Stuck in the Middle (tf tg)

1575Vince was blissfully unaware of the changes that were about to occur in his life. He was going through his morning routine as usual and was expecting a usual day. Usual was a good word to describe what Vince’s life had become over the past few years. He had a run of the mill office job that, while boring, paid the bills and he was engaged to an equally boring girlfriend. Neither one of them had much of a social life and when they weren’t working they spent most of their time in front of the television. The majority of the time they were together, not really talking, just occupying the same space in their condo. Both of them were in their mid twenties but were convinced they had to get married. They weren’t unhappy, just bored.

Stretching, Vince climbed out of bed and stood in front of the closet’s full length mirror. Vince dropped his briefs, stepped back from the mirror and sighed. Looking at his naked body didn’t bring the pleasure it used to. His complexion had a light olive tone that reflected his Italian heritage. He always lamented that his ample body hair, perpetual five o’clock shadow and large nose were also reflections of his genetic makeup. Regardless of what he would have chosen for himself, Vince was striking. Standing just under six feet his black hair, broad shoulders and stocky build made him stand out. He was very masculine looking and more than a few people had fallen for him in the past. Nowadays however, as a result of his lethargic daily routine, he had gained about thirty pounds. The extra weight distributed itself around his body instead of concentrating in one area so he still looked handsome, if a little on the heavy side. His chest retained some of its definition but it was starting to lose more and more of its shape with each day that passed without any exercise. When he stopped working out his arms had been the first things to go, replacing his defined biceps with flabby arms that were squeezed by his shirtsleeves and ended in plump fingers. While he never had a washboard stomach his torso used to form a nice V. Now he had the classic “donut” shape around his gut complete with a set of decent sized love handles. If he sucked in and flexed he could see how things used to be but couldn’t maintain the illusion for long. His once perky ass still bubbled out but the muscles were buried under a growing layer of fat. His thighs went from muscled to just plain meaty and his calves strained to fit in his socks. At seven inches his cock was a little above average and Vince was always proud of his pendulous balls, but with the extra weight surrounding it his package looked smaller.

Vince critiqued himself like this every morning as part of his routine. His fiancé left early so mornings were one of the few times he had the house to himself and he made the most of it. Reaching down, he wrapped the stubby fingers of one hand around his cock and started stroking. As unhappy with is body as he was Vince still liked to watch himself jerk off. He was too self conscious to do it in front of his fiancé, he was so self conscious that he didn’t even like to walk around naked in front of her, so he had to wait until she was gone. To him, this was hotter than any sex they had. Vince moaned as he watched himself through half-closed eyes. He swayed his hips rhythmically and fondled his balls, enjoying how completely they filled his hand. He felt his muscles tense as he bucked his hips faster and faster, causing his whole body to shake with each thrust. It didn’t take long before he came all over his chest. Spent, Vince cleaned himself up and went about his morning.

Vince checked his email on his way out the door and saw among the usual spam a message from a former friend. Most of the friends Vince had were ‘former’ since he stopped talking to everyone when he met his fiancé. He used to have a wide social circle and lots of people were hurt when he started ignoring them. Several of them actually got in to a fight with him and there was bad blood all around. Still, he was curious so he opened it, expecting to see an angry message. Instead when he clicked on it he was blinded by a bright flash and a loud, high pitched tone exploded from his speakers. Vince was stunned for a second before becoming annoyed. A lot of his old friends were in to computers so he figured they rigged this to piss him off. Shaking his head he shut down his computer and headed to work.

Vince had been driving for about twenty minutes before he realized he wasn’t heading towards work. He looked around and saw he was in his old friend’s neighborhood, the one who sent the email. “That’s weird,” Vince thought. “I must have been so pissed I drove here instead of work.” He wanted to turn around but for some reason he kept driving. By the time he pulled in to his friend’s driveway he was panicking. It had become clear that he wasn’t in control of his actions. He was screaming at himself to stop the car but he just kept going. Vince’s stomach sank even further when he saw several of his former friends’ cars were already parked. He was desperately trying to keep himself from opening the door and getting out but found himself walking to the front door and letting himself in. Sitting in the living room, Vince saw Mark, Pat, Scott and Ryan.

“We were starting to think you weren’t coming buddy!” Mark cheerfully got up and hugged Vince. “Whoa! You’re a little tense there big guy, aren’t you happy to see us?”

“What the fuck is going on?” Vince demanded.

“Not even a hello? Is that any way to greet your friends you haven’t seen in so long?”

“Mark, I swear to god if you don’t tell me what…”

“Wow, you’ve gained some weight haven’t you?” Mark cut Vince off, ignoring his demands. He patted Vince’s stomach and poked his love handles. “Got a little junk in your trunk too by the looks of it. Guys, check this out.” Mark took Vince by the shoulders and turned him around so the others could see how his ass strained against his pants. Vince tried to resist but couldn’t turn around. He wanted to pull away as Mark squeezed his ass but just stood there. He felt his face flush with embarrassment. “You used to be in the best shape of all of us…this should make things more interesting. It’ll still work, right Scott?” He winked at the other three who were looking more eager than ever. Scott started typing something in his laptop.

“According to this it should, but we won’t know until we try,” Scott said.

“Scott, please, will someone tell me what you guys did?” Vince looked at Scott pleadingly. Out of all of them they had been the closest and they had the ugliest falling out. Scott was the only gay guy in the group and had been one of those people who had a thing for Vince. When he finally told Vince things got awkward and the friendship fell apart when Vince freaked out about it. Scott was still hurt that after all their years of friendship Vince could drop him that fast for a boring life. Scott just stared in response.

“To answer your question, we never got to have a party to celebrate your engagement so we thought we’d throw one now. Tense as you are it seems like you could use it,” Mark laughed.

“A party?” Vince still had his back to everyone so they couldn’t see the look of dread on his face. He knew whatever came next wasn’t going to be pretty.

“Yeah, but I should probably mention that you’re the entertainment. We also needed a guinea pig so hey, two birds, one stone.” Mark sat back down on the couch, leaving Vince standing in the middle of the room on display. “The email you got had a hypnotic program in it. Instead of a slow, steady induction the program Scott came up with deposits a rapid set of suggestions. As you’ve probably figured out, free will is something you’re in short supply of at the moment. Your head’s already been filled full of commands, you just need the right triggers. You probably want to say something, so go ahead.”

“Look, I know we haven’t been getting along but you don’t need to do this!” Vince was nearly drowned out by laughter.

“Ha! The rationalizing is right on cue.” Pat finally spoke up. “Watching him squirm is more fun than I thought. Go ahead Vince, try and turn around.” They all laughed as Vince’s body shook from the strain of trying to turn. He couldn’t so much as tilt his head.

“Hey, this is a bachelor party right guys?” It was Ryan who spoke this time. “Aren’t we missing something, Scott?”

“Hold on, let me make sure the camera’s turned on,” was all Scott said. Vince didn’t like where this was going and the tone in Scott’s voice scared him. He couldn’t see what the guys were doing behind him and he didn’t like the idea of a camera. “It’s working. Are we ready?” The others nodded in agreement while Mark reached for his stereo’s remote. Scott hurried to take his seat as jazzy strip-tease music filled the room.

At first nothing happened; Vince just stood there, his back still turned. After a few seconds he kicked off his shoes and un-tucked his shirt. He looked over his shoulder with his best sexy gaze and started unbuttoning his shirt. He spun around in time with the music to face the guys who immediately started egging him on. He tossed his shirt to Ryan as he made his way towards the couch, swinging his hips in an exaggerated manner as he approached the guys. They were beside themselves but Vince couldn’t believe what was happening. His face was beet red as he took his belt off and looped it behind Mark’s head, pulling it closer to his gyrating crotch. Mark played along and pretended to swoon. In truth, even though none of the guys were gay, this was turning them on. They had all been hurt or betrayed by Vince, who they used to trust, and their revenge was sexy. The fact that Vince had gotten so out of shape made this even better. Even when he was in shape he was always self conscious so this had to be torturous. He looked ridiculous as it was, trying to dance when he obviously couldn’t, and that was only compounded by his love handles pushing against the thin cotton of his undershirt in place of the trim waist he used to have.

Still in front of Mark, Vince unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down, exposing the top of his boxers. He turned his back towards Mark, raised his arms overhead and slowly swayed his hips until his pants dropped to his ankles. He kicked them off towards Pat and faced the group again. Clad only in undershirt, boxers and socks Vince shimmied his way over to Ryan. His ass was struggling to fit in his boxers and the guys could see it bounce with each step. If possible, Vince would have started crying at this point. Instead, he pursed his lips and ran a finger down Ryan’s chest to his crotch. He gave it a squeeze and felt Ryan harden in his hand.

“Wow, Scott, you’ve gotta be loving this. I’m not gay but this is even turning me on.” Ryan, and all the others, knew about Scott’s thing for Vince and were equally pissed about how Vince responded. “He’s gotten kind of fat, but still think he’s hot?” Vince cringed internally at being called fat.

“What doesn’t turn you on, Ryan?” Scott said asked jokingly. “But yeah, big studly Vince is still pretty cute as big flabby Vince.” Right on cue Vince pulled his undershirt off and shook his stomach around. “This is kinda like an obscene truffle shuffle,” Scott laughed. Responding to Scott’s voice, Vince awkwardly danced his way over and gave him some attention. Scott really was getting turned on by all this. He’d fantasized about this for a long time, and now it was finally happening. He couldn’t take his eyes off Vince’s dick as it bounced around under his boxers. Seeing this, Vince took Scott’s hand and stuck it through the fly of his boxers. He was mortified as he stood there grinding into Scott’s hand. Scott’s smaller hand was barely able to hold Vince’s giant balls but he was enjoying the feeling. He used to wonder what they felt like and looked like. Vince was further mortified when he felt himself getting hard. Not waiting for Vince to do it, Scott ripped Vince’s boxers off, exposing his growing member. Vince’s whole body was flush with humiliation. He was uncomfortable being naked in front of his fiancé, and now here he was in nothing but his socks stroking his dick in front of a group of his former friends. Ryan, not being able to hold himself back, had pulled his own dick out and was pumping furiously

“Go ahead Scott, you know you want to,” Mark unzipped his pants and followed Ryan’s example. “You’ve earned it.”

“Vince, I think I need some extra attention,” Scott said. At the words “extra attention” Vince turned back to Scott, nearly hitting him in the face with dick. It took him a second to realize what was coming, even as he was undoing Scott’s pants. He pulled down Scott’s pants and briefs and actually was hit in the face when Scott’s dick popped out. Vince was surprised; Scott was a tiny guy but his dick was huge. Finally Vince knew what was happening as he swallowed as much of Scott’s cock as possible. Scott was in ecstasy as Vince’s tongue rolled up and down his shaft. He had wanted this for so long it was hard to believe it was happening. Vince felt Scott tense up but wasn’t expecting a mouthful of cum. Scott was holding the back of his head in place so Vince instinctively swallowed as much as he could. Pat made sure to get a picture of the cum that was dribbling out the sides of his mouth. Scott let go of his head and Vince stood back up. Vince was still rock hard but wasn’t expecting Scott to lunge forward and return the favor. Vince never had a guy suck his dick before but this was the one part of the experience he enjoyed so far. Scott felt Vince tense and pulled off before Vince came. He aimed Vince’s dick so that he shot his load all over Mark’s shirt.

“Hey! Watch it!” Mark’s shirt was covered in cum. He pulled it off and threw it at a laughing Scott. “That’s a good idea though.” Mark stood up and faced Vince. Ryan, seeing what Mark was intending came over and they both shot their loads all over Vince. After catching his breath Mark turned off the music and sat back down.

Once the music stopped an exhausted Vince dropped to his knees. He looked down and saw his chest hair sticky with cum. He was having a hard time wrapping his brain around what just happened. He had danced, stripped, jerked off, sucked someone off, gotten sucked off, was covered in cum, and sat naked in only his white socks.. He was humiliated.

“Well, that was fun,” Mark said. “Did you enjoy yourself Vince? It certainly looked like it.” Vince was silent. “You probably want something to wash that taste out of your mouth, right? You’re in luck, ‘cause we’ve got something all prepared.” Mark stood up and walked towards the kitchen. He stopped on the way and picked up Vince’s discarded undershirt. He slipped it on and was surprised at how loosely it fit his trim figure. “Damn, you really did get fat! And take your socks off, you look ridiculous.” Vince pulled his socks off, feeling totally exposed all over again. Mark returned with a glass filled with a green liquid. “Here, this should do the trick.”

The last thing Vince wanted to do was drink whatever was in the glass but he was helpless to do anything but choke the foul tasting liquid down.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Ryan asked. “We’ve been pretty lucky up until now, and this part is extremely experimental.” Ryan laughed when he saw Vince’s eyes widen at the word “experimental.” “Remember that guinea pig part? You should start feeling that any second now.”


Vince suddenly felt lightheaded. The guys watched in awe as the fat melted off his body. Vince looked down at himself and saw his muscles emerging from under the fat. His arms regained their definition and his torso turned back into a V. His ass and thighs shrank back down until he had a nice perky bubble butt. His package looked much bigger now that things were back in their former proportions. Vince stood and was impressed with how he looked. His pecs seemed huge! He reached up to feel them and was quickly confused. Instead of being firm like he expected they were soft. His chest hair began receding too until his chest was completely smooth. Vince’s chest hadn’t been smooth since before he hit puberty and he had forgotten how it felt.

“I think it’s working!” Pat said excitedly. They couldn’t believe their eyes as Vince’s chest slowly changed shape and he was left holding a growing breast in each hand. Vince wanted to scream but could only watch as his formerly masculine pecs grew to a set of large boobs. He wasn’t sure exactly, but Scott had developed the serum to give him at least a large C cup size. Vince felt a twinge in his stomach and watched as his waist pulled in and his hips pushed out, turning his “V” in to an hourglass. His bubble butt was short lived as his ass filled out and softened. The changes caused Vince to shudder and he squeezed the bosom he was still clutching. The sensation made him go weak in the knees and spring yet another erection in front of everyone. That wasn’t the only sensation Vince was experiencing in his dick. Horrified, he watched as his cock slowly shrank in length and width. He clutched at it, as if he could stop it from happening but only felt more acutely how much it was diminishing. His once pendulous balls now fit nicely in the palm of his hand until they pulled up towards his body. When the shrinking finally stopped Vince was left with a barely three inch boner poking out of his pubic hair and his balls were hardly visible. He could now conceal his entire equipment, erection and all, with one hand. The final change occurred to Vince’s face. His lips puffed out and grew, leaving him with a very feminine looking mouth. After a few minutes the guys were relatively certain the changes were done.

“I guess it sort of worked,” Scott broke the stunned silence. Ryan responded by laughing hysterically at what he saw. Pat and Mark were quiet.

“What did..” Vince stopped when he noticed his voice had gone up an octave.

“The plan was to completely change you into a female, but I guess the formula needs some tweaking. We didn’t take into account your weight gain, so you’re kinda somewhere in between. And before you ask, no, we can’t change you back or any further to a female. It’s a one time thing.” Scott stood up and examined Vince closer. He hadn’t made the formula strong enough. Instead of diminishing Vince’s size the formula just dropped the fat. Instead of making him look more feminine it actually ended up accentuating all of Vince’s masculine features. His short dark hair, five o’clock shadow and strong jaw were now offset with a pouting, pornstar mouth. His broad shoulders, biceps and strong back now ended in wide hips and an ass guys would lust after. Instead of a vagina, the formula just shrank his dick that, apparently, still worked. Except for his chest, he still had all his body hair too. His hairy stomach looked incredibly out of place beneath his newly acquired breasts. The chest was the one part that worked perfectly. Vince now had a rack bigger than most girls and based on what he saw during the transformation it was extra sensitive. His voice had gone up in pitch as well, but not as much as it should have. Vince still looked very male, just with a few accessories.

Mark pulled a box out from under the couch and tossed it to Scott, who had moved across the room. “Vince, walk over to me,” Scott ordered. Scott wanted to make Vince move around and feel how the changes to his body would affect him. Vince took an awkward step forward and almost fell over. The added weight to his chest mixed with the change in his hips threw him off. He was further thrown by the sensation of his breasts bobbing with each step and missed the familiar feeling of his dick swaying and his balls rubbing against his thighs. He cringed when he saw what Scott was holding.

“Don’t make me wear that,” Vince said, causing everyone to laugh at his new voice.

“Trust me, with all that added weight this’ll make you feel better.” Scott turned Vince around and slid the pink leopard skin bra on. He gave Vince’s boobs a squeeze and had to keep him from falling as his knees sagged at the sensation. His now tiny dick throbbed in response. “Hold on, there’s more.” Scott pulled a matching thong from the box. Vince’s eyes were wide as dinner plates when he saw it. Scott lifted one leg at a time and slid the panties on Vince who raised up on his toes as the strap wedged in his ass. His dick tented out the front but was still small enough to be mostly concealed.

“This is gonna be the best part!” Mark was excitedly gathering up Vince’s discarded clothing. “Let’s see how you look in your old outfit!” Mark pulled off Vince’s shirt he was wearing and threw it to him. Vince noticed how good Mark looked without his shirt on and realized there was another change made. Mark saw the look in Vince’s eyes and laughed. “Hey Scott, Vince is in to dudes now, so if you’re still interested you might have a shot.”

Scott didn’t say anything in response, he was too busy watching Vince try to squeeze in to his old pants. The new shape of his ass and his wider hips weren’t very accommodating. He finally squeezed them on but couldn’t button them. He pulled his undershirt on and then his button up, but he couldn’t actually close his shirt over his breasts. Fully clothed he looked even stranger. He was much more masculine looking when dressed, but there was no hiding his rack, or his lips. After much picture taking the guys finally told Vince to strip back down to his underwear. They made him bounce around for a while, enjoying the look on his face as he felt his breasts slap up and down. Eventually they made him change again in to pink lingerie, complete with stockings and heels, and do another dance number. They almost wet themselves watching him stumble around on hairy feet that were squeezed into heels. As the day was winding down, when Vince thought the guys had done everything they could to him, Scott called Vince into one of the spare bedrooms.

2640Scott was standing in his boxers, waiting. “Vince, do you remember that one thing you always told me you loved to do with girls? The thing you told me I’d always miss out on with guys?” At five foot four inches Scott was short, but built. Scott was covered in lean, wiry muscle and Vince was already familiar with the size of Scott’s other parts. Scott loved the fact that Vince was practically drooling looking at his body. Vince’s tiny dick was tenting ou=t the front of his panties. Scott pulled his boxers down slowly, rubbing against Vince as he did. “Do you remember yet,” he asked seductively. Scott pulled Vince’s panties off and undid his bra. He pushed him down on the bed and sat on Vince’s stomach, straddling it. Scott’s heavy dick lay on Vince’s chest, just below his breasts. Vince remembered. The one “adventurous” (at least in his mind) sexual thing Vince enjoyed was fucking a girl’s chest. He would go on at length about how good it felt and he always gave Scott a hard time about how he wouldn’t be able to do that with a guy and how he was missing out. Scott smiled when he saw the realization dawn on Vince’s’ face. Slowly, squeezing Vince’s chest together, Scott pushed in and out between Vince’s overly-sensitive breasts. Vince screamed in pleasure and grabbed Scott’s firm ass, his higher pitched voice ringing through the house. After only a few minutes Scott felt Vince’s cum spray on his back. For someone with such small equipment he still let loose a good sized load. Scott pumped back and forth, feeling the hair on Vince’s stomach rubbing against his thighs. It was a bizarre contrast between the smoothness of his chest. Scott hated to admit it, but Vince was right, this did feel good. His balls rubbing on Vince’s stomach as it raised and lowered with each breath, coupled with the feeling of Vince squirming between his thighs was amazing. Finally Scott came, with Vince trying to catch as much of it in his mouth as he could. Scott fell forward on top of Vince, basking in the after glow.

“Wow, you were right Vince, that was great,” Scott said breathlessly. “I’m glad we’ll get to do that all the time now.” He climbed off of Vince and told him to get dressed. Vince was so exhausted he managed to get dressed but collapsed on the bed. Scott let him sleep. He had a big day ahead of him tomorrow.