Riding Out the Hurricane

This is a story taken from my book Sexploits 8 – Taking a Break From Work which can be found in Kindle format at Amazon.com. You can also do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to robbassbooks.blogspot.com.

The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on Amazon.com that takes you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, then Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale as well as The Bank.

The fifth book On My Own is where Gil Walker is working in Florida where this story takes place.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what’s called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog and if you want to know why he has to change his name or why he’s such a sex crazed stud muffin, you’ll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.

Rob Bass

Shit, shit, shit.

I was trying to get out of Key West on my Harley and chances were I would end up in Cuba doing the Dorothy thing in Wizard of Oz since a hurricane was heading straight for my ass and ‘getting out of Key West’ meant driving east for three hours through the Keys before I could get to any real land.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard there was a tropical storm way to the south supposedly heading far west so I didn’t even think about it as I headed out to the bar to find a hot hairy stud who was major league hungry for a muscle boy with a big dick and fitting the bill enough to satisfy the slut, we ended up closed up in his place for the night and a big portion of the day before he begged to be left alone, although with a very satisfied smile on his face.

I wish I could pat myself on the back for being such a stud, but the fact is I’ve been transformed by a dude a couple of years ago which changed me into this two hundred pounds of rock hard muscle who has the sexual equipment and stamina that any red blooded queer would appreciate.
I brought some things to the table, but it keeps any ego in check when I fuck my way through wherever I’m at.

A hot shower later, I was on my motorcycle ready to leave town with the wind picking up and the rain starting to hit, not quite a downpour yet, when a cop pulled me over to give me the lovely news the tropical storm was now a hurricane heading straight this way.

The cop had one of those plastic ponchos on and the only thing I could tell was that he was big, had a short trimmed beard probably around forty and even with the news, rain, and everything else I found myself hardening up as I sat astride my bike trying to figure out what to do.
“It’s time for me to go to ground as well, and I was going to head over to a warehouse not too far from here and if you’re interested, you can follow me and we can park your motorcycle inside and you’ll see it’s a brick building on a little higher ground so we should be able to ride it out without any problems.”
I nodded since I really didn’t have a fucking choice, so the dude jumped in his car with me following behind and within a few minutes we pulled up to a big door that opened up with the two of us rushing in since the rain and wind was beginning to pick up and once inside I helped the dude close the door behind us.

The door was heavy and once closed, the place went quiet, almost hurting my ears from the change in pressure.
I stood there like an idiot since the door closer didn’t know me from Adam, until the police officer walked over.
“Mark this is ….”
“Sorry, Gil. Gil Walker,” reaching out a hand to shake.
Mark was shorter than my six feet, but wide with a sleeveless flannel shirt and some hot, tight 501’s caressing his thick legs.
The cop let him in how I got to be following and they both looked at me.
“Didn’t you hear the weather reports?”
I laughed, “Sorry was distracted the past twenty-four hours.”
“Yeah, Charlie can be pretty hungry when he finds the right stud to take care of him.”
I stared at the cop who was grinning.
“I was coming into Saloon One last night as the two of you were leaving.”
I nodded. I recognized him now, dimly remembering a daddy type with a nice build holding the door when Charlie and I left, but didn’t connect with him was now in uniform.
Daddy bear in a police uniform, damn I was getting hard again.

Grabbing me by the back of the neck, “By the way, he mentioned you didn’t seem anywhere done when you left him just now.”
I laughed, then looked over, since how in the hell….?
“After I recognized you, I called him to make sure he knew about the hurricane since it was obviously news to you,” starting to chuckle.
“Initially he was pissed, because he was already asleep trying to rest up after what he called was a marathon fuck session,” and I laughed as well since the dude had been crawling into bed as I was drying myself off from the shower which had been a shame since, I had been thinking…maybe one more round before I go would have been nice.
Looking over at Mark, “He said the stud walked out of the bathroom with his dick as hard as it was when they first walked in the place last night,” looking over with me shrugging.
It was what it was.

“Why don’t you strip down?”
“Dude, you’re soaked completely through.”
Oh. Uh, yeah.
Okay, so I’m not thinking too straight.
I went back over to my Harley stripping out of my leathers. Leather jacket and chaps over a skin tight tank top and 501’s with Carhartt boots was what I was wearing, all completely soaked through even though I had only been on my bike for fifteen minutes in the downpour.
Part of why I wasn’t thinking too well had to do with the fact I was trying to get out of this damn weather, but another part had to do with where my head was at.

Charlie had been a confirmed bottom boy, but he was also a guy that liked to worship muscle and a big part of last evening and day was spent with the stud working his mouth and hands over my rock hard body.
I’m a big boy with even bigger arms looking like a husky Popeye and the other thing most people notice is my nipples which are large areolas house nubs that have been abused for years displaying thick, meaty stubs that have a lot of queer’s mouths watering.
That they are sensitive and even some light licking with a sandpapery tongue will have me moaning like a whore in heat and Charlie had the time of his life as he licked, sucked and chewed my body, especially those tits that so turned him on throughout our play.
Hairless torso, with a little trim over my dick, nice six pak with a hard meaty ass, and with legs spread you see my round, pink rosebud wanting action and the stud last night gave me a rimjob for the ages which had me climbing the walls and while my nips are sensitive, a good rimming has me panting to get fucked and a fantastic rimjob has me looking for a group of guys to do me and Charlie had been beyond fantastic, so I was still dealing with an ass craving for manmeat as well as nipples still sore from his attention the past night and day.
All of that came together and I had planned on riding through the Keys and hitting a favorite bathhouse called Club Bar in Ft. Lauderdale hoping I’d get the attention my butt and body needed thanks to the dude.
But now? Damn.

I was stripped down next to my bike with Mark and the cop who finally told me his name was Carl standing nearby not bothering to hide their staring at my frame as I discovered my saddle bags hadn’t kept anything dry, so everything was soaked.
Carl grinned, “Don’t worry about it. It’s just us guys here.”
“Just the three of us?”
“Not quite. Put your boots on and maybe Mark can find some overalls or something in the back, what do you say Mark?”
“Oh, I’ll find something.”
I was busy hanging the clothes around on poles and boxes to dry not knowing how long I’ll be here, but figured even if they end up only damp, it will be better than sopping wet and wasn’t paying much attention to the two of them talking since dwelling on last night as well as what I was missing in Lauderdale was plumping my tool up.

The three of us walked toward the back of the warehouse with Mark beside me, “we’re going to camp out in the men’s locker area since it’s also got concrete walls around so we’ll be doubly protected,” and I shrugged as we entered a hallway.
“Hold on guys,” and turning I was shoved and flattened against a wall by Carl the cop.
“What the…?”
Forearm across my chest, Carl was grinning a sexy smile, “Relax stud, we just need to understand some things before you meet the other guys,” so I nodded for him to go ahead getting a broader smile from the hot cop.
Taking his arm off my chest, the hand dragged across as his thumb and forefinger stopped to squeeze my right stub making me gasp.
“You see we think it’s not going to be until early am before we’ll be able to vacate and we were wondering how you’ll fit in with the group, since its always important to have everyone on the same page when you’re closely confined, don’t you think Mark?”
The warehouse stud had been busy the whole time cop Carl was talking by leaning near and flicking my other available nipple while his other hand played with my ass circling towards my aching hole. First he brought two fingers up for me to wet down, then went back with down one finger inside me as the other working to join his mate when Carl gave my tit a rough twist making me moan and letting the second finger slide in.

Mark was now talking some bullshit about compatibility and crap that I was barely hearing since Carl had taken his free hand tracing it down the center of my abs, and lubricated his finger with my leaking jizz as it swirled around my piss slit then continued down scraping his nail across my perineum.
Without thinking, I spread my legs to accommodate his attack as the finger found its prize and still wet joined Mark’s two digits inside me as I let out a low growl of need making the two studs grin.
“We may have all the answer we need, don’t you think Mark?”
Great, a fucking comedy team and letting another growl out I grabbed the back of Mark’s head to bring him in for a long, hot kiss which had the stud whimpering before I let him go, first making eye contact to see his eyes open in surprise at what just happened before shoving him down to my chest where he began working over my nub with his tongue
Turning my head and nodding to acknowledge Carl, I had my hand ready to pull him in, but I needn’t have worried as the stud closed in to make out, as his hands still did their work on my body and the both of us looking a little dazed when we released and looked at each other.

“So any rules we should know about?”
I shrugged, “Holes need to be clean….” I shrugged again since I’m pretty much an anything, anywhere, anytime kind of guy.
Wiggling his fingers in my own spotless chute, “What about this?”
“With the rimming I got from Charlie and what you two are doing, if you guys don’t take care of it, I just may have to go out and find someone who will, hurricane or no hurricane,” getting chuckles from the pair of studs.
Carl pushed down on my shoulders in that universal queer gesture and I sank to my knees as Mark pulled open the front of his jeans to reveal a nice slab of meat that was rapidly coming to full attention a couple inches from my face.
“Boy, you know what to do with it.”
I grinned to myself thinking about the ‘boy’ word as I wrapped my lips around Mark’s juicy cock hearing a groan from above.
Burly cop Carl was becoming more demanding as he established the pecking order and I didn’t fucking care as long as there would be lots of man sex and getting a little spurt of pre-cum in my mouth I was primed and ready for anything.

The transformation I went through a few years ago not only gave me this big, hot body, but turned me into a sex machine. I was a pretty horny guy before, but now my sex drive was so amped that I needed to do the nasty a couple times a week or I’d be going nuts. And last year I did some construction work in a gay motel in Vegas where I was getting it a couple times a day with a series of wild orgy rooms at the motel making sure my libido was never wanting.
My dick was big and thick, never went down and I will generate enough thick, creamy jizz nonstop, along with an ass that can take almost anything, but still remain tight around any studs shaft.
I was built for sex and it was times like this that I needed it bad.

I’ve been sliding over Mark’s fat pole and taking all of him and remained at the hilt for a few seconds as his rod pulsated in my mouth earning me a low groan until grabbing my hair and pulled me off as his body was heaving in any attempt to hold off his orgasm.
Carl yanked me up while I watched Mark regain control muttering out a ‘Geezus’ as I grinned, getting a light slap from the cop to gain my attention.
Back against the wall with a hand on my throat I wasn’t going anywhere, but noticing his shirt opened my hands came up to feel the big policeman’s body up finding some big, hard nipples parked on the stud’s chest so I flicked them with my thumbnails getting a low growl from the dude.

“Yeah, I like to play hard, do you have a problem with that?”
In response, I pulled his hand off my neck setting it on my chest where he grabbed a meaty nipple and pulled hard making me wince, opening my eyes back up to return his stare as I grinned.
“No, I guess you wouldn’t. But whatever you did last night with Charlie you’re going to be the bottom whore for the next few hours….”
Still roughly toying with now both my plump chest stubs, I cocked my head like I was waiting for him to say something I’d give a damn about as he chuckled giving a last hard twist before moving his hands off my chest after another light slap on the face.
His body was easing up getting ready to move when I grabbed his head with both hands bringing him in for a solid, tongue dueling, toe curling kiss which he first resisted before diving in to enjoy it as we locked lips until….
“ahem,” looking over to see Mark grinning, “Shall we join the others or do you want to hog him to yourself Carl?”

The cop looked at me understanding the message I had just given him which was that I had no problem being his bitch for the next few hours, but don’t confuse me with some dude needing to be bossed around.
“Ah no,” with the cop throwing a wry look in my direction, “in fact I’m thinking I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the stud by myself, what do you think Mark?”
Laughing, “After what I just saw, I’d tend to agree, shall we go?”
As the three of us continued walking I was thinking this was going to be one hell of a hurricane party.

I had been following Mark and after entering the back room, he moved to the side for me to see a thing of beauty.
It was a large, dimly lit room with a wall of lockers, a corner with an open shower and a couple of shower heads with another wall of toilet stalls and urinals and benches around for guys to use, but what caught my eye in the center of the room was a big muscle stud on his hands and knees getting skewered at both ends by what looked like some huge slabs of meat as they moved in and out of his holes.
The two tops had lean muscles, one looking like some kind of skater dude with the other heavily tatted, but I was interrupted in my thoughts as a hand on my back shoved me forward, with a ‘the party hasn’t even started’ comment and looking around I saw Mark stripping down so I went to my knees to suck him in.
“Oh no,” reaching down and slapping my ass making it clear what he wanted.
I shrugged, “Where do you want me?” with the nicely muscled stud gesturing me over to a wooden bench and on my back lifting my legs and sliding his fat lubed dick inside wasting no time.
It was a bit rough, but he wanted to get off at this point and I was so horned up I didn’t mind the couple seconds of pain from his penetration.
My legs were handed off to someone near my head as a big, leaking cock came into my view and I lifted my head to lick the juice dribbling off the meat as it angled down for me to take it in my mouth.
Hot cop Carl was naked, but I wasn’t seeing what he looked like at this point as the shaft inside me plowed my hole then slamming in and hearing a grunt, warm liquid began pumping into my guts as I purred in contentment around Carl’s shaft.
The rod was yanked out of my mouth and bending down Carl lightly slapped my cheek, chuckling.
“That was me boy, you were vibrating around my boner and I almost lost it and I’m not ready for that yet,” giving me a kiss as the shaft dismounted from my tunnel and my cop moved around to take possession shoving his pole in getting a little deeper than Mark had been.
“Why don’t you clean up Mark?” was heard overhead and I did get a view of Carl’s hard, lightly haired muscle body before Mark’s coated cock made it’s way down my throat and he must be using some kind of edible lube since between that and the cum coating his meat, the stud was tasty and I sucked hard on the man’s tool returning him to full strength in no time as Carl’s manmeat pummeled my ass until another grunt pulling out to rain down on my torso as Mark pulled out to do the same from the top end which was disappointing since I’d really like to swallow a healthy load of jizz.

Hearing applause I turned my head to see muscle man, skater boy and tat dude standing around watching the three of us doing the dirty deed.
“Me first,” which came from all people, the big muscle dude, who threw a leg over the bench and grabbing my legs sank a nice thick pole down my chute as he continued leaning in for a long, deep, riveting kiss that practically made me cum right there.
Pulling back a few inches he smiled like he knew what had happened as he gyrated his hips to start moving around my tunnel earning a low moan from me.
Pushing himself up further, his hands were on my chest, finger flicking my distended nubs, hearing a ‘sweet’ as he picked up speed hearing a ‘daaaamn’ from the audience.

Muscle man was a masculine, good looking guy with a nice coating of trimmed fur on his torso not hiding his big chest, puffy nips and eight pak as he continued to show me he had no problem topping as he fucked my ass until he started with a low growl coming down for another killer make out session that also had my own hard dick wedged between the two of us.
All the friction set me off getting a grunt from the stud above as my ass clamped down on his shaft, the both of us started firing away as we continued to lock lips through our volcanic eruptions.
Moving slightly off I heard a muted ‘fuuuck’ as I chuckled muttering ‘ditto’ cracking the big guy up as he moved his heavy body off mine holding a hand out for me to stand up to meet Trey, the muscle dude along with Craig and Dan, skater and tat dudes who were definitely sporting some major meat between their legs and seeing me drooling over their rods had the guys laughing.
“Looks like there’s a bigger dick whore than you Trey!” with the two of us looking at each other and smiling when we both shrugged at the same time.

Mark handed me a bottle of water and we stood around for a few minutes with the young studs letting me know they wanted a piece of me since we weren’t going anywhere soon and refreshed from the water I went over to the bench where Craig the skater dude was sitting.
Getting on my knees I swallowed his big pole taking about half in, knowing I was going to have to relax my throat for this monster as I felt the head of a big schlong touching my opening and looking back,
Dan was almost ready before taking a hit from some poppers before handing them over to his buddy who stuck them under my nose first so I took a hit with him going to my other nostril.

Since my transformation, poppers hit me like a major drug with a good half hour of high that has me desperate for sex and this time was no different as I dived on Craig’s pole riding it like I wanted his cum just as soon as I could suck it out, hearing grunts from both of the dudes.
Through my haze I heard a ‘work his tits, he loves it,’ to have tatted boys hands reach around and once finding them, he began squeezing and realizing the rougher he was, the more I moaned so before I knew it, I was being pinched hard as the huge rod fucked my insides as Craig took more control and raising up a bit to fuck my face with his fat pole.
I had seen the way they had treated Trey so I wasn’t too surprised and the fact that my own boner was rock hard and leaking streams of jizz made it clear to them I wasn’t objecting to any of their treatment so my hole continued to get jackhammered for the next few minutes until I could feel streams of spooge coating my insides while he fucked through his orgasm finally pulling out.

“Damn Craig, you need to get some of this,” and they switched places as I was given Dan’s cock to clean off as skater boy rammed inside me assaulting my ass from the very first as Dan bowed out after he was cleaned up and an unfamiliar dick claimed my mouth.
Leaning in, Craig talked in a low voice next to my ear as he pounded my hole, “we’ve been calling some friends nearby, so anytime the weather lets up there might be more horny studs who show up to take you and Trey for rides,” chuckling when he heard my happy moans.
Suddenly, my ass fucker was yanking his huge pole out of me and spraying my back as the stud in front pushed my head down on his stalk giving me my first load of spooge down my throat and I avidly swallowed everything I could coming up for air to notice there were three new guys, all good looking who told me their names and I wasn’t paying too much attention.

Although a couple were close to my size, Trey and I were the two biggest guys here, and while the storm was pounding the building outside, the studs inside spent the next few hours pounding Trey and I.
It didn’t matter what position whether I was on my hands and knees getting fucked, on my knees almost straight sucking cum out of a stud standing upright or leaning against a wall or on my back on a bench or the concrete floor as big cocks thrust inside my still tight tunnel dumping endless loads of jizz up my chute and down my throat.

They quickly discovered how to keep me in major slut mode, which was roughing up my tits, so any position meant at least fingers squeezing and pinching my hard, increasingly swollen and sore nubs and then there was the little brown bottle where they’d be a quick pause to have me inhale and I’d be screaming for more dick inside me.
Trey was even a better kisser than Carl and we locked lips whenever we could often having our asses pummeled as we kissed, but the crew objected since that left holes unavailable for their own use, so we’d break off to get a couple of meaty tools shoved down in our mouths.
Other guys did suck each other off as we moved into the late night, but the only butts used were the big muscle stud and I with neither one of us objecting.

Trey started taking longer breaks, although he enjoyed coming over and chewing on my nips to goad me on and while both he and cop Carl had some pretty abused tits of their own, they both admitted no one would get the same moans out of either of them that they were getting out of me as more studs continued the task of stretching, pinching and chewing on my little stalks.
By midnight during a break, I noticed my stubs were about puffed up about twice their normal size due to the abuse they’ve been getting by the horny studs.
Two more guys showed up and while some took breaks sitting on the benches and stroking themselves watching the show in front of them, both Trey and I ended up being double fucked to accommodate all the hungry meat in the room

It was apparent that not all the guys were queer which didn’t stop any dick from invading our holes, but you could tell by the reluctance in kissing or reciprocation, some of the dudes would only go so far, but they were few and far between.
The night wore on with the wind and rain faintly howling even in the bunkered room, but there wasn’t anything else to do except to fuck the muscle whores through the night, so these boys took full advantage of the circumstances.
Trey was the first one first impaling himself on a big dick before leaning forward to take another slab of meat inside his hole, but skater boy grabbed my face and pointing it in the direction of Trey and his two fuckers asked me what I thought.
I shrug and a ‘whoop’ later, I was over skater boy as dick number two slid next two him.
Apparently most of the studs have never double teamed before, but horn dogs they were, every one of them wanted to try out doubling up in our hungry holes as my rosebud was stretched for hours as pairs of studs reveled in the sensations of two slabs of meat rubbing against each other inside me and if I showed signs of lagging, my tits would get some heavy treatment as well as poppers would be stuck under my nose and I was soon yelling for more man dick.

By the time I came off my latest popper buzz I looked around to see a room of exhausted studs when hot cop Carl and big man Trey walked up to tweak my aching tits as each closed in for a kiss, both good, but Trey was extreme.
“I think we’re done here.”
I grinned looking around the room seeing the guys practically passed out on the benches or against the walls, “ya think?” getting some chuckles.
“More than that stud, listen,” and it was all quiet outside.
“It’s passed, so there’s no reason for you to stay, although….”
Trey spoke up, “I live on the next Key over on Boca Chica and could use a ride over if you’re willing and you can crash at my place for awhile, that is, if it’s still there,” making us both grin at the comment, even though it could be true at this point.

We dressed with me in still soggy jeans and tank top stuffing the still damp leathers in my bags and headed out with it still so early the sky was just beginning to lighten up as Trey kept screwing with my nipples as we drove through Key West.
Way too much water in the streets and a few trees down as well as power lines, so I had to do a little jogging around, but all in all, it looked like it wasn’t hit all that bad while cop Carl was reporting back to work.
We crossed the bridge and headed down a street to see a house on stilts on an inlet with a tree down and a lot of branches covering the property, but otherwise there was no damage to the house and I stuck around to help Trey clear the tree and other stuff up piling it up in one corner.
The stud had us first change, so it was gloves, boots and tiny black nylon shorts which worked out since the morning was turning out to be very hot and humid and the two of us helped some of his neighbors move some of their downed junk as well.

By late morning we had done our good deed along with getting a huge breakfast in gratitude for the work so we headed back to his place.
The living quarters were all on the second floor with the open stairs in the middle and the rest a carport and some sheds underneath.
Climbing the stairs, there was a landing halfway up that turned you around and Trey abruptly stopped in front of me and I bumped into him since I had been focusing on his incredible ass and turning he looked down to grin and slapping my face lightly telling me to ‘open up,’ he dribbled some spit in my mouth.
“Damn you are a pig,” with me shrugging, since it wasn’t anything I could or would even bother to deny.
Resuming our journey we made it to the landing with the big guy stopping and turning again to close in for a hot, heavy kiss and tired as I was it still got me hard and noticing, the stud laughed at the two of us.
“Turn around,” shoving me against a wall on the landing and I threw my hands up bracing myself as the stud knelt down behind me and pulling the shorts down attacked my puffy, saturated hole with his tongue.
Trey was getting more authoritative, slapping my ass, telling me to open up as he’d dive in to suck any cum out of my ass and chuckling as my moans got louder as he drove deeper down my chute.
This side of the landing was somewhat private, but anybody could walk through the carport and up the stairs but that didn’t stop the muscle stud from working my rosebud and standing, ramming his good sized tool inside me as both of us groaned.
Fully inside Trey grabbed my shoulders to throw me a commanding fuck as the slapping of our bodies resounding in the tight space until he pulled me up and twisting my head for a hot kiss as he buried his meat inside me to spurt more cream in my much used cavern.

Head against my shoulder, I felt a light kiss on my trap with a weak ‘fuck dude’ as he slid out and the two of us were done. Except for a few hours at Charlie’s, I’ve been awake for most of the last forty-eight hours and most of it was having sex.
Although the two of us reeked I was realizing Trey was as big of a pig as I was when he didn’t want us to shower and we headed out to the balcony off the back that was very private and had a big platform’ed mattress in one corner where we lay down and sixty-nined and once unloading in each others mouths spent some time making out exchanging our loads back and forth until we both fell back and crashed.

“Isn’t that sweet.”
I struggled awake, realizing I had been spooning the big stud to see hot cop Carl standing at the end of the bed.
“Hey hon,” which was Trey coming awake.
“Did I miss anything?”
Trey laughed and slapping my ass, “Only that the stud is insatiable.”
“I have some sandwiches,” and my stomach growled in response, cracking all three of us up as we went into the house to see a table full of sandwiches watching the two studs gave what was obviously a partner’s kiss in greeting.

I stuck around in the afternoon finally called over to my buddy in St. Petersburg telling him I’d be a few days late.
He and I were rehabbing a house there, so I couldn’t get in trouble with any boss while I spent the next couple of days playing with Trey and Carl who liked to play pretty rough with a little dungeon gear in a spare bedroom with Trey normally being the commanding one.
Go figure, but then of course they both teamed up on me.
After a couple of days, Trey had to go to work back at the warehouse we had met and with my body now hugely sore and clothes and leathers finally dry, I made my way through the Keys and back to the west coast.
The original plan had been some time with the boys in Lauderdale, but I was pretty satiated for now thanks to Carl, Trey and the dozen other big dicked boys in the warehouse.

That hurricane season, I watched the weather closely almost tempted to ride my bike down to the Keys any time they were threatened with bad weather, but the hurricane I screwed my way through was the last big one for the year.
Can’t win ‘em all.