Fraternity Muscle 6: Matt's Secret

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“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!”

Greg wasn’t sure if that was his voice or not. He couldn’t really hear anything over the pounding in his own head. Never in his short life had he experienced a night like that and through the fog of pain the good bits started coming back to him. At least right up until the part where he blacked out with that hot piece of ass riding his cock.

He sat up too quickly and the world swayed a bit. He saw his slacks balled up on the floor and the tattered remain of last night’s polo shirt were also scattered nearby, along with four of the condoms he’d used last night.

Reaching down he cupped his tender balls. They were sore and ached. Though he figured that had mostly been something to do with the epic amount of cumming he done. He just wished he could remember all of what had happened. And why he was now alone.

Holding his head in his hands he heard his phone insistently chirping at him. When he picked it up he saw nine missed text message from Matt. And shit, was that the time? Eleven o’clock in the morning?

He scrolled through the messages:

“Call me little bro. Did you forget we were meeting at 9?”

“Where the fuck are you?”

“Dude seriously, we are you!”




“Call me urgent!”

“I’m gonna to beat ur ass!!!!!!!!”

“Call me right away!”

Greg raised his eyebrows in surprise. Matt never got on his case like this, but then he had missed their morning meeting. And by rights he should have been over at the Phi Epsilon Chi house.

He dialled Matt. Fuck this was going to be painful.

“Dude!” hollered Matt into the phone. “Where the fuck have you been.”

“Sorry Sir, I went to a party last night, I meant to….”

“Who cares?” cut in Matt. His voice was eager, excited. “I don’t give a fuck. I need you to get to the chem lab double quick. Be here by 11:30. Seriously…don’t make me wait.”

Matt hung up. Greg stared at the phone for a minute. That was so out of character for Matt. Greg stood up and stretched. His underwear appeared to be missing, but maybe the Lambda Mu Chi pledge had taken it as a souvenir? Greg thought that was kinda hot and wished he’d gotten her name. The sex had been amazing, but Greg wasn’t sure if it was just cause the girl was hot or if his newly improved body made it even better.

Oh well. He pulled his trousers up over his thick quads. Even after a night of sex and beer he felt hard and thick. It was definitely a struggle to get the fabric over both his thick calves let alone his much wider quads. He breathed a sigh of relief that he could still button them over his big glutes.

A shirt was a bigger problem. He was still in the Kappa Alpha Mu house. Greg didn’t know whose room he was in, but he grabbed the biggest shirt he could find out of the closet and figured he’d return it through Rich later. The shirt itself was like a second skin, but he did manage to pull it over his muscles. His pecs stretched the front, while his lats pulled the back near to bursting and he was worried it might not hold. No sudden moves! Because the thread in the sleeves was already tearing.

The frat house was as quiet as a morgue. A few people still lay where they’d fallen in the early hours of this morning. But there was no sign of Rich or Hank. Greg didn’t know the house and didn’t want to pry. He figured it was best just to beat a hasty retreat and thank the guys later for a good time.

He walked across campus as quick as he could. It was pretty quiet on a weekend. The odd person was out, but most were sleeping off their morning afters.

The chem lab itself was as also quiet.

It was normally full of industrious students, but today with most of the lights off it was even a bit eerie as Greg went to find Matt in his usual spot. Matt was standing behind a counter in a lab coat, and Greg remarked to himself at how even the folds of fabric couldn’t seem to hide the sheer size of his big brother. His visible pecs strained the fabric of the usual polo shirt Matt wore underneath the tight, white coat.

“Man, it’s about time! I thought I was going to have to call out the search dogs!” Matt didn’t look up from what he was doing, as he was engrossed in inspecting some vials on the counter. He scribbled a note on a pad next to him.

“Sorry Sir. With the night off I went out to a party with my friend Rich. His frat was giving a party.”

“Party?” Matt finally looked up from his work. “Rich the dude pledging Kappa Mu Alpha?”

“Yeah. Is that a problem?”

Greg was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the level of scrutiny he was receiving from Matt, who was usually very carefree and upbeat.

“Listen man, I don’t want to tell you who your friends should be. That’s not what we’re about. But word to the wise, those dudes are bad news. Seriously! Our frats have been rivals on campus for over a hundred years. I would tread very, very carefully.”

“Ah…okay.” Greg reached up as he said it, an old nervous habit, to rub his hand on the back of his head. He hadn’t reckoned though on having an eighteen inch cannon inside his borrowed sleeves. The gesture tore through the seam which likely wouldn’t have held much longer anywhere.

Fortunately, it distracted Matt enough to change the subject.

“Don’t worry man. Just be careful. Now, let’s get to the real reason you’re here.” He gestured for Greg to come nearer.

“You’ve been taking the formula for a while now, but it’s not enough. Nate is going to win, and we can’t have that.”

“Sorry Sir. I’m trying my hardest, but Nate is just a freak.”

Matt made a dismissive gesture. “Nate was ahead of the curve maybe. But we all started as smaller, weaker guys. If this was the same point in the pledge process as my class you’d have already outstripped us. And don’t forget I was the biggest dude my class.” Matt winked at Greg and bounced his pecs.

“Genetics are meant to be overcome.” Matt pulled out a syringe. “Do you know why the formula was invented?” Greg shook his head no.

“A very smart, wealthy alum many years ago began experimenting with growth compounds. Back then Kappa Mu Alpha were the big boys on campus. But they were and still are assholes.”

Greg looked a bit sceptical, which was not lost on Matt.

“What have they ever done for anyone? They exist only for themselves, to party, to fuck, and to have a good time. No element of service. Back then they bullied everyone on campus. Everyone. Especially the Phi Epsilon Chi house.”

Matt picked up one of the vials, and Greg saw that instead of the usual green and amber fluid, this one was a dark blue, almost indigo color.

“We were and are a service fraternity,” Matt continued. “We had the men of intelligence, financial power, and sophistication, but we were physically weaker. One night, during a frat party held by our house, the Kappa brothers broke in and humiliated our chapter president. They held him down and took turns making him suck their dicks. It was a humiliation in a long line of humiliations, and one that this house has never forgotten. Sure each house has always played tricks on the other, but they stepped over the line. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And our chapter president vowed it would never, ever happen again. In all these years we’ve been developing and refining our formula. It sets us apart from the other frats. We dominate now in all areas, including physical perfection.”

Matt knocked the air bubbles out of the syringe, a tiny spray of fluid coming out the top as he adjusted the amount.

“I hope you can see the difference between them and us. I hope you pledged for more than just muscles.”

Greg thought back to his experiences since the beginning. Growing as fast as he had, the bond he felt with his pledge brothers, was nothing short of amazing. But he also recognised the things he admired about his house. The casual good deeds that went unnoticed, and unlauded. The leadership of the Phi Epsilon Chi men, their commitment to charity and their school, and the civility with which their approached everyone. It was a standard he respected immensely.

“Of course I did Sir.”

“Good, because I wouldn’t have sponsored you to pledge if I didn’t think you were pretty fucking awesome guy.” He hit Greg playfully on the shoulder, square on his big delts, and Greg was surprised at how little it hurt.

“So I want you to be the biggest, baddest pledge around this year little bro, and I’ve got this formula to help us out.”

“Well…I don’t know Sir. Isn’t that cheating?”

“There are no rules in the game, man. I’ve been working on the new upgraded formula and I’ve started trying it out on myself.”

Matt slipped off his lab coat, letting it fall to the floor. Greg had gotten used to Matt being a big guy, but even he was surprised. He really examined Matt’s physique and noticed how big the man was. His polo looked like it was painted on. The sweep of his lats, the thick bricks of his abs, each muscle was clearly outlined under the tight cotton. His pecs were so thick and vast that they pulled the neck of the shirt apart, displaying massive cleavage.

“This is after just one dose man.” Greg looked a bit awed. He watched as Matt reached up aesthetically, Matt’s full glory on his display, and his flexed lats tore through the seams of his shirt, the neck of the shirt tearing as the pecs bunched and flexed, and the sleeves blowing out as he squeezed his open hands into fists and brought them down, massive cannons firing. BOOM! BOOM! One after the other like bloated footballs. The shirt was soon a tattered rag.

“The only guys still really growing much out of the active brothers are Grieg and me. And I know Grieg’s been doing roids. I also know that he’s been giving some of them to Nate.”

Greg’s jaw already having fallen open in a stupefied expression from Matt’s earlier display, fell open a little further upon hearing this. But as he thought about it his face took on a determined look and he clamped his mouth shut quickly.

“Roids and the formula are a pretty heady mix. But don’t get angry man. As I said there are no rules on how you can grow. Just tools.”

“I want this new formula,” said Greg. Even in his own ears his voice sounded determined.

Matt pulled the tattered remains of his shirt off. His face was a smirk of satisfaction.

“The alums think the current formulas are all we need, but I’m not satisfied. And I knew my little bro wouldn’t be either. Drop your trousers dude.”

Greg undid them and let them fall as Matt ready the syringe. Greg grabbed onto the counter, as he exposed his striated ass to his big brother.

“Going commando? Nice!”

Greg felt the sharpness of the needle as it pierced his glute, it burned as it entered the flesh of his muscle. And the effect was immediate. Greg felt the hardness in his cock as it rose instantly.

“Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!” he groaned.

He gripped the counter harder as he felt the sensation overtake him. With the other formula he’d felt amazing, but this was akin to a sort of intoxication. Greg could literally feel it passing through his body and it was incredible. His head fell back as he felt his muscles tighten, harden, and swell. Felt his fingers press into the metal of the cold counter, even as he heard it groaning under his strength.

“HOLY FUCK!!!” he roared as he felt his thick elongated cock spurting out ropes of white cum against the counter.

“I should have warned your about that!” muttered Matt. “I probably should have warned you about this too.”

Greg didn’t realise what he was talking about as his body was racked with euphoria. But the spike of an even larger needle slamming into his other glute brought him back to reality. And he felt his muscles tear themselves apart as they grew with an amazing pump, the extra dose augmenting the power of the first.

The shirt Greg was wearing tore itself apart, like an explosion of confetti as his body swelled beyond anything Greg had ever imagined. His cock still leaking as his balls churned out another load.

“It makes you horny as all fuck.”

Matt reached around behind Greg and pulled Greg against his thick pecs, and Greg felt himself fighting against those hard, iron like plates. He was equally conscious of Matt’s thick cock wedged against his ass, and he squeezed his glutes together as Matt pushed him onto the counter. He felt the power of Matt’s arms, in the back of his mind fighting the idea, and yet his body welcomed it. He could feel the power of his own body, as it grew, fighting against Matt.

“Fuck you’re strong little bro.” Matt’s voice sounded feverish.

He felt Matt tearing into him. Immediate mind numbing pain gave way to ecstasy. He hadn’t expected that and it felt so good. Matt’s arms wrapped around him. Strength like he’d never felt before squeezed his torso, and Matt began to move inside him. It was heady, and Greg lost himself in the primal fucking as he felt that long thick piece of meat thrusting inside him. They both grew. Matt used his vast power to contain his growing little brother and Greg made him work for every inch, every thrust as they swelled up. Finally Greg’s cock spurted a last and final time before he felt the heat of Matt’s cum filling his ass.

They both collapsed forward, Matt’s weight on top of Greg.

“I’m sorry man....” Matt sounds almost ashamed. “This formula, sometimes I forget what it’s like. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s okay, Sir," said Greg. “And I think that was quite a workout.”

“Time for the gym man. Time to grow. You haven’t even experienced a quarter of the power in those shots. Go back to the house and get a session in. There’s also plenty of protein drinks in my room. Drink your fill, you’re gonna be hungry!”

“Better get back to the house then….” Greg could barely wait to try out his new muscles and grow even further.

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