Toying With Todd

I'm a junior at SMU (Southern Methodist University) here in Dallas. A couple of Fridays ago, before Thanksgiving, around 1:30 am there was a knock at my door. I live in the dorms. I quickly turned off my computer monitor so no one would be able to see the Internet site I was cruising.

I opened my door to see Todd, my neighbor from across the hall, drunk as a skunk, being held up by two guys. They said they were bringing him home but couldn't find his keys. Seeing a light coming from under my door, they decided to knock to see if maybe I could put Todd up for the night.

I told them that Todd kept his room key on a chain around his neck along with his grandfather's World War II dog tags, but that they could just put him on my roommate's bed and I would take care of everything. My roommate Ken was in San Antonio with Todd's roommate and a few other guys for the weekend so I had the whole place to myself.

A few words about Todd. Todd's from Syracuse, New York, and is the son of a minister. He's six feet tall and has short black hair. He's got what my mom calls "bedroom eyes" and is really soft spoken. He looks like a walking billboard for the GAP or Banana Republic. And when he wears his faded Levis... wow! He works out three or four days a week and has broad shoulders that taper down to a 30-inch waist. His butt is as good as it gets. Basically the guy exudes sex appeal. In fact, he smolders. But he's such a nice guy and so down to earth that he has no clue how hot he is.

In the two years I've known him, we've shared several classes and have often studied together. I guess you can say we've become pretty good friends. I knew he didn't drink, ever, and is as straight-arrow as they come, so I asked the guys what happened. They said that they went to a party and Todd was drinking some punch that was spiked with Everclear, except he didn't know there was any alcohol in the punch and since he was thirsty from his work-out earlier, he had been drinking it down like water. They said he had about five big glasses. There was a big red punch stain down the front of Todd's white oxford shirt. But he looked more than just drunk and I quizzed the guys more intently. They finally confessed that Todd had mistakenly drank a glass of punch that one of the guys at the party had spiked with Rohypnol, you know, the date-rape drug. It had been intended for some girl, but Todd drank the punch before anyone could stop him. As a result, Todd was drunk and drugged and completely out of it.

The guys flopped Todd onto the empty bed and left. I looked over at the sleeping stud and shook my head. I'd better get that shirt off him and soak it before the stain ruins it, I remember thinking. I unbuttoned and untucked the shirt and lifted Todd from the bed to slip the shirt from his body. The punch had soaked through to his t-shirt. That would have to come off also. I removed the chain that held his room key and dog tags from around his neck and began to pull the t-shirt from his waist when I noticed that he had tucked his t-shirt into his underwear. How precious, I thought. Almost like a little boy. I stroked his hair softly and gently pulled the t-shirt from the waistband of his underwear. Before tonight I had no idea what kind of underwear Todd wore. In fact, all the time I had known him I had never seen him with anything more than his shirt off. I did know that he had a beautiful chest, tough. Magnificent, really. Nice pecs. Brown nipples. Sculpted abs. The waistband of the underwear looked like the Stafford brand from JC Penney. As I lifted the t-shirt over his head, my knuckles grazed one of his nipples. Todd moaned slightly.

I looked up at his face. His eyes were open slightly but they were glazed over and his head was lolling back and forth. This guy was out of it. I remember thinking that he wouldn't have any idea of what was going on right now. I touched his nipple again and he moaned again. I rubbed it and plucked at it and he continued his low moaning. This was too much! I laid my hand on his crotch. He wasn't hard, but his package felt impressive. I looked over at the digital camera on my bookshelf and at my roommate's camcorder and tripod leaning in the corner. A few pictures wouldn't hurt, I thought to myself.

On a few occasions I have taken pictures of my roommate Ken when he has been passed out. Ken likes to party, and every so often he comes back to the room pretty toasted. When he does, I usually get him a glass of water and some aspirin. Except instead of aspirin, I give him Tylenol PM. You know, the kind with the stuff in it to help you sleep. Then when he's getting undressed, I turn the heat way up. In about an hour he's completely passed out and has kicked off his covers. That's when I go to work. I've got pictures of him in boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. My favorite are briefs, though. White briefs. Tightey whiteys. I digitally black out the face and any tell-tale objects in the background and then upload the pictures to my favorite news groups. I've even seen some of my pictures of Ken on various web sites.

Todd didn't need any such help to sleep, but just to be sure I poured about three shots of Jameson's Irish Whiskey (another of my favorites) into a coffee mug and put it to Todd's mouth. I parted his lips and began to pour the whiskey in. He sputtered a bit, but after a little coaxing and throat stroking, he drank down the alcohol. I was ready. Whoops! Almost. I set up my roommate's camcorder, popped in a new cassette, and switched it on. Now I was ready.

I laid Todd back down on my roommate's bed and slipped off his black Doc Martens. Then I unbuckled his black belt and held my breath as I unbuttoned and unzipped his khaki pants. The white of his underwear stood out brightly against his nicely tanned skin. I worked the pants over his bubble butt (being sure to caress and squeeze it) and then slipped them off completely. Yes! Todd was wearing white briefs. I remember my jaw dropping as I stared at the unconscious stud. He looked so amazing in his tightey whiteys. Have you ever seen a guy who looked so great in his underwear that you just wanted to keep them on him? Well, that's what it was like with Todd. This guy should be an underwear model, I thought to myself. Great looking, great body. I picked up my camera from the shelf and took a few pictures.

I stripped down until I was only in my white briefs and socks. I looked his body over carefully. Smooth, mostly hairless chest. Six-pack abs and a small waist with a nice treasure trail. A light covering of hair on his arms and legs. I spread his legs and cupped his bulge, gently working my fingers over his balls. He moaned again.

Then it hit me! I remembered some of my past conversations with Todd and him telling me he was still a virgin! His religious upbringing frowned upon pre-marital sex and he was determined to wait until he was married. The furthest he had ever gone with a girl was necking. Hell, I bet the only sex Todd ever had was with his hand, if even that! This guy had never drank, smoked, or used drugs. I can't even remember ever hearing him swear! He was almost too good to be true. Pure as the driven snow. Now here he was, drunk off his ass and drugged. Life is good!!

Knowing that he wouldn't have any recollection of the night's events, I formulated a plan to have as much fun with him as possible. I licked at his jutting nipples and lightly massaged his crotch. Todd moaned and moved a hand to stop me, but in his condition it was easy for me to hold it down. I remembered a bag of cast off clothing my roommate and I were collecting for the Salvation Army and sifted through it, finding several old silk ties. I tied Todd's wrists to the bed posts and was about to do the same with his ankles when I glanced up at the ceiling.

Ken, my roommate, had installed several large hooks in the ceiling studs to hold his mountain bike and other sporting equipment. He had taken his bike with him to San Antonio so there were a couple of free hooks. I moved the bed into position under the hooks and dug through his closet until I found what I was looking for: bungee cords.

Using a couple of the old ties, I made slip knots and placed them over Todd's stocking feet. I then looped the bungee cords around our broomstick, secured the broomstick between the two large ceiling hooks, and fastened the cords to the slipknots. I placed several pillows and a sofa cushion under Todd so that his lower back and butt were raised about two feet off the bed. So there I had Todd, laid out spread-eagle, his butt and crotch within easy access, and his legs positioned so I could slide them together or apart.

I sat on the bed between Todd's spread legs and blew softly on his thighs. I ran my hands up and down his legs and felt the muscles. Then I moved to his crotch, still in the white briefs. I bent forward and kissed the bulge and then began to tickle and gently massage it. Todd moaned and thrashed his head. He tried to move his arms but they were bound, and when he tried to move his legs, they just bounced on the cords. I steadied his legs with my hands and then reached up to his chest. I lightly circled his still jutting nipples with my index fingers. Then, while licking his inner thighs, I plucked at his nipples. He moaned and cried out slightly.

I took the remaining tie and lightly gagged him. I also slipped an eye mask on him and stepped back. I picked up the digital camera and snapped several shots. I would upload this series to one of my favorite bondage sites. With the gag and eye mask, Todd was unidentifiable.

I removed the eye mask and went back to my task. Todd was hard now, and as I rubbed his crotch and plucked his nipples his hips began to rock back and forth. I could feel his balls tighten up and new he was coming to orgasm. I moved his legs together slightly and pulled his briefs down a bit, tucking them under his balls. His dick was about eight inches erect and had a nerve-studded head that reminded me of a lollipop. A Charms Blow Pop to be more accurate. His balls were the size of walnuts, not too small, not too big, and he had dark pubic hair. As I rubbed my finger over his sensitive head, his hips began to buck. He was moaning louder now, but the gag was doing a good job muffling the sound. I could feel his balls constrict even more and knew he was about to shoot his load. I grabbed the shaft which was lubed with his pre-cum and gave it a few gentle strokes. His head was thrashing back and forth and he was breathing heavily. I grabbed another coffee cup, and aiming his throbbing shaft, stroked it until he burst. He shot seven or eight times and I caught each stream of jizz in the coffee cup. When his orgasm subsided, Todd's body relaxed. I sat back and took a deep breath. The manly aroma of fresh cum and butt sweat filled my nostrils. I looked at Todd and saw his eyes struggling to focus, knowing that they wouldn't. I stroked his sensitive head and felt his whole body quiver. He was moaning "no" over and over into his gag. But all I could think of was "virgin" and "yes." Tonight was not over, my friend, not by a long shot.

Rising from the bed I slipped Todd's white briefs up his legs and to his ankles, which were still suspended from the ceiling by the bungee cords. I slipped the knots from his ankles one at a time and removed the briefs. I held them to my face and inhaled. Heaven!

I spread his legs and sat back on the bed. I sniffed at his tight virgin butt hole and touched it with my index finger. His whole body quivered again and his legs began bouncing on the bungee cords. I gripped his legs to steady them and darted my tongue in and out of the virgin territory. I felt his body shake violently and I moved my hands up and down his chest, rubbing his pecs in big wide circles. He was moaning more loudly now.

I licked his shaft and balls. He moaned lightly. I took his scrotum into my mouth and moved it about, mouthing each ball lightly. Sucking and tasting him. He moaned more and tried to move his bound hands. With his balls still in my mouth, I inserted my index finger into his quivering butt hole and moved it around, nudging his prostate. His hips began to buck again and I could feel his balls tightening in my mouth. I grabbed the coffee cup again and as he shot another load of cum, I continued to fill the mug. He shot five spurts this time and his body hunched as I tried to touch his sensitive shaft and head. I picked up his discarded t-shirt and wiped the sweat that was forming on his forehead and armpits.

Wanting another load of cum, I began to stroke him again. I alternated between fast and slow, but I wasn't getting much of a response. Todd was looking pretty out of it. But I was determined, so I unlocked my desk drawer and fished around for a couple of seconds. I was rewarded with a small bottle of Rush. Opening it, I placed it under Todd's left nostril and stuck my tongue in his ear. "Take a deep breath, Todd," I said.

Before he knew what he was doing, he inhaled deeply. His back arched and he moaned loudly. "Shit, shit, shit, oh, fuck, oh fuck," he babbled. My, my, I thought, such words from a preacher's boy! I gave him another hit and then began to stroke his now rock-hard dick. At the same time I frigged his butt hole and licked his balls. He was squirming and writhing and whimpering, and within a few minutes he was cumming.

Over the next two hours I got another two loads of jizz from Todd. The last load took over an hour to milk, but I eventually got it. I ended up lubing my electric toothbrush with KY and sticking it into Todd's butt and turning it on low. While it was whirring away, I plucked and tweaked his nipples and bobbed my head up and down on his severely overworked cock head. I even made him inhale more Rush. He was going crazy, his body bouncing wildly and him begging me to let him cum. Finally I could feel him ready to shoot his load and I pulled my mouth off his cock just in time for him to shoot six shots of sticky cream into the coffee cup. By this time the mug was almost half full.

I looked down at the now spent stud and ungagged him. He was pleading with me to stop. I put my lips gently to his and stuck my tongue in his mouth. No reaction, no resistance. I loosened all his bonds and after cleaning him up, slipped his briefs back on. I stood back and still couldn't believe how great he looked in his underwear. I took more pictures, with and without the eye mask.

I knew in the morning he would have no memory of what had happened, but would be sure to feel the workout I had given his dick and butt hole. So I popped the coffee cup full of cum into my microwave and heated it on low for about 30 seconds until it was nice and warm. I slipped his briefs down to his hips and drizzled the warm cum all over his dick, balls, and pubes. There was about half a cup of the creamy jizz and it began to run down his legs so I quickly pulled his briefs back up and mushed them down so the cum would soak into the cotton material of the underwear. Then I took his right hand and slipped it down the front of the briefs, smearing it with warm cum. When he awoke the next morning he would assume (hopefully) that he had jerked himself into oblivion.

But there was still the violated butt hole. This would be trickier. I had to make him think that he had stuck his own fingers up his own butt. So, taking his left hand, I pulled down the back of my briefs and inserted Todd's index and middle fingers into my butt. That did it! I had forced myself not to cum all night, but the sensation of that stud's fingers in my ass sent me over the edge. My knees buckled and I creamed myself like I had never done before. I swear I almost passed out!

I covered Todd with a sheet and then jumped into the shower. After making sure the room was back to its original condition, I went to bed. For the first time since I was a teenager, I had a wet dream.

The next morning around 10 am, Todd woke up with a nasty hangover and no memory of how he got to my room. I told him that he had unknowingly drunk spiked punch at the party (leaving out, of course, the part about the drugged drink) and that his buddies had brought him over to my place. He shook his head as if to clear it and rubbed his eyes with his right hand. He opened and closed his hands a few times, probably feeling the tackiness of the cum, and sniffed it. His face screwed up in a quizzical frown and he peered under the sheet down to his crotch. His face turned white. He smelled his other hand and a look of mortification crossed his face. He looked up at me, slowly turning red with embarrassment.

He asked if he had done anything stupid, and I smiled wryly. I told him that I had taken off his shirt, t-shirt and shoes, and once I got him to lie down, he stripped off his pants and went to town. His mouth opened and I swear I could hear his jaw drop. He said he had never done anything like that before. I told him it was okay. He was a guy after all, and that's what guys did. But he just hung his head and shook it in disbelief.

He asked if he could clean up in my bathroom before he went back across the hall to his room and I told him it was okay. He wrapped himself in the sheet and trudged unsteadily to the bathroom, grabbing his pants as he went. After he showered he went back to his room. He said he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go back to bed. I asked if he needed anything and he said no. I told him I would check on him in a couple of hours. He said that would be nice. He thanked me for letting him spend the night and left.

Later that day when I was cleaning my room I emptied the bathroom trash. A small bundle dropped out. I bent down to see what it was. It was Todd's cum covered briefs! Evidently he had tossed them out in disgust. Jack pot!

That evening Todd came by my room. He had bought a new CD for me and thanked me again for taking care of him the night before. I told him that I'd take care of him anytime.