Ladies' Man (hypno humil)

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon, in Lexington, Kentucky and 19-year-old Kelly Morgan was headed towards Target. She was going to pick up a few things for her apartment that she shared with her boyfriend, Steve Butcher. She was madly in love with him and they'd lived together for the last three months. Steve played basketball for Transylvania University and Kelly and he had met in their psychology class. It had been a whirlwind romance, and she felt that at anytime Steve was going to ask her to marry him.

She was pulling into the parking lot getting her lipstick out when she noticed a car in the lot.

"Is that Steve's car?" she wondered. No, he'd told her he was going home this weekend to visit his family. But the more she looked she realized it was his car. Then she saw him coming out of the video store, and he had his arm around another girl. "Oh my god. That bastard!" shouted Kelly.

He was cheating on her and he'd been telling her that she was the love of his life and they'd get married. It had all been a lie.

Kelly started to get out of the car to confront him and that bimbo bitch on his arm. But no, she wanted him to suffer for what he'd done to her. Kelly wanted to make him pay, if she couldn't have him, she'd make sure no one else did.

"That asshole. He'll regret the day he did this to me," growled Kelly as she pulled away from the store making sure that Steve and his whore had left before she did.

Kelly had a secret hobby. She was into hypnosis. She was a psychology major in college and her best friend Sara was a research assistant at a government lab. Sara had told Kelly some stories about what was possible, and she knew what she wanted too do. She'd really fuck Steve up good. Sara would love to help. She had been wary of her friend dating him in the first place. She'd told her stories about Steve's past but Kelly had been too lovestruck to listen. A tear formed in the corner of Kelly's eye.

"That's the last tear I'll shed for that asshole," she said as she got out her cell phone and punched up Sara's number. Steven would pay when he got back on Sunday.

Sara was really upset when she heard what Steven had done to Kelly. "I told you that fucker would do that," she said to Kelly.

Kelly told Sara her plans. "I want to try something on Steven, something that will really fuck him up good. You know some of that stuff you told me about that you guys mess with at the lab." So Sara came to the apartment and they discussed what they would do. It would be risky if they got caught, but both women wanted to stick it to the arrogant jock.

Steven had a problem that would lend itself perfectly with their plans. He'd been having trouble concentrating on his athletics lately, and Sara suggested a subliminal tape.

"Kelly you wouldn't believe what we can do with those things, they actually work." said Sara.

"That's perfect. I'll tell him they're for his concentration, and since he's so into his sports he'll use it no questions asked," said Kelly with a sly smile. "Oh, he's gonna pay alright. He won't know what hit him."

The next several hours were spent deciding what they wanted on the tapes. It took some thinking but the girls had some very humiliating new things that would soon be entering Steven's life.

"It'll be a cold day in hell before he does anyone else like this," said Sara as she and Kelly went back to her lab to work on the tapes.

Kelly didn't get back home till early on Saturday morning and she was still really pissed off, the hurt was gone now, she was only left with the rage of being cheated on one too many times. She had bought a walkman on the way home and she took it and the tapes into her and Steven's bedroom. When she entered the room she noticed that the answering machine light was flashing. She pushed the button and began listening to her messages. The first were hang-ups but then it was Steven.

"Hey baby, I guess you and the girls went out. Well I was just sitting here at home thinking of you. I hope you have a great weekend baby. I can't wait to get back to you. Well, love ya. See ya Sunday around three o' clock."

Kelly felt her hands clench tight as she gritted her teeth. The nerve that asshole had to call me like that, I bet that bitch was in the room with him when he called, God how had she been so naive, well he'd get his tomorrow, thought Kelly. She laid down on their bed, and she could smell him, which until yesterday would have been nice, but now it made her skin crawl. She pulled the sheets off the bed and lay down on the bare mattress and went to sleep.

She slept till about three o'clock then she went out to gather some things that she'd be needing for her revenge she had planned. She went to her friend Eve's and borrowed her video camera, then she went out and bought some more things, which Steven would find very unpleasant. Kelly had her own digital camera that would come in quite handy as well, now all she needed was Steven.

She went to bed that night thinking about how she'd been led on like that and her anger just kept compounding. It would be hard to act like nothing was wrong when he got back Sunday afternoon, which was now less than twelve hours away. She finally fell asleep.

Steven arrived on Sunday just as he'd said he would right at three. It was all that Kelly could do to keep from kicking him in the nuts as soon as he came in the door, but she wanted him to pay.

"How was your family?" she asked wanting to hear him lie herself.

"Oh they were great. They wish you had come with me to see them too," said Steven as he kissed her on the cheek.

Kelly had to admit it even though she now hated him he was really hot. He was six foot three and 210 pounds of muscle. His dark hair and green eyes caught the attention of most anyone who saw him. If he wasn't an athlete he could probably have been a model. He was that good looking, but he had one flaw--a really small dick around three inches hard. And it was really pencil thin. It hardly lengthened when he got hard, only about a half inch so. It didn't look too small flaccid; it just didn't get much bigger. He was self-conscious about it but she didn't care at the time. She loved him not his dick but now that was fair game.

Kelly had loved their love making sessions, even with his little dick he was the only guy she'd been with that could get her to orgasm, but now that didn't matter to her. She was going to get her revenge.

Steven spent the rest of the afternoon talking about his family and basketball. Kelly played along not believing what a good liar Steven was, but then she brought it up.

"Steven baby, remember how you said you were having trouble concentrating during practice?"

"Yeah, it's driving me crazy," said Steven with a concerned sound to his voice.

"Well I mentioned it to Sara and she brought me these tapes for you to listen too while you sleep. They're for concentration and she swears they work great."

"I don't know about that stuff. It sounds weird. I think it's all fake," laughed Steven.

"Try it for me honey. If it doesn't work in a week you can stop," said Kelly as she kissed Steven on the cheek. She knew this would get him.

"Okay honey. I'll do it," said Steven, smiling at Kelly.

Kelly could hardly contain her excitement as the day wore on. Finally it was bedtime and she helped Steven put on the headphones.

"These are designed to not bother your ears while you sleep," she said reassuringly as she slid the speakers onto his ears.

Steven just smiled at her, "Well, if this helps my concentration, I don't care."

He laid his head down as she clicked play. His ears were flooded by the sounds of the ocean waves crashing in. "Hey this sounds soothing. I think this'll help me sleep," he said sounding almost excited.

"Yeah, that's part of it honey. Now you get some rest. You've got practice tomorrow," said Kelly as she flicked off the lamp smiling.

Sara and Kelly had decided the first tape should lead to some discomforting changes to the jock. They both decided that Steven should have a little embarrassment in front of his teammates and friends to start out with so this first tape would do only a few things that his friends would see, and one for Kelly to capture on tape for her later plans.

The tape had several subliminal messages repeating over and over. The first said, "Every time I see a naked male I will get a hard-on. I will not notice my condition until someone says something about my dick." Steve walked around nude in the locker room just like the other guys on the team, when his dick was limp it was the same size as the other guys so he didn't worry about his little problem, besides he didn't get hard in front of guys. Tomorrow he would be in for quite a surprise when he got hard in front of all his friends and teammates. This would truly bother Steve since he was a huge homophobe, and he'd be totally confused since he wasn't gay in the least, and his tiny dick would be on full display.

The second thing would be for Steve to have an overwhelming urge to jack off at least six times a day, but that wasn't the worst part. He'd have to eat his cum! That should really bother him. Steve was really homophobic. This shit would really freak him out. He was always making comments about faggots and eating his own cum would prove to be good therapy. Kelly would have the cameras set up in the apartment to catch his j/o sessions that she'd use for later plans. They didn't put any gay compulsion or feelings in him. They wanted him to be totally confused by what he was doing.

Finally, there was a trigger phrase inserted into his mind that whenever Kelly said the word "Studly" he would enter a suggestive trance state. Kelly couldn't wait till the morning when he woke up. He didn't have practice till three in the afternoon so she'd have time to see if the tapes had worked.

Steven woke up around ten thirty. Kelly had been awake for a while and she watched as he took out the earphones and stretched. "Hey honey did the tapes bother you last night?" she asked sounding concerned.

"No, I didn't even notice them, and I slept great," he said giving her a little kiss on the cheek.

Well she'd find out if the tapes worked soon enough, she hoped.

Steven got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom Steven slept in a pair of tighty-whiteys the night before and Kelly had to admit he did have a fine ass even if his bulge was less than large. He had to piss something awful so it would take him a few minutes.

While he was in the bathroom Kelly decided on a little test for Steven, she went over to her computer and pulled up a photo of a naked man all hard an erect that Sara had sent to her. She left it up on the screen and sat there at the computer waiting.

Steven came out of the bathroom naked. He was going to get a shower in a few minutes anyways, and he usually came out like that for a few minutes. He liked to tease Kelly. Well, this time the joke would be on him. She clicked her webcam on so Sara could watch and almost laughed as he came out of the bathroom.

"What are you looking at?" asked Steven as he walked over towards Kelly's computer. "A naked dude, oh shit, you're a perv," laughed Steven as Kelly giggled.

"You're the perv, walking round naked like that. What if someone came in?"

"Nobody'll come in. The doors are locked." said Steven he glanced at the screen again. Kelly looked at his dick. He stood there for a second then she saw it his dick was getting hard! She could hardly contain her excitement. Now she knew the other compulsion she'd planted on the tape would work too. She checked the cam and made sure that he was in frame good and he was, his dick was at full mast now, and Steven was obviously oblivious to the change.

Steven continued milling about the room with his three-inch dick sticking straight out from his crotch barely sticking out from his pubic hair. She nearly laughed. She'd never said anything about his dick size before cause she was in love with him, but he did have a tiny pecker to be such a jock.

He got his towel and washcloth and went into the bathroom. Kelly couldn't believe that it had worked. This would be awesome.

Steven got into bathroom and decided to take a crap. He sat down on the toilet, and picked up the newspaper from the day before. He still hadn't noticed his dick and he wouldn't until someone mentioned it. He was sitting there crapping with a hard-on.

Steve got into the shower and took a nice long one. He was thinking about practice in the afternoon. He got out of the shower and walked out into the bedroom. Kelly wasn't in the room. Guess she went to work, thought Steven. It was now around eleven thirty when he was all of the sudden hit by an intense wave of sexual heat. His dick jumped to attention.

"What the fuck?" mumbled Steve. What was going on, but he couldn't think about that now. All he wanted to do was jack off. He threw off his towel and began to jack off his little cock, which had remained hard, right there in the bedroom.

"Holy shit," moaned Steve as he began to stroke his cock, little did he know the camera on the computer and the one hidden on the bookshelf had begun to record his deed.

"Oh God, this feels so good," moaned Steve. He had never felt anything like it, and he knew he was getting close to cumming. He felt his load rising from his nuts, he pulled his hand from his chest and when he shot his load there lying on his back he had an urge to taste cum. He scooped it up towards his mouth. He had never done this before but he wanted to taste it. Nobody will know, he thought to himself unaware that he was being filmed as he began to suck the cum out of his hand. He was surprised that it tasted good, very good, in fact it was the best thing he'd ever tasted. He laughed to himself, "I can see why Kelly loves to do me." He ate all of it and Kelly's camera had recorded it all.

As soon as he had cleaned himself off, he got up, the heat and urge was gone, and it had left him quite shaken. What have I done, he thought. Eating cum that stuff, I mean that stuff was for queers. Well, he couldn't worry about that now. He had to go to campus and do a few things before practice. He chalked the experience up to the fact that he'd not been sleeping much and he and Kelly hadn't had sex for a few days. He put on his clothes still a little uneasy about what he'd just done, but no one had seen him so he soon began thinking about other things. He had a lot to do today.

Steven messed around the house until around 1:30. He then decided he'd better go get a bite to eat before practice. He got in his BMW and hit the road. He felt like eating at Wendy's and the drive across New Circle Road would take a little while.

It was now nearly two o'clock and he was just nearing the Harrodsburg Road exit when he was again hit by the wave of sexual heat. It hit him so hard he nearly lost control of his car. He shot off the exit as quickly as he could and headed towards the nearest parking lot, which was at the Liquor Barn. He couldn't control himself and before he knew what had happened he'd stripped himself naked in his car! What the fuck, he thought trying to make sense of his actions. He was sitting naked in the Liquor Barn parking lot as hard as a rock stroking his cock. He knew something wasn't right but he couldn't resist the urge. The feeling was amazing.

"Oh shit..." he moaned hoping no one could see him in his car but he really couldn't think about that now all he wanted to do was beat off. It took him a good five minutes and then he blew his load all over his chest, and as he'd done in the morning he used his hand to scoop it up and took it right into his watering mouth.

What am I doing, he wondered, but the taste was just so good, he couldn't help it. Besides, he wasn't gay. It wasn't like he was sucking another guy's dick, he thought trying to rationalize what he'd done. As soon as he'd licked the last drop of cum from his hand, he completely lost the feeling he'd just had and the realization sunk in.

"Jesus," he muttered as he quickly pulled his clothes on realizing that his car was parked in an area that anyone paying attention would have seen what he'd been doing. His heart was racing and his mind was too as he pulled his shorts back on, and then his shirt. He didn't worry about his shoes. He just started his Beemer and left the lot in a hurry. Hell, he thought, somebody could have called the cops! The episode had caused him to lose his appetite. He couldn't believe what he'd done.

"I must be freaking out. I gotta get me some pussy soon," he said to himself trying to rationalize his experience. He had practice in an hour and he knew he'd have to eat something, so he quickly went through the drive thru at the nearest Wendy's.

He still had the taste of cum in his mouth. He was craving the taste of it and it was driving him crazy. He had to drown it out with something so he quickly ate his sandwich washing away the taste.

"Calm down Butcher. You're gonna be alright," he said to himself trying to calm himself down. It helped a little he again thought that all he needed was a little sex.

After he had finally regained his composure, he drove on to the gym for practice. He was running a few minutes late so he trotted into the locker room. As soon as he entered the locker room, he stopped dead in his tracks as his mind was filled with a vision of him on his knees sucking off his teammates. He was hard as a rock in the vision and the entire team was lined up waiting their turn.

"What the fuck?" he said out loud. He wasn't no queer! That was disgusting. He felt kinda sick. "I gotta get some pussy," he said to himself for the second time that day.

The vision faded and he tried to forget about it. He needed to concentrate on practice.

He quickly went and opened his locker. His friend Ryan Knight was sitting beside him getting his street clothes off.

"Butcher, what's up buddy? You still shacked up with Kelly?" asked Ryan as Steve began removing his clothes too.

"Yeah I am. At least I can get a girl to stay around me for more than five minutes," laughed Steve as he slipped off his shirt and shorts and was getting out his practice heresy. Ryan had stripped naked, nothing Steve hadn't seen hundreds of times before. He thought nothing of it as he got out his basketball shoes. The laces were loose so it took him a while to get them fixed. Steve didn't realize it yet but he was hard as a rock again from Kelly's tape. His dick had his briefs slightly tented out.

Ryan pulled on his jock and the rest of his practice gear as Steve sat down continuing to mess with his shoelaces. The team trainer Jeff Stringer was getting the basketballs out of the cage when he looked over at Steven. "What the?" he said to himself. There sat Butcher with an obvious woody. His dick was tenting his damn undies and there was a wet patch on the front of them. He nearly laughed when he realized that Butcher had a really small dick. But he didn't say anything. He was late with the basketballs. "Youth," he chuckled to himself and left the locker room remembering at that age he had the same problem once in a while.

"Goddamn shoes," said Steve as he finally got the laces fixed. He was oblivious to the fact that his little cock was sticking straight out. He had an obvious little bulge and wet patch on his briefs as he pulled them off and put on his jock that masked his problem. He heard Coach Johnson blowing his whistle as he tied his shoes and ran out to the court.

He soon got into the groove of practice. It was his best in weeks. He was in The Zone. Coach Johnson noticed the change in his concentration himself and complimented Steven which was a big deal coming from him since Coach Johnson was usually a fire breather. The entire practice went great, and Steve credited his good fortune to the tapes Kelly had gotten for him.

After two hours, Coach Johnson blew the whistle for the final time. It was free-throw time. Steve finished first and he went to the showers. Steven walked into the locker room and once again his mind was flooded with an image of himself on his knees sucking off guys from his team. He was getting concerned. "I ain't fucking queer," he said to himself and the vision vanished once again. It left Steven shaken, but guys were horseplaying in the locker room and he soon shifted his thoughts away from what had just happened. As he laughed and talked with his friends, he quickly stripped off his clothes and headed to the shower room, His dick was still hard and no one had noticed it yet.

He turned on the water and its coolness felt good as it washed away the sweat from practice. He heard other guys coming in and he made small talk with them as he showered. He had his back turned to them so they had not noticed his hard cock. Steven chatted with them, and he was totally unaware of his predicament. He continued laughing and talking, then he finally turned in a way that the other guys could see his crotch, his three-inch dick was sticking straight out.

Darrel noticed something wrong with Butcher's cock. He looked like he had a hard-on but it was so tiny. He motioned to the other guys. They couldn't believe it. Butcher had a midget dick and he was fully hard!

Steven finally noticed that the other guys were either pointing at him, staring or giggling.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"You got a little problem there, dude!" laughed Darrell pointing down at Steven's crotch.

Steven laughed. There was no way he had a hard on. He looked down at his crotch. "Fuck," he said aloud. There was his dick--hard--as a drip of precum fell from the tip. Steven quickly grabbed his towel and raced out of the shower room his hard dick bouncing with every step. The other guys on the team were laughing at him and joking about it. They thought it was damn funny.

"Turning queer on us butcher?" yelled Dave Cowan, the center on the team.

They were just kidding of course as Steve got more pussy than the rest of the team combined. And besides, it had happened to all of them at one time in their lives--but damn!--he had a tiny dick.

"Guess Kelly will be getting some tonight, but tell us Butcher, can she feel that thing?" laughed another player as Steven hastily pulled on his clothes, his tiny cock still hard as a rock.

He ignored the catcalls and joking. He was totally embarrassed. "I get more pussy than the rest of you assholes combined" was his weak comeback.

"Yeah guys. It's not the size that matters. You'd know about that, wouldn't you, Butch?" laughed Ryan.

Steve's dick finally began to go limp. His face was burning red from humiliation. He acted like it didn't bother him, but he was humiliated.

Steven quickly got dressed and drove back to the apartment. He was still shaken by the events that had occurred during the day. He had no sooner entered the front door when he was once again racked by the sexual heat he'd experienced earlier in the day. He tried to fight it but within a few seconds he was on his back in the living room with his fingers buried up his ass once again moaning in ecstasy as he jacked off his painfully hard cock.

What am I doing, he thought to himself but the feelings were too powerful to resist.

What Steven didn't realize was that Kelly was home and was in the bedroom. She had heard him come in and she had just walked into the living room when she was stunned by what she saw. There was Steven on the floor jacking himself off totally unaware that she was watching him. Her programming was working perfectly. She slowly stepped back into the bedroom so as to not interrupt Steven's performance.

Steven was nearing his climax as he moaned and panted stroking his cock. He arched his back and let out an "Oh fuck" as he shot another load that day all over his chest. He greedily scooped it up sucking the contents into his mouth. Kelly was overjoyed. Oh yes, she was going to get her revenge. She had more things planned for Steven. Time to embarrass him a little more, she thought.

"Steven honey? What are you doing?" asked Kelly as she stepped out of the bedroom. Steven was still on his back, with his dick still hard and he was breathing heavily he had his fingers in his mouth licking off the cum.

"Shit!" he said as he tried to quickly think of some explanation. He had no clue Kelly was at the house, his face burned red with embarrassment as he quickly lost his erection. Had she seen him, he wondered to himself.

"Are you jacking off?" said Kelly trying to sound kind of pissed off.

"No. No, I. umm. was trying to cool off from practice," said Steven. He noticed he still had cum running down his chest and he felt something wet on the corner of his mouth. Fuck, he thought to himself. He probably had cum running from the corner of his mouth.

"Well, silly, if you want to cool off take a shower. What's that on the corner of your mouth?" asked Kelly laughing inside as she tortured Steven.

Steven cleaned the corner of his mouth off and quickly headed towards the bathroom totally embarrassed he'd nearly been caught doing that. The phone rang and it was Sara.

"Hey Kelly, I forgot to tell you I put in a surprise on the first tape."

Kelly laughed. "You're evil. What was it?"

"Well, whenever Steven goes into the locker room, his mind is filled with visions of him giving his buddies head!" laughed Sara. She had to put something extra in because she really hated Steven.

"Awesome. I'm coming over right now," said Kelly as she told Sara bye and hung up the phone. "Well honey, I'm going to Sara's for a while I'll be back later," said Kelly as she headed towards the door. She was going to Sara's but it wasn't a social call. She was going to make some new tapes for tonight, and these would be much more humiliating for Steven. She'd personally guarantee that.