Professor's Lesson (ar musc)


Part 1

Andrew stared at the cigar, wondering what the brand was. Smoking wasn't allowed in the building but he didn't care. It was his office and he'd do what he wanted. He only smoked occasionally and wouldn't know a good cigar from a bad one but he would never admit that. The thing about Andrew is that he is one of the most self important people you could meet. The cigar was left in his office with a thankyou note from a student saying it was one of the finest available, but Andrew would decide that. He taught at the local university, although "taught" might be stretching things a bit. The truth is that Andrew actually was a pretty smart guy and figured working at a university would be a cake job. He was right. Make your own hours, decent pay and not a whole lot of work when you can specialize in something you're good at. Numbers were his thing so he taught in the statistics department. Statistics was a class just about everyone had to take so students were faceless to Andrew. He couldn't care less about a class full of dumb kids, he had better things to do. Most of his free time was spent at the gym and he had a pretty impressive body. He took extra pride in seeing how much better his body was than the other middle aged guys there. Andrew would be the first to admit the thing he loved most about teaching was having the girls (and guys...they could look but not touch) oggle him as he stood at the front of the room. He knew how good he looked and would posture accordingly, shifting his weight wth his back to the room to show off his perky ass. Another favorite was to remove his blazer and non-chalantly show off how tight his shirt was over his chest and how trim his waist was. Needless to say his priorities were a little skewed. The only thing he did for the students was, in his mind anyway, let them look at how great he was. He didn't care if they were prepared or passed his class. Most of the time he just graded randomly anyway. This occasionally got him in trouble but he charmed his way out of most of it. Recently his trouble came in the form of Sean. Sean was one of those students who randomly received a failing grade. In truth, Sean was one of the smartest people at the university. He could have taught the course, and done a better job than Andrew, but instead was told he failed. Sean saw through Andrew from the first day of class and was planning his takedown before class ended.

"Enjoying your cigar?" Sean was sitting in the chair directly across from him. Andrew looked up from his desk, startled by the sudden voice.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in." Andrew was incredibly annoyed. He hated it when students came to his office, let alone when they just waltzed in. "Can I help you with something?"

"I hope so," Sean said. "You don't remember me do you?"

"Look, I'm very busy..." Andrew stopped. He was feeling funny, sort of light headed. Something about this kid's voice sounded far away and soothing at the same time.

"No, you're not," Sean said firmly. Andrew started to speak but Sean cut him off. "Stand up."

Andrew wanted to tell this kid to screw off but instead found himself standing up. Sean walked over and examined Andrew. He ran his hands over Andrew's chest and down to his waist. Slowly Sean walked his fingers down the front of Andrew's pants, outlining a sizeable bulge through the thin fabric. He moved his hands around back and felt for himself how firm Andrew's ass was. Andrew was beat red and Sean could feel him struggling.

"We're just getting started Andy," Sean laughed, figuring correctly that Andrew hated being called Andy. "You've already ingested the first part of a multi-stage drug in that cigar. You can't do anything right now that I don't tell you to do. Don't worry, by the time we get to your place it'll be easier."

Andrew was panicking. He wanted to throttle this queer but couldn't move. All he could do was listen to Sean's voice and feel his face burn with frustration and humiliation. Sean told Andrew to act natural and lead them down to his car. When they reached Andrew's Hummer Sean smiled.

"A Hummer? Of course you drive a Hummer, why wouldn't you? We'll have to see if what they say about men with big cars is true." Once they were on the road Sean undid Andrew's fly and massaged his package. "I guess it's not true...big, but still a little soft." Sean squeezed but Andrew didn't get hard.

Sean didn't waste any time when they got back to Andrew's house. He pulled off Andrew's blazer and ripped his shirt off, leaving the tie on as a leash. Andrew was still struggling. He was breathing heavy and his chest was heaving. Sean took a picture of Andrew standing shirtless with the tie nestled between his pecs.

"I want you to see how you were," Sean said ominously. He massaged Andrew's large pecs. There was sparse chest hair and only a small trail on his abs. Sean felt Andrew's muscles tense reflexively under his probing fingers. He undid Andrew's belt and ripped his pants open, exposing the top of his briefs. "Bend over and take your shoes and socks off," Sean ordered. As Andrew bent to comply he felt his pants drop around his ankles. In this position Sean had a perfect view of Andrew's ass pulling his briefs taut. Sean pulled them down and gave Andrew's ass a swat. Standing up and shaking his pants free of his ankles, Andrew's cock bounced back and forth. It was roughly 5 inches, soft, with a large set of balls. The only thing Andrew still had on was his tie. Sean took another picture. "You can start enjoying this now," Sean said. On cue, Andrew's cock went rigid. He suddenly noticed how attractive the young man in front of him was. This caused a conflict for Andrew. He was very much a straight male and knew this was not right, but he also noticed how defined Sean's arms were and how handsome his face was. Sean grabbed Andrew's tie and pulled him to the bedroom. Sean undid Andrew's tie and told him to dance around while he got some things ready. Sean had some videocameras to set up and needed to get the rest of the drug together. Andrew was struggling to do his best impression of an exotic dancer, waving his cock around and bouncing his ass back and forth. Sean was able to catch the end of Andrew's routine on camera. "Not bad, but I can see why you're a professor and not a dancer...or you were a professor anyway. After this I'll be surprised if you can spell your name."


Sean stood in the doorway. He relished the mix of desire and alarm he saw on Andrew's face when he saw Sean naked. Sean was no slouch when it came to keeping in shape and was going to take his turn at being oggled. He took his hand from behind his back and showed Andrew a needle. "This is for you, Andy. Crawl over here." Slowly, struggling as hard as he could Andrew dropped on all fours and crawled in front of Sean. Sean watched the muscles in Andrew's broad back flex as he made his way over. Resting upright on his strong thighs put Andrew's face inches from Sean's equally large cock. "I want you to know exactly what's going to happen to you. This drug will cause irreversible changes to your mind and body." Andrew was having a hard time hearing what Sean was saying. His attention kept wandering back to the large cock in front of him. "Your IQ and cognitive faculties are going to drop dramatically. You'll still be functional but your teaching days are done. This will also make you smaller and younger. There's only room for one stud in this relationship and you've had your turn. At the dosage I gave you the youngest you should get is early twenties, but I'm going to enjoy watching your muscles melt away, and that cock of yours won't be so impressive much longer. You'll remember how you used to be but I want to make sure. You'll see these polaroids and movies every day and I'm sure your former students will enjoy them online." Sean rubbed his cock on Andrew's cheek while he took Andrew's arm. Andrew was too busy instinctively trying to get Sean's cock in his mouth to struggle. When he felt the needle pinch he snapped back to attention. "I'm interested in your thoughts," Sean said, stroking Andrew's hair.

"You can't do this!" Finally able to speak, Andrew was frantic. He wasn't sure if Sean was telling the truth, it didn't seem possible, but he was starting to feel funny. The prospect of being a scrawny, both physically and mentally, was terrifying. "I remember you now, and if you're mad about the failing grade in stats we can fix that! What do you want? I'll do anything and I won't tell anyone about this. Sex? I'm not gay but..." Andrew took Sean's soft member in his mouth. Sean closed his eyes and felt Andrew's tongue rolling over his hardening cock. Andrew's hands worked their way up to Sean's well muscled ass and his stubble rubbed against Sean's balls. Sean reluctantly pulled away after a moment. "See? I can do sex. There's got to be something you want, I know you're a smart guy. You did that presentation on randomizing standard" he trailed off.

"Presentation on what?" Sean asked.

"On...on..." Andrew couldn't remember. In fact, he felt years of knowledge slipping away. He knew that this was something he learned and should know, but it was gone.

"Go ahead, tell me something about statistics. Hell, tell me something about basic arithmetic. You can't do it can you? Pretty soon you'll struggle to spell your own name." Sean loved taunting the once smug Andrew like this. He looked down and loved the sight of the middle aged stud on his knees, cock hard, feeling his mind slipping away. He knew Andrew was struggling to hold on to any knowledge he could right now, but he also knew that was futile. The drug was working perfectly.

"But I'm a I should know stuff." Andrew spoke slower.

"Not anymore." Sean reached down and put a hand on Andrew's broad shoulder. "Spell your name."

"A....n.....d....r..." Andrew was intently focused on this. "e.....w."

"Very good!" Sean said patronizingly, knowing that somewhere Andrew knew how far he had fallen. "The drug is working on your mind now but it'll start on your body soon. You better enjoy it now. Why don't you crawl over to the bed and get yourself off one last time."


Andrew crawled over to the bed and collapsed on his back. He started rubbing his hands all over his body as if he was trying to feel every inch of it before it changed. Sean walked over and stood next to the bed while Andrew began masturbating. Some slight changes had already begun. Sean noticed that Andrew was less hairy now and he seemed a little less defined. This was getting to be too much for Sean. He started masturbating along with Andrew. Andrew came first, shooting a massive load all over his chest. It wasn't long before Sean shot his own load, aiming for Andrew's face. Reaching down he smeared the cum on Andrew's face, putting some on his finger for Andrew to taste.

"Enjoy that?" Sean asked, sitting next to Andrew and stroking his abs.


"Good. I think the rest of the changes are starting." Sean noticed Andrew's face looking younger and he was definitely smaller. "Put these on." He handed Andrew his briefs from before. "Yep, definitely starting." The briefs that once struggled to contain Andrew now had some slack. "How about some fresh air?" Sean led Andrew to the back porch. Andrew reached for Sean's hand as they were walking. The drugs had finished on Andrew's mind and Sean was now the object of his unrequited affection. After all, Andrew wasn't very smart and needed someone like Sean to take care of him. By the time they got outside the changes were in full swing. Andrew doubled over. He was rapidly getting smaller. His muscles shrank. His once bulging chest was flattening. His biceps and thighs dwindled. The last things to shrink was his cock. Even as his briefs were hanging off of him, Sean saw the outline of Andrew's dick and balls tent out the fabric. It was with no small amount of satisfaction that Sean watched these slowly sink beneath the growing sea of fabric. Finally it was over. Andrew (now Andy) rose unsteadily to his feet. He had to hold his briefs to keep them from falling. He had lost about a foot in height and his muscles had shrunk considerably. He was still very defined but "stud" was no longer applicable. Especially when he looked in his briefs and saw that he had about half of what he used to. He looked about twenty years old at most.

" it over?" Andrew's voice had risen in pitch considerably.

Sean walked over and towered over the now diminutive Andrew. He didn't realize how small Andrew would look at only five feet tall. "No, we're just getting started."



Part 2


Andrew stood there reeling. Even if his cognitive faculties hadn't been reduced he would have had a hard time processing what just happened. All he could grasp at the moment is something wasn't right. He shouldn't have to hold up his underwear, and everything in his yard looked bigger. When he looked at his body in the reflection of the sliding glass door he knew it shouldn't be this tiny or smooth. He was older than this. His chest stuck out farther and hands and arms are bigger than this. His thighs were large and should rub together, not be so thin. When he looked at the naked man standing by him he shouldn't feel so turned on. He knew from years at the gym that he shouldn't stare at another man's cock or, and this was unsettling, want to have it in his mouth. He shouldn't be sticky with another man's cum. He shouldn't be getting hard, and if he did, it should be a lot bigger than this.

"I shouldn't be this way," Andrew said finally. He was surprised at the higher pitch in his voice. "I'm older and bigger. I can think good."

"Not anymore, or ever again for that matter. I doubt you're smart enough at this point to fully grasp what happened to you, so don't try to hard." Sean put a hand on Andrew's shoulder, sending a shiver through the tiny man. Andrew's face was now level with Sean's chest and he couldn't stop thinking how nice it was. He struggled with himself, wanting to feel that chest pressed against him but knowing that he shouldn't. Sean saw Andrew's once impressive member poke against the baggy fabric of his briefs. Seeing Andrew in his now oversized underwear gave Sean an idea. "Let's go inside."

Andrew didn't want to listen but he found himself following Sean inside. He couldn't stop staring at Sean's ass. The way the muscles bounced back and forth while Sean walked was hypnotizing. Andrew knew he shouldn't be noticing how round it was or how firm it looked. He tried to look away but got confused by how foreign his house looked. He still couldn't grasp why everything looked too big.

"Go ahead and sit down," Sean ordered. They were back in the bedroom. Andrew climbed up on the bed and sat on the edge. His feet didn't reach the floor anymore. Sean began going through the dresser across from the bed. He rooted through the drawers until he found the underwear drawer. Though he was loathe to admit it, Sean had been one of the student's to fantasize about Andrew in class. He secretly wondered what he'd find in Sean's closet. "Well, it's safe to say you were a briefs man." Sean scattered the contents of the drawer on the floor. He pulled a matching pair to the ones Andrew was wearing and walked over to the bed. "Wow...these sure are big aren't they? It would take a real man to fill these out." He stretched them in front of Andrew's face. Andrew knew they fit him just fine, or they used to. He caught himself getting turned on by the thought of someone in them. "It's a shame they're much to big for you, Andy." Sean watched Andrew cringe at being called Andy. He slowly bent over in front of Andrew and pulled the briefs on. They were his size and he loved the sight of Andrew practically drooling over what he saw. Sean was getting turned on wearing Andrew's underwear. It wasn't long ago that the former stud was filling these out.

Sean turned to shut the drawer but something caught his eye. Buried in the bottom was a small box. "Oh my, what have we here?" Inside the box was a thong and a picture of Andrew wearing it. He tossed the thong over to Andrew and told him to put it on. Andrew could vaguely remember a girlfriend buying it for him. He didn't like wearing it because it made him feel too queer and he had made sure to get the picture and the negatives. Andrew reluctantly stood up and let the giant briefs drop. His 3 inches were still rock hard and sliding the thong over them almost made him cum. Sean was having a hard time with that himself. He compared the two very different images in front of him. On one side was the picture of the ripped, mature man straining against the tiny thong. On the other was a tiny, though defined, barely twenty year old whose little cock was the only thing holding the thong up. Sean was rock hard in Andrew's underwear. He didn't want to blow this early so he turned to Andrew's walk in closet. He returned with one of Andrew's favorite suits. It was very expensive and Andrew wore it to class constantly. He felt it particularly showed off his goods. "Well, come over here and let's get you dressed," Sean said cheerfully.

Andrew walked over. The motion caused the precariously balanced thong to slip to one side, exposing his erection but covering his tiny balls. Sean had to help Andrew get the now gigantic clothes on. The pants that once showed Andrew's perky ass now had to be held up by hand. This was a problem because Andrew's hands were covered by the sleeves of the shirt that used to show off his ripped torso. Seeing Andrew standing there in the bunchy, expensive suit was equally arousing and hilarious. Sean doubled over with laughter and in doing so gave Andrew a full glimpse of himself in the mirror. Andrew knew this was all very, very wrong. He was confused, humiliated and frustrated. He knew what he wanted to say but couldn't get it out. He expressed himself the only way he could: he threw a tantrum.

"Stop laughing! Stop it! Make me better right now!" Andrew's rage was building. The part of him that knew what was happening was furious. He wanted to make it clear right then and there that he wasn't going to have any more of this. Unfortunately the part of him that knew what was happening couldn't do any of those things. All he could do was keep shouting in a high pitch voice. "I'm not a dummy! I'm not! My clothes don't fit right And I'm not a homo like you!" Andrew's now-squeaky voice just made Sean laugh harder. He pulled Andrew in front of the mirror and stood behind him, forcing Andrew to see what was happening.

"Yes, you are a dummy," Sean said firmly. "No one you met was ever as smart as you were, right? Especially the people in your class. They were just dumb college kids. Now you're the dumb college kid." Andrew struggled but Sean held him firm. "You're wrong about your clothes not fitting because these aren't your clothes any more Andy." Sean forced Andrew to let go of the pants. The shirt looked like a dress but Sean ripped it off. "Look at you. You think you could ever fit in clothes like these? You're lucky if you're five feet tall. Most of your clothes are coming from the kids section from now on. And as for not being a homo..." Sean dropped his briefs and ground his erection into Andrew's back. During his tantrum Andrew had gone soft but quickly shot back to attention. His heart sank at the waves of pleasure racing through him. Sean reached down and grabbed his cock and balls in one large hand. "With something this tiny I don't think any ladies are going to want you." The feel of Sean's rough skin was enough. Andrew came in Sean's hand, shooting load after load. Andrew was spent, physically and emotionally. Sean knew he had achieved his first goal, now it was time to move forward. "And," Sean pulled Andrew over to the bed, making sure to stay in full view of the mirror. "If you're going to act like that you'll need to be taught a lesson." He bent Andrew over his knee and spanked him with the cum filled hand. The motion caused Andrew's chest to rub against Sean's dick. After a few swats he came all over Andrew for the second time in one night. From his angle Andrew saw everything in the mirror.

After catching his breath Sean slid Andrew off his lap and stood up. "Since apparently you're not smart enough to act your age, we'll have to take precautions. Wait right here." Sean was prepared for this. He left the room and quickly returned with a large diaper. Andrew was horrified. "Since you can't be trusted to behave like an adult we'll have to make sure you don't make a mess. After all, you probably can't even control your bladder." Sean knew by saying that, Andrew wouldn't be able to control his bladder. He was able to plant suggestions by the tone in his voice. To drive home the humiliation he had Andrew lay on his back and lift his legs. Sean carefully secured the diaper and gave Andrew's padded package a little squeeze. "There. It's a little snug but it should work. It's time for all little boys to go to bed, too. I'll take the adult bed. I don't want you wetting this bed but you're probably scared to sleep in the guest room all by yourself." He patted Andrew on the head. Sean was talking to Andrew even more patronizingly than before. Andrew, for his part, just sat on the floor. The feel of the diaper was restricting and rubbed every time he moved. Sean left the room and came back with an air mattress. He inflated the twin size mattress right next to him on the floor and threw a sheet on it. Sean picked Andrew up, emphasizing the size difference between them again, and laid him down. "There, all tucked in." Sean climbed into the king bed. He reached down and stroked Andrew's head while he drifted off to sleep. Andrew knew this bed should be too small for him and that he should be up there in the big bed. He knew he shouldn't be wearing a diaper either. He drifted off.


Sean stretched and yawned. Andrew's bed was very comfortable and he wondered how many women woke up in this bed. "Not any more," he thought. He looked down at the bed's former tenant. Andrew was laying in a giant wet spot. Apparently the diaper was too small to contain everything. Sean shook Andrew awake.

"Morning Andy. Looks like you had a little accident."

Andrew woke up. It took him a minute to register the wet feeling between his thighs. He sat up and felt the sopping diaper.

"Wha...I peed?" Andrew was shocked. He hadn't wet the bed since he was 6. He wasn't smart enough to articulate how humiliated he was feeling and looked like he was going to cry.

"Aww, don't cry. It's okay." Sean sat up straddling Andrew between his thighs. "We'll get you a nice bath and all cleaned up." He stood to go get a towel, rubbing his package across the top of Andrew's head as he stepped over him. Andrew could see in to the bathroom from where he was sitting. He came out of his shocked state when he saw Sean's cock snake out of the front of his briefs to pee. Sean started running a bath and returned with a damp towel and a trash can. He laid Andrew down and took the diaper off. Andrew was beat red again. His cock was rock hard the second Sean started wiping the inside of his thighs and under his balls. "Good enough to get you to the tub without dripping at least." Sean picked Andrew up off the bed and led him to the tub. He lifted Andrew over the edge and sank him in the soapy water. All this carrying wasn't necessary, but Sean wanted to make this as humiliating as possible. Surprisingly, Andrew found himself enjoying the sensation. He liked the feel of Sean's strong hands under his arms. Knowing that he was starting to enjoy it made Andrew feel worse.

"You've got a nice bathroom here." Sean was admiring the spacious room. Andrew had paid extra attention when the bathroom was being built because he loved pampering his body. There was a shower stall as well as a tub that was custom made to be large. One entire wall was a mirror. A tv was mounted on the wall above the tub. Sean reached over and turned it on.


Andrew was greeted with the video of himself posing and dancing from the night before. Sean dropped his briefs and went through Andrew's medicine cabinet for shaving cream. He liked going through his morning routine naked and liked it even more knowing that he turned Andrew on and that Andrew hated it.

"I don't wanna watch this," Andrew said but didn't look away.

"Why not? That's your "bigger smarter body" you kept going on about. See? Those are your clothes "fitting right" on him. You'd better watch because that's as close as you're ever going to get to that again." Sean came over to the tub with some soap and got in behind Andrew. He nestled Andrew between his legs and started washing him. For all his talk about Andrew being small he made sure he would still have a good body, give or take a few inches on the cock part. He wasn't the ripped stud he used to be but he was still toned and firm. The drug regressed him just enough so that Sean was only slightly older than Andrew now was. He was short, but Sean liked short guys. Sean's cock started to rise up against Andrew's back. Andrew sighed and leaned back into Sean, wriggling his back up and down instinctively wanting to please Sean. On screen the muscled Andrew dropped his briefs and was bouncing his hard nine inches around. Sean had almost forgotten how big Andrew used to be. They reached the part of the tape where Andrew was on his knees pleading. Seeing it from this perspective was even hotter to Sean but he wasn't content to just watch. He reached up and turned the volume up when the Andrew on screen was trying to bargain by sucking Sean off. He didn't even need to say anything to Andrew. Sean's rigid cock was poking up out of the water and Andrew went for it. Sean was in ecstasy as Andrew worked his tongue around the tip before sinking down the shaft. Sean's attention was focused on the stud on screen while he shot a giant load in Andrew's mouth. He sank back in the tub and rolled over on Andrew, switching positions. Andrew watched himself masturbate on screen while Sean took all of him in his mouth. While he watched his muscles flex and his back arch on screen Andrew remembered the lack luster blow jobs he'd received from most girls he met. Having all of his tiny cock swallowed at once was better than any of those. He came in unison with his counterpart on screen.

After they were done in the tub Sean toweled off Andrew and told him to get dressed. Andrew stood there wondering what he was going to wear when Sean threw a wad of clothes at him. He felt his face flush when he looked at them.

"What's wrong?" Sean asked. "Don't you like cartoons?"