Academic Changes (mm musc mc)

Brett was fuming. He stood on the pier under a concrete sky, the weather a perfect complement to his dour mood. The pier was empty - even the most dedicated fishermen knew when to take a hint from Mother Nature. A massive storm was coming, Brett’s blonde hair whipping like a weathervane while the whole pier shook from the beating it was taking. Let it crumble, he thought. Being buried amidst the rubble was more appealing than returning home and facing his failure. The aged pier held and Brett had to console himself by letting his face take a beating from the salty wind as he leaned against the railing and stared out to sea. Lightning lit up the horizon, streak after streak slicing through the ever-approaching gloom. Brett couldn’t tell if it was thunder he heard or just the waves but the chill air caused his skin to break out in goosebumps, his shorts and loose tank top offering little protection against the elements.

“I can’t believe they chose Aaron!” he shouted, slamming his fist against the stone railing. “How could that little…who does he think he….doing this to me!” he ranted and raved, his anger rivaling the fury of the ocean. His one time friend-turned-rival just beat him out of a prestigious position in their doctorate program. There was only one opening and whoever got it basically had their ticket written when it was over. Fighting over the position was fierce and ultimately it had come down to the two of them. No one was surprised; Brett and Aaron were the smartest students in the whole science department. It was a close call, but ultimately Aaron’s theory proved more marketable.

By all accounts Brett still had a very envious position, but it was the principle of losing to Aaron that irked him. He had a hard time believing they’d ever been such goods friends. They’d met the day they moved in and had initially bonded over their dislike of the living arrangements. Since the science program they were in was so rigorous it demanded constant attention and access to the labs. So even though they were working on Ph.D’s, both men found themselves stuck in campus housing. Their arrangements weren’t bad; each one had what amounted to a small apartment, and they had a great view of the gulf coast, but their apartments were joined together by a bathroom they had to share. At 25 years old, and having gone through their undergraduate and one graduate degree already, each thought that dorm living was behind them. They may not have been thrilled about their housing situation, but they quickly took to one another and suited each other well.

At an average six feet, Aaron was a few inches shorter than Brett and had a mop of shaggy dark hair. He didn’t get outside much, his pale skin an obvious sign of where he spent his free time. Brett didn’t know how he managed to do it, but even though he spent all his time sitting in front of a book, Aaron managed to stay in pretty decent shape. Unlike Brett, he was very shy and withdrawn, preferring to spend his time studying rather than making friends. On the other end of the spectrum there was Brett. He was tall and thin, with a slim runner’s build. His blonde hair offset the constant tan he had from all the time he spent under the Florida sun. He wasn’t exactly a partier, but Brett was much more outgoing than his uptight neighbor. He’d felt bad for Aaron at first, seeing how socially awkward the other man was, but quickly developed a genuine affection for his quiet new friend. They took to leaving their connecting doors open, treating their separate apartments as one big one. They’d spend their time studying together and, when Brett had finally reached his breaking point and forced Aaron out of the apartment, hanging out on the beach. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take much time before Brett found Aaron constantly on his mind. He’d developed a crush on his neighbor almost immediately but could not, though he tried and tried, figure out if his new friend was gay.

At first he just listened and observed, looking for any signs of a girlfriend, but found none. Aaron never talked about girls at all, but Brett wasn’t comfortable relying solely on that to make his decision. True, Aaron never talked about girls, but he never talked about sex at all. Also on the list of things Aaron never did were drinking and using foul language. He was obviously uncomfortable with himself and his prude bookishness made him seem more asexual than anything. To this day, in the two years they’ d been neighbors, including the time when they treated their place like one big apartment, Brett had only seen Aaron without clothes once. It’s not as if Brett was an exhibitionist, but he was comfortable enough to walk around at home in his briefs or in a towel whether Aaron was there or not. Aaron, on the other hand, was never seen without being fully clothed. He never left his room or the bathroom unless he was totally covered. The one time Brett accidentally caught a glimpse he’d been half asleep and walked in on Aaron as he was toweling off after a shower. Aaron had just about died, blushing violently and quickly wrapping his towel around him. To this day, anger and everything, the memory of Aaron’s perky ass dripping wet still made Brett hard. He rued the fact that he didn’t get a good look at what his friend was packing in the front, but he’d spent plenty of time filling in that detail in his mind. It wasn’t long after that incident that Brett finally gave up and confessed his feelings to Aaron. It was an awkward conversation for both of them. Brett, unaccustomed to taking such emotional risks, was nervous and Aaron was plain shocked. He’d let Brett down as gently as he could, but the bottom line was that Aaron wasn’t gay. Brett pretended to take it well at the time but he was devastated. Aaron soon found the door to Brett’s apartment closed and he saw his friend less and less. There were no hard feelings on Aaron’s end of things, but as far as Brett was concerned that was when their rivalry started. This latest development was just another addition to the list.

“Fuck it…” Brett’s eyes fell dejectedly. He watched the patterns forming in the churning mass of water beneath him when his eyes came to rest on a floating object. There was a book, gently bobbing despite the rough surf, floating towards the shore. His natural curiosity pushing his anger aside, he left his sullen post and raced down the steps towards the shore. He expected to have to fish the book out, but it drifted lazily to his feet. He picked up the book but let it drop to the sand, startled when the bone-dry leather touched his hand. “What in the world…” he wondered aloud, eyeing the mysterious book cautiously. Though he’d just plucked it from the roughest surf he’d seen in a while, there wasn’t a drop of water visible anywhere on the book. There also wasn’t any writing on the front cover or binding to clue the reader in on what they were looking at. Brett picked up the book with a hesitant hand, inspecting every detail of the worn, brown leather before opening the front cover. The book was filled with hand written passages, some legible, some not, that didn’t seem to make any sense. They were short, disjointed series of commands that didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. What’s more, it looked as if several different people had written them. Halfway through, the passages stopped and the rest of the pages were blank.

“The book…” a hoarse voice whispered above the surf. Brett nearly jumped out of his skin when he looked up and saw a man standing waist deep in the ocean. His skin had a pale, waxy sheen and his shaggy beard was full of debris that looked like it belonged on the ocean’s bottom. He was dressed in a heavy black overcoat, having the appearance of someone from the eighteenth century. “Write it…make it…” the man pointed to the dark leather binding with a gnarled hand, his dead eyes glowing with a sinister intensity. Brett tried to stammer out a response, but when he met the stranger’s gaze he was overcome by a wash of images. Centuries flowed like water through his mind. He saw each of the book’s previous owners and understood the power he held in his hands. He had just been given the key to his revenge. When his mind was back in the present, the stranger was gone. Brett no longer cared about the man or where he’d come from. He pulled a pen from his pocket and began scribbling furiously on one of the blank pages.


Aaron put his pen down and leaned back in his chair, stretching. He listened to the approaching thunder vie with the pounding surf for attention and yawned. His studying had been going well but he was finding it increasingly hard to focus. His room seemed abnormally hot and stifling. He got up and opened the window but the fierce wind blew his papers all over the room.

“Shoot!” he yelped, quickly slamming the window. He gathered his papers and sat back down, trying to ignore the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. His efforts were futile. Within a few minutes he was shifting uncomfortably again, unable to attend to the task at hand. “Oh come on…” Aaron sighed. He was alone in his room, but he still looked around cautiously before he pulled his shirt off and tossed it to his bed. With his torso exposed he felt slightly relieved. “Okay. Focus.” Aaron forced his eyes back to the papers in front of him. He made it through two pages before he derailed. His attention was on the heat again, and the rain that started hammering his window. “This is ridiculous!” He closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. The heat was giving him a headache and the relentless noise of the storm wasn’t helping. Without thinking he stood and shucked his jeans, hoping he’d be cooler if he stripped down to his boxers. Aaron felt ridiculous sitting at his desk in his underwear but he was alone in his room and he rationalized it as necessary for his studies. It worked for a few more pages but Aaron soon found his hand running up and down his flat stomach, toying with the waistband of his boxers. He could feel himself rising steadily, his impressive seven-inch cock popping through the unbuttoned fly. Aaron couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this horny. “It must be this heat…” he murmured, shoving his chair away from the desk. “I’d better take care of this or I’ll definitely keep getting distracted.” He slid his boxers off and moved for his bed but stopped after a few steps. The room was unbearably stuffy and claustrophobic. On the rare occasion when he got himself off he always completed the activity in his bed, but he couldn’t bring himself to stay in the cramped, humid room any longer. He peered out into his living room reluctantly, his bobbing cock pointing the way to the couch.

Aaron was greeted by a rush of relief the second he left his room. It no longer felt like he was baking in a sauna and his attention fell to the throbbing organ between his legs. He collapsed on the couch and started hammering away with unaccustomed force, violently bucking his hips while kneading his heavy balls with his other hand. He would never in a million years admit to it, but Aaron’s one stereotypically masculine attribute was his pride over his endowment. He knew he was well hung and secretly wished he were confident enough to show it off, especially to Jess, the woman who’d been the object of his secret affection for months. As usual, he thought of her as his hand slid up and down his thick shaft. Or at least he tried to. He was having a hard time picturing her, and every time he did, she morphed into Brett. He chalked it up to the fact that Brett had been on his mind since he knew his neighbor would be mad about coming in second place, but he was still confused. Equally confusing to Aaron was the fact that every time he pictured Brett he was overcome with pleasure, groaning loudly. Aaron had never moaned like that while jerking off before, but now he was practically screaming while images of Brett’s tight runners body, and the way it filled out his skimpy briefs, flashed through his mind. By the time he was ready to cum the couch had moved several inches from the force of Aaron’s thrusting and everyone else in the building thought the shy guy on the first floor was finally getting laid. With a final grunt Aaron exploded, covering his heaving chest and much of the couch in his sticky fluid. He collapsed exhausted from the full-body workout he’d just given himself. Never before had his jerk-off sessions been that powerful and Aaron couldn’t find the words to describe how intense the release was. Unfortunately, he didn’t have long to search before he heard a tapping at his sliding glass door. He froze, remembering he never shut the blinds.

“Hey! Come on! Let me in! I’m getting soaked!” he heard Brett yell. Mortified, Aaron slowly turned his head and saw his neighbor standing in the rain. Realizing he was still naked, spread eagle, and covered in cum, Aaron grabbed a cushion to cover himself and sat upright. “Dude, seriously! I forgot my keys in my apartment…let me in already!” Brett gave no indication as to how much he’d just seen. Flushing from head to toe, Aaron shuffled over to the door, the cushion still strategically held in front of his crotch.

“Uh…hey,” Aaron smiled awkwardly as he let his neighbor in. He found himself in a precarious position. He didn’t want to stay naked in front of his door, but he didn’t want to turn and give Brett a view of his ass either. Unsure of what else to do, he tried to shuffle backwards to the couch but only made it a few feet before he tripped over his own feet. The pillow went flying from his hands as he tumbled and he wound up sprawled on the floor, totally exposed.

“Shit man, you okay?” Brett grabbed Aaron’s arm and helped him back up. Aaron wanted to pull away and bolt for his room but instead let himself be led to the couch. “You looked like you were having a good time,” Brett laughed, standing in front of his naked former friend. “You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t sit down…your couch looks a little messy.” Aaron’s skin burned a bright red when Brett drew attention to the damp cum spots. He also remembered the fluid that was steadily drying all over his chest.

“Um, sorry about that…I didn’t mean to leave the blinds open,” Aaron mumbled, unable to pry his eyes away from his neighbor. He was transfixed by the way Brett’s wet clothes clung to his slim body.

“It’s alright,” Brett smiled. “I’m glad to see you loosening up. Actually, is it cool? I’m absolutely soaked.” Aaron simply gawked as Brett peeled out of his wet tank top and shorts, his damp briefs giving the slightest view of what was contained within. “Damn dude, after all that I don’t think I’d be ready to go again so soon.”

“Huh?” Aaron didn’t notice he’d become rock hard again while watching Brett. “Oh! Jeez man, sorry.” Aaron finally grabbed another cushion to cover himself.

“It looks like you need to get back to what you were doing, so I’ll let you go.” Brett paused, looking Aaron’s bare body up and down. “It’s good to see you though.”

“I thought you’d be angry about today’s announcement.” If Aaron saw the obvious lust in Brett’s eyes he ignored it. He was too busy trying not to stare at the outline of his friend’s confined cock as it bulged in front of him.

“Not at all man, congratulations…you’ve earned it.” Brett was impressed with how sincere he managed to sound. “I’ve been thinking lately that we should put the past in the past.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” Aaron smiled.

With a final amused look at his naked friend, Brett headed for his apartment, acutely aware of Aaron’s gaze glued to the outline of his ass swaying back and forth under the damp cotton.

Aaron was slow the wake the next morning. The previous afternoon left him spent, physically and emotionally. He’d gotten off four more times, thinking about Brett the whole time. By the fourth session he was convinced that his feelings weren’t a fluke, he just didn’t know where they’d come from. He’d never been attracted to another guy in his life and was having a hard time figuring out what brought on the sudden change of heart. And from the looks of things, he wouldn’t be able to figure it out. He’d tried repeatedly to resume his studying but couldn’t maintain his focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time.

“What a weird night,” Aaron yawned, stretching lazily. He kicked free of his covers and sat on the edge of his bed, unable to shake the grogginess from his mind. “I wonder what’s going…on…” he stopped talking and rubbed his eyes. He opened them slowly and looked down again, hoping he’d just had something in his eye. No such luck. The changes to his body were very real. The first thing he saw was his stomach. It wasn’t just flat anymore, it was sculpted. A cut six-pack tapered seductively into his boxers and his skin was noticeably tanner. After a frantic inspection he discovered that the rest of his body followed suit. His chest, arms and shoulders were all larger having somehow packed on muscle overnight. Even his perky ass had grown, bubbling out tightly against his boxers. He wasn’t too much bigger overall, but he was definitely more toned and defined. Panicking slightly, his first thought was to seek out Brett and get his opinion. Between the two of them, if they couldn’t figure it out no one could. He bolted from his room, not bothering to get dressed. Turning the corner, Aaron could see Brett’s reflection in the bathroom mirror. He had the door open and was standing at the counter shaving. “Brett! Hey man, I think something’s going on. I…” Aaron stopped cold when he turned the corner. What he hadn’t seen in the mirror was that Brett was completely naked from the waist down.

“What was that?” Brett asked nonchalantly, finishing his shave.

“Oh, sorry…I didn’t realize you were…” Aaron stuttered awkwardly. He saw that his body wasn’t the only one to have undergone some improvements overnight. Brett was wearing one of his trademark tank tops, but instead of the loose fit he usually sported it was skintight. His formerly slim torso had packed on lean muscle, tapering in a prominent V shape down to an ass that was large, round and firm.

“No, it’s cool. What’s going on?” Brett wiped off his face, his newly enlarged biceps flexing with the motion. He turned to face Aaron, giving his friend a full view of the other modifications he’d made.

“Something happened to me…us…last night.” Aaron practically drooled at the sight of Brett’s new cock. He knew that his should have been bigger than the blonde man’s, but now it was at least the same size. He noticed that his own remained unchanged as it tented out his boxers.

“Yeah, I know.” Brett calmly walked over to Aaron and ran his hands up and down his friend’s slightly thicker arms. “You look good…I didn’t want you to be too different the first time.”

“Too diff…Brett, what’re you talking about?” Aaron was concerned about more than just the explosive lust he was feeling. Brett’s sizeable new member was pointing right at him

“It’s nothing you need to worry about at the moment,” Brett sneer seductively. In one quick movement he had his tank top off and Aaron’s boxers on the floor. “I know you’ve been having a hard time focusing lately, but try and stay with me,” he whispered, his lips brushing gently against Aaron’s ears. He pinned Aaron against the wall, his hips grinding roughly against the other man. Aaron knew he should want to pull away but he found himself gladly staying put while Brett’s probing mouth explored every inch of his newly tanned body. Their hard cocks rubbed together and dug into each other’s stomach, eliciting groans of pleasure from the helpless Aaron. Like the day before, the usually reserved young man found that he was becoming more vocal with each passing second. He screamed loudly when Brett’s mouth swallowed his cock.

“Shit…yeah…suck that cock…” Aaron whimpered, absolutely horrified at the words leaving his mouth. He’d never used language like that in his life but now he couldn’t stop. “Ohhh…Brett…fuck…” his trim hips pumped back and forth, slowly fucking his friend’s mouth.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Brett said, pulling his mouth away from Aaron’s pulsing member. He took his friend by the cock and led him down the hallway to his room, practically throwing him on the large bed. Aaron didn’t have a chance to get his bearings before Brett pounced on top of him. He positioned his now-meaty cock against Aaron’s waiting hole and plunged in. From the feel of it, Brett could tell he was the first one to be in such a position.

“Fuck!” Aaron yelled as Brett pushed farther in. At first all he felt was pain, but his body soon adjusted to his friend’s pounding rhythm. He grunted loudly, pushing his newly beefed up ass against Brett’s invading organ. The warmth and strength of Brett’s body pressing on top of his was overpowering.

“You’re a… natural… buddy,” Brett moaned encouragingly.

“Harder!” Aaron demanded. “Fuck…fuck me…fuuuuu” he tensed up, trying to hold the tide back before erupting all over Brett’s sheets. Brett smiled inwardly and picked up his pace. As much as he was enjoying himself he was eager to move forward. The bed hammered ecstatically against the wall until Brett finally came, his new endowment filling Aaron’s ass to capacity with warm fluid. He collapsed on the bed next to his panting friend.

“Damn…looks like getting fucked in the ass is something else you have a natural aptitude for,” Brett laughed.

“Brett…what’s going on?” The look on Aaron’s cute face was all concern. His eyes darted back and forth anxiously.

“What’s going on,” Brett began as he rolled out of bed and walked to his dresser. He pulled out the book and held it proudly on display, but Aaron’s eyes were still glued to his crotch. “Up here pal,” Brett motioned for Aaron’s gaze to follow his hand to the book. “As I started to say, what’s going on is that your days as the top student are over.”

“What are you talking about? What’s that book?” Aaron tried to get up but found that he couldn’t. “Why can’t I move?”

“Because I wrote in here that you couldn’t.” Brett tapped the book with a long finger.

“I don’t understand,” Aaron said frantically.

“All you need to know about this book is that whatever I write in it becomes reality.” Brett’s eyes beamed with menace as he looked at his prone friend.

“That’s impossible!” Aaron continued to struggle but his limbs wouldn’t respond.

“Oh? Read this.” Brett held the book in front of Aaron, turning the pages as necessary for his friend. Aaron’s eyes were the size of dinner plates as he read every detail of the past afternoon and morning, from Brett catching him on the couch to his being unable to move on the bed.

“I don’t believe it,” Aaron said firmly. His science-based mind refused to accept the existence of something so supernatural. “There’s no way.”

“Then how do you explain this?” Brett opened the book and began writing. As soon as his pen stopped moving Aaron’s head started swimming and his body started shrinking. He kept his newly acquired muscle but he rapidly lost four inches of height, leaving the formerly six-foot man a mere 5’8”.

“Holy…” Aaron was in shock. “This isn’t…this can’t be real…”

“Can’t it?” Brett wrote in the book again and Aaron lost another four inches.

“Stop! Please!” Aaron pleaded. Again, Brett wrote in the book and Aaron steeled himself for the worst, but instead found that he could move, or at least that he was moving. He wanted to lunge for the book but his feet would only carry him slowly in front of his friend. After losing eight inches, Aaron struggled to adjust to his new perspective of the world, especially when he came face-to-chest with Brett. His friend had always been a few inches taller, but now the top of his head came to just under Brett’s chin.

“This is a good start!” Brett tousled Aaron’s hair, laughing.

“A start?” Aaron’s voice dripped with dread. “Why are you…”

“For starters, there’s the small matter of you having the position that should have been mine,” Brett said coldly, all humor gone from his voice.

“You can…you can have it! Take it, it’s yours.” Aaron was desperately trying to find a way out of this.

“Don’t worry, I intend to take it, but only after you’re made ineligible. Even if you did give me the position you’d just find another one and show me up somewhere else. No, you need a new career…I’m just not sure what that is yet.” Brett picked up the book again. “Any suggestions?”

“Brett, please, you don’t have to do this! I’ll drop the program! I’ll…”

“So no thoughts, then?” Brett cut him off. “Hmm…the possibilities are endless. I’m trying to think of something where you won’t have to be too smart…” he smiled watching Aaron pale. “What about construction worker?” Aaron’s heart sank when Brett started writing. The seconds seemed to pass agonizingly slow as Aaron watched the pen move across the page. After what felt like an eternity, Brett stopped writing and Aaron immediately felt his body changing. His slim shoulders exploded outward, buried under pound after pound of thick muscle. The rest of his newly shortened body followed, his lean frame swallowed whole by the broad physique of a buff laborer. Brett was only given a momentary view of his friend’s new look before clothing began to form; first a pair of standard white briefs followed by dirty jeans and a loose fitting muscle shirt.

“Fucking shit man! What the fuck’d you just do?” Aaron’s coarse speech was now carried by a deep, booming voice. Never one to grow facial hair, he fingered the goatee that had sprouted on his chin as he gazed at himself in the mirror. He hadn’t grown any taller, but he’d certainly grown wider. As frightened by the situation as he was, Aaron’s new frame gave him a sense of power he’d never felt before. He flexed his massive chest, marveling at the sheer size of his muscles. Brett, who had previously seemed so much stronger, looked skinny by comparison.

“Quite the mouth you’ve got there.” Brett eyed his work critically. The changes certainly were dramatic, but he wasn’t convinced this was the right move. Aaron was definitely hot, as Brett’s quickly hardening cock could attest, but he wasn’t sold on the attitude. He was still getting accustomed to the book’s subtleties and didn’t know how specific he needed to be.

“Fuck you,” Aaron spat. “I’ve got something you can do with that pretty little mouth of yours.” He grabbed his package through his jeans. Instead of trying to think of a way out his situation, Aaron could only respond with a newly acquired bravado. A fog had settled in his head and he couldn’t shake it.

“Aaron,” Brett said calmly, ignoring the insult. He wanted to get a better feel of his friend’s new personality. “Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time?”

“Drink, lift and fuck,” Aaron said annoyed, as if this should have been obvious. The part of him that remembered who he was prior to all this was horrified. In his free time he read, or, if he were feeling really crazy, would go out to see a movie. The only movies this new Aaron watched were pornos and he hadn’t touched a book since dropping out of high school in the ninth grade.

“So you like working out?” Brett searched Aaron’s face for any sign that his old personality might gain control.

“What the fuck do you think?” Aaron flexed his mountainous biceps proudly.

“And who do you fuck?” Brett asked analytically, his mind slipping into research mode. He was already coming up with the plan for Aaron’s final change. As much as he hated to relinquish such a powerful object, Brett knew there was danger in using the book too many times. He’d read through the previous passages and had seen how many of them eventually backfired. He was determined to avoid that trap. If he hadn’t been so careful about writing in safeguards he could have found himself in a dangerous situation with this new Aaron.

“Not skinny little queers like you!” Aaron laughed, pointing to Brett’s erect member. “Ass isn’t bad, but your tits aren’t big enough!” He bellowed at his own joke while inside he was fighting desperately against this crass, idiotic brute he’d become.

“And could you tell me a little about your dissertation?” This was the part that Brett was most eager for. He could practically see the gears chugging in Aaron’s head as he searched for information that was no longer there.

“My disser-what?” Aaron wanted to cry when he realized his years of schooling really were gone. His head was now wired for sex, beer and working out, not academics.

“Well, that part worked at least.” Brett moved forward and prodded Aaron’s thick new frame with his fingers. “Your face is still cute…and I do like the muscles…”

“Hey! Get your faggot hands off me!” Aaron boomed as Brett squeezed his bulbous new ass. “Seriously man, I’m gonna…hey!” he stopped yelling as Brett undid his jeans and let them drop before tugging on the waistband of his briefs and peering inside.

“Cock’s not bad, but I’m not sure I want it the same size as me…” Brett stepped back and stared at his friend as he pondered in silence.

“Shit man, I’m gonna beat the fucking piss out of you!” Aaron was furious and his old self was more than willing to go along with the anger.

“No, you’re not,” Brett sighed. He picked up the book again. “I thought I’d like you as a buff manly-man, but now I’m thinking that was a mistake. I like the buff part, but your attitude’s gotta go.” He started writing again, taking his time to make sure every detail was included. The new Aaron wasn’t capable of fully grasping the gravity of the situation, so this time his dread was replaced by an irate tantrum.

“I’m gonna shove that book so far up your ass! Do you hear me! I’m gonna…” Aaron’s tirade stopped when Brett closed the book. He suddenly wasn’t angry anymore. His rage was replaced by a contented dimness. He felt the jeans at his feet disappear, followed by his muscle shirt. Looking down, he watched in uncomprehending wonder as his white briefs transformed into a shiny pink thong. The somehow-familiar sensation of the back strap slipping between his impossibly muscled ass brought a comforted smile to his face. He didn’t lose any of his newly gained muscles, but he did lose whatever body fat had remained on his bulky frame. His waist tapered to a trim 28 inches while his already muscled proportions continued to grow. The end result was a body where every sculpted muscle stood out in an exaggerated fashion under dark, tanned skin. His waist was incredibly tiny compared to his broad chest and shoulders, and his ass was about twice as big as it normally should have been. The proportions looked even more striking considering his short stature. Aaron’s smile faded slightly as he watched his bulge diminish under the shimmering pink fabric, but even that couldn’t shake his happy mood. “Like, oh my gawd babe, what just happened?” he asked, sounding more curious than angry. Aaron winced inside at the sound of his lisping, high-pitched voice.

“That’s more like it,” Brett said, relieved. He moved in to inspect his work, eliciting a ditzy giggle from Aaron when he snapped the elastic band of the thong.

“Honey, if you want me to take it off you just have to ask.” Aaron wiggled his hips seductively and peeled out of the thong, his cock throbbing to its new length of four inches. As he playfully tackled Brett on the bed the old Aaron was at least glad to be able to move again, but his relief was dampened by the realization that this was his life from now on. His new memories rushed in, images of himself dancing and gyrating naked on stage filling his mind. At least he wasn’t a brutish construction worker, but his days as a research scientist were still over, replaced instead by the life of a gay stripper. And this new Aaron was very, very gay. His vocabulary would be the envy of any valley girl and his wardrobe consisted of short-shorts, cutoff tank tops and thongs like the one he was previously wearing. He was completely humiliated at what he’d become. Just yesterday he felt uncomfortable sitting in his boxers and now he paraded around naked as his job. Try as he might though, Aaron couldn’t find the anger that had so recently consumed him. In this new life Brett was his world; he was so smart and he always knew what to do. Before they’d met, Aaron was barely making it by. Guys were always taking advantage of his limited intelligence, using him for sex or what little money he had. Aaron, being the sweetheart that he was, always fell for it. He was in a particularly bad spot when he’d met Brett and couldn’t believe that someone who had as much going for them as he did would be into a guy like him. Aaron railed against these thoughts as they raced through his dim new mind. He knew the truth! Brett wasn’t some hero who’d rescued him; he was a monster who’d turned him in to this caricature. He tried to reassert his will but it was like grabbing a fistful of water: the harder he tried the farther away it seemed.

“You’re certainly in a good mood,” Brett said under a flurry of kisses from Aaron, knowing full well that beneath his new exterior those words couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“I can’t help it when I’m around you tiger.” Aaron actually growled as he said it, causing Brett to break out in a fit of laughter. “You makin’ fun of me?” Aaron asked in mock anger, straddling Brett’s legs and slapping at the other man’s hard pole.

“I’d never do that,” Brett said with mock sincerity. Aaron responded by leaning forward and swallowing the large organ, finding that his new jaw could open incredibly wide. The old Aaron wanted to vomit. He’d never had another man’s cock in his mouth and he never wanted to. For the new Aaron, this was nothing. He was quite adept at giving blowjobs and usually gave Brett at least one everyday. It was a crushing moment for the old Aaron when he found himself actually looking forward to the moment Brett shot his load and his mouth would be filled with the taste of his lover’s cum. He could work his mouth like a professional, so he didn’t have long to wait before eagerly guzzling down every last drop.

“Did I do good, babe?” Aaron asked as he sat up and wiped the cum from the sides of his mouth.

“You always do, man,” Brett said, emphasizing the ‘’always.’ “You want me to take care of this?” Brett held Aaron’s stubby new cock, stroking it gently.

“Thanks hon, but I need to keep myself worked up since I’m, like, working that beach party later. The guys like it when I can keep the little guy hard.” Aaron was suddenly aware that in a few short hours he’d be working his small new cock in front of a crowd of drunk, horny men. The thought created a surge of desperate strength and Aaron was able to focus enough to look around the room. His strength quickly left as he scanned the room, noticing that the book was no longer on the dresser. It was a killing blow for the old Aaron when he realized that Brett must have written it out of his possession with the last batch of changes, meaning that he was stuck this way. That was it for the old Aaron. He was broken. He stopped fighting completely, giving in to his role as observer of this new life.

“You okay bud?” Brett asked, seeing the faraway look in Aaron’s eyes.

“Huh?” Aaron shook his head and smiled the dense smile he usually had. “Yeah, I like, totally spaced out there for a second.” He climbed off the bed and flexed his disproportioned body. “I’m gonna go work on my tan for a bit and you’ve gotta get to work!” he said the last part cheerfully; his Brett was the best student in the department and Aaron was as proud as could be of that. He kissed Brett on the forehead before sauntering over to the sliding glass door and stepping outside, sprawling out his naked frame on one of the beach chairs.

Brett took in the sight of Aaron’s firm new frame lying contentedly on the back patio, his naked body plainly visible to any of the neighbors or pedestrians that happen to walk by, and smiled. This new man was a stark contrast to the cute, reserved guy he’d been less than 24 hours ago. He picked up the discarded thong and rubbed the shiny material with immense satisfaction. Not only did he have Aaron’s position at school, he had Aaron; or at least a dim, overly muscled version of Aaron that was totally devoted to him. He knew that his friend was fully aware of the changes that had occurred, but he also knew that there wasn’t anything Aaron could do about it. He’d written the book out of his hands so there was no way anyone could reverse what had been done. And as far as the rest of the world was concerned, there was nothing to be undone. To everyone else, this is the way things should be. The bright, scrawny Aaron with a promising academic future had never existed, replaced by an Aaron who dropped out of high school and spent several years selling his body to make ends meet.

Brett quickly dressed, not wanting to be late for the first day of his stolen future. He gave Aaron a final victorious look before he left, receiving a goofy grin and wave in response. He smiled back and waved before heading out the door, already looking forward to the fun he’d have when he returned.