Warming Up on a Cold Day at the Ranch

First of all if you're not legal, don't read this.

Below is a story taken from my book Sexploits 5 – Tales from the Ranch which can be found in Kindle format at Amazon.com. You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well or go to robbassbooks.blogspot.com.

The book is the third in a series of low cost books titled The Fraternity on Amazon.com that takes you through the life of a guy first name Rob Harris, then Gil Walker beginning with the book Isla Paradiso, then Isla Tropicale as well as The Bank.

Accompanying The Fraternity Series is what's called the Sexploits Series due to the fact this guy is a real hound dog.

If you want to know why he has to change his name or why he's such a sex crazed stud muffin, you'll have to read the books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

It was lousy weather from the minute I woke up, although being dark and gloomy is a good time to roll over and go to back to sleep, except for the fact I was horny, had to piss and had a job to go to.

It wasn’t really a job since I was officially a guest at the gay dude ranch. But I hadn’t been here long when in an effort to stave off boredom, I started helping with some of the staff’s chores as well as helping around the construction site where they were rebuilding guest quarters.

I had been a rehabber in my past life, so I understood what a hammer and drill were for becoming first the guys’ gofer, then assisting in some work, but I only helped them in the mornings ending the shift by going off with the contractor to an empty area of the building where he pounded my ass until dumping a gallon of jizz in my hole; the pay wasn’t much but it was definitely a job with great benefits as far as I was concerned since Joe was a big bear of a guy sporting a big dick, so even with the fact I’m ordinarily not a morning person and it was fairly lousy weather, I got out of bed with my hole tingling.

The bunkhouse or whatever they were going to call it had its entire exterior completed so we were protected from the crappy day although still cool’ish inside, but today I was carrying drywall across the building for the guys to hang so I warmed up in no time from the work even stripping down to my normal shorts and boots as I hauled the heavy material around.

These were the last of the interior walls to go up and it was cool to see the building taking shape with its three wings.

One was a real bunkhouse where the guests would be sleeping communally in bunkbeds, the second wing had small rooms with toilets and sinks while the third wing had rooms that would be open to the hallway. The guys told me when finished there would be curtains for privacy, but if you wanted to have visitors, you spread the curtains open, spread your legs and keep the lube close by.

Where the three wings met, the building had a large central area with a big great room and a stone fireplace with the other half being the bathroom which the all guests shared.

One last room was below the central hub where a stairs took you down to a giant open area which would be set up for the cowpokes to play with each other at night, or even during the day if they were so inclined.

I understand the next building Joe and his crew would be working on would be regular rooms, but this one was designed for men to play with other men and Joe and I have been taking the lunch hour to christen each room letting me spill my cum on the floor or walls while his cream emptied inside me after he powerfucked my butt.

Today had been no different and I was still feeling his hard fuck as I made my way over to the exercise room.

After his hard man fuck I grabbed lunch making it back to my room and the resort is fairly open and with this rainy, windy and cold day trekking between buildings wasn’t particularly fun. Normally I spend the afternoon helping the guys’ exercise the horses, but we sure as hell weren’t going out in this weather so I tried to relax with a good book in my room, but was still too antsy as well as too cooped up. Crap.

It’s one of those days I was thinking, so throwing on some workout clothes then some sweats to wear over, I headed to the ranch’s fitness center which was a well stocked gym.

They are catering to gays after all.

And I shouldn’t complain since once in that heated, dry gym I stripped my sweats off leaving not a hell of a lot on.

Sneaks of course, with a pair of nylon shorts that maybe had seven inches of material from the bottom of the leg to the top of the thin waistband resting barely above my crotch and the material was fairly transparent making it noticeable there was a thong type pouch pushing my junk in front and molding around my muscle butt in back and I was also wearing a sliced up sleeveless tee shirt which hung around my neck barely covering portions of my broad chest and not even making it to the top of my skimpy shorts.

I’m certainly on display, although I swear it has more to do with the fact that I sweat like a pig when I work out, so I prefer as little material on me as possible.

Okay and being on display in a gym at a gay resort doesn’t hurt either.

There weren’t that many people at the resort anyway and I was alone today so I decided to strip even the tee shirt off as I got down to business.

At six foot and two hundred with no body fat, I looked like I belonged in a gym and with naturally big legs supporting my frame, which had a bit of a V shape to it with sloping traps on wide shoulders, big chest and six pak with little body hair.

I did have a small patch of hair above a big dick and along with my hard muscle ass, both of which were willing and able to do pretty much anything the boys wanted to do.

I did have two distinctive features.

Even with my big body, I still had Popeye arms, large bi’s and triceps even when not pumped and the second thing was my nips.

Large quarter size areolas housing big, fat, puffy bullets clearly showing years of use and abuse which were sensitive and men loved the groans I made when they were played with.

I liked being alone in the gym since it let me move from machine to machine and focus on my workout although after a half hour another guy walked in giving a ‘hey’ and head jerk to acknowledge the other.

Good looking guy, probably mid-thirties, trim, my guess more of a runner and after stripping down from his sweats, he jumped on a treadmill quickly moving up to a good pace, so yep the hot looking guy was a runner and with tight shorts and a performance tee hugging his sexy frame, I knew I was in trouble.

My small shorts have another feature which is they don’t stretch well, so if I get hard or even plump up they’ll pull down exposing the crack of my ass in back as well as first my trimmed pubes in front and if I’m really hard the top of an aching shaft.

I tried to think of other things like work this morning which inevitably brought me to Joe slamming his big dick inside me.

Our sex between the two of us is hot, dirty and abrupt and while I have no complaints, I was thinking that on a day like today it would be good to snuggle up with some stud and spend the afternoon cuddling and screwing and when I looked over to see ‘runner’ jerking his head away like he had been eyeing me making me plump up further.

Oh man.

I tried to not focus on the sexy guy as he ran out the miles and I pounded the weights when getting rid of all the water I’ve been drinking, I came back out to see the stud gone.


My gaydar isn’t the best, so I’m never really sure a guy might be interested in me so I normally wait for them to make a first move and once again my hesitation meant it was just me and my leaking rod going from feeling antsy earlier to horny as hell now.

Pounding out a few more, Erik, one of the staff who usually works the registration desk walked in dressed in his regular work uniform.

The stud is big, maybe an inch taller than me with ten more pounds of solid muscle as well and Erik has a nice dick and knows how to use it, but prefers to get his ass slammed hard and the bigger the better and the two of us have gotten together a few times.

Grinning, the dude started to unbutton his denim shirt with the ranch logo on the chest making it clear he wasn’t here to work out and yanking the shirttails out of his jeans, his arms flared wide showing his impressive rock hard chest and eight pak.

“I’m on break and since it’s slow, I was thinking of taking a little extra time to see how the guests are doing today.”

I nodded, smiling as my shorts pulled of my body as my dick strained to be freed.

Shoes were kicked off, followed by his socks as he undid his belt continuing to stare in my direction with a smirk on his face like he knew he was going to get laid and laid hard.

Since I was sitting there soaked in sweat watching the big hot guy strip down with my rod getting harder, he had a right to his smirk.

Jeans unzipped, with no underwear he was showing off his thick missile and Erik shaved making his big rod look even bigger as it flopped out making me lick my lips.

But he wasn’t here for that, so chuckling he turned around to finish pulling off his jeans exposing his hard muscle butt and with a leg lifted I could see his pink, round rosebud aching to be spread wide open.

Clothes off, dick hard, the stud walked over leaning down for a long deep kiss.

Still with the smirk on his face, Erik kneeled down in front and began to first lick then chew my hard bullets, one of his favorite things to play with using his hands to pull down my shorts as I lifted my ass to get them off as muscle man continued to eat my stubs earning a few moans from me.

Coming off my chest, the stud first grinned then dived on my leaking rod making slurping noises as he cleaned the jizz pouring out of my slit as one of Erik’s hands slipped lower first giving a little yank on my low hanging nuts, then running a finger nail against my perineum making me shudder to his amusement as a finger found my hole quickly circling then sinking in finding it still moist.

Jerking his head off my cock, the hot stud looked up grinning.


Geezus, everybody know about our little fucks?

Seeing my expression, the big dude chuckled pushing my chest back on the bench where he pushing up my legs wasting no time driving his tongue in my hole getting another moan from me.

A part of me was going crazy as his hands reached around my body to close in and roughly squeeze my sensitive tits, with a part of me that was still able to think, understood exactly what the stud was up to.

Working my super sensitive hole and tits he knew I’d be so sexually amped that by the time the big slut wiggled his ass at me, I wouldn’t be gentle.

Even knowing all that, the muscled man got exactly what he wanted when releasing my legs to flop to the floor like jelly after that incredible rimjob, Erik stood up over my body.

“I want you to give it to me stud, but let me sit on it first. Whore I may be, but you know I always need to get used to a pole this size before we get serious.”

Erik sank down, and not that slowly. The guy is a major pig, but yeah he does want the first entrance to not be a major slam in his hole, so the muscle man reached bottom and sat there leaning in for a nice kiss as he slid up and down my tool a few times getting adjusted before lifting off my rod and still grinning the dude walked over to put his hands against a wall wiggling his hot set of glutes making me laugh at his antics.

I hadn’t been that far behind him so I gave my buddy what he wanted by sinking my shaft in his hungry hole driving it to the hilt hearing a swift intake of breath.

Placing both of my hands on his hips I rapidly built up speed to pummel this hot mans butt, getting grunts echoing off the wall in front of Erik as the slapping noises of our fuck got louder. We were still in the gym so anyone walking in would see two muscle studs in a sweaty, furious fuck with the guy taking the pole slamming his insides, begging for the fuck to come harder and faster as I jackhammered his chute.

I pulled the stud up, slamming him against the wall turning his head for a hot kiss.

Erik was kind of gone concentrating on his widely spread rosebud as I pulled completely out ramming it back in getting a new grunt each time I forced my slab of meat in.

Pushing him back down, I went back to power fucking the muscleman finally reaching down to rub the piss slit of his rigid pole getting a growl then a clamp down of his sphincter around my shaft feeling jizz coating my fingers as Erik started to shoot with me right behind, filling his cavern with my seed lifting him back up for another kiss while we both fired away soaking the wall as well as his insides.

Damn, now that’s the way to exercise.

In the shower, Erik was soaping down when he said, “His name is Adam.”

Say what?

Laughing, “the hot man that was in the gym earlier.”

“He’s by himself and a little lost not realizing the weather would be this bad. I guess he rode horses as a kid and wanted to get some riding in, excited there was a gay resort where he could do all that, well do all that if the weather wasn’t so bad.”

I nodded getting the scoop from Erik.

“Just so you know, anytime you’ve been in the same room, he tracks you stud. He’s got it for you bad, especially when he sees you in your chaps and cowboy hat.”

“Oh Geezus;”

Getting a laugh from the big guy. I have all the gear, but considering I’m basically a city dude, I certainly don’t call myself a cowboy.

Out of the shower and dressed, Erik first hustled me to the restaurant area where he had the staff make up some munchie food then filled a bucket full of Coronas muttering ‘Adam is a beer drinker too’.

The two of us headed over to my room which was a couple doors down from Adam’s with Erik selecting my wear.

Crap. I was going to look ridiculous, but Erik while laughing, told me this was what Adam wanted.

“I’ll tell you what, if this doesn’t get you laid, you can head back over and I’ll put out for you again,” making us both laugh, since Erik puts out anytime, anywhere he can.

So I was wearing my boots, low riding 501’s as well as my custom made chaps which were simple, but rode low on my waist as well, fitting me like a glove.

Erik had me put on my big leather duster which I did love since it went down almost to my ankles leaving it open to show off my bare chest and finally my cowboy hat.

It all sounds goofy, but ride a horse in the sun for a few hours.

The gear is what it is for a reason, although normally not to pick up sexy men.

Tray of food and bucket of beers in hand I was knocking on Adam’s door as the rain was starting to come down heavier.

Opening the door and still in his gym shorts and tight tee shirt Adam was first surprised then let me in.

He had a loft room like mine with a small kitchenette with a little dining area and it had a nice living area complete with good size gas fireplace and the opposite wall having stairs leading up to the open bedroom area.

The other nice thing about the rooms was a nice size Jacuzzi on a big deck off the back of the apartment giving you a view of wide open prairie and mountains in the distance although you couldn’t see much of them today.

“It’s a lousy day and I was asked to bring this over by the guys, they uh, thought you might like a little food and beer.”

Thinking this was why I don’t make the first move, since my openers really suck.

I was still dripping from the rain and Adam grabbed the tray and bucket of beer while I stood near the entrance.

Coming back, “Uh come in, it looks like there’s more than enough for the two of us, if you’re interested.”

Sounding like he was, but leaving me an opening if he was misreading what was going on right now.

So the dude is uncertain of my interest.

Yep I’m a smooth operator.

I took off my duster and hat placing it on the stand near the door now standing in boots, jeans and chaps as we both stared at each other.

Breaking the silence, “Can I be honest with you?”

“Yeah, yeah of course.”

“I really feel like an idiot.”

Adam didn’t get it until I swept my hand indicating my garb or lack thereof.

“Oh,” laughing, with me joining in.

After we both recovered from laughing, we grabbed the food and beer to park ourselves on the sofa in front of his lit fireplace, bodies cocked so we were somewhat facing each other.

“No, ah reason why you should feel bad about what you have on.”

“Maybe it’s because I lived most of my life in Chicago where the only horses were a few cops in the parks.”

“You never rode before?”

“A bit when I was younger. My family used to summer on a farm where they had a couple of horses, so I learned to ride then. How about you?”

“Small town, had a buddy who had a farm with some horses so like you I did a little riding growing up.”

Grinning, “So was your buddy you’re first crush?”

“What? No!”

I went on, “Mine was. The family had a son named Carl. Big strapping, friendly farmboy. When my family visited it was summer so they were busy into planting and ‘watching the corn grow’ so I didn’t see him much, but it didn’t matter since there was about six years difference between the two of us.”

“An eternity.” I laughed.

“Too true. But he was the one that helped get me involved with the horses, taught me to ride, all that.”

“So it was gratitude that made you hot for him?”

“Didn’t I mention he was big and strapping?”

Adam laughed, “What the hell is strapping anyway?”

Chuckling, “Hell if I know, I just knew that Carl was, well whatever strapping is,” making us both laugh.

“So did you realize then you had it for a guy?”

“Me? Oh hell no. I doubted I could even spell ‘gay’ at that point, let alone know what to do about it,” continuing to laugh.

“So when?”

“Navy. We’d watch porn all night and yeah it was okay and then I’d hit our bunk area’s with dozens of ‘strapping’ (we both chuckled) sailors walking around naked or just a towel around their waist. Even then it took awhile for me to figure out why I got hard in the bunkroom but not watching straight porn.”

Adam and I talked for awhile; he was easy to spend time with as well as being easy on the eyes and coming back with new beers, “So why do you feel silly in what you’re wearing?”

I shrugged, “Part of it has to do with there’s some real cowboys here and when I dress up I feel like a pretender.”

“I’ve seen you ride. You have a good seat.”

“Yeah, but I’m still a city boy at heart I guess.”

“Well maybe so, but…”

Adam shifted a little closer on the sofa, “I’m sure you know that no matter how you feel, you look damn hot in them.”

Adam’s hand was rubbing the chap legs. “It feels good too.”

“Soft leather.”

“But this feels good too,” now rubbing one of my still pumped huge arms.

“I guess that’s hard muscle.”

“And what’s this?”

Adam brushed the back of his hand on my chest, lightly squeezing between his fingers one of my bloated nipples getting a little gasp from me.



I moved closer, lightly caressing the back of his neck as I pulled him toward me for a soft kiss that quickly grew more passionate.

Coming away after awhile, “Adam we have a problem.”

“What’s that?”

“You may like me in my chaps, but I don’t want to be in them any more,” getting a hearty laugh.

“I’ll sacrifice stud, but you’ll have to make it up to me.”

Grinning, “I’ll try.”

Part of the compromise was that Adam wanted to take them off.

So I stood up as he sat on the edge of the sturdy wooden coffee table, his head level with my crotch.

“First though.” Adam was rubbing the front of my 501’s making the bulge bigger as I responded to his interest as he unsnapped the buttons of the jeans, then struggled to pull out my uncooperative pole from the tight spot.

I was big, thick and swollen so it took awhile for my manmeat to be finally let loose as the stud dug in to finish the job by pulling out my low hanging nuts now framed by denim and leather and freed I reached full hardness in nanoseconds as his hot breath against the head of my rod made me want his mouth around me.

“Hold on a second,” I begged bending down for a deep, lust-filled kiss making both of us moan as I scrambled to pull the tee shirt of his lean frame getting my hands slapped.

“Aren’t cowboys supposed to be patient?”

“I told you I was a city boy.”

I get a playful slap on my chest which formed into his thumb and forefinger squeezing a nipple before his hand slid down over my six pak finally wrapping around the base of my cock as his mouth swallowed the head of my tool, hearing Adam’s moan vibrating through my shaft.

He took his time getting my chaps and boots off regularly coming up to take a few turns on my leaking shaft, eventually getting naked as I finally was able to pull his t-shirt off as well as his shorts to see a hefty piece of meat with a really hot runners butt, all tight and muscle, putting him on his knees on the couch to tongue that sexy rosebud of his.

Adam wasn’t happy not being able to participate so we ended up sixty-nining in front of the fireplace fingers tapping both of our holes making it clear we were both hungry for each other, so after drinking in thick loads of cream from each other we made it up to his bedroom in the loft and at that point we were done with any foreplay so we took turns fucking each others holes, sometimes making love, sometimes pounding the other a new asshole.

We kissed a lot and our hands never stopped moving across the others bodies no matter who was topping at the time finally crashing from several hours of sex and orgasms.

Later I woke up, then padded downstairs to put my clothes back on.

Not too long after that, Adam came down the stairs naked with the only light in the loft apartment coming from the flickering glow of the gas fireplace and it was throwing uneven light around the big room with the stud probably thinking I pulled a disappearing act after the hot sex.

Instead, I was propped on a stool next to the kitchen counter in cowboy porn.

Minus my jeans I was back wearing my boots, chaps, big leather duster which was hanging wide open exposing my torso and thick mantool as well as wearing my well used cowboy hat with the changing light throwing my face and body in shadows or sporadic illumination.

Adam came around from the stairs jerking to a halt as I remained perched on the stool one boot heel hooked on the lower rung not moving and with more light cast over him, I saw his sexy tight body flickering in the firelight and taking a step toward me his groin came in view showing his hefty piece of meat swelling at the sight in front of him.

I might have felt silly at first, but seeing the stud’s look, as well as his hardening pole as he continued to stare at me, my prick came to full mast within seconds.

Adam took another hesitant step like he was afraid if he got too close, his fantasy would evaporate on him so I straightened up, slowly walking over my duster falling to the sides leaving my torso and manhood clearly on view as he drank in the scene.

Reaching the stud I put a finger to his lips making it clear we didn’t need to talk as I followed the finger down for a long deep kiss hearing a helpless moan leave the stud’s body as my hands framed his face with Adam’s hands roaming my torso under the big coat.

Reaching one hand around to his sexy bubble butt I tickled a finger at his still moist opening gaining easy entry with the cum and lube still inside getting another louder moan around my tongue which was still in his mouth as we kissed.

Disengaging I gave him a smile then another quick kiss as I grabbed a hand to walk him over to the fireplace where I placed his hands up on the mantle. Feeling the tightness of his sexy body as I moved behind, I grabbed his hips to slide my shaft once again down his tight tunnel making us both groan at the sensations.

Once fully in I leaned in on his back for a kiss, my big coat surrounding the two of us as I began gentle strokes in his chute seeing in the shadows of his face how what we were doing was overwhelming the sexy man as I continued to build up speed keeping one hand on his hip leaving the other to roam around his hot body as I built a little more power in fucking his ass.

I heard a ‘wait, please’ so I stopped remaining deep inside him.

Adam pulled forward off my stiff pole, then out from under my arms to grab my hand and sit me down on a wooden chair next to the fireplace. Giving me a sexy smile, the stud leaned down to exchange a kiss as he came in to sit on my lap impaling himself on my rod on the way down.

We were facing each other having never broken away maintaining a long, long kiss as the stud began riding up and down my shaft never disconnecting from our lips as the both of us were moaning harder until Adam sunk down with my meat driven to the hilt as I heard low growling, changing to an ‘Oh God’ as I felt his rosebud gripping my rod as hot searing ropes of thick liquid started splatting on my chest and stomach as the studs growling turned to whimpers as cum continued to stream from his cock as his body melted into me from his massive orgasm with his head collapsing to rest on my shoulder.

“Geezus,” burst out of Adam then a giggle, “I don’t fucking believe this,” making me chuckle stroking the back of his head as well as his sweaty back, since we had both built up a sweat fucking away next to the fireplace.

The hot man’s voice was low as he asked, “Are we done?”

Getting another soft chuckle from me, “Only if you want to be.”

“No,” and to emphasize the point his butt rotated on my still hard shaft as he leaned down for another kiss.

Once he was sure I understood he was nowhere near done with me, Adam straightened up disengaging from my body and my cock, pointing a finger to stay put as he grabbed sofa cushions throwing them on the floor directly in front of the fireplace making me swallow as his sexy body flashed in and out of shadows from the light of the fire.

Adam threw his body down on his back over the cushions lifting and spreading his legs, “Come here Cowboy,” making me grin which he may or may not have seen due to the light.

Moving over I crawled toward his body swallowing his meat tasting the juicy cream coating still his shaft from his latest orgasm, before hearing a loud grown as I worked my way up, leaving little kisses on his tight body, making it to his lips with my rampant tool finding its on way like some heat seeking missile to his opening pushing slightly letting him know its there.

With his legs wrapping around my waist under the big jacket, my leather coat was surrounding the two of us like a tent with only our heads outside but still overwhelmed by my brimmed hat as I moved a little forward sinking down into his cavern.

I wasn’t gentle this time and Adam didn’t want me to be with his hands gripping my back as I quickly built up speed driving my pole inside his needy chute, our faces inches away frequently lowering for a kiss, but focusing on fucking this man’s tight hole. Looking down while I fucked the horny stud, I saw on evil grin on his face with his hands reaching in between our bodies to search for, then roughly squeeze the bloated nubs he’s been chewing on all night earning a growl from me as I began slamming into his butt harder continuing my growl as his pinching became tighter until I couldn’t take it anymore, so I shoved my rod to the hilt as my jizz exploded through my body firing into his ass turning my growls into whimpers as the orgasm overwhelmed my senses with Adam pulling me down for a long kiss while the stud continued receiving more shots of my boiling juice.

I came to my senses, hot and sweaty, this time my head on Adam’s shoulder, realizing my hat had rolled off at some point

“I must be crushing you,” feeling a kiss on my temple.

“Trust me stud, I’m not complaining,” making me chuckle, as I shifted so we were still totally connected but at least some weight would be off the trim stud leaning in for a soft kiss and getting a supremely contented growl from Adam in reply, then a rather embarrassing growl from my stomach which had the two of us snickering.

Lifting off I held out a hand to help him up his sexy torso shiny with…

Seeing the direction I was looking, “Yeah, I came again without touching myself stud, and I practically blacked out this time,” leaning over for a kiss.

In a light questioning voice, “So you’re saying it was good for you?” cracking the stud up eventually replying with a “you could say that.”


On the counter next to the doorway was a tray of sandwiches along with another bucket of beers, making us laugh.

“So when do you think….?”

“Hell if I know, I didn’t see or hear anything,” which had us both snickering.

It definitely hadn’t been there before we started so that meant someone either saw me fucking Adam against the mantel, in the chair or pounding him on the floor.

I shrugged.

“Hey stud, can I….?” making the gesture to take off my gear.

Adam giggled, then looked serious, “Yes Cowboy, your job is done here;” With both of us chuckling.

Before I took it off I walked over enveloping Adam in my arms then grabbing one of his hands putting it down near my ass where he instinctively sunk a couple fingers in my already fucked ass making me growl.

“Just so you know, your job isn’t,” getting a groan from the stud.

I stripped down as we ate some food then we dived into his Jacuzzi with it still being a cold stormy night but there was an overhang protecting us from the worst of the weather as we looked out in the darkness.

Rested up Adam leaned in for a kiss as I felt his hand searching down below and spreading my legs the stud sank a few fingers inside me diddling my hole as I groaned from his work.

We did make it back to his bed where Adam finished ‘his job’ by filling my needy hole with his big thick shaft one last time for that night.

The weather continued to be fairly rotten the time he was here, although we did have an afternoon when we rode out hoping for the best but getting caught in some light rain and we found a tight grove of trees that gave us some respite and we re-enacted my ‘cowboy stud’ routine as Adam called it under the trees as the horses ignored our play, later riding back wearing only my chaps, jacket and hat to the snickers of my buddies in the stable since that hasn’t been the first time I’ve returned with ass and dick exposed.

Adam departed after the week and he ended up riding me, far more than any horses, but he didn’t seem to mind.

I did find out it had been Erik bringing the additional supplies that night snickering ‘we didn’t see the two of you at dinner’ and he saw Adam and I against the mantle, telling me he watched for awhile getting a kick out of the fact that both of us were so busy fucking that we had no clue he had been standing there.

Word spread about my antics with the gear and the hungry bottom boys Erik, Jimmy and Finn as well as others demanded a night with the ‘Cowboy Stud’.

I should have protested, but really, why the hell would I?