Sweet Revenge: Jason (mm coll oral)

I had been friends with Jennifer for years. We had gone to school together and now we were going to the same college. We did things together all the time and we had no secrets. I had come out first to Jennifer and she had no problem with it. But recently there had been a problem, in our friendship. She had begun dating a guy who was a real jerk. I had yet to tell him I was gay but he was always making homophobic and derogatory comments about homosexuals. Jennifer had told me to ignore it and she said she would talk to him about it. I had followed her advice, but I felt uneasy about it.

It was Friday night and I was getting ready to go take a shower when the phone rang. I wrapped a towel around myself, and answered it. Jennifer was on the other end, and she sounded quite upset.

"Jeff, I had to talk to you, I told Jason about you and he totally freaked out," said Jennifer.

"Why, what did he do?" I asked.

"He started yelling, that he would not have anything to do with no fag, and told me I could have nothing to do with you either."

"Well you're to good for him anyway, I just wish there was some way to get back at him."

"I do too. I'm tired of his bullshit," said Jennifer forcefully.

"Did you break up with him?" I asked.

"No, he stormed out before I had a chance to tell him that were finished," sighed Jennifer.

"Well I think I have a plan that will put him in his place once and for all. Come over and I'll tell you about it," I said with an evil tone to my voice.

Jennifer came over a short time later and I laid my plan out in detail. She agreed that it would be a great way to get some revenge on that bigot Jason. So we set our plan into motion.

Jennifer would first set up a date with Jason and have him come back to her apartment. I would be hid there in the closet with a videocamera. Then the rest would unfold. We set it up for Monday night, so I had to get some stuff to prepare for our little act of revenge.

Monday rolled around quickly. I went over to Jennifer's around five. I parked my car in the back lot so Jason would not see it. Then I went on up to her apartment, she was just getting ready to leave, they were meeting at five thirty to go out to eat and catch the early movie, then they were coming back to her apartment. Jennifer left and I went to the bedroom to set up the camera for tonight. Then I sat on the bed and watched TV until about nine thirty, the movie should have been over at nine so they would be home soon. I went into the closet stripped to my boxers and sat down.

About twenty minutes later, I heard them come into the front door.

"You been staying away from that fruit?" asked Jason. That comment really pissed me off.

"Yeah Honey, I haven't talked to him since you told me not to," lied Jennifer.

"Good, I can't stand fags, let's go to the bedroom," said Jason.

They walked into the bedroom, and made their way over to the bed. They were making out a little on the bed. Jennifer started taking off Jason's clothes.

"I want to try something different tonight honey, just sit back and relax," cooed Jennifer into his ear.

"Whatever, I am at you mercy," laughed Jason.

Jennifer first took off his shirt. I had to admit that despite his bad attitude Jason was very handsome. He had a well-defined chest with large kissable nipples. She then took of his shoes and socks. I am not a foot man so that did not excite me. Next came his pants. He was wearing black bikini briefs and from what I could tell he was already very excited. He was tenting the front of the briefs badly. Jennifer proceeded to the next step. She took out some rope from the side of the bed. Jason's eyes widened with surprise.

"What's that for?" asked Jason.

"I always wanted to tie someone up. You aren't scared are you?" said Jennifer as she rubbed Jason's crotch.

"No, I am up for it," said Jason trying to be cocky.

Jennifer skillfully tied his arms to the bed, and then she tied his legs down. Jason was immobile. She then picked a blindfold off of the dresser and slipped it over his eyes. This was my cue, Jennifer got off of the bed and told Jason she was shutting the shades on the windows. I quietly came out of the closet and sat the camera in front of the bed. Jennifer went and stood behind the camera.

"Where are you?" asked Jason leaning his head up, but he was tied down tightly.

Jennifer stepped up a little and said, "I am right here. Now be quiet. Just relax."

Jason nodded his head in reply and I made my move she hit record and stepped forward, and I took the scissors I had left on the floor, beside the bed. I leaned in and slipped the scissors under the waistband of his briefs and cut them off I took the briefs, and rubbed them all over Jason's face, he moaned and strained at his bonds, thinking it was Jennifer doing this to him. His dick was rock hard and bouncing with each beat of his heart. I then bent down and picked up the dildo from under the bed. I began rubbing it around his chest, and nipples. He was moaning, and breathing hard, he would die if he knew he had a dildo rubbing on his chest. I moved it towards his face, and made sure that Jennifer got a close up of the dildo less than a half an inch from his open mouth. This was Jennifer's cue. She quietly walked forward staying out of the camera's view, which was still on Jason's face.

"Open your mouth Jason, I am going to put a gag in it. Okay, I put some flavored oil on it I want you to suck on it," said Jennifer in a sexy voice. We would edit her voice out later.

"Okay put it in," said Jason.

Jennifer stepped back behind the camera and I stuck the head of the dildo into his open mouth. Jason closed his lips over the head and he sucked on it, moving his tongue around the head.

"Mmmm, that's so good," mumbled Jason since his mouth was full of dildo. I began moving it slowly in and out of his mouth only three or four inches. Jason was still sucking. I wished it was my dick and not a dildo, but this would do for now. He was moaning and sucking his dick was leaking precum to anyone he would look like a fag in heat. I pushed it in a little farther and left it there. He just held it in his mouth sucking on it. He looked silly tied down with half of an eight-inch dildo sticking out of his mouth.

Next, I took of my boxers and climbed onto the bed behind his head. I took the dildo out of his mouth and put it on the floor. This was another cue for Jennifer. She put the camera on pause and walked forward.

"Jason, I want you to rim me," said Jennifer in a strong tone of voice.

"That's nasty," said Jason.

"If you want your cock sucked do it," said Jennifer.

"All right, but you had better give me one hell of a blowjob," said Jason.

Jennifer went back behind the camera and brought it to life again. I shaved my asshole, and legs so he would not have a clue it was a man. I turned facing the camera and spread my cheeks and sat my ass over his mouth. Jason stuck his tongue out gingerly, and touched my asscrack. He ran his tongue around my cheeks and then he went to work on my hole. He was working his tongue like a pro. I got a hard on and began massaging it. He was really getting into it. He was moaning and his dick was leaking all over his belly. I let him rim me for about ten minutes then I stood over him and sucked his nipples.

"Oh yeah suck it baby," said Jason, he was moaning and breathing hard. His nipples were hard and erect sticking out on his chest. I reached down and began stroking his cock.

"Ohh, God, don't stop," moaned Jason. I continued stroking him as I licked all over his chest and abdomen. Then I went for it I got down onto the bed and started licking his cock and balls.

"Suck it, suck my cock baby." said Jason, his head arched back.

I sucked slowly and used my other hand to squeeze his balls. I then began deep throating him, He was moaning and saying stuff like "Oh, God" and "Fuck yeah" over and over. I kept it up for a good five minutes, then he said loud, "I'm cumming!"

I quickly took my mouth off his dick and he shot his load all over his chest. I scooped it up in my hand and took it to his open mouth and dropped it in pushing my fingers inside. He surprised me when he didn't gag or try to keep from swallowing his cum. Then, I stepped out of the way, and Jennifer came in again. "Now, I am going to ride that cock of yours."

"Yeah ride my dick," said Jason.

She stepped behind the camera, and I stepped back onto the bed. I grabbed some lube from the nightstand and rubbed some on his dick. He got hard again after a few minutes. I then stuck some up my ass. He would never know the difference especially since he was blindfolded. I lined his dick up with my ass and pushed it into my hole.

"Ohh yeah you're tight, yeah." said Jason as I began pistoning up and down on his hard cock. I was going all the way to his pubes. He was really into it, thinking he was fucking his girlfriend. It was all I could do to keep from moaning, but I did not do it. After about ten or fifteen minutes of furious fucking I could hold it no longer I shot my load all over the sheets, Jason came a few minutes later. It felt great having him shoot his load up my ass. I got up off of his cock and walked up to the side of the bed. I held my dick right at his lips and made it look as though he was sucking me. Then I bent down and kissed him, a deep long French kiss. He had no idea he was kissing another man, we swapped spit for several minutes. He even got hard again. I was done with him for now, so I went to the camera turned it off, and took it back into the closet.

Jennifer then resumed her position on the bed, as she took off his blindfold and released his bonds. They laid down for a few minutes then she told him, she had to leave to see her mother early in the morning so he might as well go back to his place. He agreed got dressed kissed her then left.

Our plan had worked perfectly. We now had something to blackmail/embarrass Jason. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Jason, even if he thought I was Jennifer. We still had to think of something to do with the tape, something to really get him good.