Brady’s wearing some board shorts riding so low you can see his treasure trail starting to spread before hitting the pubic regions, also showing off a vein between his ‘out-ie’ belly button heading into his trunks.

Not bad at all.

“Hey I have an idea….it’s only Leo, Tom and I tossing the ball around, but with a fourth we can get a game going. You interested?”

Yeah right. It was asked like he just came up with the idea, but I doubted it was that spontaneous, but I had power napped here on the beach so what the hell, why not?


I grabbed my towel, t-shirt and water bottle heading over and shook hands with Tom and Leo.

Standing, Brady’s shorter than my six foot with Tom about my height and Leo somewhere between Brady and Tom.

While all three guys are good looking, Tom was the really handsome one with dark good looks, a little chin beard and mustache and dark hair and smoldering dark eyes. Nicely muscled body, bare of any hair and a sexy smile you can tell he’d be the one they sent to get the girls…if that’s what the three were interested in, while Leo’s definitely the brawn.

A little shorter, he’s packing some heavy muscle coated with a bit more fur than Brady although I suspected Brady trims himself.

I teamed with Brady, quickly getting the drift of the three buddies. Big Leo is the clown, laughing a lot and big on fun trash talk, with sexy Tom quieter and more focused with Brady somewhat in between, but with all his look of innocence, my nose is telling me Brady’s the instigator of the little group.

We were fairly evenly matched with Leo and I the more aggressive of the four and we got into some trash talking as I got more comfortable with the guys before taking a break and pulling open the cooler with some beers.

They confirmed they’re squids, Navy guys off the USS Chafee, a destroyer being outfitted at the Long Beach Naval Shipyards and staying at the same motel for the weekend to get away from the ship.

I was in the Navy years ago, and shipyard duty sucks with all the work being done on metal walls and floors resonating throughout the entire ship, so I could definitely see them wanting to get away.

We finished our beers and went another round and happy to see the guys had a bag for their empties and bottle caps not tossing them on the sand.

I don’t know but cleaning up after yourself always seems to say a lot about people in my book.

Back at the net, it was looser with Leo and I confronting each other more and more, heading into the net to spike the ball, occasionally slamming into each other. Shorter and wider than me we’re probably the same weight, but all in good fun as Brady and I lost game two.

I’m not that competitive but it still hurt as we headed over to the cooler talking about different shots.

“So we saw you coming out of the motel, which room do you have?” and I pointed to the one on the end of the second floor.


“It’s roomy, not that expensive and I like the view.”

The talk got a little more personal and I did mention my partner in San Diego, not getting much overt reaction and the talk got to our bodies with Tom and Brady slamming Leo how my arms are bigger than his, as Leo popped a double bicep pose, good humouredly boasting about his own arms and what the hell, I pumped mine hearing a ‘daaaamn’ even from Leo.

I may be big but I’ve long enjoyed arm workouts, so I’m that guy who even relaxed has those big biceps hanging off his body and pumped, I look like a beefy Popeye which is one of my nicknames.

Hands rubbed the arms and I didn’t think much about it when we started game three, the game of all games since we’re tied.

My gaydar is one of the worst in the world, one reason I favor bathhouses since there’s no confusion there thanks to everyone being all queer and no one is subtle when they want someone.

Even if I know they’re gay, I don’t process the ‘interested’ vibe well, although with my new Frat built body, guys interested in doing the nasty typically make their interest known so that even I get it. These guys I wasn’t so sure of, although indications but nobody lisped, sang show tunes or anything so I decided to only enjoy the guys company and take it easy for the night.

After last night, I had no problems with hanging out with a couple straight dudes and getting a good nights sleep if that’s what happens, even if each of the Navy studs is sexy as hell, plumping me up a bit.

Brady and I barely beat Leo and Tom although the close score didn’t stop me from getting in Leo’s face, trash talking how much we kicked their asses, all in good fun. But hey we won, so we earned bragging rights as we headed back to the motel where I showed the guys my room while polishing off the last of the beers in the cooler.

With the bedroom and bath in back, the public rooms facing the ocean with a big window and balcony are light and airy, making it an okay place to ‘hang’ so the guys got comfortable while talking about other sports, some ports they’ve hit and partied at, only with other things guys loose and relaxed talked about.

Brady came back from the office in front with a menu from a local pizza place and I offered to pick up the tab since they’ve been supplying the beer so far, ordering enough for ten or so with a couple of pizzas, pastas, salads, garlic breads and so on.

These are big guys and I eat like a horse; but I also knew what living on a Navy salary means, so I figured they’ll have leftovers. I’ll an hour for the food to get here so we all decided to hit the showers before coming back to my larger room for dinner and no doubt more booze.

I heard the door in the other room slam shut while I was screwing with the temperature for the shower and rinsing down with my eyes closed, enjoying the hot water hitting my body when the shower curtain scraped open and looking over there’s big Leo climbing in with me.

“We never did tell you what the stakes were for the game.”


“Loser goes down on the winner,” he was grinning and stroking my thick meat to hardness something admittedly already on the rise at first sight of the sexy stud and we closed in for a quick kiss.

“We know you mentioned partner, is this a problem?”

“Not to me or him.”

Leo’s grin grew wider, “Thank God, since all three of us think you’re hot as hell,” coming in now for a deep, sexy kiss making both of us moan over our tongue filled mouths.

Pulling away from the kiss, the bulky stud’s hands roamed my body before reaching my chest, scraping his nails against my nipples making me gasp while he grinned at my reaction.


My eyes were still closed from the after shock, “Big time.”

Opening them back up, the good looking stud was wiggling his eyebrow, “hmmmm, where to start, where to start….”

“You did mention something about loser’s paying a debt.”

“True,” and the stud sank down to his knees swallowing half my cock down his throat on his way down.


The muscled sailor slid up and down my shaft taking more in until choking as he took the final inch.

I’m not a small boy, but Leo’s doing everything he can to take it all, showing the man’s an athlete when it came to his cocksucking abilities, occasionally choking some more and backing off. The stud had every intention of sucking out a load of my jizz as one hand slid between my legs to tap my rosebud and other beefy arm moved up my torso to roughly pinch my right tit, sending me over the edge as I grunted shooting out thick ropes of cum which the stud noisily slurped down as fast as he could. After the last shot I pulled the brawny sailor up and locking lips Leo returned some of my spooge.

Man I love making out with a man with a mouthful of jizz.

Exchanging a kiss for awhile it was my turn to push the big boy against the wall and leaning down I swallowed his throbbing tool in one swallow even though it’s a little thicker than my tool and that’s all it took for the man, grabbing my hair and held me on his rod as hot juicy spooge now flooded my mouth.

Lifting me up we went back to kissing letting our orgasm’s simmer down, with me not hesitating to fondle his big beefy ass.

“You’ll find it clean and I couldn’t help noticing yours is too.”

I looked at the hot man and grinned.

“So that means…..” he asked.

“Let’s make this easy stud. I believe in anything, anywhere, anytime. That cover it?”

“Fuuuuuck,” giving me a big smile and another long kiss.

Geezus this guy really loves making out and I sure as hell ain’t gonna complain.

His hand intensified around my hole with a finger popping in.

“I mean how much do you…?”

“Dude, anything, anywhere…”

More grinning, “Got it. Understand, you have three horny sailors, one with a monster cock who wouldn’t mind working that ass over.”

“The night’s looking up then,” cracking Leo up as we finished washing off and getting out to dry.

The guys arrived back, both of them looking like they had a similar shower experience wearing only shorts and they tossed Leo a clean pair for him to put on.

I hadn’t noticed earlier but it didn’t take long to see who the monster was Leo warned me about.

Leo’s slightly shorter but thicker than me, and it was pretty apparent that handsome Tom is packing pretty good as well, but Brady had a thick tube hanging down his leg, making my mouth water and Leo catching my glance, grinned.

Asshole, I thought grinning over at the dude.

Shortly after, the food arrived and we had to pile it on the kitchenette counter since there was too much to put on the small round table we’re sitting at, and the guys brought in a case of Rolling Rock as well as some whiskey and tequila.

Oh this could be bad.

I’m mostly a beer guy, a few maybe at the end of the day but not that much of a heavy drinker; who’s now locked up with three much younger sailors wanting to party.

Oh God.

It was an easy dinner with Leo loud and teasing with a little undercurrent between Brady and Tom I wasn’t getting until hearing Leo repeat back my three principles of life of anything, anywhere, anytime….which isn’t quite what I said, but it doesn’t matter as all three stared in my direction.

“Is that true?”

I took a swig of my beer, “And why wouldn’t it be?”


All thought of eating or drinking was pretty much gone as we got up moving to the bedroom. We were only in shorts so in two seconds flat, we were stripped with bulky Leo displayed his thick cock, handsome Tom displaying a perfectly sized dick and shorter Brady popping out a big long cock looking thin, but wasn’t. It only looked that way since he was so long.

“Hold on,” that was Leo and the muscle dude got behind me to work my ass over with his tongue as the two others came in with Brady kissing and Tom running his hands over my frame before hitting my swollen nips and going down to tease them with his tongue.

It doesn’t take much to get me going and all three had me amped with Leo proving he’s no amateur in any part of the gay sex games with my hole enjoying the work out it’s getting from the stud.

Finally I broke away getting on my hands and knees on the king sized bed as Tom stepped up behind sinking his hefty pole inside as I let out a moan of contentment, thinking about how I hoped this would be a long night. Brady came around front and I swallowed down his long shaft taking about half in before having to stop.

Damn the dude’s big and I opened up my throat to slide more in, hearing a groan resonate through the hot stud’s body as I swallowed more of his prong.

Leo was still on his knees running his hands on my torso, jerking my shaft or playing with my nuts watching me get fucked at both ends by his buddies until Tom rammed in to the hilt and I felt a nice load of hot cum coating my insides as he kept his tool planted in deep, finishing his orgasm.

“Now its my turn,” which was Brady and I turned on my back as the dude grabbed my legs to sink his long shaft down my tunnel going deeper than most guys I’ve had and finding an ass willing to take him without complaint. Once he realized I’m ready and willing, Brady wasn’t gentle as he slammed his long tool in and out of my hungry hole while Leo came in for a kiss before teaming with Tom to work over my nipples, with the hefty athlete encouraging gorgeous Tom to treat my tits rougher ‘cause I can take it.

I haven’t said anything but Leo clearly likes to play hard and they chewed on the nubs, earning groans of pleasure/pain as Brady blasted a load and continued fucking my butt, not willing to give the tight tunnel up quite yet until Leo slid two fingers next to Brady’s huge cock and Tom licked the tip of my head, all putting me over the edge.

“Fuuuuuuck, I’m cuuuuuuummmmming……!” and I clamped down on my fucker’s tool crying out as he dumped load number two inside my willing cavern and I started splattering spooge over my body until Tom wrapped his mouth over my head making me convulse and shoot even more cream as my body jerked around on the bed.

“Damn Gil, you okay?”

My vision was clearing to see Leo over my face looking concerned.

“Ah…yeah, I’m good.”

By that time Brady was out and the two were looking a little worried which started to crack me up.

“Uh really guys. It’s all good…..maybe a little too good,” now that they’re reassured, cracked the three studs up.

We headed out to the front room while I stood on the balcony overlooking the beach, cooling down as Leo came up with a beer.

“You sure?”

I gave him a kiss, “don’t worry about it. Sex is sometimes a bit more intense for me.”

“Wow, apparently.”

We ate some more, having a lot more sex with some exceptions.

Tom kissed Brady, but no one else and Leo spent most of the time playing a supporting role while Tom and Brady took my ass a lot more.

“Normally any of us is willing to bottom, but Tom and I need to be major league drunk to take Brady’s baseball bat.”

No big surprise.

“But with you here…..” making me laugh as we did some shots, ate some more and around midnight Brady laid himself out on the heavy wooden coffee table and after sinking down again on his giant piece of meat I leaned forward as Tom joined Brady in my tunnel.

Pulling my head up to look in his eyes, sexy Leo asked if I’m okay and once I nodded, gave me a shit eating grin as he stood up to sink his big cock in my mouth.

I’m now spitted on the three sailors with Brady refusing to sit still as he fucked up, drilling his big tool deep along with his buddies.

Sometimes they rammed in the same time and others it was like pistons, one heading out while the other was shoving in always rubbing my prostate keeping me hard and leaking all over Brady’s tight stomach, which he commented on.

“Damn guys check this out!” amazed I’m still rock hard with the two fat cocks slamming into my hungry hole until they both blasted inside as Leo shot down my throat.

We untangled and the guys looked like they wanted to call the drink and fuckfest a night when I looked over at Leo.

“Would you object to me sleeping over?” And it suddenly hit me, making me grin; the bastard’s been holding back all night for a reason.

“Sleeping, yeah I would object,” and it took him a second to process what I said, cracking him up.

“Fair enough,” and we said good night Tom and Brady.

We cleaned up, shoving the remaining food in the fridge and I brought a couple of bottles of water out on the balcony, handing one to the built stud getting a long, passionate kiss in gratitude.

Leo appreciated staying since Brady and Tom are kind of a thing, although the two still working out what that means.

It’s still ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ as well as the fact Tom’s still wrestling with the homo thing along with both studs are essentially tops and THAT certainly explained a lot tonight since the two men had been tag teaming Gil’s ass all night long.

The three are sharing one room, so this will give the two guys a little privacy and peace, with Leo mentioning he only wants a ‘piece’.


Grinning, “I thought so,” but damn I don’t know which piece,” with one hand on my hard dick and another squeezing a hard glute.

I leaned in next to his ear, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? You don’t need to choose.”

“Fuuuck,” came out soft and low as we both closed in for another deep kiss, something this stud can do so well.

We both had each other’s butts after that but big, burly, athletic Leo wanted to make love whether I’m topping or he was and there was no objection from me.

I also showed him a position I liked and we ended up on the balcony with the stud in a chair and me sinking down on his pole and with my arms wrapped around the railing my chest was exposed for him to lick, suck and chew my nipples for a long time, making me cum and shoot gallons over the two of us after he worked me over.

We swapped and I did the same thing although his nips aren’t as sensitive or anywhere the size of mine, but it was all good and we spooned ourselves to sleep.

It was late morning by the time we got up and the two of us fucked each other’s butt unloading another load inside and I was roaming the front room as Leo took a shower when my cell phone rang.

“Hey babe, where are you?”

“Long Beach right now. What about you?”

“Just landed and heading home. You dirty?”

I knew what he was asking, “Yeah.”

I heard a sigh, “How about staying that way? Going to be on the road soon?”

I let out a deep throated chuckle, “I am now,” getting one back.

“Good, I think I’ll work out until you get here,” making me moan and we hung up.

I leaned against the wall thinking about what’s going to happen.

“You okay?”

“Uh, yeah.”

I walked over to the room phone and dialed the front desk reserving the room for another night letting Leo know it’s his and his buddies to use for another day.

They can cancel theirs and move up here or whatever they decide, but the food and room are theirs to do what they want, getting a deep kiss of appreciation along with a slap on my ass.

Throwing on a pair of shorts and sneaks, Leo asked, “That was your boyfriend on the phone, wasn’t it?” and I nodded.

“He knew what happened last night?”

I shrugged, “No specifics but knowing me, he had a good idea.”

“And you’re not showering.”

I was reeking of the sex with the three studs.

“You’re running home to have sex with him, aren’t you?”

I shrugged again, “Have a problem with that?”

Leo grinned, “I’m just impressed as hell man you’re even standing but look at you, you’re dick’s even hard in your shorts. Fuck stud.”

I tried to give a nonchalant jerk of my shoulders which had Leo laughing his ass off, bowing low like he was worshipping me.

“I’m not worthy master…..” looking up with a grin.

I headed out with my clothes crammed in my bag.

Leo and I kept in touch and I even helped him get a job with a buddy when he got out soon after we met.

And as for that afternoon in San Diego when I got home?