On the Road

This is taken from a Kindle book of short stories called Further Sexploits of Rob Harris.

It is based on a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud.

And while it sounds cool, there’s …complications.

But what happens in this story isn’t complicated at all since it’s about a couple of men finding time to do what men do best.

This is an adult story…so standard rules apply.

Shit, shit, shit!

I'm going down the highway in Illinois heading home when I hear a big clunk and my SUV acts like it's in neutral.

I took my foot off the gas so I wouldn't blow my engine coasting to a stop and I could brake but I had this dumb thought of going as far as possible since I’m in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and coming to a stop on the side of the road, I called for service and told they'll get back to me.


Story of my life.

My SUV’s five and a half years old and had a five year maintenance contract. I was planning on turning it in a few months but of course here I am in the middle of nowhere parked on the side of a highway.

My cell phone rang, "Mr. Harris, we’re in luck since there's is a shop nearby and the driver should arrive in the next half hour or so."

Cool. I was stripped down to a pair of very short nylon shorts and sneakers since it’s a warm day and comfortable for a long drive, what can I say?

I got out to grab the t-shirt in the back when a tow truck pulled up behind me.

So much for half an hour, but I’m not going to complain about getting quicker service at this point when out pops a big guy in bulky overalls, moppy, unkempt hair and a couple days of beard.

"What’s the problem?"

I told him what happened as he had me pop the hood and I came to the front in case he wanted to show me something; otherwise I stayed out of his way since I don’t know squat about engines.

Standing behind I noticed broad shoulders and bent over what looked like a hard muscled ass and turning he caught me staring at his beefy butt.

I was still holding my t-shirt in my hand which was good since I was starting to noticeably stiffen up which isn't the smartest thing to do with a guy who’s looking more and more to be the size of Conan the Barbarian.

“Uh Mr. Harris...?"

"Rob please," and I got a big sexy smile.

Damn. I was on the verge of needing to walk to the side and jack off.

"Over here" pointing at the engine so I stepped over where he showed me I was out of transmission fluid.

“Could be serious but I don't see anything else right now. It must have leaked out pretty fast since it can cause a lot of damage if you’ve driven too far and it could be just a seal but we need to get it to the shop to see.”

I nodded trying to figure out which card might have some credit available while Kent (as I found out) pulled his truck around to the front and in about three minutes flat I was in my t- shirt in Kent’s cab.

The big dude is a talker asking me what I’m doing around here and I mentioned I’m a trainer recently completing a job a couple of hours down the road and jogged on this highway to maybe save a little time.

Kent laughed and told me how the road which linked two other major highways was supposed to have brought a lot of traffic but they don’t see much beyond the farmers in the area and an occasional eighteen wheeler. Getting up close and personal, Kent’s a good looking guy under his scruffiness with a handsome almost pretty face.

Within minutes Kent pulled off an exit into what looked like an old station with a couple of bays where he told me most of his work’s on farm equipment but he got the station dirt cheap since it was abandoned by a major oil company when the highway business didn't materialize.

The station’s pretty isolated since there’s nothing else around I could see and letting me out he efficiently dropped my car down and we pushed it into a bay over a lift.

"You have a swimsuit?"

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing else to do around here and I noticed you have a tan. Since it’s going to take me at least an hour to check things out you might as well get some rays around back if you want."

I shrugged and rummaged through my bag pulling out the only suit I had with me, one of those tan through micro bikinis. Oh shit.

"Uh maybe I'll just sit out in my shorts."

Kent came over and noticed the suit in my hand.

"Relax dude, it's only you and me for miles and I have a patio out back so it’s totally private. As far as I’m concerned, you can sit out in your birthday suit if you want."

He tried to sound casual, but I was beginning to guess Kent wouldn’t mind if I did go bare.

The stud unzipped his coveralls a little exposing a big, really big hairless chest and I wasn't sure if I’m getting the right signals from this sexy dude, a problem when you have sucky gaydar.

It’s so bad, friends are often in hysterics when a guy’s practically humping my leg and I’m still not sure if he’s into me.

Yeah, yeah…old news.

Kent led me out a back door to a brick patio wedged between the back of the station and a white somewhat dilapidated house.

"It’s an old house I had moved here and I'm trying to renovate it but don't seem to find the time to work on it.”

Here in the back there was some decent outdoor furniture including a big cushioned lounge chair.

"Make yourself at home, mi casa es su casa and all that” heading back to his shop.

Screw it, I pulled off my sneaks and t-shirt, shedding my shorts and pulling up my bikini I thought I saw a blond head in the window but couldn't be sure as I spread out on the lounge chair and relaxed with my mind drifting back to last night.

One of the attendees in my training recommended a bar known for their chili so I thought I'd try it out. It was raining when I left the motel getting steadily worse and pouring by the time I got to the bar. I discovered I was the only one in the bar since all the locals had been listening to reports of a bad storm coming in and the smart folk stayed home.

 I in the other hand hadn't tuned into the local news so here I was slightly soggy and a lot hungry and the bartender was cool about the whole thing; telling me it isn't like he could close up and go home anyway, so I sat at the bar and started with a nice cold Corona.

 Ned the bartender suggested I take off my t-shirt since it was soaked and ‘after all its just us two guys’ handing me a small bar towel to wipe myself down and I noticed Ned trying to be subtle looking out of the corner of his eye as I moved the towel drying my pecs, arms and abs taking my time giving the dude plenty to look at wondering if it would go anywhere.

 After a few minutes Ned brought out two big bowls of chili and showed me a bar where you can toss in onions, cheese and other stuff, so I junked my chili up and after getting us both fresh beers the bartender sat down next to me with his own bowl.

Taking a bite, Ned commented, "You must work out a lot."

"A bit. I had a bunch of stress a couple of years ago, and took it out on the weights."

Close enough to the truth. I didn’t feel like adding how final touches were taken care of by a mystery love god fucking me silly on a Caribbean island.

Keeping the topic where he wanted, Ned asked "So what are you most proud of?"

"You mean of my body?" He nodded.

"My arms I guess."

I have a good body, but my arms are blown up. I was also proud because they were the least changed in my mystery transformation and these babies had been built by my hard work. Ned reached over and grabbed a bicep nodding appreciatively.

I was horny and tired of the cat and mouse so I stood up and asked "why, what do you think is my best feature?"

Ned got off his stool and walked around and leaning down he touched one of my thick hairy legs, "well these are nice."

Coming around he scraped his hand over my six pak.

"You see these in models in magazines and teenagers, not guys our age any more." he pegged me at around thirty and I was older but he didn't know that.

Lifting his hands he followed the curve of my shelf to my chest ending up with thumbs flicking my nipples where big areoles punctuated by nubs that’s been used and abused for over a decade leaving me with fat puffy bullets begging to be chewed.

I ended up screwing Ned’s tight little ass several times that night and in between fucks he would work my nips or tongue my horny ass.

I offered my butt but Ned was pure bottom boy determined of taking full advantage of a big hard dick never going down and by the time I unloaded in his butt for the third time, Ned was a happy man as well as done.

We discovered the rain let up so after a good night shot, I headed back to my motel and broke open a bag I bring when I travel by car containing some good size dildos I needed to use since bartender Ned had horned my ass up good with a damn fine rim job.

I came back to reality writhing on the lounge chair pinching a swollen nipple and rubbing my crotch.


I looked over at the window but didn't see the big mechanic looking out.

The main reason I don't tan nude is because it doesn’t take much for me to get hard and having your rod swinging in the wind isn't very subtle, but of course right now my tiny bikini was pulled away from my body with a dick looking like it’s trying to break free.

Geezus what next?

"Hey Rob you have a minute?"

Kent gestured over from the door and I put on my sneaks and walked over.

The big guy was near my car and his coveralls were now pulled off his torso and hanging around his waist, actually way down his waist showing off his wide shoulders and flaring muscle back and I could see the top of a jock strap on his backside which had me salivating and turning around I saw a massive chest and washboard stomach.


"You blew a seal. Fortunately like I said it happened so fast and you were smart to turn off your engine quickly so it doesn't look like anything else is damaged."

"Wow great."

"Bad news is I don't have the seal but I can get it couriered over. Its not going to get here until about seven tonight if we go that route. Sorry that's the best I can do."

I shrugged my shoulders, it is what it is.

"What time do you close today?"

"Since I live behind here it’s no big deal. We’ll get it tonight and won’t take long to put it in so we’ll get you back on the road without too much problem.”

I looked at him and honestly didn't anticipate what happened next.

Kent stepped up grabbing one of my still swollen nipples and said "of course there will be a surcharge for the extra service," and even my sucky gaydar figured this one out so I grabbed his dick under the coveralls realizing I can only grab a portion of it.

Hot damn.

Kent still playing with one of my nipples gave me a sexy grin, “Do you think we can come up with something to occupy us for the next five hours?”

"Maybe, I was thinking a couple minutes ago about a guy who had my ass all horned up last night and didn't take care of it; do you think you can help me out?"

Kent laughed giving me a funny look. "You mean you didn't use any of those big, fat dildos to ease your itch?"

I laughed, the bastard apparently checked out my bags in the back of the SUV.

Shrugging "nothing beats the real thing;" Kent laughed then grabbed the back of my neck to give a kiss like he’s a man starving for another man.

The muscle stud looked at me, “You’re ass really that horny?” I grinned and nodded.

“Look we can play later, but right now…” I put a finger to his lips still grinning.

Stepping back I dropped my suit turned around and bent over.

“Damn man.”

I looked back to see Kent running a hand through his hair looking a little helpless.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what to do with this,” wiggling my butt a little.

Kent barked out a laugh breaking his freeze.

Diving down, the stud went to his knees driving his tongue in my hole.

My butt is muscled enough that spreading legs, my rosebud is available for easy access and Kent took advantage of it pushing his spongy tongue in as deep as possible.

Looking between my legs I saw Kent trying to pull out his dick and having a lot of trouble because it was rock hard, and so big and thick it was getting caught up in his coveralls and I didn’t know whether to laugh at his struggles or be a little worried.

I’ve taken big things before and it was pretty apparent this is going to be one of those monster sizes.

I started chuckling when I realized I was drooling at the thought.


I turned around bending down to lift this big boy up shoving my tongue down his throat as we stood up.

“I think we need a slight change in plans,” pointing to his still trapped baseball bat.

Kent looked at me worried.

“Don’t worry stud, I’m not only going to take it but I plan on taking it all afternoon. We just need to start out a little easy so my ass won’t be damaged.”

He nodded and chuckled with me.

“First these damn coveralls.” I pushed them down to have his thick tree branch smack me in the face and I couldn’t resist taking a lick wrapping my lips around his head causing Kent’s body to buck.

“It’s been awhile with someone.”

I let off his cock finishing getting the coveralls off.

“Lube?” Kent went over to a drawer pulling out a giant container. I gave him a raised eyebrow. “Mostly wishful thinking, it’s more hand moisturizer lately than lube.”

I cracked up since that was a good one since I’ve never heard beating off described that way before.

I spotted a low bench having the big stud lie down on his back and the perfect height for what I needed.

Lubing his monster up, “I need to get my ass used to this baby, then it will be all yours sexy man. Just be a little patient for another few seconds.”

“Stop then.”

I looked at his face. “You’re stroking my tool isn’t going to have my lasting very long.”

We both chuckled as I swung a leg over and lined him up to my chute.

Sinking down the head tapped my entrance and even like this I could feel the width of what I’m  taking as I sank down a little more feeling my sphincter stretching out.

I wasn’t paying attention to Kent so shocked when I felt my nipples roughly squeezed by strong thick fingers.

“Fuuuuuck,” my knees buckled and I sank a couple inches down on his telephone pole.


I closed my eyes trying to take a couple of deep breaths. Kent took one hand around the back of my neck to pull me down for a kiss.

“Sorry dude.”

I chuckled a bit as I regained my senses.

“Never apologize for this stud,” as I took another two or three inches inside me.

“I can’t, I can’t…..!” Ken bucked up driving more of his humongous tool in as he flooded my hole and his body was jerking with every spurt of cream shooting out before falling back to the bench and groaning as I took over riding his still hard shaft still pumping fluid and lubricating my insides with his cum.

I was finally hitting bottom and decided to pause a minute resting with him completely inside me and we looked at each other grinning.

“Wow, I am really….”

I laughed, “Don’t you dare say it.” Knowing he was going to apologize for cumming so soon.

 “Are you going to give me other loads?” I asked as I rode up and down a few inches of his still rock hard pole and he nodded.

“Are you going to fuck my ass like it needs to be fucked?” I lifted myself higher on his pole, ramming it back down, with Kent groaning and then finally grinning as he nodded this time.

Normally I’m not this demanding, but my ass is really hungry and this muscle man’s pushing every button.

“Stud, are you going to….” Kent lurched up grabbing my waist and in an eye blink I was now below his big body with him sliding his meat in taking his time.

“Are you really ready?” now looking down at me.

“Hell yeah; Give it to me stud.” Kent began picking up speed shoving his fat rod in my starving ass and less then a foot above my face he leaned down to lock our mouths together as he started jackhammering my hole with his huge baseball bat.

Kent all of a sudden jerked up pulling his log from my ass. Frantically he shifted around so his dick was over my face and I was able to wrap my lips around his head as his juices started spurting down my throat and the stud was still moving as he bent down to take my hard dick in one swallow, with three fingers invading my ass, a poor substitute but it did the trick as I started pumping my cream for him to swallow down his windpipe.

After the explosions subsided, Kent got up holding out a beefy hand to pull me up and his big body pushed me against a wall to resume making out and we were sweating like crazy and sticky with some jizz that escaped.

I wrapped a leg around him as he searched finding my butt and shoving a couple of fingers in my hole making me moan.


“Dude, as far as I’m concerned we’ve only started to warm up.”

He laughed for a second then dived on my swollen nubs.

Talking around his sucking and licking, “Damn these are sexy.”

“Harder stud.” And I felt him starting to chew.

“Oh yeah, harder.” =

I felt a second of hesitation, then his teeth clamping down on my needy tits.

After a few minutes of abuse, Kent came up panting for breath and he looked at me for a second, and getting some answer I didn’t know he was asking spun me around, bent me over and rammed his giant prod back in my hole and with one hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist Kent pounded my chute without mercy pile driving his massive slab inside, sometimes pulling it completely out to ram it back to the hilt.

My cheek was flat against the wall with my eyes closed as I was basking in the hard fuck Kent’s giving me and I knew this mechanic was making up for lost time as he pounded my ass to oblivion.


His word rose in tone as he jammed his monster down deep one last time yanking me up to shove his tongue down my throat while once again his body convulsed with each load of cum he was pumping inside as his head dropped to my shoulder.

“I, I….”

He was out of it for a second so I twisted him around so his back was against the wall. His huge chest was heaving and I smiled as I gave him a couple of light kisses. The guy needed oxygen more than anything right now although I did take advantage by licking his big sweaty tits while the stud was recovering.

Finally coming back to earth, he smiled grabbing me for a long wet kiss.

“That was ….wow..I don’t know what that was.” We chuckled.

Pushing himself off the wall, he went over to an old fridge in the corner grabbing a few beers. We clinked bottles taking long draws to quench our thirst.

Kent talked about how he learned his trade in the army and decided to settle here and while he occasionally got laid around here, he mostly needs to head over to Indianapolis or Dayton to get fucked. He told me how he ends up bottoming a lot, since even size queens can only take him so much.

“Man and even then I don’t have the opportunity to pound an ass like that.”

We grinned again raising our bottles to each other.

“Another round?” He knew I wasn’t talking about the beer.


He couldn’t believe it, but I was ready for more since this stud’s dick is for the record books and I sure as hell am planning on taking full benefit of the monster while I can.

When I nodded, he grinned grabbing my hard dick.

“More than willing man, but at some point I do want some of this myself.”

I agreed.

We re-lubed his pole as I leaned over his work bench. Sliding his bat in Kent still fucked me good, but not as frenzied as the last time so he lasted longer, bound and determined to screw me in every corner of his shop. After about an hour of getting my ass pounded Kent begged for a break which didn’t mean a beer but my shaft sinking into his muscled ass and we’d trade off sometimes cumming in or on each other, sometimes with a slap of the ass, announcing ‘switch!’ as the other sank their meat down the other’s chute.

At some point Kent got a second wind and really pounding my ass and I was on some stand on my hands and knees as his beefy hands held my waist as he slammed his club in and out of my hole.

“That looks hot.”

Kent continued to fuck my ass although slowing down as a guy in jeans and a work shirt with a name on it came into view.

“Hey John, got my seal?” In response the dude lifted a flat package in his hand.

Kent pulled me up with his dick still filling my chute and his arm wrapped around my chest, “John this hot man is Rob. Rob, John.”

Both of us were grinning as we shook hands in the strangest introduction in my life.

“You going to continue there or do you really want this?” waving what I guess was the seal.

“Here’s the problem dude. We’ve been screwing for about four or five hours now and while I’m willing and god even needing to take a break, this guy (squeezing his arm on my chest) just won’t let up.” John looked at me and I shrugged still impaled on his monster.

Turning my head to give the muscle stud a quick kiss, I looked back at his buddy, “Can you blame me?”

We both laughed as Kent slipped his pole out.

Walking over they did a hand slap like a tag team match and both looked to see what I thought of the idea.

“How about a beer first while John shows me what he has to offer?”

Both guys got a kick out of the idea as John did a slow baring of his body to Kent humming out a bad strip tune.

While Kent’s a massive dude with a mop of hair and shaved everywhere else, John sported a tight body with a treasure trail leading down to a nice cock, certainly not nearly as impressive as Kent’s tree branch, but nice all the same.

It wasn’t long before I was on my back with John sinking inside.

“Damn, how the hell can you be so tight if Kent’s been working your ass so long?”

I grinned, “Shut up and enjoy the ride,” making John chuckle.

John was more into two dudes having sex together instead of the no holds sports fucking that Kent and I were doing, so it was a little easier going with a lot of kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. Shortly after, I had his butt but it was when we were back in the original position of me on my back and John inside when Kent joined back in.

John was giving me a nice slow fuck when he grunted, then moaned out a “Geezus you asshole,” and I heard a familiar chuckle behind him.

Kent had walked over and sunk his massive rod up John’s ass.

John looked at me, “Damn he forgets what’s swinging between his legs.”

A face appeared over John’s shoulder, “I didn’t forget, I was just used to the hungry stud below you bro. He takes me like a real man can.”

A little more trash talking came out while dicks were filling up our holes.

“Here, he’s all yours.” John pulled out, pulling off of Kent at the same time.

Kent moved up sinking his monster in, reminding me how much bigger the dude is and at the same time John came over to feed me his juicy cock.

“I’m ready to blow any second anyway.”

At that his dick swelled as a thick stream of liquid started to fill my mouth.

Damn he tastes good.

Pulling back, Kent bent down to get some of John’s cum for himself so we locked lips as his dick did its number on my ass.

The stud fucked another load inside before letting me back up.

“You’re done and it looks like everything is okay.” I started to laugh since I hadn’t heard the engine running at all and John took all the credit for distracting me and getting a high five from his buddy.

“Although I’d recommend you let the car sit overnight before driving it.”

I looked at Kent and started cracking up since while I don’t know cars at all, I’ve never heard that one before.

Giving a level glance at Kent, he gave an embarrassed shrug, “It was worth a try.”

“How about telling me you make a good dinner and want to continue having wild monkey sex tonight?” Kent formed a huge smile.

“I have a couple of steaks; I could make a salad too and was thinking we should continue having wild monkey sex tonight;” We all laughed as I shrugged an okay.


I grinned at his disappointment with my less then enthusiastic response.

“What? You want me to groan in delight at the prospect of riding that giant rod all night long?”

“I want some of you too tonight.”

We all grinned.

John split to head home to his girlfriend (go figure) while Kent and I headed back to his house.

The house isn’t in great shape but I could tell he’s taking his time renovating it room by room and doing a good job. The big stud grilled a couple of steaks and other stuff, while he gave me the responsibility of throwing together a salad, all of which was appreciated since spending an afternoon fucking your brains out can work up an appetite.

We never put any clothes on or even took a shower, both of us reeking of mansex and I had no problem with the idea since it just kept me hard especially when the huge stud passed by to get something and I’d get a whiff of the man.

I offered to do dishes after the meal which Kent readily agreed to quickly discovering why; soaping up a dish Kent pressed behind me with his lubed up telephone pole tapping my entrance and quickly sliding in when I leaned a little forward over the sink.

It’s been an hour or so since his shaft was inside and it was feeling really fine.

“Hell yes stud, damn that’s good.”

“Come here,” Kent pulled out pushing me over to the kitchen table and on my back, he grabbed my legs wasting no time re-inserting his meat down my craving hole and with his hands spreading my legs, Kent built up speed.

Releasing my legs, he leaned in to sink his tongue down my throat as he changed speed, taking longer jabs and beginning to moan as his beefy arms wrapped around hugging me tighter until feeling jizz pouring into my chute. Kent was whimpering as each shot left his dick while I joined him ending up with cum all over my chest and abs which Kent decided to lick off while still draped over the kitchen table.

“You having dessert?”

Kent chuckled never lifting his face as he continued to tongue my body.

Once licked clean by the muscle stud, I was able to finish up the dishes and with the house quiet I went to look for the big man finding him in his bedroom. His mattress and box springs were on the floor with his big muscled body spread out arms and legs pointing to each corner of the bed.

Kent was on his stomach with a pillow under his butt lifting it up in ready invitation and to make sure I got the right message you could see his rosebud staring at me shiny with lube.

I stroked myself once or twice, walking over to the bed and without saying a word I leaned down to kiss a corner of his wide shoulder as I smoothly slid inside his tight channel; with the beautiful man moaning as I bottomed out.

I went slow and easy this time hearing whimpers from the big stud below, fucking his hole for some time before finally bending down near his ear, “Maybe we should take a shower sometime soon stud.”

I gave a loud sniff. “I like the way you smell, but the problem is it keeps me hard thinking how much more I want to do it with you.”

Kent moaned again. “Then again maybe we should go out the back where we could get dirtier and I should piss all over you first.”

A huge loud groan escaped the studs’ throat when he mumbled something I didn’t hear.

“What, what did you say?”


Laughing I pulled out, slapping his butt for him to get up and seeing his big club of a cock is hard and dripping.

Kent grabbed my body and pulling me in for another hard kiss.

The stud kneeled on the ground out in the backyard while I was a little higher up on the porch and it took me a while but able to let go, pissing over his hairless massive chest watching it catch in the deep crevices of his abdominals while he’d move to make sure I covered him on his shoulders, back, arms and head as he tilted his head back with his mouth open taking the last remnants’ of all the beer I’ve been drinking through the day.

After I finished Kent opened his eyes and smiled like he’s a very happy man, leaning forward to lock his lips on my cock trying to suck out a few more drops.

We made it to the shower with his big meat rubbing my butt and sliding in, leaving the thick tool inside while he soaped my back down, washing my hair and running his hands along my body to clean and deeply erotic having his tree trunk buried to the hilt as we washed up.

Pulling out we reversed so I could bury my tool and taking my time to be sure I cleaned every inch of his big body as the huge guy stood there enjoying the sensations.

“Let’s try this.”

Kent propped me up on a narrow ledge used to hold the soap and shampoo finding it installed lower than usual and I realized he built it at the exact height of his cock.

Back against the wall, ass precariously perched on the little ledge, his thick shaft slid back where it’s been spending most of the day and with the water coming down he leaned in to drive our tongues in each other’s open mouths.

Reaching up Kent rubbed the head of my member making me flinch since I’m really sensitive by now and it wouldn’t take much to get me to spooge once again. Chuckling he gathered the cream dripping out of my piss slit  and bringing it up to his mouth to merrily suck in the juices.

I couldn’t take watching the big stud licking my jizz up with that blissful smile on his face so I began spewing over both our abs and Kent grunted as I vise-gripped his cock, giving me his latest load for the night.

We staggered to bed with big boy sprawling across and stuck on an edge I chuckled at the idea how he must sleep alone a lot.

I was still wiped and able to fall asleep with no problem.

That was until I felt an ass enveloping my cock in the morning and I opened my eyes to see a huge sexy body over me, sliding down my morning hard on.


Normally I’m a little grumpy and not too happy to be woken up, unless it’s something like this.

Sliding up and down, I got a grinning “Are you awake now?”

I grinned and nodded.


Kent pulled off and rolled me over and I heard a lid being opened then a cold lubed finger first circle, then enter my ass.

“This is what I really want,” as Kent sank his massive log inside my now very available chute.

I could have been pissed at the turn around, but his gi-normous cock felt so good and the stud fucked at a nice pace giving me his morning spooge, then rolling me over to swallow my cock whole so I’ll pour my cream down his throat.

After that the OJ and pancakes were anticlimactic even if they were good.

I didn’t make it out of the damn service bay until long after lunch since there were a few more rooms we needed to screw our way through, dumping loads in each other throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Heading out I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’ve had a bug up my ass to getting a new car exactly for this reason; and maybe I need to rethink the idea as long as I manage to break down near Kent’s place!

I never saw the big, sexy man again but I thought about him every now and then…especially when I got to be his size.

I belong to a secret gay group called The Fraternity and we transform into big hunky never aging dudes….and while a long story…twenty years later I had a similar body and a dick even bigger than the studs, so I wondered every now and then.

Kent was a pretty open guy and likely kinkier then he let on those couple of days….so what would he have wanted to do with another big man with an equally massive tool?

Damn I should find a wreak and drive up and down the highway until it breaks down to see!