Tony's Bad Day (musc tf)


“Pete! Help! Pete come quick!”

Pete jumped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He heard his friend Tony calling from outside the bathroom window and ran for the door.

“Hey Pete, what’s up?” Tony asked.

“Tony? What’s going on?” Pete looked around breathlessly for some sign of catastrophe. All he saw was his shirtless friend’s smile. “You’re a son of a bitch, Tony,” Pete said as he turned to walk inside. Before he could reach the door Tony rushed by, ripping the towel off. Pete heard the distinct “click” of the door lock and saw Tony doubled over with laughter on the other side. “Tony!” Pete pounded on the door but quickly stopped and covered himself when a group of people walked by. “Jesus, he’s going to get me arrested,” Pete muttered to himself. He ran around back where at least no one would see him.

“You gave those people quite a show, Pete,” Tony said from the back porch.

“There aren’t words for how much I hate you.” Pete’s whole body was crimson with embarrassment as he struggled to cover himself. He didn’t actually hate Tony, in fact he found Tony’s immature pranks to be pretty funny. Most of the time anyway.

“You love me and you know it,” Tony said smiling and flexing a little. He did his best to turn on the charm so Pete wouldn’t be mad. He knew Pete actually did have a thing for him. “And you’ve gotta admit this was hilarious.”

“Yes, very funny, can we go inside now?” Pete scrambled in the house, doing his best not to stare at Tony’s shirtless chest. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Dunno…just wanted to see what you were up to. Promise you won’t be mad?” Tony stopped Pete with a large hand on the skinnier man’s shoulder. At Pete’s smile he let go, assuming he’d charmed his way into Pete’s good graces again. Tony watched Pete’s nude form run down the hall with a measure of pity and disgust; pity that Pete couldn’t help his stature and disgust at the thought of being a tiny little gay guy. Pete had a little definition but was mostly skinny and shapeless. He had tiny arms, a flat chest and skinny legs. His ass was the only part that bubbled out a little under a slight layer of fat, and at just over five feet tall he still looked like a kid. Tony was the exact opposite. He was over six and a half of lean, defined muscle. He’d been blessed with good genes and his handsome face was offset with dimpled, pouting lips. Genetics aside, Tony worked hard to make sure his body was just the way he wanted it: not too lean but not too bulky. Tony couldn’t stand the guys at the gym who just wanted to get pumped and packed on freakish amounts of muscle. They looked disgusting. No, Tony knew his hard work paid off and he loved to flaunt it. Take Pete, for example. Tony was straight but he knew Pete lusted after him and he didn’t mind flashing some skin for the little guy. It also didn’t hurt that Pete was loaded and could be easily manipulated. Tony knew Pete understood he’d never have a chance but he was content to let him dream while he used him for whatever he could.

Pete paced back and forth in his room, the details of his plan running through his head one final time. This had been in the works since the day he met Tony. Tony was working at the coffee shop down the street and never so much as looked at Pete until the day he happened to see the wad of cash in Pete’s wallet. After that it was amazing how quickly he and Tony became friends. Right. Pete knew Tony thought he was using him but that was fine. He had plans of his own. If Tony wanted to parade his body around he could go right ahead. As of today, it was Pete’s for the taking. For months, Pete had been filling Tony’s head with hypnotic suggestions. That was how he got Tony to come over this morning; he simply called him, put him under, told him to come over, and then made him forget the whole thing. Tony was clueless. It wasn’t like Tony was a completely terrible person. He was charming, had a great sense of humor, and Pete did enjoy being around him. Still, Pete viewed the impending situation as payment for services rendered. He’d indulged Tony and let him think he was stringing along the pathetic little queer, giving him cash or whatever else he needed the whole time. Now he was collecting his due. The very thought was making Pete hard. The one part of the past few months that was completely genuine was that he really did lust after Tony’s body. He’d been tempted several times to put him under and have a go at it but he couldn’t be sure it would work until now. He was shaking with anticipation as he sat on the bed. “Hey Tony, could you come in here and reach something in my closet for me,” he yelled, the few seconds it took for Tony to reach his room feeling like an eternity.

“Yeah sure what do you…whoa! I thought you’d be dressed by now.” Tony stopped in the doorway and averted his eyes from the naked Pete.

“What’s wrong? After this morning I thought you liked seeing me naked?” Pete stood up, not bothering to cover himself up this time.

“I know you’re glad to see me and all, but would you mind putting that thing away?” Tony couldn’t help but look at Pete’s hard cock pointing his direction. He was honestly surprised at how big it was. Given how small the rest of him was, Tony just assumed Pete’s equipment would match but instead it was a solid seven inches with a good width. Granted, it wasn’t as big as Tony’s, but on Pete’s smaller frame it looked massive.

“You know I can’t say no since you’re so charming.” Pete walked to his dresser and pulled out a pair of briefs. Tony looked visibly relieved. “Actually,” Pete said, dropping the underwear, “I have a better idea. Why don’t you lie down?” Charming was the trigger word and Pete couldn’t wait to see it work.

“Um, why would I…” Tony’s protest stopped abruptly as he found himself walking towards the bed and crawling in. “What the fuck? What’s going on?” Stretching out lazily on his back he couldn’t hide the look of panic in his eyes.

“Oh calm down,” Pete said, standing at the foot of the bed. Tony suddenly looked a little less panicked but was still agitated.

“What’d you do to me? Why can’t I get up?”

“A simple suggestion is all…actually, a series of simple suggestions starting from when we met putting you completely in my control. How dumb do you think I am? Or maybe the better question is how smart do you think you are? I’ve given you a free ride for a long time…now I’m going to collect.”

“Dude, what are you talking about? You’re my friend and I..”

“Tell me the truth,” Pete said, interrupting.

“…and I’ve just been using you for your money.” Tony looked horrified at what he just said. Pete just laughed and walked to the side of the bed.

“Why don’t you say how you really feel about me,” he said, running a finger across Tony’s defined chest.

“I…feel sorry for you bein’ so small and skinny so I let you hang out with me. I let you look at me, I thought it was a fair trade. You got to dream about me and I got you to pay for my stuff. I thought it was kinda sad that you were so in to me when it’s never gonna happen but it worked out for me.” Tony trailed off. Pete stayed quiet, still probing Tony’s chest with his finger while he contemplated what to say.

“Well,” he said finally, “you were right, I did dream about you. I don’t know that I’d call that a fair trade by itself, though. How about we work on evening things up, eh? Go ahead and take your pants off.”


Slowly, Tony reached down and undid the button of his pants. He desperately wanted to stop his fingers from pulling the zipper down but was helpless. He pushed his pants down, exposing his rather skimpy underwear. Pete could see Tony’s enormous package struggling to be contained by the small amount of white fabric.

“Don’t forget the underwear,” Pete scolded. Tony’s heart sank. He had no doubts about where this was heading and he suddenly regretted teasing Pete so much. Hooking his thumbs in the top, he arched his back shimmied out of his underwear. This caused his sizeable cock to flop against his flat stomach as well as give Pete a full view of his heavy balls. Pete grabbed the clothes and pulled them off the rest of the way, copping a feel of Tony’s lean thighs on the way down. He climbed in bed next to him and took a firm grip of Tony’s limp dick. “I meant to ask you earlier Tony, and I know you are, or were, straight, but do you find me attractive?”

“No,” Tony said without hesitation. The feeling of Pete’s small hand around his cock was the least attractive thing he could think of. He was also beginning to worry about Pete’s choice of words regarding his sexuality.

“Really? Huh. I always thought you were the type that would find me very attractive,” Pete said nonchalantly. Almost immediately Pete felt Tony’s cock throb in his hand.

“What the…” Tony watched in horror as his cock grew to its full length. He knew this was wrong but suddenly Pete’s touch was electric. His brain wanted to push away but his body wanted nothing more than for Pete to keep touching him.

“See? That’s better.” Pete started stroking and Tony squirmed on the bed. Pete loved every second of this. Here was the tall, lean, arrogant stud naked and helpless on his bed wriggling under his touch. Pete stopped stroking and laughed at the look of disappointment on Tony’s face. The look of disappointment quickly turned to one of surprise as Pete climbed up and straddled Tony’s chest. Pete sat expectantly, his dick resting at the nape of Tony’s neck and his balls rubbing against his firm pecs. Pete reached back and gave Tony’s balls a squeeze, making him gasp and moan. Once his mouth opened Pete shoved his cock inside. Tony’s eyes were the size of dinner plates at the shock of having a man’s penis in his mouth for the first time. He tried to speak but the vibrations only caused Pete to buck his hips and push in farther. Tony couldn’t escape it; the taste and the smell were overpowering and before long he found himself administering his first blow job. He was even more surprised when he noticed his hands rubbing all over Pete’s body. He ran his hands up Pete’s delicate thighs and gave his squishy ass a firm squeeze before Pete’s chest completely disappeared under Tony’s huge massaging hands. Tony couldn’t wrap his brain around it. Pete’s smooth, lithe body felt wonderful when it should have felt revolting. In response to Tony’s probing hands Pete resumed stroking Tony’s cock. It wasn’t long before Tony came, spraying all over Pete’s back. This in turn caused Pete to shoot his load in Tony’s mouth, who couldn’t help but swallow it. Temporarily spent, Pete clambered off Tony and lay next to him in the bed.

“So are we even?” Tony asked, his chest heaving and a hopeful look glinting in his eyes.

“Not even close,” Pete laughed. “We’re just getting started. I’ve got something very special in store for you.” He stood and stretched.

“What are you gonna do to me?” Tony looked like he wanted to cry.

“Right now, since you made such a mess and interrupted my shower earlier, you’re going to help me clean up.” Pete grabbed Tony’s hand and pulled him up off the bed. “Lead the way,” he said, pushing Tony down the hall towards the bathroom. Pete always loved the way Tony’s ass moved under his pants and he loved the way it looked exposed. Seeing the well muscled bubble shift with each step made the months of planning worthwhile. Once in the bathroom Pete started up the shower and stepped in, bringing Tony with him. He left the door open so Tony would have to watch them in the mirror. In the confines of the tiny shower Tony dwarfed Pete. Tony’s cock was pressed firmly against Pete’s lower back and Pete’s head barely came to the top of Tony’s chest. Tony methodically lathered Pete from head to toe before gently rinsing him clean, all the while trying to avoid looking at the mirror. It was with no small amount of satisfaction that Pete noticed Tony’s cock become hard against his back while he scrubbed. Pete fought temptation and stepped out of the shower so Tony could towel him off. “See? Was that so bad?” Pete gave Tony’s ass a playful smack and laughed as the bigger man winced at his touch.

“So now are we even?” Tony was looking at the reflection of the two of them standing naked in front of the mirror. He wanted to pick the smaller man up and break him in half but instead his gaze kept drifting south to Pete’s crotch and the soft member hanging between his thighs.

“Every time you ask me that question it’s only going to get worse.” Pete walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. Tony followed suit and started to put his underwear on. “No, no, you look just fine in what you’re wearing,” Pete said, taking the underwear from Tony. He started to drop it on the floor but instead decided to try it on. The skimpy briefs that were so tight on Tony were comically large on Pete. Without Tony’s bubble butt to fill them out they dropped to one side on his hips. Tony wanted to laugh but found himself turned on by the sight of the little man in his underwear. He was further turned on when Pete bent to pull a box of magazines from under his bed, causing the underwear to slide half off his ass. “In case you’re curious about these,” Pete pulled a catalog out of the box, “they’re for your conditioning.”

“Conditioning?” Tony didn’t like the sound of that.

“Yeah, we’re going to the beach but before we do I want to make sure you’re ready. Okay, so, here’s what I’m thinking, let me know how you feel about this, but every time you see a male other than me you pop a boner.”

“What?” Tony asked quietly, the color draining from his face.

“Since you liked showing off your body to other guys so much this’ll make sure they see everything you’ve got.” Pete opened a catalog to the Men’s section. He picked a very basic picture of a man in a suit. Granted, the guy was handsome, but there was no exposed skin or anything remotely sexy about the picture. He showed it to Tony and instantly Tony sprang to attention. “Ha! Perfect!” Pete couldn’t contain himself. He waited a few minutes until Tony softened up a little and pulled him to the window. His neighbor, an elderly gentleman, was out working in his yard. Again, the second Tony saw a male he was rock hard. “Okay, that was quicker than I expected. I think we can go down to the beach now.”

“I can’t go out like this!” Tony looked mortified at the thought of what was going to happen once he was out in public.

“So modest all of a sudden!” Pete mocked. “It’s not like you’ll be naked…here, you can borrow something of mine.” He threw a wadded ball of fabric to Tony, who looked further mortified when he saw what he was holding.

“I don’t think this’ll fit,” Tony said, examining the tiny speedo.

“Sure it will. We’ve been over this: you like to show off and this is the perfect opportunity.” Pete watched Tony squeeze in to the little swimsuit. The speedo was impossibly small on him; his ass was almost totally exposed, the base of his cock was visible at the top and when he walked his balls pushed out the sides.

981Pete pulled on a pair of baggy swim trunks and went out the back door. Tony tried his hardest to stop but his legs moved of their own accord. He realized how precarious his outfit was when his cock popped out going down the back porch stairs. He stuffed himself back in as best he could and ran to catch up with Pete. The running caused the back of his speedo to wedge itself further up his ass and consequently expose more of it. The feel of the breeze blowing against his bare cheeks was enough to make Tony blush with embarrassment. He liked to show off his body, but not like this. He followed close behind Pete down the trail to the beach. So far they hadn’t passed anyone but Tony knew his luck couldn’t hold out. Right on cue two guys walked by heading in the other direction. As they walked by one of the guys disgustedly eyed the near nude Tony and muttered under his breath about queers on the beach. Tony was lucky they kept walking because instantly his cock was pushing out the front of the speedo to its fullest length. The distention caused the back of the speedo to disappear completely in Tony’s ass and exposed the entirety of his package, balls and all.

When they finally reached the beach Tony was devastated to find it crowded. Pete told him to walk ahead, depriving him of a person to hide behind. He laughed as person after person gasped at the sight of Tony parading down the beach. It was a mixture of cat calls, death threats and indignant yelling. Finally reaching a secluded spot, Pete told Tony to stop.

“So how’d that feel? Don’t get to show off much more than this…those people sure were lucky, weren’t they?” Pete almost felt sorry when he saw the look on Tony’s face.

“Pete, I’m sorry, okay? I’ve learned my lesson, I..”

“Don’t apologize because we both know you don’t mean it,” Pete said savagely. “And you haven’t learned anything yet, but I’m glad you brought that up because it’s time for your special treat.” Pete’s tone went back to being friendly.

“Wh…what is it?” Tony was afraid to ask.

“Go for a swim,” was all Pete said.

“A swim?” Tony was confused. “That’s it?”

“Go, splash around in the water, and come back.”

“O…okay.” Tony knew there was a catch but he couldn’t figure out what it was. Not that he had much choice; before he could contemplate what was in store he was diving headlong against a wave. The water was cold but not unbearable. After a few minutes of swimming he left the water and walked back to Pete. “There. I swam. Now what?”

“That’s all!” Pete said jovially. He looked at Tony’s body, his ripped form accentuated by the glistening water dripping off him. “But I should probably tell you now that two days ago you took a drug that’s activated by the enzymes in salt water. You won’t remember, so don’t bother trying. The best part is I told you then exactly what this drug will do and you flipped out. And now I get to do it again! You never did bother to ask me how I made all my money did you? I’ve always been good at chemistry and in college I sold one of my discoveries to a pharmaceutical company for an obscene amount of money. I still like to tinker though, and you just became my guinea pig.”

“What’d you do?” Tony started to yell before doubling over. The changes started happening rapidly and the first thing Pete noticed was Tony getting shorter. It wasn’t a proportional shrinking; his legs were pulling up faster than his torso was dropping down. The overall effect was as if Tony was being squished. He was getting shorter, but he wasn’t losing any mass. Instead, years worth of lean muscle piled on top of each other giving him the appearance of a very short, wide bodybuilder. His back and shoulders exploded outwards, becoming broader with each second. His biceps followed suit, tripling in size and puffing out his forearms. His hands pulled inward and his long, thin fingers became short and stubby. He still had a V shaped torso but his flat stomach became thick with muscle and his bubble butt turned in to jagged, muscular peaks. Lean, toned thighs gave way and pushed together under lumps of corded muscle. Even his calves doubled in size while his feet shrank in length but grew in width and were capped with tiny, stubby toes. At this point his nine inch cock hung down past his knees but it finally started to change, slowly inching it’s way up towards his waist. It lost about a third of its length, stopping around three and a half inches, but it was at least twice as wide as it had been. When all the changes stopped, Tony had lost more than half his height, but none of his weight. He was now just under four feet tall. Even his face had changed — gone were the dimples and pouting lips, replaced by a jagged, square chin.

This time it was Pete’s turn to stare in disbelief. He knew his formula was supposed to shrink Tony, but he didn’t know it was going to do this.

“Uhh…” Tony moaned, still dazed. “What happened?” His voice sounded like he’d been sucking on helium. Not understanding what just occurred, he cleared his throat and tried again. “I feel funny…*ahem*…I feel…what’s wrong with my voice?” He asked, standing up. It took a second for him to register that he was eye level with Pete’s waist. With horror dawning, he looked down at himself and screamed before passing out.

“You awake yet?” Tony heard Pete’s voice and stirred. “I should have planned on you freaking out…it wasn’t exactly easy getting you back up here.”

“Pete?” Tony groggily rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Something wasn’t right…his face felt different. Then he remembered. He shot up in bed and looked at his now stubby hands. “Holy shit! Turn me back! Right now, turn me back!” Tony ran his hands over his new chest in disgust. Pete couldn’t help but smile at the sound of Tony’s new voice. “This isn’t funny!” Tony screamed.

“That’s a matter of opinion,” Pete laughed. “There is no going back, so don’t ask. This is the new you and you’re going to have to get used to that. Why don’t you get up and have a good look at yourself?” Pete pulled back the sheet giving Tony a clear view of his short, meaty legs. The first thing Tony noticed, however, was the pudgy little cock in place of his former hose. Instinctively he reached down and felt it, barely able to wrap his small fingers around its girth. He kicked his legs over the edge of the bed and almost fell off since his feet dangled well above the floor. Hopping down off the bed he almost fell again when he took his first step. His massively wide thighs rubbing together coupled with his disproportionately short legs threw him off balance. Everything in the room seemed different too. It was all bigger and looked farther away. Finally, he faced himself in the mirror and was confronted with the sight of everything he hated. He was short, very short, and freakishly muscled. On top of that his body was all out of sync, with a long torso and arms sitting on top of much shorter legs. He was barely able to hang his arms straight at his sides. His ass jutted out behind him an obscene distance and this too threw him off balance. Pete came up behind and the size difference was emphasized again, only this time Pete was the big one. He reached down and tousled Tony’s hair the way Tony used to do to him. Once again, at Pete’s touch Tony’s fat little cock sprang up, only growing a little. Tony looked down in disappointment as it maxed out at about four inches. “If it makes you feel any better, Tony, I still think you’re pretty hot.” Tony actually was surprised at his reaction to this. His sense of disgust was fading fast and he was actually starting to get aroused by all this. He struck a pose and flexed in the mirror, observing himself from different angles.

“So what now?” Helium voiced Tony asked.

“Follow me,” Pete said as he waked out of the room. Tony struggled to keep up on his short legs. He tried to ignore the feeling of his new formed muscles bouncing as he ran. “Since you liked it so much when I took care of you I thought we’d make it official.” Pete opened the door on a room full of tiny furniture. Tony was speechless as he looked at the kid sized bed and dresser. Neatly laid out on the bed was a set of children’s clothes that were still going to be incredibly small on Tony’s wide little body. “Welcome home,” Pete said, closing the door.