Ben (hypno asfr true)

This is a true story of something that happened to me last summer. I had met a young couple while browsing in a second-hand bookstore; I'll call them "Ben" and "Jen", though those were not their real names. I had noticed Ben looking at the same sci-fi books that I was, and thought he was quite cute - lean, boyishly handsome, beautiful dark eyes. So I struck up a conversation about books. I was disappointed to find out that he was living with a girl, but the three of us had a lively conversation and wound up hanging out on several occasions.

One day "Ben" called and asked if he could come over that evening; "Jen" had gone out of town for the weekend and he was bored. In the course of several hours of chatting and watching TV, I casually mentioned my interest in hypnosis again (I'd made a point of letting him know I had some expertise, since you never know...), and he admitted that he was fascinated by the subject but had never experienced it. He also confessed that he had "some experiences with other guys". He asked me to describe some of the things I had done, and I gladly complied. Ben got very excited, especially by my descriptions of freezing guys, and wound up literally begging, "Could you please hypnotize me? Please? Just one little freeze?" I was getting pretty tired by then - it was already well after midnight - but how could I say no to such a nice, eager, and handsome young man?

I invited him to sit or lie down wherever he felt most comfortable - he chose the bed - and, with a glass of water handy to keep my voice from giving out, began the ten-minute induction monologue, using all the usual suggestions of being extremely relaxed, happy, willing to follow my Voice wherever it leads, etc. Ben slipped under in no time at all, and by the time I had finished he appeared to be deeply asleep. Time to test: I told him that on my command he would open his eyes, but would not be awake, would still be completely relaxed and at peace. I said the words and his eyes opened, his face remaining calm and expressionless. "You will now do exactly as I say," I told him. "Sit up. Put your feet on the floor." He moved smoothly into an upright position. "Stand up." He rose and stood upright, his face still blank.

"When I count to three, you are going to be frozen," I informed him. "Stiff. Rigid. Immobile. You will be a a mannequin, a statue, an inanimate object. You will be able to breathe, normally and comfortably, but nothing will enable you to move in any other way until I release you. When I count to three, you will be completely - utterly - frozen. One. Two. Three."

He looked no different - just stood there unblinking. I reached out and felt his arm hanging at his side. Then I tugged on it. It was locked in place. I pulled harder and it remained locked, resisting any effort to move it.

"You will be like this whenever I command it," I told his sleeping mind. "Any time that I say the single word 'Freeze', you will be instantly, totally frozen. Any time. Any place. No matter what you are thinking or doing. Any time I say the single word 'Freeze', you will be frozen in place - and ready to accept any other commands that I give."

I told him to "Thaw" and to sit back down on the bed. Then I informed him that he would awake on the count of three, aware of everything that had happened. He woke up on cue, a little dazed but quite pleased with the experience, which he said was "really cool". I suggested that it was long past time we phoned out for a pizza, and we headed for the phone in the kitchen.

As he stepped through the kitchen doorway, I said "Freeze". There was a split-second's hesitation, then he stopped in mid-step. I tugged on his arm again; frozen stiff. Grinning, I let him "Thaw". He shook his head, startled, but said nothing - just accepted it without question. (A common reaction in the recently hypnotized, whose minds are still in a susceptible state.)

A little later I froze him again as he lifted a slice of pizza to his lips. He sat on the sofa like a rock, the pizza wedge stuck in his mouth, looking really funny. "When I release you from this freeze," I said, "you will have no control over your body. You will move when I tell you to move, you will speak when I tell you to speak. You will be my puppet...Thaw."

He lowered the pizza to his plate, but made no other movement. His face had become blank again. "Scratch your head," I ordered. He raised one hand and scratched his head, then lowered it. "Eat your pizza." He lifted the slice and calmly munched on it until it was finished.

"You will answer my questions. How do you feel?" I asked. "Very strange," he said evenly. "Does it bother you at all?" I asked, wanting to make sure. "No," he replied.

I told him he could eat the other slice whenever he wanted, and he did. Then I had him stand, walk across the room, and turn to face me. I stood in front of him gloating for a moment, enjoying his helplessness. But I did know that this man was living with someone else, and there were things that I needed to be sure of.

"Freeze," I said again. "Now you are frozen again, and you know that your frozen mind will accept any command I give. When I wave my hand in front of your face, you will instantly return to a deep, deep trance."

I waved my hand. Even in the freeze, his eyes glazed over and his jaw dropped. When I told him to "Thaw", his jaw dropped farther, hanging wide open. With his dulled eyes and his slack jaw, he looked utterly stunned and helpless. And more adorable than ever.

"You told me you had had some experience with other men," I said. "You will answer my questions. What would make you feel attracted to another man?"

His face, though still blank, showed faint signs of a struggle. He didn't answer. "Tell me," I repeated firmly.

After another moment's delay, he said three words softly, but they weren't a direct answer. He said, "I was raped."

I was shocked. I took a moment to deal with what those words made me feel for this nice, vulnerable young man. Then I said the only thing I could say: "You know that will never happen with me. You know I will never do anything to you against your will."

"I know," he said quietly.

And that was why it didn't go any farther. I brought him out of it feeling refreshed and happy, and we went on talking until dawn. (And yes, I did freeze him a few more times, once with a big smile stuck on his face. But nothing more than that.)

He was in good spirits, and I hoped I would see him again soon - maybe the next time "Jen" was out of town, when he felt ready to explore the feelings that had made him seek me out. But it didn't happen. We talked on the phone a few times, but I never saw either of them in person again. I guess the feelings we awakened during that long night were ones that his last experience had made it too hard for him to deal with. I hope that, one day, he finds his answers.