Moving In (musc ap)


“This place is all yours?” Danny took in the massive swimming pool in front of him. He’d just been led down a winding, beautifully wooded trail from Ryan’s house. Looking up behind him he could see the palatial structure looming on top of the hill above them, the deck looking down on the crystal blue expanse at his feet.

“Yep. Inheritance.” Ryan dipped a toe in the water. “My great grandfather made a ton of money when he started the family business and we’ve kept it going. They expect me to take it over one day…”. There was a note of sadness in Ryan’s voice whenever he talked about his family. Both his parents had been killed in a car accident a few years ago, and as an only child with no other living relatives Ryan had been living alone ever since. It was one of the things he and Danny had bonded over since Danny lost his parents as well, only when he was much younger.

“So, do you have to clean all this yourself?” Danny quickly chimed in as Ryan trailed off. He liked to try and change the subject whenever Ryan got to thinking about his family. Danny could understand why Ryan was so withdrawn and It was hard for him to imagine the kind of pressure he must be under, suddenly being in charge of his family’s vast wealth and being pushed to assume the leadership role. Ryan was surrounded on all sides by people who were trying to take advantage of his youth and inexperience for their own gain, making trust a big issue for him. As far as Danny knew, he was Ryan’s only friend. He never went to parties or the bars in town and Danny never heard anyone talk about spending time with him. There were all sorts of rumors about Ryan floating around campus, but Danny knew better than to listen to them. As far as he was concerned, Ryan was a great guy. They’d been in several classes together and had slowly built their friendship. Like everyone else, Danny just thought Ryan was a dick at first, but after finding out what his life was like, he could empathize. And Ryan had never been anything but good to Danny. When he heard about Danny’s breakup with his girlfriend and subsequent homelessness after she threw him out, he didn’t hesitate to insist that Danny come stay with him. He even refused to accept any sort of rent money.

“Ha…no, there’s a staff that comes in a few times a week to clean.” Ryan opened up the pool house and Danny could see the interior was better furnished than his last apartment.

“Man…this is too much,” Danny said in awe. “You’re sure it’s cool that I’m moving in here?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. This place is too huge for one person and I could really use the company.” Walking back to the edge of the pool Ryan peeled his shirt off and dove in, giving Danny a view of his ripped, muscular torso.

“And you’re sure there’s nothing I can pay for?” Danny asked as Ryan surfaced. Beads of water ran down Ryan’s broad chest and washboard stomach. His large biceps flexed as he wiped the water from his thick, black hair.

“I already told you, there’s nothing to pay for. We own the property and all the taxes and utilities are automatically deducted from dedicated accounts.” He swam back and forth a few times, his powerful legs splashing Danny with cool water.

“I feel like I’m gonna be freeloading…can’t I at least clean or something?” Danny shook the water from his shaggy brown hair.

“Seriously,” Ryan’s icy blue eyes locked on to Danny’s, “it’s totally cool. If you feel that bad I’m sure we can work something out.” He smiled and leaned against the edge of the pool, studying his friend’s adorable features. At 23, Danny’s face still had all the softness of youth and the charm to go with it. His mop of shaggy brown hair only served to heighten the illusion of boyish youth. This was the real reason Danny wanted Ryan to move in. He’d been lusting after him since their first class together. While Danny thought they were becoming friends, Ryan was really buying time until he could come up with a plan to make Danny his. He really did come to love his friend, but he couldn’t be sure that he could trust him. Also was the issue of Danny’s heterosexuality. After months of planning, Ryan had come up with a way to take care of both. “Come on in,” he splashed water at Danny again.

“Dude,” Danny laughed, unsuccessfully trying to avoid the water. He felt a slight dizziness wash over him as the water made contact. “My trunks are all the way up at the house.”

“So? Who needs ‘em?” Ryan asked nonchalantly.

“Um…” Danny looked around, unsure.

“It’s just you and me out here.” Ryan gestured to the dense wall of trees surrounding them. “If we’re gonna be roomies you might as well get comfortable.” He flashed another charming smile. “And don’t worry, I only go for older guys.”

“Since you’re two years older than me I guess I’m okay then,” Danny said, laughing at what he thought was a joke. Part of him was uncomfortable with what he was doing. There was something about Ryan’s attitude that seemed a little more than friendly, but Danny was starting to feel too good to care. Everything seemed to intensify: the earthy smell of the forest engulfed him and the sunlight felt like warm fingers dancing across his skin. Feeling suddenly uninhibited he kicked off his flip flops and dropped his shorts. In contrast with his young looking face, Danny’s body was all man. Years of playing soccer had given him strong, toned legs and a muscular bubble butt. His shirt was pulled up and off, revealing a toned, defined torso covered in a light dusting of hair. Clad only in a pair of baggy white briefs he stretched in the warm air, giving Ryan an unintentionally perfect view of his lean body. Danny wasn’t as big, but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body. From his vantage point, Ryan could also see the outline of Danny’s sizeable equipment lurking beneath the baggy fabric. Oblivious to Ryan’s lustful stare, he dove in to the water, gliding past the other man beneath the surface. “Wow, this water’s warm,” he said, coming up for air a few feet away. “It feels good…” he paused, Ryan’s laughter interrupting him. “What’s so funny?” Before Ryan could answer he saw his briefs floating on the surface. He hadn’t noticed the water pull them off when he dove in, and he instinctively covered himself with his hands under the water, blushing. As good as he was feeling he wasn’t that uninhibited. “Shit! You wanna hand me those?” He nodded towards his underwear, not wanting to move his hands.

“What? These?” Ryan plucked the briefs from the water, laughing. He started to hand them to Danny but tossed them out of the pool at the last second.

“Come on, man!” Danny didn’t know which would be worse: just forgetting the briefs and being naked in the pool or scurrying naked across the patio to get them. He climbed out of the pool and started to hurry across the patio. Ryan’s eyes were glued to his perky ass gleaming in the sunlight as the water dripped off. He was still covering himself, but Ryan could see a slightly above average package hiding behind Danny’s strong hands.

“Oh, lighten up. I swim naked all the time…it’s one of the benefits of having a private pool.” Ryan’s sopping trunks made a dull slap as they landed next to Danny’s briefs. “See? No big deal.” Danny couldn’t help but see the long, wide cock floating between Ryan’s thighs. An increasingly shrinking part of Danny’s psyche knew he should be uncomfortable with this. It was obvious that Ryan had been flirting with him all morning, and now here they were both naked in the pool. Danny knew he should forget the underwear and put his shorts back on before things went any further. If Ryan was gay he was fine with that, he’d suspected it for a while, but he wasn’t. The voice that was telling him these things kept getting quieter and quieter and he just stood there, mesmerized by Ryan’s smile and casual attitude. He dropped his hands, relaxing in the sunlight. Ryan was finally given a clear view of Danny’s long cock and ample balls as they dangled above him on the pool edge.

“What’s in this water?” Danny asked as he ran a hand across his dripping chest. “My skin feels kinda tingly.” The tingling sensation combined with the cool breeze caused his cock to stir. Embarrassed, he dove back in to the water in an attempt to quell his erection, but the warm water sliding against his growing member only quickened its pace.

“I have minerals added to the pool,” Ryan lied. He had indeed added something to the water, but not anything Danny could expect. “That’s why your skin feels that way. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s supposed to feel good.” Danny looked down and saw Ryan’s cock throbbing just as hard. He knew he should be weirded out by this but his head was swimming from the sensations soaking in to his exposed skin. He slowly backstroked away from Ryan, his cock slicing the surface of the water like a shark’s fin, blissfully unaware of Ryan sneaking up from underneath. Danny let out a yelp as he was yanked under the water and in to Ryan’s firm grip. He felt Ryan’s substantial cock press against his back while his own was manhandled in the struggle. Before his discomfort at the unwanted contact could grow, bolts of ecstasy shot through his body. Whatever was making his skin tingle also made it more sensitive, and rational thought quickly gave way to a flood of pleasure. He wriggled free and kicked away, laughing as he splashed Ryan. “It’s good to see you loosening up,” Ryan said, the memory of Danny’s body still hot against his hands.

“Yeah, I haven’t felt this good in a long time,” Danny said drunkenly, his hands gliding over his soft, sensitive skin. He playfully dove at Ryan, the water masking his groan as their bodies rubbed together. The two continued horsing around, Danny too drunk with sensation to notice the increasingly sexual nature of their play. He no longer cared that Ryan’s hands always seemed to find their way to his cock or linger on the insides of his thighs. His own hands were busy groping their way across Ryan’s well muscled body. Ryan played along, pretending to be just as out of it as Danny. In reality, he was immune to the chemicals in the water but their effects had been readily apparent in Danny since the first time Ryan splashed him. There was no other way Ryan would have been able to get Danny to strip down and get in the pool. The other effects were beginning to show as well.

2655 Danny didn’t notice that his body was larger or that his supple skin had started to roughen. His once lean frame was now on par with Ryan’s. His shoulders had broadened and his skinny waist was now wide with muscle. He also failed to notice how Ryan’s big hand could barely wrap around his enlarged member. In order to bring Danny back to his senses a bit, Ryan slid under the surface and wrapped his mouth around Danny’s growing, pulsing cock. In his heightened state it didn’t take long for Danny to erupt, the sudden release clearing his head a bit. Realizing what just occurred he pulled away from Ryan and shook his head. “Whoa…I need a break,” Danny said, clearing his throat. His voice sounded deeper. “Must’ve swallowed too much water,” he said to himself. He cleared his throat again.

“I don’t think clearing your throat’ll work,” Ryan said, gesturing to Danny’s reflection.

“What the fuck!?” Danny looked down, stunned. His eyes traveled past an inflated, muscular chest and a washboard stomach. His whole body had packed on muscle, nearly doubling in size. He ran large, disbelieving hands over his foreign body, finally cupping a meaty paw around his much larger package. What concerned him most was the face staring back at him from the surface of the pool. Instead of his youthful, 23 year old face and shaggy hair he saw the face of a man who looked to be in his late thirties. His hair had thinned and shortened and there were pronounced wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. “What…what happened?” Danny panicked.

“What does it look like? You’ve aged.” Ryan said calmly.

“How?” Danny asked, his hands probing the wrinkles on his face. “This isn’t possible…I’m only 23.”

“You look like you’re almost 40,” Ryan said matter of factly. “Enjoy that now, ‘cause you’re not done yet. As much formula as you’ve absorbed…” he trailed off. A look of horror spread across Danny’s still maturing face.

“You did this?” Danny bellowed in his deeper voice. “Why?”

“You’re adorable Danny, but I told you I’m only in to older guys. And before, you weren’t in to guys at all,” Ryan answered absentmindedly, his attention focused on Danny’s rapidly thinning hair. “Now might be a good time for you to get out.” Danny raced for the edge of the pool. It was slow going, his body feeling heavier with each step. Finally, he struggled up and over the edge, sprawling exhausted on his back. “I really do like you Danny, but I think I like you more like this,” Ryan said, sitting down next to Danny’s prone frame.


“H…how?” Danny asked, his now massive chest heaving as he struggled for breath. His voice was deeper and rattled with age. He wanted to run, to call for help, but he knew there was no one around. He struggled to sit up, unaccustomed to his body’s new weight.

“I already told you there was something in the water. Want to see how you look?” Danny nodded, dreading the thought of how he must look. “Let me help you up, pops,” Ryan grabbed Danny’s bulging forearm and pulled him to his feet. At Ryan’s touch, Danny’s now truly monstrous cock sprang to attention. “Pretty virile for a man of your age,” Ryan said as he grabbed Danny’s throbbing member and led him to the mirror on the side of the pool house.

“Oh my god…” Danny gasped at the sight of himself. The nude man staring back at him was a complete stranger. A complete stranger that had to be in his mid fifties at least. His shaggy hair was gone completely, his bare scalp shining in the sunlight. His cute, boyish looks faded years ago, replaced by the rough features of a life spent laboring. His once lithe frame was lost under a thick pad of defined muscle; not the kind of muscles he’d get at the gym, but the kind he’d get from a life of manual labor. He looked with a mixture of envy and lust at the reflection of Ryan’s young, hard body next to him. Though Ryan was actually two years older than him, Danny now looked like he could be his father. He ran a disgusted hand across his bald scalp. “I don’t understand,” he said finally.

“If you don’t understand now, you definitely won’t in a few minutes.” Ryan squeezed Danny’s bulbous ass sending a shiver though his friends aged body.

“What? But what about the rest of my life? What about my job and school and my friends?” Danny pulled away.

“Job? You won’t need a job, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with. And your friends? Do you think they’d even recognize you right now? You’re almost old enough to be their grandfather. And don’t worry about school, I’ll handle the thinking around here from now on. I don’t think school’s really up your alley anymore, or any heavy thinking for that matter.”

“What?” Danny asked, having an increasingly difficult time pulling his eyes away from Ryan’s youthful muscles.

“You know I have trust issues Danny, and the best way I can trust you is if you can’t think about things too much. If it hasn’t happened yet, your brain’s about to reorganize. This way you won’t think about my money or using me for my connections, or any of the other deceit I’ve had to put up with.” Danny’s eyes widened. “Don’t worry, you aren’t really going to need most of what you’ve got in there anyway...I’ll take good care of you.”

“You can’t…” Danny stopped abruptly. It felt like someone pulled the rug out from under him as years of accumulated knowledge and skills drained away. His college education, as well as most of his high school education, faded into nothingness, replaced by a consuming lust for all things physical. His memories remained intact, but his cognitive abilities trickled. He grabbed at his smooth scalp, trying to physically hold in his rapidly dropping IQ. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his reflection, his massive biceps flexed as his hands rested on his skull. “Damn,” he said to himself, a dim smile spreading across his face. He let go of his head and flexed properly, his arms and chest inflating. He let out a deep laugh and did the same for his ass and legs, unconscious of Ryan’s presence.

“Lookin’ good, old man,” Ryan said after watching Danny go through a few rounds of flexing.

“Huh? Oh…uh, yeah,” Danny said, trading in flexing for groping his club of a cock. He finally turned away from his own reflection, dropping his hands at the sight of the young hunk in front of him. Danny felt like he was seeing Ryan for the first time. His eyes traveled up and down the smooth skin of Ryan’s tight, bulging body, finally stopping at the rigid pole pointing towards him. Without a word he grabbed Ryan by the shoulders and spun him around, bending him over the edge of the pool house bar. He spat into his hand and roughly spread Ryan’s firm cheeks. Ryan screamed as Danny pushed his impossibly large cock in, slowly working his way deeper. Danny just grunted, increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. Ryan’s impressive cock now seemed insubstantial by comparison as Danny tugged on it with a rough hand.

“Is that all you’ve got, grandpa?” Ryan gasped, egging Danny on. He screamed again as Danny forcefully buried his entire cock inside him and he felt the now older man’s orange sized balls slap against his ass. Seconds later Danny screamed and Ryan felt a deluge of cum filling him. He started to pull away but Danny held him tight, thrusting until his cock softened and popped out. Still saying nothing, Danny grabbed the back of Ryan’s thick head of hair and pulled his face close, roughly shoving his tongue in the young man’s mouth. Ryan was then pushed aside as Danny took over his position at the bar.

“Come on,” Danny said eagerly. He wiggled his rotund, muscular ass in Ryan’s direction.

“You want this young cock inside you?” Ryan taunted, plunging forward. Danny arched his back, his ass being fucked for the first time. “You remember what it’s like to have a young cock, Danny? You miss having a body like this, or do you like being an old man?“ Danny had a flash of awareness, realizing what he’d become. Just hours ago he was a cute, college aged boy with a promising future. Now he was reduced to a dim, sex crazed, stud in his fifties. He started to panic but his anxiety was obliterated when Ryan came, the younger man’s screams of pleasure pulling him back to the moment. He felt Ryan collapse against his back.

“What’s wrong? The young stud tired?” Danny shrugged Ryan off his back and pushed him against the bar, preparing for his second round.

After his initial transformation in the pool, Danny found himself changing gradually over the next few days. His bald scalp gave way to a short cropping of dark hair, and the light dusting of hair that covered his torso exploded into a thick carpet. Over the next few weeks, Danny quickly took to his new life. He had free run of the luxurious estate while Ryan was at school or work, and when the two were together they spent most of their time fucking. Even knowing what he’d done to him, Danny was completely taken with Ryan. Whenever he walked in to the room Danny couldn’t keep his hands off him, longing for the feel of his old, rough skin caressing Ryan’s young body as he held him in his strong grip. Ryan kept his promise, and Danny didn’t have much to worry about. He rarely left the house since being around other people made him acutely aware of his reduced mental abilities. He was also uncomfortable around people his own age, or at least the age he used to be. Seeing them only served to remind him of what he was missing. Instead, he spent his days lounging by the pool, working out in the house’s gym, or masturbating. His libido had become so insatiable that Ryan had to buy him an array of toys so he could pleasure himself, otherwise Danny would wear him out. Since he hardly left the house, Danny rarely wore clothes. He had actually come to enjoy the added muscle mass. At first he was disgusted by the way he looked, missing his agile, soccer player’s body. But Danny soon discovered that his bulging frame gave him a feeling of power and he would spend hours flexing in front of a mirror. None of his old clothes fit, and though Ryan bought him replacements, he was very much a physical creature and liked being nude. When he would put something on, at most it was a pair of briefs and, if he felt like dressing up, a sleeveless flannel shirt. When he was by himself Danny would sometimes panic at what had occurred. He would remember his young, smooth body and the days when he could think clearly. Images of college parties and former girlfriends would dance through his mind. He found himself longing for the days when he would sit in class and get good grades, but Ryan was right when he said school was beyond him now. Danny had tried several times to read different books from Ryan’s large library, but he couldn’t get the words right and gave up. Even when Ryan had shown him the work they were doing in his former history class, material that he was acing just a few short weeks ago, he found it incomprehensible. His moments of panic was usually short lived as his attention span wasn’t long enough to maintain a single train of thought for any length of time. Inevitably he would find himself out by the pool where this all started, the only thought he could focus on slowly growing between his legs.