Pecking Order 3

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

In the last part, Lance's home life was totally inverted, Fred took absolute command of the health class, and with some help, Jason's teacher-toy Mr. Atlas averted a threat to Jason's long-term plan to remake the school's social order.

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[Fred Wilson, sophomore]

Hi, Fred here. This morning as I woke up, I saw the hulking senior linebacker I brought home from school, naked, on his knees, head down inside my laundry hamper, sniffing the various ripe and sweaty treats I leave in there for the excitement of my "playdates". The long fat cock bobbing in front of him showed how much my smelly laundry was turning him on, although he knew better than to play with himself in front of me without permission. After he used his huge hands to carefully and thoroughly wash me in the shower, we went down for breakfast. Naturally my parents were by now used to me bringing home a hot guy to fuck every night. In fact, I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I planted the idea in them that this was a really good thing, that instead of the meek, submissive Freddy of the past, I was now the confident, dominant Fred of the future. Maybe my parents' acceptance of this had something to do with the special liquid I brought from school and secretly added to their drinks at dinner.

As we headed out to his car, the linebacker was having some trouble keeping his overstimulated prong inside his underwear and pants. It seemed determined to force its way out, either by popping out up over his waistband or by tearing a hole halfway down to his knee, depending on which way he tried to point it. I understood his excitement at having the privilege of driving me to school today. It was a common reaction. I was sure that long after I had left the back seat of his car, for days he would be getting hard sniffing around that seat to catch any leftover whiff of my butt. I just had that effect on guys from the class.

But I couldn't help wondering how I got into this situation. In less than a week, I had gone from the weak-willed, secretly gay, despised class know-it-all, to the all-powerful god of the health class, whom no one dared disobey. Even the teacher was now my personal pet. But it was nothing I did myself, nothing I could point to. What happened?

Everyone in the class now respected and feared me, and any one of them would be thrilled to be selected as my designated driver and sex toy for the night. Well, all but one. Jason Primo, a truly studly junior whom I had long had my eye on, seemed amused by the whole thing and didn't seem intimidated by me one bit. And whenever I thought I might pick him to bring home, suddenly the idea would vanish from my mind and I'd pick someone else. Only when he wasn't around could I even hold the idea in my mind of bringing him home. How could that be? Could he outrank me in the class hierarchy in some way I couldn't understand?

There was another clue. When I'd be on Mr. Atlas's desk, demonstrating to the class some newly-learned sexual technique on a randomly-selected guy, I could see out the corner of my eye that it appeared that Jason was getting a blowjob. I couldn't look at him directly while this was happening—it seems nobody could, or maybe nobody noticed—but it looked as if the guy giving the blowjob was always Lance Albright. I never thought of Lance as gay, he'd always had a girlfriend and seemed totally straight. Yet there Lance would be, sucking on Jason's considerable pole through his fly, while Jason would amusedly look straight ahead watching me go through my performance. Without even looking down, Jason would occasionally reach down and grab Lance's hair to reposition his head for deeper access to his throat. When I was somehow able to sneak a peek, it even looked as if Lance was crying softly as his mouth worked earnestly to satisfy Jason's cock.

And all this would be going on without my ordering him to do it, or even giving my permission. So how did Jason rate that kind of treatment? Also, it seemed that whenever his dim-witted henchmen Buzz Hingham and Chris Wirtz made a humiliating "suggestion" to someone in the class, like to take his shirt off and play with his nipples, or to take off his shoes and socks and hand them over, that person would do what he was told, no questions asked. Previously, everyone just ignored those two lunkheads, knowing they used to be bullies in the earlier grades. Now, ignoring them seemed not to be an option.

Another thing I noticed. Whenever I was teaching the class and seemed to be running short of ideas, or even whenever I came up with an original thought not in my memorized script, Jason would snap his fingers and I would look at him and suddenly know exactly what to say and do. So was I really the class puppetmaster, or just a puppet for Jason? And did I outrank Buzz and Chris, or would I be forced to do whatever they ordered me to do, like the rest of the class? They hadn't tried, so I didn't really know.

I got my answer the next afternoon. I was doing a demo of doggie-style with Peter Lightner, the 6′9″ blond senior center of the basketball team. The contrast between his super-tall nicely muscled body lying there face down, ass eagerly up in the air, and my thin little one on top pounding into him, was incredible. And Peter was doing a great job yipping and yapping like an excited puppy, since he knew that doing well in the demo was his ticket to being my sex playtoy for the night, something everyone in the class fantasized about. I wondered how he would fit onto my bed without his feet hanging over the edge. Then I thought of two sophomores I could bring along, not tall but sturdy nicely-muscled types, who could function as bed extensions on their hands and knees. Being allowed to serve in my bedroom and as support for Peter's huge feet would give them something to jack off to for months.

Up on Mr. A's desk, as I came into Peter, he shot his load all the way onto the wall behind the desk. Instantly the two little cleanup freshmen were all over the wall, eagerly licking the fresh hot jock cum with their skilled tongues. Although they were unlikely ever to be chosen for the honor of coming over to my house, they knew there was a chance that when they finished cleaning the wall and got to licking up the mess on the desk, that some of MY cum might have leaked out of Peter's ass and blended with his cum on the desk surface, and the thought of the possibility of getting a chance to ingest some of MY cum from the desktop made them finish the wall in record time.

Anyway, after most of the class left, Jason's henchman Buzz Hingam was still there, looking at me with an amused expression. "Say, Freddy," he began. I tried to ignore him, but for some reason could not. "Yes, Hungman?" Did I just call him Hungman? Why would I do that?

"There was a part of the demo that I really enjoyed. Could you show me how to do that yapping sound when you see a powerful cock?" At this he undid his fly and pulled out his impressive flaccid senior cock, which began to harden.

I was annoyed by his presumption—I was running this class, not him, and was about to tell him off—when suddenly, having no control over what I was doing, I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to perform some dog yaps as well as I possibly could. At the same time my mouth began to water and I licked my lips several times as his cock reached full hardness.

Almost immediately, Jason Primo noticed what was going on and came over in a hurry. "What the hell are you doing?" he demanded of Hingam, as I continued to kneel there, yapping, dripping saliva and licking my lips. "Everyone's supposed to think HE's enslaving and perverting this class. What if someone sees you ordering him around? They'll know someone else is really in charge. And they'll figure out it's not YOU, you moron!"

"Sorry, Jase," said Hingham, trying to stuff his long hard cock back into his pants, which wasn't easy. "I just wanted to show the little shit he wasn't the boss like he thinks."

Primo looked down at me and did some kind of hand signal. Like a robot, I stopped yapping and salivating, stood up, and walked stiffly out of the classroom, arms and legs moving in a mechanical rhythm, staring straight ahead.

Once I was out the door, I seemed to regain control of my movements. I considered going back in there and demanding to know what was going on, but I immediately thought better of it, turned the other way and ran.

The next day, I wasn't the one doing the demonstration. Instead, Mr. A's desk had been moved next to the solid metal coatrack fastened to the wall, and firmly lashed to the coatrack was "Hulk" Howard, the wrestling team's all-star senior heavyweight, naked and with a gag in his mouth and a frightened look in his eyes. The near-300-pounder's incredible muscles rippled under his generous coat of chest and leg hair as he strained against his bonds, but he couldn't get away. His equally impressive fat cock hung limp, swaying as he struggled vainly to escape. Meanwhile, standing on the desk, also naked but tugging on their small, hard cocks were the five youngest, shortest guys in the class, including the two that were in my usual cum cleanup crew. Not one of the group had a hair on his chest, and one of them, a late developer named Billy, was even still a "Mexican hairless" down below, having been often taunted for it in the PE locker room.

Since Hulk was standing on the floor while the freshmen were up on the desk facing the writhing wrestler and jerking off, the effect was kind of like King Kong on the Empire State Building surrounded by the attacking airplanes, except that Hulk was tied up and not in a position to reach out and chase them away. Somehow we all knew what was about to happen: the dominant, all-conquering Hulk was about to be changed. Every time a shot of freshman cum hit Hulk on his chest or in his face, he was going to lose some of his confidence, some of his dominance, some of his strength. It would be replaced with confusion, weakness and subservience. And since these freshmen hadn't been allowed to cum in a week, there would be enough hot boyjuice to break his will completely. Hulk knew it too, and it made him redouble his struggles. Some rope burn was apparent near his powerful biceps and at the ankles above his huge feet.

But his efforts were hopeless. Soon the surrounding boys were "frosting" Hulk with shot after shot of their cum. As the boy batter stuck on his face and clung to his considerable chest hair, Hulk began to look more and more like the abominable snowman. But his facial expression also began to change. First the fear slowly altered into surprise and confusion. Then, as the cum built up, his expression went more blank. Finally, something even stranger happened. He began staring down at the shooting freshcocks with what appeared to be growing lust. His untouched cock, previously limp with fear, slowly began to swell to its full, fat nine inches. On a body of Hulk's size, that cock didn't seem excessively big, just a natural fit, as naturally as Billy's four-incher appeared on his totally smooth skinny body.

When the last shot of cum hit Hulk's chin, Billy jumped off the desk and began to untie Hulk and remove his gag. I was afraid that Hulk might suddenly come to his senses, go nuts and do some damage, but quite the opposite happened. Hulk climbed onto the desk on his hands and knees, his solid cock nearly reaching down to the desktop, and began to ogle the exhausted freshmen standing there who had just jizzed him so completely. He glanced up at their satisfied-looking faces, down at their still-dripping cocks, further down at their bare feet, and, crawling behind them, at their smooth asses. And then, as the freshmen stood there, still stunned, Hulk went on a furious sniffing and licking spree, cleaning off one drippy cock here, sniffing and deeply tongue-bathing an ass there, licking desk-cum off the lifted sweaty foot of yet another boy.

"I think he's all yours now," I said to the freshmen. "His will is broken, and he now feels totally subservient to you guys, his 'conquerors'. Too bad he'll be pretty useless at wrestling from now on, though. I mean, he was a champion because of his confidence, his dominance, and now that's gone."

Little hairless Billy, who had jumped off the desk to untie Hulk, jumped back on again, saying "Wait just one minute!" Hulk, in the midst of slurping the cum off another boy's foot, looked up at Billy. Hulk's tongue seemed almost as long as the cute little foot it was cleaning. "He's just as strong as he's always been. Why should he lose at wrestling?"

"Wrestling isn't only about strength. It's also about other things, like leverage and agility and especially, the desire to dominate your opponent. Look at Hulk now! He'd step onto the mat and immediately want to submit to the other guy. He can't win THAT way!"

Billy said, "Nonsense! I can fix that." He pushed his fellow freshmen away from the muscled giant who remained down on his hands and knees, and stood over him. Billy placed a foot on the back of Hulk's thick neck, somehow pushing it down, and said, "You're mine now, right, Hulk?" Hulk, his face pushed down to the desk's surface, mumbled, "Yours." Underneath, everyone could see that Hulk's untouched cock was making little jerking motions and dripping copious amounts of pre-cum.

"You want to make me happy, right?" Billy went on. "It's the most important thing for you, right?"

Into the desktop, Hulk said, "Happy. Important."

"Well, I only want to own a winner. Stand up!" Hulk stood, towering a foot over little Billy, his new owner. His cock was still bouncing around and dripping. "Flex for me, Hulk." Hulk bared his incredible physique and performed various muscled poses, his cock still twitching and dripping. There wasn't a soft cock among the gay guys in the room.

"I expect you to win every wrestling match from now on, for ME. You're going to double your practice time, since you don't need to waste any more social time with your, er, FORMER girlfriend or your stupid jock friends. Your goal in life is to win for Billy!"

"WIN FOR BILLY!" shouted Hulk triumphantly, raising his fists over his head. At that moment, his cock erupted into and through the group of freshmen on the desk and beyond, into the classroom. In a moment, the cleanup duo was on it, although their tongues had quite a job to do.

Class was over. Hulk meekly followed a few paces behind Billy out the door, leaving me wondering whether there was enough of Hulk's old "dominate the opponent" mentality left to win at wrestling. Well, when he stepped onto the mat, maybe his overwhelming desire to please his little owner would be stronger than his new bottom-scraping, cock-cleaning, foot-and-ass-licking submissive side.

[Lance Albright, sophomore]

My straight little brother Ron, having stripped me of my girlfriend and my dignity, is now the unquestioned ruler of our home. He controls pretty much everything, including the sex lives of everyone in the house. Instead of him looking up to me and me looking out for him, he's grown pretty contemptuous of me, and just orders me around as if I'm his personal servant, which I guess I am now. He doesn't allow me or our parents to wear clothes in the house unless there's a good reason to, like when I'm outside washing my, I mean his, car.

But Ron has never been a selfish person. There's a guy in his class, Percy somebody, who's gay but has never really had sex. He's kind of small and has an acne problem, and isn't big on personal grooming or hygiene, according to Ron, so it's no wonder why he's never been with anyone. And Percy says he's always had a crush on me, although I've never noticed him around, since Ron says he's too shy and has too low self-esteem to even say hi to me.

Ron feels sorry for Percy, and feels he deserves a boyfriend, and that it should be me. I argued that I was straight and even if Percy deserves someone, which I couldn't help agreeing with (since Ron said so), I wouldn't know what to do to make him happy. Ron said I could learn everything I needed to know on the internet, and anyway it would be fine if I just did whatever Percy ordered me to do. In fact, Ron said he could make me feel as obedient to Percy as I felt to Ron, and that would be enough for Percy.

If things went well, after awhile Percy might have a chance to act out some of the fantasies he'd mentioned to Ron. One of them is having the little guys in his class saddle up some of the top jocks at the school for a series of one-on-one "Kentucky Derby" heats, where the winner gets an incredibly satisfying reward and the loser gets an agonizing, humiliating punishment. Percy promised Ron that as my jockey, he would try to guide me to victory, MOST of the time. I asked how exactly he would get the jocks to cooperate with that insane idea, and Ron just smiled and said I'd be helping to do it, and that he'd show me how. It would start with a big party at our place, where we'd offer a variety of drinks...

Ron's idea came to the attention of Master Fred, and I thought it would improve Ron's "ranking" in the class. Instead, it led to the discovery by Fred that little nerdy pimply Percy's dad was chief scientist for a company that made tiny hearing aids that were implanted invisibly in the ear. Not long after that, Percy became Master Percy, and the class was fitted for an upgraded bluetooth version of the devices in our ears to make learning and homework easier. Tonight was the first tryout of the devices, at our house.

The homework assignment for the tryout was learning to worship and suck large cocks. After dinner, Masters Hungman and Percy came around to start the lesson. Ron and I each took a big swig of the obedience drink we were all required to keep at home, although Fred had told us in class that if the experiment worked, we would all soon be so totally conditioned to obey commands directly from our ear devices that the drink would no longer be necessary.

I was to be that night's cock-worship trainee, so soon I was naked and kneeling in front of Hungman's huge cock, learning how to maximize his pleasure by starting with licking his heavy balls, then moving in on the base of the cock and slowly working my way towards the head. Although I had never done this before, it was as if I was an instant expert thanks to the commands Hungman was quietly inserting into my thoughts by the device, transmitted from Hungman's command bluetooth. Meanwhile, Percy was watching closely, while at the same time fucking Ron and quietly inserting commands into his ear for optimal bottoming. After having experienced Ron's cruelty as master of the family, I got some satisfaction seeing his muscled body twisting and squirming under the power of little Percy's not-so-little cock, moaning like a whore as Percy controlled his movements like a true puppetmaster to maximize his own enjoyment.

Despite being under Hungman's total control, I was new at the whole cocksucking thing, and must have accidentally gotten a bit of tooth on Hungman's schlong. Suddenly, I stood up and felt a wave of shame come over me. Just as suddenly, Percy popped out of Ron's ass and stood to the side with a blank expression, which surprised me since I had assumed he was in charge of all the action. With a puppet's jerky movements, Ron stood up and walked over to sit on a chair, and I helplessly puppet-walked over to him and lay across his lap. Soon, my little brother was spanking me with really hard, painful slaps over and over again until my bottom turned red, although I was forbidden to cry out. But I could tell it wasn't really Ron that was punishing me; it was clearly Hungman just commanding Ron to be his spanking machine.

Once the punishment was done, I crawled back over to Hungman and continued my cock-pleasing, while Ron returned to Percy and "assumed the position", and Percy seemed to come out of his trance and started rough-fucking my brother again, as if nothing had happened. Although my ass still stung from the spanking, I was soon so completely focused on following the induced commands for pleasuring Hungman's cock that I no longer noticed the pain.

Soon enough, my mouth was overflowing with Hungman's powerful bully seed as I rushed to swallow as quickly as I could without spilling any of the precious liquid. At almost the same time, Percy was shooting his nerdseed into the virgin ass of my previously girl-crazy little brother. Next, at an unspoken command, I found myself crawling over to Ron and soon was busy sucking and slurping Percy's salty seed out of Ron's dripping ass. After Ron and I profusely thanked our masters for the bottoming lessons, Percy cleaned himself off, got dressed, then pulled a USB stick out of his pocket and inserted it into my laptop.

The experiment was to continue after our masters left. Each hour, at 8, 9, 10 and 11, my laptop would transmit an audio file of recorded commands directly into our bluetooth earpieces, forcing us to practice and improve our cocksucking by 69ing each other over and over again, although we weren't allowed to cum. If the experiment worked, soon everyone in the class would be able to download and perform their sexual homework assignments directly at home. And the next version would allow commands to be sent to the cellphones in our pockets linked to the bluetooth devices in our ears. Wherever we were and whatever the time, we would learn all the necessary skills to become the perfect sex slaves, and our masters would have an easy time adjusting their commands and upgrading our skills as they desired.

Clearly, innovative young Percy deserved to rank highly in the class hierarchy!

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[In the next section, Fred teaches some more advanced topics to the class, while Lance's and Mr. A's personal lives continue to spiral downwards. Emails welcome, although since I can't get to a secure internet spot where I'm working, it may be awhile before you hear back.]