Center of Attention (musc tg tf)


“You ready?” Todd grabbed the cup with a shaking hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Hell yeah I’m ready,” Bruce grabbed the cup away from his friend. “You’re not gonna back out on me now are you?”

“No way dude, I’m just nervous.” Todd had no intention of backing out of the plan, not after everything the two had done to get the strange liquid they were holding, and not after everything Chad had done to deserve it.

“Well get over it, ‘cause we can’t let him know anything’s up. We’ve all had enough of his shit and I don’t wanna blow this.” Bruce tugged Todd along behind him back to the main room of the house where their “friend” Chad was waiting.

“Took you ladies long enough…stop to change your tampons along the way?” Without a second glance he took the cup and gulped the contents down. As usual, Chad was bossing everyone around. He was the campus big shot, star of several sports teams, body builder, and generally loved by women everywhere. He was the biggest stud on campus and the ladies just could not get enough. The guys on campus, however, couldn’t stand him. They knew, and Chad knew, that there was no way they could hold a candle to him. He could be infuriatingly charming, and physically he was naturally gifted, excelling in the gym like it was the easiest thing in the world. It’s not that he didn’t work hard; he’d spent years perfecting his body and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. At 6’6” he was an Adonis. From head to toe he was a solid wall of cut, rippling muscle, and, as he loved to let everyone in the locker room know, he was impossibly hung. Guys that met Chad were jealous right off the bat, but that’s not why they hated him. They hated him because he was an asshole. He took everything he had for granted, walking around like he owned everything. At the gym he taunted the other guys mercilessly, either for their ability to lift on the floor or the size of their equipment in the shower. He was also notorious for stealing girls away from guys just because he could. Tonight was a perfect example: Todd and Bruce invited Chad over under the pretext that a few girls were coming over, knowing full well that Chad wouldn’t miss an opportunity to show them up. Chad had no qualms about charming a girl away from Todd and Bruce as long as he got to be the center of attention. “Ugh, damn dude, what was this?” Chad looked disgustedly at the empty cup.

“You said you wanted what we were drinking…too strong for you?” Bruce sat on the opposite couch across from Chad and smiled.

“Hardly.” Chad looked around uncomfortably. “When are the ladies getting here? I didn’t come over here just to see you two girly fags hang out with your shirts off.” Todd and Bruce exchanged silent glances. Though Chad towered over them, neither man was anywhere near being girly, both of them spending several hours a week in the gym. Bruce was tall and lean, his body covered in smooth, toned muscle, while Todd was a few inches shorter and had more of a squat, bulging physique. Compared with Chad, whose huge, hairy frame formed the mold for masculinity, they looked skinny. But when compared with your average college guy, they were actually pretty built. Bruce was only wearing a pair of baggy shorts, the waistband of his boxers readily visible. Likewise, Todd was only wearing some old jeans over a pair of boxer briefs.

“Fuck you man, it’s roasting in here,” Todd lied as he sat on the other end of the couch from Chad. Their house wasn’t hot at all, it was actually a little cold, but the guys were dressed in anticipation of what was coming. “And maybe we wanted to look sexy for you, Chad,” he joked, moving in close.

“Don’t be gross,” Chad laughed, pushing Todd away. “I mean, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted some of this,” he grabbed his huge dick through his baggy jeans, smiling. “But you’re not gettin’ any of it.” From his vantage point opposite Chad, Bruce saw a thin line of sweat form on Chad’s forehead.

“Huh…maybe we should turn the air on or something, it’s hotter than I thought in here.” Bruce had to stifle his laughter as Chad’s body flushed slightly and he started sweating noticeably.

“Shit man…I didn’t notice at first, but it’s an oven in here,” Chad said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. His tight tshirt was quickly becoming damp and the outline of his muscle shirt underneath was visible. He shifted uncomfortably and shook his head. “What was in that drink? It usually takes a lot more than one to get me…get me…” he trailed off, his voice slurring.

“Don’t worry about it man, just relax,” Todd said. The couch groaned as Chad leaned back, letting each of his hundreds of pounds of muscle sink in to it.

“You said you wanted something strong,” Bruce said from across the room. He opened the closet door and pulled out a digital video camera and tripod.

“Dudes…I think I’m really drunk,” Chad laughed stupidly, leaning to one side. “Wha’s that for?” he pointed to the camera as he struggled to sit up on the couch.

“What’s what for?” Todd pulled the large man upright.

“Why’s there….a camera?” A look of confusion settled on Chad’s face.

“Man,” Bruce laughed, sitting down close next to Chad, “you must be drunk. There’s no camera here.”

“Oh.” The look of confusion lifted from Chad’s brow, the camera forgotten.

“Are you hot, Chad? You’re sweatin’ pretty good.” Todd scooted close to Chad on the other side, boxing him in between the two men.

“It’s really hot in here…” Chad agreed slowly. He tugged at his tight, sweaty tshirt.

“You must be burning up,” Bruce said encouragingly.

“I’m…I’m burnin’ up,” Chad slurred, tugging at his collar. “It’s so hot…” he grabbed his collar in two meaty hands and pulled, ripping the shirt off. Bruce and Todd exchanged glances as Chad pulled the tattered remains of his shirt free. Chad was completely under their control. The large man sat on the couch in his undershirt and jeans, a look of relief on his face.

“You really are a big guy, aren’t you Chad?” Bruce asked, sitting next to Chad on the couch. He felt one of Chad’s huge arms admiringly.

“Yeah,” was all Chad could manage. He flexed the arm Bruce was holding and let his eyes close. For reasons he couldn’t understand, Bruce’s hand on his arm felt good.

“You’re proud of your body, aren’t you?” Todd chimed in, massaging one of Chad’s massive shoulders. Chad shivered, the touch of both men sending a chill through his giant’s body. “Will you show it to us?” Todd asked gently. Chad looked confused. Even in his drug addled state he knew something wasn’t right with what he was hearing.

“You’d feel so much better, Chad,” Bruce said gently. “It’s still so hot in here…we took our shirts off, see? Why don’t you…” Bruce trailed off as Chad stood. He shot Todd a concerned look, briefly afraid they’d pushed too far too quickly. His concern passed as Chad stretched and peeled up his undershirt, exposing his rock hard abs. Bruce and Todd followed the trail of dark hair up from Chad’s navel, along his washboard stomach, to his large, hairy chest. Chad’s years of work in the gym were readily apparent as he fought with the shirt, his muscles flexing. In his current state he was only coordinated enough to get the front of his shirt up over his head, snagging the rest on his broad back and shoulders. He stood there, letting Todd and Bruce drink in the sight of the hunk of a puppet in front of them.


“Oh man, Bruce,” Todd said after a moment. “I’m roasting. I think I’m gonna lose the jeans.” He slid his jeans off, exposing a large bulge in his boxer briefs.

“Oh, good idea,” Bruce said following suit, his long cock shooting through the front of his boxers.

“What about you, Chad?” Todd asked. Chad said nothing, his eyes glued to Bruce’s rigid cock, captivated by the firm organ. He absentmindedly undid his jeans and let them drop down his huge, meaty thighs. Bruce and Todd had to stifle their laughter as the lumbering stud wobbled unsteadily on his feet while he tried to kick his discarded jeans away. The front of his briefs bounced along with his sizable cock and balls as he lumbered back and forth. Chad couldn’t quite manage to get them past his large cross-trainers and finally lost the war with gravity. Bruce and Todd had to leap from the couch and catch him as he started to plummet backwards.

“Careful big guy, we don’t want you crackin’ your head open,” Bruce wedged himself under one of Chad’s huge arms, struggling to support the larger man’s dead weight. Todd took the other side, and both men availed themselves of the opportunity to cop a feel. Bruce ran a hand down Chad’s vast, smooth back, slipping his hand into the underwear and squeezing the muscled globes of his ass. Todd took the front, dancing his fingers through the dark forest on Chad’s colossal chest and down the trail on his washboard stomach. He couldn’t resist when his fingers reached the elastic band of Chad’s briefs, and he gently cupped Chad’s obscene equipment, unable to get even half of it in his hand. He felt the large cock surge against his palm under the thin cotton.

“What’re you….you…doin’….” Chad breathed heavily. He squirmed under the probing touch of his two friends.

“We’re helping you back to the couch, dude,” Bruce said as he and Todd deposited Chad on the sofa. Chad’s bare sides brushed against Bruce’s exposed cock on the way down. A shiver ran through Bruce as Chad’s eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Dude…why’re you….put that away….” Chad’s slurred protests were mitigated by the fact that his eyes were glued to Bruce’s bobbing member as it rested against his bare, hairy thigh.

“Let me help you with these,” Todd said, kneeling in front of Chad. He stroked Chad’s rocky calves, working his way down to the enormous shoes. “Damn Chad…what size do you wear?’

“Fourteens,” Chad said proudly. Todd looked up to see firsthand the source of Chad’s pride; his half-hard cock was snaking its way up his briefs. Todd pulled the shoes off and removed the jeans, tossing them across the room.

“There, doesn’t that feel better?” Todd asked, resuming his seat next to the addled jock.

“Thanks….” Chad smiled. He leaned back and closed his eyes as the room spun around him. His drunken state was slowly transitioning to something he’d never felt before.

“There ya go man, just relax,” Bruce said calmly, his right hand massaging Chad’s trunk-like thigh while Todd followed suit.

“Hey…don’t…come on…guys…” Chad slowly raised his head, as quick a response as he could muster at the moment. Despite his protests, his half-hard cock quickly gained its full length. As his eyes struggled to open he saw both his friends had shed their underwear and were stroking their own stiff members while they worked his thighs. He fought to speak but couldn’t find his voice.

“Easy dude,” Todd said, seeing the look of alarm break through the stupor on Chad’s face. “I don’t think the girls are showing up and we’re all pretty horny. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah bro, it looks like you’re in the mood.” Bruce tweaked the exposed tip of Chad’s cock sticking out the side of his briefs. The unexpected contact sent a jolt through Chad’s limp body. “You wanna be a pal and help us out here?” Chad just stared, uncomprehending. To help him understand, Bruce took one of Chad’s meaty paws and guided it to his dick. He wasn’t as big as Chad, but Bruce’s above average dick was almost totally engulfed by the large hand. Chad looked at him for a moment before dropping his eyes to Bruce’s dick and slowly working his hand. “Yeah….that’s right…good job big guy.” Chad responded to Bruce’s praise with a dim smile. He didn’t need prompted to start working on Todd. Todd’s short, wide dick was totally swallowed by Chad’s beefy fist. The guys continued massaging Chad’s thighs and groin while he worked on them, completely losing himself in the pleasure of their touch. No one would ever believe them if Todd or Bruce told someone what was happening. Chad, the campus stud, was on their couch with his dick squirming out of his briefs, shirt stuck behind his head, with a cock in each hand jacking two guys off. They were both silently grateful they’d thought to record this at the last minute. After a few minutes though, the novelty started to wear off. Chalk it up to his drugged state, or his lack of experience, but Chad wasn’t very good at giving hand jobs. He was also having a harder and harder time remaining upright on the couch.

“Thanks buddy, but why don’t you work on yourself for a while?” Todd gently pulled Chad’s hand away.

“Yeah, you look like you could use some of this,” Bruce said, noticing the bead of precum on Chad’s dick. Chad sat still for a moment, trying, and failing, to get his bearings. He was sinking farther and farther from control. The warmth of his friends’ cocks was still fresh in his memory, and his own cock was fighting to be free of its cotton prison. With a concerted effort he was able to raise himself off the couch enough to slip his briefs down. This small motion was enough to upset his delicate equilibrium and as his cock sprang free he toppled over on top of Todd. Oblivious to his friend’s position underneath him, Chad started pumping away on his hard, ten-incher with one hand while working his ample balls with the other. He whimpered softly, wiggling and grinding his ass against his prone friend.

“Dude…a little help here….” Todd grunted to Bruce. As much as he wanted to enjoy himself, Chad’s dead weight on top of him was crushing. Bruce helped manhandle Todd out from under the oblivious Chad who kept hammering away.

“He’s totally out of it now, isn’t he?” Bruce looked down at the sprawling, incoherent stud. He wondered what Chad would think if he could see himself now, briefs around his ankles while he blissfully stroked along in front of his two friends.

“I’d say….he is….” Todd panted, trying to catch back the breath that was forced out of him. He picked up where Chad left off, working his wide, stubby member. It wasn’t long before he was close to cumming.

“Whoa, hold on a sec dude,” Bruce ran to the camera and moved it in closer. He set it up so he and Todd were standing off frame. “What do you think he’ll do when he sees this?”

“In the…state…he’ll be in…by then…what’ll he be…able to do…” Todd was struggling to hold things back.

“Dude, let’s see how out of it he really is,” Bruce laughed. Todd positioned himself accordingly and shot his load all over their prone friend and Bruce quickly did the same. Chad’s only response was to briefly open his eyes and whimper.

“You like that, Chad?” Todd goaded. Chad just whimpered louder. “Let’s here how much you liked that.” Chad’s whimpers turned in to moans. Todd started to laugh but Bruce cut him off.

2957 “Dude! Dude, look!” Bruce said excitedly. “It’s starting!” Chad was still pumping contentedly, but his cock was noticeably shorter and his balls were looking smaller. His formerly ten inches now looked about seven and continued to dwindle. Soon he dropped below six inches and within minutes was below four. Todd and Bruce could barely see Chad’s cock as it was swallowed by his meaty fists. Chad appeared unaware that his stroking had given way to vigorous massaging. In fact, as his cock got smaller his groans of pleasure got louder. At three inches he was working his cock and now petite balls in one large hand while he tweaked a nipple with the other, crying out all the while. He started arching his back noticeably while his groans turned in to screams of ecstasy.

“Fuck man, look!” Todd directed Bruce and the camera to Chad’s crotch, where his once python of a cock was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Chad had several fingers buried deep in the slit that formed in its place. “It worked!”

“It’s not done yet dude,” Bruce said over Chad’s ecstatic screams. The whole couch was rocking violently as Chad bucked his strong hips violently while his fingers worked their magic. He spread his legs forcibly, shredding the briefs at his ankles.

“Yeah, but he’s got a fuckin’ pussy!” Todd was resisting the urge to join Chad in exploring his new anatomy.

“He seems to be enjoying it too…” As Bruce finished the sentence Chad arched his back a final time and bellowed, his deep voice ringing through the house. He fell back against the couch with a smile on his face. Bruce watched the motion of his forearm slow, before eventually stopping altogether. After a moment Chad let a damp hand fall clear of his crotch, giving the guys their first clear view. Both men found themselves instantly hard at the sight that presented itself. On the couch was their bodybuilding friend, sprawled naked on his back. His giant, hairy pecs rose and fell heavily as he drifted off into a satisfied slumber. At first glance, he was the portrait of masculinity: face covered in stubble, huge arms resting comfortably atop his rigid stomach, one massive leg stretched out on the couch while the other draped down to the floor. His torso tapered in a nice V before expanding out again at his meaty thighs. It was where his upper and lower body met that threw things off. The endowment that made him the envy of every football team he’d been on was gone, replaced instead by a tight new vagina hiding beneath his bush of hair.

“Dude…I’ve gotta hit that,” Todd licked his lips eagerly and let a hand drop to his solid cock.

“Patience man, he’s not done yet.” Bruce clapped his buddy on the shoulder. “Not bad so far though, is it?”

“Fuck no, this is better than I could have…” Todd stopped as Chad shifted his massive frame on the couch.

“Here it comes…” Bruce said, focusing the camera on Chad’s face. The stubble that had just been so prominent was gone. The rest of his body followed suit. Bruce panned the camera down to Chad’s now smooth chest before zooming out. Chad’s arms, chest, armpits and stomach were totally devoid of hair. His legs and feet had followed along; the only body hair remaining was a small patch in his crotch. The lack of hair made Chad’s muscles stand out, showing just how built he really was. For a moment, at least. Chad whimpered quietly in his sleep as suddenly his body began to shrink. It looked as if someone was letting the air out of a mattress. Chad’s hard earned muscles melted off his frame while he was just as quickly losing inches in height. His broad shoulders shrank as his bulging chest flattened. The biceps and triceps he spent so much time perfecting disappeared, leaving thin sticks in their place. His washboard stomach softened then disappeared altogether, replaced by a thin layer of belly fat and the barest of love handles. The globes of his ass were still round but no longer firm, the muscles giving way to a soft, squishy behind. Two mighty thighs shrank down to soft, flabby counterparts, and the pair of huge, hairy feet were daintily halved in length. When all was said and done, the buff stud that hung off the couch before now fit nicely on it. Chad’s 6’6” frame had lost over a foot in height and at least a hundred pounds in weight. The huge, gym-going jock had dwindled to a small, curvy specimen with the body of a man, but with a few feminine additions. His face still retained most of the same features, you could still tell it was Chad, but he was now soft and undefined instead of rigid and cut.

“Is he done?” Todd asked tentatively, giving Bruce a stunned look.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Wasn’t this…wasn’t this supposed to make him a chick?” Todd asked, puzzled. He moved in closer to inspect their diminished friend. He stroked a hand along Chad’s soft belly, a stark contrast from how rough the skin had just felt.

“I thought about it, but where’s the fun in that?” Bruce put the camera away and joined Todd at the couch.

“What do you mean?” Todd jiggled one of Chad’s thighs, causing the sleeping man to smile.

“If we make him a chick, he flips out at first, and yeah, that’ll be fun, but then he gets used to it and goes on living his life as a normal girl. Maybe not for a while, but eventually he’ll get used to his tits and panties and guys fucking him. This way there is no normal. Look at him; he still looks like Chad…a smaller, girly Chad, but still Chad. Only now he’s got an even bigger surprise between his legs. What’s he gonna do at the gym? In a public bathroom? At the doctors? His days of being a big shot are done. I mean, look at him, he’s lucky if he’s 5’4”! Plus, he’s gonna love having a cock inside him, but how’s he gonna get it? I doubt a gay guy’ll be interested in a pussy, and how many girls are walkin’ around packing a dick in their skirts? So where will he get it? He’ll get it from guys like us that he used to walk all over, or from the kinda guys at the gym he used to be. I know those big, burly dudes would just love to have a go at our little Chad. So he could have had some tits? So what? He’s still soft in all the right places.” Bruce placed a caressing hand along Chad’s curvy hip. “It’s just this way, he can’t hide anywhere.”

“I know plenty of guys that’ll line up for a shot at this…” Todd’s fingers danced across the lips of Chad’s new pussy but Bruce stopped him.

“Let him wake up first, I want him to feel it the first time. Besides, this was my plan so I get to go first.” Bruce scooped up the sleeping Chad and carried him to his bedroom.

The three (now two and a half) men slept like rocks for the rest of the night. Chad was obviously worn out from his ordeal and for Bruce and Todd, this was the culmination of months of work. The two felt like kids on Christmas Eve as they climbed in to bed, excited at what the morning would bring

“Ugh….shit man…what’d I do last ni…” Chad abruptly stopped mumbling when he felt someone in bed with him. “What the fuck are you doing in here?” He yelled at the sleeping Bruce. “Get out of my bed you fag!” Bruce groaned, struggling awake.

“Your bed?” Bruce stirred, sitting up slowly. “Look around dude, this is my room.”

“What the fuck am I doing in your bed?” Chad yelled again. He sat up, searching for memories of the previous night that were nowhere to be found. “I asked you a question…”

“Would you please stop fucking yelling?” Bruce said, crankily rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Chad wanted to protest but found himself silent. “That’s better.” Bruce placed a hand against his throbbing head. His hangover didn’t appreciate the shrill cries coming from his bedmate. He was thinking he shouldn’t have drank so much last night when he smiled suddenly, realizing Chad was still unaware of his predicament. “You catchin’ a cold or something man? Your voice sounds funny,” he said casually.

“What the fuck do you mean my voice sounds funny?” As he said it, Chad realized the bass was gone from his voice. He cleared his throat. “You still haven’t….” Bruce didn’t let him finish. Yawning, he lay back down and draped an arm across Chad, pinning his smaller frame to the bed. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Get off me, homo!”

“Make me,” Bruce said, smiling.

“I’m gonna beat the shit out of you,” Chad snarled. He went to grab Bruce’s arm but quickly realized he could no longer wrap his hands around it. “The hell? How’d you get so big?” he asked, confused.

“Errrrnnnn! Try again.” Bruce was trying not to laugh and give it away.

“I’m not in the mood for this,” Chad said disgustedly. He struggled to sit up but couldn’t break Bruce’s grip. He fought for a few moments before it dawned on him. The first thing he caught sight of were his skinny, hairless arms. “Wha…” he struggled harder now, frantic to sit up and see what happened. Bruce eased up a bit so Chad could get a peak at his new body. Chad’s hands instantly went to his flat, hairless chest. “Where’s my….how is this…” he stuttered. Bruce put a hand on Chad’s petite shoulder and forced him back down. Chad was in too much shock to resist. Still covered from the chest down, he hadn’t noticed the rest of his changes. Tears formed in his eyes as he fought to make sense of what happened.

“Don’t cry big guy,” Bruce said, gently stroking Chad’s shrunken chest. He let his hand drift down to Chad’s new belly, giving his little love handles a squeeze. The tears that were forming flowed freely as Chad realized his washboard stomach was gone.

“This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible,” Chad said over and over. While Chad was spouting his new mantra, Bruce’s hand was slowly making its way lower. “This isn’t possible. This isn’t possiIIIIIII” he cried as Bruce plunged his fingers into Chad’s slit. Chad sat there panting while his mind desperately tried to wrap itself around the fact that he was being penetrated. The shock of it brought him back to his senses. “Dude,” he gasped, “what are you doing?” Bruce locked eyes with Chad but said nothing. Instead, he threw back the covers so Chad could get a full view of what was going on. “Oh…” Chad said calmly as he looked down and saw Bruce’s fist working his pussy. There was a moment of silence as Chad processed that his monster package was gone. The cock he was so proud of and the pendulous balls that hung low were nowhere to be seen. The silence was shattered by Chad’s piercing scream.

“Shit dude, knock it off!” Bruce yelled, startled. Again, Chad found himself quieting down. “Jesus man, you even scream like a girl now.” Bruce pulled his hand from Chad’s crotch and squeezed his throbbing head.

“How did this happen?” Chad asked quietly. Finally prying them away from his crotch, his eyes traveled the length of his body. He saw his supple, toneless thighs and dainty feet.

“Remember that special drink you wanted?” A voice said from the doorway. Chad turned and saw a naked Todd standing there. He immediately searched for the sheet to cover himself, mortified that someone would see him like this. “Don’t be so modest. You put on quite a show for us last night.”

“What do you mean? You guys did this?” Even as his anger grew, Chad found his gaze traveling up and down Todd’s bare, wide body, lingering on the wide barrel of a cock hanging between his thighs. He also realized for the firs t time that Bruce was naked as well, his rigid cock inches from Chad’s skin. “How? Why?”

“Don’t you worry about the how…let’s just say that from now on to the rest of the world you’ll be a ‘medical mystery.’ And why? Dude, you’re the biggest asshole on the face of the planet. Todd or I could never meet a girl without you stealing her away. Hell, every time we’re out and talkin’ a girl up you come waltzing over, flex your muscles, bust our balls and off you go with her.” Bruce pulled Chad close, seductively whispering the rest in his ear. “You won’t let us have any girls so we decided to have you.” Bruce paused, letting it sink in. “Actually, you gave us the idea….always calling us ‘pussies’ and ‘ladies.’ We thought you’d appreciate this a little more.” Chad wanted to, but found he was unable to fight against Bruce’s warm embrace.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll be nicer to you guys…you can turn me back now,” Chad said pleadingly.

“Sorry buddy, it’s a one way ticket,” Bruce gently massaged the inside of Chad’s thigh.

“So I’m stuck like this?” Chad started to tear up again.

“’Fraid so. You know, we tossed around the idea of turning you all the way into a girl, complete with tits and everything, but this just seemed better. Now everyone’ll get to see Chad, the big man on campus, reduced to a small, dickless freak.” Bruce laughed at the look of horror on Chad’s face. “Don’t worry…it’s not all bad. I’m sure there’s plenty of guys that’ll be willing to, uh, help you out.” Bruce grabbed his dick as he said this so Chad would be sure to catch his meaning. Chad paled. “What?” Bruce let go and sat across from Chad. “Don’t you want me?”

“What? No!” Chad scooted away, the motion drawing his attention to the moistness between his legs. He started to reach for it, but held back.

“Go ahead,” Todd encouraged. “You seemed to enjoy it last night. You wanna show him, Bruce?” Bruce climbed off the bed and hooked his camera up to the TV. While he fiddled with it, Chad drank in the outlines of Bruce’s muscles, especially his firm, perky ass and he found his fingers moving through his small bush of hair. “I think you’ve got an admirer, dude.” Bruce turned and saw Chad practically drooling over him. On the screen behind Bruce, Chad could see himself stripping and being fondled before jacking off his two friends. The sight of his old body made him even wetter, especially when his old body sprawled on the couch stroking his giant cock. He could almost feel his huge balls filling his hand while his counterpart on screen whimpered in delight.

“See? You were having a good time then. I’m sure we could have a good time now.” Bruce crawled back in the bed and inched his way over to Chad. Before Chad could protest, Bruce straddled him and had him pinned on his back. His rigid cock was a scant few inches from Chad’s waiting pussy.

“Bruce….I…I’m…” Chad’s attention was split between the naked man on top of him and the video on the screen. He watched his old body flex its rigid, hairy stomach while Bruce’s hands worked their way across his new small, smooth belly. He could see his large, muscular ass flex with each thrust of his cock while Bruce squished the fatty pads he now possessed. His breath caught as he felt the tip of Bruce’s cock brush against the lips of his vagina.

“Don’t’ worry…I know what I’m doing,” Bruce whispered into Chad’s ear.

“OOOHHHHhhhhhhh,” Chad moaned as Bruce pushed his way in. He squirmed while Bruce slowly worked his way in and out. On screen, Chad could see his massive cock shrinking, disappearing slowly in his hand. His stroking on screen gained speed in time with Bruce’s current thrusts and Chad flushed as he felt his belly and thighs jiggle in response. The bed was rocking as Bruce increased speed while on screen Chad violently fingered himself. He screamed in conjunction with the TV when Bruce suddenly hit a sweet spot. His hands seemed to move of their own accord, grabbing hold of Bruce’s tight, firm ass. The electric jolts of pleasure shooting through him were unbelievable. He’d never felt anything like this.

“Yeah….Chad….” Bruce grunted between thrusts. “I told…you…you’d…like…this…” Chad screamed in pleasure as a response. He was kneading the muscles of Bruce’s ass with his skinny fingers and thrashing his legs wildly. The small part of him that was aware of what was going on couldn’t believe he was being fucked silly by one guy while another guy watched. Chad felt Bruce tense up before feeling a stream of warm liquid enter him. He dug his fingers into Bruce’s ass and moaned loudly as the sensation pushed him over the edge. It was the most intense orgasm Chad had ever experienced. Breathing heavily, Chad looked at the screen just in time to see his body deflate, metamorphosing to its current state. An exhausted Bruce collapsed on top of Chad, who found himself loving the feeling of Bruce’s strong chest heaving against his own smaller one. He unconsciously ran his fingers through the coarse hair on Bruce’s arms while inside him he could feel Bruce’s cock softening. “d’ya like that?” Bruce asked after a long silence.

“I…yeah,” Chad reluctantly admitted, surprising himself that he didn’t even attempt to lie.

“Good!” Bruce said cheerfully, pulling out of Chad. Almost immediately Chad missed the full feeling between his legs. “’Cause now it’s Todd’s turn.”

The next few months were rough for Chad as he adjusted to his new life. He spent the first several weeks after his transformation in the hospital while doctors tried to figure out what happened. They poked and prodded and ran all kinds of tests but they would never be able to figure it out. He was considered a fluke. His family took it hard, not sure if they should treat their once proud jock of a son like a daughter. His father, a life-long military man, could hardly bring himself to look at him. Needless to say, they weren’t too upset when Chad, thanks to Bruce and Todd’s prodding, insisted on moving in with his friends. He didn’t have a room of his own; instead he took turns sleeping with Todd some nights and Bruce others, except for the nights when they would fuck him simultaneously. Chad was happy with the arrangement. He loved being stuck by Bruce’s long, skinny pole some nights and Todd’s short, thick club on others. And as much as he sometimes wanted to, he quickly found that he couldn’t say no to them. When they decided Chad should have a new wardrobe, he systematically threw out all his clothes while they stood and watched. His briefs were replaced by small women’s panties and thongs while his large, baggy jeans were swapped out for tight, women’s low riders. His shirts that once showed off his bulging physique were traded in for small girly tees that showed off his soft belly and lack of muscles. His old jerseys were now big enough to be dresses, and the guys let him keep a few to wear around the house when company came over. Which was often. They’d make Chad wear his football jersey mini dress and wait on people. It was also his standard uniform whenever they made him do yard work. It was a chance for everyone in town driving by to see what the former football stud had turned in to, his supple ass on display for everyone whenever he bent over. As bad as that was, for Chad it was even worse when people just stopped by. Todd and Bruce didn’t let him wear anything more than underwear when it was just them at home and it wasn’t long before everyone on campus had seen the former stud in all his newly feminine glory. Chad was absolutely humiliated the first time Todd and Bruce showed up at home with most of his former teammates in tow while he was clad in nothing but a tiny green Victoria Secret thong. Not that it mattered for long; after an hour of prodding and goading him, his ex-teammates were taking turns filling his various orifices. He was quickly named the biggest whore on campus.

Much to Chad’s chagrin, Todd and Bruce still made him go to the same gym. More importantly, they still made him change and shower in the locker room. Most of the guys that knew Chad from the gym couldn’t stand him, and they relished the sight of what he’d become. To make the most of the situation, Todd and Bruce made sure that Chad always wore tight, low cut sweatpants or shorts to the gym. This way they could show off his distinct lack of a bulge, and the outline of his panties, all the while letting the other guys get a clear view of his supple, inviting ass. It was hard for Chad to be in his old territory and not be top dog; only lifting the light weights or doing cardio instead of hitting the heavy equipment. He was also officially the runt of the place. Guys he used to tower over were now at least a good six inches taller than him and they all loved to remind him of that. If one of the guys saw him struggling with a weight they would come up from behind, looking down at him, their larger body pressed in close - practically swallowing his smaller body - and patronizingly help him with the weight. After watching the former Adonis struggle through a light workout or seeing his softened ass jiggle on the treadmill, most of the guys were ready to take their turn by the time he reached the showers, and so was Chad. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed a cock between his legs and since he didn’t have one of his own he’d get it however he could. He was annoyed at being treated like a girl, but at the same time he loved being fucked by such big, strong guys. It was a constant reminder of how far he’d fallen, but once he caught the scent of their sweaty, musky body he was ready to drop his sweatpants and spread his legs right there. He’d close his eyes and try to imagine that the firm, hairy body he felt was his own and not some guy he used to try to out-lift. The irony was not lost on Chad that guys he used to ridicule for having small dicks now made him curl his toes and scream with pleasure; from his new perspective they all felt plenty big.

2981Chad slowly acclimated to his transition from campus stud to campus whore. The hardest part for him was coming to terms with his identity. He still felt, and, for the most part looked, like a guy except for the area between his legs, but everyone treated him like a girl. After a while, between the clothes he was forced to wear and the way he was constantly treated, he would catch himself behaving in a feminine manner without even realizing it. He was also finding that over time, his lust for cock was growing rather than tapering off. He needed to have a cock in him all the time. Todd and Bruce got so worn out that they finally broke down and bought him a series of vibrators. It wasn’t uncommon for company to come over and find the former stud fucking himself silly on the couch. It got to the point that Chad started offering himself to any guy that walked through the door, whether they were there for that specific reason or not. Todd and Bruce capitalized as much as they could on Chad’s insatiable lust, offering the former stud’s services for a moderate price. Some were guys that just wanted to get a look at the infamous Chad for themselves, but the vast majority were guys that Chad had stepped on in the past. Chad still got to be the center of attention, just not in a way that he ever could have imagined.