The Barber: Bearable Winter

"This was NOTHING like Glee. Nothing!!!"

Bruno Martins continually let this thought run through his head, over and over again, as he made his way back to his small apartment. He had been thinking this a lot lately.

Glee had made it seem like trying to make it onto the stage in New York would be a fun adventure. Full of highs and lows but eventually he'd make great friends who'd stand by him and they'd all go through this journey together.

His reality was far from this.

Just got fired from his waiter job because he needed tonight off for an audition. None of the others waiter/actors/singers would fill in for him. When given a choice between working and being employed or taking the night off to pursue his dream and get fired, getting fired seemed like the true stage spirit thing to do. Bruno just couldn't help but feel like it was the more and more the stupid thing to do.

He was a clean cut kid, looked a bit younger than his 19 years. But that was supposed to be a good thing. He could keep getting roles for teenagers well into his 20's. If he could start getting roles. Bruno had always been a bit of a thin kid, and with his budget, it was easy to stay that way. Maybe too easy, and too thin. The camera would add 10 pounds so it wasn't so bad, if he could get in front of a camera.

All he had to do was run by his apartment, such as it was, grab him audition material and make it across town in a half hour. With this weather it would be a tough drag, but if he got this job, it would be a great story to tell in interviews years down the line.

Bruno was a little panicked when he found the door to his apartment unlocked, and then a bit more when he found a middle aged man standing in the middle of his living room. Just past the man it looked like his TV was on, but it was quickly shut off.

"Oh hey, I'm Lopez the sup." the older man in dirty overalls said looking over his shoulder. He looked to be in his 40's, late 40's. The hair was greasy and the mustache a joke. Bruno had seen the man in the halls, always though the guy was a squatter and not an employee of the place. "I've come to fix the heat."

"Wow, I've been asking for that for months. Were you watching the TV?"

"Just making sure the wiring wasn't the problem." Lopez said, but it really didn't make sense to Bruno. The TV wiring was connected to the radiator, and it sort of looked like one of the pay porn channels that cable company offered.

"Why did it take so long to get you up here to fix this? I've been freezing since November?" Bruno asked quickly taking off his coat and heading to the table he set up to hold all his audition music and resume material.

"Big building. Lots of tenants. They usually want me to prioritized jobs starting with the people who pay their rent on time." the sup said shaking the ashes from the end of his cigar and putting back in his mouth.

"Yea well, doing my best. If this audition goes well, I won't have any trouble with that anymore." Bruno said gathering his things.

"Audition? You an actor or something?"

"Actor/singer. Trying to be." Bruno said putting his coat back on. "I was third in my state's competition for high school singers." He said with a certain amount of pride.

"Just third, huh?" Lopez said without even looking up from his work.

"In the state." Bruno said, again hoping this would impress the man. It didn't "If you're done before I'm back, please make sure you lock up, OK?"

"Yea right" Lopez said, again paying the young man no attention.

Bruno shut the door and headed down the stairs, trying not to notice what sounded like his TV being turned on again.

To say that the audition went bad would be to completely ignore what a humiliating slap it was. Barely let him talk, cut off his song after a few lines. Worst of all, they made fun of his name!! Said he didn't look like a Bruno. It was HIS name, not the name of a CHARACTER he was trying out for!!! They needed an adult male for the role, not an inexperienced boy. How was he supposed to get experience if no one would give him a job? How was he supposed to grow into a man before he was out of the streets?

Bruno had gotten off at the wrong stop on his way back, and taken a wring turn, but he was pretty sure he was headed in the right direction. It was a cold walk back to his apartment. Maybe the heat would have been fixed by the time he'd gotten back. Heat would be nice. Wait, maybe what he needed was new head shots? Change his look up some and get new headshots. That would do it. He could use his rent money for the head shots and his food money for the rent…that would work……but where.

Bruno had stopped on the sidewalk to think this out. He was surprised as could be to look to his left and find he was suddenly standing in front of an old-fashioned barbershop.


With the best air of authority as he could muster, Bruno walked into the shop, threw his coat and portfolio on the empty waiting area seats, then hopped up into a Barber's chair.

"Make me a man. Do what ever you have to do, but I leave here looking like a man."

"In all my years, I don't think I've ever had a more accommodating customer." The Barber said pulling his comb and long scissors out of his smock's pocket. "One man, coming up."

The Barber took out one of his clean white sheets, gave it a snap, and tied it around the young man's neck. After making sure his collar wasn't exposed, the Barber clicked the lever at the base of the chair, leaning Bruno back till his head rested in the sink. The water started running and after a few seconds of getting the hair wet, the Barber pumped some shampoo into his hands and began rubbing it in.

"Don't want to try out for parts that third rate Bieber want-to-bes have turned down. I want to go in for something like…even Othello and still not be laughed at."

"Seriously, you're going to have to leave something to my imagination." The Barber said with a slight chuckle.

The Barber placed the chair in an upright position and continued to message the shampoo in and work up a lather. The more the lather built up, the more Bruno began to change.

First was the growth beneath the sheet. The length of his body was the most noticeable at first. Nothing could his the fact that his legs were getting longer, his spin lengthening. He had to adjust in the chair some to remain comfortable as his former 5'7 stretched out to 6'5. His legs so long now that he could almost take them off the foot rest and place them on the floor still in a seated position. The sheet that was covering him had dipped off the edge to reach between his knees and ankles. Now it stopped well before the midway point between his groin and knees. It wasn't the sheet that had shrunk. The Barber even had to start reaching up to message the lather on his head.

As he was, he was only a taller Bruno. Far from what he needed to be the man he requested to be. As more of the lather was worked up, more growth began beneath the sheet. His legs started to swell. Calves that were never really there in the first place were exchanged for massive grapefruit sized muscles. Legs that had never brushed up against each other when he walked would now have to get used to the constant friction that would happed with each step. The inner thighs never getting a breath of air again. And not just big but the muscles etched, covered in precise vein patterns. Feet shot out of his shoes as the bones snapped and reformed from size 7's to size 17's. Wider than most people's feet were long.

"Going to take this off, getting hot." Bruno said in a much, much lower tone, grabbing the sheet at the neck.

"Certainly is." The Barber responded.

As Bruno ripped the cloth off of him, his clothes went with it. Just because his upper body hadn't been visible didn't mean that it hadn't been growing. It was clean that the chair could barely contain the mountain of muscles that were still filling in the young man's body.

The skin on his chest previously had only been there to cover his ribs that had been sticking out more and more as Bruno ate fewer and fewer meals. Now it was all it could do to hold back the massive pecs that continued to grow. Ballooning up and down, hanging a bit from the sheer weight. Nipples that used to be pinpricks now were larger than the donuts in the window at the corner shop he'd drooled over some hungry morning. Bruno shifted forward for a second to give his back room to grow. And it did grow. In every direction. One of those muscular backs where the guy could lift his arms and you could see his lats all the way from the front. Divided perfectly down the spin, leaving two slabs of pure beef where nothing but protruding shoulder blades once lived.

He'd always been lean but now Bruno had a stomach that protruded just a little due to the perfect 8 pac that had grown him. Deep crevices from one brick sized triangle to flesh to the next. Even his navel went form a basic inny to a definite outy, given there was no in for it to go any longer.

At first the strange scrunching sounds that started might have been mistaken for Bruno moving in the Barber's naugahide covered chairs. It wasn't. It was Bruno's arms. The term 'pythons' didn't cover it. More like anacondas that has swallowed bowling balls. Huge round biceps with perfect horseshoe triceps. Like his legs, now snaked with thick ropes of veins. None of them as large as the ones going down and around his biceps. You could almost see the blood pump through them.

"I think it's about time we rinsed you out." The Barber said leaning the chair back again. With the extra weight in the chair, this time it made a clanging noise when it hit the sink.

As the warm water his Bruno's hair, slowly removing the sudsy foam, it did not reveal at same old mousey brown hair Bruno came it with. This hair was black, and not so long as it was high. As most afros were. Long tight curls that rose to a mushroom cloud of hair above Bruno's head as it was any star of a 70's black action hero film actor would had. A classic Afro, one that had to suit the man in the chair.

And to do that, Bruno had to change some more. The pinkish slightly freckled skin grew darker and darker as more of the suds washed away. Well past brown and straight on through to pure black. His facial features changed along with his coloring. The forehead a little more pronounced, as well as his cheekbones and even more so his jaw. That button nose that Bruno was banking on didn't grow out from his face too much, but out from the sides. Over lips that went from thin to full and pronounced. Lips that wouldn't have to memorized scripts but could bark orders men would have to obey.

As the Barber took out a towel to start drying the hair, the last of Bruno's transformation kicked in. Where it had never grown in before, a mustache started taking shop over Bruno's fuller lips. As with everything on the man now, it was full and thick. Growing down to form a well-manicured goatee, but also spreading into a full day's growth of beard. Bruno would now grow the kind of beard that even if he shaved in the morning, it have a 4 o'clock shadow well before noon. The pitch hair spread down, over his chest, gathering more in the valley between the pecs. In each armpit, small patches of silky curly hair took root. Down his stomach, across his abs to his groin.

Bruno had a nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair, it was what all the guys were doing. Bruno wasn't going to be doing what 'guys' did, he did what men did. And this man didn't give a shit what guys thought of his thick and full bush. Most of them wouldn't even see it past his cock.

And Bruno's cock and balls were the last things that needed updating. Somehow, if it was possible, they had turned even darker than the rest of him. His balls swelled, like little balloons filling with cum. Two major nuts covered in soft velvet like fur. Now it was time for his dick to grow out, down and thick. The almost embarrassing 4 inches, on a good day that the old Bruno had began to balloon like his arms. 5,6….not stopping till into the double digits. Getting rounder and rounder till Bruno's new massive hand would have trouble getting around it. Not to mention anyone's mouth get it down their throats.

As it swelled in began to leak pre-cum from the tip. The full almost apple sized, deep purple tip. Veins like the ones on his arms began to pump what had to be liters of blood into his as it hardened and grew bigger. Pulsating with life that the old Bruno couldn't have even dreamt about.

"More manly, yes." the Barber whispered in the black goliath's ear "But can any 19 year old truly be thought of as a ….man?"

With each pump of life into his cock, Bruno got a little older. This wasn't a 19-year-old muscle freak in the chair any longer. The years added up the more his cock grew out. Past his 20's and 30's in seconds. His face taking on the age, but losing none of its almost beautiful looks. The cock was leaking like a broken faucets of clear lubricating fluids when Bruno past his 40's. Without ever having touched his cock with his hands, Bruno shot his load across the room, hitting the mirrored wall and his belonging on the chair below it.

A real man of 55 rose from the chair to check the Barber's work in the mirror dripping with his cum.

"Excellent work my man." The roll of thunder that was now Bruno's voice purred. "Sorry about the mess."

"Let's just say, my pleasure." The Barber said with a smile. "You sure you don't want me to touch up those few grey hairs."

"Shit no, I earned then." Bruno said giving the patch of a half dozen grey, almost white hairs near the front his hairline a flick with his fingers. "No one knows how to keep this 'Fro this full and alive. You do good work, sir."

"I have to say, yes I do." The Barber answered with a knowing grin.

"Still looking good for an old man." The bulk of a man said checking himself out in the mirror.

"Yes…..but I must say, I always attribute a certain amount of thickness to….a real man."

A with that, the new Bruno started filling in a bit more. Not with fat, not really. But his sculpted physique started taking on the look of a man who had lived with this body for some time. Not a 20 something gym rat any longer, but someone whose life was used to being the biggest person in the room.

"As I said, still looking good." The man said going to the duffle bag that had once been his portfolio and resume. Unzipping the top he dug through till he pulled out a black, but well worn, jockstrap. This was a real old fashioned jock, not the trendy kind that was not a g-string with florescent colors. The BIKE label attested to its authenticity. He stepped into the straps as he pulled up his legs. The straps that seemed they would be stretched by the size of those legs. Holding the jock out with one hand, he used the other to adjust his massive cock till filled the pouch. Then ran his fingers along the straps till they lined the edge of his ass perfectly. He took a moment to look at that ass, the huge mounds of flesh, even dimpled a bit on the sides. Gave it a shake and it barely moved, solid pump. Next came the white tank top t-shirt. Slipping it over his shoulders, pulling down his body. It fit tighter than a second skin and gleamed off his body in contrast to
his black skin.

The rest of his clothes slipped with incredible ease, and a certain amount of pride. The light blue shirt, the dark blue pants, the gun, and the police badge. Within a minute or two, the largest police officer that the Barber had even seen stood in front of his waiting area mirrored wall. And the Barber had seen a lot of police officers leave his shop.

"I have to say, you fill that uniform excellently, Officer."

"Not Officer,…Captain. Captain Babatunde Tabu." The man said, taking a large cigar out and lighting it up. Blowing the smoke, letting it escape though his thick lips smoothly, savoring the taste.

"Captain….Tabu? Sounds like the coolest super-hero ever. You ever get that mentioned?"

"Never twice." The Captain said before wrapping all the muscle and authority up in his winter coat.

"By the way….here's that cream you asked about." The Barber said handing the police chief an aerosol can, sort of like a can of shaving cream. "There should be enough to do the job."

"When did I….oh yea, OK, right, thanks" Babatunde said slipping the can into his coat's pocket before heading out into the cold.

Back at the former Bruno's apartment, something in the back of Superintendent Lopez's mind had been telling him to wrap thing up and get out of there for a while. But he couldn't help it. Once he found the stash of cigars and booze, he was in for the night. And even if the kid did come home, what was he going to do, piss his pants at him?

It wasn't the kid that came home, it was Police Captain Tabu, and he it was Lopez that just about pissed his pants.

"What the FUCK are you doing!?!??!" Tabu yelled at the shocked apartment building employee.

"What…who is…."

"Son of a bitch!! You just have to test me don't you?? Always pushing the limits. That does it, you know the drill." Babatunde said crossing the small room in a step or two before Lopez had any chance of reacting.

The large black hand reach out and grabbed Lopez by one of his ears and started pulling. Lopez had no other option but to follow in the direction he was being yanked. It didn't take two seconds for Lopez to be shown to the bathroom and shoved in.

"Off with them. You're back to not being allowed to wear clothes around here no more." Tabu ordered.

Lopez found himself suddenly thinking one thing while doing another. In his head he was screaming 'I'm not taking my clothes off for you, you fucking……' , while at the exact same time he was doing just that. Taking off his clothes so fast that his dirty t-shirt ripped while doing it.

While Lopez was doing that, Tabu was taking off his uniform down to the black jock. His rage was all the more evident in the small rightly lit room.

Lopez finished stripping down to his cheap, well worn tighty-whithies, which were more grey than white. But even those were off as that giant black hand reached out and torn them off.

There Lopez stood, his hands covering his dick but still naked. An out of shape man in the late 40's. Beer gut and guy boobs that had been getting bigger and bigger every year. Things sagged but he had always lead a life of slobbery. There was a few old faded tats, but they just added up to the waste of a living being he was.

"Punishment #1." Tabu said flipping the toilet seat down, sitting down and patting his lap. "I would say this is going to hurt you more than me, but this isn't going to hurt me at all."

Lopez was unsure what the black, almost naked giant wanted. He wasn't even sure what he was doing still standing that. With speed someone his size shouldn't have been able to do, Tabu grabbed Lopez and the arm and pulled him over, till he was lying across Tabu's lap, his ass in the air.

He let out a cry of pain and shock when the first slap to his ass hit. The man was spanking him!!!

"Are you SPANKING ME?!??!" Lopez was able to get out, even though is was a struggle, and his voice sounded weird.

"You gonna act like a brat, you're gonna be treated like a brat. Only making it worse by not shutting up and taking your medicine." Tabu said not letting up on the slaps to the middle aged Hispanic man.

Lopez wanted to grit his teeth and take it, but couldn't help letting out a grunt with each spank. Grunts that also got deeper with each spank. As he was trying to figure that out, he noticed something about his arms that were out in front of him. They were getting darker. Much darker. Going from his light Hispanic brown to a deep caramel onto the dark brown bordering on black.

Panic set in as he still found himself not being able to resist. Lopez saw his arms go from flabby and soft to toned then far beyond tone. He could feel the fat from his waist going away. There was no longer a pillow of fat between him and this monster's legs, just muscle on muscle.

His mind reeling Lopez then heard one last change. Back to his voice. He was still grunting with each spank but this was a different kind of grunt. His grunts had gone from someone who someone resisting a spanking to someone enjoying a spanking.

With one final slap that Lopez that made his whole body shake, Captain Tabu was done. "I'll be right back. Be a good boy and stand in the shower." The large man said before flipping Lopez off his lap and leaving the rest room.

Lopez stood there for a second, his head swimming as to what just happened. Then he noticed his arms again. And what the fuck was that hanging from his groin?

He jumped in front of the mirror. The look on the young man's face was one of complete shock and exhilaration. The new Lopez started running his hands over his body to make sure it was real.

He defiantly was black. Not as black as that other guy but there was no denying it, he was a Brother now. And a hot one. Maybe a little shorter, 5'5", but fucking packed with muscles. Mini bodybuilder stuff. The face was handsome, borderline cute, if it wasn't for all the muscles. The legs, the arms, turning around and looking at that ass, they were tight!! Pecs were amazing. Not even his ex-wife had a chest this big. Then his jaw dropped again when he remembered to check out his equipment. Again, not as big as that other guy, but DAYAM, it was longer than his hand!! He could wrap both first around his cock and the dark brown head was still sticking out the end. Not evening the Army or that short time in Prison did he ever see a cock like this. What he could do with this dick. If he could get out of here, the chicks he could bang!! With that face, this body and a killer cock, he'd never have to pay for sex again!!! Maybe track down his ex-wife and screw her the
way she screwed him on the divorce. He didn't look like Martin Lopez and more so she couldn't hold the restraining order against him.

Lopez still didn't know what happened, he could figure that out later. Right now, he had to get out of there. He might not be a big as his boyfriend but he should be able to fight past him…..did he think boyfriend. That's not his boyfriend, he doesn't have one. But all he had to do was gather up his strength and get out of there.

For some reason though, when it came to make his move for freedom, Lopez jumped into the shower like he was told, and waited. Like the good boy he wanted to be.

"Good boy'" Tabu said coming back into the bathroom with the can the Barber had given him. Lopez felt a slight twinge of pride for being called a Good Boy. He wanted to be for his… "Arms over your head and get those hands away from your dick."

Immediately the young man's arms reached for the ceiling, leaving his long cock swinging back and forth. Captain Tabu gave the can a shake and brought it in close to the other's man's arm pit. A thick cream came out, which was quickly rubbed into his pit hair. The other arm was quickly done followed by the entire area around his cock. It smelled funny, very chemically, but something else too. The cream certainly started tingling right away.

"We all have roles to play. Going to act like a brat, going to be treated like a brat, going to LOOK like a brat." Tabu said washing the bits of cream that were on his hands off in the sink before sitting down on the toilet seat again.

Lopez didn't even notice that he wasn't nervous about being in the same small room with this man. He was too busy taking him all in. Tabu had stripped down to his jock, and Lopez was loving it. A cigar was brought out and quickly lit. The Police Captain ran the end of it across his lips, tasting it. The younger man standing still leaned just a little closer so that he could sniff the smoke. It was like the best drugs he'd ever done times 100. He couldn't believe he was lucky enough to be with this man. To have him take care of him. All he needed was a real man… wait, this wasn't right…

"Time" Tabu said placing the cigar on the sink. Taking a washcloth, wetting it and beginning to whip away the cream and the hair for the younger man's armpit.

And with the cream and the hair, his newly formed muscles start whipping away too. With each stroke of the washcloth he was getting thinner and thinner. The arms were taught but not in anyway muscular. The legs thinned out to be like a runner's. Lean but unfortunately not long. His chest and 6-back receded into his flesh. Nipples shrank down to little pinpricks. There was still no fat on his, well, maybe a bit to booty his ass. But overall the guy had gone from toned muscle bulk to smooth and sleek. Not really cut but there was a little something there to show the muscles that had just recently gown on the man, but now were but a shadow. A twink bottom with an embarrassingly long cock.

"There. There's my Brat." Brat. He know it wasn't his name, not his old self's name or his new self's real name. But it was the only name he would know from now on.

As Tabu started on the young man's cock, the kid started shedding a few tears for fear of what would disappear next.

"Please sir." Brat said in a soft almost effeminate voice, "Don't take that…"

"If I understand right, this whole deal would have turned out differently had I called you a pussy. Know what I mean? But that would be too much of a lesson for you to learn." Babatunde said not even looking up at the guy. "And I'm not going to be sleeping with any pussy, ever. No, we leave the cock, but this last bit will take the rest of you away."

With that, Lopez felt reality shifting into Brat. He wasn't a 40 something maintenance worker in the crappy apartment building. He didn't have any Hispanic blood in him. He'd been a run away. Lived for years on the streets. Worked the streets. Till he was found. Till he was saved. All he had to be was a good boy.

"There." Babatunde said. "It was my mistake letting you keep all those damn muscles. Might let you have them back one day. If you're good. First you have to earn your hair back."

"I'll be good now." the young man said.

"You bet you will. Much more controllable like this. The ultimate little African twink. Insatiable bottom. Of age, for sure, but just barely. Here you are before the drugs and the gangs. Don't have to save you from those, now I just have to keep them from you. Starting over in so many ways." He said reaching up and letting his finger stoke Brat's cheek. That face had been borderline cute. It was now well into adorable. "One last place to check. As the saying goes, assume the position." Tabu said reaching in and turning on the shower spray.

The little black twink did not hesitate to turn to face the tiled wall, puts his hands on it, tilt his to place his perky new little ass up in the air. He could feel a hand run down the split of his ass. Feeling one side then the other. Up and down a few times. It was heaven.

"Looks like I didn't have to worry. As smooth as the rest of you. From the eyebrows down at least. Doesn't look like your spanking did too much damage." Tabu said.

Suddenly there was a pressure at Brat's butt hole. "Remember what I said my name translated to?" Captain Tabu whispered into his young boyfriends ear.

"You said Babatunde meant….Daddy's home."

"He sure as shit is."

With that, a monstrous cock was shoved deep into an innocent ass. Brat let out a gasp, a cry, more tears fell but, then a guttural laugh that was surprisingly deep for a guy his age and size. It was the reaction of someone who was being taken off to heaven. Brat's ass still stung some from the spanking, so this hurt more than usual. The hurting was the best part. That huge cock going into his ass. He could feel the veins as they snaked in, wrapped around all that flesh and muscle. There was no mercy given, there never was, and he never wanted any. He was a tiny twink of a bottom. This, right here, was what he was created for, and Brat was OK with that. His own dick started to rise, getting harder and harder. There was not enough room for it to stick out in front of him, so the cock had to settle for pressing against the shower wall and grow down. Grow indeed. As long as it was soft, it was nothing as compared to what it was hard. Tabu reached in front and grabbed
hold. Giving Brat a pump of his dick with his hands with each pump of his ass.

"Waters getting cold." Tabu whispered again into Brat's ear. "Maybe since they have to replace the old building Sup., the new one might be able to fix that."

There was a sudden wave of realization that spiked Brat's mind. A remembrance of what he was, who he was, the insanity of what was happening. But then Brat felt Tabu shoot his hot burning load into his ass. And he followed immediately, shooting his cum all over the shower floor. Then any thought he would have of ever having or wanting any other type of life was gone.

Tabu toweled himself off, then did Brat. The young man loved the feeling of having his lover wrap him up in a big thirsty towel and dry him off. Babatunde was taking care of him. It was what he would do now.

The two men walked into their bedroom. Brat getting into bed with Babatunde first opening the window a crack. It was this strange thing the man did. Always had to sleep with the window a little open. Something about needing the fresh air. Brat knew not to complain, but it was bitterly cold out.

Still, Babatunde always placed himself between the window and Brat. They covered themselves in a few heavy blankets. Snuggling up against Babatunde. The big man's cock resting between the smaller man's ass cheeks. One giant hand reaching over and cupping the smaller man's huge cock. It was just enough that would make this cold winter's night bearable.


(August '14 will 10 years that I have been writing stories about the Barber. Thanks to the original poster on CYOC. Special thanks to my buddy Aardvark. Thanks for the encouragement)