Quarter Sizing the Quarterback (tf)

Scooter Ferrari was in a foul mood.

His arms were stiff, his legs were killing him. Dumbass clothing store offered him free clothes if he'd be seen hanging out in their store, but the stuff they gave him didn't fit. Parents on his case to get his Freshman brother onto the Varsity football team with him. Two teachers already on his case about his grades today. Did they not understand that he already had Scouts coming to watch him play? Not college scouts but NFL scouts. He was months away from achieving the goal that his whole life was based on. Scooter didn't need their useless school or pressure.

Scooter Ferrari was in a foul mood. So others must pay.

It was easy for him to pick out his victims on the way to the cafeteria. He was the school's prize Quarterback. Pecking order stated that he was at the top, so they all had it coming just by virtue of being below him in rank.

Oh yea, Cindy McAllister. Standing there by her locker, all decked out in her cheerleading outfit, couple of gal pals hanging out with her. Perfect. Last year's longest fling. Scooter had played his favorite game with her. Made her feel like she had to give it up to keep him, let her know she was being dumped because she gave it up too easily. Gave it up twice in one night, if he was remembering right.

This was one of Scooter's favorite tricks. Walk towards her. Keep his eyes on so that when she looks up, instant eye contact. Right there, he had her. Slight nod of the head and that million-dollar smile breaks out. Her eyes light up, her smile gets twice as big as his. And without breaking stride or changing expression, Scooter walks on by. As if he hadn't been looking at her at all. As if she meant nothing to him. Which was true.

As Scooter detoured into the Men's room he could her Cindy start to cry a little while her girlfriends tried to quietly comfort her and bad mouth him. He's slept with most of them too, so they really couldn't say anything.

Inside the men's room, Scooter hit the jackpot. A load of pothead sneaking a joint between classes.

"Take it to the girl's room, bitches. Or didn't you notice there weren't any Tampax machines in here." Scooter yelled over his shoulder as he went to the urinal. Undoing his pants he let them drop enough to give the quickly retreating guys a slight glimpse of his ass. About as a disrespectful shot as he could give them.

He was just finishing up when one of the toilet stall doors slammed open. Loud enough to make Scooter jump.

"Awww sorry there, man. Didn't spray yourself did you?"

Terrific. If there was one guy Scooter could never rattle, not since grade school, it was Bryan Schwartz. Never could understand the guy. Killer in the gym. Could be on any sport team he wanted. Wasted his life being a Drama Club queer.

"You into guys who pee themselves?" Scooter said zipping up.

"No, I just heard that steroid abuse leads to losing bodily functions. Hate to see our hero start wearing a diaper cause he can't hold it in." Schwartz said as he washed his hands at the sink.

"Fuck you."

"You'd probably enjoy it." Schwartz said pursing his lips slightly as his mocking a kiss before leaving. "Love the scarf there Doctor Who."

Scooter was about to yell how his Grandmother knitted him the scarf but, yea, it was kind of a lame defense and Schwartz was already out of the room.

Scooter took a moment to calm down. Looked at himself in the mirror and tried to calm down, back to looking like what a professional football player should look like. Square jaw, clear eyes, nicely groomed. Maybe have to go back to the barber, hair was getting a bit frizzy at the roots. He ran his comb through quickly and noticed, again, a few too many hairs clinging to the comb. Stupid ethnicity. His one-quarter African heritage had the annoying habit of showing up in his hair. Others didn't need to know, but secretly Scooter was a little concern of what would happen when people did. Would they accuse him of hiding it, trying to 'pass'? His Father had a plan laid out for getting him and his Brother into the NFL, and being perceived as being 100% Italian was a main part. African American professional quarterbacks were still few and far between. Besides, with the rest of his DNA he looked Italian because he was Italian. That's what his Dad wanted, that's what Scooter was.

The clothes though, still didn't look right. It was obvious that he was a brick shithouse under all this, but they looked loose for some reason. Probably was this stupid long scarf his Grandmother knitted him. Why was he wearing it? She's in Italy, she'd never know. Well, better wear it for a few days, just so he wouldn't have to lie if she ever asks. Gave himself a quick trip to the gun show, yea the boys were still looking good.

He quickly headed out of the boy's room and just as quickly heard his name being called out. Not his day at all.

"Mister Ferrari…….MISTER….FERRARRI"

Across the foyer from the lunchroom comes Mr. Preo, the art teacher. Didn't have to wave like that. Preo was suppose to have a wife but……

"Mister Ferrari need I remind you about your posing for the life drawing class sometime THIS semester?" the art teacher said, tip his head down and looking over the top of his glasses.

"I know Mr. Preo, it's just that you hold the class after school and I always have practice after school so finding the right time…"

"I suggest you MAKE the time Scooter. MUST I remind you that NEED this extra credit to pass? From what I hear you're close to failing more than a few classes. And failed classes mean no football."

"They wouldn't do that. Coach wouldn't allow it." Scooter said in as smug a voice as there ever was.

"You'd be surprised at what can be done. MISTER. Ferrari." Responded in a tone as cold as Scooter's was smug.

Scooter stood there in a bit of shock as Mr. Preo sauntered off, back into the art department. Good riddance.

Lunch didn't go much better. Got his usual tray full of food but couldn't finish it. Tried to talk new tactics with the other guys on the team, give them pointers on how to support and cover him better. But they weren't interested. Well, it was just a few more classes till the end of the day, and that meant football practice. Thing would go better there.

But they didn't. Couldn't hold the ball, seemed to have trouble running down field. Worst of all was when he tried to kick the ball and his shoe went flying after it. Luckily the guys held back the laughs they seriously wanted to break out into.

"Look kid." The Coach said pulling him aside as they headed in after training was over. "Everyone has bad days. We know you got it in you. Just….get it together before Sunday's game."

Not the pep talk he was looking for. Ever his stupid brother, Corky, was giving him the stink eye. Scooter knew that Corky wanted on the Varsity team. It just seemed to Scooter that his own brother was hoping more that Scooter with lose his position due to his sudden mistakes than Corky would earn it. This was the rivalry that the boy's Father had drilled into them since they were born. Everything was centered on them making the big leagues, even if it was at the loss of the other brother.

As bad as the day went, in the days to come, Scooter would think of this as the last good day he'd ever have.

It started that night, with killer leg cramps. These were worse than the ones he'd get in early September when they were all back to school and he was full time training again. It was December now and he should be used to the cramps. These were more than cramps. Like his bones were aching. Never felt anything like this before. Then around 2 or 3 it started with his arms and his back. Scooter tried to sleep through it all, but this was bad. Like his arms weren't moving right. Down to his hands. It was 4 in the morning when Scooter had to get up, had to move around, and had to take a piss.

The floor felt weird. It wasn't where it should have been. Well, like it was still on the floor but it seemed like he had to…reach to get off the bed? His feet didn't hit the floor, they had to reach down some to get there. Scooter ran his hand through his hair, trying to find a pressure point to get rid of this headache that started. Only to find big clumps of his hair just pulling free. No pain, just a couple of handfuls of hair. And why weren't his arms reaching up as well as before.

Scooter ran to the bathroom down the hall. His legs having to take too many steps. His arms reaching out for the door and seeing how much smaller and oddly shaped his hands were. Getting into the bathroom he tried to turn on the light, but the switch wasn't where it always was. It was higher up.

While it was only a couple of seconds between the time he turned the light on, and he started screaming, in-between it felt like a lifetime.

There was a freak in the mirror screaming too.

This guy, this weird looking guy was shorter than he should be. Scooter used to get a weird thrill being able to rest is dick on the bathroom sink. Now the sink came up to his bellybutton. He went to bed 6'3" and now….what was this….5 and a half? Less? His arms were bizarre, shorter and kind of stubbier. Looking down he found the same for his legs. They were still kind of muscular, but all wrong. These weren't the legs of a Quarterback. From his neck to his underwear Scooter didn't look THAT much different. Pecs OK and an 8 pack to kill for. At least, at least he still had that. How was his underwear still on when he was this ….deformed? His face was squarer, his forehead and jaw more pronounced. The worst part was the missing hair, his kept coming out as he pulled. And his skin color. Darker, much darker. Going beyond summer tan dark.

Scooter didn't even try to stop the tears when his family showed up. Is Mother screaming and almost passing out. His Father…..his Father bending down to grab Scooter's shoulders to ask what happened. His fucking brother looking shocked as the rest of them, but then, as their Father ran to get the car to drive them to the Emergency Room, was that a smile on Corky's face?

The first few days in the hospital were a blur. Doctors and Nurses rushing him from one test and procedure after another. All the machines hooked up to monitor his condition. Which got worse by the day. His arms and legs getting smaller, yet hold a lot of their muscle. His back started compressing more on the third day, though the Doctors tried to give him 'good' news that most the loss of height was still going to be coming from his smaller legs. His hair had continued to fall out, all of it, from head to toe. They told him it was from the shock to his body of what was going on. They couldn't tell him what was going on, no one had ever seen this before, yet somehow they were sure it wasn't why he was suddenly bald from the tip of his head down. Scooter's skin continued to darken, and his face, not only getting harder and squarer, took on the characteristic from his Grandmother's side of the family. Scooter could no longer hide the bit of Africa that lived in his DNA.

And the shrinking continued. Almost by the hour in those early days. His bones ached and his head throbbed. Walking just to the bathroom in his hospital room was so weird. His legs moved around each other, almost not having to bend at the knees, almost not able too.

Scooter stopped shrinking at 4'2". He had lost over two feet in height. It was when they came in to change out his bed. The one he had was too far off the ground for him now. With his bones being in flux, it was dangerous for him to get out of the current bed. He was an adult so they couldn't move him to the Children's ward, but they could give him a child's bed. That was when someone finally used the term he kept thinking when he saw himself in the bathroom mirror. At least it was the first time someone used it in his presence.


That's what Scooter saw when he looked in the mirror now. Not only a dwarf, but a black dwarf. No longer going to be able to 'pass' as Italian. It was as if shrinking down concentrated his African heritage and the Melanin that came with it into the smaller body. At least the Doctors stopped probing him for this change once his Father had admitted his Mother was from a small nomadic tribe in Africa.

The Doctors had more than enough to handle with the first case of an 18 year old male suddenly gripped in the onslaught of Achondroplasia. A genetic disorder that, up till Scooter, everyone else who had was quite literally born with it. As in the second the child was born, they cold tell they had the disorder. Scooter was the first case, ever, of someone who the disorder hit not only later in life, but well after puberty had begun.

The arms were still a bit pumped but so short. And the fingers, he'd never be able to throw a football while he was stuck like this, better yet the controls of his video games. His trunk had stayed pretty much the same, pecs to die for and those abs, but they still weren't like before. Scooter spine had warped some so the trunk was good, but noticeably off. The legs were the worse. His knees didn't bend too well. He had to walk by throwing his hips forward to take steps. Like his knees were almost locked into place. He took some solace that his cock didn't shrink all that much. At least that was what he kept telling himself. Still, it went blacker than the rest of him. His medium brown was nothing when compared to his new deep black cock. Adding on the list of things they couldn't explain, his foreskin grew back, completely covering his almost purple colored head. Not that he's ever be using it again for anything than peeing. He wasn't going to be getting anyone to let his screw them anytime soon.

Strangely enough, for some reason, Scooter could live with the face. He could still see some of the old Italian Scooter in there. But with the lips a little fuller and the nose a lot flatter, he was defiantly a black man now. And if this black man's face were on a full sized black man's body, he would be one tough ass looking black guy. Maybe when they found a cure, and they could change him back, reverse all this, maybe if he still looked like this, it wouldn't be so bad. His Father would hate it, but it was kind of OK with Scooter. As it was though, he was just a tough looking dwarf.

His Mother was there every day. As early as she could get there and stayed till his Father came by after work and drove her home. It was almost as hard on her as it was on Scooter. His Father, well, that was harder to read. Scooter could tell that there was concern but something else was going on. Maybe it was just the bills that were adding up. His brother Corky sent his homework with their Mom, and visited mainly on the weekends. After the first week, his friends stopped coming by. Not really friends really. The more Scooter though about it, his friends were really either the guys on the team or…well that was really it. Maybe they were too busy with practice.

Which lead to a bit of an obsession with Scooter. The Doctors couldn't figure out what had happened. They had done every test on his imaginable and found nothing. They couldn't even find the gene that caused the genetic disorder, yet he obviously had it in full force. So if it wasn't science that did this to him…….maybe it was someone. Maybe it was one of his teammates who wanted him out of the way. Or the girls he fucked and threw away. Or the Teachers he treated like shit on the bottom of his shoes. Or some of the other students who were jealous of him. Maybe some of his teammates were jealous of him. Christ knows that his brother was acting weird, and that smile he had that first day, like something he did to him was working…..

And the second part of this was….how? Magic or curses. Lots of girls and maybe a few guys at the school into that Wicca shit. Who knows what they could cook up if they wanted to hurt him. Or the science guys. Slip something in his food or a drink at one of the parties he went to. It just kept eating at Scooter. If the doctors said things like this just didn't happen on their own, then even the crazy shit Scooter could think up had to be valid.

He was trying to look up curses and spells on his iPad when another dwarf walked into his hospital room. Scooter took a second to rethink that. Just a dwarf, not 'another' dwarf since he wasn't one. He wasn't going to be thinking of himself as a dwarf when they'd find a cure for this.

"Scooter Ferrari?" The man said pulling up a chair next to Scooter's bed. "I'm Dr. Tom Houston, I'm on staff here at the hospital, pediatrician actually, but they've been telling me what's been happening to you. All that you've been through and where you're at now."

"Yea, OK." Scooter said looking up briefly from his iPad. He didn't like talking that much now. His voice was different. A little higher and a lot rougher. Not the voice to call out plays on the field to his team.

"I'm really here in a unofficial capacity. Since you appear now to be a member of the club I've been in since birth, is there anything that you have questions about? Anything I can help explain?"

"If you can't explain why this happened or how to change it back, then no, I don't need you."

"I was thinking more along the lines of every day challenges you may face. Heath issues….even where to buy clothes in our size. I can't say I know what you're going through, but in a way, I've been there. There's a time where all of us that am much as we tell ourselves we're like everyone else, the reality is that.."

"What the fuck has any of THIS got to do with reality!!??"

"Look, I'm just trying to help…."

"I don't need you help. I'm not one of you." Scooter said getting out of the bed and advancing of the Doctor. "NOT one of you. Get the fuck out!!!"

"Kid, I was trying to help, but I'm not here to take on your anger issues. You're obviously not ready for this. Sorry to intrude." The Doctor said getting out of the chair. Before he turned to leave, he leaned in and whispered in Scooter's ear. "Not one of us? I'm three inches taller than you. You're more 'one of us' than I am. Good luck to you."

The visit got Scooter deeper into psychology end of medicine than the physical at that point. Plenty of people coming in his hospital room's doors just wanting to 'check on him'. Asking if he wanted to 'talk'. Scooter broke down on one of them and confessed his theory that someone had done this too him on purpose. That only escalated the visits.

In the middle of the third week the Doctors had to admit they were at an end. His condition seemed to stabilize. They had run all the test they possibly could. While they couldn't explain what had happened, or why, they knew it had stopped and was not contagious. It was time for Scooter to go home.

Scooter's mother had measured him a few days before, ordered clothes for him online and had them rushed delivered. They were horrible. No style, fabric that was odd. Why would they make the jeans with such thick fabric? Legs were stiff enough already. And the shirt was so non-descript. Not to mention all the clothes were just odd looking. Full waist and long shirt but such short arms and legs. Like him. They did happen to fit perfectly.

For the drive home, Scooter got into the back seat with his brother Corky. His legs barely able to reach the end of the seat and hang down. Looking at his feet, he realized that the shoes were probably kid's sneakers.

"Did you check all the stores at the mall to see if any of them would have anything in my size?"

"I did my best dear. Maybe in a while, if you find something online, we can get you some more. What you have now should be good enough for when you get back to school." His mother said from the passenger seat.

"SCHOOL!!! I can't go back to school like this!!! Can't we get a tutor or something?!?!" Scooter said yelling loud enough to make the car echo with his voice.

"Well, no dear. They don't offer tutors at the school. And well…." She said hesitating and looking over to her husband.

"Truth is Scooter, we don't have to money. Tutors that would come to the home are way out of our price range." His Father said with a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"Can't you use some of my college fund?"

His father paused for a long time before answering. "We hadn't really saved for your college education Scooter. It was….up till three weeks ago….a given that you'd be getting a scholarship, if not going straight into the NFL. What money we did save is already almost gone to pay all the doctor bills. Just because they couldn't find out what happened doesn't mean they don't want to be paid for looking."

"Look, I'll just drop out then. I'm not going.."

"You are going back to school. You can wait till next week, but come Monday morning, you will be back in school. We've talked to your Principal and Teachers and it's all set. Plus Corky will be there to help you out. It might take some time, but they will get used to you and life will go on. Got that?"

"Yea." Scooter heard his brother say, "They're going to get used to this." He muttered quietly.

When they got home, Scooter went straight to his room. While his Mother had made his bed, it was exactly the way he left it. He turned on his TV and went to check the rest of the clothes his Mom had bought him. Pretty much the same as what he was wearing. More of the same. He noticed the clothes he got from the men's store at the mall were all gone. Wasn't even going to ask if they wanted the stuff back, or if his Mom just returned it anyway. The rest of his old clothes were gone too. He'd paid for that stuff, or at least his parents gave him to money to pay for it. Did him Mom just up and give it to charity? Did she have no faith that the doctors would find a cure and he'd wear them again someday?

Scooter hadn't noticed that the local news was on till the Anchor team mentioned his name.

"More news to night on local high school football phenom, Scooter Ferrari, the young man reportedly stuck with DWARFISUM practically overnight. Newcenter 7 has obtained a photo of how the young man appears today. When compared to his High School Year Book photo, the results are STARTLING."

Suddenly Scooter's last year school photo was side by side with a photo of him sitting on his hospital bed, looking at his iPad. Had to be taken by someone on the staff of the hospital, or passing by. He had never even noticed.

"Doctors still have no clue as to the onrush of his deformity of the discoloration of his skin. We're told by inside sources that tonight, Scooter Ferrari is resting at home."

Scooter turned off the TV and fell back on his bed. He left one single tear fall down the side of his face. He figured he was owed at least that much.

Over Scooter's strong objections, the family went out to dinner that evening. He guessed he had to start getting used to people staring, but this was bad. Maybe it was because he'd been on the local news? Scooter didn't mind being recognized before but this was a whole new different world. They were given a booth and at least Corky let Scooter sit next to the wall, placing his younger brother between him and the gawkers. It was also at dinner that Scooter realized that Corky was wearing his old clothes. His objection was quickly stopped over demands to not make a scene in public, trying to save money and other reasoning that added up to Corky taking his place as the center of their Father's attention.

As much as he wished it never would, Monday still came and Scooter returned to school. Before he was to classes, they had a meeting with the school's Principal.

"Wow, that really did a number on you." the man said as they walked into his office. The meeting was brief, they had to get to classes after all. The school would give Scooter their full support, he'd be given time to make up the class work he'd miss, they gave him a key to the school's elevator so he could get to the second floor. All the correct buzz words that needed to be said. Nothing about getting the other students to stop staring and taking pictures of him with the cell phones like they did when he walked from the car to the building.

"Scooter, we know you can get through this. We're still expecting great things from you, young man." The Principal said with a knowing wink.

Scooter was about to say something when he looked over to his Mom. While she looked like she was going to start crying again, she also had that look in her eyes. One that said she not only wanted to believe what the Principal said, but that she hoped Scooter did too. In a way she was saying she couldn't be as strong as she needed to be for Scooter, but she knew Scooter had it in him to be as strong as he needed. With that much unquestioning faith, how could he not give it a try?

The bell rang as their meeting ended. Saying goodbye to their Mom, the brothers headed out into the between classes traffic. Which parted so that Scooter could walk through. Not like before. Parted for him because he was the Quarterback. But so they could all take in what their former Quarterback turned into. Scooter tried not to make eye contact, but it was hard not to avoid the shock and obscene curiosity in their eyes. As if there was a car crash walking through the halls.

As they turned the corner to the main hall of classes, they almost literally ran into Harkins, Hopkins and Jefferson. Not only guys from Scooter's team, but also the guys he always considered the 'black' guys on the team. One of them noticed Scooter and nodded to the others.

"Shit man, that stuff really did a number on you."

"Yea, hey Hopkins. Hows it going?" Scooter said, hoping to make his voice sound as much as it used to. It didn't. It sounded far too high and scared.

"What the hell is all this about you and your brother being black, but trying to hide it?"

"Yea, what the fuck man, we not good enough for the QB?"

"No man, it's not that, it's out Father. He…."Scooter started, noticing his brother backed off like he wasn't part of this.

"Your Father here? Your Father on the field with you?"

"Shit, guys, come on. He'd too embarrassed to be one of us. We're to embarrassed to be seen with…..it…now."

The guys walked off, turning their backs on Scooter. He could hear them talking, his name come up and the deep laughter that followed. Scooter stood there for a second, gather his will and continued down the hall.

They couldn't had done this to him, Scooter thought, they weren't mad at him till after this all happened. Unless they were jealous and turned him into this, and finding out about him trying to pass as fully white…..no probably not.

Corky promised to help Scooter take the things off the top shelf of his school locker and move them to the floor level. Scooter could still reach the lock with no problems, but the top shelf was way over his head now. He'd gotten most of it set up, but there was a few books left out of reach.

"Corky." Scooter said to his brother who had been distracted by some of his buddies. "Corky I need those last books." With no response and Corky ignoring him, Scooter tried again. "Corky, the books……please."

Out of nowhere Cindy McAllister appears, reached into the top of his locked and yanked the books down on Scooter.

"There. Is that what you wanted, Asshole?"

There was no pity in her eyes at least. Scooter couldn't have handled that. Just anger. Seething anger. If Cindy could do it again, she would. If she could do worse, she would. After a few seconds of shaking in rage at him, she stomped off.

"Here" a voice said handing him one of the books. "You OK?"

It was Schwartz handing him the book. Fucking Schwartz being nice to him. Fucking Schwartz with the look of pity in his eyes.

"fuck off." Scooter said quietly, turning so he wouldn't have to see those eyes any longer. Finally Corky came over, pushed Schwartz away and help Scooter get things set up.

Either of them Cindy or even Schwartz would have done this to him. Hell Cindy looked like she'd put an ice pick in his head it she had on in the backpack. As for Schwartz, Scooter could never figure the guy out so there was no use.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same. Either people paying far too much attention to him, or being far too obvious in their attempts to pretend to ignore him. Corky was suppose to meet up with him between classes and get him from one room to the next, but that stopped after third class.

Lunch did not go well. Scooter thought he could do it on his own, but the railing to place the lunch trays on was just a little too high. And he had to draw attention to himself when he needed the Lunch ladies to hand him the milk, instead of him being able to grab and go. Even then, the voice in the crowd that then whispered a bit too loud, "Milk makes your body grow" was bad. Not as bad as the follow up giggles.

Once in a while, before, Scooter would eat alone in the crowed lunchroom because he was the QB, and better than the rest. Today, Scooter was eating alone in the lunchroom. Again for the reason of him being who he was.

Corky had eventually showed up, but really just to tell Scooter that the Coach wanted to see him. They'd already established that Scooter no longer needed to go to PE, to take an extra study hall instead. But Scooter wanted to see the Coach. The man had always been a source of strength to Scooter in the field. He was hoping the man could do the same now.

"Shit….sorry son…..that stuff really did a number on you."

"Yea, that's what everyone says." Scooter said taking a seat across from the Coach in his office. He's sat in this chair a hundred times, going over plans for upcoming games, going over the team's performance afterwards. It's just that this time, he had to pull himself up into the chair, not fall down on it.

"Needless to say, Scooter, sorry that this happened to you. Sorry to loose you from the team. I believe you were really going to make it."

"Well, you can always try to build up Corky. Given the.."

"Nah. He's trying, I'll give him that. But you, you really had it. This is a big loss to the team."

"Funny you should say that, cause I've been thinking. You know, I'm not going to be playing again till they find a curse…"

"You think they're going to find a curse?" the Coach said in a fairly disbelieving tone.

"Don't you?" Scooter asked.

"Yea, yea sure. Any day now I'm sure." The coach answered, trying his best.

Scooter decided to move on from the lack of hope he was hearing. "Well, I've been thinking, maybe I could still help out. Give the team tips. Help train them. Use my knowledge of the sport to, maybe sort of, be an assistant Coach."

"I appreciate the offer Ferrari but, you need to concentrate on your self now. Put football aside and concentrate on Scooter." There was something in the coach's voice that Scooter couldn't quite peg.

"It's just that football has always been my life. I know I can.."

"OK, look" the coach said leaning forward, resting his body on his elbows on his desk. "I didn't want to say anything. But……the guys are actually playing better now without you. We might not be winning as many games, I'll give you that. They're a team now. Before, they were there to support you. Now, they're playing as one. And they're having a lot more fun doing it."

"Yea, I ….see your point."

"Like I said, time to take care of yourself. No one can blame you for that." The Coach said making it clear their talk was over. "At least you get to go home from school at a decent hour, not hang around for team meeting." The Coach said with a laugh, like this was a good thing. "OH before I forget, the reason I wanted to talk to you.."

Scooter wasn't sure what was next, but another kick seemed to be coming.

"I had to bust open you gym locked to get your uniform to give to your brother. We're going to try him out on the varsity team. He's not you, but we'll see. I just wanted you to hear it from me."

Yea, a kick right to the balls, that was as good as they came. Maybe it was the coach. That had never come up before when he was thinking this whole curse/whatever bit over. He'd always thought the Coach would be the last suspect. But maybe he did it for the team, or someone else on the team. Scooter only got a few feet along when the heard from behind him.

"MISTER Ferrari."

Sweet Jesus why did the PE offices have to be so close to the Art rooms.

"My, my, really did a number on you."

"Yes" was al the Scooter could respond. Was that the best that anyone could come up with?

"I just wanted you to know that I went ahead and scheduled you for a posing session. It's the last one that was unbooked, right after school, 4 o'clock on Friday the 19th. That's the last day of classes before the Holiday break. Just for an hour and a half."

"Honestly, do you think I'm going to do your…posing for the art class NOW." Scooter said, editing out 'fucking' from posing and 'lame ass' from art class.

"Ferrari, we are all sorry for what happened to you. But grades are grades. And yours are in the toilet. Unless you want to redo all of your Senior year of high school. Go through all of this all over again, I suggest you be there." Mr. Preo said before turning a swishing off. "See you then Mr. Ferrari."

The next couple of weeks were a repeat, in some way, of this day, over and over again. Teachers talking to him like he was stupid now. Which, in a way he was. He was no dumber than before, but he had never been that smart. They just weren't making allowance for him being the QB any longer.

He was outright ignored by his former teammates. That Scooter could almost handle. The girls Scooter used to date were the real problem. He didn't even try to talk to them, why couldn't they leave it at that. No, they started this thing. They'd walk up next to him then suddenly yelp and hold their dress down. They were pretending that Scooter had taken a peek up their skirts since he was so small now. It became almost a fad. Girls Scooter didn't even know their names were doing it. Got to the point that some of the female teachers were cautious around Scooter believe it was true. Scooter even got called back into the Principal's office and had a tough time getting himself out off all the trouble they were getting him into.

The weeks past, and Scooter dealt.

It was finally the day from the Holiday break. A good two weeks off, wouldn't have to be back at school till after the New Year. His Grandmother was flying in from Italy to spend time, and too see Scooter. That would be….. Interesting. At least she would be happy that someone in her son's family looked like her.

All Scooter had to do was get through this stupid art class and he could go home.

Mr. Preo had assured Scooter that all he had to do was stand there, in his regular clothes, and change poses from time to time.

There weren't that many students, this was an after school class after all. He didn't know most of them, but Schwartz was there. Scooter hadn't seen much of Schwartz in the halls since that first day. At least he wasn't looking like Scooter was a hurt puppy any longer.

"Just stand in the middle of the platform please, Mister Ferrari. That's right. For now just stand there." Preo said turning around and facing the class behind their easels. "Class begin"

Scooter just stood there, trying not to think about what they all were drawing. Once in a while a student would briefly appear from behind the easel, but then quickly disappear.

"No, no Helen." He heard Mr. Preo say. "You're not getting the distortion of the arms right. You're drawing him too much like a normal person. They're shorted than that. More deformed."

Preo stepped away and raised his voice to address the full class. "You will find this to be a most challenging subject. You've spent the last semester learning all about human anatomy. You most now throw that ALL AWAY. What you will be drawing today has NOTHING to do with the norm."

With that stab to his soul, Scooter changes positions and the class continued. After an hour of this, Scooter had to ask.

"I'm sorry, could I do some poses sitting down? My back….starts to hurt if I stand too long now."

"I think I have a little stepstool somewhere." Preo said disappearing into the offices. He came out with something obviously meant for a child. "Here you are. How about for the last half hour you take your shirt off. That will really give the class something to draw."

"I don't know, its kind of cold.."

"Grades, Mister Ferrari." There was a look in Mr. Preo's eyes that said 'I won'. Scooter slowly lifted his shirt over his head, and handed it to Mr. Preo, how placed it on the side where instead of the dirty floor. "Yes, that should give you all something REALLY different to work with."

Preo walked around the room, continually critiquing the student's work. But mainly pointing out that they weren't capturing Scooter's deformity enough.

"Yes, we ALL would have liked to draw the former Scooter Ferrari, but we much make do. Ahhhhh, interesting Mr. Schwartz. There's a certain amount of dignity you're given the face that I'm not sure is there….not to mention a slight albeit surprising hint of sensuality. He's pecs are not that nice."

He could see Schwartz getting embarrassed by the comments. At least Scooter wasn't on the receiving end for once.

5:30 hit and the class ended. The students quickly gathered all their supplies and raced out of the room. It was after all the last day before a vacation, so they couldn't be blamed for not wanting to stick around. Scooter was kind of glad that none of them wanted to show Scooter their drawings.

"If you'll wait a moment, Mr. Ferrari, I'll fill in the form for you to give your guidance councilor that you completed your extra credit. See, that wasn't so bad, was it."

As soon as Preo left the room, Scooter spat on the floor in the direction he had been standing. It was the best thing he could think of instead of pissing on the floor.

Scooter grabbed his shirt from where Preo left it, preoccupied with thoughts about finding Corky and getting home before the rain outside got too bad. A Texas winter storm was not fun to drive through even in the SUV his parents had bought them. And that only Corky could drive now.

But as soon as his shirt was over his head, the light went out. Scooter was still struggling with it when he heard some voices come up behind him. His shirt was ripped off and something went over his nose and mouth. He could hear a couple of guy's voices, and a couple of girls before he passed out.

Scooter couldn't tell how long he had been out. He didn't think it was long. It was still dark but that was because he hadn't come too 100% yet, and there was something over his eyes.

He could feel hands tugging at him. His pants were off, he knew that, and his shirt was off. Maybe his socks were still on. Something was tied around his neck quickly, but it was with a thin strap. When his pegs were pulled apart and cloths or some other kind of fabric started to be wrapped around his lower half, that's when he came too enough to start fighting back.

"I thought you said it would knock him out?" a guy's voice said.

"I had to formulate it for based on his size. Not like I ever did stuff like this before. Couldn't exactly go to Mr. Rogers and ask."

Rogers was the head science teacher. These had to be the lab geeks he was always so tough on.

"Christ he's strong, how is he this strong?" one of the guys said as Scooter was able to push him off.

"Will you hurry and dress up the little freak already!!" a girl's voice said. It was Cindy. Cindy doing something to him to keep striking back.

"What the hell is going on!!? Will you assholes lay off!! Stop This!!!" Scooter yelled as they finished attaching whatever that was to his lower half. He could hear duct tape being pulled off the roll.

"Get that over his mouth." Cindy ordered someone. "Oh we'll stop this, alright. When you get what's coming to you. So glad I had our little accident aborted. Wouldn't want to carry your mutant child into this world. When I think I let a colored midget take my….Hurry up will you!!!."

Scooter was going to protest when the tape went over his mouth. Actually more like something being taped TOO his mouth. He could feel something hanging down, and something in his mouth. It was small and made of thin rubber but he couldn't tell.

Not that he was concentrating on that at all. What had Cindy said? He had gotten her PREGNANT?? And she got rid of it!!! How……when could that…….oh god, no one had ever told him…..

Suddenly many hands were on him, then he was being dragged across the floor. Doors were opening and closing, he was being taken down a hallway. The pace picked up. The people doing this started laughing all the more. Scooter could hear another set of door being opened.

"Hey boys, Santa couldn't stop by to wish you a Merry Christmas, but we've got a visit from Baby New Year!!!"

The blindfold was quickly taken off his head as something new was strapped under his chin. With a push from all the hands, Scooter went flying. While his eyes were adjusting, Scooter could hear a full rooms worth of shocked gasps, then roar of laughter.

Scooter was standing, barely, in front of the football team as they had their weekly conference. Standing there in a diaper, baby booties, bib around his neck, bonnet on his head. And a baby bottle tapped to his mouth. Standing there in shock as the room full of people he'd known for years burst out laughing. Taking out this cell phones to take pictures of the big baby. The baby with the shocked look in his eyes. Turning around to see Cindy and the science geeks doubled over in laughter.

They were all laughing. His former teammates. A former girlfriend. His former Coach. And his brother. All laughing.

While Scooter had practice to walk over the last few weeks, running was still hard. Yet Scooter ran. The little baby booties on his feet didn't help. Like soft socks on a highly polished floor. But while his legs didn't work right, and he was getting little traction, Scooter ran harder than he'd ever run in his life.

All he knew was he had to get out and away. It felt like forever but he quickly made his way to an exit out of the building and slammed his way to the outside. The rainstorm that had started while he was in the art class was still going on, going hard. Scooter barely noticed it as he kept running out of the parking lot and down the side street.

He had gotten a half a block away when he started to slow down. All the while trying his best to pull the stupid bottle off his face. As the panic started to lessen Scooter started to notice just how cold the rain was. This might be Texas but it was still December. What little clothes he was wearing were soaked. The diaper started falling apart, and it wasn't like they left his underwear on. As a matter of fact, he had no idea where his clothes were, or his cell phone. He was out in a freezing rainstorm, in the dark, in a diaper, miles from his house.

There was a sudden screeching noise next to him and a beat up old no name economy car pulled up. The door flew open and a voice shouted. "Jesus Christ What HAPPENED?"

"FUCK OFF….JUST FUCK OFF?!?!" Scooter yelled.

"Jesus, get in the car!!"



Scooter stood there for a second. He had no choice. He had no way home. And he was beginning to shiver.

As he made his way over to the car, and started climbing into the passenger seat, Scooter saw that it was Schwartz that was driving.

"What happened?!?!" Bryan said as he dug around for something in the back seat.

"Like you don't know." Scooter said with an audible sniffle, trying to hold back the tears. This had just broken him.

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Here wrap yourself up in this. Sorry it's my dog's blanket but it's the best that I've got right now." Bryan said wrapping Scooter up in an old blanket that was a little rough, but oh so warm. He then felt a blast of hot air as Bryan threw his car's heating system into high gear.

"Your fucking friends. They stripped me, dressed me up like a baby and threw me into the locker room with the football team." Scooter said wiping his nose on the blanket.

"Those FUCKS. No, I had no idea that was going on, believe me. I'm calling the cops…" Schwartz said getting out his cell phone.

"No, don't please." Scooter said, sounding way more like begging than he'd wanted.

"They assaulted you. That's not a prank, that's an assault."

"Please, they all took pictures, it's going to be all over school anyway. Just take me home. Please…..I just need to get home."

Without saying anything Schwartz hit the gas and headed out. With a few instructions from Scooter, they made it to his parent's house quickly. Scooter still let out a yell when they pulled into the driveway.

"Nooooo!!!! They're not home!!!" Scooter said, almost beginning the cry again.

"What? You sure?"

"Yes, the lights are out and the car isn't in the drive way, they're out. All the doors are going to be locked since my Mom is obsessed with someone breaking in."

"Here" Schwartz said handing Scooter his cell. "Call them"

Scooter's hands were shaking a little but he was able to get his Dad's number into the phone.

"Yea, Dad, it's Scooter, where are you?! I'm locked out. The airport?!?! Ah fuck, Grandma's plane. No sir, I'm sorry for swearing sir. But it's raining, I'm locked out, I don't have my keys or my phone, I don't know where Corky is…..but how much longer…" Scooter stopped as Schwartz backed out of the driveway and sped off.

"Tell them you're going to be at a friends house and to call that number when they get home."

Scooter repeated what Bryan had just said. He really didn't have any choice.

It didn't take them too long to get to Schwartz's house. They ran in quickly, Scooter using the blanket as an umbrella. Schwartz hurried him down the hallway to the bathroom.

"Got to get you warm." Schwartz said starting the shower going. "Lets get those stupid stuff of you."

He quickly yanked the remnants of the diaper off and helped Scooter with the booties. With a small pair of scissors he cut the bib off, and the last things holding the bottle to Scooter's head.

"Wait, are your parents here….. or is someone secretly filming this…"

"What, no. My parents are on a trip, we've got the house to ourselves. And why would someone be filming this?"

"Because you're being nice to me and you've always hated me. Plus people are going to some pretty good lengths to humiliate me today."

Bryan took a breath, looked Scooter in the eyes and in an incredibly reassuring tone said. "You're safe here. Now, get in the shower. We have to get you warmed up. Take all the time you want, we've got a good water heater. I'm going to see if I can find some clothes that will fit you."

As Schwartz left, Scooter lifted himself over the edge of the tub and into the spray of hot water. He took a second to adjust the temp, but mainly just stood there. It did feel really good. After a few minutes Schwartz came back in.

"There's a towel here for you, and I found a bathrobe I stole from the hotel when the History Club took that trip to Washington. It's going to be way too big but it's warm. I'm going to be right across the hall in my bedroom when you're done."

"Kay, thanks."

After a while Scooter felt he was as clean and as warm as he needed to be. The shaking had stopped. The bathrobe was huge on him, but he could wrap himself in it and make his way across the hall. He found Schwartz sitting on his bed, checking his phone.

"Just checking, no call yet. Come on in, climb up and we'll just wait. I'd say chill but in your case…."

Scooter actually let a little smile cross his face. Yet he still felt the need to look around the room, check for a little red light that might indicate that a camera was on.

"No one is filming anything." Schwartz said.

"I'm sorry." Scooter said getting up onto the bed and sitting at the far side across from Schwartz. Schwartz took a couple of pillows from behind him and passed them over so Scooter could prop himself up.

"Here, thought this might also help us warm up a little." Schwartz said taking a Scotch bottle off his dresser and handing that over. Without missing a beat, Scooter took off the top and started chugging. "Hey watch it. A little of that goes a lot farther with you now. I'm not going to keep you from getting pneumonia only to lose you to alcohol poisoning."

"Yea, OK." Scooter said letting the liquor start to warm him up from the inside. The two boys sat there for a few minutes in awkward silence. "Why are you being nice to me?"

"Why shouldn't I?" Schwartz said taking a swig.

"Cause you've always hated me."

"I don't hate you. You're an asshole, I'm an asshole, assholes clash. You needed help. You sure you don't want to call the cops, or go to the Emergency room?"

"No, let's drop it, and I've had my fill of hospitals."

"Can't believe they did that to you just because you're a dwarf now." Bryan said taking a swig and shaking his head.

"They didn't do this to me because I'm a…..dwarf now." Scooter said realizing it might have been the first time the word Dwarf came out of his mouth. "I did it because I was an asshole, remember. If I'd always been like this I probably wouldn't have grown up being told I own the world so I wouldn't have become an asshole. But I did and I was and they had a perfect chance to get even for all the shit I caused them since grade school."

"And you think that justifies what they did?" Bryan asked.

"Doesn't justify squat, just explains it."

"You know who it was?"

"Yea, Cindy McAllister and some of the lab geeks, don't know their names."

"Cindy, huh. Man she really can't let that abortion go."

"Did EVERYONE know about that but ME?!?!" Scooter yelled, simultaneously spitting out and choking some on the Scotch he just drank.

"She never told you??! What a bitch. At least she could have given you a chance to do the right thing."

"What, like marry her?" Scooter said handing back the bottle. "No, if I'm honest with myself, I'd have made her get the abortion. Remember, I'm an asshole. By the way, you haven't said it yet."

"Said what"

"That really did a number on you." Scooter said in the voice of a dumb idiot, mocking those who all said it to him.

"That's kind of obvious. They still have no clue?"

"They don't, I do." Scooter said softly.

"What's that mean."

"OK look." Scooter said taking one last gulp of Scotch for courage. "They all think I'm crazy, and trust me, I've met with people who have diplomas on their wall who would know, but……I think someone did this to me. Like a curse or a spell or some scientific shit."

"Yea man, that's crazy." Schwartz said putting the bottle aside. Maybe they'd had enough.

"I know. It's just that I was so close. Everything my life was built on. I was going into the major leagues, college carrier or not. I was going to have endorsement deals. My Dad named me Scooter just because it would sound good on commercials, "Hi, I'm Scooter Ferrari for AMMCO…"

"You going to start going by your real name. Cause a dwarf named Scooter is kind of…adorable."

"That is my real name, listen."

"That's your real name? All this time I thought it was a nickname. Then your brother's real name is Corky? HIM I feel sorry for."

"And now everyone knows I'm part black. That's something my Dad has always been ashamed of. Passed it onto us. No getting away from it now."

"Dad seems like a piece of work" Schwartz said checking the phone again. "Nothing yet."

"At least my Dad doesn't leave me alone in a house over Christmas and go off an a cruise without me. Didn't even leave you a Christmas tree."

"The name is Schwartz? I'm Jewish. We had our holidays already. Now who hasn't been listening. I gave a speech about be Jewish in 5th grade. You spat out a piece of Matzo and said it needed peanut butter."

"Yea that sounds like me."

They sat there a while in silence. Broken when Schwartz said.. "I've heard you're not suppose to agree with a crazy person, or maybe it's disagree, anyway….I think you might be right about the curse."

"Don't fucking joke with me, man." Scooter said settling back in the pillows.

"No seriously, I think the curse part might be right. You're just wrong about where it's aimed."

"No wait, hear me out. Everything you told me about what you lost, all goes back to your Dad. He wanted you to play football, he wanted you to get endorsements, he didn't want to know he was part black. I think it was a curse, but aimed at your Dad."

Maybe it was the day, maybe it was the booze but the room started spinning for Scooter. When he started to get a grip again, he couldn't help but notice that Schwartz had moved a little closer on the bed.

"You shaving your head or is that part of all this?"

"Part of all this. Head to toe and all points in-between. If it were ever going to grow back, it would have started already. What to see something?" Scooter said with a slight smile on his face. Carefully he got up from the bed, grabbed the sides of the bathrobe and pulled it open. "I always wanted a cock the reached almost to my knees. I just thought it would be cock that was longer, not the legs shorter."

"Not bad dude, hey don't put it away just yet." Schwartz said keeping the opening open just a bit more.

"No come on, I look like a little kid with no hair."

"Oh trust me, you do NOT look like a little kid. You still have a great body and I got to say, this is a dick to die for. Can't believe you weren't circumcised."

"I was, then this happened and suddenly I wasn't. You don't have to….." Scooter said, not too sure where this was going.

"I've never seen a real uncut cock in person before. Not sure if my people invented clipping the end, but we sure institutionalized it." Schwartz said moving closer. His hand reaching out and finally taking the cock by the shaft. Moving down to the head that was slowing beginning to reveal itself as Scooter started getting hard.

"Look, I've always known you were gay but I'm…"

"Scooter I'll tell you what. I will do for you what those assholes tonight didn't. The instant…the INSTANT you say Stop, I stop. No guilt, no repercussions, no one is going to find out one way of the other."

Scooter's mind was reeling. Never had he thought of something like this taking place before. And since the change, he'd given up on the hopes of anything sexual taking place with him ever again. But this felt so good, and in it's own way, so right.

Bryan's fingers firmly held the end of Scooter's shaft and pulled the skin back, exposing the reddening tip. It has swollen to the size of a small plumb, and was dripping with precum.

The boy had been talking so much that the sound of the storm outside had gotten lost. Now that there was nothing but their very heavy breathing, it was turning into a major event out there. Rumbles of thunder began to shake the bedroom window.

"How long since you had this puppy out to play." Bryan said before, gingerly, letting his tongue trace the cock head from the bottom, up the split to the pee hole.

"Since this all started….I thought it was dead." Scooter said in the softest voice that ever came out of his mouth.

"I think we got a cock reborn here my friend." And with that, Scooter's dick disappeared between Schwartz's lips.

It was an incredible feeling. Not just because it had been so long since anyone had done that. But because the man knew how to suck cock. Letting his throat do some of the work, mainly letting his tongue do the job. Steadying himself with one hand, Schwartz let his other hand go to Scooter's nipple and began to play. In the back of his mind, Scooter thought that was a good idea and went to work on his other nipple. Schwartz briefly pulled his mouth off the cock, mainly to get a full breath of air. Before going back, he let his tongue trace Scooter's body, up from where his cock started, through the middle of his abs, through the valley of his pecs, up to Scooter's lips. Hesitating for a second, Schwartz went in for a kiss.

Again, Scooter had never felt anything like that. Schwartz's lips where rougher than any of the girls he'd dated. Stronger too. But it felt right. And the taste and unbelievable, he could taste his own precum, but when mixed with Schwartz….it was doing more for him than the Scotch did.

"Let me know if you're going to blow." Bryan said heading back to the cock.

Almost immediately, Scooter felt a pressure he knew far too well and missed oh so much. "If you don't want me to cum in your mouth, you better stop."

"I don't want you to come in my mouth." Bryan said taking his shirt off and quickly taking off his shorts. "I want you to cum in my ass."

"What?" Scooter said, being very shocked at what he was being offered.

"Come on man. I guarantee a great ride." Schwartz said leaning back on his side of the bed, naked as could be. Scooter had always thought the guy had a good build but now, here in this room, in this light, it was almost bodybuilder material. Scooter couldn't help but notice his cock was not going down one centimeter. "Tighter than any of those skanks you've been wasting your time on."

"I don't know, I mean this is so great but so weird…"

"Don't you think you can do it….you goddamn fucking dwarf?" Schwartz said with more than a mischievous grin of his face.

That was all that Scooter had to hear or see.

Within a second he was across the bed. Grabbing Schwartz's legs as best he could, he pulled them up and apart. Still wasn't quite right.

"Lift up" Scooter said in a quite demand. Schwartz lifted his hips off the bed long enough for Scooter to shove a couple of pillows underneath them. That was the elevation and the angle his short legs needed. "Oh yea." Was all Scooter said as his cock found Schwartz's hole.

"Oh yea." Was all Schwartz could say as the black cock of the teenage dwarf in his bed began to find it's way in. Once in, his legs did something he hadn't expected. The way they were usually locked was hell to walk with, but now, standing up and fucking someone, they gave him the extra leverage he always wanted to really fuck someone. Like an animal.

Scooter had never done this before so he wasn't sure how fast to go. Since Schwartz wasn't complaining, Scooter did what felt right, and right was hard and fast. Scooter also knew the noises that Schwartz was making. It wasn't a noise he'd heard from the girl that used to be on his cock. This was a battle grunt that he'd come to love on the football field. The sound of someone hurting, but hurting good.

It was like fucking a giant to Scooter. He had always picked smaller girls to fuck, made him feel bigger and stronger. But this was the exact opposite. The raw uninhibited male at the end of his cock. Schwartz was huge, and Scooter had control of his entire world as long as his cock was up Schwartz's ass.

Schwartz suddenly lifted his head up and looked Scooter squarely in the eyes, with a smile on his face. 'You are a god."

The storm outside was gearing up. The rain against the aluminum siding sounded like a heavy metal band drum solo. Both boys were glistening with sweat when a clap of thunder shook the building.

And with that, Scooter pulled out.

"What the fuck man?!?!" Schwartz said, gasping for air.

"Do me." Scooter said heading back to his side of the bed and lying back as Schwartz did before.

"Are you shitting me?"

"I got to know how that feels……do it."

"I'm just going to ask once, are you sure."

"I'm sure you can't give me half the fucking I gave you. Prove me wrong, faggot."

"Bitchin' " Schwartz said, grabbing Scooter by the ankles and spreading his legs like he was going to make a wish.

After a brief pause at the entrance to his ass, Schwartz eased in, no slowly, not fast, but all the way, all at once. Till Scooter could feel his pubes tickling his ass. Schwartz again paused, and this time Scooter let out a moan he never thought could come from a man.

Scooter briefly thought that he'd always heard that this hurt. That this was something men didn't do. That is was sick. Scooter was seeing the edge of the galaxy, and wanted to go farther.

Schwartz picked up the pace. Scooter returned to reality to suddenly realized…..he was being fucked. And he never wanted it to end. This is what he had been missing by not playing football for the past month. It was almost like the same sensation of being on the field, the connection between men, but in an oh so more intense way.

Looking up at Schwartz, with his big shit-eating grin on his face, a shock suddenly went through him. He was being fucked by a giant. Schwartz so much bigger than him. He hadn't been in this close proximity to another man ever. Maybe on the field briefly, in a tackle situation, but not like this. Schwartz was covering him. Blocking out the rest of reality. Overpowering his very existence. Scooter was totally at his mercy, and it was what he had always longer for. Even if he got big again, he'd give up football to replace it with this in a second. It was so much better.

There was another rumble of thunder as both boys shot their loads at the same time. Scooter shot all over Schwartz and his chests, and Schwartz deep into Scooter's ass. Schwartz collapsed on top off Scooter. Both boys were sweaty and panting, and smiling. After an almost perfect beat, Bryan's cell started buzzing.

"Perfect timing." Bryan said pulling himself off his fuck partner.

"Yea well, suddenly I'm not all the eager to rush home." Scooter said with a laugh that was joined by Bryan.

The guys took a shower together to get cleaned up. Way different than showering with the guys after a game. The only clothes that Bryan could find that half way fit were his own gym clothes. The trunks were the only thing with short enough legs that Scooter wouldn't trip. A pair of old flip-flops were best they could come up with for his feet. Not great but he only had to get from the car too his front door, should be good enough.

They were pretty quite on the ride back to Scooter's parent's house. The rain has stopped so everything was soaked outside. With the family car and Corky's car in the driveway, Bryan had to park on the street.

"You need me to walk you to the door?" he asked putting the car in park.

"Nah, I think I can make it." Scooter said letting a long pause settle between them. "You really saved my life tonight. If you hadn't been there…."

"To fuck your ass." Bryan said joking.

"Yea, to take my ass cherry…." Scooter said as both boys giggled. "If Corky doesn't have my phone I'm gong to need a new one. You want to go and get one with me tomorrow, maybe hang out afterwards?"

"I would like that very much." Schwartz said going in for a kiss that was met with even more passion that he could have hoped for.

"Yea, OK, tomorrow then." Scooter said eventually turning the handle on the car and getting out.

While he didn't follow, Schwartz did wait till Scooter opened the front door before starting his car and driving off. Inside the house he found his parents not really showing that much concern that their recently dwarfed son was returning late at night, from a friends house they knew nothing about, and in strange clothes. Upstairs he could hear his brother blasting his heavy metal music. They were going to have to talk about his involvement at the school tonight when they were alone. His parents did take time away from the Mad Men episode to tell him that his Grandmother was waiting for him in his room.

"This should be interesting." Scooter thought as he made his way up the stairs to the second floor where the bedrooms were. "Last time Grandma saw me I was well over 6 feet, much lighter and had hair. Hope she doesn't take this bad."

She took it bad.

Almost as soon as Scooter entered his room, the elderly lady leapt off the bed and encased him in her full on embrace.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, Scooter, this is so horrible." she said between weeps. For a woman who grew up in Africa, lived most of her adult life in Italy, her English was not horrible.

"Grandma, it's OK. Don't cry. I'll be fine. Come on" Scooter said trying to pull the frail woman off him. For one thing, her perfume was choking him.

"I'm so sorry Scooter dear. I never think this could happen." She said as they went to his bed and sat side by side.

"Well no one could have thought this would happen, who could have but they'll find a cause and maybe a cure…."

"No is no cure."

"Well there might be, we never know." He said trying to calm her down.

"There is o cure because I do this. I know no was to…what is…..remove…reverse….so there is no cure." She said as her sniffles began to start up again.

"What do you mean……" Scooter asked suddenly beginning to understand, but not believe what he might be hearing.

"I do this. But I don't mean to do……THIS. Is old ways of our people. Is like magic. The women in our tribe can do this to their sons. When boys become men and go crazy… we can calm them down. Make them stop being crazy sex. I did years ago to your Father and he calm down, start job and making money. So when you Mother tell me about what you doing, how you acting, making that girl pregnant…."

"MOM and YOU knew about that?!?!"

"Yes she tell me so I put magic in the scarf I sent you. But it was suppose to only calm you down, not do this. Maybe I do wrong since I'm old. Or was too far away."

"Holy crap I was right." Scooter said almost passing out. He settled for laying back on the bed. "So you only meant to calm me down, but instead you turned me into a dwarf. Oh and you made me gay too Grandma. Black, dwarf and queer."

"You are gay like happy?"

"No Grandma, gay as in…….you know the word homosexual? Guys who like guys? You know. Here, sorry to shock you but you little spell got me having sex with another MAN tonight, and loving it."

"No this is not me." She said a little confused, "I not do that."

"Then please tell me why I begged a guy to put is dick in my ass."

"Scooter honey….maybe you always really this gay. Maybe that why you treat girls so bad. It not as you say, turn you gay, but allow you to be the gay you were."

"Oh sweet baby jesus," Scooter whispered since, down deep, she was right. Like a final piece of a puzzle coming into place. It explained so much.

"But I make better." She said leaning down towards him.

"I thought you said you couldn't reverse this?"

"No I can't, but I make better." She said giving him a kiss on the forehead. Somewhere off in the distance Scooter could have sworn he heard another roll of thunder. But when he looked up, all the same. Still a dwarf in a room full of football trophies and memories that were now a waste.

"Yes Grandma, a kiss from you always makes everything better. I'm just going to lay here for a while, OK? Been a long day."

"Alright, I go back downstairs to parents."

"Yes and don't mention the fucking with a guy tonight OK. Just……forget I say that."

"Was he a nice boy?" she asked.

"Yea, he really was." Scooter said not even having to think about it.

"Then is good."

Scooter lay there for a bit. He had been right. Someone had done this too him. Why was it that when he thought it was someone around him, he'd planned all these things to get even with them. But now that he knew the truth, well he wasn't serene, but he wasn't as mad as he should have been. Well he'd better get downstairs to make sure she wasn't outing him to his parents just yet.

Just as Scooter was leaving his room, the door to Corky's room flew open.

And Scooter was now looking DOWN at his 3 foot 8 brother. The shocked look on his face. With his hair falling out. And his skin darkening by the second. Around his neck, the scarf Grandma had knitted for him, that Corky took with the rest of his clothes. Grandma said she would make things better.

This might not be a bad Christmas after all.