Sweet Revenge: Tim Chapter 3 (mmm+ nc inter)

Chapter 3

The next morning, he thought it was all a nightmare, until he felt the awful pain between his legs. His whole body was covered with cum. Sticky dry cum was between his thighs and ass cheeks.

Carl and Rico were awake, staring at him intently. Tim shuddered under their stare.

"Well, well, our little pussyboy has woken up," said Rico.

"Showertime in thirty minutes," yelled Mahoney.

"You need to get cleaned up; you stink. Oh and swallow this," said Carl as he grabbed Tim and pushed him out into the corridor naked. He shoved the Viagra into Tim's mouth forcing him to swallow. Thirty minutes was just enough time for it to be working overtime. Thirty minutes later the doors to the cells automatically swung open, as about ten other guys not counting Carl Rico or him made their way to the showers--all of them bare-assed naked..

"Don't be modest. You shouldn't cover up that pretty cock," said Rico taking Tim's hands away from his crotch. Tim endured catcalls and ass grabbing as he made his way into the shower with Carl and Rico on either side.

Tim was so humiliated, standing there naked with his bare crotch on display. A dozen guys were looking at him hungrily. That's when he noticed it. His dick was starting to get hard!!! Shit, the pill! It must have been Viagra!!! He looked like a total fag!

"Now punk. You wash us first then you can wash yourself. Look the faggot is already throwing a boner," grunted Rico.

"What?" asked a stunned Tim. His dick was now at full mast, and he dared not cover it or he'd have to deal with Rico, and Carl.

Rico grabbed Tim and pushed him down to his knees. "I didn't stutter puta. I said you wash us first, Timmy Boy."

The other guys heard this and turned to look at the jock on his knees.

"Take the soap and wash us," said Carl.

Would the humiliation ever end, wondered Tim, as he reluctantly began to soap their chests, trying to keep clear of their nether regions.

"Screw the washing. Suck my cock instead, pussyboy," ordered Rico as he quickly pushed Tim's face into his crotch.

"MMPPPH," he tried to yell as Rico shoved his cock into Tim's jock mouth.

Mahoney hit record on the camera back in his office enjoying the scene. They were working the jerk over good.

"Get on your back, cunt," whispered Carl into Tim's ear licking the lobe as the other guys in the shower began to watch the scene with some stroking their cocks and others just staring at the hot guy sucking Rico's cock.

"Do a good job or you'll regret it. Beg me to fuck your pussy and you had better be convincing or I'll make sure your friends find out about this," whispered Carl as Tim was forced onto all his back, his used "pussy" on display, his Viagra-induced hard-on bobbed with each beat of his heart. He looked like a fag in heat. "You got some hair on your pussy boy. We'll have to get rid of that," said Carl as he lined his hard cock up with Tim's ass.

Tim was horrified. He couldn't let anyone find out about this! He was screwed.

"Say it," said Carl as he lunged forward.

"Fuck my pussy!" he said out loud as he felt Carl's slick fuckpole spread his once virgin ass. "Ohhhhh," he moaned as Carl slammed his cock all the way in his ass. Rico shoved his dick back in as he began to get it from both ends in a room full of strangers.

"He loves this shit," said Rico to the guys watching, "He's insatiable. Just wait your turn," said Carl as Tim heard those words he felt his stomach turn. Then adding to his humiliation, he felt his rock hard cock bouncing with each thrust as Carl shoved his dick into his ass making him look as though he was enjoying his situation.

Carl pinched his ass as a signal to keep up the dirty talking.

"Fuck me harder," whimpered Tim.

Carl whispered, "Say it like you mean it," shoving his cock in especially hard.

"Fuck my pussy. I love your cock in my ass!" said Tim awkwardly. He wasn't gay he didn't know what to say to sound turned on.

Rico began face-fucking Tim again. He moaned, "I'm cumming bitch," as his huge load began pumping into Tim's mouth. Tim could do nothing but swallow. He felt like puking. "Yeah suck it down. Cocksucker," said Rico pulling his dick out of Tim's mouth shooting the final spurts right into his face.

Carl continued ramming his dick into Tim's ass.

"Fuck me," said Tim as Carl poked him indicating he wasn't vocal enough. "Jack yourself, you stupid cunt," whispered Carl.

Tim reluctantly began to pump his hard cock with his right hand.

"Goddamn, you're a horny bastard!" Mahoney's voice rang out. "Look at Timmy boy there jacking his hard cock. Hell, he's so horny! Can't get enough cock in that pussy, can you? Alright guys, if Tim wants it that bad then I guess you can stay in here a while," lauged Mahoney as he turned and left the shower room.

"Yeah, you're gonna suck all these guys cocks, aren't you pussyboy?" said Carl pinching hard on Tim's nuts. "Beg them to fuck your pussy," whispered Rico.

"Please, I want you all to fuck my pussy!" said Tim defeated. Rico forced him to spread his legs and show off his asshole.

"Oh Mr. Football. I think we can arrange that," said Carl sarcastically.

Shit those guys think I'm a faggot, thought Tim as he felt Carl unleash his load up his terribly sore asshole.

"Man, you got a nice pussy," said another large man in the showers. Tim didn't like the sound of that.

"Well, you'll get your chance," said Carl as he pulled his dick out wiping it on Tim's ass cheeks.

Rico got between Tim's legs and shoved his fat tool right in.

"Yeah Quarterback. You got a tight end!" laughed Rico as he thrust in and out of his stretched whole.

Tim was so embarrassed. He could feel his own load building up; he couldn't cum from getting fucked up the ass! He wasn't queer! He tried to fight it but as Rico thrust in and out, he shot his own load forcefully hitting himself in his face with his own jizz.

"Look at that! The faggot shot his wad from getting fucked up the ass!" laughed Carl pointing at Tim's dick that was still spurting out strings of jizz onto his washboard stomach.

"Yeah! Rico knows how to push your buttons don't I, Timmy Boy?" said Rico as he continued his vicious assault on Tim's ass.

A black guy walked up to Tim and smacked his face with his hardening cock.

"Suck his cock, Tim. Beg him to fuck you," whispered Carl into his ear.

Tim opened his mouth to say no, but the guy shoved his cock in. Tim could hardly breathe as he choked on the massive dick while Rico continued shoving his cock in and out of Tim's now stretched asshole, his hard dick flopping with each thrust.

The black man fucked his face violently as Tim fought to breathe. He was so humiliated! how could he Mr. Popular end up in a situation like this?

The black man thankfully didn't last too long and he shot his load down his throat.

Rico quickened his pace and began smacking Tim's ass like Tim often did to the bitches he fucked.

"Who's next to sample his hot mouth? You can't get enough, can you pussyboy?" said Carl.

"No, I love cock," replied Tim. He knew what to say now to avoid the extra pain of fighting back.

A young tattooed guy with a beer gut named Donnie stepped forward and pushed his decent sized dick into Tim's waiting mouth.

Tim's dick was still stubbornly hard, and as Rico's dick massaged his prostrate. He couldn't help himself as copious amounts of precum pooled on his abdomen. He was now a punk, and everyone in the jail knew it.

Donnie pushed his cock in and out of Tim's mouth as Rico let out a loud moan and he too deposited his load into Tim's ass, some of it leaking down the boy'`s legs.

"Yeah bitch. Take my load!" said Rico as he pulled his cock out and shot the last few spurts on Tim's back.

Donnie grunted after about five minutes and shot his load all over Tim's face.

"Lick up the cum, bitch, " whispered Rico, and Tim lapped up the cum, disgusted by what he was doing.

Donnie was replaced by another guy who had to be younger than Tim and another black man started fucking his ass. He was beyond fighting back. This continued until every man in the shower--all twelve of them--had fucked the football star.

"Now wash yourself off punk," said Carl. Tim slowly got up and washed his sore body. His dick was painfully hard. He'd shot two more loads while he was fucked and his face burned red with humiliation.

When the showers were over, everyone was given a towel except him. He had to walk naked back to their cell with cum running from his ass.

"What am I supposed to wear?" asked Tim softly shivering from the cold as the other two men put on their clothes.

Carl opened a box and threw something at Tim hitting him in the face. "Here, wear these," laughed his tormentor an electric pink mesh jock strap!!

"What? I can't wear this!" pleaded Tim.

"Listen bitch you'll wear it and like it!"

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