Aftereffects 3

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

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I was so excited that I found it difficult to sleep the night after Coach Loman offered his services, his personal property, and himself to me for total ownership. My life was about to change completely, and so were the lives of certain other lucky—and unlucky—people.

The next morning, before school started, I stopped at Coach's office for a few minutes. As soon as I walked in the door, Coach stood, quickly stripped, then dropped to his knees, looking down at my shoes, his immense cock expanding.

I was taken aback. "Why... why did you do that?"

"Sorry, Master, force of habit. I was required to strip and kneel anytime I anticipated Master Rodwell's entering my office. Even if he ended up not coming, I had to stay like this for quite some time in case he did decide to show up. Besides, I feel... uncomfortable being dressed in front of you. It's like... I don't feel that I'm worthy of it."

"Well, you clearly enjoy being like this, but since you surprised me by stripping so suddenly, I will clearly have to punish you for that later." As I said this, his cock continued to grow to its full fat ten inches, and his heavy balls swayed as it grew. Clearly I was doing OK in this new role. "But I'm here to talk about Rodwell's old class. I need to find out what perversions Rodwell programmed into each of them so I can use their bodies and minds as I see fit. Your job is to get that list for me, without arousing suspicion in the rest of the school. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. I'll find a way to get each of them in here individually or in small groups, trance them, and then 'download' that information from their subconscious. Since the class was so large, it may take a few days to finish the job so it doesn't look suspicious."

"Well, my main interest is in the boy half of the class." Coach's cock swayed again. "We can find out about the girls later, in case we need to mate them with someone, or maybe marry them off to paying strangers. You know, I don't think you'd be good at playing poker when you're naked and erect. I can tell from the movement of your cock what you're thinking." I strode out.

Admittedly, I wasn't paying much attention during my first-period class. I had more important things to think about than trigonometry. Fortunately, the teacher didn't notice. But at one point I did feel a pair of eyes on me from my right side. Looking over quickly, I saw who was staring before his eyes darted rapidly away. It was Evan Mason, a guy also from Rodwell's former English class. He was on the small side, even smaller than me, with a cute, boyish face, and my new sadistic self had on occasion imagined the little guy naked and being ridden around the room, like a pony at the fair, by the biggest, most muscular guys in the school, and being whipped when he didn't move fast enough for them. But only occasionally did I think of Evan. My main post-transformation focus of fantasy was always dominating the taller and better-built guys themselves.

The bell rang, the class ended, all of us got up to leave, and...

...suddenly I blinked and found myself standing stiffly upright at "attention" in the supply room. I had no idea how I got there, or why I was standing like that. I tried to relax, but couldn't. I tried to start walking... my legs wouldn't move. I tried raising an arm... nothing.

"You're frozen in position until I let you go," said a voice. Involuntarily I tried to turn around and see who said that, but of course I couldn't. Then he walked around to my front. It was Evan.

"So it's the famous Tommy Anderson, one of the two Tommys in our old class. Only you're hung better than him, aren't you? No wonder Rodwell liked you so much. By the way, you're allowed to speak."

I sputtered, "LIKED me? What makes you think he LIKED me? He turned me into a monster that can only get off by torturing others!"

Evan smiled. "THAT's what he did to you? That explains why he gave you slaves to play with!"

"What do you mean?" I was genuinely confused.

"The Bradford twins. You've gotta know about them... they spent all day last Sunday worshiping you!" He pulled his tablet out of his bag, touched the screen for a bit, then held it up for me to watch a video. The identical twins were the tall, lean sinewy type. They were the stars of the cross-country team. And here they were, viewed from the side and slightly to the front, naked, kneeling next to each other staring straight ahead at something, their identical fat six-inch cocks in hand being stroked in perfect synchronicity, their prominent biceps rippling over their lean arms as they stroked.

"What do you mean, worshiping me? They've never said much to me, and I haven't really ever talked with them either. I've never been to their house. They have a webcam in their bedroom?"

Evan laughed. "ALL of us from Rodwell's class have a webcam in our bedroom. Several webcams! We're just not allowed to notice them, and neither are our families." He touched the screen again and played a video taken from the rear of the same room, the twins' lean muscled backs, dark floppy hair, and perfect bright white asses moving in time to their jerkoff motions. And now from the back you could see what they were staring ahead at: on the wall in front of them was a giant poster-sized photo of a naked me, a mean look on my face, my hands on my hips, and my cock fully erect pointed out towards the camera, the perspective making the shaft look absurdly long and the head nonsensically big. I had absolutely no recollection of that photo being taken.

"But... what do their parents think of that poster? And their friends, when they visit?"

"Their parents and friends think it's a poster of Taylor Swift. Hey, I've got the addresses of all the class cams, and I have some REALLY hot videos captured from them. I think I know which one YOU'D like best. You know Les McNicol? With the older brother who's a star basketball player out at UCLA? In my video, the older brother comes home for a holiday visit, Les invites him into his bedroom and gets him to watch a subliminal-filled video put by Rodwell on his computer, and when he's helplessly fixated on the screen, Les spends a couple of hours tearing down his big brother's sexual identity as a domineering pussyhound and rebuilding him as a meek submissive gay sex toy. The older brother is made to believe he was always really like that, and was just masking it with a dominant straight front. I'd love to get a copy of the subliminal Rodwell video Les used. But... you really don't know about any of this? Then how do you explain this morning with you and the coach?"

"How did you know about that?"

"His webcam is better hidden, but I know the address and password for that one too. I can't get sound from it, but seeing Coach strip and kneel when you came in told me alot. Since I know how close Coach and Rodwell were, I've been monitoring Coach closely since Rodwell left. Anytime someone goes into his office, I get an automated text."

"So, what did Rodwell do to YOU?"

Evan smiled. "I won't get into that. I'll just say he loved pairing opposites. He made the tallest guy in the class irresistibly hungry for the ass of the shortest guy. He made the most talkative religious guy in the class unable to disobey that Satan-worshiping Goth kid. And he planted into the biggest-hung guy in the class the need to suck out the cum of the smallest-hung guy... that's me by the way, three and a half inches."

"Who's the biggest? I thought it was Moose."

"Moose is number two. It's close, but the biggest is Morty, that pimply nerdy kid. I was surprised, too. As a bonus I get to have him do my homework in exchange for my cum. Not that I can't handle the homework myself, but it's nice having it done for me. Besides, Morty's grateful I'm letting him do such a small thing for such a big favor from me. He thinks he's getting quite a deal."

Evan gazed at me wistfully. "You know, sometimes while Morty is desperately sucking me dry, I fantasize about having both you and him naked and erect down in front of me, competing for my cock and cum. I think it's so hot that you and Les are both little guys who you'd never expect to have giant cocks. Even though Moose is hung bigger than you, it looks normal on him, but it looks kind of freakish on you. I'd love to bury a need deep into your mind where you can't get rid of it, a need for the nourishing cum spurting from my small cock. Unfortunately, I don't know how to alter your personality like Rodwell did."

"Well, how did you get me to freeze like this?"

"I accidentally discovered Rodwell doing it one day to someone else from the class. I had just walked up outside his closed office door when I heard talking inside. I started listening with my ear to the door. After Rodwell said one particular word, the conversation became totally one-sided, with Rothwell obviously planting commands into whoever it was.

"I was puzzled by the word that had stopped the conversation. Later when I asked a friend from the class what the word meant, once I said the word he couldn't budge no matter how hard he tried. I instructed him to forget what just happened and walk away.

"I found out later what it was all about. To save time when he wanted to freeze someone for either 'downloading' or reprogramming, Rodwell set up three command words. It turns out the words are the same for everyone in the class. I had accidentally learned the first one that day."

"So why didn't the command freeze you too, when you heard it through the door?"

He smiled again. "That's a topic for another time. Besides freezing motion until release permission is granted, there's also a command to do this." He said something I couldn't quite catch. Immediately, my cock began swelling in my pants, forcing its way out the bottom of my underwear and growing down towards my knee, painfully stretching the fabric of my pants leg.

"Hey, stop, that hurts!"

"You don't want to hear the third command, or you'd have to change your pants. Now..."

He snapped his fingers and...

We were in English class, seated at opposite sides of the room. Again, I had no recollection of how we got there. My cock had subsided to its flaccid state. It was fifteen minutes into the class period, and we must have been late arriving, considering how much time we had spent in the supply room, but there seemed not to have been a problem. Mrs. Ramirez was conducting the class as usual, and everything seemed normal. I looked across the room to catch Evan's eye, but he kept looking straight ahead. I also briefly glanced back at the Bradford twins, sitting side by side, but they didn't seem to notice, or maybe they were really making an effort not to notice. I also looked over at Morty in a new light, and he briefly met my glance, but we both quickly broke eye contact.

I tried, I really tried, not to have intense sexual thoughts throughout the class. I tried not to imagine the Bradford twins, naked in a cotton field, their lean muscular bodies sweating in the sweltering afternoon as they were forced to pick the crop, with me as the cruel overseer standing over them with a whip. I tried not to imagine Evan refusing to allow his dainty little cock into the mouth of a desperate, starving Morty, his immense dick swaying, on the floor in front of him begging for his cum. I tried not to picture Disney-prince-lookalike Cal in the locker room using the 'freeze' command to paralyze all the rough-featured muscled jocks headed for the showers and servicing their feet as they stood helplessly at attention. I even tried not to imagine little blond wrestler Tommy Wilson across my lap, paralyzed by the 'freeze' command, spanking his reddening bottom over and over, while using the second command word to have his seven-incher grow through my legs towards the floor, then using the third command word to have him spew his cum into the waiting open mouth of a terrified 'frozen' Moose lying down there.

I tried not to think of these things, but failed. And I couldn't help constructing new scenarios in my mind for the rest of the guys in the class, imagining what interesting perversions they might have been programmed with. I even thought of the unattractive ones, imagining them being forced to pair off and hump each other senseless at least once each day, with them still being straight and wondering what was forcing them to do that.

After the class, I decided not to try to talk to any of the members of the class until I had better information. It was especially hard not to approach the Bradford twins to see what their reaction would be if I confronted them. But did I really want to accidentally trigger them into worshiping me in the hall crowded with students? No, I decided, not until and unless I came to control a clear majority of the school, at which point it might be fun to have the handsome jocks clinging to my legs like humping dogs in front of everyone.

Instead I headed for the Coach's office. He was already naked and in position when I arrived. "I learned your class schedule and knew you might come, Master," he said to the floor. "I had to be ready."

I decided I didn't mind this demonstration of total submission after all. I reached down and tousled his hair. "Good boy, Coach," I said. His cock waggled and there seemed to be a few drops of precum where it nearly reached the floor. That was fast, I thought. "Rise," I told him. He stood. I went behind the desk and sat in his chair, putting my feet up on the desktop. His eyes followed them. "Tell me what you've learned so far."

"During their P.E. periods or study halls, I've called in a number of your classmates on the pretext of asking them some physical health questions. Some thought it was a bit strange me doing it rather than the school nurse, but they came down anyway. Of course, after a few minutes of using my skills on them in my office, they didn't think anything I did or asked was strange. I've made a list by name of what I've found out.

"It seems Master Rodwell was more romantic than I gave him credit for. He actually created a few cases of true love, but it was between his students and their siblings, parents, or pets. Sometimes the student dominated the relationship, sometimes the sibling or parent, sometimes the pet. There were combinations of these, like one student's family whose lives all revolved around servicing the various sexual desires of their horny chihuahua.

"There were situations where a student became enslaved to a younger brother, or was forced to enslave the younger brother himself. Same thing with older brothers and parents. In some cases, they were even allowed to realize what they were doing and how wrong it was, but weren't able to stop themselves. In other cases, what they were doing seemed normal to them, but not to the others being manipulated.

"There was a case where a football player and his longtime best friend and teammate became enslaved to his younger sister. She could make them do or believe anything she wanted. Often she had them worship her as their mistress, lapping at her boots, but once she made them believe they were not guys but lesbian lovers with strap-ons, and watched while the two 'cheerleaders' went at it. I imagine it would have been fun for the sister to watch them try to figure out what exactly went in where.

"Then there were the 'opposites', where people with one extreme physical characteristic were sexually enslaved to students with the opposite characteristic. So, tallest enslaved to shortest, hairiest enslaved to smoothest, hung biggest enslaved to hung smallest, biggest breasts among the girls enslaved to smallest breasts. I only found that last one out because the hairiest used to be the boyfriend of the biggest-breasted, until they were both forced to crawl to their new masters. Then the smoothest guy master and smallest-breasted girl mistress set up a double date with their new slaves where they forced them to wear skimpy ragged clothes and ordered them around in public, making them walk behind them on the street, have their owners order for them at the restaurant, have them get snacks for them during the movie, and pay for it all.

"I was successfully able to hypnotize and 'download' everyone in the class except for one person. That's Evan Mason. I couldn't get him under no matter what I tried. As I told you, some people are resistant, and I don't know all of Rodwell's methods. So I had to let Evan go before he suspected something."

I knew that Evan would more than suspect something, in fact he already knew much of what Coach had told me from his access to the class' home webcams. But I decided not to say anything until I had a strategy.

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