Surf's Up


Darren was glad to finally be out of class. He waited all week through boring lectures and uptight professors for the moment he could grab his board and go. He'd been doing some research and heard about a stretch of beach that was usually pretty empty and the waves were supposed to be a dream come true. Darren knew he wasn't the worlds greatest surfer but he enjoyed anything physical. He used to spend his time at the gym but gave up after a while. He envied the guys he saw at the gym that packed on muscle but no matter how hard he tried he wasn't making much progress. His friends kept getting bigger and bigger but he pretty much stayed the same. One day when he was at the beach sulking after a workout a crowd of people caught his eye. They were all paying attention to some scrawny guy with a surfboard. Darren decided then to give it a shot. He knew he looked good in his trunks and since it wasn't working out at the gym what did he have to lose?

"This has gotta be the spot," Darren thought. He'd been hiking across the beach for almost an hour and the last person he'd seen was a guy about twenty minutes ago. Darren was impressed with the surf here. Whoever posted about this place was right - the waves were huge and the water seemed warmer than usual. It had been a long time since he could have a stretch of beach to himself. His appreciation was cut short though as a huge wave caught him off guard and sent him sprawling.

Mike was glad to finally be alone. He couldn't stand being in that office all day. He didn't have anything in common with his coworkers and staring at a computer all day was torture. The worst part was the way everyone treated him. Most of his coworkers were older than him by at least 10 years and they treated him like he was still a little kid. "Sure," he thought, "I can be a little immature but I'm just trying to liven the place up." Just because he liked to have fun didn't make him sixteen years old again. "It's only going to get worse too," he said to the waves. Mike wasn't getting any younger. He'd watch the guys in his office with a certain amount of dread. He could see where some of them used to be in pretty good shape but no one could compete with time. At night he'd stare at himself in the mirror and wonder how long it would last. His face still looked young and he stayed in great shape, his sense of dread keeping him motivated at the gym. Still, Mike found himself in these moods and needed to get away from people. He'd been lucky to find such a secluded spot on the beach. The last person he'd seen was when a kid with a surfboard passed by. Mike looked in the direction the kid was heading and saw what looked like the kid's surfboard floating towards him. He figured the kid lost the board in a wipe out and waded out to get it in case he came looking. He wasn't planning on swimming but thought he'd do the kid a favor. He pulled his shirt off and headed out.

By the time he got to the board Mike was feeling funny. The second he touched the water he felt kind of light headed. As he fought the tide back towards the shore he was having a hard time keeping his grip on the board. His hand couldn't seem to hold enough of it and the water seemed to be getting deeper, even though he was heading for shore. He was just about back on dry land when a wave threw him head over heels. Mike knew this wasn't right. The surf was rough but he shouldn't have been thrown like that and the wave should have hit him at his waist at the highest, not square in the back. He lost the board but was more concerned about losing his shorts.


"What the hell was that?" Mike was still stunned from his tumble. He crawled around looking for his shorts, too busy to notice his arms' shorter reach or how much his underwear was sagging on him. He gave up after a few minutes and staggered to his feet. Immediately his sopping briefs dropped to his ankles. "Good thing no one's arou..." he started to say but stopped and cleared his throat. His voice sounded funny, like it was too high pitch. "Must've swallowed too much water," he thought. Focusing on clearing his throat he bent and pulled up his briefs, which promptly fell to one side when he started to let go. Mike looked down and was confused. At first he thought his underwear stretched in the water but it finally hit him that they didn't get bigger, he got smaller. Looking down, the view was all wrong. His chest should have been rounder and more firm, not to mention covered in hair. Instead it was flat and smooth. He unconsciously let his briefs go and felt his body. His stomach had lost its definition and was as smooth as his chest. His arms a were a fraction of their former size. When he flexed, his biceps had only a hint of definition and he understood why he couldn't hold the surfboard when he saw how his hands had shrunk. His arms and hands weren't the only things that shrunk. Mike's cock was a third the size it used to be and was poking straight out. His feet were buried under his briefs, having shrunk several shoe sizes. It was hard to determine with nothing around but Mike knew by where the water hit him that he had lost at least several inches in height. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He hadn't looked like this since he was a teenager. In his early college days he'd hit a growth spurt and really taken off so he knew he was at least younger than that. He couldn't believe what he was feeling either. The senation of his hands mixed with the wind on his naked body was electric. Mike never had any problems in the bedroom but he forgot what it felt like back then. He started jacking off and was in ecstasy. It didn't take long before he came, but after a few minutes he was ready to go again.

1040Further up the beach Darren was struggling to his feet but was having a hard time. He felt heavier and the wave had soaked his clothes. His shirt felt tighter than it should and his trunks felt like they were cutting his legs off. He only made it a few steps towards shore when he heard a loud rip and felt water splash against his bare ass. Darren saw the shredded remains of his trunks float away and looked down. His thighs were huge! Before he could react he felt his shirt getting tighter and finally give way. Beneath his thickening fingers he could feel his stomach growing and tightening. His chest was ballooning outwards and his arms were trippling in size. He reached behind and it felt like he had two basketballs tied to his waist. His ass was rock hard and looked like the ones he saw in the gym locker room. His cock was also snaking downwards on top of his expanding balls. He was now bigger than most of the guys at the gym. "This is amazing," he said and laughed. His voice was much deeper and resonant. He stood in the water and flexed, watching his body inflate. Darren didn't know what was happening and didn't care. He felt fantastic. As he walked towards shore he kept getting bigger. The feeling of his thighs rubbing together was starting to turn him on and his now monstrous cock was getting hard. Darren reached down and felt it keep growing in his hand. It was getting longer and wider and his balls felt heavier and heavier. At the slightest touch he exploded, cumming more than he ever had in his life. Spent, he blissfully crawled to shore realizing that his wish had been granted.

Meanwhile, Mike had finally managed to exhaust himself. His shorts had washed back ashore but were laughably big on him. He had to tie the drawstring as tight as it would go just to keep them from falling completely off. He still couldn't get used to the feeling of his smooth chest and his tiny cock looked pitiful poking out of his soaking shorts. Then it dawned on him: he'd gotten his wish. He didn't have to go back to a job he hated and he didn't have to worry about getting old for a long time. Smiling mike made his way down the beach.