Playing with Some College Boys

First of all if you're not legal, don't read this.

Below is a story taken from my book Rancho Hermanos which can be found in Kindle format at You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to

The book is fourth in a series of low cost books titled The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first name Rob Harris, then Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale, The Bank as well as Rancho Hermanos.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what's called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog, so Sexploits has short stories of hot, sleazy man sex.

If you want to know why he has to change his name or why Gil as well as Rick who is a re-occurring character are such sex crazed stud muffins, you'll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

My buddy Rick showed up unexpectedly in Las Vegas where I worked for some business of his own.

You may have heard of Rick Eastling if you followed college football about six years ago.

Rick Eastling was THE quarterback the sports world was hot for.

Superb all around stats, well known as an excellent team captain and all around good guy with a great personality; Rick was one of those easy going jocks that everyone liked, even with grades at the top, all of which he earned.

Rick would tell me stories during our sex breaks about how the less scrupulous NFL recruiters were sniffing around from the time he was a sophomore in college, making promises and doing whatever they could to impress him, many willing to break any of the rules to get a commitment from superstar quarterback Rick Eastling. He'd tell me how it only intensified in his junior and senior years with stories about how they'd crop up in bathrooms when he was draining his beer or even on park paths when he was out for a run with a bottle of water with their teams name on it making me howl at the insane humor of it all.

But college was also when he confirmed that yep, he's a red blooded homo and there are no 'out' in football and coming out to a few people after football season his senior year including his dad and brothers, the message was clear.

Either don't be queer (yeah right) or stay in the closet, that coming out meant no career no matter how hot his stats were.

So Rick Eastling, the man sports America was drooling over disappeared weeks after he graduated never to be heard from again by the public.

My friend let his family know he was okay, but he took a job in the Caribbean at a tropical island resort called Isla Paradiso.

Oops, that's GAY tropical island resort, where the stud quarterback made up for lost time.

Of course, he was popular there, the dude is wet dream material.

Six foot, little over two hundred, Rick has zero body fat displayed on one of the most Vee shaped bodies I've ever seen. Wide shoulders, sloping traps that point at those big arms that threw pigskins since he was a kid, along with a massive chest with a cliff leading down to a hard eight pak and an Adonis belt pointing at his really slim hips.

The small waist emphasized his rock hard bubble butt as well as the thick bulge in front, all of which my buddy kept shaved. Thick legs for his running, the dude was good.

Above the neck, he was what you would expect from a hot sexy jock. Dark shaggy hair over blue eyes and an easy wide smile and you knew he was a guy that laughed a lot and friends with everyone.

Just fucking primo.

And he was a Thane which I eventually became.

Long story, but Thane's are part of a secret gay global society where we are transformed into sex crazed stud muffins. A lot more to it than that, but that's for other stories to tell.

The two important parts of being a Thane means you have the libido of a sixteen year old chewing Viagra nonstop which is how we met.

I had gone done to Isla Paradiso on vacation and my first time there, I was transformed into the rock hard muscled stud I am today.

Rick said when he was transformed his body didn't change that much at the time, which I believe since he's fucking god like now.

Me? I probably looked like the aging jock going to fat, but within a week I looked about thirty years old and killer body, although not the noticeable Vee that Rick has.

The two things I have on my friend are my arms that even on this muscled body stand out.

They are big, even when not pumped, my bi's are large and I love teasing Rick how puny his are which is total bullshit.

But trash talking is part of who we are.

The other thing I have on him is my nipples. Big and round like Ricks, but my points have been abused for years, so they're thick nubs that make gay boys water and want to play with them, stud jock Rick being one of the worst or best depending on how you look at it and since they're sensitive, I let him, as well as others.

So we met on Paradiso, while I was going through my transformation.

But honestly, the first time on Paradiso, Rick was just one of many guys at the time helping me try to quell my insatiable need for sex, but later trips the two of us got closer to the point that Rick calls me 'bro' or his brother and means it.

We are close, sharing our lives and enjoying each others company, but we're also screwing each other every chance we can.

Both the handsome stud and I connect, but we also connect on the sexual level that's crazy.

Both of us have out of control sex drives as well as interests that translate to anything, anytime, anywhere and the two of us are so totally in sync, that when I'm thinking I'd like his ass, he's thinking how much he'd like me to fuck him.

Don't get the connection, but why the hell would I worry about it?

And we could be brothers. Rick looks about two or three years younger than me, but we're both big and hard muscled, even if he does have that fantastic Vee shape.

Both dark shaggy hair, where my eyes are grey to his blue, we are close enough and the way we act when we're together, laughing, teasing and talking, people naturally assume we're related. The hot man also keeps telling me I'm more of a brother than any of his 'blood ones' have ever been to him.

But it's the sex thing.

Sorry, it's just throwing me and I have no intention of giving up the sex with the hung, muscular stud.

Every other facet, it truly is like we're two extremely close bro's.

It's my hang up I know. So no I don't use the word with him, while Rick calls me bro all the time amused at my hang up mentioning that we're such sluts anyway, it's goofy for me to worry about it.

So the dude popped in to the place I was working and surprised me, then surprised me again when he pulled up on a rented Harley announcing we were taking a road trip down to Palm Springs, so I hopped on my Road King and off we went.

I knew it would be fun to spend time with him, and of course there's the sex.

Always the sex.
The gay motel in Palm Springs was totally clothing optional, so we headed over to the workout room wearing nothing more than jockstraps and sneakers.

Rick had brought a new line of jocks they were selling at the island resort Isla Paradiso, where he worked and the main difference was in the waistband which was halfway between the regular jock and the swimmer version and I had to admit it's pretty sexy especially watching the two tight bands caressing Rick's hot perky muscle butt as he walked in front of me.

I heard a laugh, then Rick turned around, “You're staring at my butt aren't you.”

“Ye-ah! It is a work of art! And you know what an art lover I am.”

He liked that one since the fact was this big former quarterback jock was big on museums, and it didn't matter which kind and before when I lived in Chicago he came up to visit and we visited eight museums in six days.

My tastes run better than the 'dogs playing poker' but not a whole lot more, but walking around with the art lover that week had been a treat as the sexy man would devotedly explain different sculptures and art or the artist themselves, making it all come alive.

“You say that about all my body parts.”

Grabbing his ass and his crotch, “Some more than others.”

Rick spun me around pushing me against a wall for a hot steamy kiss. Pulling back after he got the loud moan he was looking for, “I feel like a good, steamy workout today bro.”

Shit and Yeah!
If I had control of my workouts, they were either 'relieve stress or anger' hard pounding workouts or light maintenance ones.

However some of my workout buddies like PJ or Rick were serious about the whole thing and pushed me when we were together, so that's where the 'shit' comment came in.

The 'Yeah' was that we would be playing around with each other the whole time, which would be frustrating as well as exciting.

I love sex, but I've been the victim of being with guys that not only loved sex, but really long foreplays.
“What are you thinking?”

I swung him around leaning down to lick then nip on of his newly growing nubs.

“I was thinking how happy I am you're here.”

A quick kiss and we made it to the equipment room. It wasn't a lot, but they had enough free weights, barbells and benches we would be able to do a fairly decent range of exercises.

“Sorry guys, the air in this section isn't pulling too good, so we shut off the vents to the workout room, I hope you don't mind.”

Rick and I shrugged, the glass panels in front had all been pulled open and it was a warm day, but Rick was like me, somebody who perspired like crazy when doing any sort of workout, so air wouldn't matter and besides we've already run a couple of miles already and dropped a load in each others butts, so we were already sweating and smelled a bit anyway.

Right outside the doorway, Rick had us do our stretches.

Important stuff which if by myself I'd probably rush through, but we kept the measured pace my athlete buddy set up and I never objected since we'd be facing each other.

“So are these bigger?” Rick struck a double bicep pose which was another of our jokes.

Rick was a bigger guy than me in general and with his major V shape and cute face, sexier than me by a long shot and was beautifully proportioned.

I was well muscled and in good shape, but my monster bi's were bigger than his which gave me some teasing rights.

“Let me measure,” leaning over giving a long lick from his tri to the top of his bicep hearing a groan that was cutoff.

“Nope, still puny.”

“Asshole,” grinning at me.

We smacked each other starting our workout.

As he always does he pushed me harder, always a little more weight or a couple more reps then I'd normally do and I'd return the favor although he was more willing than I.

Either one of us would alternate between the gruff voice pushing for one more rep to a more erotic touching and encouraging the other on, to be rewarded with a kiss or a lick of the others increasingly moist jocks. with both of us leaking so much or in a flash doing the 'buddy' thing laughing at what a pussy the other was.

Nothing was forbidden, so squats might end up with your spotter keeping you straight by sliding a finger or two up your ass to keep you stable, or we'd spot the bench presses in front straddling the muscled body and reaching back to squeeze the jock a bit or give the nips a hard pinch for one more rep. Standing and doing curls might have the other pressed solidly against your back licking the sweat at your neck and shoulders.

The room looked over the large yard and pool area that most of the rooms opened up to as well and the chaise lounges were all around so Rick and I could easily be seen by most of the guys lounging around the pool.

We had both discovered last year when I was in Paradiso we had no problems with people watching us and in fact got off on it and there had been nights where it would be the two of us having sex but we'd do it in front of some guys and our erotic workouts were no different.

Today the other guests were 'casually' walking by the opened up gym to get a better view of the two muscle dudes doing their thing, our bodies shining with sweat, jocks pulled out from our bodies due to our swelled cocks, muscles pumped as we toyed with the other guy.

After about two hours, “It's time we got off.”

Which was unusual since we normally made it back to the room so I raised an eyebrow.

Wiggling his own brows Rick gave me a shit eating grin, “There are plans afoot.”

“Does it have to do with a certain group of college dudes?”

I saw him earlier talking to a couple of the guys before we did our run.

“Maybe, but it's a mission of mercy.”


“Patience, it will all be clear soon, but first.”

We went to the back of the room to a bench where Rick laid down and I got over him in a sixty-nine.

“Follow my lead.”

So we first got our butts licked and lowering his legs we both first sniffed then licked the soaked jocks stretched over our hard tools.

The two of us were both charged up, although I considered it a victory when Rick let out the first moan as my tongue scrapped across the mesh covered head of his big slab of meat.

“Geezus Gil.”

Pulling aside my covering he swallowed me down, so I followed suit taking his long fat shaft down my throat and the stud was leaking so bad I thought he was cumming at first when I felt two fingers push in my hole which tossed me over the edge.

I didn't even get my fingers near him when his prolific leak turned into a gusher shooting thick heavy loads of his juice down my throat.

Damn the fucker even tastes good.

We sat on the bench for a few seconds facing each other, dicks still dangling out of our jocks looking at each other and our sweaty chests heaving.

I started laughing or trying to while I was still catching my breath.

“Dude, I don't need to tell you our play is always awesome, but sometimes when you least expect it, it's over the top.”

He grinned giving me a quick kiss.

“That it is bro, that it is.”

We sat for awhile drinking down some water from our oversized bottles which was good since I wasn't sure how good my legs were right now while occasionally one of our hands would absent mindedly reached up and pull on the others nipples or we'd lean forward for a quick kiss keeping our dicks fairly plumped in our wet straps.

“You gonna tell me what's up?

Rick gave me the low down.

“So you're whoring us out for beer and pizza?”

Rick laughed, “Bro, we've done it for much less.”

Grinning, “True.”
We walked over to the guy's rooms as we were.

There were six college dudes, all sexy, good looking guys ranging from husky to tight and one of the six, Will, was turning twenty-one tomorrow and they were on a hunt to get the guy laid.

One of his buds explained the problem as we sat on a bench drinking beers handed to us.

“You see Will here,” sitting there in board shorts with a cute swimmers build “is still technically a virgin as far as we're concerned.”

All the guys were nodding seriously or with goofy grins.

“The poor man here is so gifted by the gods, no one will allow him to insert and cum thereby losing his virginity. Here let me show you the problem.”

Will's buddy wrapped his hands around the pole going down his leg and since Rick and I were standing there in jocks all the guys were pretty much hard and once his buddy tightened the shorts to outline Will's meat it was readily apparent the boy was freaking huge.

Rick had been told earlier they've measured it and Will was eleven and change and it looked like they weren't exaggerating.

We had a second round of beers and been talking for awhile.

“We think you guys should, you know like interview for the chance to be the first.”
Rick grinned getting up.

“I'm a former star quarterback” and he popped a double bicep, “and look at this ass” as he smacked it turning around so Will would get a close up view, bending down and wiggling his bare, beautiful butt.

The stud was playing it for all its was worth, making fun of the situation as his muscled glutes were waving in the breeze with the other guys laughing, cheering him on, talking about what a sweet ass it was.

Rick did a final double bicep, with a 'that's what I'm talking about,' finally sitting down and I had been so busy laughing at his antics I was missing my cue.

“Just concede to the master.” I laughed again and got up.

Standing in front of him, I stood there for a second and looked at Will.

He was trying to be cool about it, but you could tell he was nervous.

Softly, “Will would you mind standing up?”

He looked around then stood about a foot away from me and reaching a hand up I gently placed a hand on his face then rubbed a thumb on his cheek which seemed to settle him a bit.

I took my time closing in, leaning in and giving him a soft, gentle kiss on the lips and Will let off a soft moan that only I could hear with his mouth opening slightly, so I slid my tongue in taking my time.

The cute stud was now returning the kiss, with his moans getting louder.

With a final kiss, I gave a murmured “it's your call stud.”

And walked back to the bench with Will just standing there breathing hard like he had gone on the run with us showing the outline of his huge pole.

“You suck.”

Rick taking one look at Will knowing he had lost.

“Age and experience will always beat youth and jock hunkiness,” which had my stud buddy laughing.
"Time to choose! Which one Will?"

"Uh question? If I choose one, can I uh maybe know"

"Oh for God's sake Will, you want to know if you'll get a piece of the other later?"

He nodded embarrassed to his college buddies laughter.

"Although there's no guarantee it won't be used by the time you come out. Of course with your fucking pole it won't matter" to more of their amusement.

"It looks like you'll be busy stud," I said grinning.

Don't worry; the plan is plenty of dick for everybody tonight."

Will came over standing next to me to a bunch of catcalls and cheers and we headed to his room.

"I should probably shower first." Will looked torn and I picked up on it.

"I'll tell you what; your birthday present from me is that whatever happens here, your buddies won't hear anything about it from me."

Will grinned, "I thought your hot ass was my birthday present?"

I rubbed part of his shaft wiggling my eyebrows, "Dude I'd say this is my present".

Will laughed and let out a snort.

Continuing to rub down his long pole which tented his boards out even further, “About how long will you last for your first?”

He giggled, “Well I thought I was a goner about halfway through our kiss and this isn't helping” as he tapped the hand rubbing him.

Smiling, “How about if I take you off the cliff, so we can really enjoy ourselves?”

Will wasn't sure where I was going with it, but his eyes were losing focus so he probably wasn't thinking too clearly right now.

I leaned down to suck on his tight swimmers chest licking my way to the top of his shorts. I slowly pulled them down with my tongue following closely behind, one of my fingers tracing his deep Adonis belt on one side as my lips landed on the base of his cock continuing to follow the shorts.

Damn it was a long journey revealing his meat.

The boy was hard and you could see a vein on the top pulsating his need. The waistline of the shorts got caught for a second on the fat head of his dick getting a groan from the college stud and pulling the boards further down, he flopped out hard and needy.

“Damn stud.”

“I hope this doesn't mean you're having second thoughts.”

I stood up for a second giving him a quick kiss.

“The only decision will be you deciding how many times you want to cum in my ass before we rejoin the group.”

A slightly panicked look realizing this was finally going to happen flashed across Will's face as I leaned down engulfing his head and sliding down a ways when the stud started jerking and his already fat pole thickened a bit more before firing a shot of boiling hot cream down my mouth, then another shot after another with Will's body spasming with each firing.

The college stud slid down to the floor.

“Damn, I'd be happy just with that.”

Laughing I grabbed his chin so he'd look at me, “I do think I mentioned this is going to be my present as well.”

Which had the cute guy laughing at my persistence.

We were still kneeling together as Will caught his breath, his massive wood about half hard and I wanted to get him revved up some more and was going to see how much of a pig the dude was.

“I have a confession to make.”

Will looked up concerned.

“I'm not completely clean back there. You see I've been sweating for a couple hours now and Rick did dump a load of his sweet jizz in my ass before our workout.”

Another moan as he was reminded.

In reaction to what I said Will leaned forward without thinking and sniffed when his nose touching my chest making another groan and a tongue tentatively came out for a lick, then another.

I pulled his head back, “Man look at my tit's.”

My puffy, long abused nubs were filling out, but not totally hard yet.

“Do these look like ordinary nips to you?” He shook his head no.

“What would you say if I told you this body was built for sex?”

He grinned looking up, “I'd say no shit dude.”

“Then stud….”

Will realized it was now or never so he became a wild man chewing my nips, running his hands over my body, frantic to get his tongue licking off every area of dried sweat on my body.

Eventually I pulled him off grinning, “You have plenty of time, and it's time to celebrate you turning twenty-one.”

Even though I had been screwed by Rick's big dick earlier, I still had to be a little cautious with Will's monster, so I placed him on his back on the bed, lubed him up and standing over his hot tight body I sat down, first getting him lined up then sitting further, I should have expected it, but he lost control wanting in and when his head passed my rosebud his back arched in need as he shoved about two thirds of his humongous cock inside me.

“Geezus stud, go easy.”

Opening his eyes he looked embarrassed which had me laughing and him giggling.
I landed on my knees, relaxing as we laughed and I took the rest of his pole inside me.

When he realized he was in to the hilt, his laughs abruptly stopped and looking down I saw wide eyes and him swallowing.

“This is, this is amazing.”

Leaning down, “I think more accurately, fucking amazing wouldn't you say?” which had him giggling again.

“Give me a minute stud. Once I'm used to you, we can do it anyway you want as hard as you want, as much as you want,” With his sexy eyes getting big again.

“Seriously dude, just remember to save a load or two for my buddy, 'cause I know he's going to want this too.”

Grinning, “Damn straight. Understand, tonight you'll have two muscle butts that will take as much as you are willing to give; Guaranteed.”

Will let out another moan and started to fuck me as I lifted up to give him some room.

He was filling me up, but my butt was able to handle him, so I lifted off him.


“Trust me.” And I fell over on my back lifting my legs.


Will scrambled over shoving it in burying himself to the hilt.

Damn! I could have taken that monster a little easier, but I had given him the green light so…

“You okay?”

I grinned, “I forget how big you are, let's try it a little bit.”

The stud pulled out and back in a few times going easy on me.

“Give me more stud;” And Will picked up the pace.

I reached up grabbing his head which was about a foot above me pulling him down for a deep kiss and the hot college boy's massive tool was rubbing my prostate hard sending lightning bolts through my body making my own hard dick leak cream all over my abdominals.

“This is so fucking good, are you sure you're okay?”

I laughed pushing him up, “Look at my dick Will.”

He looked down see it rock hard and cream almost streaming out, “Are you cumming?”

Grinning, “I'm so turned on I'm leaking dude.”

Smiling, “Damn!”

Will straightened up holding my legs out to pump his baseball bat with longer strokes and soon he was pounding my ass and you could hear his balls slapping against me and we both grunted as his shaft made its way through my chute.

“I'm gonna, it's….”
I reached up dragging his head down to me, “Give it to me Will” as he starting bucking and whimpering as my ass filled up.

To his surprise I kept him inside me and he did soften a little bit, not staying that way for long.

“I wanna try a different position.”

So I was doggie style at the edge of the bed as he stood up sinking his meat in.

Later I ended up on my back with him standing but one position he loved was both of us standing with my hands against the wall slightly bent overhead and he was able to run his hands on my front, but it also let him jackhammer his horsecock in my butt occasionally even pulling it all the way out before shoving it in. The boy had stamina and it was a good long fuck until I got his third load inside me.

His body dropped onto my back while his jizz was still filling my ass with Will groaning in exertion, our sweat forcing us to stick. His hand had come around and played with my dick so it was now soaked with my cum which he was smearing all over me.

Finally after pulling out, “Gil, thank you for this. Damn, man; I fantasized about this but holy shit.”

“Dude it's nowhere close to being done.”

The no longer virgin stud looked at me.

“Rick will be major league put out if he doesn't get a few loads and a major fuck from that telephone pole of yours and I wouldn't mind some more later either.”

The stud groaned at the thought which had me laughing.

“You'll survive the night….maybe. First let's refuel.”

Will walked out with my jock on and me in my all together to cheers when they saw their buddy. They were busy patting him on the back when I felt a cock in my crack, Rick was naked too.

“So how did it go?”

I gave him a 'really?' look which got both of us chuckling.

“I did tell him to save some for you.”

Rick turned me around giving me a big hug and kiss.

“And that's why you're the best. I on the other hand wouldn't have been so generous trying to drain the stud of every drop.”

Reaching around to his butt, there was a lot of cum inside him and I gave him the raised eyebrow.

“Hey we had to do something while we were hearing all the grunts and moans inside.”


Rick licked his lips. “The boys will be good for their second rounds,” Which had me laughing more until I saw the pizza boxes.

Damn I needed food after that.
Beer, pizza and a few shots later, the boys were willing to play more, but needed a kick off so Rick went over and sucked Will's cock to hardness which took about two seconds as he watched this uber-stud go down on him.

A ton of lube was poured on the immense pole then Rick sank down grunting as his horny ass was spread wide.

I've fisted Rick so I knew what he could take, but I also knew his Frat butt would hold tight as the stud was facing out as he slid on Will's huge pole leaning back over the college stud his body on full display with his big muscled legs flexing to ride the monster shaft, his own fat, juicy shaft bouncing up and down.

Rick was hairless even shaving his pubes making his big dick look even more mouth watering and his small hips gyrated as you looked up at his deeply trenched eight pak with a big rounded shelf to the amazing spread of his chest.

He had big areolas like me and had been getting into quite a lot of nipple play since I've been with him last since his nubs were getting bigger from the abuse although he had a ways to go before reaching the size of my bullets and his thick neck, beautiful sloping traps all led up to a incredibly good looking man.

Will's buddies were closing in, even kneeling down watching it happen while I stood there drinking my beer.

“Amazing isn't it?” Was heard next to my ear as I felt a light kiss on my shoulder and the head of a hard dick tapping my rosebud and I reached back grabbing his hip and pulled him in getting my own grunt as he slid in.

Once in to the hilt, “I'm tempted to call you a liar, since you're ass shouldn't be this tight after getting the Will treatment.”

Chuckling, “Dude in case you haven't noticed, Rick and I work out and we make sure all our muscles are tight.”

Didn't make a hell of a lot of sense, but the dude seemed happy or didn't care as he rocked back and forth one hand on my shoulder the other still holding a beer.

Rick dismounted looking like a very happy man, then bent over to let Will stand up and shove it back in as another stud began feeding Rick his rod down his throat while a couple guys watched still amazed at Will's fuck and taking a cue from my buddy, I bent down as well and gobbling down some more college meat.
We had started this whole thing in the late afternoon and we've been screwing for hours with Rick and I getting some college butt ourselves, but the two of us were the main course that night and we all took breaks but either Rick or I were in action almost all of the time, me getting the drift that my pal was reliving his college the way he might have fantasized it would be.

When guys got anxious about getting more of his ass, he invited two at the same time and they freaked out at first, then dived right in with Will coming behind me with a 'can you believe it?' as his dick hardened watching two studs double fucking my big muscled friend.

I grabbed his massive tool and placed it at my opening, “I did ask for at least one more ride.” And he slid the damn thing in.

I took it but fuck it was still big and the night continued with Rick daring me to take two at the same time as well, so at one point my stud bro and I had all six of them in one of our holes at the same time.

Long after midnight, one by one they happily dropped out leaving Rick and I standing.

“I guess they don't make college studs the way they used to.”

We grabbed our sneaks and headed back to our room.

“Wait before we shower.”

Rick looked at me with an evil grin on his face telling me what he wanted and I gave him my hand.

We both have done each other, but it's some of the most erotic, sensual sex the two of us have had together. We go easy sliding it in, but remain gentle as possible and its bizarre thinking you can make love with your hand, but Rick and I have figured it out as we lightly touch each other and make out a lot and I gave it to my stud friend until he came a massive load over his huge chest and abs without even touching himself.

One final kiss and we hit the showers.

Patting my butt, “How about you stud?” I laughed with an 'I'm good' thrown in and cleaned up, we crashed.

Hours later when the first morning light was peeking through the curtains I felt his big body set next to me, pulling down the sheet and touching my butt.

Still mostly asleep I reacted without thinking by spreading my legs to his ministrations feeling a finger circle then enter my hole and still not awake my ass raised up a bit to get a second then a third finger inside.

I was now awake enough to know what was going to happen knowing Rick was not to be denied. I didn't think I was in the mood, but his fingers felt so good and his other hand was rubbing my back, so my ass was starting to buck and rotate in needy reply.

A fourth finger slipped in while I was flashing back to the hot sex we had last night.
Then in a low sexy voice, “I wanted to beat off just watching you and Will kiss when we had the contest, it was so fucking hot bro.”

The fingers were doing its trick and I felt the thumb squeezing in, all of the sensations making me moan.

“I knew you would be good to the kid and I wanted to watch him fuck you and it drove me crazy standing outside thinking about you taking his big dick.

That's why I took all those guys 'cause I was so hopped up on what I knew you were doing and I was thinking how hot it would have been if you had been my first.”

His hand popped in causing a moment of discomfort, but Rick was good as he gently turned and shifted his hand inside me and I was his whore in heat with my butt squirming around his hand.

“You know what else? I always thought it would be cool to make it with college dudes, like it could have been with a gay sex crazed frat or something, but having you there, maaaan…..”

“Turn over.”

I slowly rolled over on my back with his meaty hand still inside me, knuckles scrapping against my prostate making me moan with the ecstatic feeling.

Looking at each other, “Make me a promise bro.”

And I got a little jerk of his hand to emphasize his demand, “We have to see each other more often than this every other year crap.”

Turning he was brushing against my prostrate again and he was losing me especially since he dived on my dick swallowing my hard shaft as I started convulsing from the shock spewing my cream down his throat, pumping away as he tried to swallow the entire huge load I was firing in his mouth.

We cleaned up again and got in bed.

Rick was on his back already asleep and I cuddled up next to him giving him a light peck on the mouth. “I promise brother mine.”

There I said it.

I've nodded, agreed, but this was the first time I actually said the word to Rick.

His meaty arm which had been under me closed up as his body moved to his side and he enveloped me with his other arm as we faced each other big chests smashed against the others.

Continuing his movement one of his big football carrying hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a mind blowing, tongue wrestling deep passionate kiss making us both whimper.

Releasing me an eternity later, I got that big sexy jock smile, “Now that wasn't so hard was it?”


Rick laughed, falling over to his back again.

Turning my back to him, the bed moved and his big hard body spooned against me as one arm slid underneath my head and the other wrapped around as I grabbed his hand and brought my bro's hand to my lips for a gentle kiss hearing a low growl from Rick, or maybe it had come from me, I wasn't sure.

Against each other, the two of us fell asleep.