Shooting a Game of Pool

First of all if you're not legal, don't read this.

Below is a story taken from my book The Bank which can be found in Kindle format at You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to

The book is the third in a series of low cost books titled The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first name Rob Harris, then Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale as well as The Bank.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what's called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog.

If you want to know why he has to change his name or why he's such a sex crazed stud muffin, you'll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

A couple hours down the road I pulled over to a rest stop to change.

I had a pair of cargos that were cut way low and tight, a tank top too small that looked like a second skin and a button down that was tight around my big bi's which had to hang open showing off my torso.

These were my 'come fuck me' clothes which was the intent.

I was chuckling at the idea I was horny as hell although I've been having sex almost every other day, but I realized it was mostly one on one, although the car dealership was a three way, but I've been also getting off on sleazy sex as well as gang bangs and I really had a need for something like that and I started to strip down when a trucker came in and then quickly walked out again.

Seconds later I heard noises with the trucker returning then another good looking guy walking in.

“We opened the other bathroom for anyone that might come in.”

At that point I was only wearing my sneakers.

“So it's just the three of us in here?”

The other guy nodded. I looked at both of them dropping to my knees.

“Oh yeah!”

Trucker unzipped shoving a big meaty uncut sausage down my throat as the other guy pulled out a nice long cock beating it off.

To make it clear, I got back on my feet never letting the trucker meat go to bend over with my ass exposed and ready, the dude beating his meat getting the hint.

He knelt behind me to give me a nice rim job before rising up to immerse his pole in my chute. Damn this was good.

Trucker stud pulled out of my mouth, “I want some of that,” just as I was feeling hot liquid pumping in my hole, so his time was now and he slid in seconds later to pound my hole cumming soon after, all of it short but sweet.

I finally got my clothes on without getting off myself thinking it was all good getting a warm up for what I was hoping would happen tonight.

What is it about a rest stop that gets your gonads going?

I didn't get it but still responded to it and it had been hot but I was ready to get serious.
I was laughing to myself as I headed down the highway thinking how the two studs who banged my ass was nothing more than a warm up making me hornier than ever.
I had been transformed earlier this year from a middle-aged, somewhat chubby guy to a sex crazed stuff looking about thirty with the emphasis on sex crazed.

Although probably the stud part should be mentioned as well.

I'm six foot and weighing in at two hundred and severely cut with single digit body fat displaying a thick neck, sloping traps leading to one of my pride and joys which are my arms.

At two hundred, I'm a big boy, but my arms are still out of proportion. Think of those dudes that are well muscled but have monster arms and that would be me.

Big hard chest leading down to a deep shelve over my six pak which were fairly trenched right now and the other thing I knew attracted the men was what was sitting on my pecs which were my nipples.

Big areolas, about the size of quarters housing puffy, swollen bullets that had the men salivating to chew and abuse the suckers and they look like they should have some heaving nipple rings dangling off them, but I wanted men to suck and chew on the suckers so I left them bare of any metal, unless some dude wanted to clamp them.

Below the waist were big meaty legs, a rock hard muscle butt and a dick that may not be OMG big, but everyone is willing to play with and I normally have to take it easy for the boys to get comfortable with when I first slide in their tight holes.

Above the neck, I really can't say.

Short dark hair and a couple day growth of beard which guys tell me looks good on me which is good 'cause I'm lazy around the shaving part. But I have the requisite two eyes and ears, as well as a mouth, nose and chin, and nobody runs away screaming so I guess I'm okay.

So I'll stay young, with a little maintenance keep this stud body, but the sex drive thing is killing me.

I like it before and was usually game for anything.

Now, I love it, crave it and need it. And when I'm not getting it, I'm thinking about the next time I can and 'it' means pretty much anything as long as its hot, goes a long time and lots of cum is involved.

Fantasies are now reality for me and I've had more sex in the last six months then I have the last thirty years, so think teenager with a virtual Viagra drip and that might come close to who I am anymore.

The good thing about the transformation is my body is built for sex besides just looking like a stud since I have incredible stamina, I can cum all night long, and if I decide to bottom, my ass can take anything but will be tight whether it's the first shaft of the day or the tenth.

So I'm heading to a bar near St. Louis hoping to get the work out I desperately need.
A couple more hours and a quick meal later, I pulled into the lot of the bar using the GPS system on my new SUV where the bar was in an old factory neighborhood and walking in you saw mostly guys but a few young couples as well.

What the hell? I wanted it bad and there were women here.

At the bar I ordered my usual first round which was a beer and a shot shaking hands with the bartender who was a burly, bearded, shaved head daddy and I was antsy after the drive so I decided to shoot a little pool on the table in the back corner still trying to figure the place out. There were guys that even my lousy gaydar knew were queer, yet the couples threw me and stocking up on quarters I grabbed a fresh beer and headed back to the table, racked 'em up and started shooting.

I'm a middling player where I've played enough to know what I should be doing, but not playing or caring enough to get really good at it.

“You play?”

Kind of a dumb question since I was poised to make another shot, but I nodded to a short, stocky, bearded daddy bear complete with flannel shirt and jeans.

His shirt's arms were ripped off and the shirt was open revealing a white tank tight over a big hairy chest and tight stomach and we racked up and played a game where I found out his name was Barry and Hank the bartender was his partner, both owners of the place.

I chuckled a little since I met another burly daddy bartender named Hank a couple months ago, it must be a requirement or something.

Barry was a fairly mediocre player that didn't get the strategy of the game, but the beer was cold and Barry was nice guy to talk to so it was all good and I went easy, but still beat him.

“Ready for another game with stakes this time?”

I guess Barry didn't realize I had been pulling a lot of my shots going after harder ones to extend the game.

“What kind of stakes?”

“Strip pool. Seven balls, seven articles of clothing. Have to take one off for each ball your opponent sinks in.”

I gave a noticeable glance at the couples who were still here.

Barry grinned.

“Those two? Don't worry, they'll probably stay long enough to check out the skin, but they'll be long gone by the time someone sinks the eight ball.”

“And what happens after the eight goes in?”

“Winner takes all of course.”

Barry had a shit eating grin on his face.

I leaned over towards Barry's ear, “I guess you should be ready to get your ass pounded on the pool table then.”

The sexy bear swallowed, his grin slipping.

Funny, considering I was getting the vibe the sexy guy was a bottom.

We racked the balls up after identifying our seven items.

For both of us it was the same, Two shoes and two socks, shorts or jeans in Barry's case, shirt and tank top.

I sunk two in quick succession, intentionally blowing an easy third watching Barry's boots come off.

Barry took awhile but eventually got one in.

“Does it matter the order?”

Barry shook his head no trying to figure out what I was up to and I stripped off my shirt handing it to Barry and then slowly lifted my tight tank up and over my body.

I had to grab the shirt back from Barry who just stood there, slipping it back on leaving it open in front exposing my chest and cut abs indicating my tank was sacrificed.

“You go baby!”

Which was a yell from one of the girls and I noticed the bar was pretty much focused on the game at this point when I sunk another in and Barry removed a sock, then I shuffled balls around until Barry got his second ball in.

I walked over and asked the gal who had shouted out a few minutes ago if she could help me remove my shirt turning my back to her.

“Woo-hoo!” and she pulled it back and down my arms taking her time as her hands dragged across my arms on the way down and I turned around and bumped bottle necks thanking her, her husband or boyfriend next to her grinning.

Go figure, he's probably hoping he'd get laid later or something.

She grinned, “Are the shorts coming next 'cause I'm not leaving until I see the whole package.” We both laughed.

I shot two more in and Barry was getting rattled and I wasn't sure whether he was starting to see I was playing him or because he was way too distracted checking me out.

Hank the bartender brought over a round of shots as Barry took off his remaining sock and his flannel shirt.

I walked up close to him before my next shot which I planned on screwing up.

“Just so I'm clear, that 'winner takes all' thing? That does mean it goes all night long right?” Barry looked at me a little frantic and then nodded.

I grinned, “Just asking,” blowing my shot.

Barry heaved a breath in relief, bent over getting an easy one in.

Since I set it up for him, it would have been tough not to.

Locking eyes when he straightened up, I snapped my waist button on my shorts, hearing catcalls and cheers from the crowd as one couple raced out the door.

Keeping my eyes on Barry, I slowly lowered the zipper, finally letting go and my cargoes hit the floor to cheers from the group.

I gave my opponent one last grin as I kicked my feet up to get the shorts off, walking over to add them to my pile showing that I was plumped, not totally hard but that wasn't going to last long as horny as I was.

Yelling girl came over, patted my ass and putting a hand on my chest gave me a peck on my cheek.

“Give it to my husband honey, I want to taste you tonight.”


She smiled and walked out, noticing Hank walk over locking the front door and there was now about eight guys left, including yelling girl's husband looking handsome and…hungry.


“We playing or we standing around staring?” I yelled.

I walked over buck naked to the bar asking for another beer and told him I'd buy a round of shots, but other guys turned and yelled they'd buy and before you knew it there were a couple shots lined up for everyone still in the bar.

Barry's play was getting more erratic which was a problem since he wasn't that good in the first place, so I sank in another ball, missed the next setting him up for another easy shot.

His tank came off showing his hard, hairy body and some abused tits of his own.
At this point, I had on my socks and shoes for four more and he was wearing only his shorts and I was having a blast while Barry seemed to be getting more frazzled.

“Hold on a second, I think we need to even this up a bit.”

That from Hank who had wrapped an arm over Barry's shoulder.

“And how would we do that?”

“This way.”

Hank gestured and three guys he had been talking to earlier descended on me, one kneeling down, first playing with my ass, then running his tongue up and down my crack.

The other two went to each side first grabbing, and then lowering their lips to my sensitive nipples licking away.

I closed my eyes for a second and after opening Hank was in front of me, “I'm not sure this is playing fair.”

Hank grinned, “And what gave you the idea we were going to do that?'

I laughed with Hank closing in for a hot kiss.

I was starting to have difficulty thinking, vaguely remembering I set Barry up, so I wasn't surprised when I heard, “Good shot Bar!” and cheers. The guy eating out my ass tapped a foot. Lifting it he pulled off a sneaker.

Hearing an “Ohh. Too bad,” to look over to see Barry missed another easy shot.

I tapped the guys doing a number on my nipples to let up, staggering over to the table.

I only had one ball left and the eight, but had to get around one of Barry's remaining three and as I bent down to line up the shot, one of the guys standing around dove down behind me to chew my ass while I was playing.

I looked up at a smug Hank, “Really?”

Spreading his hands in a helpless gesture, “What can I say? Nothing in the rules forbidding it.” Everyone laughed.

I was gasping for breath as my chute was attacked by this dude's hungry tongue.

I shot so bad I sunk one of Barry's balls in the side pocket to shouts and cheers, Hank standing there smirking.

Straightening up, I grabbed my last shoe putting it near my pile of clothes and walked over to Barry giving him a hot tongue filled kiss.

Fuck 'em, two can play this game.

I cockily walked over to my three guys backing up on the guys tongue thinking damn he was good when Hank brought over the husband whispering in his ear.

He nodded dropping down to lick the tip of the head of my leaking dick with Hank tapping my nipple suckers shoulders to get their attention then pointed at my chest where there resided two wet hard puffed up nubs.

“Boys do those babies look like they should be treated gently?”

Hank grabbed both of my swollen nubs, giving them a twist as I threw my head back letting out a huge groan while they both nodded.

“Abuse them boys.”

When they locked back on, teeth started coming out as they started to chew and then pull my tits out.


Apparently husband dude wasn't suppose to actually suck me off as he licked first my head then around my dick then he'd dive under to lightly chew one of my low hanging nuts or pull the two of them down as he went back to licking my tip which was leaking like crazy.

“Good one Barry!” and I got another tap to take one of my ankle socks off.
“Oh damn, that was close.”

I was released from the gang of four and moved over on wobbly legs.

I made the shot and my last ball went in and Barry stripped out of his jeans and a thick dick bounced up leaking its own jizz.

Walking over, I ran a finger over the head making him jerk back, then lifted the finger to his lips and the little daddy bear moaned as he sucked on my fingers, grabbing my hand to hold my fingers in his mouth.

“Are you lubing my fingers for me to shove them up your ass stud?”

Barry's eyes popped open startled at the thought, groaning at the same time.

Oh yeah, major butt boy.
“I will have your ass sometime tonight and I won't go easy on you.” I pulled my fingers slowly out of his mouth, giving him a gentle slap on the cheek. He moaned again. I had just accidently let him in on my plan but he was too far gone to realize it.

I bent over to sink the eight ball while everyone anxiously watched.

I pointed the stick at the hole I was calling, aimed up and felt two fingers slide up my moist ass. Turning back, there was Hank with a determined grin on his face and I shook my head, moved back to the table and sunk the eight in the wrong hole.

The group took a second to realize what happened then went wild.

“Barry won first take!”

Before anything happened another shot was put in my hand and I downed it acting disappointed. Hank grabbed the back of my neck, gave me a kiss leading me over to a small square table pushing me on my back and my pool partner had a good size cock surrounded by a thick metal cock ring and he wasted no time forcing the head and his shaft in my hole.

I had been rimmed for the last hour so my sphincter was not only relaxed; it was actually begging to get a hard dick inside me.

We had been teasing each other for a long while so after a few times in and out Barry was spewing a large load in my rear and he pulled out and a new dick was inside me so fast I barely knew it as my head was turned to take someone's juicy meat fucking my throat.

The strip pool had worked its magic so everyone was anxious to get in the new game and I heard a grunt from the guy fucking my mouth and noticed his chute being invaded.

All of a sudden the dick in my mouth pulled out jerking to spew all over my face.

Hands would reach over to grab or pull one of my nipples then withdraw.

After a third guy came in my ass I needed to stand up and saw a wild scene of men sucking and fucking throughout the room.

The guy I considered husband, who naked showed off a nice tight runners body got off his knees and walked over to me, his torso and face sticky with cum.

“I need your dick up my ass. Hard.”

Since I was hard as a two by four and needing to drop a load, I turned him around, bent him over the pool table and stuck a finger up his ass felling him lubed and loose.

“Somebody fuck you already?”

“No she told me to fill my butt with only the new muscle studs cum tonight.”

I laughed trying to figure out straights or whatever the hell they were, but that didn't slow me down from shoving my stiff pole up to the hilt and I heard a grunt and then a “fuck me hard.”

I rammed him with deep strokes pulling most of the way out holding his slim hips to better pound his hot bubble butt and looking over I saw Barry in my old position on the table getting his ass fucked by a hot stud while sucking on a big piece of hot meat.

Over to the side I saw another muscle stud sitting on Hank's lap riding his fat shaft.

Damn this is what I wanted.
I pulled up husband dude to give short jabs while I yanked back his head for a kiss and moaning at the new sensations, he had no problem returning my kiss.

Tonguing his face I tasted dried cum wherever I licked thinking this guy was a major slut.

I laughed recognizing that I happen to be even a bigger one since early this year and I dumped a hot searing load in his whore ass and kept pumping.

He must have felt my jizz boiling in his ass since he gave me a look and I murmured in his ear, “She did say to fill your ass, besides this is a nice hole for my dick to play in.”

He grinned at the compliment and I pushed him down to better position myself and jackhammer his hungry chute.

I rammed his butt until he stroked himself to an orgasm spraying his already covered body with his sperm with his sphincter doing a death grip on my cock forcing me to swell and drop another thick heavy load of my cream in his cavern.

At some point I had tossed this whore on his back so when I fell down on his body our sweaty, cum laden torsos stuck to each other as we kissed and I felt a light kiss on my lower back, then a push on my entrance, with hands grabbing my hips and a very thick and long dick sliding in me.

Husband dude giggled when he realized what was happening wrapping his legs and arms to hold me in place.

“Bill loves to hammer slut holes,” he told me laughing.

It didn't take much imagination to figure out how he knew that.

I pushed up to my elbows to give us a little space, laughing myself.

“Well I'll do what I can to accommodate him.”

We both chuckled as Husband dude squeezed his hands in between to tightly pinch my tits and I threw my head back grunting out a “fuuck!”.

Bill behind me was pounding my ass relentlessly and since I was still hard inside the stud below me, he was being thrown another fuck and bending up, he found my fat already swollen aching nubs and chewed them hard, switching every minute or so when Bill turned my head for us to tongue kiss still doing his best to beat my hole to a pulp.

Dude below set us off with another hole tightening cum, setting me off. I heard a “Fucking, goddamn” from the muscle stud behind me as he shoved in one last time to empty his spooge in my butt.

We disassembled, where I found a bottle of water to drink as H. Dude got dressed to go home.

I got a steamy kiss, with him saying “I am so screwed and it's all your fault.”

I laughed since yes thanks to me he was screwed, but that wasn't what he meant.

“Melanie is going to be all over me when I get home. She was positively dripping as you stripped down so I'm going to have to really perform tonight.”

I couldn't stop laughing.

Fucking breeders. “Hey dude, if it helps tell her I give you two thumbs up,” giving him my thumbs up and he shook his head limping a little on his way out.

Teach the sexy fucker right as far as I was concerned.

I felt a big arm drape my shoulders to see Hank standing next to me.

“So what do you think of our little bar?

“Okay pool table, cold beer, and primo meat. What more can a sex crazed homo ask for?”

Hank chuckled then pulling a little away, slapped my ass.


“You need to ask?”

So we joined the fray, kicking some new life and hardening some more cocks as we went.

I got to screw some more and was fucked in return, sucked and was sucked.

Even sixty-nined with Barry with me kneeling over him as our butts were both hammered which after gallons of cum emptied into mouths and asses became the finale of the evening.

I ended up going home with the two owners where unbelievably we ended up in bed double fucking Barry.

We had stripped down; where the smaller muscled daddy pulled on my dick telling me he needed one more shot while Hank was behind me reaching around to play with my chest.

It took me about two seconds to get hard again with the two of them chuckling at the youngster. Hank moved around to lay on his back his thick pole sticking straight up when Barry mumbled out an “Oh yeah” jumping up on the bed quickly sliding down his lovers shaft and bending over I heard a “now your turn stud” from one of them.

Walking over I was at the perfect height to sink my meat next to Hanks and I took it easy at first until Hank started insulting me telling me what a pussy I was, laughing I picked up steam plowing into his partners' hole.

I heard a whimpering, “yes fuck me, fuck meeeee,” from Barry until I couldn't hold off flooding his hole which set off the other two and as I collapsed over to the side, I knew these were fellow Frat-boys.

One of the things we do is never run out of cum and after all we've been doing tonight, these boys instead of firing blanks had just dropped one more thick creamy load similar to mine.

We crashed with my body still coated with the cum and sweat I earned at the bar and later here in the guys bed.

Damn that was a good game of pool.