The Chloroform Chronicles

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is strictly coincidental. Please read no further if you are underage or are offended by explicit sexual stories.

Part 1: Getting Greg

It had been easy enough to get the chloroform. It was a fluke, really. I have a neighbor who teaches high school English and awhile back when his car was in the shop for a few days I offered to drop him off and pick him up from work for a few days. One day when I came to pick him up he was helping a student with a report and asked me if I wouldn't mind waiting. I wandered down the hallway until I came to a biology lab. The door was open so I walked in. One of the walls housed a set of cabinets filled with bottles and flasks of all sorts. I took a closer look. There were three bottles of chloroform in one of the cabinets. I remembered back to my high school days when my lab partner in biology class almost passed out from accidentally inhaling chloroform. Taking a quick look around to see if anyone was watching, I tested the cabinet door. It was unlocked! I grabbed all the bottles of chloroform and stuffed them into my gym bag.

That night I poured a little chloroform onto a wash cloth and held it to my nose. I inhaled deeply and immediately coughed. It gave off a sickly sweet, overpowering scent that burned my nostrils. I moved the cloth a couple of inches from my face and took another breath. Slower this time. That was better. No burning. I took another breath and then another. Nice and slow. I felt my head dip a little. I put the cloth over my nose and mouth. I found I was able to take deeper breaths now. I lay back on my bed and began to inhale more deeply. My head began to feel light and I heard a rushing sound in my ears like ocean surf. I could feel my heart beating loudly like a drum. My vision dimmed and I was out.

For the next few nights I continued to knock myself out, but that wasn't enough. I desperately wanted to try it out on another person. Of course, I wasn't about to go out and chloroform people at random. Then it hit me. Maybe I could use it on my roommate. I could sneak into his room at night and knock him out while he was sleeping.

My roommate Greg is a really great guy. Okay, sometimes. Sometimes he's a real pain in the ass. But we get along for the most part. He's 6' and weighs about 170 or so. He works out a few nights a week and usually walks around the house without a shirt. His chest is pretty buffed and tan and I joke with him that he should do commercials for the gym he belongs to. Sometimes in the evening he just walks around in his boxers. He's also very easy on the eyes. Always smiling, the life of every party. He works for what he calls a "slave driver" in the accounting department of a large law firm and frequently comes home pulling his hair out.

One Friday night Greg came home stressed out. He had had the week from hell so I asked him if he wanted to go out and have a few drinks. I knew he could drink me under the table any day of the week, but I also knew he was a heavy sleeper and if he was just a little drunk when he went to bed maybe he wouldn't wake up while I was trying to knock him out.

We hooked up with a couple of Greg's friends at the pool hall that night and I told Greg that I'd drive so he could let loose if he wanted to. He didn't disappoint. He was pretty ripped when we got home, and needed help to make it to his room. I helped him get his shoes off and was starting to unbutton his shirt for him when he hauled off and slugged me. He said that only fags undressed other guys and that I'd better not be "no fuckin' fairy." He managed to get his shirt and pants off before he crawled into his bed and passed out. In all the time I've known Greg I've never tried anything with him when he was drunk or passed out, but tonight was going to change all that.

I waited for almost an hour before I made my move. I wanted to give him time to fall into a deep sleep. I opened his door a crack and peered in. The light from the hall fell across his bed, and there was Greg, lying on his side, snoring lightly. I crept into his room and knelt beside the head of his bed. I poured some chloroform onto a cloth and held it to his nose. He jerked a bit when he caught the first whiff so I moved the cloth back a few inches. Every time he took a breath I moved the cloth a little closer, letting more and more of the drug get into his system, gradually dulling him. I did this for almost 5 minutes, replenishing the chloroform whenever it evaporated. Finally I couldn't wait any longer. I was sure Greg was pretty out of it by now. I wet the cloth once more and folded a dry section over it. Taking a deep breath I put the cloth completely over his mouth and nose. His eyes slid open slowly and I gasped. They were glazed over and were rolling upward. He moved his hand to the cloth but was too weak to do anything. I held both his hands with my one hand and pressed the cloth firmly down over his face with the other. Within seconds his eyes slid shut. I held the cloth for a few more seconds just to be sure and then released it.

I lifted his eyelid and watched as his eyeball rolled back. His breathing was slow and even. He was out cold. I felt my dick lurch and I adjusted myself. I pulled back his covers. He was wearing blue and white striped boxer shorts. Calvin Klein. I lifted him up and over my shoulder. He was heavy. Pure dead weight. I took him to my room and laid him on my bed. I had hooked some restraints to the bedposts earlier and now I fastened them to Greg's wrists. I carefully removed his boxers. His cock, about 6 inches soft, rested against his leg. Even though he was out for the count, I still didn't dare touch it. I pulled out a pair of brand new white briefs from my drawer. They were my favorite kind, white full-cut J.C. Penney Staffords. In my opinion the softest, best fitting briefs on the market. I slipped them onto Greg, rubbing and caressing his tight body every inch of the way.

Wow! He looked so hot lying there in white briefs! I grabbed my digital camera and began taking pictures. Then I spread his legs and kneeled between them. I ran my hands lightly up and down his legs, from his ankles to his thighs and to his bulge.  

I couldn't believe it! I had my hunky, straight as they come, boxers-only roommate, out like a light and tied spread-eagled to my bed in tighty whities! I snapped more pictures and was about to get a little playful when he slowly opened his eyes and began to moan. I started to panic. Shit!! I'd left the chloroform in his room! I sprinted out and grabbed both the bottle of chloroform and the discarded cloth, wetting it on my way back.

Greg was still moaning and was now struggling slightly against his bonds. His eyes were glassy and unfocused. I clamped the cloth over his face and waited. Almost immediately his eyes closed. He was out again.

I traced his softening cock with my fingers and continued to knead and nudge it until it was hard again. Then I ran my hand down between his legs and pushed softly, through the briefs, between his butt cheeks. I slipped my finger under the cotton fabric and worked it around his tight hole. I looked up at his still sleeping face. No change. He must've been under too deep to react.

I untied him and then stripped out of my clothes and down to my underwear. I mounted my camera on a tripod and took a few pictures of me with Greg. I posed him in a number of positions, both alone and with me. These were going to be great pictures. I was so hot and hard that I almost shot my load while holding Greg's soft face so close to my hard dick during one shot. I got more with him leaning against my shoulder, his hands on my crotch.

I carried him back to his room and laid him back on his bed. I stripped off the briefs and pulled his boxers back on, but just up to his hips. I looked at him and a devilish thought crossed my mind. I was still a little pissed at his faggot remarks and decided to get a little revenge.

When I was a junior high school I had some buddies come over while my parents were out of town. One of the guys' older brothers bought us a case of beer and we proceeded to get trashed. One of the guys, Kevin, passed and another guy, Jay, filled a bowl with warm water and dipped Kevin's hand in it. In a few minutes a dark spot appeared on the crotch of Kevin's jeans and began to slowly spread. We all cracked up. I took my polaroid camera and snapped a couple of pictures of Kevin in his pissed pants. Then Jay had another idea. He unbuttoned and unzipped Kevin's pants and pulled them down to his hips. Kevin was wearing white Fruit of the Loom briefs but they were now stained yellow with his piss. We all laughed more and I took a couple more pictures. The next morning Kevin was so embarrassed he almost cried.

Now looking down at Greg I had the same idea. I pulled his boxer shorts back up and went to get the warm water. I softly stroked his stomach, chest and nipples while his hand rested in the bowl. Within a few minutes I could see the light blue stripes on his boxers turn dark blue with piss. Because he had drunk so much beer, his urine was dark yellow. The spot spread and soon the sheets all around the middle of his body were soaked with his piss. I dried off his hand, thought better of it, stuck it down his wet boxers instead, and pulled his blankets up.

I didn't sleep well that night... a combination of the thrill and the nervousness I felt. I was hoping that Greg wouldn't suspect anything or remember anything from the few seconds he came to.

The next morning while I was eating breakfast I heard his shower. A few minutes later I heard him open his bedroom door and I turned to greet him. His was rubbing his eyes as he walked. He was wearing a pair of Notre Dame boxers. It was now or never. Greg wasn't afraid of confrontation, and if he had any suspicions at all about last night, well, I was in for it! But he didn't say a word. He only complained of a slight headache and blamed that on the drinking he did the night before. He made no mention of his "accident" but then I didn't think he would. He also didn't seem to remember anything about the comments he made and I chalked them all up to his being drunk. I looked at him and started to go hard thinking that just a few hours ago I was fondling and photographing this hot stud and I couldn't wait to do it again!

Actually, I didn't wait much longer. I chloroformed Greg again that night. He had gone out drinking with some buddies and had a few more beers when he got home. After I knocked him out I set up the video camera and got some footage of me stripping him out of his boxers and into white briefs. Then I gave his hard body a tongue bath. I was still a little mad about his faggot comments from the night before, so after I put his boxers back on I slowly rubbed him through the flannel material until he came in his shorts. I was so hard by then that I began to jerk myself and unloaded my jizz all over his already soiled boxers.  I put his hand in some warm water and when he had finished wetting himself, I pulled out my dick and started pissing all over him and the area immediately surrounding him. When I was done I rolled him onto his stomach. The wet spot was huge and I had to laugh watching my roommate asleep in cum and piss stained boxers.

Sunday morning Greg got up early to do laundry. He left the house shortly afterward and returned a couple of hours later with a new mattress. He made some lame excuse that his old mattress was getting worn out. He had wrapped the old mattress in the plastic from his new mattress, but I could smell a faint scent of urine mixed with Lysol. I didn't let on that I smelled anything. He grabbed the old mattress and his keys, told me he was running to the dump, and left. I waited until I saw his truck drive away and then went into his room. I checked out the new mattress and was surprised to find a plastic liner under the sheets!

Of course Greg has no idea that I know, nor does he have any clue that every time he comes home drunk he ends up getting the sweet side of the cloth. I've got several nice pictures and videos, too. This boy has become quite a celebrity on the internet. I've posted several pictures to an internet web site featuring drunk or sleeping guys in white briefs and have got quite a bit of good feedback. Of course, I'm always careful not to show his face, using either a blindfold or a mask.

Part 2: The Chloroformed Cop

My friend John has always turned me on. He's a cop and a total stud. When he isn't working he's either at the gym or surfing. He's got blond hair and a killer tan from all his time in the sun. He's just under 6' and has a pretty hard body. The night I got him he had come over right after his shift, still in uniform. He had brought along a change of clothes, and after showering and changing we went to a hockey game and then out to shoot pool and darts.

We had a few beers at the hockey game and when we got to the pool hall John was a little tipsy. I decided to take advantage of the situation so I kept feeding him drinks. John rarely drinks because he's an athlete and always working out, so by the time we left the pool hall he was hammered. I don't think he had any idea how much he had been drinking because I had been getting the drinks from the bar and was putting extra alcohol into his from a flask I was carrying. He was so drunk that he didn't even catch on when I started to feel him up in the car. I leaned his seat back and ran my hand softly up and down his crotch, squeezing every now and then. He moaned like a horny schoolgirl. My roommate Greg was spending the night at his girlfriend's apartment and I suggested to John that he spend the night on my couch. He nodded drunkenly. When we got back to my place he couldn't even walk straight. For some reason he thought it was funny and couldn't stop laughing. I tried to shush him as I helped him through the front door, my hands roaming all over his ass. I let him slip down to the floor once we were inside. He started to crawl through the hall on his hands and knees until he caught sight of himself in the hallway mirror. He pointed to his reflection and started laugh again. I grabbed the chloroform and a rag from my room and when I came back John was sitting on his haunches talking to himself in the mirror and doing some lame DeNiro imitation. I soaked the cloth and set it down on the floor next to him. I started to unbutton his shirt. I pulled it from his pants and reached in to unbuckle his belt when he pushed my hands away and told me in a very drunken voice that he could undress himself. He was still laughing. I helped him to his feet and encouraged him to continue. I hummed a few bars of an old burlesque song to get him going. Soon my drunk friend was stripping off his clothes like an amateur stripper with me egging him on all the way. After tossing his shirt to me he peeled his t-shirt off and swung it around, laughing, before throwing it across the room.

He was unsteady on his feet and leaned up against the wall while taking off his belt. Finally he was down to his pants! I had never seen John's underwear before and was completely surprised to find him wearing tight white boxerbriefs! Since he was into surfing I had assumed he wore boxers, but shit! This was going to be great! I only wish I had my video camera running.

John had his khakis around his knees and was trying unsuccessfully to steady himself while stripping them off. Every time he lifted his one leg he would nearly topple over. He finally pitched forward onto his hands and knees, pants now around his ankles. He was laughing and trying to sing the tune I had been humming earlier.

I picked up the rag and knowing that he was so fucked up he'd never remember anything, clamped it over his nose and mouth. I saw his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were open wide, trying to figure out what was happening to him, his hands flailing, trying to tear mine away. I held him close to me and could feel him struggle for about 20 seconds. Then was out cold.

I grabbed him by his shoulders and dragged his limp body, pants still at his ankles, to my bedroom and hoisted him onto my bed. I mounted the video camera on its tripod and took his pants off the rest of the way, along with his socks. I sat down next to him and lightly ran my hand over his bulge. I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was with Mr. Macho Cop, Straight Surfer Stud, unconscious and in his underwear.

Then an idea hit me. John always looked so hot in his uniform. I had to get some pictures of him in it, and some of me stripping him out of it! I took his uniform from the closet where he had hung it up earlier and started to put it on him. While I was pulling up his pants he began to come to. I grabbed the rag, re-saturated it with the chloroform and put it over his face. He was out again almost immediately.

I got several pictures of him in his cop uniform and being stripped out of it. When I had him down to his underwear again I took more pictures of him. Some with his hands all over me and some of just him in various positions and poses. I was so turned on I had to change my briefs twice that night.

I laid him out flat once more on the bed and snapped another picture of him. His boxerbriefs were tented and bulging. I pulled his hard dick through the fly, put his hand around it, and took more pictures. Then I slid his shorts down his thighs. His thick, fat dick stood up like a tent pole but soon started to go soft. I grasped it gently between my thumb and forefinger and ever so slowly jerked it, rubbing the pad of my thumb over the tip, until it went hard again. I fondled his balls with my other hand. I slipped my mouth over his rigid cock and began bobbing up and down. Slowly at first, and then more quickly. I felt his balls constrict and another moan escaped his lips. Just as I felt him ready to shoot his load I pulled my mouth off and pulled his underwear up, my hand still inside jerking his throbbing cock. His hot, sticky cum filled his boxerbriefs. I got the rest of his clothes back on and laid him out on the couch. The load of cum in his boxerbriefs soon soaked through his tan khaki pants, creating a huge wet and sticky spot on his crotch. I smiled and covered him with a blanket.

I had to knock out John out three times that night so I could do everything I wanted, but it was worth it! And I got it on video, along with plenty of stills. I especially like the pictures I got of him in his uniform with his fly open. I love seeing a guy with his fly open. I posted some of the pictures I took of John to a web site specializing in cops in their underwear. 

The next morning John was sicker than a dog. He assumed it was the alcohol and vowed over and over that he was never going to drink again. I chuckled at him and pointed to the stain on his crotch. He quickly pulled his shirt out of his pants to cover it up, embarrassed.

It felt great getting John like that and I was glad that I got pictures. I'd never have that kind of an opportunity with him again! 

Part 3: Shanking Shane

Shane is a guy I know from a softball league I play on. About 2 years ago I started to invite him to poker games Greg and I had about twice a month at my house. He's a divorced father of two, about 5'9" and weighs 170 or so. Brown hair, greenish brown eyes. I think he's gorgeous. He reminds me somewhat of Tom Cruise. He has the same kind of charisma and charm and that big, big smile.

Shane works on the night crew for a local grocery chain so his schedule is pretty much the opposite of all his friends. Still, we usually try to get together several times a month.

It was a Friday night when I really noticed Shane for the first time. I had always thought he was good looking, but for some reason when we were playing poker that night I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was hot and I wanted him. Badly. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt that showed off his muscular biceps and shoulders and a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his right arm that danced every time he flexed.

We were all drinking except Shane, who had to work the night shift in a couple of hours. The conversation gradually turned to girls and I noticed that as we talked more and more Shane would shift in his seat from time to time and adjust himself. He talked about how he hadn't had a serious girlfriend in a long time because since he was a single dad he had to be careful of who he dated, even though the kids lived with their mom. He then said it'd been some time since he had been laid. I couldn't believe it. A hot guy like that should be getting some kind of action on a regular basis.

His t-shirt was just tight enough and sheer enough that I could see his nipples jutting out. He got up a couple of times to use the bathroom and fetch beers for us and each time he got up I noticed that his crotch was full. Obviously the talk was turning him on. His bulge looked pretty impressive and I found myself wondering what it would be like to stroke his rod and suckle his titties. I was pretty hard myself by this time and was glad that he was getting the drinks for us. He left for work about 30 minutes later, promising to show up for our softball game the next morning.

That next morning I scoured the parking lot looking for his truck. I saw him tearing in a few minutes later, coming straight from work. I watched as he came running from his truck, his bat and glove in one hand and his uniform shirt in the other.

He was wearing loose fitting Levis and as he stripped off his t-shirt about 2 inches of his white Hanes were exposed. My jaw almost hit the ground and I had to pull my tongue back in. I thought for sure he wore boxers. His broad chest was nicely tanned and smooth, and his nipples looked like bullets. He also had a few more tattoos on his chest and upper arms. He slipped on the team shirt. It was too small for him. I played third base and he played short stop and almost every time he moved he exposed his white waistband. I found myself continually staring at him while we played. At one point he bent down to retie his shoelace. His ass was nice and round and looked firm. This guy was just too hot! I don't know what it was, but I made up my mind that I was going to get him that night, no matter what!

Shane had to work again that evening and his shift ended at 3:00 am. I put the chloroform, cameras, tripod, rags and some rope into my gym bag and snuck out of the house at 2:30 am. I drove to where Shane worked, grabbed my stuff and waited in the parking lot behind his store. There were a lot of bushes and it was easy to hide. Shane parked where he always did, on the far side of the lot, away from the other cars, the passenger side of his truck up against a wall. I slid between the truck and wall and waited.

I heard him about 10 minutes later. I peered under the truck and watched as he approached. He was carrying grocery bags and his arms were full. When he neared the truck I struck. I was wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask I had bought for a Halloween party the year before and it covered about two-thirds of my face. My chloroform-soaked rag was ready. Just as he slid his hand in his pocket for his keys I quietly rushed up behind him. I wrapped my right arm around him and pinned his right arm (still in his pocket) to his side. I used my body to push him up against the truck and snaked my left arm up and pressed the cloth over his face. He was taken completely off guard and tried to cry out. But in taking in that first breath he instead inhaled chloroform. He tried to yell again but got more of the drugging vapors. He twisted his body to try and throw me off, but instead I arched my back and lifted him off the ground, holding him close to me and pinning him against the truck, so he couldn't get any leverage. Little by little I felt his strength ebb and he began to struggle less and less. Finally I felt him slump into my arms. He was out.

I carried him to the passenger side and, taking the keys from his pants, opened the door. I bundled him in and went back for my bag. I crawled in beside him and into the driver's seat, closing and locking the door behind me. He looked so peaceful. I put my fingers to his lips and parted them.

Shane lives by himself in a condo about 2 miles from where he works so I drove there. I made sure no one was out and about before I carried him into his house where I flopped him onto his sofa. I went back out to his truck and retrieved my goodie bag.

Once back in his house I locked the door and closed all the windows. I grabbed the chloroformed stud, hoisted him over my shoulder and climbed the stairs. I laid him out on his bed and went back down to get my bag. I took out the video camera and tripod and set them up in a corner of his room where I would be sure to get the best view and then returned to Shane.

I began to rub his crotch through his jeans and he started to moan. I looked at his face. His eyes were fluttering slightly. I tipped the bottle to re-wet the cloth and was struck by a thought. Up until now I had only fondled and sucked my victims while they were knocked out. But now as I looked down at Shane, at this fucking hot stud, moaning softly and on the verge of coming to, I put the bottle and rag down. I wanted him. Badly. I wanted to suck and jerk and milk this stud. I wanted to see this stallion squirm, hear him whimper and moan like a whore. Shane had no idea it was me who had grabbed him. I'd just keep my mask on, let him come out of it a bit more, just enough to realize that something was wrong, that he was in trouble. Then I would reapply the chloroform. And then, just enough to keep him in a helpless state, not enough to knock him out. I wanted him to know what was happening but dulled enough so that he wouldn't have a clear memory of it.

I tied his hands to his bedposts with the rope I had brought along. I rubbed his chest. I unbuttoned his shirt and opened it. He wasn't wearing a t-shirt and I marveled at his magnificent chest. One of his tattoos covered his right pec. I massaged his chest and plucked at a cone-shaped nipple. I felt it harden between my fingertips. I licked my fingers, wetting them, and slowly but firmly traced them around his nipples, rolling them between my fingertips from time to time. He continued to moan and when I felt his crotch again it had also gotten hard. I leaned in and nibbled his tittie.

"Uunnhhh.... ohhhhh..." he moaned.

"Oh yeah," I purred lowly, in a disguised voice, "tell me what you want." I sucked in earnest at his nipple and when I withdrew my mouth there was a faint red spot.

I moved my hands to his waist while my tongue continued to nip at his hard cones. He was wearing the same loose fitting Levis he had on this morning, the waistband of his underwear peeking over. I unzipped his fly and slid my hand inside. I could feel his hardening cock, trapped inside his snug Hanes, and I tugged at it. He gasped softly. I unbuttoned his jeans and opened them... Wow! This guy was a fucking stud and now, well... Wow! The mound in his white briefs was huge and I figured he had to be at least 8 inches. What a waste his big fuck stick was used so rarely! I slipped his pants over his round firm ass and down to his knees. I nuzzled his bulge and could feel his cock throbbing.

I had to stop myself from drooling as I stared down at Shane, wrists tied to the bedposts, shirt open, pants down, briefs bulging. His mouth was open slightly. I took my digital camera snapped some pictures. I kissed his forehead. He was coming to again. I ran my hands slowly up and down his taut firm body. He moaned again as I continued to lazily finger his dick. He tried to sit up but his restraints prevented him. He looked at me through tired, drugged eyes. "Whaaazzz goinnn onnn?" he slurred in a breathy voice, slow. He sounded so sexy. "Unnhh... whaattt are youuu doinnnn?"

I dampened the cloth with the chloroform, and pushing his head against the bed, clamped it down. "Just close your eyes and don't fight it, you hot fucking stud. You need this, man. You want it," I said in a disguised voice while tweaking his nipples. He struggled briefly and his eyes began to droop. I fished into his briefs and pumped his dick slowly. His eyes widened in horror. "Shhh... shhhh... oh yeah, big boy, oh yeah... ooohhhh.... mmmmm.... feels so good, doesn't it?" I whispered, putting my hand to his lips. The chloroform was too much and he began to fade again. I removed the cloth.

I snapped a few more pictures. I gagged and blindfolded him and took more pictures. When I finished the pictures I removed them. Then I lowered his briefs to his knees along with his jeans. His rigid dick shot straight up. I swear it was 10 inches hard! I squirted some lube into my palm and began to jerk him off. Up and down in a slow, corkscrew motion. Slowly first and then more intensely. He began to struggle once again and I applied a little more chloroform. I pulled his briefs back up. They were bulging obscenely. Fuck! This guy was hung!

I was in heaven! I had this red hot horny stud stripped down to his tightie whities and spinning in a chloroform daze while I worked him over and over. I was ready to burst! I stripped down to my white Staffords and got on top of him. I started to ride him slowly and soon I could feel his hips moving in rhythm with mine. He was moaning loudly and panting. I kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth, and was shocked when I felt him kiss me back. Surprised, I rolled off him and began to tickle and fondle his crotch through his briefs. I pulled his pants off completely, lifted his legs and placed them on my shoulders. His nice round ass was now right in front of me. I sniffed at his ass and poked playfully at the spot where his pucker was. I tugged his briefs down again and began to finger his hot little virgin hole. I could see as ass cheeks clench. I tickled at it again and poked more. He thrust his hips and his dick went rigid. He tried to kick with his legs, but I held tight. I lubed my finger and slid it in just a bit.

"Ooohhhh, uunnhhhh, nnnooooo!" he cried out. "Ohhh...." He continued to moan.

I pulled my finger out and leaned in, flicking my tongue over his rosebud. He yelped. "Ahh... ahh!!   Noooooo! Ohhhh.... uuunnnhhhhh.... uunngghhhh!!"

I could feel his tight hole quivering open and shut as my tongue slowly and gently lapped and sucked at it. I put my finger back up against his pucker and slowly pushed it in. I slipped in a second finger. His cock was leaking pre-cum and his shaft was lubed and shining. I grasped the shaft and rubbed the pad of my thumb over the sensitive tip. His body spasmed. He shook his head violently. "Nooo... doonnnn't... ooohhhh.... mmmmm..."

"Oh yeah," I said, breathing heavily, stroking his cock. It looked like he was about to cum and I withdrew my fingers. "Tell me what you want."

"Uuunnhhh, cccuuuummmmmmmm..." I was giving him enough chloroform to keep him helpless and off balance.

I pulled his briefs back up, untied his wrists from the bedposts and sat him up into a sitting position. I bound his wrists together behind his back and propped him between my legs, his back to my front. I stuck my tongue in his ear, nibbled his ear lobes, and licked the back of his neck, all the while continuing to massage his crotch and tweaking his titties.

Every time his balls began to tighten I would let up, and whenever I felt him coming around too much or regaining too much strength, I gave him another hit of the chloroform. Soon he was so out of it he was just babbling, his head lolling around on his shoulders. He was completely helpless and he was mine. Big dazed jock lying helpless in my arms in nothing but his underwear, moaning like a horny slut. He was begging me to stop but judging from the reaction I was getting from his throbbing dick, stopping was the last thing this horny stud really wanted. I slipped my fingers into his drooling mouth and he started to suck on them. He leaned back against me, heavily, his head on my shoulder, thrown back, mouth open, moaning lowly. I rubbed his pecs and tweaked at his nipples. They were hard and erect. Then, using one hand to masturbate him, I slipped the index finger of my other hand between his legs and up the leg hole of his briefs. I rubbed his sweaty scrotum and then plunged my finger into his hole. His hips bucked wildly and he began to groan more loudly as I frigged his sensitive nut. I held my grip around his waist and started to blow softly in his ear, flicking my tongue in and out for good measure.

"Unnhhh... ooohhhh... UUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNGGGGHHH!!!" Just as he climaxed and started to cum, messing his nice white briefs, I grabbed the rag and pressed it over his face one last time. His body arched and he thrust his hips. The thrill of the whole scene, Shane's moaning, his ass slamming into my crotch as he thrust his hips... It was all too much and I felt my own body shudder, cum filling my briefs. I held the cloth to his face until his orgasm subsided and he passed out.

I held him in my arms for several minutes before I packed up my things to leave. I checked to make sure the coast was clear before I left his condo and jogged the 2 miles back to where I had parked my car. With the workout I had given him, along with the chloroform, Shane would probably sleep until noon and then wake up with a headache, knowing that something had happened but not completely sure just what, lying snug in his bed, his cum soaked briefs sticking to his body.

The next day around noon I stopped by Shane's house to see if he wanted to grab some lunch and a movie. He peeked through the curtains before opening the door and looked visibly relieved to see me. He was wearing sweats, had bed head and didn't look well. I asked if he was okay and he mumbled something about a bad dream. I nodded, smiling.