A Reality Embraced (mc)

His name was Billy. Not William or Bill. Just Billy. He was about 5'8 and a 160 lbs with a soul patch and brown hair and eyes. He had a tattoo on his arm. He was well built. He was dressed in a muscle shirt and had on white basketball shorts that showed off the underwear lines of the briefs that he was wearing. His ass was a remarkable thing to see, almost a bubble. These were attributes I could see by looking at the massage student. I had seen him around the massage school and was able to request a two hour massage from him the next time I was able to get an appointment.

He had just turned 22 and was, what could be considered a bad boy. He smoked a little and drank too much. He was impatient to get out of his massage school so that he could begin his life all over, for the family that he came from was not the best and he himself had been in trouble. These things I learned after a casual reading of his thoughts. He constantly was thinking about sex. You see, I am a psi and telepathy is my gift which I enjoy it to its fullest.

He came in and we expressed pleasantries and then he asked me about the problem areas I was having. He left as I undressed and popped up on the table. I draped the blanket around my waist and laid down on my stomach. He came in shortly after and he set the mood with music as he lowered the lights. He took off his shoes and I could hear his socked feet approach the table.

I could hear him squeezing oil into his hands and rubbing them back in forth to warm it. I allowed him to begin to knead the muscles in my shoulders and neck and begin a rhythm of rubbing them. His touch was gentle yet firm and his pressure was just right. As he began to concentrate on his technique it was quite simple to slip by his non-existent mental defenses. His body tensed, his ass flexed as I began to play with his mind and his memories. I was in a kind mood so I manipulated one of the pleasure centers in his brain. This brought a smile to his face and he began to get hard.

I placed a small suggestion that he go and lock the door which he did. As he returned he began to focus on the long strokes on my back and as he focused on that it was simple to help him remember a time when he was in trouble with his dad for something as these were frequent occurrences. It was a time when he was younger. He had been caught stealing again. His father was not happy. He was drunk and Billy remembered how angry his dad was when he got drunk. The yelling came first and then the beatings began. Sure enough he began to punch Billy with a closed fist. Even though it was a memory, Billy stopped his massage and began to cry, his arms coming up by reflex to ward off the blows he was experiencing in his mind. In his mind's eye a shadowy figure warded off the blows and his father was stopped from hurting him, though he did not see it as his eyes were closed, his face turned away.

When the expected blow did not come he looked around. Feeling sweaty from the fear his mental self took off the shirt he was wearing. His body responded as well as he wiped the sweat from his face and dropped the shirt. Another figure appeared in his mind, that of a police officer. The officer began to berate him for driving while drunk. He was also under the age to be drinking and had violated his parole. The police officer put him in hand cuffs and the next thing Billy knew, he was standing before a judge. His body responded to what his mind was seeing and his arms went behind his back as the imaginary handcuffs held his arms fast.

The bailiff read the charges that Billy faced. The judge did not look happy and asked if there was anyone present that would be representing Billy. Billy looked around with a panicked look. He knew that he was in trouble and he was sweating profusely. He licked his lips as they were drying out. The shadowy figure that had defended Billy from his abusive father began to manifest. Though still just a shadow somehow Billy knew that it was a friendly figure. The shadow indicated that it would defend Billy. The judge was only half listening as the figure asked for permission to consult with his client before any more proceedings were to take place. The judge granted permission and the bailiff led Billy away into a separate room. The shadowy figure followed.

The room had a table and two small chairs. The shadowy figure asked the bailiff to remove the 'cuffs which he did. Billy's arms loosened. Billy sat down in the chair that was in the room. His body did the same, he sat down on the ground. "Thanks for defending me and trying to help me," Billy began. He still looked scared. The figure stopped him, "Now Billy, you are in a lot of trouble. This isn't the first time that you have been caught doing this and the judge is not happy, not one bit. I will help you the best that I can, but you will have to trust me."

Billy replied, "I do, for some reason I trust you." The figure responded, "You are soaked, why don't you take off your shorts, the room is not warm and you might get sick." "But dude, I'll just be in my underwear." "Billy, if it makes you feel better I will ask for a towel." Billy thought about it and without a word he took off his basketball shorts. He was only in his tighty whities and what a sight to behold. It was even better when his body responded to what his mind was experiencing. The underwear really was very tight on him, form fitting and what a form it was. His legs were nice and his ass was a wonder of nature.

"Now Billy, what are we going to do?" Despite being in his underwear his cockiness was apparent, "You are going to get me off, aren't you?" "I will see what I can do, now sit down and let me think". He did.

After what seemed like an eternity, to which the real life Billy just sat and stared right ahead, the shadowy figure began to speak again. "I know what I am going to do". "What is that?" "I am going to make you mine. "What? What are you talking about? You can't do something like that!"

"Yes, yes I can. You see Billy, free will is such a tedious thing and overrated for people who are just going to abuse it like you do." The shadowy figure began to radiate and take on a more solid form. Billy looked scared. "I think it is better if I do the thinking for me". The shadowy figure began to take on my form and I began to manipulate the pleasure centers of his mind while reinforcing the good and safe feelings he had when the shadow was there to protect him. He was fighting the mental manipulation so I conjured up another image in his mind. This one was of him. However, the attitude was gone. It was an image of him, docile. He was dressed only in his underwear with a collar around his neck. He was smiling.

"Now, doesn't that Billy look happy?" "Yeah, kinda". The slave Billy began to talk, "Why fight it dude? I fought like you did and it really didn't do much. I feel so much better now" "No, I don't want to give up who I am", he said. "It is okay, bud. It feels good and I don't have to worry about much, no more dad yelling and hitting, no more getting into trouble with the law" the Billy thrall continued as I began to apply a bit more telepathic might to the words. I had to be careful at this stage, I didn't want to smash too much and cause any damage to my new thrall. The thrall image continued, "He broke my will, I wasn't so rough and tough." It was working I could feel the mental resistances failing. Suddenly, Billy sat up in both real and mental realities, a dopy grin on his face as he embraced the thrall self. He took off his underwear and knelt down in homage.

I got up from the massage table and viewed my conquest. He was perfect. Subservient. His head looking to ground and what a great body to look at. I knew that he was mine. I began to talk to him as I grabbed him by the chin and had him look up at me. He had a contented and dreamy look on his face, he didn't even notice his discarded clothing.

"You see, Billy, it would have been so very easy to just take over your mind the first time I saw you. I could have you know? It would have been so easy. But this, this is much more fun. It is so much easier for you to submit and embrace your reality. Now you belong to me body and soul isn't that right?"

He nodded in the affirmative a dopey grin on his face.

"Now let's finish that massage, Billy?" I said as I got back on the table.

He got up and continued the massage, this time in the buff, "I shall do as you bid me".

With a smile I replied, "Now and forever" and I began to laugh and on my cue my newest play thing laughed with me.