The Suit and the Jock

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The book is part of a series of low cost books titles The Fraternity on that takes you through the life of a guy first named Rob Harris, the Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don’t be stupid.

Rob Bass

The Club Bar’s are the successor to the Club Bath’s chain of bathhouses which dotted the gay landscape.

The Club Bar has the bathhouse, but attached to the bathhouse is a bar of some sort, each Club Bar is different, some even open to straights. Could be honky-tonk, a sleazy bar or an elegant one; All leather or a piano bar, it’s all up to whoever owns it.

The common element, besides having a bathhouse next to it is the ‘mingle area’, some way for the bar patrons and the bathhouse patrons to mingle.

I’ve been to one where it was nothing more than a series of glory holes for the bar patrons to stick their wicks into and get sucked off by a guy in the bathhouse.

I’ve also been to ones where, the bar patron if they have a special pass can spend time in a private back bar the bathhouse dudes have equal access to and that version is always a sight since you might see suits standing next to a guy with a towel…around his neck.

If you’re frequenting the bar or the bath, you don’t need to mingle, but it’s up to you.

The Club Bar I was in tonight was popular with the gay professional crowd, had a hot bathhouse backing up to the bar with the entrance was on the other block and the mingle area ran below the two being long and narrow with alcoves on the sides.

Gain entrance from the bar, you go down the stairs entering a dark room with a fully stocked bar on one side and as you walk further it gets sleazier and sleazier down a hallway with doorways peeking into rooms with benches, platforms or just open for men to spend time with other men.

I’ve been at the bathhouse since late afternoon using their fitness area to do a good workout and pump my body up a bit more.

At six foot and two hundred pounds with no fat, I wasn’t looking too bad, especially as I worked out in nothing more than a sweat soaked jock strap, but I always enjoyed that pumped feeling I get. My workout took a few hours, but it was more due to some breaks I took when some stud muffin wiggled his hot ass in my face or a trim guy stood watching my workout displaying a hardening boner growing to epic proportions.

Me? Top, bottom, it doesn’t matter as long as its hot sex. I like one on one’s, gangbangs, gentle or rough, especially when I’m in an hungry mood like I’m in tonight, so I take it all on.

It was now long passed midnight and my body was covered in dried cum as well as having an ass fucked by I don’t know how many horny studs when I decided to head into the mingle area wearing my well used jock, damp with my own jizz as well as a pair of boots with a couple of bucks stuffed in the side to pay for a few beers, but it took me awhile to make it up front to the bar when two sexy guys waylaid me bending me over to take my ass and mouth as they fucked both ends.

Tossed on a low platform on my back I enjoyed the pounding my holes got as I felt ropes of thick fluid falling on my chest as well as filling up my ab trenches from bystanders watching and I wasn’t released until two more thick loads of cream joined the rest inside me.

I thanked the studs and moved on laughing because I had no doubt I was reeking of mansex, but it was hard to tell in this place, since the whole place smelled of it, acting like poppers to my senses keeping the bulge in my jock tenting out as I passed by getting groped and touched making my way towards the bar finally arriving and standing next to a dude in a suit and ordering a beer which the suit paid for.

“Thanks. Cheers.”

And we clinked bottle to plastic cup since I guess they don’t want glasses down here and I never really noticed before since I’m a beer man.

Facing each other, the dude is a really good looking guy, a little shorter and wider. I may be sporting two hundred pounds, but he had at least twenty more pounds of solid muscle on me and since it was on a shorter frame the stud had a deep chest and body of a bodybuilder obvious even in his suit.

Not the over developed type, but a man who was smoking hot even in his professional gear that was obviously custom since it showed his excellent frame really well.

Dark hair, what looked like brown eyes, the face was a bit rough, very masculine and totally sexy and taking a deep sniff and checking out my body, “So my guess is you’ve been here awhile.”

I grinned, “Since this afternoon. I couldn’t wait until nightfall.”

“Being horny is a bitch isn’t it?” making me laugh and we clinked drinks together at the thought.

We talked a bit. Guy was a lawyer in town on business and he was wearing a suit costing way too much money and I was wondering how smart it was wearing something like that down here, but he was a smart man and since he bought me another beer I sure as hell wasn’t going to worry about his fashion choices.

Five o’clock shadow indicating a dark hairy chest and standing next to the sexy man I was rock hard in my minimal wear.

“Mind if you help me drink my scotch?”


I didn’t say anything, which the cocky stud took as acceptance, so he dipped a finger in his drink and rubbed it on one of my already hard nipples.

I may have an already hard body, but I have two things that really stand out.

My arms are blown out of proportion, earning me the Popeye nickname and I have really noticeable headlights and my broad, hard chest houses nipples a little bigger than quarters, but what attract the hard players are the centers which look like swollen, distended bullets thanks to years of use and abuse.

The guy after dripping his scotch on my nub, followed in to first lick then lightly chew on my point earning an involuntary moan.

These babies are sensitive which besides their size only encourages men to work them over and this stud was no different.

A guy behind me moved away, so my acquaintance pushed me backwards the couple feet until my back was hard against the wall and with one hand on my throat he continued attacking my tits chewing harder as I groaned in reaction to his assault.

Coming up inches from my face, the sexy guy gave me a killer smile with a “Those are sweet,” before closing in for a hot, passionate kiss pushing his fully clothed body against mine.

For a second I thought about his expensive suit pressed against my cum and sweat soaked body but the incredible kiss took any coherent thinking away, as his hands roamed my frame, fingers running along the crack of my butt until finding my hole and pushing a couple of digits passed my opening as we continued attacking each others tongues and mouths.

My hands weren’t idle as they slid under his coat to feel a rock hard torso underneath the shirt as well as a long, thick spike running down a leg of his pants and feeling a growing wet spot where I was rubbing the fat head of his prong earning my own growls from the stud.

“Is there a place down here where I don’t have to share you?”

Suitman pulled back with only a few inches between the two of us, his hands resting on my chest as he rubbed and pinched my nubs.

“Ah stud, a little late for that,” gesturing down my already jizz laden torso, hearing a soft chuckle.

“Next you’re going to ask if I’m a virgin,” earning a bark of amusement from the cocky stud who was still working my nubs between his thumb and forefinger making me gasp and lose my concentration.

Although amused, the handsome dude continued to stare since I still hadn’t answered his question.

“There’s a couple of small nooks further in, that while open, we shouldn’t be bothered.”

Hearing a low contented growl which hinted of promises of things to come, suitman dived in for another toe curling kiss, giving a ‘follow me’ order and headed back naturally assuming I’d follow.

Not big on the whole authority thing, I felt better when without looking, a hand angled back for me to grasp and we got lucky when a couple of guys walked out of one of the nooks with suitman waiting for them to come out, he lifted my hand for a kiss sending a jolt of electricity through my body.

Fuck this guy is hot.

Once inside our still somewhat public little area, we closed for another heart stopping kiss as I struggled to unbutton his shirt when I heard an impatient ‘fuck it’ as he reached down and yanked it open with buttons flying everywhere to expose one of the hottest torsos anywhere.

Big chest with a few veins on display, eight pak, all lightly coated with short, dark hairs as I bent over to lick his gorgeous body as he wrestled his tie looser to open his shirt wider.

I wrestled with his belt as I dived into one of his sweating armpits to taste his natural deodorant-less body hearing more growls as the jacket slid down landing on the skanky floor below giving me even greater access to his hunky frame.

Tongue and hands roaming, I did get the belt undone as well as the pants to kneel down as the big mantool jumped out hard as a rock spraying my cheek with a little of his liquid encouraging me to envelope the broad head of his cock hearing a ‘Geezus’ grunted above me as I sank down on his shaft.

I was sucking the stud hard with liquid dripping on my chest from either my saliva or his leaking pole, I didn’t know or care, as I wanted to suck down a load of his creamy jizz, but the sexy man pulled me up for another long kiss before turning me and pushing me against a wall as he bent down to attack me sphincter with his tongue.

I may have been fucked quite a few times already, but it seemed to only spur him on even more as he pushed inside with his spongy member surprised he still had to drill to get in.

My ass was still tight and would remain that way so he’ll have a good ride when it happens which was going to be soon when I felt him stand up and place the thick head next to my opening forcing it through and down my tunnel as he plummeted inside burying his long slab of beef deep as he pressed his sweaty chest against my back taking a long breath.

His hand came up pushing my face to turn back for another kiss.

“Fuck, you shouldn’t be this tight,” as he began tentatively rocking inside me.

I was letting out a low growl at the sensation as the strokes became longer and quicker until both his meaty hands were grabbing my hips for traction as the dude started pounding my hole giving me an epic fuck.

There were strokes which were long and slow, sometimes leaving me completely and pausing before slamming his huge pole back inside, then there was the rapid fire jackhammering which had me whimpering at his power and as the sweat poured off the two of us, the stud would yank my head back for another mind blowing lip lock before shoving me forward again to resume powerfucking my chute.

He came and continued on without missing a beat spreading his thick spooge inside my craving butt until yanking completely out and turning me around, begged for my tool inside him.


Placing his hands against the wall, his pants were still around his ankles, tie still on, but the shirt had come off at some point lying on the floor next to his coat.

His broad muscled body was sheathed in sweat as was mine with his dick hanging there, shiny and furious like it was telling me it wasn’t done with me yet.

I started to my knees to rim his puckered opening hearing a ‘don’t bother, I need you now,’ so I pulled up setting my head next to his rosebud hearing a whimper from the muscular stud as I began the journey down his chute as he growled the entire trip down until I bottomed out bringing my hands around to rub his hirsute, rock hard torso.

“Fuck ME,” demanding he be rode so I rapidly built up speed to work his tunnel as hard as he worked mine feeling more so when hearing a contented growl as I slammed inside his manhole fucking through my own orgasm and continuing on as the slapping noises of our sweaty bodies rang through the little room until I couldn’t take the sexy stud’s tight ass anymore as he started to squeeze my thick boner, so I rammed inside burying my tool to the hilt unloading another thick load of cream while the stud reached behind to pull me into another long kiss while I continued firing in his hole.

Spent, he pulled off turning around as our two bodies met for a deep kiss as arms went down to signal I should wrap around his waist.

Even though I was packing two hundred he held me up before shuffling to a corner, pants still confining his movements as my back now wedged in a corner taking some of my weight which let him maneuver his arms so my legs were spreading and I was being lowered on his throbbing shaft with both of us whimpering on entry as well as the further the stud slid in.

“You okay?”

“Fuck yeah and fuck me stud,” getting some hip movement trying it out and realizing we were at a pretty good angle, he gave it a little more power pumping down my chute as we continued to lock lips now that we were facing each other with my ass getting more force as he pummeled my hole.

“Sorry this position is too hard,” pulling out.

Looking at the hot man, all I wanted was his huge cock inside me so I laid down on the ground, lifting my legs and seeing a broad smile as he bent down to his knees as the stud lined up to go where he needed to go.

The ground was skanky with dried cum and I didn’t give a flying fuck as the hirsute sexy man hovered over my frame, sweat now dripping off his body, the big rough stud threw me a fuck fueled by our lust for each other and the sleazy surroundings we were in.

Face to face we were inches from each other either smiling or closing in for another earth shattering kiss until I felt a low growl that was constant and increasing in volume until he rammed inside me once, twice and on the third time, the studs tool remained deeply embedded as my insides were washed down with another massive load of cream filling my tunnel as the big body collapsed over mine.

It took awhile for the two of us to catch our breaths and we both chuckled when we realized we were stuck together not only from our sweat, but from me dumping another round of jizz over the both of us a few seconds ago.

Pushing up to his elbows, one hand touched my face with a thumb rubbing my cheek then he came down for a long, sweet, gentle kiss.

“Love you babe.”

“I know,” earning a soft chuckle. It’s an old joke between us.

“Ready to head back to the condo?”

“How about if we lie here for awhile?” getting a bark of laughter.

“Ah no, I’ll get my stuff and meet you in the bar.”

We both laughed at his shirt which was fairly well shredded and hanging off his beautiful hard, torso as I gave another lingering kiss to my lover before heading to the bathhouse to grab my stuff without bothering to shower.

We’ll do that at home and Chris should be good for at least another round before we call it a night.