Brett's UN-Lucky Jock Part 1 (muscle theft cockloss)

Tanya sat down in her high school gymnasium with a big grin on her face. It was almost 10am, third period, almost showtime! The cheerleaders were beginning their practice drills at one end of the small gym while the football players had weight training at the other. The jocks were walking in from the locker room at a leisurely pace. She could hardly wait!!! REVENGE was almost hers so she sat patiently waiting for Brett to saunter in while thinking of her one and only date with the infamous Big Brett.

She had been so excited, imagine, the "new-kid" freshman asked out by the captain of the football AND baseball team. The most popular guy in the whole school had asked HER out! He had picked her up in his red mustang convertible and taken her to one of those retro drive-in movies. She had been so nervous sitting there next to the big athlete. Brett was by far the best looking guy in town. He was a big, thickly muscled 18-year-old, with beefy all-American looks. He could have any girl he wanted with his sexy smile. And he knew it too. Tanya hadn't known then but Brett had an ego to match his bulging biceps.

After the movie he had taken her to a secluded area where they could "watch the stars". Once in the backseat, he turned into an animal. Tanya felt like she had been swimming in muscles. At first she had been turned on by his smell and the meaty hands all over her and the grunting. But she began to feel like he was going too far. Tanya had always wanted to wait for marriage. She certainly didn't want to lose her virginity in the back of a mustang with some sweaty jock. When he unbuttoned the fly of his Levis he groaned a sigh of relief. Tanya finally saw the monster that had been trapped in his tight blue jeans. It was the biggest, fattest package she ever saw, straining to be freed from his red and blue striped jockey shorts. It must have been at least a foot long and so wide, she had a hard time believing he wasn't smuggling a softball in his crotch.

"Go ahead," he said. "Touch it."

"No Brett. I can't."

"Come on baby, you know you want it," he said grabbing her small arm. "All the chicks want a piece of this." He moved her hand down to his crotch and placed it on his thick package easily.

"Oh yeah. That's it, stroke it," he said using his strength to rub her hand on his ponderous bulge.

"No..." she protested.

"Come on, stroke my fat dick bitch," he groaned and closed his eyes, a dumb grin on his face.

Tanya chose this moment to act. If I don't I might get date-raped, she thought. She brought her free hand down to help knead the front of his jockeys.

"Oh yeah, some double-handed action. That's the shit I'm talkin' about." Brett was in his glory.

She had been scared. Brett was five times her size and probably a dozen times stronger but she had his only weakness in the palm of hands.

"Yeah baby, that's it. That's it, bitch..." He let go of her captive hand then convinced that she could no longer resist the Big Brett.

She waited till he was real comfortable, his head rolling around on his huge shoulders moaning and groaning. He was obviously enjoying her small handiwork. Let's see if he likes this technique...

"Oh yeah! Work my big knob bitch! Oh yeah, oH YEAEEEEOOOOOWWW!!!"

With all her might Tanya had taken firm hold of Brett's big dick with one had and his big balls with the other and twisted not once, but twice as if wringing out a towel.

"OH FUCK, MY JOCK!" He yelped in a high feminine pitch. His face turning a shade of deep purple, holding his groin with both hands like he held his football.

Tanya jumped out of the car then and ran.

"You bitch! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!!" He screamed into the night.

Tanya had laughed all the way home picturing Big Brett nursing his big abused tool. But she hadn't laughed that next Monday back at school. Brett had told everybody that he hadn't wanted to bed the new girl because she had horrible genital warts. She was humiliated. Nobody would believe her word over Captain JOCK-USA. Nobody had questioned that Brett's labored walk had been a result of "a way intense workout"! She boiled for revenge. But what could she do? Then she thought of her grandmother, her grandmother whose hand at magic was pretty good as her dad had always said. So she went to her the next morning.

Entering the stuffy old Victorian, Tanya just KNEW her grandmother was going to find a proper revenge for Big Brett.

"What can I do for you sweetie? " the ancient lady asked.

"Grandmother, I want... um..." Tanya began.

"Revenge??" the old lady finished.

"Yes," she said smiling.

"Death?" croaked the old woman.

"No nothing like that. More like excruciating embarrassment. PUBLIC embarrassment."

"I assume this is a boy, eh?" she asked.

"You would assume right."

"Were his crimes of a... sexual nature?" she asked.

"Um, yeah, actually."

"Well, tell me about him, this boy. What type is he, um, what does he do?" she asked.

"Besides womanizing and ruining girls' reputations? He's a big muscle-bound jerk with a huge... um..."

"Ego?" finished her grandmother smiling.

"Yeah. As for what he does, well, he's a super-jock. He plays football and baseball, and he wrestles and he lifts weights like there's no tomorrow."

"Ah, I have the perfect thing for a physical man with an over-inflated, um, ego." She laughed and left the room. When she returned she had a small glass bottle with a creamy white substance within.

"Here you go miss-missy," she said dropping the bottle in the palm of Tanya hands. "This is perfect for your MACHO-MAN."

"What does it do grandma?"

"You must find a way to spread this onto his genitals Tanya," she said and then smiled. "Male sweat activates it dearie."

"But what does it do?" Tanya asked.

"Oh miss-missy, you'll love it. It turns big big boys'..." she said making a space between her two open palms about a foot wide. "Into microscopic boys'," she finished pulling out a magnifying glass from her pocket.

That was yesterday and now today Tanya was finally going to see for herself the fruit of Brett's misdeeds. Just that morning while Brett was taking a shower in the bathroom, she was able to break into his room and apply the contents of the vial to the jockstrap she found in his gym bag. Before she left, she eavesdropped on Brett whom she was sure was looking at himself in the mirror.

"Man Brett, you are the stud of the century," he said to his reflection as he slapped his flexed bicep. He looked himself over with pride: shoulders as wide as a truck, rock hard abs, big beefy pecs, biceps like cantaloupes and legs like tree trunks. Enjoy it while you can you asshole, Tanya thought and successfully slipped out of Brett's room unnoticed.

"Well, it's gettin late studly. Time to get ready," he said as he threw on a tight red Polo shirt. Grabbing a pair of jeans, he couldn't help thinking about all the plowing he'd done the night before. He ALWAYS got laid real good after winning a big game.

"Man, those two babes were so hot for my bod," he smiled. "And you, I couldn't have done it without you," he said looking down at the bulbous crotch of his yellow jockey shorts as he tucked it painfully into the pair of tight blue jeans. He always had to work hard not to get a big boner during class because if he did, there'd be no hiding it. Throwing on a pair of Nike's and grabbing his bag and his keys, Brett headed out of the house and towards another day of female adoration.

Brett walked into the locker room to a hero's welcome. There were high-fives and "Hey Brett's" all around. Brett was the Big Man on Campus. Making his way to the locker, he began to pull off his Polo shirt, revealing slabs of pure muscle. He LOVED gym class. He loved knowing all the other jocks were dying of jealousy, all wishing they had his build or his bulge. And the cheerleaders watching him pump iron didn't hurt either.

"Out of my way pin-dick!" he said while shoving one of the smaller less endowed guys out of his way. He'd been looking forward to this all morning. Jeans were a necessary evil. How could they expect him to keep all that salami in his Levis? After the top button was undone, and the weight of his package straining had brought down the zipper, Brett breathed a sigh of relief released from captivity. Pulling off his jockeys, he let his meat and potatoes breathe for a few seconds before throwing on his lucky jock and his usual workout gear. He laced up his Nike high-tops and it was showtime...

Tanya actually giggled when she saw Big Brett walk in wearing a white tank top and a pair of black lycra shorts with a blue stripe down each leg. His monster dick was on display for everyone.

"Good!" she thought. "The more visible your big soldier is, the better!" she said to herself as Brett smiled to the cheerleaders and picked up a dumbbell.

"OK Brett, pumpin'-iron time," he said as he picked up a 50lbs dumbbell and started to do his usual 50 reps per massive arm. He worked out steadily for about ten minutes before he noticed the girls all checking out his bod. One girl left the crowd and came to him. He flashed her his killer smile and switched arms. By now, sweat was trickling down his thick torso and soaking his Nike bike shorts. In his mind he was a glistening god. He dropped the dumbbell and peeled off his tank top as girl started talking.

"Wow Brett, you're SO strong..." she cooed.

"Yeah, I know," he said confidently picking up the discarded dumbbell. He made his pecs dance for her a little and laughed.

"What are you doin' Saturday night?" he asked her with his famous smile.

"Oh, I don't know..." she started.

Brett suddenly frowned and dropped the dumbbell to the ground. From the distance, Tanya's face lit up in delight.

"What the?" he said with a confused look on his face.

"Are you ok Brett?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," he said feeling a strange sensation in his balls almost like a prickling. He tried to nonchalantly reach down and rearrange his big sac thinking it would help. Unfortunately for Big Brett it didn't and the sensation started to spread to his big dick.

Then just as suddenly as it came, the sensation went away.

"Huh, well gotta get to lifting weights," he said to the girl and he continued his workout. He spent the next thirty minutes preening and showing off for the assembled girls, and guys as well. Finally, it was time to hit the showers.

Brett was only wearing his shorts and shoes as he walked towards the locker room. He hadn't noticed that his dick had shrunk. It was still the largest on the team, but not by half as much as it had been before practice began. Girls eyed

the bulge in the front of his shorts and Brett knew they were looking. He reached down and gave his package a tug just to get a rise out of the girls.

He went on into the locker room. Brett was not a modest guy. He loved showing off to guys and girls alike. He wasn't gay in any way. He just knew he looked good and loved making the other guys jealous.

Instinctively, Brett's eyes went to his bulging crotch.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" he mumbled to himself staring at his big tingling unit. At first he thought that maybe his dick was asleep but then he noticed a stirring in his bulge. By now the girl was staring at his crotch too.

"HOLY SHIT!!" Brett yelled catching the coach and the other football players' attention and they came closer to investigate the commotion. Brett finally realized what was happening.

"Oh FUCK!! My PECKER... it's SHRINKING!!!" he thought. At first the change wasn't visible, but then even the crowd could see it happening.

First, Brett's big balls started coming up tight to his body and then started shrinking, the left, followed by the right.

Brett jumped up and made his way to the locker room. "OH FUCK, MY NUTS!!" he yelled grabbing furiously at his missing sack. His face was red and he was sweating profusely. Big Brett was shrinking and it was hilarious.

When his cock started to contract even further, Brett was almost in tears. He jerked his shorts down in the shower room.

"NO MAN, NOT MY BIG DICK!!" he yelled as he looked at his rapidly disappearing schlong. Brett began to cry. He tried in vain to hold on to his manhood. He pulled down his jockstrap and shorts grabbing his tubesteak with both hands, but it was useless.

"OH FUCK MAN!! MY PRICK!!!" His dick instantly went hard up to its huge 10 inches. The process seemed to spread upward as it went along. 8 inches, 7, 5. He pulled as hard as he can with both hands wrapped around his dong, trying in vain to save his donkey-dick.

"OH FUCK MAN NO!!!!" he cried out, sweat and tears running down his face.

4 inches, 3, 2.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Brett yelled and stared at his once proud mound. His dick had stopped shrinking. At first he thought it had totally went away, but then his he grabbed his crotch and felt a hard nub, "Oh God, NO!!!" he moaned. His once huge fuckstick was now a little more than 2 inches long. It was as thick as a magic marker and hard as a rock and 100 times more sensitive than before. His normally loose foreskin was pulled super-tight over his now basically nonexistent dickhead leaving only a small slit opening. It was totally obscured by his black pubic hair. When his hand brushed it he immediately dribbled a few tiny drops of cum, his once huge balls were not even visible. They had shrunk to less than the size of a pea, and his scrotum had totally disappeared. Brett's huge unit was reduced to a puny little bump, swimming in hair.

And just outside the men's locker room, Tanya laughed when she heard not-so-big Brett's tortured scream. Her grandmother had told her that there was more to the potion than just robbing Brett of his manhood. Brett's humiliation had just begun and the worst was still to come.

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