Full Contact Football


Eric was in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. Brian, one of his teammates and friends, had just purposely sidelined him during practice. He could tell this was it for him this season and based on the pain in his knee, probably for good. Some of the other guys tried to keep his mind off the pain but it wasn’t working.

1991Brian stood on the field land watched while Eric was carried into the locker room. It served him right, Brian thought to himself. If Eric’s girlfriend wanted to fuck Brian instead of him, then Eric shouldn’t have gotten pissed. None of the other guys said anything when it happened to them. Who did Eric think he was to get in my way and say that shit to me? Brian thought all this as he slowly walked off the field.

The truth of it was the other guys may not have said anything, but they were mighty angry. For years they watched Brian get all the attention, on and off the field. All the scouts were interested in him and every girl and gay guy on campus wanted to have him in bed. It didn’t take long for all this attention to go to Brian’s head. He was well aware of how attractive he was. In the locker room he was the first one to get naked and the last one to get dressed. He knew he had the best body on the team and he liked the other guys to know it too. While soaping up in the shower he would flex under the running water and strike an oh-so-subtle pose. He never bothered covering himself with a towel afterwards - he liked the guys to see his was the biggest dick on the team. In fact, he purposely walked in a way to bounce it around so everyone would notice. Off the field he was the same way. Every piece of clothing he had showed off his body. All his shirts were skin tight and mostly sleeveless. His biceps were huge, veined and sleek. His chest bulged under his shirt and his whole torso was a perfect “V.” His pants seemingly had one criterion: they had to barely contain his ass and package. When looking at him from behind Brian seemed to have two basketballs in his pants. When looking at him from the front it bordered on obscene. Surprisingly people went for it. He could go out and pick up any girl he wanted. If it was an off night on the vagina front he’d occasionally let some queer suck him off. He’d never let them see him naked though. He knew they wanted to so bad they were practically drooling but it wasn’t going to happen. Afterwards he’d rough them up so they wouldn’t tell anyone.

Most of the guys on the team just ignored his arrogance but lately it had grown unbearable. Not content to pick up random girls, Brian had begun moving in on the girlfriends of the team. Since several of the guys lived together this was easy for him to do because inevitably one of them had their girl around. He didn’t even bother trying to hide it. Brian had been caught by Eric walking out of Eric’s bedroom naked with Eric’s girlfriend inside. Grabbing his dick and laughing, Brian asked Eric if he’d like a taste of his girlfriend while it was still on him. Eric was furious. He shoved Brian against a wall and people three houses down could hear the yelling. The guys in the house broke it up but that was the final straw. They stopped speaking to him or having anything to do with him. They’d kick him off the team but he wins games so coach says he stays. They had to come up with their own plan to take care of him. After what he just did to Eric the guys’ resolve was cemented.

Eric’s prognosis was in. His football days were over. For the next few weeks he couldn’t even use his right leg and wasn’t supposed to get out of bed. The guys were doing their best to take care of him but he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had his revenge. Not only was his football career ruined and his girlfriend gone, he couldn’t go to class and for the next three weeks had to have one of the guys practically bathe him since he couldn’t get his leg wet. He was frustrated, angry and humiliated. To get his revenge Eric called his friend, Tom. Last semester Eric needed tutoring in chemistry. His tutor was Tom and because of Tom’s help Eric was able to pass the class and stay on the team. He never forgot how helpful Tom had been, and when he heard that some guys in Tom’s dorm were giving him a hard time he put a stop to it immediately. Eric and Tom because friends after that and Eric saw just how bright Tom was. He knew Tom would be able to come up with something for this situation. He talked his plan over with the rest of the team and they decided that weekend would be the best time. All they had to do was keep Brian from suspecting anything. For the rest of the week the guys slowly started talking to Brian again. For their plan to work he needed to trust them. This wasn’t hard to accomplish. Brian thought everyone should automatically be in love with him, so when the guys suddenly started talking to him he figured they just came to their senses. Mark, one of Eric’s best friends, was responsible for initiating things. He found Brian in the kitchen, dressed in tight shorts and a sleeveless cut off shirt. Even around the house he had to show off.

“Hey, Brian wanna go outside and throw around a little?” A few of the other guys were gathered too. “It’s nice out…thought we’d get a little game in.”

“What, you guys don’t talk to me for a week and now you want me to play?” Brian wasn’t actually suspicious, he just had to pout after a week of no attention.

“Look man, we’re sorry about that. Eric shouldn’t have overreacted like that. He had no right to say that stuff to you.” Mark was having a hard time saying all this with a straight face.

“Yeah, well, you should’a realized it sooner.” Brian turned to face them and smiled his cocky smile and flexed his abs. “But it’s cool, I forgive you. Let’s go.”

1315The group went outside and started playing. After a few minutes Mark tossed Brian a water bottle. Brian popped the top and sucked it down. He didn’t notice the slight after taste. Their game resumed and Mark threw a long one to Brian, who ran towards the makeshift goal posts. Something wasn’t right though. Halfway there Brian noticed he was getting short of breath. His clothes were tripping him up too. Somehow his shirt felt too long and his shorts felt baggy. He thought they must have ripped and held them up with one hand while he had the ball in the other. By the time he got to the goal posts he was winded. He leaned against them and felt his shorts hit his ankles. He looked down and almost passed out from shock. His shirt no longer stopped just above his abs it covered him like a dress. What he could see of his legs were pencil thin. His knees looked knobby and his calves were nothing but shins. He turned and looked at his arm. Once mighty biceps were replaced with spaghetti strings. He used to have fingers thicker than these. Speaking of, his hands were much tinier. His days of palming the football were long gone. His chest was completely flat under the baggy shirt. He rubbed a diminished hand across his stomach and felt nothing. No muscle, no definition, just a little pudge.

“What the hell happened to me?” Brian turned to his teammates. They were in shock as well. They didn’t expect their plan to work this perfectly. Slowly they began smiling, then laughing as Brian tried to figure out what happened. “You did this to me! You fuckers did this!” Brian’s voice was softer now and he spoke with a lisp. His outburst just made them laugh harder. They walked over to where Brian stood.

“Hell yes we did this, you arrogant twat.” Mark stopped laughing and let his fury show.

“Then fucking undo it ‘cause this isn’t funn…” Brian stopped when he noticed how much the other guys were towering over him. Brian was never the tallest guy, just a little above average, but now he came to Mark’s belly button.

“What’s a scrawny little thing like you going to do? Make us?” Mark started laughing again. “Get real. Let me put this in perspective for you: you’re only about four, four and a half feet tall and all of about 80 pounds soaking wet. You don’t get to call the shots any more.”

“But what about the team, how can I play like this?” Brian, as usual, had his priorities mixed up.

“Play like that? Ha! You’d get killed. You’re not understanding me little fella. There is no undoing this. You’d better get used to your new perspective ‘cause it’s permanent. We figured since you ruined Eric’s career it was only fair to return the favor.”

“This can’t be happening,” Brian said, refusing to believe this was real.

“Don’t get too upset now, we’re not done with you yet.” Mark moved to grab Brian. Panicking, Brian turned to run but forgot about his shorts around his ankles. He slammed his head against the garage and passed out.


When Brian came to he found himself blindfolded and strapped to a bed. He couldn’t see his body, didn’t know if it was all a dream, but then felt the tent like shirt. He moved his legs and felt he was wearing underwear at least but his shorts were gone.

“You’re finally awake? It’s about time.” It was Eric’s voice. Eric was sitting at the other end of the bed.

“Eric? Is that you man?” Brian sounded scared. Eric hadn’t heard Brian’s new voice and chuckled.

“Wow, that stuff really did work didn’t it? You’re so skinny…small…” Eric emphasized the skinny and small parts. With his good leg he reached over and ran his foot down the inside of Brian’s bony leg. Brian felt himself getting hard. “You liked that, didn’t you? ” Eric did it again and watched Brian’s underwear tent out.

“Cut that out! Don’t be queer,” Brian lisped.

“Cut that out, don’t be queer,” Eric mocked Brian’s lisping voice. “Whose poppin’ outta their shorts right now?”

Brian started struggling. “Why am I tied down and blindfolded? Whose shorts am I wearing?” He stopped struggling after a few moments, worn out. He still wasn’t used to not having his old body.

“You’re tied down ‘cause we don’t want you hurting yourself like you did outside and you’re blindfolded ‘cause we don’t want you to see what’s coming.” Eric liked the way Brian cringed when he said the last part. “And you’re wearing my shorts ‘cause you were creeping the other guys out. Right fellas?” The other guys in the room grunted in agreement. Brian’s face went bright red under the blindfold. Knowing the other guys were standing around him staring at him in this position was humiliating.

“Creeping them out?” Brian muttered.

“Yeah, it turns out, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate this irony, the formula you drank affected every part of your body EXCEPT your package.” Eric laughed when he saw the look of relief on Brian’s face. “Don’t get too relieved though ‘cause at your current size you look, well, freakish. Mark, why don’t you show him?”

Brian felt someone pull the briefs down. His cock flopped free, semi-hard. It felt heavy against his leg and his balls seemed too big. He felt Eric’s foot return and start kneading his dick. Eric’s foot felt huge to Brian, who started to protest. “Stop it…” he breathed heavily. “Don’t touch my..” he stopped, lost in the sensation. He was rock hard now and it took a moment to register than the top of his cock was resting much higher on his stomach than it should have, almost to his chest.

“You really should be seeing this. We’ll untie you if you promise not to do anything stupid. Not that you’d make it far with those little legs and these things weighing you down.” Eric flicked Brian’s oversized balls with his toes and watched Brian shudder. Mark walked over and undid the restraints on Brian’s wrists. Before he took off the blindfold he lifted the too-large shirt over Brian’s head. They wanted him to be completely nude when he saw himself. Mark pulled off the blindfold.

The first thing Brian saw was not himself but the also naked Eric propped up at the other side of the bed. Since he was bedridden and clothes proved difficult to get on and off when he needed help bathing and getting to the bathroom he quit wearing them for now. This was a fact he wanted to make sure wasn’t lost on Brian. When he saw Eric, Brian wondered why he never noticed how attractive Eric was before and was mesmerized by Eric’s blue eyes. Eric saw Brian staring and shifted his legs open to give Brian the full view. Brian felt his cock throb even harder. This drew his attention downwards for the first time. Brian gasped when he saw what he had become. Sitting upright he could have sucked himself off without very much difficulty. Mark apparently thought the same thing and unexpectedly pushed the back of Brian’s head forward. He smeared his face against the tip. Brian was able to register that Mark’s hand was bigger than the back of his head. All the guys started laughing while Brian turned a deeper shade of red.

“Well there you go, that’s not all bad is it?” Eric was laughing too. “Seriously though, I’m glad you’re not shy about showing that thing off and bouncing it around ‘cause even soft you’re gonna have a hard time fitting it into pants your size.” Brian heard what Eric said but was having a hard time paying attention. He was focused on Eric’s cock. Brian never noticed how nice it looked before. Eric was waiting for this. “See something you like, little man?”

“What?” Brian was startled. “No, I, uh…” he didn’t realize how hungrily he’d been staring or that his own cock was so hard it looked like it was going to burst.

“Don’t be shy. You asked me once if I wanted to sample you, so I thought it’s only polite to offer you the same opportunity.” Eric stroked himself while saying this. On cue, Mark picked Brian up and moved him towards Eric. Brian felt just how disproportioned he was now as his pendulous member swung downwards. Its weight felt immense to Brian who found himself on all fours inches away from Eric’s crotch. “You don’t want to hurt my feelings do you?” Eric gave Brian his best pouting look.

“This isn’t…I mean I’m not…” Brian couldn’t stop himself. He leaned forward and buried his face between Eric’s thighs. The other guys all started laughing. The forward motion caused Brian’s dick, which was already flopped against the bed, to rub the sheets. It wasn’t long before he came all over Eric. He kept working though, licking the insides of Eric’s thighs and sucking away. When the guys saw the tiny Brian shoot a load from his obscenely oversized cock they laughed even harder.

“Now you’ve made a mess,” Eric said while Brian stayed busy. “You’ll have to clean me up. Actually, that’s what you’ll be doing from now on. I need an attendant and that attendant is you. From now on, you’re responsible for whatever I need. You’ll wait on me hand and foot, bathe me, hell, if I want you to hold my dick while I piss you’ll do that too. Since I’m stuck in this bed without a girlfriend you’ll have to fill that hole too. Come to think of it, I’ll probably be filling your hole, if that tiny ass can take my dick in it. You’re doing a good job so far though,” Eric said and thrust deeper into Brian’s mouth. Brian was broken. He knew he couldn’t fight this and he knew things weren’t going to change. As Brian was choking on his cum, Eric continued. “When you’re not waiting on me you’ll be servicing the other guys. Don’t worry, you’re still on the team and we’ll take care of you, as long as you remember your new place. Since you liked showing off your body so much you won’t have to worry about clothes. Like I said, I doubt you’d be able to fit that thing in pants from the kids section anyway.” Brian looked up, cum dripping out of his mouth. He wanted to cry. The other guys looked at him with hunger in their eyes. They’d all been screwed by Brian, and now Brian was about to be screwed, literally, by all of them. “You did this to yourself, you know. You had everything handed to you and you had no appreciation for anything. You just had to be top dog all the time.” Eric pulled Brian’s face back down. “You still need to clean up your mess.” The underside of Eric’s leg and the crack of his ass were still wet with Brian’s cum. Eric lifted his good leg and spread his cheeks so Brian could lick them clean. This got Brian hard all over again. “There’s a mirror next to the bed, why don’t you see what top dog looks like now?” Mark came over to pick Brian up, but Eric stopped him. He wanted Brian to have to crawl off the bed and see how far from the floor he was now. Brian clambered off the bed. He had to hop down since his feet didn’t reach the floor. He was off balance when he walked due to the extra weight between his legs. His cock didn’t bounce around so much anymore as swing back and forth. He noticed the tiny bed at the base of Eric's larger one.

"You're the queer one here, not me, and you're not sharin' my bed. Unless I wanna use you as a leg rest for the night you're on the floor where you belong. I got you a little something to keep you warm at night." On the bed was the stuffed alligator that Eric's girlfriend had given him. It had been in Eric's bed when Brian fucked his girlfriend. Eric knew Brian wasn't paying attention. For the first time Brian got a full view of the changes. He barely noticed when he saw the guys reflected behind him move in closer.