Remember Your Manners (ar)


Mike stood in the bathroom, exhausted. He’d been up most of the night putting the finishing touches on his formula. When he finally did get to bed his roommate Brad kept him up the rest of the night having loud sex with his girlfriend. Or some girl, at least. Mike lost count of how many “girlfriends” Brad had. It seemed like every other day Mike was coming home to Brad fucking some strange girl. Just the other night Mike walked in on Brad mounting a girl on the couch, oblivious to his roommate’s presence. Mike was sick of it. He’d talked to Brad multiple times about at least keeping it to his room or maybe the pool as opposed to every room in the house, but Brad would just make a snide comment and laugh it off. The thought of how different things were going to be thrilled him. No more strangers in the house, no more being kept up all night and no more cleaning up after Brad’s one night stands.

“I wonder if he’ll be so eager to walk around naked all the time,” Mike thought to himself. He’d quickly gotten used to the fact that Brad loved to show off his body. Mike was loathe to admit it, but Brad had a lot to show off. Brad was one of those people blessed with good genes and he had a long, handsome face that was offset by a shaggy mop of brown hair. When he wasn’t chasing girls he was working out constantly and had a body that just about anyone would kill for. His broad shoulders sat on top of a strong back and sculpted chest. Huge biceps tapered in to strong forearms that ended in long, thick fingers while a six-pack stomach rounded out his chiseled torso. More than once Mike heard girls at the gym commenting on Brad’s perky ass and the monstrous cock that lurked between his thick thighs. Mike was no slouch either. He had a stockier build and looked sturdy where Brad looked lean, and Mike had a dusting of dark hair covering his body as opposed to Brad’s natural smoothness. The last big difference, one that Brad loved to point out whenever he got the chance, was Mike’s much smaller cock. He was average in size at 5 inches, but Brad measured in at solid 9 inches.

“Mornin’ sunshine,” Brad yawned, barging in to the bathroom. “You done jerkin’ off in here?”

“Way to knock…you that eager to see me naked for a change?” Mike didn’t bother to hide his annoyance as he turned to face Brad. Brad stood in the doorway smiling, looking cocky as ever. His half hard cock strained against the confines of his too-tight underwear clearly outlining his hefty balls.

“You know I love looking at the little guy,” Brad said mockingly, tugging at Mike’s boxers. “You’re even more uptight than usual this morning…why are you so grumpy?” Brad stepped out of his tiny underwear as he asked this. He sighed and unleashed a seemingly unending stream of urine.

“I’m grumpy because someone kept me up all night fucking his latest conquest.”

“Oh, man, you wouldn’t believe that girl. Dude, she was amazing.”

“I heard.” Mike turned back to the mirror. Even after a year of living together Mike was still secretly amazed at Brad’s lack of modesty. He had no qualms about barging in on someone in the bathroom, stripping naked and striking up a conversation while pissing. Now he was flexing and checking himself out in the mirror. “Seriously Brad, how many times have I asked you to keep it down?” Mike asked Brad’s reflection in the mirror.

“But dude, the things this girl did with her mouth….” Brad trailed off, his cock rapidly hardening as he thought about the previous night. “See,” he wagged his erection in front of Mike, “ just thinking about it’s getting me going.” Mike said nothing as he stormed out of the bathroom. “Dude, come on, I’m sorry!” Brad jogged after Mike, his dick bouncing with each step. “I get carried away with girls…don’t be…” Mike slammed his bedroom door. “Mad. Fine. Fuck you then.”

Mike was fuming when he entered his room. Brad’s arrogance was overwhelming at best and beyond infuriating at worst. The only thing keeping Mike’s anger in check while he got dressed was the loud splash he heard as Brad dove into the pool. Brad did a few laps every morning, and Mike was counting on that for his plan to work. He created the formula with samples of his own DNA, so it wouldn’t affect him, but it would bond to Brad instantly. Mike had dumped it in the pool last night while Brad was otherwise occupied. He looked out the window in time to see Brad climb out and check himself out. Brad cupped his balls and adjusted himself through his trunks. So far nothing looked different.

834“Sorry I lost my temper earlier man,” Mike said from the kitchen as Brad walked in. He eyed Brad carefully, watching for any changes. Brad still looked like he was poured into those trunks. “I’m always cranky when I don’t sleep well.”

“It’s cool…I’m sorry I was noisy,” Brad said insincerely as he dripped on to the carpet. They went through this all the time; Mike was still pissed and Brad wasn’t really sorry. Brad threw the towel over his shoulder and headed for the bathroom. When Mike heard the shower turn on he ran through the notes for his formula. He didn’t know how long it would take to kick in, if it worked at all. It could take five minutes or it could take hours. A few minutes later Brad came out of the bathroom clad only in boxers and flopped on to the couch.

“Wow…shorts…you’re all dressed up,” Mike joked. “Big plans today?” He sat in a chair across from the couch so he could keep an eye on Brad. Still nothing.

“Nah, I’m off today. Thought I’d just hang around here….I’m actually feeling kinda funny.”

“Funny?” Mike carefully concealed his excitement.

“Yeah, kinda light headed. I’m gonna get something to drink, you want anything?” Brad got up and walked towards the kitchen. He didn’t make it more than a few steps before he slumped against the wall. “Whoa…” he said, trying to maintain his balance.

“You all right, man?” Brad feigned concern and stood, not so he could help but so he could be sure to see it happen.

“I dunno…I think so. I…” Brad put a hand against the wall to steady himself as the changes started. He was unable to speak during the few seconds it took for his body to deflate. His years of working out literally melted off his body leaving him a scrawny, shapeless stick figure by comparison. His now pencil thin legs and flat ass couldn’t hold his large shorts up and they slid down to his knobby knees, revealing an average five inch cock. Brad still had a handsome, if somewhat leaner, face but it was a far cry from the knockout good looks he once had. Overall, average was a good description for him now. Gone was the impressive, athletic body and in its place was a skinny, normal looking guy. His height remained the same and this actually served to make him look skinnier. He slid down the wall and landed with a thud. “Ohhhh man…” Brad’s once booming voice was a shadow of its former self. “That was weird.” Brad sat up against the wall and shook his head.


“Holy shit.” Mike was speechless.

“I know, right? Help me up will…” Brad trailed of, realizing something wasn’t right. His feet looked skinnier, but more importantly his calves were way too small. Then it hit him. “OH FUCK! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?” Brad screamed, his new voice cracking with the effort. His eyes traveled up from his feet, taking in his chicken legs half covered by his drooping boxers. Tears actually formed in his eyes when he saw his once proud manhood reduced to an average endowment. Brad ran his hands along his flat trunk, feeling for the muscles that were no longer there. The tears that formed in his eyes started flowing freely when Brad felt his shapeless chest and saw his twig-like arms. He sat rocking back and forth in silence.

“It worked,” Mike said to himself. “It actually worked!”

“What worked?” Brad said, realization dawning. “YOU DID THIS TO ME?” He stood and lunged at Mike.

“Easy, champ,” Mike said calmly. He effortlessly subdued Brad by wrapping his thick arms around him and holding steady. Brad kicked and struggled, completely losing his shorts in the process, but wasn’t strong enough to break free. He kept trying for a few minutes, but without his former stamina he tired quickly. “Are you cool now?” Mike asked, still holding. Brad didn’t say anything. He was too busy trying to wrap his brain around what was happening. He shouldn’t be completely enveloped by Mike like this and Mike’s arms shouldn’t feel so strong. He also shouldn’t be so tired. Brad’s brief struggle exhausted him, his thin chest heaving as he struggled for breath. Held tight against his t-shirt, Brad could feel Mike’s heart beating against his bare back. It was a slow steady beat; he could keep this up all day. “Brad?” Mike asked again. Brad shivered at the heat of Mike’s breath against his ear. Much to his concern, frustration was slowly giving way to another emotion that Brad was used to experiencing with girls. Wrapped up against Mike like this, he started feeling more secure than confined and he became acutely aware of how good Mike smelled. Mike noticed Brad’s cock twitch.

“Go to hell,” Brad said, trying desperately to ignore how warm Mike felt.

“Fine. We can do it this way then.” Without warning Mike slung Brad over his shoulder.

“Hey!” Brad yelled, too stunned and tired to struggle.

“I gave you the option, buddy,” Mike said, patting Brad’s bony ass. The feel of Mike’s large, rough hand against the newly softened skin of his ass pushed Brad over the edge. He felt himself hardening and his face turned bright red. “Whoa, what have we here?” Mike laughed. He stopped walking and gave Brad’s ass a more tender squeeze. Without fail Brad’s cock throbbed and pressed harder against his shoulder. Mike wasn’t expecting this result, but with Brad in such a compromising position he couldn’t resist an experiment. He alternated between rubbing Brad’s ass and playing with the inside of his thigh. He quickly noticed a wet spot developing on his shoulder.

“Dude, cut it out,” Brad panted. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was getting being manhandled by his roommate.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were enjoying this,” Mike said insincerely, mimicking one of Brad’s phony apologies. “How about this?” Knowing Brad had a perfect view, Mike flexed his ass under the thin fabric of his gym shorts, causing it to bounce. Once again Brad’s skinny cock pressed into his shoulder. “Huh, I thought you were just in to girls,” Mike taunted.

“I…uh…I…” Brad couldn’t come up with a response; he was too distracted by Mike’s ass.

“But it turns out you’ve been a queer this whole time,” Mike continued. “Go figure. It’s cool man, you could have just told me. I’m an open minded guy. I’m fine with it.”

“No!” Brad said, finally looking away from Mike’s ass. He squirmed on Mike’s shoulder, struggling for freedom. “I’m not a…” Brad was cut off when his hip brushed against Mike’s stubble-covered cheek. He involuntarily let out a loud groan of pleasure.

“You’re not a what? What was that? I didn’t get that last part.” Mike didn’t wait for a response before dumping Brad unceremoniously in to a kitchen chair. “Oh man, I think you stained my shirt.” Mike drew Brad’s attention to the large wet spot on his shoulder. Brad looked down and saw his now much smaller tip glisten with pre cum. He grabbed a dishtowel from the counter to cover himself.

“Why so modest all of a sudden?” Mike tried to be as patronizing as possible “We’re all friends here.” Stepping closer to Brad, he slowly peeled his shirt off. Inch by inch he exposed his washboard stomach and bulging pecs. He flexed his arms over his head and pulled free of the shirt. Brad was practically drooling - he felt like he was seeing Mike for the first time. The only thing he could think of was running his hands through the light dusting of hair that covered Mike’s stomach. The feeling of those biceps holding him close was still fresh in his mind, too. Mike just smiled. “See something you like?”

“What? No! I mean, yeah but not like…” Brad stammered. He was still struggling against the onrush of these new feelings as well as trying to understand what exactly happened to him.

“You still want something to drink?” Mike opened the fridge and grabbed two beers. He could feel Brad staring at his rippling back and he made sure to stick his ass out as he bent for the drinks. He caught Brad in mid stare as he closed the refrigerator door. “I think you’ve got a little drool here,” he joked and ran a finger along the side of Brad’s mouth, relishing the flush of crimson that flooded his face. He handed Brad his beer and watched him struggle to twist the top off. His scrawny arms fought unsuccessfully for a few minutes but he was determined not to ask for help. “Careful big guy, you’re gonna hurt yourself. Let me.” Mike took the beer and twisted the top right off. The two drank in silence for a while, Mike not giving Brad any answers and Brad unsure of what to ask.

“So what the hell,” Brad finally asked after a few swigs.

“You brought this on yourself,” was all Mike said.

“You…you do this to me…shrink me down and somehow it’s my fault?” Given his new stature the few sips of beer he had were hitting Brad hard. Mike immediately noticed the alcohol’s emboldening effect.

“You might want to go easy on that beer, Brad. Skinny guys like you get drunk fast.” Mike took the beer from him, not wanting to give Brad the luxury of being incoherent.

“Don’t change the subject…what’d you do to me?” Brad felt like he was losing his grip with each passing second. He knew he should have no problem standing up for himself but he found it hard to even make eye contact with Mike.

“How many times did I ask you to please at least show me a little consideration? It’s not like I was asking for much; just the ability to sleep through a night without being kept up by you and some random girl you just met or to maybe keep it in your bedroom instead of every other room in the house. I didn’t mind that you never cleaned up around here. I didn’t mind that you have an apparent inability to remain clothed. I didn’t mind a lot of things, but you just kept pushing. You thought you were so magnificent that you could get away with anything. Well, let’s see how you feel being at the other end of the spectrum from now on.”

“From now on? Okay, Dude, I get it, I’m sorry. You’ve made your point so change me back,” Brad demanded. Mike put his beer down and leaned in front of Brad. He placed a hand on Brad’s tiny shoulder and looked him directly in the eyes. He wanted this to sink in.

“You don’t get it Brad, there is no going back. This was a complete genetic overhaul. There’s no antidote. Hell, even if you worked out every day for the rest of your life you won’t gain a pound.” Tears formed in Brad’s eyes again as Mike’s words sunk in.

“But…how?” Brad sniffled, not wanting to cry in front of Mike.

“Some of us spend our free time doing things other than chasing girls. But you’ll learn all about that. Something tells me you’re not so interested in girls anymore.” Mike pulled the towel away, exposing Brad’s still hard cock. “Honestly, I didn’t know if this part would happen. I suspected some wires might get crossed when your DNA rewrote itself but this was better than I could have hoped. No more strange girls around here!” He joyfully tousled Brad’s hair as he said that last part. Mike stood and finished his beer in one gulp. Looking at Brad he felt a swell of emotions: pride over his success, relief that things were going to be different around the house, and a sudden desire to take advantage of this unintended side effect. By now Mike knew that the mental transformation should be totally complete. He didn’t need to worry about Brad trying to escape or call for help because deep down Brad didn’t want to. At this point, as angry as he was, Brad was finally losing the battle against his new feelings towards his roommate.

“Um, okay then, now what?” Brad asked meekly, not making eye contact with Mike. He wanted to scream at him, to make him undo what he did but was overcome with insecurities.

“You know, I didn’t really think this far ahead. I had things planned out up to that last conversation but that was it. We could always go to the gym,” Mike said as Brad’s eyes widened in horror at the thought of being seen in public like this. “No? Well, what do you want to do?” Mike knew full well what Brad wanted but he was going to make Brad say it.

“I don’t know,” Brad said hesitantly, looking down at his rigid member. He wanted badly to cover himself and made a feeble attempt at it with his hands.

“Brad, you don’t have to be shy. Are you forgetting how many times I’ve seen you naked?” Mike egged him on. “I’m used to seeing these big, strong arms.” Mike wrapped his entire hand around Brad’s skinny bicep. Standing as close as he was, he nonchalantly scratched himself through his shorts, drawing Brad’s attention to the bulge only inches away.

“We could, I mean, if you want…”Brad started to reach forward, stopped, then reached forward again. He ran his hand through the fine hair on Mike’s stomach before working his skinny fingers up to Mike’s strong chest.

“See? I told you I was open minded.” Mike locked eyes with Brad and smiled. With this new encouragement Brad hooked his hands into Mike’s shorts and pulled them down. Still seated, Brad came face to face with Mike’s cock as it fell free. He used to give Mike a hard time for having a smaller cock than him, but now that they were the same size Brad had a different outlook. Not that it mattered; Mike could have had a one inch cock and Brad would still think it was perfect. He pulled Mike’s shorts all the way off and ran his hands up each of Mike’s muscular thighs, circling around to his meaty ass. His legs were covered in the same fine hair as his torso and Brad loved the feel of it under his palms. He watched with growing anticipation as Mike slowly got harder and harder under his probing touch. With half-closed eyes Mike gently grabbed the back of Brad’s head and guided his mouth on to his waiting cock. After a few moments Mike couldn’t believe how good at this Brad was. “Brad…man…you’re amazing at this,” Mike panted. Brad warmed to the compliment and worked his jaw even harder. “I’ve gotta know…have you…done this before?” Mike pulled free of Brad’s mouth so he could answer.

“Umm,” Brad wanted to lie, but couldn’t bring himself to tell Mike anything other than the truth. “Yeah, a couple times. I had a buddy back in college who was gay and really in to me. I let him suck me off a few times then I got curious,” Brad said with shame in his voice.

“I knew I couldn’t be the first cock the epic lady’s man had in his mouth. Did you boys do anything else?” Mike asked as he rubbed his cock against the side of Brad’s face.

“No. And I only did it a few times,” Brad blushed. Mike thought it was cute that Brad was trying to justify giving a guy a blowjob while he was busy trying to catch another guy’s dick in his mouth.

“Since you’re so proficient at this how about we experiment with something else?” Mike pulled Brad up out of the chair.

“Experiment?” Brad let himself be guided to the table where Mike promptly bent him over. “I don’t know if…” Brad didn’t get to finish the sentence. He felt the tip of Mike’s cock brush against his bony ass before plowing forward. Brad cried out in pain but was quickly distracted by Mike’s big hand wrapping around his skinny cock. Mike moved slowly in and out of his ass, whimpering softly, and before long Brad was putty in Mike’s hands. The combined sensations of Mike’s hairy torso rubbing against his back while his cock worked it’s way inside him coupled with Mike’s manipulation of his own dick brought Brad to the brink quickly. For an instant Brad felt a twinge of sorrow that his balls were now tiny enough to fit in one of Mike’s hands, but the feeling disappeared fast when he realized how good it felt. He yelled and shot his load on the kitchen floor. It was a smaller amount than he was used to but it was still the most intense thing he’d ever experienced. He slumped forward and let Mike finish, basking in the afterglow. A few minutes later Mike exploded in Brad’s ass and the two men drifted to the floor in a heap. Brad turned and lay face down against Mike’s chest, unable to keep himself from kissing it gently. Once again he found himself drifting off as Mike enveloped him in those big arms. Brad looked up and was greeted by a forceful kiss. He instinctively pulled back at the feeling of another man’s lips on his for the first time but yielded to Mike’s probing tongue.

“Yeah, I definitely think things are going to be better around here.” Mike pushed the hair from Brad’s eyes and kissed him again. The two lay there for a while, sweaty and tired from their ordeal. Brad noticed that he was slightly smaller, the physical transformation having changed him a little more before running its course. What little definition he had previously retained was gone completely while his skin was softer and more sensitive. The psychological changes started to sink in as well. Brad would never again be the arrogant womanizer he once was and his exhibitionist days were over. Already he wanted to get dressed but when he tried to stand up Mike just held him tight. Finally, as Brad was about to drift off to sleep, Mike stood up. Startled, Brad immediately covered himself and turned his back in an attempt to hide his nakedness. “Considering what we just did, I think it’s a little late for that.” Mike turned Brad to face him and pulled his hands free, relishing that Brad couldn’t even make eye contact. “We sure made a mess though,” Mike said, pointing to the disheveled table and pools of cum on the floor.

“Do you want me to clean it up?” Brad offered eagerly, surprising himself at his desire to please Mike.

“Why don’t you go start a bath while I clean up in here…I’ll be right in.” Mike gave Brad a pat on the ass and sent him scurrying down the hallway to the bathroom. As the tub filled Brad climbed in and pondered what his life had turned in to. He started the day a complete stud, lusted after by girl and guy alike. Now he was a scrawny, timid guy who had just been fucked in the ass by his roommate and enjoyed it. Free from Mike’s presence he knew he should have been furious. He should have run from the house and sought help. But as he heard Mike’s approaching footsteps in the hall those thoughts faded and he lay back in the tub, content.