Impatience (mm musc gainer ap anal)


“Kyle…Kyle, put your shirt back on.” Jeff settled in a chair while his young friend frantically struggled with the buttons, too excited to even shed his jacket or tie. “Let’s say for a minute that I believe you. I don’t, by the way, but let’s just say that I did. I still didn’t agree to anything.”

“Oh come on Jeff! You taught me everything I know about winning an argument, so can we just skip this part for once?” Kyle tugged the last of his shirt free and shucked his torso bare. “I’ve already won and we both know it.”

Jeff laughed at the look of excitement taking root on Kyle’s face. As absurd as this idea of his was, Jeff knew he’d go through with it.

“Getting me to agree to the impossible is hardly a victory,” Jeff said flatly. He watched the goosebumps form on Kyle’s lean chest in the cool air of the spacious apartment, unsure if he should be amused or worried at his friend’s conviction. “Why are you so hell bent on this anyway? Is your life that bad?” Jeff stood and looked out the window on the city below. For someone his age, Kyle was wildly successful. At 22 he was already working as an up and coming lawyer, was widely considered a prodigy, and thanks to Jeff’s contacts, had no shortage of work in a career that could only go up. As if that alone wasn’t enough to make Jeff envious, on top of his academic and professional accomplishments, Kyle managed to keep himself in excellent shape and was quite the social butterfly. When he wasn’t hanging out with the guys at the gym he was charming his way in to as many girls’ pants as possible. Almost immediately after they started spending time together, Jeff lost count of the number of women Kyle managed to bring home. Not that Jeff could blame them. Kyle was incredibly charming, and on top of his boyish face, his time spent in the gym had given him a tight, lean body. Given that he already had a life anyone would love to have, Jeff couldn’t figure out why Kyle was so set on this plan of action. He would’ve loved to be in Kyle’s place and have a second shot at building his career. Jeff was already one of the most respected lawyers in the city, but at 43 both his youthful good looks and energy were starting to fade. His career may be at its peak, but his body was starting to tire out. Unlike Kyle, Jeff wasn’t as fond of the gym and age had supplied him with an ever-growing layer of fat on his body. He’d never been the Casanova that Kyle was, but what prowess Jeff did have in the bedroom was also fading. If nothing else, Jeff would love to at least have the virility Kyle was always bragging about.

“I’m sick of this,” Kyle said, gesturing with frustrated hands at his youthful face and lean torso. “My body can’t keep up with my brain. I’ve worked out for years now, but I’m not getting any bigger. And you hear what they say about me at work…I’m better than everyone in that office, but no one takes me seriously because I’m just a ‘kid.’”

Jeff sat back down and laughed. “You might want to lay off this ‘spell’ business then… it doesn’t do much for your credibility. Have you thought about what you’ll be giving up if this does work? And has it ever occurred to you that your lack of patience lends credence to what people say about you? Everyone knows you’re bright as hell, but there’s more to this business than…”

“Don’t give me that!” Kyle fumed. “I don’t want to wait until I’m 43 like you. What good are twenty years if I’m going to spend all of them fighting?” Kyle crossed his arms and stared expectantly at Jeff. “Are you in or not?”

“Only because I know if I don’t do this, you’ll keep at it until you sucker someone else in,” Jeff sighed. “So how does this work exactly?”

“I don’t actually know how it happens,” Kyle smiled, pulling Jeff in to the spare bedroom. “I know what we’re supposed to do to make it work, but the book wasn’t too clear on where this comes from.”

“And that doesn’t… bother… you…” Jeff trailed off as he was led in to the dark room. Kyle closed the door behind them, the click of the door handle echoing as if through a tomb. The two windows in the room had been painted over and the light fixture removed. Four tall, elaborately carved candles sat in each corner; their meager light the only source of illumination in the cave-like room. They were vaguely humanoid in shape but as far as Jeff could tell they bore no resemblance to any creature that ever walked this planet. From what Jeff could make out while his eyes adjusted, all four walls, the floor, and the ceiling were covered in strange markings. In the center of the room, at the junction of several strings of the strange letters, was an ornately carved ebony idol. Jeff credited the flickering candlelight, but whenever he tried to get a good look at what the idol was a representation of, it always seemed to be out of focus. “Kyle… what is all this?” Jeff was suddenly less eager to help his friend with his crazy scheme. His instincts were telling him to turn and run, but he could only stand in place, transfixed by the intricate designs.

“These are the designs the book said to use. I don’t actually know what they mean…I’m not sure anyone does, to be honest. But all you have to do is stand there while I chant the incantation.”

“And then what? We swap places?” Jeff asked absentmindedly. His attention was devoted to one of the four candles, which, if he didn’t know better, he swore was staring back at him.

“No, not exactly. It’s more a transfer of age…you’re giving me twenty years, making me 42 and you 23.”

“And that’s all?” Jeff pried his eyes from the candle and turned to face Kyle. He knew there was more to this.

“Well, I tweaked things a bit…” Kyle looked guilty. “It’s not just about the age, it’s about getting people’s respect. This should make me a little more prone to being the big shot.” Kyle paused, blushing slightly. “It should also bulk me up a bit. I’m sure it’s hard to command respect if you’re scrawny.”

“Kyle, what about earning people’s…no, never mind,” Jeff just shook his head, knowing that argument would be a waste. “Just tell me what you ‘tweaked’ for me.”

“I know you’re not a fan of the gym, so this’ll take care of that for you.” Kyle hesitated. “It’ll also give you a little, um, ‘boost’ in the bedroom. Not only will you be up for it whenever you want, you’ll have ‘em sceaming.”

“Gee, thanks.” Jeff said when Kyle was done with his sales pitch. He still didn’t believe this was possible, but he let his mind wander at the possibility of a second chance at the best years of his life. “What about after all this?” he asked, the scenario playing out in his mind. “What happens tomorrow when suddenly you’re a buff middle aged guy and I’m a hot young man? I think people might notice.”

“Not if this works the way it’s supposed to. The rest of the world will think this is the way things have always been.” Kyle saw the look of hesitation on Jeff’s face. “Don’t back out on me now, man. I know you’d love it if this worked…what’s the harm in trying?”

“What’s the harm indeed…” Jeff muttered. He knew Kyle was going to go through with this regardless, and if it weren’t him standing here it would be someone else. “Where do I stand?”

“We’re each supposed to put a hand on the idol while I recite the chant. Then boom, instant age swap.” Kyle could barely contain his excitement. He’d spent weeks painting all the symbols, and for a person with his limited patience waiting for the payoff had been killing him.

“Alright, let’s just get this… uh, do I need to get naked too?” Jeff asked, averting his eyes as Kyle stripped off his pants.

“No, but don’t you want to see it happen?” Kyle hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his tiny black briefs, preparing to slide them down his toned legs. They’d already seen each other naked in the gym, on the few occasions Kyle was able to drag Jeff there, but modesty was never an issue for Kyle. He was more likely to need an excuse to keep his clothes on than the other way around

“Do me a favor and leave those on,” Jeff said, content for the moment to remain fully clothed. He not only lacked Kyle’s exhibitionism, he was uncomfortable with his body compared to the younger man’s. They were about even in terms of equipment size, but that’s where the common ground stopped. Jeff’s soft, comfortable body couldn’t compete with Kyle’s toned, lean frame.

“What? You don’t want to see this?” Kyle teasingly lowered the front of his already low-riding briefs until the slightest bit of his cock was revealed. Jeff just blushed and looked away. Jeff, while not the most masculine man on the planet, always thought of himself as an old-school kind of guy, and Kyle’s naked antics always made him uncomfortable. In his mind, there were just certain things you didn’t do with other guys. “Fine,” Kyle groaned, flashing the older man his charming smile and snapping his briefs back in place. He’d quickly discovered that not only could he use his body to snag girls, he could use it to make Jeff squirm. During their rare locker room interactions, Jeff could barely pry his eyes from the floor while Kyle waltzed around like he owned it, taunting the more out of shape men with his body “You ready?” Kyle asked, the question rhetorical. He was already scampering towards the idol while he asked, his perky ass wiggling with each step. When Jeff finally had a reluctant hand on the idol, Kyle closed his eyes and started reciting the chant. It was slow going at first as he struggled with a language that hadn’t been spoken for millennia. It may have been a simple trick of the light, but surrounded by the strange designs, Jeff felt the dimly lit room stretch on around him indefinitely. Time slowed to a crawl before losing meaning altogether and the older man felt weightless in the gloom. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been standing there listening to the increasingly rhythmic chanting, but it wasn’t until he felt the stone of the idol grow soft that he was brought back to attention. Under his palm the mysterious ebony material had taken on a flesh-like quality. It gave off a sickly warmth and throbbed with a pulse that steadily grew rapid. Unnerved, Jeff tried to pull his hand away but the idol held it tight in an invisible grip. As Jeff wrestled with his unseen protagonist, Kyle’s chanting took on a chilling quality. It wasn’t just that the alien language suddenly flowed freely from his lips; it was that the sounds coming from his mouth seemed to be produced by several beings, each one slightly out of synch with the other. Like a dog that had been called, the strange alphabet began to slither and crawl along the walls towards the two men, slowly convening at the base of the idol. Jeff, too scared to speak, could only stare at his friend as Kyle stood rigid, eyes closed, spewing forth a chorus of voices. Jeff let out a soundless yell when the strange markings began to slither their way up his legs, slowly encasing his entire body. Across from him, he could see Kyle undergoing a similar process, his body tattooed by the strange designs. Then, without warning, it all stopped. Kyle was silent, his body no longer covered in the unholy markings. Jeff, finally able, pulled his hand from the once again stone surface of the idol and was relieved to find the markings gone from his body as well. Before he could speak, the four candles began sputtering and popping, producing a crude imitation of laughter as the last light in the room faded.

“Kyle?” Jeff asked quietly through the inky blackness. Though only a few feet apart, he couldn’t see his friend through the encompassing veil. “Kyle!” he yelled, fighting back the panic.

“Uhhh…” Kyle groaned hoarsely. “Jeff? You in here? What happened?”

“Yeah, can you turn a light on or something? I’m a little freaked out.” Jeff had no idea what he’d just been witness to. Whatever it was, he was certain they’d just crossed a line that wasn’t meant to be crossed.

“Did it work?” Kyle asked eagerly.

“I don’t… I can’t see anything,” Jeff said flatly.

“But what happened? I don’t…”

“Kyle! Would you please just get some light in here?” Jeff couldn’t hide the panic in his voice now. He heard Kyle’s feet pad towards the door and he squinted against the invading light. The room was exactly as it was when they entered. The strange markings were back on the walls, not pooled at their feet, and the idol was back to being a cold, hard object. “I don’t know what just happened. You started chanting and the room went all funny… then your voice got strange… and the idol, it… I don’t even know how to…” Jeff stopped rambling and took a moment to gather his thoughts. While he did, he checked himself out, but nothing was changed. “I don’t feel any different though…how long is this supposed to…” Jeff trailed off, his eyes widening as he stared at his friend. Kyle’s body seemed to be slowly inflating.

Kyle“What? What’s happe…” Kyle stopped, noticing his voice was deeper. He lifted hands that had already grown noticeably and felt his expanding chest. Without a word he darted across the hall to the full-length mirror in his bedroom. Jeff ran after him, both out of curiosity and not wanting to be alone in the unnerving room. Kyle had only been out of his sight for a few seconds, but in that short time Jeff now saw what looked like a man in his early 30s leaning against the far wall of room. Kyle looked magnificent. A thick head of chocolate brown hair framed a strong face, his once-gaunt cheekbones replaced by pouting lips and a prominent jaw line. From the neck down, the changes were equally impressive. Kyle’s skinny torso was quickly buried under bulging, toned muscles. His inflated pecs were growing atop a washboard stomach before transitioning to broad shoulders and large, cut arms. Jeff’s jaw dropped as, before his eyes, Kyle’s already tight briefs struggled to contain an ass that was doing its best impression of a balloon filling with air. It also didn’t help that his package had clearly doubled in size. “Sorry man,” Kyle smiled, “I’ve gotta lose these.” He struggled to get the ill-fitting briefs down his toned, expanding thighs while Jeff watched his ass settle in a tight, prominent bubble. “This is incredible!” Kyle bellowed. His new hose of a cock leapt to attention as he flexed in front of the mirror. Still aging steadily, he savored the sight of his new body. “I think I’m getting close to…to…” Kyle tapered off, staring intently at his reflection. He lifted a hand to his stomach and Jeff saw the washboard that had just been there was gone, replaced instead by a flat, but undefined, abdomen. “Heh…I guess it’s hard to maintain a six-pack in middle age,” Kyle laughed nervously. He struck another pose, but was clearly less confident than before. “Still, this isn’t too baaAAHH” he yelled, doubling over in pain. The undefined belly wasn’t so undefined as it grew and pushed against Kyle’s hands. Kyle tried to push back against the soft, fleshy tide but within seconds had a large gut for his midsection. He felt love handles press into his forearms as he cradled his drooping belly. Once again his thighs grew, squishing together as a wave of flabby nothingness replaced his toned muscles and spread inexorably towards his ass. His tight, perky butt was short lived as the river of girth flowed behind him, leaving two jiggling, fatty pads in its wake before creeping devouring his lower back. His broad, rippling back melted under the onslaught, the definition quickly fading away. The changes continued ever upwards until reaching his shoulders and cascading down his chest and arms. The muscles were sucked from his bulging pecs, replacing them with a set of flabby man-breasts and inflating his tiny nipples to silver dollars. His arms were still large but their size was now due to his extra padding, not muscle, the once rigid biceps and triceps now pudgy logs. He watched the changes crawl closer and closer to his handsome face in impotent dread. The prominent jaw line was swallowed by a double chin and his lips lost their pouting shape when his cheeks grew and puffed out. He felt like someone kicked him in his now substantial stomach as he watched the beautiful brown locks fall from his head. Finally, Kyle knew it was over. He stared in horror at his reflection and the bald, overweight, middle-aged man before him. His equipment was still larger than it had been, but it wasn’t quite so impressive looking as it hung limply against the backdrop of his pudgy thighs. “It…it wasn’t supposed to be like this…” he said softly, cupping a flabby bosom in each hand. Exhausted and sobbing, he fell to his knees.

Jeff was struck silent. He’d watched Kyle change from a skinny kid to a built, gorgeous hunk of a man before changing once more to the soft, chubby person before him. “Kyle?” he asked quietly, slowly moving towards his no-longer young friend. He put a comforting hand on Kyle’s squishy shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“No!” Kyle sobbed. “Of course I’m not okay! Look at me!”

“You’re not that bad,” Jeff said as genuinely as he could. It was true, Kyle wasn’t morbidly obese, but compared with the lean young man he was, and especially compared to the hunk he’d been briefly, the slightly overweight man he’d become seemed huge.

“Wait…” Kyle sniffled and wiped his nose, brushing a plump hand against a swollen cheek. “How come you don’t look any different?” the sobs died down, replaced by his natural curiosity.

“I don’t know,” Jeff said, unable to hide the relief in his voice. After witnessing Kyle’s transformation, he wasn’t in any hurry to undergo one of his own. “Come on, let’s get you up off the floor at least.” Jeff struggled to pull his now-heavy friend to his feet; especially since a wobbly Kyle was unaccustomed to the extra weight of his new proportions. His now same-aged friend flushed a deep red as his body jiggled with each lumbering step he took. Jeff was trying to think of something comforting to say as he sat Kyle down, but the loud creaking as the bed strained made it a moot point.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen…not like this…” Kyle continually muttered to himself.

“Okay, let’s think about this logi…logically,” Jeff stuttered, a jolt running through his body. “I think it’s my turn,” he said, fear dripping from his voice. Another spasm shot through his body as he frantically began undressing, his modesty forgotten in the face of his dread. Much like with Kyle, though it had only been seconds, Jeff saw his muscles had already increased. The layer of flab he’d acquired over the years was gone, and Jeff could now clearly see the outline of every single muscle on his torso. He’d just shaken free of his shirt when he felt his ass suddenly triple in size and strain against the fabric of his pants. It was with great relief that when he reached behind he felt two rock hard globes filling each palm. A loud ripping interrupted his relief as his brief covered ass was suddenly exposed through his tattered pants. His inflating hands struggled with his briefs before he tore them off, his ass continuing to shape itself while new muscle pushed his thighs outward. His upper body had already exploded, corded muscles now lacing his chest and arms. Jeff wanted desperately to get in front of the mirror and see what was happening to him, but the intense growth he was experiencing kept him immobile. Jeff’s growth surpassed the point Kyle reached at his most muscular and he was swiftly approaching bodybuilder proportions. Jeff’s already sizeable endowment remained largely unchanged, but he watched his balls inflate and drop, the now pendulous organs hanging lower than ever. As the transformation worked it’s magic on his crotch Jeff’s long cock sprang to attention, and despite his concerns he wrapped a muscular hand around his rigid member, feeling hornier than he had in years. He noticed through his lust that his soft skin had toughened considerably. “This isn’t right….” Jeff mumbled, looking at his calloused hands. He leaned against the wall, panting considerably as the transformation finally came to an end. “That was…odd,” Jeff said finally, his deep voice now accompanied by a husky rumble.

Jeff“Jeff…you…you’re…” Kyle said, wide eyed. Jeff didn’t ask any questions. He knew things hadn’t gone according to plan, but he had no idea exactly what to expect in the mirror. He started at his feet, working his way up his rocky calves and huge, toned thighs. His heavy balls now hung low, stretching well past the tip of his long, thick cock. Turning, Jeff saw his once shapeless ass had been replaced by two rigid melons jutting out from his lower back. The small gut he’d been working on since college was gone and Jeff could trace the outline of every muscle in his firm stomach with his fingers. He flexed the vein-covered monsters that were his arms and ran stubby fingers across his massive chest. There wasn’t an ounce of fat present anywhere on his new form. Just as he was thinking things might not have turned out so bad, Jeff finally looked up and came face to face with a nightmare. His thick head of hair was replaced with thin, stringy strands that framed the face of a man who looked to be in his sixties. From the neck down Jeff had the ageless body of someone who literally spent a lifetime in the gym, but there was no hiding the years etched on to his still handsome, if somewhat wrinkled face.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Jeff raged. “Look what you did to me!” He leapt towards the bed, easily overpowering and pinning Kyle beneath him. Kyle’s soft body squished against Jeff’s rock hard physique as he held his friend, once again the younger one, against the bed. “Turn us back! Undo this right now!”

“I’m sorry Jeff! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” Kyle cried and struggled in vain against his bulky friend.

“Shut up! Shut up and turn us back!” Jeff straddled Kyle on the bed. He had Kyle’s arms pinned above his head and tried to ignore the sensation of his heavy balls falling to one side of Kyle’s jiggling gut, unaccustomed to their new length.

“I… I can’t.” Kyle said quietly. “It’s a one way trip… there’s no going back from this. I’m sorry Jeff…I swear I didn’t…” Kyle stopped when he noticed the blank look on Jeff’s face. The spell was still working its magic and Jeff’s head was filling with a lifetime of new memories. Jeff was no longer a lawyer; he now owned a small gym and worked as a personal trainer. In this new world he’d never gone to law school, or even to college. He grew up working on a farm in the Midwest and after he graduated from high school he tried to make it as a professional baseball player. He had a brief stint in the minor leagues, but his career ended when he was caught in bed with one of the other guys from the team. This new memory took place forty years ago, and back then, in his small town, gay people weren’t overly welcome, especially not on the sports teams. His career in sports over, Jeff moved to another town and opened his gym. He’d spent thirty happy years building a modest business and thought life couldn’t get any better. Until he met Kyle. Jeff had just moved across town and was getting to know his new grocery store when he’d caught a shy, middle-aged man checking him out. Jeff took one look at Kyle’s cute smile and was hooked. People thought it odd that a gym owner would go for someone like Kyle, but Jeff loved Kyle’s pudgy body. After thirty years of being surrounded by guys working out every day, Jeff wanted something different to come home to. Besides, he was happy to have landed someone twenty years his junior. “Jeff?” Kyle asked after a minute’s silence. “Are you alrhmmppfff…” Kyle was cut off as Jeff planted a long, forceful kiss on the newly middle aged man. Kyle squirmed and tried to wriggle free but Jeff just worked his hardening cock against his fleshy, yielding stomach. “Jeff! Jeff! What are you doing?” Kyle frantically asked when Jeff finally pulled his tongue from his mouth. Jeff was too busy passionately sucking on Kyle’s neck to respond, slowly working his way down towards his friend’s soft chest. Kyle rocked his body back and forth, struggling against the unwanted touch, but his wriggling only turned the older stud on. “Seriously man! What’re you…what…whaaaaaa” Kyle gasped as Jeff playfully bit one of his enlarged nipples. He wasn’t sure what to do. On top of everything else the spell messed up, Jeff was now apparently gay. Long term, big picture, that didn’t bother Kyle at all. Right now, however, as Jeff worked his crotch against his bare stomach, Kyle was a little uncomfortable with it. Not that he could do anything about it, since he was still pinned in place. “Jeff, listen, I neeEEEEE…” another moan escaped his lips as Jeff went to the other nipple.

“I know you like it when I do this,” Jeff said, lapping playfully at the nipple, oblivious to Kyle’s discomfort. He let go of Kyle’s arms and ran his hands down Kyle’s flabby torso, stopping at his love handles. “But it looks like someone forgot to take their pill,” Jeff said, massaging Kyle’s limp package.

“Pill? What pill?” Kyle sat up, taking advantage of his newfound freedom. He wanted to scoot away but Jeff still had his legs pinned and a firm grip on his equipment.

“Honey, we both know you can’t get it up without a little help,” Jeff said, looking confused as to why Kyle wouldn’t know this. He prodded Kyle’s limp member with his own rigid cock playfully. Kyle was surprised to find that, despite everything, he could, in fact, feel worse than he already did. Not only was he bald and overweight, his vaunted bedroom skills were gone.

“Okay, look, Jeff, we need to figure this out,” Kyle said frantically, forcing his attention away from the latest revelation. He tried to push Jeff away, but the older man just smiled and held Kyle’s hands against his strong chest.

“What do we need to figure out?” Jeff asked seductively, flexing his pecs against Kyle’s hands.

“No, Jeff, listen, this isn’t right,” Kyle protested as Jeff pulled him in close, swallowing him in his huge arms.

“You’re right,” Jeff said, locking lips with Kyle again before pushing him back down. “Let’s try this instead.” Kyle found himself manhandled roughly over on his stomach. “Whatever we need to figure out we can figure out later,” Jeff whispered in his ear as he slowly positioned himself against Kyle’s soft ass.

“Jeff, please…” Kyle begged, hoping his friend would come to his senses before this went any further.

“You don’t need to say please,” Jeff said, gently pushing the tip of his wide cock against Kyle’s waiting hole. “That’s more like it,” he groaned, slowly working his way in. A grateful Kyle found that at least the pain he was bracing himself for never came. Instead, the sensation of Jeff’s long member inside him was electric. He relaxed a little, succumbing to the warmth of Jeff’s body and the pleasurable rhythm he was creating.

“Sweety, you’re so tense,” Jeff said, kissing Kyle’s bald head. “Is something wrong?” he asked, momentarily ceasing his thrusts.

“I…. I don’t… don’t… don’t stop” Kyle said, suddenly eager. He pushed his amble behind back against Jeff’s flat stomach, his head awash in new memories. Gone were his days as the child prodigy and bright young lawyer, replaced by an average childhood in an average town. Growing up, the new Kyle always had lots of friends; his way of making up for his lack of athletic ability was to get everyone to like him. He wasn’t a straight “A” student, but he did well enough in school to get by. He’d attended a few years of college, though after a few semesters it became clear he wasn’t academia material. After dropping out of the university, Kyle moved back to his hometown and got a job at the grocery store he’d worked at in high school. Twenty years later, he was the best, most respected manager the store ever had. His employees loved him, the town loved him, and, most importantly, Jeff loved him. He clearly remembered the first time he saw the new Jeff. It was a slow day and Kyle was tidying up when he saw the most handsome man imaginable walk through the doors. Their eyes met, and it was love at first sight. As his new body jiggled wildly in response to Jeff’s increased thrusts, Kyle was simultaneously remembering all the girls who’d been on the receiving end of his rod. His old memories struggled to make room for the new ones, and he found his old life flashing before his eyes. He knew those days were over and this was his life from now on, but he knew he’d never forget how things had been. His chest should have been defined and firm, not soft and bouncing, and his cock should have been rock hard, not limp and squished against the bed. Kyle was becoming lost in his dual memories until his ruminations were interrupted when Jeff suddenly hit a sweet spot. He screamed loudly as a familiar, yet at the same time foreign, tidal wave of pleasure slammed in to him. His whole body shook as he came, cum dripping from his flaccid cock like a faucet.

“Hang on babe, I’m almost there,” Jeff said, hammering away. Kyle didn’t care. The old him had never experienced anything so intense and at the moment he was content to lie there and let Jeff pound away for as long as he wanted. A few minutes later Jeff finally came, groaning loudly and filling Kyle’s ass with his warm fluid. “Oh man babe, that was great,” Jeff said as he pulled out of Kyle and collapsed next to him on the bed. He lovingly stroked his lover’s shiny scalp as Kyle rolled his now-flabby body over to face him. “It felt like the first time we…we…” Jeff stammered as their eyes met, suddenly aware of his dual memories. “Oh my god! I forgot about the…we just…”

“I tried to tell you,” Kyle said gently. This time it was his turn to lean in and kiss his stunned friend. Jeff instinctively returned the passionate gesture but broke it off with a confused yelp.

“Honey,” he stopped and corrected himself, “Kyle… what’s going on?” Jeff asked through a haze of confusion as his old and new lives flashed before him. He moved in for another kiss, but stopped as their noses touched. Part of him wanted to pull away and leap out of bed, but another part wanted to move in closer.

“Reality changed to catch up with us. Look around.” Kyle gestured to the room around them. The modern décor of Kyle’s swanky uptown apartment was gone, replaced by a tastefully decorated master bedroom.

“What the…” Jeff climbed out of bed and scurried from the room. Kyle didn’t care about the changes to his surroundings; he was suddenly more interested in watching Jeff’s firm ass bound across the room. “This… isn’t your… house.” Jeff stammered as he found himself standing in a second story hallway. Pictures of Kyle and himself, along with numerous friends and family lined the walls. Unbelievably, Jeff found that he knew everyone in the pictures, as well as remembered all of the events and places. He raced to the window at the far end of the hall and looked out on a residential street in place of a city skyline.

“No, it’s not my house,” Kyle said, walking casually down the hallway. He put a comforting hand on Jeff’s firm shoulder. ‘It’s yours. Remember? I moved in with you.”

“I do remember…” Jeff whispered, recalling how happy he was five years ago when Kyle moved in. “How is this possible?” He stared at his reflection in the window, noting that the instant revulsion he experienced last time was gone. “What went wrong Kyle?”

“I… you were right. I was impatient.” Kyle looked down, tears in his eyes. While his dual memories were fighting for space in his head, Kyle had a flash of one of the days he was setting up for the spell. In his haste, his foot damaged one of the symbols on the floor. He’d meant to fix it, but he was in too much of a rush to double-check everything and it had gone unnoticed on the day of the spell. Because of that, the spell hadn’t gone according to plan. He was certainly older and bigger, as well as more respected, but none of those were in the way he intended. As for Jeff, he’d gotten his great body and bedroom skills, but instead of losing twenty years, he’d gained them. Kyle wasn’t sure why they’d ended up as lovers, though after that last romp in the bedroom neither man was in a hurry to complain about that. “I’m sorry Jeff. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Jeff was silent. The old him was furious. Images of his former life, his successful career, all his hard work to get where he’d been, all of it was gone, replaced by the life of a sixty year old gym bunny. The new him wasn’t upset at all. For the new Jeff, things weren’t that bad. He had friends, a job he enjoyed, a nice house, and he was in love. Jeff stopped at that last part, his emotions mixed as he looked at Kyle. Part of him was filled with disgust at the sight of the chubby, naked man before him and what they had just done, but the other part was gearing up to do it all again. “So there’s absolutely no going back?” Deep down Jeff knew this was true but asked anyway.

“None… I don’t even have the book anymore. In this world I never went after it.” Kyle looked down at his new body, struggling to resign himself to his fate. “Jeff… I can’t tell you how…”

“Okay then,” Jeff said quietly. He looked Kyle up and down, noting that his fury was directed at the fit, skinny kid no longer present. In his mind he knew that person and the man in front of him were one and the same, but when he looked at the middle-aged man in front of him he couldn’t bring himself to be mad. “Come here,” Jeff said, hugging his portly friend tight against his hard body. He wasn’t happy, but if he was stuck like this, there was no use in fighting.

“I’ll find some way to make up for this,” Kyle said, tears falling on Jeff’s broad shoulder.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I think I’ve got a few ideas,” Jeff said mischievously, stroking Kyle’s soft back.

Both men were pleasantly surprised to find that, at least in terms of their careers, they didn’t need much adjusting. Kyle went to work at the grocery store and found that he knew everything there was to know about running his store. He also knew all the regular customers and even remembered that it was one of his employee’s birthdays. Likewise, Jeff discovered that, not only did he suddenly know how to run a gym and be a personal trainer, he knew every member by name and all of his clients’ schedules. Over the next several weeks they quickly fell in to their new/old routines. At home, it was a different story.

Jeff adapted to his new life almost immediately and quickly grew to love his new body. Though he was technically older, Jeff felt more energized than he had in years, and, from his observations in the locker room at work, he was in better shape than most guys half his age. Both men found their speech and mannerisms changing over the past few weeks to catch up with their new identities, and Jeff had developed a decidedly masculine approach. His quiet, thoughtful attitude was replaced with a boisterous playfulness that made him seem a little rougher around the edges than he had been. These accompanying changes to his attitude left Jeff feeling more free and uninhibited than he ever had, and when he was at home the formerly modest man spent most of his time in nothing but his briefs and a muscle shirt, picking up where the old Kyle left off.

Much to his frustration, Kyle would get so turned on at the sight of Jeff bulging out of his briefs that he thought he’d explode, which is exactly what Jeff was going for. He may have adjusted to their new arrangement, but Jeff couldn’t forget who was responsible and did everything he could to exact his own vengeance, starting with the disposal of Kyle’s “little helpers”. No matter how turned on Kyle would get, and Jeff taunted him mercilessly, there was absolutely no response from his limp member. Jeff would spend days working Kyle up, depriving his chunky lover of the release he so desperately wanted. Finally, when the once-cocky Kyle would be on the bed with his ample ass in the air begging, Jeff would take him. Over Kyle’s screams of pleasure, Jeff would compliment him on how his once-perky little ass was now a gelatinous blob, or how his once-toned thighs were now jiggling trunks. Though he hated himself for it, Kyle loved every second of Jeff’s condescending commentary. Like Jeff, Kyle’s personality had also changed, the cocky impulsiveness replaced with a submissive insecurity. In this reality, Jeff won all the arguments. Kyle soon found that he would hang on the older man’s every word, doing whatever he asked whether he wanted to or not, and Jeff took full advantage of the situation. His favorite foreplay, much to Kyle’s routine embarrassment, was to role-play that Kyle had never changed, forcing the former stud to try and squeeze his now large frame in to the small size clothing he used to wear. Kyle would be humiliated, his heavy gut sagging over the edge of the black briefs that used to fit him so well. He’d close his eyes and try to pretend that things were back to normal, but as the elastic leg holes bit painfully in to his meaty thighs he couldn’t help but curse the impatience that led him to this place and the waiting bulge in his lover’s underwear.