Scoring a Touchdown with a Jock

First of all if you’re not legal, don’t read this.

Below is a story taken from my book Isla Tropicale which can be found in Kindle format at It also was reprinted in Further Sexploits of Rob Harris. You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.

Rob Bass

NOTE: This is a reprise of a story found in the book Isla Tropicale, the second book in The Fraternity Series.

I walked up Los Olas Blvd to the Cheesecake Factory. Ok, a franchise but the food was decent and they served huge portions which was important since I was fueling a raging metabolism right now. I planned on hitting a bar on the beach to find someone for the night, so I was dressed in some hot sexy cargo shorts and a form fitting v neck t shirt.

After ordering, I thought about my last few weeks. I'm fairly hyper yet my life had been in mega hyper drive recently. First was the short cruise to scatter Doug's ashes and my way of dealing with the whole situation by getting hammered for the rest of the cruise. The second part of my vacation had been to an exotic gay resort that Doug had picked out where I made new friends, had non stop sex and how could I forget, one of those that I had done the nasty with was an almost seven foot massive love god who literally transformed my body from aging chubby to the rock hard, muscled, perpetually horny shape it is now. Of course, even thinking about that trip had me stiffen up under my table. So here I was with a killer body, a metabolism that allowed me to eat anything I want (woo-hoo!) and a sex drive that was making me nuts. Oh yeah and I now belonged to some super secret organization called the Fraternity, packed with gay sex crazed stud muffins.

Getting a smoking hot body after a couple of rounds of steamy monkey sex might sound cool and ok it was, yet reality intruded when I arrived back home in the middle of winter and every single article of clothing in my house no longer fit me. It wasn't just a waistline thing, my hips were narrower, my shoulders wider. All my pants were way too large, even my sweatpants with elastic waists would fall down around my ankles. My shirts, sweatshirts and jackets were all too small. Shit.

I also now had badly fitting winter jackets still needed since it was March and my suits that looked really bad on me now and these suits weren't cheap. Suits were like scotch to me. Cheap scotch tasted like well cheap scotch, when you upped the quality the smoother it would slide down your throat. Cheap suits looked like cheap suits and in my business it showed, so I’d willingly dropped at least a grand for a custom suit, which now fit me like burlap sacks, all three of them.

Barely home, I made an appointment at the Marcus Shell store in Lincoln Park. Although I hadn't been there in a couple of years, their salesman Jack remembered me. Especially surprising since even at a grand a suit I'm running around in the low end of their custom suits which can go up to 15 to 20 large. Jack had met Doug, my partner when we bumped into each other at a gay bar a long time ago and they got along famously.

"Rob, good to see you. Before we get to business I wanted to first tell you how sorry I was to hear about Doug, he was a great guy and you two seemed such a super couple."

I mumbled my appreciation. I still don't know how to deal with this stuff. My partner had died a year ago from the big C and I've never figured out the proper response or how to move the conversation forward from this, but Jack saved the day. "So tell me what we can do for you."

I explained how I haven't been wearing suits for awhile (not true, but I needed something plausible since ‘last week I was transformed by a bodybuilder stud love god into this sex crazed stud muffin body you see now’ might raise an eyebrow or two) and I have been working out, so I needed a couple of new suits.”

"Let me grab your file first, even I can tell from here that you've slimmed down since I last saw you" which was his polite way of mentioning my chub days.

I took my jacket off wearing only jeans and a v neck t-shirt, it may have been winter, but it was the only thing I had that fit me right now.

"Oh my, I think we're going to have to do a full measurement" leading me to a back private room. "Clothes off."

I've done this before so it was no big deal except for the fact that the only underwear I had at the house that came close to fitting me was one of Doug's old jocks, so shortly after I entered the room, there I was in a jock and socks. But Jack was a pro after throwing a glance or two.

“Lets see calves and thighs, (Credit my genes, I always had big, hot, hairy legs) slightly bigger, but not too much so" Jack then jotted the new numbers on a form.

"Inseam", jamming the tape into my inner thigh brushing my crotch, "the same."

“Hips, hmmm" that probably was because my hips were now smaller, but my flat butt was now a nice hot muscle butt, so it probably.. "about the same."

"Waist is slightly under 32, big change, congratulations" Jack said looking directly at my cut abs. “Wow, your arms are significantly bigger”. Ok, those were my pride and joy. While I had a bulked up body, my bi’s and tri’s were bodybuilder quality. I had been using the gym for the last 4 years to pound out stress and my arms were what got the most attention and it showed.

Chest, shoulders, all were bigger, but Jack also wouldn't help but notice that instead of a padded bulky Rob in the past, I was now displaying a zero fat rock hard body with a dick that was getting fuller every time he touched me..

Jack seemed to be getting a little distracted. When I asked if I could put my clothes back on he told me to "wait one minute." He continued measuring but started to linger a bit. Jack measured my arm length resting one hand on my huge biceps. Neck measurement had him leaving a hand on my traps a little longer then needed.

Asking if I'd like my suits cut a little trimmer now, Jack went behind me where the curve of my ass was only covered by two straps. He then asked me to take my jock off so he could measure from my navel to the top of my groin, which according to him guided how the pants would be made to get the trim youthful look. By that time my shaft was rock hard and he made a point of kneeling directly in front of me to take the measurements he said he needed.

Looking away for a moment, I felt a tongue lapping the juices leaking out of my piss slit. Looking up at me Jack then swallowed my fat tool to the hilt. Although I had just come from a non stop sex fest a couple of days ago, with my new freaked up sex drive I needed this badly.

I started to grab the back of his head, when he said, “Please let me,” so I put them behind my back. It drives me nuts not touching, I’m one of those guys that likes his hands to roam. It also gives someone else control of your body and the sex you are having which can be hot, Doug used to enjoy making me stand or lie still drawing out the experience. Jack alternated between going down on my dick and licking the underside or my low hanging nuts. I couldn’t stop moaning when he stood up and said, “I will finish up soon, but I have always loved these” where he then proceeded to suck in one of my nipples. My nips have always been a huge weakness. Large areolas , a little bigger than quarters, my lover Doug had spent almost two decades of first sucking, chewing and then clamping my nubs so they were now chubby and swollen. Soft, they would be prominent sticking out of any shirt, hard like they were now, they looked like bullets demanding attention. They were also pretty sensitive which only encouraged Doug and now others to focus on giving them a lot of attention and Jack was no different. Hopefully the shop was still empty since I was moaning louder and louder as he first licked, then sucked and then pulled each swollen nub with his teeth.

“Jack, I….” Jack dove to his knees as my jerking pole began to spew. Mouth securely clamped, my knees buckled as I shot what seemed like a gallon of jizz down his throat.

“Ah dude, do you mind if I sit for a minute?” backing up to a chair in the little room.

Moments later, we were back to professional Jack and customer Rob, working out materials, shirts, new belts for my smaller waistline, timeframe and of course payment. I walked out about five grand and a heavy cum load lighter. For some reason it didn’t bother me.

After dinner and a large dessert, I headed back toward Ft. Lauderdale beach. Walking over the bridge it was a beautiful evening, especially since I wasn’t freezing in Chicago right now, I decided to pull my shirt off and heard a couple of cheers from a carload of gals cruising by. A couple of blocks later, I found my target, a gay motel on the beach which had a great outdoor bar. Loosening up with a shot and a Corona, I parked myself at the bar with a view of the dance floor. Scanning the area I found a group of about six guys all together. They came in various shapes and sizes, but looked in their late 20’s or so. One especially had that husky jock thing going. Shirt off, little treasure trail cutting through his cut abs to the top of his shorts, beer in hand that pumped a nice bicep when he drank and he wasn’t paying attention to any of his buddies like one could be a boyfriend.

I was staring and my dick started to push through my shorts. I couldn’t help laughing at myself since this is not my usual method of contact. Well actually until about 3 weeks ago there hadn’t been any method of contact for the last 20 years except with my partner Doug.

Turning around shaking my head, I ordered another Corona, when I sexy deep voice said “I’ll take care of that and a Corona for me too please”.

Looking over, jackpot, husky jock boy.

“Hi I’m Ivan” “Rob.” Closer, shaking hands, Ivan was even sexier.

We chatted awhile. Ivan didn’t ask me my age, which was good since I haven’t worked that one out yet. I was 44, but after my body was transformed, everyone told me I looked early thirties or so, body on display like now, maybe even younger. He let me know he was with a group of friends, out of New York, down for the week to soak up some rays and party a bit. I mentioned how I’m from Chicago, a speaker and trainer, just finished a gig and staying an extra day or two to soak up the rays and hopefully get lucky with a hot stud.

Shit, I don’t believe I said that.

Ivan grinned at the last one, and then ran the back of his hand up my torso.

“Say you found a stud you were interested in, what would you be hoping to happen, once we got to the room?” The dude’s asking me about what type of sex we’d be having? Wow, things have changed. Well I’ll give it a shot.

“Honestly, as for sex tonight, I’m game for anything, but I have to admit, I want a lot of it. I’m not looking for a cum and run.” Is this shit coming out of my mouth?

Ivan looked at my face and then started laughing. Oh great, my first attempt at pickup in twenty years and I make the dude laugh. Impressive Rob, real impressive.

He grabbed my arm. “Sorry, sorry, wait a sec,” as he composed himself. Ivan drew closer only inches from my face. “Look sorry about that, I don’t normally ask people what’s going to happen. But when I saw you come in and then standing at the bar, you have this kind of ‘up for wild monkey sex’ vibe going on, so I was a little ah, concerned.” I waited.

“So your answer in one way relieved me and in another is kind of scary. I don’t know if I should call over one or a couple of more friends to help take you on.” I lost it. My laughter drew looks since when I’m full out laughing its pretty loud. Ivan chuckled beside me.

Settling down, “Let’s give it a shot, we can always call for backup if needed.”

That got both of us laughing as we left the bar, Ivan waving ‘later to his buddies and we headed to my hotel a couple blocks away.

About a block to go and the stud pulled me into a covered doorway to give a deep throated kiss. He was as horned up as I was and didn’t want to wait. We were both into each other and our kissing and rubbing our hands over each others muscled bodies reflected that.

“Fuck, I’m tempted to have you fuck me right here.” That was Ivan, when we came up for air.

“Hold on stud, we have all night, and just a block or so to go.”

Practically running through the Hilton lobby, we probably looked obvious; two shirtless studs, hardons tenting our shorts, focusing on getting to our room to fuck our brains out, which was just what we were.

Fortunately the elevator was empty so we were able to resume making out, grasping each other tightly, and breathing heavy with an occasional moan. Thanks to the warm night and our fast pace in getting here a light sheen of sweat caressed our bodies so even smelling him was driving me further into wanting this guy ….now.

I fumbled with the keycard so much that Ivan had to take it out of my hands. Door open, we were grappling each others bodies before the door slammed close. They had given me a suite and I didn’t care at that point and I don’t think Ivan even noticed as we headed to the bed.

No subtleties, we ripped shoes and shorts off, Ivan shoving me on the bed and then jumped on top, hard cocks rubbing against each other. Ivan really liked to kiss, which is very cool with me. Moving down, he ran his tongue down my pec, over to a bicep and licked a pit. Considering that we had been sweating, it was registering that this dude was maybe a little kinked himself.

I forgot my train of thought however, since he just landed on my tit. First flicking it with a fingernail, then a lick, a little suction, I threw my head back and moaned.

Pulling up he looked at me while rubbing a nipple between his finger and thumb, “Dude, do you have any idea how sexy these bad boys are? Even in the bar I just wanted to walk over and start chewing them.” He looked at me waiting for some kind of response. I simply nodded, which seemed to be what he wanted, since he just smiled and then dived back down on my chest.

Ivan first hesitantly started lightly nipping my nubs, getting more aggressive as my moaning and thrashing encouraged him on. Soon he would take a tip between his teeth and pull back stretching them and then releasing. Repeat with the other one.

“Where’s the lube?” I pointed to the bedside drawer.

Ivan resumed his position on top of me, kissing and flicking or pinching my nips. Reaching back he lubed up my boner, shimmied back and slid his tight ass down my shaft.

“Dude, you’re big, hold on a sec for me to get used to you.”

By now I was all the way in with him sitting on my lap. He had stretched my arms over my head holding them there, with his face next to mine.

“You never asked me what I’m into.” I just looked at him.

“Once I get comfortable I want my ass pounded and honestly I wouldn’t mind getting some of your tail. You got me going with what you want; my record so far with another guy is four times. We’re going to see if we can break it?” I laughed.

“One condition.” I said. Ivan looked at me.

“All your cum has to be on me or in me.”

That put a smile on his hot jock face. “Hell yeah”.

Rolling over together, I started to give Ivan his wish. First slow then building up steam; Ivan not only took it, but was pretty vocal yelling at me to fuck him faster or harder, occasionally pausing to close his eyes and moan. I was pile driving his ass when we both shot our loads at the same time, him slightly sooner clamping down on my pole making me shoot streams of cum up his ass.

After a second I looked at him as harshly as I could. “You broke the deal.”


“You were supposed to cum on or in me, and you’ve jizzed all over your chest and belly, and it looks like a shot made it to your face.”

“Well if you lick it off and swallow, won’t that still qualify?” The prick, probably a lawyer or something. But it worked as I started on his cheek and worked my way down.

We took a break and I grabbed a couple of Coronas that I had stocked in the fridge while Ivan took a leak. Joining me on the balcony, we clinked bottles and checked out the ocean.

“Well damn, this beats our room.”

“Can’t take credit, it came with the gig.”

“Did you see your bathtub? I wouldn’t mind using it at some point.”

“Now? We just…..” I couldn’t continue ‘cause at that moment, Ivan had moved behind me and was now lapping my hole with his tongue. Leaning over on the balcony, with my legs spread it fully exposed my rosebud to his attack. Ivan lifted his bottle and began pouring beer down through my crevice where his tongue waited just below my opening. He would then dive back in forcing his tongue inside me.

“I want to try something.” Ivan put the lip of the bottle against my hole and gently pushed.

Fuuuuck. Barely in, he tried first to tilt it so the beer would empty up my ass so he moved me around so I could bend forward more.

He managed to pour some cold beer inside me which rapidly warmed up.

“Ok, I’m going to take the bottle out, so clamp down,” slowly removing it from me.

Ivan then dived on my ass, using his fingers to open my hole a little so he could get at the beer inside me.

“Hold on, don’t move.” Slapping my ass, he jumped back in the room, returning seconds later.

By that time I was bent over a chair on the balcony so my ass was higher than my head. Looking behind me, I saw Ivan coming out with his big, thick pole slicked up.

He stepped up, aimed and slowly but firmly slid his cock up my ass. There was still a little beer inside me, so it had to make way for his big tool. Ivan grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up so that my back rested against his thick pecs one hand moving around my chest to idly flick one of my nubs, slowly grinding his cock in and out an inch or so.

Returning his kiss, Ivan started talking, “Do you have any idea of how hot you are? It’s not only your killer body stud, I feel like I can do anything with you or ask you to do anything with me, and you may say no, but you won’t freak out or something.”

He then pushed me forward against the railing and started pumping harder, with longer and deeper strokes, sometimes coming out entirely and then driving back inside me. He yelped as a felt my insides heat up with his cum shooting again and again.

Pulling out, he knelt down shoving my dick in his mouth where I let loose a steady stream of jizz. Starting to overflow his mouth, I sank dawn unloading ropes along his face, neck, chest then stomach, reaching behind his head to draw him to me for a long, hot kiss.

Fortunately, the spa bathtub fit the two of us, even as big as we both were although we had to be close which neither of us objected to. After a short rest, we continued on fucking pretty much throughout the suite. Ivan that night would alternate between fucking me furiously and sometimes gently, yet anytime my dick was in his hole he wanted to be pounded. We felched, poured more beer on and in each other and later facing each other one time in the shower, we raised our rods to piss on each other. Ivan was a wild man trying out things he only had fantasized about. At the end of the night, he even shyly, hesitantly asked me to handball him. I had never done anything like that before so I took my time, pretty much using up all my lube to finally get my hand inside him. Oddly enough, with my fist inside him, we made love more than when I was fucking him. I was gentle and I’d kiss him on the mouth or elsewhere on his body. We took our time; sometimes I’d rotate my hand, sometimes letting him rotate his body around it. Finally doing short pumps inside him Ivan stroked his member to a mind blowing orgasm, his whole body spasming. After I carefully pulled my hand out, I laid next to him, still on his back, looking at the ceiling, Ivan started.

“I don’t fucking believe I did that.”

“What’s wrong? You didn’t want it?”

He shook his head from side to side. “I’m known as a top with my friends.” Looking at his big jock body and matching rod, I could see that.

“I have bottomed, but it’s been….I don’t know…okay, but I’ve always wondered about some things….”

“Like beer bottles and piss and handballing you mean?” I said recounting some of the things we went through tonight.

Ivan chuckled, “Yeah.” We talked awhile, showering and then crashing around five in the morning. Ivan got a kick out of the fact that we had gone almost non stop for about eight hours commenting how Viagra would have been useless since it only works for four.