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This story contains consensual and non-consensual sex between men. If such material is offensive to you or illegal in the political unit in which you reside, please do not read. The Incredible Hulk is a copyrighted creation of Marvel Comics and is included in this story for the purpose of parody.

Part 1

"Sir, we'll be landing shortly. Please return to your seat and fasten your belt."

Reluctantly, I moved away from the small bar in the rear of the plane and stumbled my way to my seat as the plane heaved its way through the low-level turbulence. After a six-hour flight on this crackerbox jet, I had needed something to bolster my courage and whoever stocked the plane had excellent taste in spirits. Sliding on my belt, I peered out the window, trying to catch a glimpse of what was going to be my home for the next two months.

The blue waters of the South Pacific stretched across the horizon, dotted with small islands that sparkled like jewels. Beneath the water, the dim outlines of the huge reefs outlined placid lagoons; tiny-looking palm trees swayed back and forth in the breeze. An altogether idyllic scene.

"Pretty, isn't it?" said Ms. Jennings, sliding into the seat next to me. I turned and looked at her, feeling my face slide into a sheepish grin. She had done that to me ever since the first interview when I saw that flawless body and Bacall-esque face. Corporate recruiter, heck—more like bait. You could just imagine the "fringe benefits" of the job.

"Yes they are," I answered. "I'm surprised there's not a Club Med on each of them."

She laughed. "Not a one. The Gamma Foundation owns the whole archipelago--part preservation and part ensuring that the research and exploration that are performed here can be carried out undisturbed. This is about as far from civilization as you can get on the planet."

"A whole chain of islands? That must have been a fortune!"

"Money is not one of the things Mr. Renner has to worry about," she said with a half-smile. That was a gross understatement. Gamma Concerns had come out of nowhere in the nineties to dominate the medical technology market, and, as sole owner, he had become a billionaire several times over. "In fact, his residence is here on one of the islands—he can keep an eye on the research taking place and…keep his privacy."

I grinned. Mr. Renner made Howard Hughes look like an exhibitionist— he was never seen in public and was extraordinarily secretive about his dealings. But if she and the pilot were any indication, he had a good reason--that island probably made the Playboy Mansion look like a Girl Scout meeting. "Will I get to see it?"

"I'm certain you will," she said, looking at me with almost a smirk. "He always takes care of his kind of employees."

The whine of the landing gear lowering suddenly filled the cabin. I looked out the window, watching the sea creep even closer…then, with a chirp, the tires contacted and we settled onto the runway, gently braking to a stop. Quickly, I gathered up my briefcase and headed towards the door, squinting as I stepped down into the bright tropical sunlight, wincing as the heat radiated up from the asphalt.

"Good luck, Darren," I heard from behind me. Ms. Jennings was waving from the door, her voice barely audible as the engines spooled up. She smiled, quickly shutting it as the jet pivoted on its main gear and accelerated down the runway. I stood there, open-mouthed as the plane quickly lifted off into the cloudless sky. What in the world?

"They never stay very long," chuckled a deep voice. I whirled and came face-to-face with a huge brown neck sticking out of the top of a tight white Panama shirt. I looked up and met a pair of intense green eyes in a square-jawed face. A breathtakingly-handsome mouth smiled, white teeth flashing against a deep tan. "I'm Steve, the station chief and physicist. You must be Darren." A huge arm came up, the peak of the bicep straining the cuff of the short sleeve as it pointed at a nearby Jeep. "I believe these bags are yours?"

"Yes…I.." I stared at Steve. An easy six-four, huge furry pecs barely covered by buttons that were plainly gasping for help, tight khaki shorts trying hard to obscure a tight butt and ropy legs—as well as a package that was beyond description. His shaved head glinted in the sun, goatee framing a nearly perfect face. No physicist I had ever seen at the U looked anything like that.

He laughed. "You'll find that this environment does wonders for you. It's very healthy here. C'mon, let's head back to headquarters."

We hopped in the Jeep and headed away from the airstrip. On either side of the road, the lush tropical vegetation rose, thick and impenetrable, huge coral rocks punctuating the landscape. Suddenly a clearing opened and we pulled into a circle with eight squat stone buildings arranged around it. A radio telescope stood on one side, a gigantic transmission tower on the other.

I stepped out of the Jeep and looked down at the ocean lapping against the shore. "I bet it was a challenge getting the equipment in here to build all this stuff. Where's the harbor?"

"Only way in is by air, Darren," Steve said, uncoiling his massive frame from behind the wheel. "The shoals here make it impossible for a ship to get anywhere near the islands."

"But…how did they fly in something capable of moving those rocks—and building things with them?" I said, looking wonderingly at the buildings. "That's fused coral—and it takes tons of pressure to do that!"

"You'll figure it out eventually, Darren," Steve said teasingly. He cupped his hands around his mouth. "Hey GUYS! Come out and meet the newbie!" he bellowed.

A chorus of sighs echoed from the nearby buildings as doors began to open—and my mouth dropped at the huge figures that squeezed through the openings and ran towards us. Not a one under six feet, and each of them looking like he could win the Olympia in a walk, clothes straining as they meandered over to us. What was this—the island of beautiful bodies? And green eyes, I noted as they came over and looked quizzically down at me. This was the first time in my life that being six feet and two hundred pounds had felt so pitifully inadequate.

"Steve, how long is this going to take? I have an experiment going!" sighed the brown-haired one. The others chuckled. "That would be Kevin, our chemist," Steve smirked. "This is Ed, our geologist,"—the black-haired one grinned—"and Tim, our engineer," the copper-haired one smiling and giving a light wave. "Welcome Darren, our new biologist."

"Pleased to meet you all," I said, wonderingly shaking the hand of each, feeling the power in each of their grips. There must be one hell of a weight room somewhere on this island—and I'd better get into it, I thought.

"OK guys, we can exchange pleasantries later. Back to work. Darren, you follow me—the time change coming out here is murder and we want you fresh tomorrow," Steve said, effortlessly hoisting the three bags that had almost broken my back in the airport on his shoulder. Kevin, Tim, and Ed headed back off, almost waddling as I watched, their huge quads barely able to slide over each other. Steve grinned, then strode off, pausing only when we reached the door of one of the buildings. He swung it open with a finger push, then tossed my bags inside. "Bedroom there, bathroom here, kitchen there. Be out in front of the main building at eight tomorrow."

"Where's the gym?" I said, looking around the quarters, then out the windows.

"There isn't one," Steve said. I looked at him strangely. He smiled. "Don't worry, Darren. You won't have any problems working out around here."

I walked into the house, almost staggering into the bedroom. Flopping down on the bed, I wondered—what was the deal? Isolated islands, technological complex, populated by bodybuilder scientists, without a gym…sheesh, I must be tired. I drifted off to sleep, wondering what in the world I had gotten into.


Part 2

The weeks at the complex passed much more quickly than I had thought ever possible. Every day was a new project—catalog the reef life, check for pollution, keep the gardens growing--I had never worked so hard in my life. Steve, Tim, Kevin, and Ed carried on at a furious pace, always back and forth between one building or another, one lab or the other, plus trips to the outer islands and visits to the other observers—to a man all handsome, all built like rocks, and smart as whips. I kept waiting for someone to yell at me, "You are the weakest link—goodbye!" Talk about feeling like the 98-lb nerd.

What was more amazing was what they were doing afterwards. After working from sunup to sunrise, all I was able to do was fall into bed— and every evening, I would look out the window and see one or two of their huge shadows paddling across the lagoon, headed out towards the dark spot that was Mr. Renner's island. I could barely lift my arms, much less take one of the huge boats over two miles of ocean. I would lay there, listening to the pulses of the ocean, occasionally hearing the odd sounds seeming to come from the other islands like roars, rumbling, and rocks crashing together—magma upheavals on the sea floor, Ed had explained to me after one sleepless night.

Well, whatever it was, it was stronger than it had ever been before, and it was driving me crazy tonight. I got up and walked to the door, seeing the moonlight cast eerie shadows across the clearing. Six weeks here and I still don't know what the hell is going on. All of these guys are brilliant, but totally evasive—ask them one question about their past, and the subject changes instantly. All this stuff we're doing is great, but why are we doing it? I can't even access the main databases—they're over in the data center. To which I don't have access, I scowled as I looked across the drive towards the featureless white building.

Forty-two days of frustration and sleeplessness finally came to a head as the strange noises filled the night. I was going to get answers, even if I had to do it myself. This was the first night I had been alone since I arrived—we'd been finishing projects this week and all four of them had been working around the clock. I'd noticed before how edgy they got if they didn't go over to the other island regularly, and after seven days of not doing so, they were practically screaming at each other. Thank goodness being tired ruins your sex drive, I grinned evilly—with equipment and endurance like they had, they probably couldn't think of anything else but boinking a few of Mr. Renner's pleasure goddesses after a week of looking at nothing but each other. All four of them had left a half-hour ago, the boat practically leaping over the water as they paddled furiously. This was my chance.

I pulled out my handheld and tiptoed across the complex towards the data center, thankful I'd thought to load my codepicking program into it before I'd arrived. C'mon baby, I thought, listening to it exchange electronic pleasantries with the security lock. Chuckling, I watched as the door light blinked green and it slid open. Now for a little fun. I walked in and sat down at the mainframe terminal—my gosh, this was almost too easy. An open access window?

"Query records, Personnel, location, Steve"

The computer spit back an answer instantly, Steve's smiling face and data hanging motionless on the screen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's see here….connect, Net search, let's see where else he's worked.

"One record returned"

So what is it?

"Steven Edamson, born 1958, was taken from this life on…." I stared at the screen. An obituary? C'mon, a fat pasty wimp? That picture looks nothing like Steve….wait a minute…."taken from this earthly life on January 12, 1995"……oh my god, that's the same day this Steve was hired on at Gamma!

Query for Ed, query for Tim…..the same thing, pictures that don't match, obituary…..a horrible thought crossed my consciousness. No… they couldn't have…

"Killed in the plane crash was Darren Remick, 28…"

It's all gone. My student records, my publications…..my email account…..

"Well, well, well," came a sudden voice from the darkness.

I whirled—and a hand came from nowhere, knocking me out of the chair and onto the floor.

Steve stood above me, glowering, the moonlight from the open door outlining his massive frame in an unearthly light. "Breaking and entering. Using company computers without permission. Accessing sensitive information. Not bad for one night."

"What have you done to my—mmph!" I said as his huge hand came down and locked over my mouth. He grabbed my shirt front and lifted me to his face, his emerald eyes burning, his muscles bulging, his whole body covered in sweat.

"I didn't do anything to them," he growled. "You did. When you accessed the system, it activated a worm to erase everything about you, every record, every damn piece of evidence that you ever existed anywhere but here. As far as the world is concerned, you're dead."

In rage, I swung at his jaw, connecting…and letting go a muffled howl as my hand bounced off it. He sneered. "Oh yeah. I knew you were a fighter deep down inside. You're even better than we hoped." I pounded on him, trying desperately to get out of his iron grasp. "Boy, you're making me so fucking hot and horny," he growled. "Better slow you down a little before you get me too excited— we don't want to tear this place up." He reached down to his waist—a quick movement, and I felt leather snap around my wrists, binding them together. He bent and I tried to kick, but just as quickly, rawhide laced around my ankles. He grinned an evil grin—and I heard the click of buckles opening. Before I knew it, he had thrown a harness over my chest, then locked it—and let go. I fell to the floor, tried to run—only to go sprawling on the floor as the harness pulled my legs and arms together.

Steve looked down at me, his jaw visibly clenching, the front of his shorts heaving and bulging. "Shit, you are good-looking in that. I'm going to have to think about that Jennings bitch and her flygirl friend the whole way." Looking away, he grabbed the harness and threw me over his shoulder, then ran down the beach to a waiting canoe. He tossed me in, then looked at a nearby canvas. Muttering something about see no evil, he tossed it over me, then bound it securely with a piece of rope. I heard the boat bottom grate over the beach, then the hiss as it went into the water, Steve grunting and moaning, his breath coming in short, deep gasps. I struggled against my bonds, fighting the smothering canvas, desperately trying to get free, but not moving them an inch.

Suddenly the boat shuddered as the bow hit sand. I felt Steve's hands around the canvas and the tug as he lifted me out of the boat, then dropped me on the beach. The rope snapped as he tugged, the canvas ripping to shreds. Steve stared down at me, his face almost inhuman with rage, his eyes…oh my god, glowing! I felt his hands on my wrists and the bonds fell to the sand.

Instantly I leaped to my feet, fists poised. Steve stood there, his handsome smile twisted into a sneer. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this," he moaned, his voice incredibly deep, coming in broken words. "Ever since…me saw…saw you get off plane…me want…"

"I'm warning you—don't try anything!" I screamed. "Tell me what the hell is happening!"

"Me no tell….me SHOW!" he roared, throwing up his arms. With a scream of fabric, his sleeves tore open at the sleeve, biceps puffing inhumanly. I cried out, throwing up my hands as his buttons exploded from his shirt, peppering my face. His pecs rose like dough in the moonlight, what little fat he had evaporating from his waist as his abs tightened into a carved mass of muscle. His shirt stretched vainly over his torso as his deltoids rose, his lats flaring out into solid wings of muscle. Leather exploded in a THOOM as his feet tore through his boots, calves stretching and pulsing with power, the cables that wrapped his thighs tearing his shorts into a ripped parody of posing trunks.

He screamed in pleasure, then swung his arms down, the sudden gust lifting me off my feet and dropping me by the boat. I reached in—the flare gun! I pulled it out and brandished it at him. "Stay away!" I screamed. He grinned a monstrous grin…"You fighter….Me like fighter!" I squeezed the trigger—the flare shot out, hit him directly in the chest…….and caromed into the nearby sand, exploding into a brilliant white light. I looked….and the flare gun dropped from my trembling hands as the light illuminated his….this isn't possible….his GREEN body! My mind reeled—only to be shocked back to reality as his enormous hands clasped around me. I beat on his chest, screaming in frustration as its impervious jade only bruised my hands. He pinned my arms, then pushed me down to the sand, my legs bowing, kneeling before him.

I stared up at this green colossus…"P-please…don't hurt me…I…."

He looked back at me, a leer creasing his face. "Steve-Hulk no hurt Darren. Steve-Hulk want Darren. Steve-Hulk make Darren BETTER!" He moaned….his crotch heaved in front of my eyes…..and the fabric tore open with a final scream of agony, his huge throbbing green cock thundering out.

"No!" I screamed, but it was too late—with one move, he pinned my face against its top, shoving its flaring head into my mouth, the man- musk overwhelming. I fought with all I had, but it was useless against his strength, each squirm bringing a new groan or yell of pleasure. "Steve-Hulk want Darren….Steve-Hulk make Darren want Steve- Hulk…", he growled, each time quicker…..his legs tensed, the muscles stretched almost to bursting, an audible hum from his balls…..my plaintive scream was lost in the roar as he came, choking me, filling my mouth, spurting over my body….then, with a final moan, he let me go. I dropped to the sand, gasping and coughing for air….then felt his huge mitts close over my wrists, then my ankles, restrapping the harness on me.

He took one final look…..and before my eyes, his muscle flowed away like water, his body shrinking down, his skin lightening…..he smiled. "How did you like your punishment?"

"You….bastard," I said, almost choking with rage. "I don't know how you did that, but you are going to regret it, I swear by all that's holy. When I get loose, you are a dead man!"

He grinned. "You are a scrappy one, aren't you? Oh, you'll be coming after me all right…but it'll be to suck this big fat cock again. And again. And again. Even better, you'll be begging for me to return the favor."

"You fucking….faggot," I growled, my voice suddenly deepening. My eyes opened wide in horror as the stars started to whirl above me.

"That would be my cue to leave," Steve said, quickly jumping into the boat and pushing back from the shore. "The first time, they're always cranky. You're right—I am a fucking faggot. But you'll be one shortly, so enjoy!"

"No…I won't….me…" I moaned as Steve paddled away at top speed, my groin suddenly tightening….ohh, that feel good….no, gotta think… Darren, you gotta get out of this…you….me don't want to….want stroke cock….clothes so tight…nnnggghhh….straps break, hands free….make cock hard, huge….want cock…Darren, nodon'tstopyoucan'tyou…me HULK….me get BIG, puny Darren go way…arms big, chest HUGE, no shirt stop HULK…feet grow…tree legs….want muscle, Hulk free, HULK FREE! RRRRAAGGGGHHHH!



Part 3

I moaned, then turned over as the water lapped around my sides. Suddenly I sat bolt upright…oh my god, where am I? No, it couldn't be….I stared down at my hands. Pink. It must have been a….then I caught a glimpse of my forearms. No…I didn't have ripples there before….I ran my fingers over them, feeling the hard muscle beneath….I reached up to my chest, felt the solid mass of my pecs, crooning in pleasure as I saw the faint outlines of my six-pack… yeahh, that looks so hot…fuck, grab that big cock…mmmm….

SHIT! I put my hands to my head. Think, Darren, think! I looked over and saw a sodden mass of cloth on the beach. I jumped up and ran over to the pile. My shirt crumbled into thread at my touch, but my shorts… no, this is impossible. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation…I must have eaten something. The fungus I tried cooking last night…must have some kind of hallucinogen in it. I must have taken the boat and crashed it over here, then tore up my clothes. I'm just seeing things, I'm just imagining things. Scientifically plausible.

I blinked up at the sun….good grief, I should be fried to a crisp, it's late afternoon. The boat….I must have pushed it back out to sea, yeah, that's it. But…yes, there it is, in my shorts pocket…my survival kit. There you go…get some water into you, purge your system… the guys will come looking for me shortly….oh yeah, the guys….mmmm… you're getting nice and tan, this was good for you, get you some sun… you're looking just like Steve….oh fuck…that feelssogood…


Yeah, the kit…knife, matches, let's see, plastic wrap under the mirror…oh god, the mirror…my eyes….no, that can't be…they're blue, they've alwaysbeenblue…I….no..


I turned around and Steve was standing there, a look of concern on his face.

"Steve….you've got to…no, stay away…I…." I dropped to the sand, cradling my head in my hands.

"Easy, Darren," he said, moving over to my side. I felt the sudden prick of a needle in my arms. "Forgive me for this, but I can't risk you hurting yourself. This will keep you calm long enough to get you where we're going."

"I…I…" I slurred, the world suddenly blurring. Steve hoisted me over his shoulder with a grunt. "Jeez, you're an easy gainer. And as if you weren't pretty enough already." He hoisted me down to the shore, then gently lowered me into the waiting boat. "We're going to see Mr. Renner. It'll all be over soon."

Dimly I felt the boat rise and fall on the waves, Steve's eyes fixed solidly ahead as he paddled forward. I raised my head, caught a glimpse of other boats, all headed in the same direction as the sun sank lower and lower into the sky. Steve quickly jumped overboard, guiding us in, then grounding us on the beach. He reached into the boat and gently eased me upright, grimacing a bit as my cock rose and I moaned.

"Easy now. It's OK, Darren. You've metabolized it already, go ahead and stand up. I don't dare…touch you….any more than I have to right now."

I got out of the boat, swaying a bit as I touched dry land…c'mon Steve, do that again…Darren, no…you…you want Steve to grab you again. To feel him. To—

"Darren!" Ed's voice. Just as sexy…oh yeah…I

"Forget it, guys. Take off for the meeting place—he'll follow!"

I see them start running along the path, wait for me, I want to, they're stopping, almost there….


I suddenly snapped to awareness, staring in awe at the spectacle around me. A massive circle of stones with a fire burning brightly in the center. On every side the guys—Tim, Kevin, Ed, Steve….the other observers….and that voice…..


I looked ahead and gasped as I located the voice. Before me stood a green mass of muscle—an emerald statue brought to life, flecks of gray laced through his man-fur and in his beard and ebony hair. His body rippled as he came over to me, every inch of it pulsing with power. I stared at him, at once repulsed and awed by what I saw, wanting it, hating it, craving it, wanting to flee….

He spoke. "I am Mr. Renner. Welcome to my island……my new Hulk."

My mouth opened, but no sound came out.

He nodded. "Perhaps I should explain. Years ago, an accident in my laboratory transformed me…into what I thought was a monster. An inhuman freak of bestial rages and emotions, totally beyond my control. I tried to destroy this monster, even to the point of destroying myself, banishing myself to a deserted place where I hoped I would die. But it was there that I realized…this monster, this Hulk… was what I truly was, what I had to become. To surrender to the power, the passions—and become whole. I then knew that my purpose was to perpetuate this—to release others from their inhibitions, the petty human concerns that held them back."

"You quit fighting," I said, my emotions churning. "You gave up. You let the Hulk win. Now you rationalize transforming other people against their will, just to please you."

He laughed. "You are indeed a fighter. As your record shows—the pranks at boarding school, the expulsion from two universities, that fierce independence that kept you from taking perfectly-acceptable jobs. All that anger, that pride in your own brilliance….and those lusts you kept buried within you. You have been a Hulk your entire life—you just lacked the catalyst to bring it out."


"You are, Darren. My inventions gave me the means to privacy, to admit only those I choose to this place. The drones get their two months, then leave, none the wiser to the precious gift that was within their grasp—had they only the initiative to take it. The ones like you—that seek restlessly, that question—those are the ones truly deserving to have it. The power is granted them to become Hulks—to have their true selves released, to have their every desire fulfilled, to advance our cause."

I want to run. I want to get away, I want to be…I want to be….noo… yesss….

"You are one of us now. You cannot resist any longer. Feel your passions rise….release your inhibitions. Muscles…cocks….this is your existence. The power rises within you. Become your true self…Darren- Hulk."

I feel the power changing me….can't fight, can't resist…..I'm Darren….me Hulk…….

"Me Darren-Hulk."


I feel his arms around me, his lips pressing close to mine….they meet, we kiss deeply, feeling his chest rise and rub against mine, our arms inflating with muscle, the ground ripping beneath our feet as our thighs push apart, muscle bulls from calves, our thick cocks touching, hardening into steel rods of man-power…..rubbing against our washboards, teasing the other's nips…..turning, roaring with pleasure as his tool plunges deep into my jade ass….moon rising, inhuman shadows rippling across the land, the forces of nature no match for the powers of the Hulk, stone yields, water parts……and all is pleasure. Joy. POWER.



I stand in the bright sun, watching as the jet lines up, then settles gently onto the runway, slowing, then taxiing over to me. The door opens…and Ms. Jennings hops out, her smile widening as she sees me waiting.

"Did you get what you needed?"

"I did," she replies. "The paperwork is in order and everything is set. Welcome to full-time employment." She looks me, her lip quirking. "So you and Steve are…"

"Yes," I say, rubbing my shaved head. "Besides, it's a lot cooler."

"I'm sure," she chuckles. "I figured you two would be a pair. As it turns out, your psychology background is coming in handy—I had a much easier time interviewing candidates once you gave me some analysis of the….areas….that are understaffed."

"This one?"

"Let's just say I think he might make more than magma heave up for someone." She turns. "There he is now. Time to scoot—I'll see you in two months!"

He comes down the stairs, blinking in the noonday sun; looking around, then turning in surprise as the plane quickly moves down the runway, watching it as it quickly takes off, engines howling.

I walk over to him….he blinks, then studies my six-three, 320-lb frame up and down, his eyes wide in surprise.

"They never stay very long."