An Office Meeting

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Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.
Rob Bass

I set down the cell phone and stared at it, thinking today is continuing to be a major clusterfuck, before chuckling to myself.
The old ‘when it rains it pours’ deal.
I was having a late lunch chowing down on my second sandwich at a Jimmy John’s and I’d been focused on how the day started out pretty sweet.

I’m not a morning person, however Chris is and if he’s still in bed at six, he considers that sleeping in.
So at the ungodly hours of what I think of as the middle of the night, he’s up for a run or working out in our home gym and he likes the gym since it’s set up with TV and wifi access, so my workaholic husband can multi-task as he warms up to the day.

I designed our house with the workout room on the other side of the floor from the bedroom just for this reason, so Mr. Morning can sweat and I can sleep. However I hadn’t planned on if he’s feeling frisky after his workout and he normally is, Chris will decide it’s time for me to get up, but man I can’t bitch at the way he does it.
He says it’s usually how I’m lying there which guides his next steps.
If I’m on my stomach, the stud gets between my legs and tongues my hole.
Asleep, I’ll probably start having a wet dream and spread my legs as well as push my butt up in response, that is until he moves up and slides his XL tool inside, often chuckling as I struggle groggily awake enjoying how his fat shaft is filling me up.
On my back, it varies.
I have big nipples with long abused nubs which look like I should have some thick nipple rings hanging off, but I don’t with the primary reason being my lover enjoys playing with them, not always gently.
But first thing, still asleep, he’ll be licking my chest with his sandpapery tongue or closing in to create a hot little vacuum, often amused when he hears my sleeping moans or it could be his mouth swallowing my own good sized pole with a finger tickling my rosebud if he’s down around there.

It doesn’t matter and it always wakes me up where we end up climaxing some way.
I’ve struggled awake to find the big man coaxing me to hardness and now awake I’m watching him sit on my boner and the sight of looking down and there’s this hairy muscle bodybuilder over me while my dick is being massaged means I’ll be dumping a huge load before I’m even awake enough to comprehend what’s going on.
Although that site is rare since he prefers topping me far more.

This morning though I was on my side I guess and feeling my tool being surrounding by wet lips as I struggled into that foggy in between state of waking up, I reflexedly moved forward to swallow his big shaft when I saw it inches from my face.
His sweaty jock was already pushed aside, but the aroma of his workout was still there and I know my dick was getting harder from the smell as I came a little more awake to get my hand on his rock hard body as a took a few trips up and down his fat juicy pole.

Getting more into it, I moved up on an elbow so I could now suck that big, juicy mancock like it deserves to be handled, taking him to the base as my throat contracted from the huge invasion in my mouth hearing a moan from the stud playing down range.
Shifting, he moved his head between my legs and after a swipe down my perineum he started licking my hole before spearing it to get inside now earning moans from his lover.
I paused a few seconds to look down which only turned me on more.

Chris is a couple inches shorter than my six foot, but easily has twenty pounds on me with his thick bodybuilding sculptured body with sloping traps, big chest and eight pak, all lightly covered by short, dark hairs not hiding his magnificent body.

Head between my legs now chowing down on my quivering rosebud, I knew he was a roughly handsome man, with short dark hair and probably a little chin stubble since he’s the type to get a five o’clock shadow at the end of the day.
“Babe, I hope you’re planning on fucking me, ‘cause that feels really good.” And it did, and my lover well knew a good rimjob makes me horny for his tool.
Pulling back between my legs, he had a wide grin, “No, I don’t think so,” diving back down and laughing when he heard my groan.
I went back to his pulsing prong now working him harder as my ass continued to be worked over and feeling him stiffen up, I was getting ready for his cream, when the bastard shifted and enveloped my own cock shoving a couple of fingers in my craving hole.
And that was all it took as I yelled out at the invasion feeling my cum racing out of my nuts and swallowing him hard and moaning around his own member while the two of us fired thick, loads of jizz down each other’s throats.

On my back, panting for breath, the stud moved above on his hands and knees with a shit eating grin on his face.
“Morning sunshine,” and I couldn’t help laughing.
Glancing over, it was six in the morning and I could have slept in if I hadn’t been coaxed awake like I had been.
Grinning back I wrapped my arms and legs around the muscular stud pulling him down for a long, deep kiss while I growled in contentment, although Chris called it a ‘purr’ which was possible.

He got off and showered as I snuggled back on the bed, happy in my post-climax state to see him come out naked from the bathroom looking hot as always.
Throwing a few pillows under my head, I could watch him in the doorway of his closet as he dressed and I idly stroked my tool to hardness as I watched him dress.
Chris Hardway could be a Colt model, that studio specializing in big, muscle men.
Dark, with maybe a little Greek or Italian somewhere in the family tree he had wide shoulders and slim hips emphasizing his hard bubble butt as well as his hefty slab of meat swinging between his legs.
He slipped on a silk thong which he wears under his suits so he’s not too obvious during the day since otherwise he’d be commando, along with a silk sleeveless undershirt fitting his torso like a glove.
Hardway’s a big shot lawyer, so his suits are ridiculously expensive, well so are mine now, but they fit his big body where he still looked professional, but there’s no mistaking his muscled frame underneath, although today he was putting on one of his more ‘cut’ suits, all in the doorway so I could see what he was doing.
Same tailor, but the pants are cut slightly lower, everything just a hair more snug, so you went from, ‘wow, nice suit’ to hardening up, thinking ‘Damn man!’ without knowing why.

Turning around with his shirt caressing his torso and the even more tighter pants on, he grinned as he saw me stroking myself harder stepping over to the end of the bed and just smiling at me was all I needed as thick ropes of spooge began splattering all over my torso as my body convulsed on the big bed.
Opening my eyes back up I saw my stud look…hungry.
Chris always said seeing my big muscled body soaked in cum is a beautiful view for him and I could see he was contemplating going into work late, before shaking his head and heading back into his closet.
Tie on and coat in his hand, he walked over to the bed.
“Come down and have breakfast with me.”

I really was comfortable in the big bed, especially after two orgasms but I padded after my hubby downstairs to the kitchen as he pulled a diet coke out of the fridge for me and refilled his coffee.
We talked about our schedules for the next few days and I really didn’t have anything going today until this evening when we have dinner at a friend’s, Gloria Sathers tonight.
Getting a kiss good-bye, a little separated since you don’t want to press a fifteen thousand dollar suit against a cumstained body, Chris left me alone.

Resigned I was now up, I took my time waking up with a muffin, my diet coke and the newspaper, handling a few calls later. I’m President of a charitable foundation which Chris and his gi-normous net worth founded, but today was an easy day for me, so I headed up to the weight room and did my workout for the day until the phone call starting the downward slide to total clusterfuck.

While it’s Chris’ money, it’s my ideas and work, so part of what the foundation is involved in is ‘infrastructure improvement’ which is a fancy phrase if a well-deserved charity needs new facilities or to update or expand, that’s where we come in.
We do it all, architects, plans, sessions with the charity to make it the best facility possible they can support once we hand it over. But it’s a lot of work between building, contractors, everything including paying for it all and then handing them the keys when we’re done and they can move in.

As a builder myself, I know what needs to be done, but we have several projects going on at the same time, so I rely on a contractor on the scene to get it done right and the one I just got a call from has been a giant pain in the ass.
First time I’ve used him along with the last time and he already knows it.
It seems the tile from the vendor he selected isn’t going to make it since their truck broke down, so the contractor was letting me know they’re calling it a day.
At nine fucking o’clock in the morning.
A few phone calls later I was out the door and jumping in my old Ford pickup.
It’s not that old, but it has a couple of years on it and it hasn’t been gently used by me, but it worked and I headed down to Otay Mesa, a little south of San Diego to pick up the tile from the warehouse.
It was a lot of tile, but my truck can still handle it and the idiot contractor could have done the exact same thing, but he doesn’t seem overly concerned about being on schedule, so I just did it myself.

At the warehouse I was able to back up to a loading bay and they wheeled the pallets right on the bed and off I went, getting a few appreciative looks from the guys.
I don’t pay attention much to my work clothes and when I was working out I hadn’t had anything on anyway, but after the call, I threw on a pair of cargo shorts that are a bit torn up along with a t-shirt with the sides and arms taken out which did show off my body.
Chris is magnificent, but even I knew at six foot and two hundred pounds of rock hard body, I get my own looks as well.
It didn’t matter today, and with a pair of heavy, beat up work boots I was heading back into town to the site.

Our schedule was already stretched thanks to the contractor and we really needed to get the tile in so we didn’t slip too much further behind, since we have hardware, other tradesmen, furniture and even the grand opening all at the point where it’s going to start costing the foundation if we didn’t get this shit done.
And once there, the asshole already let half the guys go who were needed to unload the tile since we had to manually haul it up to the second floor, so shirt off, I joined the remaining crew to haul the tile in.
So yeah, I was thinking the day’s a clusterfuck.

By three, I was done and the tilers will be back on schedule tomorrow morning with my ass now parked at the Jimmy John’s inhaling a couple of sandwiches and thinking happier thoughts like how deep my lover’s tongue had gotten this morning, when the phone rang from one of my Directors telling me there’s some foundation paperwork that HAS to be signed and sent out today.
I could have pulled rank telling her to meet me somewhere, but I don’t do the asshole boss routine very well.
Besides, after I polish off my sandwich, I was free, so I only have to stop by the office, squiggle my signature and I’ll be done and since we live in San Diego, bare minutes from downtown where the office is, it wasn’t THAT inconvenient for me, but I still felt it belonged in the clusterfuck column, I mean it’s only right.
The Foundation was renting some floor space from the new Prentiss and Associates offices, Chris’ law firm, all of which makes sense for a long list of reasons.
The annoying thing is the office is now in the old Gaslight District in an older, quite distinguished building with blue ribbon companies where you even have the free valet parking at the front door.
All lovely and now I was in dirty, sweated up, torn shorts and t-shirt.
But I’ll be damned if I go home, shower and change for five minutes of signing paperwork, so I pulled up to the building where the valet Hector looked at what pulled up and grinned.

“Afternoon Mr. Walker.”
“Fuck you Hector,” which had him chuckling as he hopped in the cab after I got out.
I’m not big on the ‘Mister’ stuff, and Hector knowing that enjoys saying it to me, and I try to be normally more creative in my retort, but it’s been a rough day so Hector had to settle for a simple ‘fuck you’ I thought grinning.

I waved at the building receptionist, then got in the elevator getting off on P&A’s floor receiving a sniff from the law firm’s receptionist as he checked out my garb.
It didn’t matter, he does the same thing when I’m in a suit costing as much as the guys car, but he had it in his head I’m Chris’ dumbass boytoy, so a snooty sniff it was, although he was smart enough not to cross the line.
“Are you here to see Mr. Hardway?”
“Just here to sign a few papers for the foundation,” striding on by.
I know he’d love to have me stop at the desk so he can slowly fill out a Visitors sticker while keeping me waiting as he answered calls, but I’ve been here way too many times for this bullshit.

The law firm’s fairly small with half a dozen active partners, more a boutique firm and my group has a couple of nice sized rooms in the back corner.
One was my office I almost never use, more to impress people when I bring them in to use a conference room, but I knocked on Christine’s doorway to see her eyes widen when she saw my getup, although since she’s a diehard lesbian it certainly isn’t doing anything for her.

“Finish burying Wilson in a six foot grave today?” cracking me up and drawing people’s attention given I was laughing fairly loudly.
Wilson is of course my problem contractor Christine and I have had loooong discussions about and she hit me in the right spot at the right time when I felt a hand sliding on my back.
“Hey babe.”
Looking behind was Hardway looking his hugely sexy self.
No kiss, we’re at the office, although it’s no secret and in reality, even the hand on my back was a bit public for him.
“Will you stop by the office before you go?” and I nodded while he walked away as I took my time watching that gorgeous muscled butt make its way down the hallway.
Shaking my head to clear it of the lusty thoughts I’m having, I looked over at Christine who was in hysterics and I blushed.

Yeah I know but caught in the act, I was embarrassed. Go figure
“The papers please,” trying to sound irritated as she continued to chuckle while she pulled out the forms I needed to sign and she slammed them in a FedEx mailer. I offered to take it to the mailroom since I needed to take a leak anyway, greeting different people from the firm as I strode the hallway since with a few exceptions like the receptionist, they’re all good folk at the office and I was well known.

Which is a bit of an understatement.
Chris Hardway, is a nationally recognized, gazillionaire lawyer and the story of him falling in love with the handsome, young muscle stud contractor rebuilding his house is legendary. It’s also not quite true either, but that’s the problem with legends.
But we are well known in the gay world, San Diego high society and everyplace in between.
Give me a break.

FedEx dropped off, I get the high sign from his secretary Diane to go in, as well as a friendly nod from Mike, his hunky assistant and in the doorway, my hot man was hanging up the phone and rose up to come around his desk.
His tie had been loosened and top button undone which threw me, since Chris never loosens up at work, brushing past me to peek outside saying thanks, good night and have a nice weekend to Diane and Mike, which threw me even more since it was only four o’clock, way too early for my workaholic boyfriend.

Closing the door, I heard the audible click of the lock to see him grinning.
“You’re joking right?”
In the office.
A quick kiss in the privacy of the room maybe, but….
My shirt was pulled off my frame as butterfly kisses landing on my shoulders behind me.
Coming up for air, with his hands still active undoing my shorts, “That view in the bed this morning while I dressed had me distracted all day.”
I grinned, “You mean the one of me totally naked and cum soaking my chest?” hearing an audible swallow.
“Exactly.” I was stepping out of my shorts around my ankles and turned to unbutton his shirt.
“How distracted?” as I opened the shirt wide and paused to admire his hard hirsute torso even after all this time we’ve been together.
He grabbed my face, but kept a little distance since I was now rock hard and leaking a little so we didn’t want to ruin his pants, we’ve done that enough already and he came in for a quick, gentle, hot kiss that had the two of us closing our eyes for a second and sighing.
Damn, it still rocks my boat.

Releasing me he walked me over to his desk bending me over to kneel down and work my ass over with his tongue again.
My aching rosebud still remembered this morning as well as the fact it hasn’t been satisfied yet, so I was amped up in no time wanting him inside my chute now.
I heard a chuckle which meant he knew exactly what I was saying with the single word and Chris stood up and plopped down in a wing chair in front of his desk and looking over, his pants were down, his rod was stiff and throbbing aiming skyward and the bastard had a cocky grin and a raised eyebrow.
It was all unspoken invitation as I walked over and putting a still booted leg on one arm, then the other I lowered myself impaling my begging cavern on his huge shaft sinking down until he was fully inside before closing in for a long kiss that had both of us moaning.

A few little motions up and down had the stud gasping and he stopped me by grabbing my hips and holding me down on his throbbing meat.
“Give me a minute, babe.”
Super alpha male, hard charging lawyer gave me a helpless grin.
“It was bad enough all day, and I planned on leaving early so you and I could spend some time before dinner, but I came out of my office with Mike pointing down the hallway and looking down, there was your ass in those torn up cargoes and stupid t-shirt and I swear if I touched myself I would have spewed in my pants.”
I laughed, wiggling my ass a bit, even clamping my rosebud down which had him start to growl growing louder as he forced my head down for a toe curling, dick leaking kiss as his massive shaft swelled inside and heated poured up my tunnel while the man whimpered as the two of us remained locked in our mind wrenching kiss.

We stayed where we were even after backing away from our intense lip lock.
I may have been uncomfortable at the start of doing it in his office, since it was a bit too obvious with the whole shutting and locking the door thing but it was already done, so what the hell.
I now had has big joint inside me so I wasn’t any hurry and I grinned when I saw Chris’ nostrils flaring.
He tries not to be obvious but he’s into smells or more accurately my smells.
The stud hates any cologne or scented shampoos or anything else on me, which is fine since it’s not my thing either, so the clean scent of me will get a nostril flare.
Add a little sweat and it amps him up, but sex smells? Amps the man up big time.

And my working the day in my clusterfuck was now reaping rewards as he pulled my chest closer to lick my dried sweat off my body as his dick stayed hard inside my still horny hole leaning even closer to run his rough tongue over my left nipple eliciting a surprised moan from my lips. My ring around my stubs are a little bigger than a quarter wrapping around the lower cliff of my chest with the tips, swollen and sensitive.
Chris, a few inches shorter with me impaled on his lap was comfortable toying with my chest as he graduated to sucking and a little nipping of my bullets getting a low growl.

This is a common position at home, and super focused and intense Hardway can spend a long time working my chest over until their swollen, sore and distended making me splash my jizz without even touching myself, but in his office it lent an additional aura of bad behavior spurring the stud on.
The only problem was my need to stifle my moans even if this old building has thick walls, so bending down I sunk my teeth on his shoulder as the stud continued to chew away while he pumped his dick up, working up the speed to jackhammer my hole as he continued the assault on my chest.

I was delirious and my dick was throbbing knowing I won’t last much longer when Chris stopped and looking up smiled before closing in for a loving kiss.
“Time to go home babe.”
“Are you insane?!” thinking I really need to get off, especially since he’s already dropped a load.
Two hands grasping my head, he smiled that ridiculous smile, cocky, loving, amused.
Geezus, I can cum just looking at that.
“We need to shower before dinner and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
“Fuuuuuck. You expect me to drive like this?” getting a hearty laugh.
“Leave the truck here if you want,” and seeing my eyebrows wiggle, “Uh maybe it won’t be such a good idea for us to ride together,” now cracking me up.

I pulled off his telephone pole regretting its loss once more and we hurriedly dressed as he fussed with some papers, shoving some in a briefcase to peruse over the weekend and once we were somewhat put together, although even pulling my shorts over the head of my cock had me flinching, but once dressed, the two of us left his office.
Diane and Mark apparently took full advantage of Chris giving them the rest of the day off, since the area near his office was empty and we marched down the hall with some folks not looking at me while others had smiling eyes.
Whispering next to Chris, “Fuck does everyone know?”
“What do you think?” while I shook my head blushing making Chris laugh and knowing what he was thinking I gave an embarrassed shrug. I am what I am.

I’ll have tons of sex, I’m just not big on it being public knowledge with people I know.
Slut, but discreet slut.
I started chuckling.
Shaking my head, “I guess if I wanted to be a discreet slut, I shouldn’t be banging my boyfriend in the office,” with Chris throwing back his head and letting out a roar and coming up to the front desk, he threw his arm around, kissing me on the cheek.
“Too true babe.” Surprised by his public display of affection, I couldn’t stop giggling since being worried about a quick kiss was silly, since everyone seemed to know we’ve been doing the nasty only a few minutes ago.

“Do you want your truck or not?” and still giggling I nodded yes.
“Aaron, call down for both our cars please,” seeing the bitchy receptionist disapproving, but dialing as we made it to the elevators.
It took a few minutes at the street, and Chris got his car first which was no surprise since the choice for the valet is to get a five year old pickup or a fairly new Maserati.
I made it back to the house putting the truck in the garage looking for Chris since we weren’t in that much hurry to make it to dinner when hitting the top floor I rounded the corner to the bedroom to see his naked body on the bed with his legs dangling off.
Covers pulled down, his brawny frame dominated the huge bed.
Chris had one arm up with the hand behind his head with the other hand wrapped around his hard piece of beef.
“Fuck babe.”
Grinning his hands moved down and grabbing behind his knees, the muscle stud lifted his legs to show his tiny round hole.
His tiny round hole, slickened with lubricant.
With a gesture of his head I stood between his thick limbs.
Softly, “the shirt,” and it took me a few seconds to register since I was staring at his body. When he pulled back his legs, his biceps as well as his chest had pumped a bit which is why I was staring at the hot man.
Losing coordination I struggled with the shirt seeing an amused grin when it finally popped off and then a jerk of his head indicating my shorts which dropped in two seconds with his smile widening and a little rocking and spreading of his legs, I didn’t need any more coaxing as I bent my knees to sink my hard shaft inside my lover’s tunnel, hearing Chris groan.

I fucked him awhile, seeing another head gesture which had me leaning in first for a kiss, then with my elbows next to his head I continued pumping his tight man ass.
“She’s having about a dozen over for dinner tonight you know,” I was barely listening.
“The cream of San Diego society and her favorite gay couple.”
I was taking longer strokes driving inside the stud and his talk became a little ragged.
“And I want to be sitting there with your cum inside me babe, just like mine is in you right now,” and with that he pulled my head down for a long deep mind bending kiss as his other hand came in between to roughly twist an already brutalized tit, making me growl as jizz began flaring through my cannon to fire in his chute pouring thick streams in my lover’s ass.
I was flat on his torso, trying to pump air back in my lungs with my head on his shoulder when I felt a hand gently stroke my hair.
“You okay babe?”
“Give me an hour,” hearing gentle laughter.

“We’d be late then and you know….”
“Yeah, yeah.”
I lifted off my lover holding out a hand for him to grab and help him up as we both hit our shower easily fitting the two of us.
We toyed with each other a bit, but we’re on the clock now.
Chris Hardway is never, ever late as well as always properly attired, looking at ease.
Well, nobody can say I’m late. I may be screaming up on two wheels, not having changed or missing something because I was rushed, which is another story.
But not tonight.

Chris walked into my closet picking out my suit and shirt to wear.
It doesn’t matter to me, I’m not the clothes horse in the family and the proof is my man’s closet is about three times the size of mine which is a respectably sized walk in closet.
He picked out one of my ‘cut’ gray suits he says highlights my eyes, as well as picking out another one for him, so we both looked sexy as hell.
Chris put on one of his Emenegildo silk ties and I put on one of my ‘tropical’ ties that costs about a fifth of his. I’ll wear the expensive suit, but I refuse to wear three hundred dollar ties.
Chris thinks it’s my protest against the formality, which there’s some truth to, but it honestly has to do with the fact I refuse to spill food on expensive ties since the shirt and suit, we can get the stain out of.
Hey I’m a healthy eater.

The night wasn’t over yet, since dinner at Gloria’s was nice, a little staid, except for the fact Chris kept coming near and brushing a nipple that was sore from this afternoon’s workout, pats on the ass, a touch here or there, all discreet, although maybe Gloria knew, she always says she knows when ‘her boys are in heat’ as she puts it.
And then home, well thank God it’s a Friday night.